The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 24, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1930
Page 2
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>AGE TWO THE! TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE" Report From Anderson That Stood For Conviction ofEfoeodMan. CASE TO BE REFILED The jury which heard dence in the case of the the evi- state of Indiana against Ova Smiley, 44, El'wood. tinpjate worker, charged with manslaughter -.and seripnd degree murder, was discharged at Anderson Thursday morning, after reporting t,o Judge Cirl Morrow, that they were ' hopelessly deadlocked. According t> the report reaching the Tribune the men stood eight for conviction and four tor acquittal throughout their balloting. Smiley was indicted lollowing the death of eight-year-jld Walter Simmons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simmons of Tipton. The lad;- was killed by a- shit which Smiley admitted firing fiom a 45 caliber revolver during it quarrel near the Simmons home "they at the time residing in Elwood. Prosecuting Attorney Oswald Ryan of Anderson stated the charge would, immediately 0 be re- filed against Smiley whp is still {where he of the Washington, April 24.—In recognition of the Gold Star, mother* and widows who will make pilgrimages to the cemeteries.' in Europe, : the Army Quartermaster General; Major Gen.- John L. Dewitt, has mailed to each who will make the trip a symbolic badge, the design of which has been approved by the Secretary or War. It is expected that the badges will be of particular value to Bite travelers in receiving consideration from those with whom they come . . -On the gold medallion is a gold star within a circle, around which- is inscribed the legend, "Pilgrimage of! Mothers and Widows." Beneath the circle and on either side is a spray of oak and laurel leaves. Above the circle are crossed flags upon which rests the > shield of the United States. The medallion is suspended by J a red, white and blue ribbon from a bar, upon which is etched the { name of the wearer and the.State iCamp Taylor from which she will make the I pilgrimage. . ] THAT'S THIS? A Worn-down tire in a tire advertisement? Yes, sir.... exactly that! And with good • ^ .reason. Any tire looks good when it's new. It's the way Silvertowns look after long punishment on the road that makes us proud ofj them! This tire is one of the 62 that went out with the Silver Fleet. It made the whole 30,000 mile trip without a single difficulty. This picture shows it at the 22,517- mile markljShows how it looks after battling its way across two dozen states. And look at it! Match it up with tires you know that have gone that far! Compare it with your own tires!" Any question about Silvertown being a better tire now? Bring Your Car to Us Sor'Greasing AW grease evory moving c;ii llit' lfl'opev grease low CIR'.U 1 MI - ' K)W !>:cii 11iai J liavii -been vears. . pari ql* your and oil. Not ood. AVork done, by in auto service for If you: like this sort of performance, come in and sec us. We have the blopd brothers of this casing. Tires that can give you the same mileage. Price? Y.ou'il be surprised! They cost a lot less than you think. We have your size ...ccmc in right av/ay. Tomorrow...sure! Kirbys Tire and Battery Station i Tipton, Indiana I'ARTK'IXAKS jKKl'KIVKI). i nale man liad boarded since the death of his wife three years ago, •lost 'iih I^tnnn Slipped ami 'Fell ! slated he left her home about Hmru Stifp IJIuli Intu ItiviT. j 12:30: telling heij he wanted to j- i visit the hoi bed' and would re- William Lamm, [civil war vet- 1 turn for dinner and then solo his eran of the New Lancaster com- • work at the glass plant where he munity, has" received a clipping! had; been employed "since leaving from a Monday issue of an Otta-j this community.' wa newspaper giving an accVjunlj When lie failed to return, Mrs. of the drowning oMiis son Joseph | Lelietie wondered at his absence