Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1946 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 24, 1946
Page 9
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V.P.W, and Ladies Hosts to District Convention Today This afternoon, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and auxiliary are entertaining the ninth district at a convention here. The auxiliary program for the day begins at 10 ; 0'* clock with registration in the iity hall ' ' frt " rt * rJ4 - 1M * SOCIETY AND CLUBS Methodist Women Sevenfh DlsWct President Plan for District ' A6e ' Convention Here Social Calendai hall. The Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist church will entertain the Northern half of the Clarendon district at a joint meeting Wednesday at the church here. The auxiliary's meeting will con- .,„,, . ... . S ^ N Y . L j- . • . .- Mrs. Kathryne J. Eieri. a field vrne at 11 o'clock in the city club VFW and auxiliary entertain ninth district convention, reg- worker for the society will be the rooms with Mrs. Vadalee Humphrey istration at 10 o'clock in Legion-VFW hall and city hall, aux- principal speaker. Miss Bieri has of Borgcr, district president in i| jary meets in city c | u b rooms at 11 o'clock. Luncheon in cpvernfvP^i'^Tnlr' ^1?„?*"? charge. The veterans meeting is sla- D , 7 * i ' i t «veral years in India and South Ated to begin at 10 O'clock in the vet- ralm room at I 0 CIOCK. mrrica, PS well as visiting in China. MONDAY - Japan, Korea, (he Philippine i.s- Ester club meets wilh Mrs. H. M Cone, 4 M W. Browning, Ulllljs ' :infl ; ' n •'"<•''"»* "f Amr-rk.-a. ., As sin million' v on HK> Lc-gion-VFW trim's room at the hall. Luncheon will be served by the ., 7--an oYlnrl' local auxiliary for both the veterans u> ' • JU ° *-"•*- K and the auxiliary in the Palm room at one o'clock. A program for the veterans and auxiliary will be presented following the luncheon .and, lastly, the two organizations will hold a joint meeting at which time Roger Q. Evans ( American Legion Auxiliary mccfs al Legion hall at 7:45 ,,",'1^1 to^ of'^rent hpip'hi TIIUT- o'clock. Pythian Sisters meet in Temple hall at 8 o'clock. TUESDAY Church of the Brethren W.M.S. meets at 2 o'clock. prr-tinc the duties of officers and other organizational and program problems. Mrs. A. C. Rip|x-y of MvLean Is in charge of the meeting. Represen- of Waco, vice commander of VPW Qf . 2'30 o'clock ""' * "* El Progresso meets with Mrs. Edgar Henshaw, 315 N. Ward, tativcs from the Methodist, church organizations at Shamrock. McLean, Vorietas Study club meets with Mrs. Lee Harrah, 605 N. ^0^° Dopier "and LcilTas wln°as Representatives are expected from Frost, at 2:30 o'clock. tnp th ' rec j" oca 'i ,.; 1U rcheV First Mete right Mrs. Stone, Miss Jones, Mrs, Jordan, Mrs. Spearman, Dumas, Borger, Amarillo, R u th Meek class, First Baptist church, meets with Mrs. H. Collough, and Harrah, are expected ' «'^nrf P 01 f niip n ;n7!rtn»H^n' B - Landrum, 601 E. Foster, at 2:30 o'clock. tr. be present -or the meeting. _i . ... Hereiorct, Panhandle ana oanaaian. _ . ..' _ ,. ' . ... . . ., , „. ,, i-,->, The p<>nfpr»nrp« win hnrin «t m-in ** *** C. H. Bruce of Amarillo, ninth Twentieth Century Forum meets with Mrs. Karl Pieratt, 1331 0 -^^n^yt^^ne^6 district commander, will be in N. Russell, at 2:30 o'clock. continue through the day. A cover- charge of the veterans meeting dur- Q VJC Culture club meets with Mrs. J. B. Townsend, 1202 ed dish luncheon will be'served at ftrtup and Miss Kitchens. ing the morning. Formal Dances Planned For Wednesday and Friday World Prayer Day Two formal dances are being arranged for the coming week 117" 11 Tl "The Things that Make for Peace" E. Francis, at 2:30 o'clock. Twentieth Century club meets with Mrs. I. B. Hughey, 321 N. West, at 2:45 o'clock. Twentieth Century Culture club meets with Mrs. Douglas Nelson, 515 N. Gray, at 3 o'clock. Hopkins Home Demonstration club meets with Mrs. C. H. the church at .icon. Cabol Company Has Banquet by local women's groups. The Business and Professional Women's Club have issued invitaiions to a formal dance Wednes- j.u e , ,i,ii BS mai, iwn«. c ^^ «•»-..