Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 9, 1935 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1935
Page 8
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r\L tJRINKtNG DRIVERS ('Aft Editorial in the Dallas Journal) -The iPflfofmers of prohibition have disappeared from idsti. ISieir promises re-echoed throughout the land i short months ago. Bht now that performance and sibllity might logically be demanded there are no lers of prohibition left to demand of it. They folded tents, turned in their headquarter typewriters and [eparted. If any of the old letterheads are left, they are ed for scratch paper now. But it will be remembered that the reformers hoped to it down traffic accidents by rutting down drunken driv- Ijjf. The theory being that beer and light wines would lispiaee bootrleg liquor. Alas, that is not so. Liquor is till with us and so is drunken driving. The accident roll lOunte to astonishing totals and the death toll is greater lan ever. Sober common sense, however, indicates that drunken Iriviny is not the explanation. Perhaps drinking driving p. Nobody has said much about it, but it is scientifically stablished that the alcohol equivalent of three high-balls Mil mar the judgment, decrease the perceptive powers nd slow down the musrular reastions of an automobile Iw'ver by perlentages ranging from 15 to 50 per |ent. In traffic at Jtortji miles an hour and faster any laterial impairment of alertness and efficiency is bound lo be dangerous and apt to be fatal. SHE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON -»Y RODNIY DUTOHIf NEA Service Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON—AAA has come in for plentyTf briticiam for its past callousness toward consumers, all pf which your correspondent has reported faithfully and pealously. But it must be said for Secretary Wallace and Admin- strator Chester Davis that, even though at times they lay have succumbed to pressure of combinations of food Industry 'lobbyists, farm group lobbyists, and politicians irho figured the consumer could go hang, they have per- bisted in appointing able, honest, and aggressive men to Represent consumer interests in AAA councils. Anyone who has watched this government operate >r-'a few years must me surprised that they haven't appointed lomplacent, easy-going job-holders who rould ie depended on not to annoy them. * * * * Montgomery will follow Hoover's policy of constantly idging AAA chiefs and reminding them of the con- l&fmer. If you happen to 'be one of those consumer per- s, you can wel lafford to take a bow to the depai'ting Hoover, who urged Montgomery as his successor and is iow going back to his professional job at Duke Univei-- f. ' ' Hoover finally persuaded the administration that it >uld maintain a policy of refusing to cut down supplies i food below those normally available for domestic con- iption. I Nojbody paid much attention to his words, but Wal|lace recently enunciated the Hoover policy—a milestone for AAA—as follows: "Two things we want to be sure of. One is that there will be the same quantity of food per capita available ibi the American people as during the decade of the i; that is, that we take care of the consumer. The second is that quantities available in excess of that, for yhich foreign purchasing power is no longer available, [should not be produced." :|! * * * Appointment of Democratic National Committeeman l^incent Miles to the Social Security Board is an obvious [political appointment and a Roosevelt favor to Senator Joe Robinson, who faces .re-election, complicated by (probable Huey Long troubles, next year. You didn't hear about it, but the name of Miles pop- Ijied up once before. Roosevelt suggested him to Secretary Ickes as a candidate for the new job of undersec- |r«tary of interior. Ickes was urging his personal assistant, Harry Slat- |tery—probably the best man in Washington for the job, not great favorite with professional politicians. Ickes |H6lIered in pain'when Miles was suggested. Then Roosevelt and the interior secretary "compro- |ljii£ed" with the appointment of ex-Congressman Charles IWest of Ohio, White House liaison man in 'Capitol Hill, 1 The point of this story is that Roosevelt never seriously I considered Miles for the job, but was advancing him- to llfekes for trading purposes] Ickes could hardly refuse to rftoHv to the White House will twice. * # * * Don't overlook the possibility that the spreading