Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 8
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•y RANK Mlli IHBCEWniWdMIIMr/7HEMO0N MUMS-MAmVMOMBnA rr VIKLNOIflNSKKRU/ yOUKMf/, tMU.|MF *«1NM/ Itodands OoSy Foch - TuMilay. March 4, 1M9 EEK & MEEK •y HOWIE SCHNBDB SPOfi UCLA hangs on to No. 1 cage spot i signups open for mnuel ' e/ementory frock ineef N!T wa'rting to pick final 11 teams NEW YORK (UPI)-Micbty ICU wrvivcd its first ctae call of the season and now it's a case of last call for teams! challenging the rampaging Bruins in the wcddy United NEW YORK (UPI)-Tennessee. Baylor. Fordham. Long Island University and St Peter's were Ugh on the list of teams hoping to receive bids Hie anonal Etementary inek, Omtestants may enter onlyl^«»m the National bvitatioDal and fleld meet, co^poosond by; two nimdng evenU and one field Tounument (NIT) today as the the Redtandi Optimist Cbb andicvcnt or two field evenU andiPost-season basketbafi classic Press Intcmatiooal major col> lege basketball ratings. The Bruins were forced intoj ercrtime fai beating npatart the Redlands Recreatioa dcpart-ione running event Rdays are moved closer to filling its 16- team field. ALLEY OOP •y V. T. HMAI ment will be held Satnrd4;||r! considered to be extra races. March 22 at tbe RcdiMds Contestants may compete in' Eleven openhigs remained for school track. i their own age divisioB or inithe 32nd annoal NIT. March 13- FieM evtnU will beghi at lO^a division Wgber but may noti22 at Madison Square Garden. r.iiri«a. u .n i^' G.h »..i ..'*J"> *if> ^ ^ track compete in a hmer division, following Monday's seleetkm of «Mrh«, itZAiin^uJ'^^^^*'!^ »^ "wlw *"y Awards wiH be otfwed to the former champions Southern rJSS iSlii ^ihTiSltL ^Sii••">• rirsl six places in each event per lUinois and Temple along with WLwi ^^iJSL. nrS iv!™! In «» participate, boys division, ^ledal partidpation Rutgers and West Texas Slate. S^fSLi i^^^SfJLlSL •«««««i<» "l W» «>f her:testtnts TM placing. No team College which became the first inrau^ooiine enure season. 5 ^ „^ ^ keptitearo to accept a Ud last week. S. ^J'^ 'T*? and girU may also ret and aU boys and giris signingl Tennessee and Baylor arc .J*^"^ Irter by callteg the recreation up wiU be able to compete. runnersHip bi the Southeastern John Wood«s BniM were tbeLj ^„rtment EvenU win inchide the follow, and Southwest conferences. inwBiffloos No. I cfa^ for thel AH boys and giris attending ing: SO yard dash. *-5S grade respectively, whfle Fordham. 13th cooseentive week. schoob hi the Rcdlands Unified! boys and girls: lOO dash. «*6iUU and St Peter 's are among lite \1ctoiy over Cal pushed School district, inehiding His- boys and girb: 330 run. 4*« «J>e better New York City-area UCLA's season record to JMIsioo, Mcloria and Fallsvaleiboys: 220 run. girls: «0 'cams which are usually cafled and the Bruins, biddbig for an schooU and Ihoce attcndbif tbelrelay: long Jump: high jump'opo" to round out the fieM ucpreccdemcd third stralghtl private schools withfai the dis- and soRfaaD throw for aU 4 *6 because of their crowddrawing NCAA championship, can wrapirict are eligible to compete, girls and boys. abdity. After the probable addition of another four or five teams today, the NIT figures to wait until the completion of all conference races at the end of the week, before issuing its remaining invitations. Almost automatic choices for the >lzasa-Paeffie fo fong/e wffft Wftiffier in NAIA up a perfect regular campaipi and the No. 1 ranUng, with a pair of victories over crasMown rival Southern Cali-| Tbree mcnben of Ibe UPl! tof' 10 were uptei victims tht S?^^^^'**^^^!^ lAMlBADA (UPiy-^Aius* Carolfau and Kenindqr resulting] padflc used six straight pofaits In slight dips in the ratings for by Chuck Bonrdl to the final the two Southeastern area tm mfamles Monday night to _ ThTihfnl u «M victim t, ''l^'Ji .9' ^ °'*SuS" I* VtioAViSD. In fact the Cou- ^Slta doITbt Joh ?s rf \ei YoA ^S ;i~ill5! ««« by 19 poinu in the first Southern Illinois. led by senior liTvL « nSlon. «fce NAIA District 3 basketball:fcatf «rf «-» at the intermis- Dfck Garrett. wlS is averaging Saturday night to the openfag Missouri Valley. Atlantic Coast game of the district ptaybflis. Azusa-Padfic never trailed Big Eight and Western Athletic conferences. aU of which are Nonh CaroGna. an gT-St loser THE lORN LOSER ly ART SANSON lUJ pomts a game, will be 'to Duke sUoDcd bom second to TTie Wtons. who finished wiUi'Iooktag to repeat its previous I°r!'