The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 15, 1961 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, January 15, 1961
Page 6
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I7OI Wooster Baptist Church Celebrates 20th Anniversary This Weekend Officers Elected Hams Is Senior For Bayway Adult AA/ j A T . . Church Classes ! Warden At Trinity f'L-iws for adult ^mr'-tv v-hool : Thp nf ' %vly c!ected vestrymen of.Harrop will be the Epistoler, with il'^J^rt-ml&^fw-™™ 1 * E P*™P :!! tf^oh will bc'Quirles Dippel and Don Wiede- «fXS«i™t«? offers and i inducted into office Sunday at the'man as acolytes. ISfoKit l'x nonths u a ' m - service - I The Junior Chou "' direcled by ItVUJCrl N l(jl UK- lllM SIX UIUUUlS ; •• « ., r.' ;,[ T-\,,t^-,» ., .'*U \ f - TI^.1 of 19S1. Fellowship t-lass officers!-The foltowin* new «-lo«,>d , 0 ;M«». K««> Dutson. with_Mi^. HoJ- ar <t HL-h McClure -nwdenf • < shree %var terms recentlv at thf comb a s organist, will sing at the tonk"rtLiSpresidmrBndiannual noting of the parish - *$*-% F *™ ly ^™' \ £ - r "->->— <- « - *• ..\rm- ,»«kmson and L. A. Wilkie will be Robert Airx H P Blakenev sevretarv! Robert Gunn. Ht-nr> N , toVs-i- ' I strong. J. E. Boyddl. Howard M. ^^s-s. with boraon Lewjs. \\ayne 'Tciassfor young married cou-iKay and W. A. SCOK. .BaiacraA M^e^ejdi^. Randall pics is bemg organized under the j William \V. Harris has been; r " - OL ^ eb - s leadership or Ron Henry. -Mrs. J. named as senior warden for the! C. Fronebcrser, Joe Farley and | year. The following were elected j Bob HtTringion. to office: Clarence Timmins. jun-j ^ R ec tor will be^n a con- These classes meet in the Travis j ior warden. J. R. Lander, clerk, i j; rrnat ; on jnnruction series at 3 School Auditorium from 9:: 30 to j and L. A. Wilkie. treasurer. ip.m'sundav'for the sixth graders 10:30 a.m. and are unper the su- Th e choir . directed by R. L.I The Junior League will meet pei-vision ot Horton Bridges. C!as- Dockendorff. with Mrs LeRoy Hoi-: at 6:30 p.m. Sundav with Mr. and SPS for children and youth meet comb at the organ. The Rector. j lMrs H \' Love and Mr a"d Mrs at the Kime time in class rooms JR ev . p. Walter Henckell. will| A! Murphy as sponsors TheYoun? of the school A nursery Ior in-j preach, with B. E. Wilson as Lay; People will meet at 7 p.m. Sunday. Jants and toddiers is helcMn tne<R ea <j e r. John Longneeker. Bill gt Anne's Guild will meet Mon- church parsonage from 9:30 a.m. Wilkie. John Mason.~Stanley Reid, ;<j a y' at S p.m. "The "Brotherhood to 12 noon. land Brian Garner will be the; o j' St Andrew will meet Wednes- Members of the Bayway Church j acolytes. Mrs. J. E. Boydeli and; fay al 7 p_ m- jjoly Communion will attend Faith and Life lasti-1 Miss Jane Boydel! will be host-j %v j[; fc e celebrated Thursday at fcuie at St. Paul's Methodist j esses at coffee time. 19.30 am . Church on Sunday from 6:45 to! Ho]y Communion will be ceie-l 'The'junior Choir will rehearse 7:45 p.m. brated at 8 a.m. with the associ-1Wednesday at 7 p.m. and the resin the-morning service at 10:: to, ate rpctor £ ev Michael P. ular choir on Thursday at 7:30 a.m., theme for this Sunday will Jxtiompson ^ celebrant. James'p.m. be "Contrite Worshippers." Elders! : presiding at the table of the Lord's I Supper will be Ross Head and I M f* . I S. H. Tanner. I K P V llPPI Mrs. R. A. Forrester is accom-j IXV^ Y . WI V* W I panist and Orgle Boswell is song leader. The Rev. Fred Miller's sermon will be "Beyond the Street Lamps is The Eternal Light." Church Members First Met At David G. Burnet School Wooster Baptist Church, 7007 to the Bayway Drive site in Au- Bayway Drive, is celebrating its gust of 1952. The Rev. Fletcher 20th anniversary this weeked. JEnvin was pastor of the church The history of the Wooster church! when the buildings were