Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1946 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 24, 1946
Page 11
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tfftft fliin* loda# W the 1 Mfiflne jishofe with tils " <5ten. ttarry Vaughari, WffliarhSbUfg, fthd isre-bfeakfast walk a- f»st. tial Secretary Charles O. „ White House reporters of mp after tho yacht docked at *"' , ytod here this afternoon, tdeht w'eht aboard yester- LftJSrujse along .the Potomac. . _. _ gala the Pi-esident arose at 6 #Mbok this fhofiiingY rdunded i .VfeagHfln oilt of bed, boarded tho > IPfSttt'* tendfer and went ashore at I JMittti3) at 7:30 a. m. They walked m'.0HMt pace for a couple of miles be- '"'ij. Gen. Phillip H. Torrey, idant of the post, received .-,>fc the President of the tlni- 4fjf,<£taies was .walking around his JSKfyftlion' unannounced. -JjJefieral Torrey was already out and he hot'footed it down 'load where the President Cen $lghtejd. He caught up with TOUraab near the dock and 'we'rest of the way with him T,th'e tender. iSprh'mahdant Was somewhat 1, Boss said, because he could proper honors, lent'gpt back to the Williamsburg Jn time for a 9 o'clock ' , MftsS said the chief executive was ftellhg "very relaxed." 1 British Indian $oldiers Killed KiBATAVIA, Feb. 23— (K>) — Two British Indian soldiers were killed P ive Wounded in two days of ig around - Soerabaja which ed attacks by small parties donesian nationalists on lls- ; posts and patrols, a British pommunique said today. , It, was reported at the same time tti&t 146 Japanese civilians and 867 soldiers had been evacu- from Bangka island, off the st of Sumatra, and taken to Fal- g, Sumatra, for screening. ,H L O W E R S • For Every Occasion PARKER'S . BLOSSOM SHOP '406 N. Cuyler Phone 21 J. P. Smith, CJarsJih 'county agent, former Gray couhty agent, (above) 5s general superintendent of the Future Farmers of America, livestock judging contest in the two- flay show-sale here which begins tomorrow. Smith was coach of the winning team here last year. At that time he was vocational agriculture instructor at the Panhandle high school. Texas Legion Head Says VA Inefficient , :; P eft.' 21^-<?P)— Herman G. Kami of San Antonio, commander of the department of Texas, American Legion, charged here last night -that the Veteran's Administration is inefficient and is falling down on the job in Texas. He spoke at a Washington's birthday banquet of the Kilgore American Legion lost. Naml &aid that on Feb. 1, 18,700 veterans claims were pending at the regional Veteran's Administration .office at Waco, and 2,164 applications for education under the GI Bill of Rights were unprocessed. Reporting on> a survey, he made February 8, Kami said Texas veterans' hospitals were overcrowded, with 1,385 applications for hospitalization pending. In Texas, 20,000 additional beds are available at temporary military hospitals, he said, but VA refuses to take advantage of them because they are temporary. 8;0fr—fount fcsftltff Chun* <:SO—Votee of Prophesy.—MBS. «:00—A««emW of 6od Chnr=h. Ptepik 9:36-<A*t>UW> JlHi—STBS. '0:00--W»1** Rndlo t*a»ftfe—fofi*. 10:30—Northwestern University Reviewing 8t*nd—MBS. 11:00—Plril Bnptii-t Chflrefi 12:00—OM Fanhlohed Rpvivnl Hnar. 1:00—Lutheran Hoar. 1:30—Bill Cunningham—MBS 1:46—-A World Tomorrow—MBS. 2:00—Tonstmnstor'a Cluh. 3:00—Morder of My Hobby—MBS 3:30—True Detective Ms-steries—MBS, 4:00—The Shadow—MBS. 4:30- Quick As A Flash—MBS. 6:00—Nick Carter-MBS. 5:30—Music by Ellington. 