of Italo-Ethiop.ian war may first involve Europe through '(German attack on Russia, aided by Poland, Interna- |$o'nal experts here aren't. | The common idea that Hitler is likely to leap into Austria when Italy's back is turned and her strength is ".JV'Abyssinia overlooks the fact that Italy's mobilization tiais, temporarily at least, strengthened rather than weab- IjTed her military position in Europe. The assumption of suspicious observers who take this of thought is that Japan would simultaneously at- the Soviet from the other end. BARBS 'Another: brother of the bachelor Prince of Wales to (d. About the only way a woman could get Wales to for her would be to get him on a horse. - A film magnat admits he makes more money than a ibker, but points out that "bankers can't make movies." $ven't they already enough to answer for? 'After that tragic Italian flood and waterspout, II jp Continues to be held up by Ethiopian rains. It's a tjer he washes in the treacherous stuff. , hold congress in New Jersey. It probably was to gauge the popularity of various .prdpbsajs, undoubtedly ibeing i-esponsible for, much of $hat the other senatpr from Idaho has introduced t& the puMe by ineans of a Suropeaa trip, we ••*-*»* ^._^.^.,, pjf ^ 9the CAPITOL JIGSAW By HOWARD C. MARSHALL AUSTIN. Sept. 4. (/P)~A colored Jahitor stalked Into the press room election day. "Going to do something I never $ Id before," he remarked. "WHat's that?" someone queried. "Going to vote, for repeal." "How come?" "We pros run things so bad I want to see what we wets cati do." Interest In the modernization of the Texas Bangers, nationally as well as within the state, continues unabated. When a legislative crime Investigating committee proposed last fall to overhaul the famous. marihunt- ers, northern and eastern newspapers evinced Interest. The major steps in the process, the passage of the public safety department bill and the actual effectiveness, of the creative law were told again and again by correspondents. There has been no letup in the demand. Out-of-stnte interest, of course, is due to the glamor of the name, second only, perhaps, to that of the Canadian Northwest Mounted. Both have been Immortalized In song and story. The "westerns" regularly carry stories on the hard-riding, straight- shooting Bangers. Good features, illustrated with plenty of dashing horses, wild-eyed steers and hurtling riatas, sell right along to newspapers. Not a great while ago the season's most popular musical comedy In New York featured-a. Banger theme. The fact the Bangers t in recent years have been shot to "pieces by, political interference and -hamstrung by lack of money, modern equipment and methods, hasn't meant a thing to the avid reader of "thrill" fiction and features. To him the Bangers still are the steel-muscled, flint-chinned officers who always get their men. Election day was the most complete holiday in the capitol since last Christmas. Everything was shut tight except-the secretary of state's office, which allowed some out-of- town tax experts to work among its franchise tax records. Some officials did "a little work behind closed doors, one being. Er-. nest O. Thompson, chairman of the railroad commission. Author HORIZONTAL 1 Author o£ the tale "Candlde." 8 He was a citizen 12 Non-venomous snake. 13 To stop. IB Inlet. 16 Acid. 17 To follow IS Island. 20 Yielded. 22 Golf device. 23 Soul 24 Prevented, 27 Empowered, 31 Sorrowful. 32 Prickly pears. 33 Senior. 34 Opposite "of debits. !6 To observe. 37 Varieties ,8f smalts. 39 Hastened.' 42 Lubricant. 43 Any. 47 To appear. Answer to f¥e?ioti» Puzzle OUSTERGUI I A 48 Ehticer. BO Wan. 52 Pertaining to air 53 Betel palm. 54 Gaelic. 55 He was a philosopher and (pi.). GG He was the founder of a new group of s. VEttTICAIj 2 Wlfad instrument, 3 Noisy. 4 Container weight. fi Frozen water. 6 Leased. 7 Loom bar. 8 Lawyer's charge. 9 Ireland. 10 Unless. 11 Serene^ , 14 frats. 16 He wroW about theories o£ ~, in Each.' 21 Trifled. 23 Oration. 25 Waistcoats. •26 Artist's frame;. 28 Neither. 29 Monkey. 30 Eivll, 35 Cleanses.. 36 To choose. 38 To employ: 3£i Crystal gazer. 40 Fairy. 41 To eject, 44 To unclose. 45 Visible sign. 46 Otherwise- 47 MembranoU^ ' bag. • 48 Ingredient of varnish. 49 Hurrah. 