moved, can well be told in the story of Under the leadership of the its buildings. The present church plant includes four buildings containing a total of almost 20.000 square feet of floor space. These buildings are located on a 6H acre tract of land in the Lake wood addition. Total value of the present church property is $358,000. This is the result of twenty years of Rev. Erwin the church entered into a long range building program in 1952. Ben F. Greenwood of Houston was employed as architect. The contract for the construction of the present auditorium was let to the Pruett Construction Company in the spring of 1953. With the generous help of Hugh resolute faith, hard work, andjEchols, president of Citizens Na- faithful Riving on the part of the tional Bank and Trust Company members of Wooster Baptist who secured loans for the church, and the Humble Oil and Refining Church. The church was organised on Jan. 5, 19-11. in David G. Burnet School with 131 charter members. Almost immediately a building Company which lent construction equipment to !he church, that building was completed in March of 195-1'. WOOSTER Baptist c^n 20th anniversary celebr of a campaign to finance a you addition, shown as an members are combining fhair this weekend with the kick-off th building. The propossd- arctects sketch, will encompass more than 10,000 square feet at an estimated cost of 5125,000. The R-sv. G. N. Allison is the pastor of the church. program was begun. The 'first of j The church continued this pro- thf- church, located on John A!gram of building planned by street, was finished in April of | Greenwood by constructing a mod- 19-12, when the Rev. J. T. Elliff ern elementary building in 1958. was pastor of the church. The contract was let to Moore In 1!H7. under the pastoral lead-'Construction Company of La ership of'the Rev I-oyri Chapman, i Porte. The building was completed the church constructed a $2T>.000 in February of 1939. le's Ail Saints' Vestrymen Take Office Newly elected vestrymen will be installed at 11 a.m. Sunday at All Saints's Episcopal Church, Robin Road and Caldwell Drive, Lakewood. New vestrymen are J. Fuller Lyon, 0. L. Clevenger, R. P. Rose and R. R. Warne. They \vere elected last Sunday at the annual congregational meeting. The Rev. Peter Katt, vicar of the church, will preach on"Christ's Choice." Assisting in the service will be R. P. Rose, lay reader, who will read the Psalms and the Old Testament lesson. John Eliot is die crucifer and Robert Eliot and Andy Rose will carry the church and U. S. flags. Acolytes Henry Stevenson Topic To Be 'Something New' Services will begin at 10:45 a.m. Sunday at Grace Methodist Church, with Rev. Chester R. Steele preaching on the subject, "Something New/' Mrs. Bill Schubert will sing a solo. The Sanctuary Choir, directed by Bill Schubert, will sing an anthem. Mrs. Keith King, organist, will play a prelude. Church School, under the direction of E. W. Froehner, Miss Davida Thompson, R. G. McGraw and Lonnie Allen, will meet in all classes and departments at 9:30 ^ermediate Youth Fellowships meet at 6 p.m. for their evening programs. The Sunday night service will begin at 7 p.m. with the Rev. Steele preaching on the theme •'Using Our Gains." The Youth Choir will furnish the music for this service and as a special number they will sing an anthem arrangement of a well known hymn. Health, Harmony Emphasized i i How true health and harmony | are established will be brought Baptist Temple — 'How To Be Saved' To Be Subject educational building. This made possible additional growth in membership which in turn necessitated further building. The vigorous ministry of Dr. O. On Dec. 14, 1960. the Wooster church voted to construct a youth building. This building designed by Greenwood will contain more than 10,000 square feet of floor The topic for the Sunday morning service at Baptist Temple, 308 Graham, will be, "How To Be Saved." announced the Rev. Jimmie H. Gray, pastor. Sunday School will begin at 9:45 a.m. and church service at 10:55 a.m. Training Union will begin out in "Life" churches Sunday. S5S Catholics Will Hear Sermon . Included in the Bible readings is \f*\ n 'T/an is statement from Deuteronomy \*/ fl I tf/7 this ._ (5:331: "Ye shall walk in all the wavs which the Lord' your God For the Second Sunday after.venger Hunt Sunday, starting a( , , , i *««.