The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 11, 1954 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1954
Page 8
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PAGE 8 — THE BAYTOWN SUN. MONDAY. JANUARY II. I9S4 BEN BOLT ~~~~ r~—— j\ * HAD'THE CLOTHES OFP VOU? SACK SINCE CWWM. COME eeCOGW' WLL W/M NO CHAMPICMSHIPS j —by John Cuflen CURLEY KAYOE KATHBJj H/SVE fCU BEEN NOTION' THAT BB14N H4S THE LOCK CPA WD IWWRBWJ'W/l DSE4M? THERE'S A SOFTNESS IN HIS EYES THAT& NOT FITTIWS PO? A MXUvl SEEKIWS SLCWYlNTHE US WS SOT THE HEY, CURLY- YEHOODI MOODY IS IN TOWN.' FOWS?, MY SON TO STOP/1 BOY „ BEST LET HIM THINK HIS THOU6HTS... COME-TO BED, MICHAEL LITTLE LULU —by Marge POGO AND HIS PALS —by Walt Kelley *80Uf THE Wf ATHK &UT "py wesAW Stfr/r-'-A& PEUUK'SAVS "SUPERMAN" —by Wayne Boring AS IF-AS IF- V YES-THAT'S IT EXACTLY. I-I--ER.- EXCUSE ME. 1 GOOD HEAVENS -• LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENING ACROSS THE STREET.' THERE WOULD BE AN INTER. R.UPTION- : JUST WHEN I WAS FINDING. OUT HOW MUCH THEV SUSPECT OF SUPERMAN'S . WEAKNESS/, FRONT WALL OP THAT BUILDING THE CITY CONDEMNED LAST WEEK- IT'S STARTIN6 TO-BUCKLE.' •WHY-MERE I AM SWITCHING-TO SUPERMAN- OUT OF FORCE OF HABIT.'VET-WITHOUT: Mf STRENGTH—WHAT CAN I DO- EXCEPT-WELL-ONLY owe THING' OHrOH—HAVE TO DO SOMETHING FAST BEFORE THAT WALL COLLAPSES INTO THE CROWDED STREET. ELLA CINDERS —by Charlie Plumb and Fred Fox HM-' FAKE POLICEMEN - MR. HAWK, HE'S A. THINKS OP *WS?X- \SUCCESS- 7H/Nf. KXSH1 HE? J FUL MAN •' WHAT PELI6HT- , NO FLAN, FUL PLAN HAS 7 PUPPY —WE HE PReAWEP-/ UUST MAKE ' UP AS TIME? g WE6OALONS.' TELL ME SOMETHING' PIP*3U EVER W OUMPIN& FRO/M A GAR, AT SEVENty/MILES AN HOUR? WELL.THERE'S ALWAY5 . flKST TIME.' BEETLE BAILEY —by Wllard SPENDING A QUIET EVENING. AT HOME.' I DON'T THINK I'LL GO IN TOWN WITH >ou TONIGHT; KILLER BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred LassweH WHAT ROCK DID VE • CRAWL OUT FROM UNDER ? RRE VE THINKtN 1 ABOUT f SHUX~ INVENTIN' VORESELF /I PRACTlCftL ft MECHftNlCftL MULE. J 60T ONE WINTON? FINISHED, SNUFFY-- BUT I RUN MOON MULLINS —by Mort Walker • LORD PLUSHBOTTOM is COMING . ' OOWM WITH A COLP, KAVO- GO.GET HIM A MUSTARD PLASTER TO PUT ON MtS CHEST. I NEVER KNOWEO EMMY TO BE SO FREE WTH MEPDOU6H. HEAVENS/ I'VE BEEN SHOT' WE'RE AU- OUT OF MUSTARG SO I USED, CATSUP/ By JOHN A. GOLDSMITH ' WASHINGTON, Jan. 11 — (IP)— Senate investigators reported Monday that Communist atrocities in Korea were "one of the most heinous and barbaric epochs of recorded history" and urged the senate to request a full United Nations inquiry. The Senate. Investigations subcommittee ... charged Chinese and North Korean Communists, with crimes including - mass • murder, forced 1 starvation, 'torture and experimental medical "operations." It said statistics indicate that the 'war crimes".killed "approximately two-thirds of all American prisoners of war." In proposing • that the Senate go on record in favor of a 'TJN investigating commission, the subcommittee suggested that the commission report on a. program of "punishment" for the criminals as well as on the crimes themselves. 'Communist massacres and the wholesale extermination of their' victims are a calculated..part of Communist psychological . warfare." a subcommittee report said. It said the Communist policy on prisoners of war was established at "command level," and "in vir- ;ual]y every instance, the killing of American prisoners, of war was either ordered or performed by a North Korean or Chinese Communist officer. . - ' : -. •' ••."