5:45—Qoiiiton Reynolds. 6:00—Operatic Melodies—MBS. 6:30-rAdventures in Rhythm—MBS. T:00—A. L. Alexander.—MBS 7:80—Don't Be n Sucker—MBS. 7:45—Gnbriel Hentter—MBS. 8:00—Exploring The Unknown—MBS. 8:30—Treasury Snluto. 8:45—Uancp Music. 9:00—Freedom of Opportunity—MBS. MBS. 0-.SO—The Sunday Nischt Show—MBS. 10:00—William Hillman—MBS. 10:15—Los Elgort's Orch.—MBS. 10:15—Johnny Pineapple's Orch.—MBS. 10:45—Claude Hopkins Orch.—MBS. 10:55—News. 11:00—Goodnight. Make This Home Recipe To Take Off Ugly Fat It's simple. It's amazing, how ' Ibickly one may lose pounds of fat,right in your unsightly , ake this recipe your' home. It's easy—no trouble at all costs little. It contains nothing nfui. Just go to your druggist , ask for lour ounces of liquid ntrate (formerly called Barcel "titrate). Pour this into a'pint le and add enough grapefruit I to fill the bottle. Then take ro' tablcspoonsful twice o day. it's all there is to it. the very first bottle doesn't the simple, easy way to lose bulky fat and help regain •• slender, more graceful .curves; if reducible pounds and inches of excess fat don't just seem, to disappear almost like magic from neck, chin, arms. bust, abdomen, hips, Calves ana ankles, just return the empty bottle for your money back. Follow the easy way endorsed by many. who have tried this plan and help bring back alluring curves and graceful slenderhess. Note how quickly bloat disappears — much better you feel. More alive. youthful appearing and active. The Hawaiian Steel - "'and" Siciioprpf Primary and Advance Classes Open From 1:00 lo 7:00 p.m. Foster Phone 403 See Daily Classified Ad. Sltin A beguiling after-five twosome designed for above-the-table-top glamour I* Josephine Hippie's angel pink, long-sleeved crepe blou»e of tailored simplicity, with a pink sequin trimmed collar. For contrast Josephine, heard on Mutual's "Freedom of Opportunity," combines a black crepe skirt with black sequin trimmed belt for her teatlme date. MONDAY G:.10—Yawn Patrol. 7:00—The Opon Bible. 7 :30—Johnny Belts. 7 :Jo—Songs on the RunKO. 8:00—Frnzer Hunt—MBS. 8:15—Shady Vullcy Folks—MBS. 8:30—Shady Vnlley Folks—MBS 8:!>5—Moments of Melody. 9:00—Once Over Ltelitly. 9:16—I'nmpa • Purty Line. 9:30—Mnrrleil tor Life—MBS. 10:00—Cecil Brawn—MBS. 10:16—Elsa Maxwell.—MBS. 10:30—Dunce Music. • 10:46—Victor H. Lindahr—MBS. 11:00—Lylc Van, News—MBS. 11:15—Sonps By Morton Downey.—UBS. 11:30—J. L. Swindle, News. 11:45—U. S. Nnvnl Academy—MBS. 12:00—Pursley Program. 12:16—Lum and Ahner. 12:30—I.uni'heoii With Lopnz—MBS. 12:45—John J. Anthony—MBS. 1:00—Ccdfic Foster—MBS. 1:15—Smile Time—MBS. 1:30—Queen For A Day—MBS. 2:00—Griffin Reportine—MBS. 2:15—Judy Lans—MBS. 2:30—Remember—MBS. 2:45—Music in a Modern Manner. 3 :00—Erskine Johnson—MBS. 8 :16—Johnson Family—MBS. S!30—Mutual's Melody Hour—MBS. 4:00—Tunes by Request. Sunday on Networks NBC—10 The Kternal Light; 11:30 Robert Merrill Show; 12:30 University of Chicago .Round Table; 4 Symphony; G Jack Benny; 1 Charlie McCarthy; 7:30 Fred Allen ; 8 Manhattan Merry-Go-Round . , . CBS—9 Chui'ch of the Air; 11:80 Trans- Atlantic Call; 3:30 Nelson Eddy ; 4 Family Hour: 5:30 Baby Snooks; S Request Performance ; U Take It Or Leave It .... ABC—9:30 Male Quartet; 4:110 Counter Spy ; fi Hadio Hall of Fame: C :30 Quiz Kids; 7 Sunday Evening Hour; K Wultev Winchcll; 9 Bible Class; 11:30 Lutheran Hour; 4 The Shadow; 4:30 Quick As A Flash; S Double or Nothing. Pampa Dry Cleaners Better Cleaning Always TWO-DAY SERVICE cunp JONAS Phone 88 ! 