„'."???-2"'?.!^,!? «dl hit a pair of free throws a IM record, finally drew even'MT appearance to 1967 when it ihird and Kentucky, heading for 'mbHemvinvBKmcmAisf 'mKTmm!m»Actwir--i^ ''»a'«}««Ri«iT!»Bno7n*r 23 ,QU»glMOOP! MO-WO-MP— 7 7^ HUHMMASOB I U $e9 OUHC UIE^ pby* dropped from sfacth to smntli after a 101« «itta two minutet left to put tlie|at 79-79. CoiHiri idmd for 0 NN L Ife:» made baskete with 4S and 30 1 seconds remaining and Us dub owned an ST41 lead. Asnsa-Padfic, now 214. faces Whitiier. Hie Soathen California, Intercollegiate Athletie Coiirer-' ence winner. Iocs to VMidecfiitt. Sanu Ctera (2M) regatoed the No. 2 rattog after easy West CM Athletjc Cttrference |rfcmjph. over Pepperdtoe »^i,„,„„^o^ Athletic Qmfer-! Baltimore Oavfalion (2S-2). wtoner of the wfaner. Wednesday night PhiladelphU iSouthern CoiifwS^ tou ^i "^J** nament moved up one notch'""" r «PR *ent the district Boston from f I fThio tanSi wiiSe^ « Kmi -i ST^*" NBA standings I Detroit MOwaukee last W. L. 50 18 49 22 n 2i 43 28 35 36 27 44 23 48 Lakers to meet Buleb lonigiit Los Angeles Atlanta San Frandseo San Diego Chicago Seattle Phoenix West W. I_ 47 24 43 29 34 38 29 40 28 42 26 46 15 56 "P • *F' *^lw^ Pasadena SUM tfMo under rookie Coach Tom woimcr oft r »»»oqi» »w« Cola, was voted the No. S team. Ibe Explorers <23-l) are barred from post-season pfaiy because d an .VCAA tofraction which I iook place before <<oU assumed the coacfatog reins. Purdue, capturing its first Big, . • Ten title to 29 yean, moved up! at fAnHn to No. S ranUag. Hie Ballerina; • VIHIII kcrs pushed Ibdr season record, Tv »>tnr<v»n r«Kf /ffPi\_' Manday's Results to 184 with victoriea ortt \^ip'001i.Cm. <Wl)-^ py,3j,,p„, ,^ jiBwaukee 132 Midiigan Stole and Iowa. ; ISrSh.J '^.'i Cfactonati 113 Seattle 107 Doquesne (1».3» JotHP ^H^SKT ^j ^^J^So. fajl 'Only games Kheduled) ahead of X-illanora toto the N <^,53 ?*nir ^rtnlSi iSttoSj Tuaidays Camas . p^U«i the WlMcat, »»PPfaf g *tlS? A^^ ^riSS ^ ''J^ SSr!lh ^""hor °^PM'^^ ; Baltimore BuUeU at die ronim.iB»J^«« »«J^L^***" .ffifV^'ii .'ffi San Diego at Seattie swept to Uie championship with victories over St Peter's, Rutgers and Marqudte. Temple. 18-8, is no stranger to the NIT. maktog its ei^Ui appearance and third to the last Pet. GB four years. .735 ... West Texas State, a surririse .690 2>i chcice. earned its NIT l>id by .SS2 4^'posttog an 21-7 record, inehiding .eoo 9 wins over 12th-ranked New .493 I6H Mexico SUte. Big Sky Cbnfer- J80 244 en** champion Weber State and .324 28*: I Colorado State, all of whom will ;be appearing m the National ^ Collegiate Athletic Association Pet 6B (NCAA) tourney. •*2 •- The Buffaloes, competing to <'',Uidr second NIT. are paced by .472 I3tst s.toot -7 forward Simmie Hffl. ' Rulgers. to the midst of its .420 17 _ .400 18*j finest'season to Wstory. wtauig XI 2l<i 19 of 22 games, facludmg the •2" 32 last 14 to a row. is maktog its second NIT appearance. Pacific Eiglit swim meet set UCLA seniors iioset Davis diio beat Seattle to orartime to end ftm auo '• tine-game hwtog streak. C f% Stot» Wlip WV ^ ^ Lakeis haven't ^••'« LA JOLLA fUPIl-UCtA sen- ""Sl.,^.. . ^ ^ ion Ray Banh and Steve W .•S^^'JLST .'S '^^iSlJ . . iball nnsct VS. Davis Cuppers ^°^* *«*t>n> *M eastern |_ u^^^^^j day ca rtwte to virtoiy to Uie «««« '^esley UnieM Padtk Cbast Men's P**^ ^ ">*(ic f"*^ grid team to DIEGO. : LONG BEACH. Calif. (UPI)- ;Thc Pacific Eight Conference's swimmins and divtog champion- '5hips win be hdd at Belmont Plaza Olympic Fool here Tkursday through Saturday. UCLA te Uie host schooL University of Southern California and Stanford rate as co- favorites 1.1 the competition. The Indians beat the Trojans to a dual meet by one point thto (UPI)_ »ea.son. the sondse team b tha NBA Oits/it Slaw. UPI's choice tiibsMJM: M («« ouutandtog college CARLSON RESIGNS With llBMid pUying W,^!^'!^,}','^^^ STOORS. Conn. (UPl)-8urr defenaeandaUitfaf fostbreaks |*J,'»f'^'"f'"*"'™'^ head coach at Uia with Ms nbooniBnc tte BtdcU'^""*"' Foundation Parade of university of Connecticut, an-- hav« booacMl back Cram a;Champfcns Monday. nounccd Sunday he was resign- dismal parfsnunee a yaar ago! Otiiers who are to receive ing his post at Uw end of U M to lead liit atonfer Easlara;awards are 0. J. Simpson. BiOy season to enter private bnsl- Divisioo. iCaspcr. and Lance Ahrartb. ness. *inzestTm»im g».gi»»iwdl oun xPHnBtotaivcMt. CMUKFRMMMaONI

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