at Ottawa Sunday [afternoon. The [and started to the hot bed some j American tclwi are that the body been recovered. has not i DEATH FOLLOWED ATTACK. GRAFT'S FLIGHT POSTPONED. Mrs. Amui Jossup Suffered Stroke in Home at Arcadia; " newspaper stated that the search i"distance from the home to tell for the body of the uufortuantel him dinner was-waiting and get- man was in progress and that po -j ting cold. When ^hc-failed to find lice of Ottawa were dragging the; liim she made an investigation river.; ' j and discovered marks dow n the ; According to the Illinois paper, j side of the steep bjiff. Part way Lamm had gone to the west part down": she saw a bush broken off Sculli American Trip Moved Buck, Mrs. Anna Jessup, who was From May 10 to May 15. • [round on the floor of her home ;;in Cicero, Tuesday ['morning by Friedrichshafen, G e r in a n y, j a grarfdson, "died Tuesday night April 2!.—The Zeppelin works [ U nd funeral services | will be-held announced today that the South [ a t 'the Christian church in Cic- flight-of the Graf Zep -j cro Friday afternoon|at 2 o'clock. pclin has been postponed from May 10 to May 15. of Ottawa where he had a bed of plants to! inspect and was walkirig Jalong the edge hot 'i aiuf ihe them I found at the river edge. man's pipe was laer Burial will be at the West I Grove ! church cemetery. ! I Mrs. Jesstop resided alone and [her son, Verlin's little boy ran i over to theMiome Tuesday morn- i iug to see if his grandmother was and "James is in Tipton with Mrs.; a)1 rlght ; The youngster found Winnett. u. .' iher unconscious on the floor and Mr.. Vawter is FORMER TIPTON (Continued Kron' Page 1.) held at Anderson in^jail has been since the night trouble. The trial started Tuesday morning and the case vras given to the jury at 11:30. Wednesday They were out all of Wednesday night without being able to reach ;•. verdict. Since the death of the Simmons boy the family moved . back to Tipton they occupying ] property on South street. PLiAXTIXG CORN Cyril Mattiii'ilv Put In 4 ii Acres on Lea veil Farm Thursday Residents' who cam down (own Thursday, morning and faced Hie cold North winds, t lought of everything else but gar letting or "farming, as the air lis.d a real tinge of winter. ' However n Cyril Mattingly residing on the B. H. Lea veil farm northwest of Tipton wis in the field early and planted 4 acres of corii. " . George Shulenburg, icustodian' at the Courthouse, who was told of the planting being done, recalled that on one occasion he planted corn in this, county OJI the 2nd day of May, when the ground was .frozen with a crust which made the use off'the old difficult, [through a the corn that they from the various liave some fashioned hand plahteij as they had to break frozen crust. He says came in every hill and harvested a good crop planting." Several farmers .. in parts of the county corn planted but-the bjig portion of it will be planted later. Thurs day morning there wis covering of ice on troughs and other places, according to farmers who were 'up early and* there was considerable frost, but it is not thought to any great damage to 'n bloom. a thin watering have done fruit trees the son of;Mrs. LeRette stated 1 Lamm j G6o .-*c Vawter. of a stiff bluff "ailong the riyer] was wearing a new pair of shoes i dent o£ Tipton. a pioneer resi- Mr. Vawter and' were.-at Hobbs ummoncd . help. She. died with- Rette with whom; the unfbrtu-l and fall. Latest reports from Ot-' Uella ZlUi n£er. regaining coiiacibusneBS. The deceased, was a" sister of one of his sous were, ax M™ 08 , Mrs. Charles Gaiser[ of Atlauta, side No one saw Ithe tragedy as [and she believes the smooth soles; Thurgday visiting with a relative,! ller ' maluen name [being Aiina hrst reported. MrsL Josephine Le-; caused him to lose, his balance, !qeorg>. She is also! survived by j 1 hreo brothers, Charles George of 'jNoblesyville and yilliam and OliverGeorge of Sheridan... . Besides the son VeWln ot ClC| f ero she i« auryiYed by tb« loljow- ' lag cniMrfn' t i Mrik C; W. Robour 'pi [Conneriyllle;. Ira *ho»t: Baby Chicks i DO YOU SELL US WINTER EGG^? ' HERE IS THE WAY TO DO IT! {jTry bur B!ABY CHICKS and see the difference. DUALITY CHICES THAT LIVE, LAY AND PAY T 1 s Si '.'