*. VlUIJi IVIJ. iVJlll. \J1 L4.1V, V,iJW4 k.Jl »» l*i? p.m. and the church serv- enlarged, with the men of the at ice at 7:30 p.m. The topic for the latter service will be, "How To Live a Christian Life." The youth choir will meet at the church at 5:15 p.m. Sunday Byron Richardson necessitated ispai.v. Kstimated costs of it are and made possible further growth! approximately 5125,000.00. Conand additional building. The origi-jstruction is scheduled to begin jnal auditorium of the church was sometime in the spring of this church doing the work, in 19J9. Realizing the need for a new year. For 20 years Wooster Baptist Church has been building and location to meet the needs of thej growing. According to the Rev. expanding community, the church 'G. N. Allison, present pastor ot and the youth served foliowin purchased its present property on ••"-." . - , , ± w* Li*v <j^i_v-'inj .-miiwa^ cxAt^i . v^Ji^tri liujll oulluav, sullllllL; CU hath commanded you, that ye ma>; Epiphany _ Rev _ Denis Kennedy, j 7:30 p.m from the Kni-hts of I live, and that it may be weili pastor of St _ j osep h- s Catholic!Columbus Hall. with you, and that ye may P«Mchurch, 2500 Kentucky, has se-i The Adult Choir under the .., their practice. The regular church choir practice will be at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. J. B. Wortham. music director, will direct these practices. All youth organizations will jmc-ot at 7 p.m. Wednesday dur- di-!ing tin- Sunday School teachers 'upper will be!^ ;i , v " vr: . v Drive that same year. Monday at 3 p p.m. the Carol Choir will hearse. The church buildings were moved the church, it is not through yet and does not plan to be in the foreseeable future. Kindergarten Department Parents To Meet Tuesday Tlie kindergarten department of Cedar Bayou Method'ist Church will have a meeting of the par- Thursday the Chapel Choir re- Youth activities for Sunday be-j hearses at 4 p.m. and at 7 p.rn * ••' 1_1 J Vn'V 1 V ~ iilJ1 - t " 11 * t^tJ\J\f ii\~l I IU V-J^ , J«*.7 Jt~ I -L i IV. Xlt.(l.l LI \_U»JU U1IMVI 111 I Vll' ^* ' -..mi^HY fcXtl llW/i ICt-lV I I C. i O long your days in the land wnicn|, ectpd ., The Ten Commandents" Irection of Mrs. Otis Magee, meets U'tid oificcrs meeting. Rev. Gray ._ ,ye shall possess." ^ l as the subject of his sermon. jfor rehearsal every Monday at "{will conduct The midweek prayer and at <J:4U| xhis passage from "Science and j Members of St. Joseph's Altar p.m. Anyone desiring to sing with! service at 7:4j p.m. rp - Health with Key to the Scrip-; Society will receive Corporate the Choir is invited to attend next | The circles will meet Tuesdav jent.s and "teachers at 7 p m Tues- tures" by Mary Baker fcday will:c.