- R . , day evening at the American Legion hall and Beta Sigma Phi will be the theme of the World Day tirickey. , , , . At a banquet last, evening held in sorority will entertain at a formal dance at the country club of Praver - March 8 - Thc Pampa Business and Professional Women s club meets in Palm lhe crystal ballroom at the Herring Fridnv pvpninn Council of Church Women is plan- ro om at 7:30 o'clock for covered-dish dinner. hotel, representatives of the Em- nuuy evcnmy. D ,-,.... , , , ning to observe the day with an ap- Fnctorn Srnr <;turK/ rluh mppK with Mrs Artip Reber 117 ploycc-Management committees of Proceeds of the B. and P. W. dance are to go to benefit the proprintc program at the First Me- ^; ern . brar | T ^ y CIUD meers witn Mrs. Arne Keoer, I I / Teen Age Canteen. Committees have been announced for the thodist church, beginning at 9:30 o'- N. billespie, at /:JU o clock — dnnrp n<; fnllnws- clock - Royal Neighbors meet in Merten building. dance as tollows. An cnurches w m be Invited to at- Martha Class Has G. Washing^!! Party _. ', _ . . ., ,,. . S*tJll'llUlV,llV,OI**«lhS^lllT * V\.\* VV/ "• V in charge of decorations will be tond these speclal servlces Bt whlch Mrs. B. M. Behrman, chairman, time the program arranged by Mrs. 1 " 5 ' WEDNESDAY the Cubot company mot to reward safety method.* used in the Cabot, plants. Toastirmster R. G. Allen called on Central Baptist W.M.U. meets in the church at 10 o'clock, on Hugh .-jurdette to present the riom. n ii T\/T,. Tv»«.v,i n »"•— »•— i—o • o — ~j .11 j _i• i i i awards which .vent to the contest ^ ™ \ ?i, Mis. Tpmmic w p T . iylor| win be presented, includes ccvered-dish luncheon. co-winners. nKnn? rh^b ^mm? fn t e l'win ^n The World Day ol Prayer ls ° b ' First Methodist W.S.C.S. district conference, sessions begin Guests of honor at the banquet ana coat cnecu committee win m- servec i j n m ore than fifty countries o \ were members of the firm who had Mrr.. Raymond Harrah * * * ilig of .the Martha class of the First Baptist church Friday afternoon When - Hollis and Mrs. Violet McAfee. General Council of First Christian church meets in church worship service. The observance of at 2:30 o'clock. Cashiersi .named were Miss Neva the day begins in the Fiji islands as First Baptist W.M.U. meets in the church at 3 o'clock. iivrrnn Affico T\jTil itr>r»n f SlM-»niiV» *tit. \ 1 i._ _i~.. „».. ..i,. •.....» ... nn i ~r »!»„ i,-, « -^ [- v wv . J*»U IfllUl L.11 .1 ilUrt V HA WVTl UVUH -r» »-• <• it-till t. c* 1 \ 1 - u — •• IIIOIL-'\.|LJIIOITT.«T1.V^. IMWV,IOIPI»IH-^IH-II^.IIVJI*^W L^^'WSrtS ^ ^SA^JS^%££ ^^^A*^ Formal dance, B. and P. W' ot the Legion hall. _ti • j > "• Kitchens was in chariin of invita- «r»eMvnrri in HIP nvlnnt nnri t.honnn THURSDAY Kitchens was in charge of invita- westward to the Orient and thence Mrs' r E Farmer nr^lrilnp mil tiOllS ' from nati ° n to ntttlon U " U1 th ° H nn\r£ T*P Mnnro r^ A™.inwnnn Kon Bennett's orchestra will play final service is held some forty hours i Mi^ F ? A HP,-on !- io ? " 1C dallcc - later ^ tho Eskimos on St. Law- sident outlined Ihe class OTOgmm Arrangements for the Beta Sigma rence island off the cost of Alaska fortheeomingmonthfRtportswei™ P«i danse are being made by Miss 30 miles east of the international " heard from the croun cantain-? and Catherine Ward and her commit- aau ; lmu . , . , , . cards ww^sicned and sent to mem- tec, Mrs. D. R. Weston and Miss Eve- The universal service of worship bClTw^o are absent or i 1 W Morehead. The hat check com- creates unity m this day. Authors neis wno are aosent or ill. mittec will be Mrs C W Hcnrv and hav 'e been selected from scattered Mrs. Rufe Jordan gave the devo- ^ « Dona Purslcv Places on the map such as Korea, Iminl nn Hia auVtlanf "GK.OV. iin o lvl * 1 -* uuiia r-uiaiuy. ' . . — ... Invitations for the dance sent by Miss Ruth Stapleton, Lee Sullivan and Mrs. E. O. Stroup. orchestra will fur- Program Announced for Seventh District Meeting Dr. Stuart Condron, Canyon, an instructor at West Texas tionaL on the subject, "Snap up a Bargain," taking her text from Ep- hesiaiis 5:15. The^ refreshments carried out the _holiday theme with hatchet shaped /^ sandwiches, cherry tarts with whipped .dream and coffee being served. were used as P iatc Valentine Luncheon Mrs, H. M. Stokes had charge of Given MQt"V ClaSS the guest register, which was form- entertalned Canada, India, China, Holland, Chile, England, and the United States, to take part in the services. The worship service has been prepared this year by Miss Mabel Shaw, a missionary in Africa, and will be used in 51 countries as Christians all over the world pause for a day of prayer. George Washington the ;g any time due to injuries. Kniployccs with such a record were: R. L. Akers, Kermil, C. M. Martin, city office, S. A. Tinsley, . Bowers, E. R. Austin, Keystone, H. Hopkins Ladies Bible study club meets in Community hall. E. odom, Walton, u. R. Johnston, _ _..,__..., Junior high school P.