The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 15, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1897
Page 4
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^p^^^^ YBfe MJfcf CflMftiat: lg»T. Mangled and tarn lacp t'urtnirta would eicken fcho heart of • fcftteljf swfti a Statrwf ftftarrS is not rt$ws-> > * - «H I /V \\V umlertek* to thoroughly wash fttffi ii'on sMiylftw? uurtorfn, no mftitw how ifehrato, j'Ottas^d to otfr care and to r<*- /trim if aa'whole « n d «"«hJ as wheft / bright trt rift. Anybody can lAundor a flix% or a handkerchief It takes art to r * *do*u'i>" n tat'e curtain, in the way they aft? dune at> tfto HtPam Laundry*' , * Hatch Block. / . Fast Trains To \ Bay View Gt R. &I. *}u miner Schwl«l«» is now in^pffect. FiiMt d<*> train No, 7 lea vet* Ktila- in;ux><> 12:30 p. ni., and Grand Kupiilft '2:20 p. rtu arriving Traverse Cit> 7JKI p m., Pijtosko) 7:55 p. m. B.\j View 8:03 p. inland Hnrb~r Hprniefs H*jj,"i p. m. This- Schedule especially acconuMlates [wseeiigeris iviniug from Jother [lines. Send for fojtlcrs and further informa* tuna t" » 6. L/LOCKWOOl), <y. P. <v T. A., Qrnnd Rapids, Mich. -*LACC STEAMERS. •TO LOW RAT4.S MACKINAC PETOSKEV CHICAGO.. FOUR TBIPS tin WCEK BCTWIIM , Toledo, Detroit 4^ Mackinac H-TOSKEY, THE "S(OO>' /WARQOETTE AND OUIUTB. EVCRY EVCNINQ BETWCtN Detroit and CleveTand ConttectioR with KarHent Trains &t Cleveland fur all poinU Rust, ^ouch ami ^ *u nday Trlp% luni, July, Augutt «nd S«pt*mtM|, 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Hare.jiwt 'tccu Built for our Urner I^k« Route cutting $300,0x1 each, hcjjtt far illu»*"ate<l • pamphlet. xAddresi, A. A, BCHANTZfc, f. ».', OCTMQIT, MICK, Toe Deuoit t Rlevelaatf steam Hiv. V If; r; i' F RANKLIN HOUSE Cor. bates and turned Sts., Only M UI«<-{4 from Woodward ' i.B.J«p,Prcp. AGENTS WANTED t valuablB Um W »be JU- t,r,ituru of the world j , Kaiu^ws OrnU>t<. VV'tw VVriu-n* : 0f uwratutfc there ta THE PEWS tM* Uoolt ul^ne coit be tii*t W * It w. «e, a g THEHEMRY0.8HEPABOCO. family that Seem« to Have Rev- died in Murder, a Kansas DEATHS OflARGED TO THBM, ,«)OTt ITSIrtg And Annttw* Srtrt ,ah j>uti , J^ltn.,, gpp 16.— -A Maty of rtvalinR tfw decrJa ot the notori- fstrfttly Arties ti \tlght ,ln.» W9*, Irt Wt%r««« h6re ttt court. batk. Apr ot FYartk GalritattB In JVM last at jKalecw, Kaft. Thfc evlct4nop HI V« dfis'pct that deorge StadehiacR flhd his mother were speedily ^oun^- guilty of nrttrdfpr in thfe first And second degree, rgspert- Jvdy, and the trial of fid g|afl«-back i» still in progress. TJW» family were keepers of a dive In Gat&nar Qalhraith was shot to dpath and rjrtibed Jn the place» foltowln« a quarrel with the mother and softs over the wornan'B daughter. His J)ody was thrown Into art abandoned mine shaft. 1 fate »f a Ilorj H,l»- TrtpJt. Mnntcr. Sits, fteofee Stafliiliaekj wife of Oeorgp, and twr> other innfatp»~~oT , the house gav* 1 tPBttnu ny as tu the (Cacift of the rnurdpr, and from thp- witnesses evidences of another tr|p|p mui'der at fla- ler,a has heen ftgturrd 'fheir- story Is that two girls from Western Kansas wera visited at the Witebn dive hy an ftr- qualntan^ec. Mikf' Staflebark— another son oC the AVilson woman who is now in jail charged with burglary— became tjn- Vag¥<l on- accniint of Jealousy and Killed the man and two girls with a hatchet. Th^ bodies were thiown into an abandoned "»haft At ttalena a fotep of hien SB pumping oat the Shaft in an -endeavcr •to-fl.nrl.the'hodles.of the other pet s<nt9. '*- 1X9«, Honry Kelso wa>- i'Aiuti<:ir>K Mfc'srri* TO AOer Tr yliiR t« Uirawn ft r«rm»er f'U-ml H«H (iitttp llXn<-o. , Sept. 15.