-mmunion at the 7:30 a.m. Mass.'Monday's rehearsal. imoniirv The .Marv Trulv circle'd-rv to sh'W how u also be read: "Our proportionate! At the 9:30 a.m. Mass, the Cath-' Members of KJZT will hold jwill mw \ in the home of Mrs ! School i s teaching •|admission of the claims of good; 0 lic Youth Organization will spon- their annual St. Agnes D;iy din-iFre,1 Hancllcv Jr. ".IK Scott St'innd how the parents may help Circles will meet at 9:30 a.m. Tuesdav. gin at 4:30 p.m. with choir re-jthe Sanctuary choir will have J or o{ ev jj determines the harmony j SO r a Dialogue Mass with alfjun-mer at Baker's" G hearsal. Both the Senior and In-itheir regular choir rehearsal. ~f nnr pvi<;tpnrp. — our health, our!inr Wio-h anrf Hitrh Js^hrvit fshiripntc^i fi-.lti nm T 'Difficult Christian Life 1 To Be Rev. Bomhoff's Topic The Rev. Harold 0. Bomhoff I The Sunday School hour begins will preach on "The Difficult at 9:30 a.m. with classes for all Christian Life" and will use as'age groups. The pastor's Bible Tr Pobert his text ' R° mans 12:6-16, at sen- i Class will discuss "Tlie Church's VtonTsTis the" head usher and ic « ^^"K at 8:3 ° and W: 45! Role in the East-West World To- his assistants are Elgie Dinsmore and Jim Cunningham. Hostesses for the coffee hour lire Mrs. Warren Askey and Mrs. j Ted Blister. Church school, under the direction of James Cunningham, will meet at 9:45 ajn. Larry Clevenger will serve with the minister at the altar at the Holy Communion service at 8 ».m. Visitors are welcome to all services. Rev. Katt said. a.m. at St. Paul's Church Sunday. Prayers Offered At Pentecosfa! Church Second Baotist Members Plan Study Sessions Lutheran j day." There is a nursery from «9:30 to 11:45 a.m. with Mrs. Fred Btickels in charge. Events of the week include Senior choir rehearsal at an hour to | be announced Sunday, Mrs. B. W. 'S_tinson. director. Junior Instruc- i tion at 8 a.m. Saturday will be (followed by Junior Choir rehears!al. r The annual meeting of the congregation will be held at 7 p.m. .next Sunday, with L, E. Gilbreath, The members of the Second I president of the congregation, in Baptist Church will begin a series charge of the meeting. of studies in the hook of First Corinthians at their midweek: "Hour of Blessings" at 7:45 p.m. next Wednesday. The lessons will Pentecostal Church of God, 2211 be taught by the Rev. Paul Ste-j North Main, invites the public to fEvery Member ' Heads all services, the Rev. L.'A. Har-j The pastor will bring the mes-j vcy, pastor said. i sages at both the 10:50 a.m. and;.^. m Prayer will be offered at eachJ7:35 p.m. service's Sunday. His Plan MApfirifK Service for those "bound by lying spirit, lust. fear, jealousy, pride, alcohol, narcotics and physical illnf-ss." the pastor continued. morning subject will be the question. "What Is Important To God?" The message Sunday night captains in the "Every Member; ._ _. r will be on "The Christian's At- Sunday School is at 9:45 a.m. ;titude In The Present Crisis." _ Canvass" of First Christian and preaching at 11 a.m. Sun-j Sunday School will meet at 9:45,Qi urc h will meet at 7 D m Fri-: — - — • _„ • J.L -T* :__:_~. TT_ ;^,_, n* c.on . _ . _ . ." ." _ of our existence, — our health, our| j or High and High School Students longevity, and our Christianity" j participating. Other masses for the day will afeteria Tln.r S dav t0 r (let:7). The Golden Text is taken from I John (5:11): "This is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son." be at 5:30 and 11 a.m. Benediction of The at 6:30 p.m. They will receive [Dreamer Cometh" at 9 Corporate Communion on Satur- AT.. C 7 D ,4,, T,,, "i ,,* ,;,„ c , „ AT,,.,, I - M!S - -James Bryan ' Workers will mm at the home of Mrs S. C. .MaJlotl. 10! Chandler. The Faith the Sun.iay|Circle will meet, with Mrs. J. B. the children!Hayes, Highway 116. The Martha Circle will mrel with Mrs. B. A, pas- . . , DeShong, 401S North, ami the Joy Circle wilh .Mrs. E. L. Scott, dav Jan. -1. at the 6 a.m. Mass.! Daily Mos*^ Monday through Blessed i Fridav are at (i and 11:10 a.m. Sacrament will follow the 11 a.m. (Masses on Saturday nre at 6 andi m f pt ln teach the book. The N a <i o no Gray circle will at 9:45 a - m Mass. The CYO will have a Sca-|8 a.