••'. The report, submitted by Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy's investigating group., was drafted by a special task force including Sen. Charles E. Potter (R-Mich.). and an investigating staff. The task 'orce held three days of hearings and heard 23 atrocity victims early i, December. ' The report summarized the hearing testimony to demonstrate the 'pattern" of Communist war crimes. It. charged the Communists with murder, attempted murder, malicious and aggravated assaults, torture, starvation, fostering starvation, experimental operations, coerced Communist indoctrination and • bayonetting. The subcommittee made only one recommendation: "...That a resolution be offered "THE VIOLIN. PRODIGY, fl HE'S GIVING A.CONCEHT TONIGHT- rw NOT A 'LONGHAIR - BUT THIS KlD REACHES ME/ —by Sam Ltff LET'S GO HEAR HIM- YEHOODI HAS REAL TALENT.' I'M ALWAYS'MADE UNHAPPY WHEN I WATCH A CHILD PERFORMER! I DON'T LIKE TO SEE A YOUNGSTER LOSE OUT ON A NORMAL CHILDHOOD. 3011 IN MOST 4 CASES I'P AGREE-BUT YEHOODI IS THE ONE EXCEPTION CURLY.' Red Atrocities Called Barbaric Senate Group Urges Full UN Investigation in the'Sehate : of the-United States proposing that the Senatp express its .grave concern .over these Communist atrocities and recommend to the United States delegation to the United Nations, the establish- ment pf an impartial investigating inqure into and report the facts...and the means of subjectng the criminals responsible to just and lawful punishment." Potter said he will introduce a resolution in the Senate Monday. 'Whatsit' To Be In Junior Sizes For Cancer Work Shepard Barclay On Bridge GOOD FOB THE GAME SUPPOSE a player was so skillful that nobody he knew would be willing to play with him. He certainly wouldn't like that Hence he should not get too upset when a deal comes along- that produces a fine result for bidding or play which is far from the best possible, but gives a worse result for the soundest action. If auch things never developed, the lesser players would refuse to face the better ones. It is these things which -put hope into the breast of, tyros and keep the game alive. In other words, they are good for the game. >KQJ64 N WE, S A9873 J 8 3 A3 ~ ¥62 • 1082 + KQ10 75 754 $975 + J94 (Dealer: South" Both si^i vul« nerable.) South West North East 1* 2* 24 3# , 3 • y Pass 4 + This deal being in a duplicate tournament, it was possible to note the varying outcomes fur. nished by differences in the play, with all declarers in 4-Spades, reacted by a number of methods. It happened that the stronger players got worse results than the weaker ones, th« former xor~ ing one extra trick and the latter two. Let SANITARY MATTRESS CO. Your Old Cof/on MATTRESS REMADE SC88 . . . with NEW floral ticking 1 ; roll edged and tufted; cotton picked, cleaned and blown; side handles. PHONE NOW for Prompt Pick Up and Delivery 5 OUT-OF-TOWN SERVICE ff you Kvt In A ntarby commu* nity. mail coupon. Without obligation, hav« your courttou* r«pr«sentativ« c*ll, NAME . f STREET CITY v........ t Sanitary mPTTRESS 510 W. MAS AYE. BA YTOH'X, TEXAS '23 T«ori of ^TrITSfworf hy Everywhere the first two were the same, the club J to the A and the spade 3 to the K. The lesser players, noting the fall of the spade J, then, finessed the 9 and dropped the Q with the A. On five diamonds, two clubs and a heart were discarded, a club was ruffed by South and the heart 3 was led, enabling the A to score the defenders' only trick. Where the more meticulous declarers were at work, the drop of the spade J on the second trick caused the fear that; if West also had the Q and could win' a finesse, a trick, each could be scored Instanter in c 1 u b s- and hearts, maybe even two in thfe latter suit to beat the contract if East, held the A. Guarding- against that, these players used the A on the second trump trick, then led diamonds, s;o had to lose two tricks— to the spade Q and heart A— to have only one extra trick. ••...