The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 23, 1952 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 16
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14-THE BAYTOWN SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 23, tTO Too Soon Barc ' a y On Br 'dQe Congress Decides Baseball In Meed Of Reserve Clause About To Make Comeback ,££ By ALiN'E MOSBY '•^HOLLYWOOD, May 23 <l?—John jtJarfield was -A fallen'siar who died •'too soon—just as he was about comeback in his career, as his movieland friends ^ him, for more than a year -had struggled to clear himseif of "l&fcusauoRS he had been a Com- •nmnist. -^••He hadn't made a movie since '**Ue Ran Ail the Way.'* nearly two J-ears ago. His only other work ^as summer stock and a short- lived play, ''Golden Boy." fv'Two days before he d:ed, his s a'gent said, he jearned that a House "Un-American Activities subcomit- tee had cleared him, once and for Tall, of a Red taint. ^Offers for major studio pictures 'and plays began to roli in. ^ But the curly-haired star's heart, ^strained from worry over his temporary downfall, gave up before he could return to stardom. * 'His agent, George Chasen, said Friday: -"'-"•John called me Monday and 3'aid. "Now it's official. Tell the -studios to check with whomever IJHey want. They'll find out I'm -cleared. Within the next two or three days the subcommittee will issue a statement exonerating me.' "I was lining him. up to do 'Taxi' at 20th Century-Fox. One of those tough guy roles that made him famous," the agent said. Garfield had insisted to the subcommittee he'd never been a Communist. And friends of the star, who died Wednesday at the age of 39, say he often told them he was a loyal American and had never joined the "'party. But after his appearance as a witness, a congressman declared his testimony would be inspected for possible perjury. Investigation showed he spoke the truth. But by then he wasn't getting any movie offers. In recent months, his agent frankly says. Garfield was "seeking employment." "This worry could very well have contributed to his death." Chasen said. "He'd been emotionally under a cloud. . . all those rumors and innuendos." A Central Press Feature MUST DOUBLE OR PASS MAN'Y players understand what-a "forcing pass' 1 is. It is, a pass made when everyone, including your partner, kncws you are surely able to do one of two things, bid or double, but prefer to have your partner make the choice. Not so many are familiar with what might be c a 11 e d a "forced pass." Such a pass is one FAST DELIVERY! Political and Business Calendars and Xmas Cards Don't Be Too Ijite— Injure Dial 6705 Minnesota ONE GROUP «n 1R SHEERS Yards MEN'S TERRY CLOTH SPORT SHIRTS WITH POCKET SIZES S-M-L $1 B ~ BEALL'S ... THE RIGHT WAY TO THRIFT TEXAS AVENUE WASHINGTON <U.P.) — After 10 months of investigation, Congress decided Friday to : leave • baseball alone. The House Monopoly sub-committee, making its formal report, was unanimous In its decision to reject any legislation which would make baseball exempt from the federal anti-trust laws. The key to" the probe was the reserve clausel This part of a pJay- buiJt up the Cardinal 3ninor league chain. He told how the first acquired the Fort Smith. Ark., club, and then the Syracuse, N.Y. club. Committee counsel Ernest Goldstein asked, ''and when did Columbus come into the picture?" "1942." bro.';" : 'i Rep. Byron Rogers" of Colorado. There was a minor controversy in-what saved the minor leagues during the .depression. National League President Warren Giles and ex-club owner Larry MacPhail 6aid it was night baseball. Rickey said it was the farm system. MacPhail said Rickey's farm system was more designed to make money from the sale of players than to stock his major league club with Truman Lauds Scouts For 'Vote 1 er's contract ties him to ono club for life, unless the club itself