51 Ever. Idaho Harvest SALMON, Idaho, (IP) — Farmer Shane Brown was irrigating an alfalfa field and thinking his harvest season still was some weeks away. Suddenly the water ceased to flow In the small ditch. A 20-pound salmon, dipped by the bucket of a water wheel 1 in the edge of Salmon river, had become lodged in the small ditch, damming the flow. The salmon was caught by Farmer Brown, after a struggle. NEWS Want Ads are effective. THE F ftftftbii *mirig» t& BllAJOfcfe N. fttttltt, Gttt li#.! t?- >3 ,^ ; " : '" *fc *•'** •^#-' •JR-, ' vlmJlLMM^ ]L ' WPr, ,,.ip^wpwnMrjv T-_ - v jsjsfo.T -v , IJ? ffcifcj* B^.tflNte/ali s alfcttflk^a jpSuHV 54EMBEB OF THE ASSOCIATED RlfiBS.^fnul tewed Wire. The A*»clttted Pr&a 14 titled to the use for publication 6f-*ll faewS aisp&tishea credited to 6* no* otherwise newspaper and also the local news yatfUsbeA hefeiii. All rights for re-publication of Upectol dtt* patches herein also are reserved. , ~ Entered as second-class matter Martin It, 1931, M the postofflci »» Piampa, T«*fl«, tutor tiw.Art Ml ' March 3, 1879. • •>.'•. ' ,-' • ' '• -•. • •'•'•' ^ \( .:. SDB3CB1PT10JJ ttAtES OF IHg PAMPA DAttr NEWS; . •By Cottier to Pamp* • • 4. On* Tear ........ ie.M si* Months ,...,.13,00 one Month .......;» .80 one Week ........1 .11 By MaU In Grttf- aiid Aajotelhtr GoiinM** , ^ One Tear ........ $6.00 Six Months ...... *2.7S Three Months ......fiiSO One Month ......*.«• By Mall OtttHde «HHr Ajtd Adjolnln* Counties „ One Year .. ...... t7.00 Six Montha ...... »3.7S Three Months ...... ta.10 One Month ....... .Tl NOTICE— ft is not the Intention of this newspaper to east reflection Upon the character of anyon* knowingly and If through error It should, the management will, appreciate having attention called tt» eame, and will gladly and fully correct any erroneous statement made. OUT OUR WAY 1 NEVEC SAW SUCH A CHILD/ BEEM AT MS HOMEWORK FOR TWO HOURS, ANID HE HASN'T A THIM& DOME. ALL BECAUSE HE DOESN'T CONCENTRATE. BY THE WAY, ROBERT, WILL YOU GET MOTHER THE QUART CAMMING- JARS FROM THE 6ASEMEWT? SORRY YOU CAN'T GO TO. THE MOVIES WITH ME, BOB, AM' THANK'S FOR GETTIMG MY COAT FOR ME. I'LL GO WITH MAR&ARET. DID SHE SAY SHE'D BE READVS WHEW YOU RAM OVER TO ASK HER? YEAH, SOW, LIKE AGOOD60V/THO5E YOU GOT HER A FEW MINUTES AGO WERE PINT SIZE, AND SHE WANTS THE QUART SIZE. O~iFy.WlU.iAMs © 193SGYNCA SERVICE. INCT' 9^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Boots Isn't Fooling AV.UC. J VWb TW5. \AF\9W HFx'aVT OY U6OA.U.V .BOOTS By MARTIN \T T'KE. VT © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS J^T^ ^\XA^ ocrl^ 5 ^TVO^ ^X i O^i \*^ ^™^C- \ ^"^ # f *^.***3*£&*< -^^-1^( ^VtSs ^^^^r,. •> i tt U. "^ . l\ O • altf * . •* HEX WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA,JIMMY, IN WRITING STUFF' kE THIS ? BLOSSER =/'l WELL HAVE TO ORDER < THOSE KIDS WON'T GET NEW FOOTBALL HEAPGUARDS TO THE CHANGE IN HEAD- SIZES.' FIT' COCKY, COACH ...THEY'RE TOO LEVEL-HEADED ' AND EVEN IF THEY DO, THEY'RE STILL, TOO GOOD FOR THOSE OTHER TEAMS// ~fc r f .C-,,..T.-.-',rT7-i;j» 'f ijiPTOa58n«^._., THEY AREN'T CALLED THE SHADYSIDE ^COUGARS, FOR % NOTHING/ AND A LOT OF COUGARS GO TO SLEEP AND WAKE UP IN SOMEBODY'S TROPHY ROOM .' , YOU'RE 'PUTTING-THOSE KIDS. ON STILTS^ AND THE FIRST THING ">t)U KNOW, SOMEBOWS GONNA PAVE THEIR BOULEVARD WITH BANANA SKINS.'/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) The Pay-Off By COWAN f¥)ONEY SPAGONI, *£s WHCSE BABBER SHOP 15 A BETTING FOR- PADDOCK, <grijK| A BOOKIE.fefrn.H-v V/HO IS OP TO SOtAE SKULLDUQQERY X AND Pk Ss) ATFISH BROWN, THE INNOCENT PAWN I SURE PICKED WINNER FOR VOP IN THE CATFISH / A WINNAH .' YO ALL PICKED A FEE-NOMEN\ON HOSS, IF YO ASKS (V\E- NVAN,OH TWENTY IAUCH OBUOED.M\ISTA I H' TONEY-AN'.tXDNY FERC51T OL 1 CATFISH WHEN VO ALL GITS AMUODftR HOT TIP.' .OKAY CATFISH- GLAD fSEE VOU WIN// I'LL BET I COOLT) DOPE OUT SO^AE RACKET AND rAAKE A EASY UYIN 1 . IF THIS *IQOO WAS MINE, INSTEAD OF EMMY'S V. <3iM6BYMBA^mvn;E.jNe. T. M. REG, u, 3. PA r. off. ALLEY OOP What—No War? OlvJE S\m,M\JGS "jJTm "*^WHV-TH' I'GOTTA x^^S^W^'BE N AN'SHOUT? HI© /NGFT. \DISTtJRBEp/)WHATS THIS 'HCDM0I? /f.0 FAST) THEM'S OUl?A)UUUA"BAt00 YEH -CC TUWKAM' HISJ/SAY -WHERE'S FOOZX LEMIAWAPMY'LLBE /.( AKi: TH'MIMISTEO HERE ANYTIME/—^-^\ Op WAR? y — *~ ^-4 SkIP URT'TH 1 OUNWO, XPALACE A \ AINT SEENJGIT 'EM HIM ' v-A DDWW WELL DAYLIGHT AGAIN "$$ 'Ife^ ^^ ?- i'"'^-v! By HAMW> - . WERE GONNA /QHJH^S HAVE A J-XWEL,U,C ~ WAR/x/^TK BO/51 WAR WITH LEM 7OPAY/ V ; 'V m ' -: ,$' f ^s^frj^T^i^Ji^ni^^^^Mi^TOffl^i^p^.5 'Mf f 2-> V , A '•',"."' i, ^ ,'^ '' '3'*'? i" '" -f - , „ "* :

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