**• (- Tomorrow's ProMem 1 4K713 4AKJ73 4Q862 4 J10 9 5 • Q986 + 92 (Dealer: We«t. North-South vulnerable.) If South fivet, thli hand nor. mat play at 4-Spade», double! by East, what defense error mint East avoid? ; Old Law Kept Offkial From Hunting In East HARTFORD, Conn., Jan. 11 (W— Gov. John Lodge and 1 other "state officials scanned the statutes for a. loophole in one of the state's oldest laws but couldn't find one. As a result, Lodge had to deny a French consular official permission to hunt in Connecticut. The state has two laws that prevent non-citizens from hunting. Both laws are based on the principal that firearms should 1 be kept out of the hands of aliens as a security matter. Try Sun Classified Ads—Din! 8SOt STANFORD, Calif., Jan. 11—UP —Stamford University's billidn-volj super electron linear accelerator will soon b e manufactured in junior si2es for cancer therapy and inspection of industrial, products; the university announced Monday. The toned-down accelerators will be manufactured and sold by the X-ray department of General Electric Co. under- a 10-year agreement with the university and should be on the, market in, a few years. General.. Electric . engineers will • spend 1 a year at Stanford studying the design of the university's powerful new tool of nuclear research, including, a pilot medical accelerator now being built. This six-foot machine, carrying a mere six million volts, will .be" installed at Stanford School of; Medicine for use against .deep-seated ancer. The famed'Stanford accelerators "shoot" electrons in a straight line through a copper tube at almost the speed of light—approximately 186,OflO : miles per second- The elctrons ride surfboard-style on microwaves produced by -ky-r strons, the most powerful vacuum .can be produced when a'metaLtar- get is placed in the beam's path. This .radiation has. advantages' over lower voltage'X-rays in treating deep cancer as more of the high-energy, radiation reaches the depths of the "body and less of it affects the skin: There is also more uniform absorption of the X-rays by , bone, fat and muscle, instead of- greater absorption' by bone.'This reduces the tendency ; of txme damage and eliminated untreated areas behind bones. • The accelerators also will be valuable in industrial work, such a* X-raying metals for flaws. Texas Retail Sales Jump 429 Per Cent AUSTIN, Tex., Jan. 11 (IP)—Texans 'have evidence that the nation's largest state is a land of prosperity. While retail sales jumped S90 per cent nationally during-the 13-year period from pre-war 1939 to post-war 1952, Texas showed a much larger gain of 429 per cent. Figures cited 'by the University of Texas Bureau of Business Research showed Texans also had more "disposable" persona! income during that period than their fellow citizens in other states. "Disposable" personal income in Texas was 320 per cent last year above the 1939 level, while the increase nationally was 235 per cent. Even after taking dollar inflation into account, the resea^i 1 . bureau said, the average Texas consumer had almost two and one- fifth tiaiss more purchasing power last year than 13 years ago. About 30 per cent of all motor trucks in the United States are. used by farmers. WOLVERTON'S 107 WOOSTER ^ WOOSTER •» DIAL 9020 SPECIALS for TUESDAY ami WEDNESDAY, .TAX. 12-13 GOOD, LEAN PA PORK CHOPS Lb 5VC FRESH ««*% VEAL RIBS Lb 29c TEXDER v I" A VEAL CHOPS u, 5?C WILSONS f fi SLICED BACON , h 69c .Lb. 5c NO. 1 YELLOW ONIONS LARGE, CRISP LETTUCE 2 Hcads 19c JUICY, TEXAS ORANGES Do ,25c "OLGER'S COfFEE HERSHEY CANDY BARS ^ 89c PET or CARNATION MILK. HUNT'S CATSUP Cans Bottle LIBBY'S TOMATO JUICE ^r lOc STOKELY'S CORN SSS**™* ...„. 2 *&£* 29c VAN CAM 0 PORK & BEANS 2 Cans 25c KRAFT'S mm* 2 to 23c ClirAD WITH S5 OR MORE r 00* jllllfln PtJROHASK 0 t.hs. JVC CIGARETTES ..Carton '2.02 WATCH FOR WEEK-END FEATURES THURSDAY

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