de- eides to sell him. The sub-commit- er s contract lies mm to one CIUD ii»made when it is clear, as your for life, unless the club itself de- WOHlBfl turn .arrives, that you must not bid if you can't double, but must see what your partner desires. That doesn't happen often. *KQJ97 4> AS 4,'QJ 106.3 42 9942 4 105 V'A'QJ63- 4 K J 1054 AS tee decided that "some a reserve clause is-"necessary to keep baseball operating "profitably." But its 232-page report Raid baseball "should work out its own solutions to the . problems confronting it." The only thing- concrete to come out of the hearings was a suggestion that big Seague ball should extend west of the Mississippi river. This was contained in a separate statement'by Rep. Emanuel Cellar D-N.Y,, chairman of the investigating group. He -commt- y/ i I •! form" of WfclCOfflCS Ml NEW YORK. May 23 UP-—Mrs. Amje Myers. 34. who hold up 'a bank for S4(fo because she needed ah operation, said Friday she* welcomed jail where "they Van take care of me when .I'm sick." The slight, blye-eyed mother of two children pointed the muzzle of a toy gun at a teller in a branch of the Corn Exchange Bank Thursday and demanded exactly $400. , "That's what I needed for an an operation," she told police BONES MAJ)E INTO FENCE LOUISVILLE, Ky. —(U.W--A fence of human bones once stood in east Tennessee after the Cherokee Indians had massacred several hundred white settlers who had destroyed their weapons after £»n agreement with the tribe NEW YORK, May 23 <UV—President Truman commended America's Boy Scouts Friday on their "get out" the vote" campaign, calling it a movement for the best interests of the nation. His message was read at the opening of the 42r.d annual' meeting of the National Council of Boy Scctt-t Leaders here. About 1.300 attended the two-day gathering. The President said the excellent progress of the non-partisan vote campaign must please all who have the interest of their country have the interest of their countrv at heart. He added that it should political parties and civic organizations. 1 Week Old ....... 2 and 3 Weeks Old ... CEDAR HATCHERY PHONE 2867 Buy F y (Dealer: East. nerable.) East-West vul- East South \Vest North SAX JACLVIO MEMORIAL,. Dewey W. Gray Jr. — 419 Williams. Mrs. Jes?e K. Ba'r'ne's' : — 1410 Wright Boulevard. Mrs. Ivy J. Ancelet—716 Bowie. Albert Marvick—3114 Illinois. Buy From Your Bay town Merchant 2+ 2 4. Pass 2 NT Pass 3 • Pass 3 NT With vulnerability as it was, South should have passed East's bid of 2-Clubs—the first having been artificial—to see if North wanted to double it, instead of bidding- his diamonds. But his mind was on his original bidding- plan, which was to bid hearts first, then diamonds and later re- bid the diamonds to let North know he had two five-card suits. A better bidder, however, would at all times have his mind on a more basic goal, the putting of the most possible points on his side's score. If South had passed at that stage, as he should have. North would have doubled the 2-Clubs. which could have been lambasted for a bonanza of a score compared to what a not vulnerable game might produce. There would halve been no chance that North would pass and leave East in the 2-Clubs undoubted. North's first- round business double guaranteed the certainty that he would take definite action on his next turn, in the form of a bid if he couldn't double whatever reached him. In other words, the pass forced out of South by the conditions of the moment would have been a, forcing pass upon North. The -idea back of such a pass as South's would have been this: "If we have them on a limb, don't shake them down until we each have a crack at;them." The 3-No Trumps which resulted f rom South's bidding- was made, but how much more would a double of clubs have netted? Figure it out for yourself. »•'•.