— A speejftl to The ^Sentinel from Port Washington, Wis., payV that Archttiald Kelsrt, who was wanted^ la ^Ittshurg for/fnurderlng his fa^ther\*ln' o' r m<ist bVu«(l manner, and who has been • fol!oV">d- thousands* '"of mtleB by detectives, .was chased into the *\aU'r, nt)d it i» ajftiosl certain that he \\ as ilrrtwuert. TJj^teetlv'c Arthur Hiack, of P!Usb*jtr.ff, w^s thrown into the lake by Kt'lso before he look hi? fatal plungp, and Black \\-as rescued by .Morris CJold- futt, anwther Pittsburg: detective who, as he lircwrht the nearly drowned man ashore, , had to fight off Kelso's pals with hl% pistol, and it i* presumed that' he bad'ly wounded one of them. . O/i H'rfr.1 miljjerfd at 'his hrwe In fittshurRr; his hiVft'rt was cut from thelruntt and buried. '.while the 'body wuf thrown tutu thV- lAfcnunKabela river. It Was soon learned' that the murder \yjia o.imt^itted by son. Archibald Keisb, for the robbery, .After following hl» • •traj'rrom ot-ean to u<e&n the d«tectlvt^arrestt-d him In Punco <'ounty, O. T^efsrht weeks? e.K>\ On his way baekx&st in charge of detectives he Jurnnro, through a ear window. at ;KrnmlnaK)n, Ills., mak!nf#hl!* ew ape 'and wasxw)t again rounded up until last- ni 0FFICIA*^YELLOW FEVER REPORT. I.lkuly To It^'Adilm) TJulny. Ne\Y . OrlcanBj Sept. iS.-^-ThP official bullftln at the boa id of health for Nffiv Oilt.ana j-citfrday 1» fts follows "as* of- flclally announcwl t»y the State ho/ml of : Coqrerninp thfe orlRlnal twelve it is Ktat<"i hy Dr. VVooda, «f th<- irtvpt.<tli»n rlt-puttinont, on pvi- t>l>f«-t,\ rtnt'f that thrt-i- already r«'- poi'tt'd B« seriously ill are decidedly l«,-ttf r. The remaining';hfntf ha»e prat- tically r- i fi>yi r«id. Of th<» three nt-w i-ase-s il<,<.i!U«'ti ytlln« fevtr only on«' lw i»r>- Hl(U'ii<l Mwlously ijl l^oRitive <>««>«_«f yt'ljow ft-\t-r liavi In on declared lo t-xlxi 4t tho'fnHm\in£ plarus In this rhy T\\u at^ HI16 r>ai t« ^t|pct. Carrolltoit, tun- AlT'Rf!)" I**ni. flr»«-t, Oarrollton; <>n? nt .11 ?14t St Claud** sti-eft. TWrd To «tun up there hnv«» bt>««n flf^cn we?r< «>f y<»Ho\v wx /<iw *'f mftfi t ton. All t-a^t-s ri 1 - We hftve Ail th6 Iftkcsfc of job type. in thft F«r Hale < ( the Herrtdotl hotel, two stores, a house ftnd tot witJi^bRTtt and fW isfcsh. JBfiqirirb at Am^jr , not trt of OrePrre'fl tlrnp store. iisve yoil fee»B the'styllsh wedding taalions, party cards, truli vidij art putting out? They're 'D*)%'t y«m need ft triflfeof Jtfintin^ iiist afeodt now. We latent script type. P«s8e* Iiodkwodd, a* the Ward mill ts t>fej»ated to <s3?eShang&fl<mr|ar wheat He handles the Ydnkvitte wUM^S eotupan/1* Boar, one ot the b«*pt brands atade, / . » O«»o iPlexh, *o «l**p; well, .To irhrtt Appetlti. anil G*H><I DI«[*Stl<>ii , mnke n Kiptrtencfl or »n Indlitnnpo i II* (j»Qtl«man. No trottble^inore comwiun or more mi?