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON OF THE WEEK • Jesus And Important People -i:.'i''l a.m. lor which wiii \M T. A. Gray. The Brotherhood Jr. will! tor. w '" preach at 10::50 a.m. inlander Road. The- Martha Cir' Sunday. Church School will start k'le will inert Ht 9:; 15 a.m. for n .prayer broup prior to tho meet- •tcd' ' n '" ; ' ;inl The Cherub O.oir will meet at bri2:30 p.m. and the Carnl Choir at :'.:30 p.m." Tuesday. Pray- youth building at; The Sanctum-y Choir, a mission study; by E. Shddon Kline, will sin^ brought by i\lrs. anthem. Ediiie Franklin will at the or^an. vul! meet m tlie youih building Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Tuf-sday. J. \V. Hi'ghtower, president, asks all church to atend. men of the I I I Chairmen, division heads and; The Women's Missionary 1 Serv- j monthly fellowship supper and in- as ^ trK t loader. ice will meet at 9:30 a.m. Tues-lspira tional meeting to hear songs. " ,' c,.i™i day and the Pentecostal Young and a message hy the Rev. Glen Sunday School People at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. The i Walker of Second Baptist Church>-^midweek service will be at 7:30, Highlands, j a ;™- pjr,. Thursday. i The pastor's daily radio P«Each night service will begin i pram is heard at 6:30 a.m. Mon-! with prayer at 7 p.m. and the! day through Friday from KTLW. • tnain service at 7:30 p.m. 'Texas City. K-, ... o.-. n be . t 3...0 ... find a FAITH for your FUTURE ... — IN OUR — "CHAPEL OF TOMORROW" Sunday School 945 a.m. Morning Worship 10:50 a.m, Sttbjtcf: "Whot h Important To God?" Training Union 6:30 p.m. Evening S«rvice >v3S p.m, (Subject: "Th* Chrisften's Artifudt in the Present Crisis") SECOND BAPTIST HFTH AND JAMES—8AYTOWN Tene in KTLW (920 N.c.) 4:30 a.m. Through Friday. f Christianity." i The Adult Choir will sing an an-; them and will be directed by! Charles Forque. Mrs. Carl Bush : will be the organist. ! The Sunday scheduled will include junior choir practice at 5; p.m. and food and fellowship at • 6 p.m. Rev. Bissex will speak on "The Return to Love" at the lat-; lor service. The Chi Rho group will hear Mrs. T. L. Satterwhiie discuss "The H i s t o r y of Our Ixx'.-il Church" at the fi:45 p.m. meeting. The CYF will be prcsentod a program on "How Our Church Functions" by three elders of the church. They are George Adams. Allen Meister and Frank Frederick. The young people will be in charge of the Sunday right pro- Thr- Business ;tnd Professional Women of the church will meet Monday nisrht at tlie home of Mrs. J. M. "Richards, 707 FVrtwood. Mrs. Fronccs Cl;infon is k-.-idrr of tho group. The Christian Women's Fellowship will h-«\'c calling at 9:30 a.m. Tu'.'Mtay and the Qirnih Choir will meet at 3 p.m. Tuesday. The Adult Ch'i'r practice is ', slated at 7 p.m. Wednesday and J the Christian M'-n's Fellowship! meetinp at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the fellowship hall. Kldon Uf 1 !- ry will eiv« th^ program. "A Code of Kt'li'-s for O:;r Church." Ross Martin is in charge of serving aivi Krnost Wright, president, will preside. By 9/ay L. Smttb M, ooe titoe and another *t the course of his publk career Jesus met a considerable number ot important people, and be treated them with the same nnf^iMpg courtesy and complete honesty he accorded to all other*. This man Nicodemus, in this week's Sunday School lesson, was ooe such, Called Him Rabbi Ificodemus was a member of the highest law-making body among the Jews, which means (1) that he must have been much better educated than the average man of the times, (2) that he was held in general respect in the community, and (3) that he was heavily responsible for his judgments. It was commonly believed among the Jews of the time that a man was entitled to the honor of being called "rabbi" i£ he had ; worked some wonder (Deut 18:19). When Nicodemus saluted Jesus with that title, it was an ! expression of respect Comin.