.••' i Call-or write for^prices. BURNED HOUSE. j > (Continued Prom Page 1.) | ; caped without serious hurts. The i little girl wa« taken to the home I of. Mr. and Mrs. Elia Duncan j nearbr while the flre ; , wa§ ' in progrMs and her x burn* jdraaiad thare by a phyitclan from. Tipton. eon and Serf Jewup>of Arcadia. -At Grucn Meeting. Dr. L. P. Foster went to Indianapolis Thursday to attend a. meeting of Gruenwafcl, representatives at the Lincoln 1 otcL GOLD STAR PILGROfS. Givei Badges To Secure Special Courtesy For Trip. •[ Low Round Trip SUNDAY EXCURSIONS - - • . via . . Nickel Plate Road $5.25 CLEVELAND Travel by train . Comfortable and'convenient .' •BASEBALL Clevelaiid vs Detroit April 2'7 Good attractions at Theatres. Museums, Zoo and Amusement Parks. Consult Ticket Agent 12 YEARS AGO . April Sttli. The - conscription board drew the names of Paul E". Coppock. Hand A. HiH. Beii F. McGill and Garnet Goodnight to report at Ca^iip-Harrison and Denzil Blessing; : Ernest Kreuud, Guy Jenkins and -Howard-Hoover, to report at Political Announcements. The Tribune, from now until the date of the primary election, will carry political announcements in this" column; payment for the same must be made in advance. •/• . For Judge. As a candidate for the Republican nomination for judge of the Tipton circuit court. I hereby respectfully solicit your support. S A. CULVER. For County Treasurer. I am a candidate for the nomination of treasurer of Tipton county, subject to the Republican primary. May 6. 1930. I shall appreciate any assistance given me iu my campaign. THOS. B. BARTHOLOMEW. For County Cleric. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the decision of the Democratic voters at the primary election to be held May S. VJSO. PARKER DUNHAM. Bl'RIAL IlKLAVKI). A>, Florence. -Gall broke her right [arm [while cranking "an automo- ; hile. Necessary to' Send Vault for Mrs for The f funeral party accompany ing the body of Mrs. Aulta lock, wife of John Hillock, Millard Query -'former s'uperin- "I 'HTj tciideiit at the Lake" Erie shop Hilloc 'k. ; here who was transferred to. Lima Iv /as [critically ill a) that place I with pneumonia. Hil-J who 1 I have announced as a Democratic candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the primary election May 6, 1930. Any support given me will be sincerely appreciated. JOHN F. HEATH. For Trustee. I hereby announce myself as. a candidate for the nomination for trustee of Cicero township, subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the primary election to be held Tuesday May 6, 1930. RKC L. HASKETT. Bvron Tranbar .uiT 'resigned his bookkeeper for the died at her home in Indiauajolis j position reached Kempton Wednesday aft-: jid-Le Auto .Company • ami began! ernoon and burial took place in: work wrtli (lie Pi'mtentUil Insur- the Kempton Cemetery \t-here her[ hiteb Coinpany. i parents Albert and Alviua Woods,. •*..*.*. \ are buried. _ , _ .*[-'- ' A'-jpue .bandit. Hel'l"-up the state | Tlie Hermann undertaking" firm i-ba'nfi" at, JSioitsville and tot.k ?!>.77j of Indianapolis had' charge ot the j from} cashier 'Ernest llarv-y. butj funeral and when, the-steel VH.U 11 I wits, 1 , raptured a- few min'iiies" later j was placed in the grouiid it was-, by JJ W. Brendel. pri-sident of tlie foundi that for some rjjasoji the: bank'and a nutn'ber 'of. other men. j lid would not close. It was ueces-j ' •' * * * ! sary to send to .Indianapolis' for ' Qlarenco -Roler 'was kicked by I another vault, and" it did npt ar-,a httree and suffered a broken; rive until the 6:3Q .traction c.i.r,[Irrft arm.