204 N. Cuyler HiJchcock'i 'Spellbound' Gels All Over Nation Ing rid Bergman and Gregory Peck, sifc, after being hunted by the law, plan their future together in this scene from their thrilling picture. "Spellbound." By SCOTT RAFFERTY A variety of motion picture entertainment— leaturir.-* suspense, comedy, and human interest—is offered local movie-goers by Pampa's three houses starting today. At the LaNora, Alfred Hitchcock, Ben Hecht, Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman combine their talents in one of the year's best pictures— "Spellbound'.' A typical, but always outstanding. Hitchcock drama, "Spellbound" is winning audience aclaim all over 'the nation. Ever since he advent of the talkies, pictures such as "Shadow of -a Doubt", "Rebecca", "Suspicion" and "Double Indemnity" featured fear, guilt and doubt as the viK lians, but in Hitchcock's latest, the action of the film wells up out of the hero's sub-conscious, exploding into fantastic shapes of terror. Gregory Peck is a young man suffering from amnesia and under suspicion of murder. Buried beneath' his conscious mind lies guilt or innocence—but he knows not which. Ingrid Bergman, as a psychiatrist, slowly and painfully unravels this terrible tangle and it is climaxed by a dream sequence that is probably unequaled in screen history. "Spellbound", which also features Jean Acker, Donald Curtis, Rhonda Fleming and Steven Geray, shows Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the LaNora. Turning to lighter, but still outstanding entertainment, Gene Stratton Porter's ever-popular novel "Girl of the Llmberlost", shows Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the Rex. Portrayed by a cast of comparative unknowns, the picture nevertheless has a strong note of sin- cereity and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those who go for down- to-earth stones. Featured in the cast are Ruth Nelson, Loren Tindall, Dorinda Clifton and Gloria Hayden. In the realm of comedy, Warner's "Christmas in Connecticutt", showing at the Crown Sunday and Monday really hits the spot. Featuring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan; this hilarious movie also establishes Sydney "The Fat Man" Greenstreet as a comedian of no little ability. Besides the stars, we'll never tire of S. Z. Sakall, who gives a sincere performance is a small role. Reginald Gardiner and Robert Shayne are also very good in small roles. Miami wisi.S. Had Wednesday Meeting 'MIAMI, Feb'i 23' (Special)—The Women's Society of Christian service met at the home of Mrs. w. H. Craig, Wednesday afternoon with nine members present. Mrs. W. H. Craig gave the opening prayer. Mrs. M. W. O'Loughlln used the six;h chapter of Matthew as her devotional, plans were made for going to Groom Tuesday,' Feb. 26, for an all day district meeting. Mrs. W. H. Craig and Mrs. J. 1C McKenzie gave the "World Out" program. Mrs, C. C. Shield gave the closing prayer. Those present were Mines. Edna Newman, Hall Nelson, C. C. Carr, O, W. Stanford, M. W. O'Loughlin, C. C. Shield, U K. McKenzie, W. C. Scott and W. H. Craig. —: .*. Brazil was an empire until 1888 Today Thru Tue. TODAY thru WED. .....PLUS.... "HILL BILLIES" NEWS Us vivid pages live on the screen with all their |t Y--<:•'• '-Poor* ; Opef> .1, ;M 1 o. m. Sundflvr. FLAMING FURY TINDER CROWN BERGMAN RIC-HARD HU DN.UT Former Senator Says Scarcities Are Being Hade SALT LAKE CITY. Feb. 23.