«! ! from a learned man, such as h« was, it was a little as if he had called him "Doctor!" Imagine * university professor calling » plain man of today "professor!" Quite evidently Jesus had made a great impression on th« old Sanhedrinist But that scholarly gentleman was not quiU ready to commit himself. dune by Night Maybe we have not been entirely fair with Nicodemus. Wi have said that he was a coward who would not stand up for hij convictions, and that he came to Jesus by night m order to escape the criticism of the crowd But there may have been another reason. As a leader of the Jews Nicodemus was under the sobermi responsibility of leading th< people along a safe way. Had h« been seen sitting at the feci o4 Jesus, openly receiving instruction, it would most certainly hav« been interpreted as an endorsement of the carpenter. And although Nicodemus had oeei favorably impressed by what h» had heard. it would nav« amounted to a betrayal of a public trust for him to have endorse* the Nazareth carpenter until ttt had made a careful and personal investigation. The Uniform Sunday School lesson for January 15: "WHY I CHRIST CAME," John J S. too been *a matter of embarrassment in almost every community in the land when some prominent Christians have lent Ineir names to causes or enterprises which they had not investigated with sufficient thoroughness. No man has more responsibility lhan when he lends his good name, and the weight of his influence, to a cause which may be anti-Christian at its roots. How many times the Church of Jesus Christ has suffered as a result of the fact that prominent churchmen have been prominent in movements aimed at unChris- tian objectives. Tfyere was that leading merchant, for example, who allowed his name to be used by the race-track crowd, just because he did not feel he could hold out against "some of the leading business men of tho town." We Need New Men A world that has come into possession of hydrogen bombs, nuclear energy, and Pavlov's principles of the conditioned reflexes, is dcperately in need of a new spirit within the heart.; of men. For centuries we have been searching for power. Our present need is for a spiritual capacity to control the power that has suddenly cornc into our hands. Perhaps the religionists have missed some part of the point, as they have insisted upon the "New Birth." In all too many instances they have described it in terms of emotional hysteria, a psycholo- logical upheaval, or a moral reform. Actually, of course, it may partake in seme measure of all of these. But the new Birth which will save our present world from suici le will consist of an entire series of new Attitudes, new values, and new loyalties. The Christian Church is confronted with no more seriou. 1 - responsibility than this—to prepare men and women to face the up- heaving world with courage, conviction, and faith. The old men—we and our fathers—who built a world dedicated to racial rivalries, class warfare. balances of power arms races, and economic determinism nave run our course. Unless we can bring to birth a race of new men dedicated to new values, we arc all doomed. A new birth IP our only hope. CouyruhT I s 6 'i ti.v n.r fj.xiy:..-. or Chrl.itl^r, Ivlncattnri. N'aMon;il C'mneil o! thp ctinrclir-? of Christ in th* Knitnl of AmertfH. Vazquez To Present Testimony Senior MYF members will meet at 6 p.m. Sunday and church service will follow at Ushers Sunday McCollum, I. L. i p.m. wili he Burns, Sobcsta. D. M. Penny. J. C. Fl- hott. J. \\. Fowler, Conrad Matysiak and A. V. llajnes. The Builders and Crusaders classes will hold their monthly party at 7:30 p.m. Monday. er meeting will be <it 7 p.m. Wednesday, with the Sanctuary Choir rehearsal following at 7:".D p.m. Julia Lottie Two prayer groups will meet at 9:4f) a.m. Tuesday and the circle meeting will be «t 10 a.m. Taxing of whiskey began with the passage of an excise law in 1791. | Sunday moriiir". irnon V;;/.qu<v., pa. j.'nV.