-while at the liome of his from the'south reached here: Thel brother. Elmer, north of sharps-; undertaker, met the car but more;yi!!e, .' - ' difficulty was experienced as the! ' vault :was too-large, to so In, the| ; l'! Ciirraiis died :il tlw; funeral car: ; f;i'mily -home northwest of Tipton. 1 Th 'e undertaker got in touch *... T'TT'C' V PTV A •?TT« Tr '' ~5f with "the Young' undevtakiiiK tirmi a '*'^^ U? ? ~~' , of Tipton and they delivered tin vault.ito the Kempton cemetery.' t am a candidate for the Democratic nomination Tor trustee ot Cicero.township and will appreciate any aid that is given me in my campaign and m the primary election., JOHN C. BOZELL. I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for trustee of Liberty township. Your support, at the primary. May «. liKSO, will be fullv appreciated. IJ-THER ROLER. Drake Beauty Parlor ( Graduate of Rainbow Academy i Call 15 for Appointment \ Second Floor, Masonic' BIdg. _ Typewriter ribbons for all machines. [Tribune Press. ('(.Continued' From Page 1.) and"'inhuman'treatment she can" no J longer.-live, with him-as- his wife and - is asking-an. absolute divorce. The parties reside in Prairie township. M. & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESV OCE MOTTO NEW KONJOLA ,. . BANISHED MV LONG SUFFERING Kokomo Man Grateful..tor' New Medicine for Quick Relief From Painful Ailments. Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Ydur Personal or Business Needs May Be. LEE F. GRIFFTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR Office Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 254. Tipton, Ind. Eveready glue bottles, a handy office accessory. The Tribune Presi. I MR.' SAMUEL"POW KLL. - f'Koujola banished all .my suf- fering-aud I shall always he grate- jf 'ul," said Mr. Samuel ' Powell., [2211 North -[Kennedy- street, . Ko- ikomo. -"I [suffered for several iyears with rheumatism auU neu- Tltis. Thpse[ terrible pains.' shot jfrom one part of my body • to ati- !other until Ii could hot raise riiy arms and was practically helpless: I tried many • medicines a,nd treatments but nothing helped me for any length of time. ] H "A friend (old' ine about CtoniOr ik and induc^dime to try it.., Tpe flret few bottles showed me that I ft as on the way to health and as I continaed-the treatment my ail- menUbetttn todisappear: X nay- er Mi MXit than X do today, krerr-trale. pf, the old pains Ua? Isft: me.-;My',-appetite is. dxceUent, M,. <„„» WV | and I likyc^ Rained' In weight, m^t^^!^Th%it-N^J'*m^*^ medicine and "-'TIS*" ' iWBwimf «>.'iiv« it a m *%5£SL k»&««iiik woreyelid RELIEF FROM CURSE w OOKBTIPATION .A Battle ; Qreek phya cian says; "COMtlpation is responsible for more misery than - any 1 other 1 But imaed^te relief has 1 been loujBd.. C A tablet called Rasall Or- darliw haa beeAdiacpriired^ This UblHsattfapta water Jivm the sye- to/lnro/thrlaiy, 5 dry, evacuating powel billed' ihjt^coloqf The. water ^>od« waste and VASX'E •FREE Ayith every purchase of :x pint or more of Jap-A-Lac. The fibre board wastebasket (50c value) is unfinished so that you can enamel and .stencil it any colors you like. The Blue Bird stencils ($}.00 value) can also-be-used for breakfast sets, walls and other places. . - .' ' ( This offer'is good fbr'liinitcd time only. •;"••. J, P. SMITH Lumber Co. ! Phone 72. LOANS 25 to 5300—Your Own Secur ity—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Km. 4, Masonic BIdg. N. Main. Automobile Insurance FULL COVERAGE \ Fire theft i Winditorm Collision I Property Damage Public Liability Personal Adjustment of f '-•-;.."•,'• Lossea - MlpniiWri"- See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 6 East Jefferson St. RADIO SERVICE U 'o Ho Anywhere — Aerial Work— Full Line Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop I'hone 30X7. Our Xcw Spring Wooiena Are ArrivinK—Come ,aad See Them CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men'« Shop 108 North We Trade for Yowr OM Tirea ...['•'• , , . LINE BACKS West Jefferson It. HOMETB^DBIBOE

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