—M'I —A former United States senator from Connecticut asserted today that conditions resulting in scarce commodities and increasing living costs "do not simply happen—they are being made to happen." The "new dealers in Washington have a fixed and definite purpose to remake the American economy— their way," charged John A. Danaher, former republican senator from Connecticut. He spoke at a conference of republican leaders from 11 western states and Alaska. The sessions conclude this afternoon with adoption of a statement of the party's stand on problems of particular interest to the west. Danaher told conference delegates that decisions made by federal "bu- leaus and agencies are by people you don't know and never elected." "They make commitments," lie said, '-from which there is no retreat. They leave us bound by the results. They are on the vast scale involved in continued deficit financing with its inflation producing results taking purchasing power from the dollars of the poorest as well as the wealthiest of our people." .«Charm Is Topic at Fine Arts Meeting SHAMROCK, Feb. 23 (Special) — An interesting program on "Charm" was given for members of the Thursday Fine Arts club, at the meeting Thursday evening, at the home of Mrs. Erice Barrett. Sweet peas were used as decorations for the occasion. The program, from "Charm" by Margery Wilson, was given by Mrs. Blaine Puckett. Refreshments were served at the close of t.he program to one guest, Mrs. Guy McBurnett. and to the following members: Mines. Temple Atkins, jr., Cabot Brannon, Vernon Carver, Harry Clay, Robert Grady, Walter' Pondelton jr., Blaine Puckett and Burford Reynolds. Misses Nell Adams. Mary Smith. Mary Jean Durham, and Ruth Zeigler. During the great earthquake of 1811, the Mississippi river temporarily flowed north. A Vital Message 1*0 Men Who Feel Did Why not regain the vim and vitality you onc^ enjoyed? If life apparently baa lost its zeal,you again may be able to enjoy life &a you did in your youth. It added years have slowed down your vim, vitality oad youthful pleasures, here ia a simple nteuind that may change your whole outlnnk on life- JUKI ask your druggist for CASK).LA BtimulaungUiUets. Tiike aa dirurlxd on label, lion t fee, old bud worn out at 4U, HO or more. Take these tablets regularly until you lee) that you have regained the pleasure ot living you once enjoy**! Why lie discouraged'; Why not try CASK1.L.A tahlets and regain the verre and w»t ot a much yuungur man'i There U nothing harmful in these tablets. Th«j contain Celery seed, Thiamin Chloride, ('minion Flower, Iron. Ask your doctor or druggiat about this formi)!* Gar y Cooper and Clark Gable Are Best of Friends | By BOB THOMAS | HOLLYWOOD. Feb. ;«.—'.*>'-•| Twenty years ago Oiry Co-j.por. a ! tall, shy boy from Helena Mont.. | was tal!:ed out of boarding a train j tack to his native state. j Friends say Cooper hasn't cV-';- I ed a bit since tlio-e day v.'hc-n h" ! was a disappointed rormnfrcial nr- I tisl. Because nf his perM.'naliiv. he ha;; been accused of i'f ine n t.pln- i and a h?rmit. But -ir'.in't s^. c . Few persons in tb.c movi' 1 v,\c~\\\- \ have been able to invade the Mon; tanar's contiflenr--'-. Hs:-, •> !c^' •' \>.\\ is Clark Gable. Th" IV.M nf iliciu are now on a ^ki:m> jtiunt. 