\ic-an Baptist *pcak in Adult 111 (lie Rrv. .-in- ,.f the First ( linrrh wiij A .-..-•. innly diir- >:i_u: the Sunday Sclvvi hour at il-'iiKl Baplist Church. He will give! | his testimony of conversion and 1 j surrender to the ministry. ; Rev. Vaztjurz will .speak in '.Spanish and Carol Stamper will i 1 interpret. i Simday morninq during the ji-hurch service, the Soul Winning Commitment cards for the new .year will be passed out and each; ! merribrr present will be a.skt-d to; si.Ljn one. Tlie mos.sagi- for the morning will lx- brought by the Rev. R. M. Chwk. Tuesday at 9::JO and 10 a.m. the rirrlcs will meel to study the mission book "Tho Dreamer Cometh," Tho following women will bf toachinir the books for the circles — Mrs!' I. Hall Mrs. W. I Walker. Mrs. E. Woodruff, Airs, j T. C. King and Mrs. Rolwrt Nor- j ris. ' ! Tuesday night the Brotherhood will have their monthly supper meeting. Guest speaker will he i Mrs. James A. Davis. She will i ^ivo a took review of the For- i (•ign Mission book "Across the i Rridgf.'' Mrs. Davis is a mem- 1 her of Memorial Baptist Church. \ : Potato chips originated in Saratoga Springs. N. Y. U Had the doctrines of Jesus been preached as pure as they came from his lips, lhe whole civilized world would now have been Christian. I rejoice that in this blessed country of free inquiry and belief, which lias surrendered its conscience to neither kings nor priests, the genuine doctrine of only one God is reviving, and f trust that there u not a young man now living in the United States who will not die a Unitarian. " Unitarianum, insisting upon individual freedom of belirf and the us« of reason in religion, w today attracting nx>r» members than ever before. Here it a religion, unclouded by creed and dogma, that leeks answeri to man'i problems in the living now. With Jefferson, it i* "against every form of t\., <ny ov«r the mind of roan," be it political, jocial or religion. BAYTOWN UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP Chamber of Commerce Building, Texas Avc. & Main. Sunday 11:00 A.M. YMCA Guemple Named Interim-Music Director John Guemple was selected at (Fort Worth. ________ tl-,e Memorial Baptist Church busi- 1 While a student at the semin;ny lhe "HMory of \\aco L'nivcrsiiy. later known as Baylor. To Fort Worth ness conference lo STrvr as in hp w».s minister of Mssic ,-ind. Mi". an<! Mi> ( i'.' l i lerim - music director, after the Kducation at the George W. TmeM : been aetixn mriulxis resignation of >'re<l Parker, for- Chapel, a mission of tlie First rial Baptist Chureli. : i' h.ive Merno-e tr. y THK RF.Y. and M:v. F/trl B: sfK of FilM fhri.stian Chun h u i r,.! l fh,' •: Moi,•|. \..F iv r I music director. H-uin? S'i- *i<-.'rut' Baptist Church. Dallas i:ist t':i:i N'o., in IfJLft !/ Witli.-rni ,Ie-.\el! (Vvl'cge J<! J,ih- eriy Mo., awl finallv movrd \r lo Baytowi plf !u'S assume.) h^ and his wife Maty went t<i r' O! Noll Ai'i v.ull: (1,1 P,:i>l"I I'>.iver<;if\ in f !.(•(• Ci<)!f",;r' V-..IM. 'HiMT 1 (iui'tllplf V.'.'lS .1 n K.irr." C,l\ s. ..nit In tl,i- 'licilui di '!.< n:..i ( •er he ;itl(n'iifi ' . ' Mi' >'•• i ••'•' I •'! •!:' '.'ty.'tsf *i J.ih-'in the H-ivi'.i Miis:r- y, :.,.<•>! iioth ers .-iiy !he yr. in Ift.'vi "•> -'ili :n thf on h ' •.••Una: v ir at IV -I h,'.'l HP Revival JANUARY 16 - 22 TRI-CITY BEACH BAPTIST MISSION AppnixinniMy 12 Milcv Out Tri-City Ronrli Roml (MISSION OF CENTRAL BAPTIST) EVANGELIST - ROBERT RICHARDSON SONG DIRECTOR - TOMMY SANDERS ROBERT RICHARDSON" MORNING SERVICES-10 A.M. EVENING SERVICES « 7 P.M. "TOO... Are Personal Inviied" I NURSERY PROVIDED FOR THE 8A8IES ;

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