* * Tomorrow's Problem * 102 Wheel Balance A MAY SPECIAL END ROAD SHOCK $ group. He pointed after her eapture a f ew blocks out tnat tne third largest city in from tne bank the U. S.. Los Angeles, does not have major league. The committee report saw two sides to everything. For example, the report said baseball's operating rules "\vould be entirely inap- | propriate in an ordinary indus- ] try." Then it added "baseball is a \ unique industry" -in which co-operation between the clubs is needed "to the maintenance of honest and vigorous competition on the playing field." The lengthy committee report is a searching history of the game, tracing the growth of the major and minor leagues and their cribu- j lations during the federal and Mex- | ican league '..'wars. There was even humor included. For example, there's the time during the hearings when Branch Rickey was telling about how he 1.50 weights AT Ferguson Motors 700 \V. TEXAS Regular $20 Value Single Vision Glasses An eye examination NOW may be a determining factor in your entire future. Don't take chances with precious sight. Have your eyes examined REGULARLY by the registered, expert optometrists at Texas State Optical. 305 W. Texas Ave. Dial 7008 AQJ54 V 10S61 • None *K9653 4.7652 94 N W E S 4K98 63 «Q75 472 4.A83 ONE BIG GROUP CHILDREN'S SANDALS V K-J 9 3 + AQ J1084 ilO (Dealer: North. North-S o u th vulnerable.) If East'and West were using an artificial 1-CIub opener to show all substantial hands, but East bid 1-Spade, South 2-Dia- j monds, and West 4-Spades, what i information does that give South \ about North's hand? . Bi-Parfisan Foreign Policy Hit By Landon BURLINGTON, Kans., May 23 'IP!—Alf M. Landon, Republican candidate for president in 1936, said Friday that adoption of a bipartisan foreign policy by the Republican parts* would prove to be a "booby trap." Speaking before the Rotary Club here, Landon described the bi - partisan policy proposed by John Foster Dulles and Thomas E. Dewey as a "meelomaniac program/' and said he wondered whether Gen. Dwight JEisenhower, whom he supports for -president, would agree with it. This announcement is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy ony of these securities. The offering is made only by the Prospectus. JVew Issue 75,000 SHARES Southwestern Associated Telephone Company Cumulative Preferred Stock $20 Par Value, 5%% Copies of the Prospectus may be obtained by calling, Dallas — PR-41O3 or PR-4881, or by writing to Southwestern Associated Telephone Company, 809 Reserve Loan Life Bldg^ 505 North Ervay, Dallas 1, Texas. MARCH 4, 1952 LATEST FISHING MANUAL WITH EACH SETi Mi- > •..4-*t. Glois CasJmg Red • Level W«ndJng CcsTin • SO-yds. Nylon 14-lb. L!n« • Seamless Moral Tackle Box • 4 Famous Assbrtftd Baits • 9-Tneh Hunting Knifo • Heavy leather Sheath • Long-handled lending Net • Copper Casting Spoon • Bed & White Casting Spoon • Colorful Feclhered Spoon • Pflueger Jvne Bug Spinner • TO-yd. CoiJ of Mylon Udd»r • 4-ft. Fiih Strmger • New-type FJth Sca!«r o TOO PHoegcr As*t. Hooks • 6 Pflueger SneU«d Hooks • 2O Carlisle Ringed Hooks • 24 Sfso 3-O Spirt Shots o S4-ft. Braided Cotton tin* « Red & White Pencil Float • 5-Pc. Drop ttr.e Outfit • °-ft, Bamboo Fcsning Pole • SO Asit. Rito Pok Hooks i rIE PERFECT FISHING OUTFIT FOB PROFESSIONAL OR AMATEtTHl Now for Ihc First time you con buy c redly complete Eshing outfit .. . 2 or more outfits in one . „ .^For ANY type of fishing! Here ear* ^I!y famous brands to saW you at HALF during this sensational tele! Th« «t;fi Te fcn-.Hy can fish ert one lime . , s*e sow much -you get compare anywhere and yeu won't End c bargain like Has in veers! ORDER YOUKS 7ODAY1 Fishing Manuel included if you oct nawl LEVEL WIND REEL WITH BRASS GEARS CEUO-SE&l CORK GRIP FINELY BALANCED GLASS ROD the 257-pc. 2-in-I Complete 1o pay 50c w«eV3y on the balance. Open Accocnt in My Koine Reopen My. AcccwV

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