- undferstood than a«to«i»-d»ep«a. Pe« pie ImvirtK it think that their" tier ves are to' blame and *re BtirprlEted tjlat 1 . they are not cured by werve medicine ta& aprin» remedies; the real seat of ttf o m^hief ia loss. sight of; the Btoutaeb/iB the organ to be looked aftff. / ^x^^' N-ei *ouiwlyspeptic» often do not have-any pain whatever lu wo ertomach, ttor perhaps any of the usurfl «yitrptort)« of stomach woaftlleRP. Nervous dyspepsia Mhown itself tot in tire ntutnaoh so much a* in nearly ovary other, rirgBD; in «drne cases the benFt palpitate» / and »» irregular; in otliern the kidneys Me affected; to other* the boweln are eopwtipiited, with heBiiaoheo; still other? are troubled with Ions of flesh and appetite, withnccuiiiulntion 6f gas, 86ur risings and. heartburn, ,/Mr. A. W. Sharpw.of No 61 Prospect St., /Indianapolis, Ind., .write« W followii "A w»"6ttVe- of > pure gratitude prompt)' write iliems few Hne« regard infftRe new and Tnlaablo medktibe. Stu'nrt's Dynpopsin Tab- > !et«, t have-been A atittering from nervous dycpopaia f< r tlio lat>t four years; have used yariotis patent -metli«ines and other n-me- ctltaR without any - fa*ornble remit. - They wmettmeH gave temporary rehof until the jeffe.cts ot tlie.mediciDe wore -off. - I attributed this to my sedetitBry httbits, beina a hood keeper with little physienl exercise, but lam stole -that the-, tablets Imvc overcome •« all these obstacles for I gnined lu flecili, i»leep better, and am better in every why. The' above ia written not for notoriety, but is baaed on actual fact." ^ Kespectfnlly yours. ./ - A. W. SHARPER,/ 6,1 Prospect St., IndinnHpoti ^fad. It i« safe to say that StunrtV l>jHpep»iH Tablctfi will cure any stomach weakuesi* or 'dtue^fifi' exce*>t, ea'nc«r of .atefnnch. They oi»*4>-win^i»tQiiiach, ga«, Ipffe of flesh- and rtpV»,-tite, plecplosanewv palpitation, heartburn, coiiutipalion ftllll IiondaolieR. Send for vnivmble Jlt.tlt book on stomach di»eftnert hy Addretwing Stuart Co., MaiHlxill, Miqh. , /' "/ ~ All drug«i»tH well full mze<i pa^l<ai;es at 60 ct wt-cii Senl Time and Harvest* It* a good opportunity to enquire about farming, Innja in South Dakota, only one dny» ride from -Chicago. Bountiful oroiw of wheat, corn, barley and Jlax reward the tillrr of the Hoil. AH a stock and dairy country Boulh Dakota lea^R-al* the world. Fir^ class farm lands withj^nrhy mnrketa eati now be .bought lor from $10, J12, $15, «ud upwardw, pui-ncre, nnd this IK tht! time to intest. For further particulars writ« t« George ,fl. Healfordv General I'aiiiienger Agent, Chicago, Milwuuko^ & St; Paul Railway, Old Colony Building, L'htcago, Ml. Tbftt the b«Ki, Una from Cliteu? to ',Tipple Creek, Colo., *u<i'.». points bhuwn ill the CHICAGO m»p te A Alton K t Wrtto or call to^y. for lowest mW» »nt 'tilliwrii* ttlara. H. SOUM rvilte, Oener^l -Ag^w f',K««ieuger ItotMifUneut, 101 ArtAms tJlreet, MK' Hu ; 50L£ PROPRIETORS* ARRESTS DI5EA5E. \ ^ /* : /' $100.00 r^wfttd will bt> paid for the an^it nncl conviction, of a«j; 6ue d.