1 That's a lypiral Cooper v-iration • —-gettiiv; out into the open sjincr.-. | He loves to hunt. He is an ( XIK n. : Shot. ' Crnry is r.-mbnrrp.r ; sc<l lr>- hi;-: un'i-- j uall>' lonu- eye-h;sl>e.--. Hut In:; •.studios value vhein. i^'c::;^^ ..>.!.I-H : they flutier uil Uie ::.• j'cfM Ui" crov.d- i line up. Older \voiii r -ii v.;U:i. MI iinotlipi- him. YdUiif; '.vdin'-ii )>:• u>!'" i him as lii" id<-t! ii'^l).;i!:i nii-l u>- Iher. The mnl" a'lfli.-i.i .• •: •<• • \.\\\\ as a man':; man. ; Gary i .-till teii'-e :in,i ;• i< •,-\«}:- ;Vui''J. Tliose v.h'i \\. ••'.-.: v.'ith luin •.ften buisl diit I.('iL:iu;i". v.hei! h-- ' v::nn.s up" !or -1 si-eii' . '] iy di- 1 recior K:I.V; "l(i'i.',«'i) in). fj;!r\-." a:-'| '• the aet'irs \vill ::n thriiiis.h lri;i; :;'!• J facial L-onti>; lions :u a!i I'floi'. MI ! uiilimber his vi.saee. • I The \ve-tfi-\i CO.-UI:IH' i, tifi- i>'i : 1 | familiar ^arb for "Ceoii." but h" : is conviiK'ini; in any c.istiiriie. No'.v ! he's set hi )>hiy a liard-1).,i!ed r-frrot ! service man in "Cloal; and DLH;- I ger." j No iiK'tiei 1 i.vhat the role, it \vi!l I always be tin- hill. '}}'•' Helena )). y himself up tli"i'e nn tiie ."creeii. Sunday, February 24, 1946 PAMPA NEWS Rubberneck View Of Tokyo Planned YOKOHAMA. Feb. 23 -~ i/B - j ^'^ the American soldiers arc g'o:nc to have ; n rubberneck -view of Tokyo — a fniifie. The tour will hTcftKJe" building, various shrines, -. the j two-hour sightseeing tour, via arm. _ : bus complete with a '' Rrad Classified Ads In tit* trict and a view of palnee grounds. H*f* 'S A RIVER FABRIC ! Miami Locals- MIAMI. Ffb. 23. -'Sp'Tiii!'~.:>7!•. and Mr-. Kin(. Phiiij-m were P-.ini- pa business visitors V/wlnrs'lay. Mr. ..iiid Mi 1 :. C. C. Kliifhl \\crc Painpu visitors Tuesday jilici'Mjon. Mrs. Dan Kivlciien was a recent. F'ampu visitor and slmniier. Mr. ai'd Mrs. Moore of Ht'mphill county recently purchased the Jim Philpott home in Miami und exiject to move in as soon as possession can be secured. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Foaleson of Pervyton moved into the residence formerly occupied by Mr. and Airs. L. G. Christopher, on Monday oi this week. The Nizam of Hyderabad, in In! dia. owns outright more than a | billion dollars worth of emeralds, diamonds, rubies and gold. IN ORIGINAL DESIGN BY pictured above— she-pard checked zenl iy r gingham . . . red or blue ' 1~2.95 welcome visitors to 'top o' texas" Hereford shew 0-uA/ 0 MAKE-UP LESSON By Louise P. Colmes, o Hudnut Salon Consultant. Miss Cojmes will personally give, at Wilspn Drug, for this week ony, a complimentary lesson in fashion maker-tip . . . including a personal color analysis. Direct from the Richard Hudnut Salon, Fifth Avenue, New- York . . . this beauty expert will be in our Toilet Goods Section-all next week to;advise you personally on problems of skiivcqre and makeup. Don't miss this rare opportunity tp i solve your beauty problems, learn h9w to oceate a new make- Up thpt'may be just the lift your Spirits rjeed. Phone §QQ featured in February C la HI our Beautiful 1007o virgin woo] Shetland by American Woolen Company^ .impeccably fashioned by Junior-Deb into a cardigan suit and) 'companion topper so smart for now "and right through Spring. 1 * ^Luxuriously lined with Ponatone, a Pondcl acetate rayou fabric,*-"" suit 39.50 coat 39.50 101 N. Cuyler i- I* ? * * ife^^^^jj^^i^^^.^^L-Vok1.-iX.j4«l!-.. Pampa's Fashion Cow*

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