^tcctfd jrefillin^ our bottles. brVV.'T. l>ItAKK nnit A. O. IIY1>K. ^ r^wftt X For Three mons: CHICAGO KECORfr^te a nwdcl 'newspaper in every sense of me wor</."' -Harrisburg (Pa.) CalL - ^\^ *'The re is no paper pub fished in that so 'nearly approaches the true journal Istic idcat as The CHICAGO RECORD. From "Ncwspaperdom" (New *'/ have come to the firm conckisior, after a long test anil after ft wide coi j ^arison with the journals of nlany cities and cotin» tries, that The CHltAGO RECORD comes as near being thq ideal 'daily journal as \rc are for some time likely to find on these, mortal shores.' 1 —Prof. J, T. Hat field ii The Evanston (///.) Index. Sold by newsdealers c\!cnjtuhcrc and sub$erip{ionf> received bij all poslmusters. Address THE CHI CAGO jtrrniw. /<s>/ RexTablets ifcsold under*a positive guarantee tocuie or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee. Cu R ES all Neryous Diseases, impotence, Varicocele, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Omissions and Wasting Diseases, ahdiill cfleets ot self- abuse or excesses. • Stops dangerous drains. ^genuine nerve tonic*. Shows immedi- ate~Hjiprovement. The grandest remedy of modcqi times. Don't buy imttattonsr Get kEX^lF^BLETS. Price 50 cents,or six packages (sNyll treatmen*) for $3.50, by mail, in plain package, on receipt ot price. Circular Iree. KING REMEDY CO,,^a M u.. For fftlf At M*rrthnll, Mkth , by A. For the last 20 years we. have .kept Fi$o*s Cure for Goiv suraption Jn s|pc^, ar^d wowld scx>ner tmnk «t groceryman could •'"* ^ wHfeout sug^r ift his stot^thah w« croyW It is a sure seller,—RAVEM & CD., aOB;PRINTlNG Ohromcle offloe. MV&M.R.R. gum J aiM gtrlyt (itiartinirnt- e fs to the li«t! , «t*.pjt* m- *«>ntaijie*i the fpv«'r in .Serantjm, m&t, , l>r« Gun was Fepoi-ta three- new , I>r. Qwiterass aays. bfguj ta a/fwump «(i epidemic form. One a«?w" c»iw j Is rejiori«d at Barkk-y, ; <5trtj.ii;ras hfta Uien «rdc*t«.>a to x^H't*-«i to <Hvar*5. 4 'Wis,< to «asie p«fce ap<J ftearly theftemli and Btime Ji vid pubtfat-s, tcr,ai":k|cs bim the' fe»»ri«d set «u<h a r Bf m>£M ick man wa* v#ry tiwa ai ^~PWf™^^^* »Wr HUM! •"» .—k^^y**^^. ** HDiM» «»f tlM»»« 4l«o« - - ~ f *^,-m&^ **£j. _'irit*^^ y^'yi^aStTiffrii 8 ajWil^j^CTap^cw %f li^J§l«iUl«wiylNr i 80 'jntlflo American , Agency for „ CAVBAT«» TRADE MARKS, DESIGN PATKMT8, OOt»VRIOHT8, oto. i r liif"rnmtr<-,o fttnl fn-o llniiUWtk » rlto t»> ,M\ !\,N ,1 t<>, J,i )1IHHD»\V, n'ltW ViillM. fiM.^r, tnirrnu I P| T wvuriiiK jutti »m In Auu'rlca. ' »cry iMi M tafcL'iKutt i>y u« ti i>i'>iir,lit iH'foro tl:<- public dy a ma ice sKuu f ri.o in'uimrtfa Ui UJ9 are your kidneys worth $r,oo — Rthr y are, act st sample battle of Dr. Y«tM* A>ptt<a!{iu Wine, a newly distimred remedy (of motive Aiid Uiica^ed Kidney*. It cleanses tht titter of tKe system, produces pine Blood And lemovcs tba cau'sc o( linjjht's Dsieai-e,. KheumatUcP, Cofl*tlpa- lion .iiij albctt iii.->casc5, lit BuarapttHid to btnctit ur money rcfurfdvd. Price jl.oO per buttli! lit drug i»lore». or by «xprcil*prepv(l mail i's KKMjtiw Co., Boyce BM'«, Chicago,lit To be had of ° , 0. POWELL, Dr«fl9i»U, ° MW« y UB«oU A. O. HYDE. NervGus Debility. j •w^wi' •»» ^p^ ,"v» p»^r» Sp * SERVE UNO BRUIN TflEiTIKENT }ISf a8)fil«4L. *a ? T«i|S HHT4IIOJIS. fe*S*d«n»fer p^nig, Wrf||#* epfMUMK*., ; jw)i>n. j»t "Hf«^ coirt-*i..uig fise d^^tr^tSw n«ra«Wun». aslftVrfl ^K* ilmrilSi

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