-T.A. meets in school auditorium. l^ a . f "' J?' £' P'^ Gc " ci : al Mla £ State colfeae, will deliver the opening address when women of Regekah lodge circle meets in I.O.O.F. hall at 7:30 o'clock. w.Theisen, Walton E. M swindle, the seventh district of the Texas Federation cf Women's clubs FRIDAY ' Kingsmill, A. B. Turner, Kingsmill, meet in Amarillo March 7 and 8. Dr. Condron v/ill stress Entre Nous club meets with Mrs. C. A. Tignor, 1129 Terrace P. G. Boggus, Esies, J. E. Buswoici, "Women's Responsibility Today in Government Affairs," when Ave., at 2 o'clock. ^"carter ^rmstronE^C ^w'jamc^ ne s P ea!<s in tri e Polk Street Methodist church on the opening Chili supper at McCullough Methodist church. kingsmlli. and Joseph Kramer, Es- day. Mrs. Raymond Harrah, Parnpa, district president, will pre- Eastern Star meets in Masonic hall at 8 o'clock. TJ n ]J q H01U5 tes. Guest speaker at the banquet was side Qt ^'formal opening at 2 o'clock in the church. O. T. Clark, of the Community K a Safety Service Worth. company of Fort Mrs. v"/. E. Davis, of Childress. life member, will give the invoca- were special guests from the Bos- at a Valentine afternoon at her Terrace. Batson,' Mrs." Cl7de'Satson, "Mrs". . home at Rufe Jordan, The 'Mrs.' E. G. Nelson/Mrs. J. P. cupid R. Bell, Mrs. J. P. Roy Chisum, Mrs. Mrs. H. A. • Gilli_ _ Anderson Mrs M. Places were laid for Mrs. Emmett K/Ourley, Mrs. R. K. Douglas Mrs Forrester, Mrs. Homer Doggett, Mrs. Bo Barrett, Mrs. Howard Giles, Mrs. S. E. Waters, Mrs. Charles Miller, Brotherhood Dinner Reviewed Wednesday •* ton offices of the company. The eighth annual brotherhood The study program for the Wed- Members of the Employee-Man- dinner of the First Christian church nesday meeting of the Women's Mis- agement committee from the vari- was held at the church Wednesday sionary Union of the First Baptist ous Cabot plants are: Armstrong evening. Two hundred members and church will be a review of T. B. plant, C. J. Carter and R. D. Wright; friends of the church.Joined, in. tho Maston's book, "Of One.". This is Bowers plant, A. J. Wood and H. F. banquet. • one of a series of books dealing with Graham; Cabot Shops, inc., T. C. A George Washington banquet The brotherhood dinner is an an- Christian principles and race rela- Carter and F. W. Kelly; city office, was given Thursday evening by nual event in all Christian church tlons, published by the Home Mis- Blanche Day and Elsa Plants; Estes \\tta * ituiuuuj <- w** »t> j einvi hnot-r) r\f f ho Qrtnf horn T3ar\f icf V»lnnf. A T? r*nrman • rionoi'al A Hoe R. G. Allen and D. D. Co.hrane tio ^ Blyt ., itioil ;lnd a bori , ri mcctin . •are scheduled to begin at 10 n oome at i«* -icrrace. members of the D O W Sunday congregations and the banquets are s'on board of the Southern Baptist plant. A. F. Eorman; General Atlas, The table was decorated with two membeis of the u. o., _w. » u ™»»y .* * . resnective churches on convention. Pampa plant, O. W. Stephenson and cupid dolls holding .large Valentines, school c ass of the'Central Bap«« ^ ^ wUh Qr ]egs ^ been T . B . Musgrovs: Genera i Atlas, red candles and Valentine plate fa- church to honor-of me .meniDers. identical programs being arranged, on the family at Southwestern Ouymon plant, C. L. Gum and R. vors. A Valentine oox and excnange iiuauanuo. n. icu o.»iu »«»yi(i. ^ mu_ „!,;„„.. ^r n,„„„ ».,«nn,,^o v,n^ Tio n t;» rnh~nin*in,.i en.,,;,,.,,.,. ^i,-,^o J. Shields: Guvmon nlant w. R. in the church and white id hatchets as same evening with more or less Dr. Maston, the author, has been , t identical programs being arranged, on the faculty at Southwestern Guymon plant, C. L. Gum and R. . The object of these meetings has Baptist Theological Seminary since J - Shields; Guymon plant, W. R. room. Deen to strengthen the sense of unity 1922. now as a professor of social Jacobs, and D. B. Waggoner. . tian churches throughout the na- Tne j oint nee [,i n g o f a u circles of the W. M. U. will be held in the T. J. Wor- Washington Mrs. Ed- cherries. faces, hatchets and "Fellowship of Companions" and the Tne i ac ii e;S reviewing the five program and dinner were arranged chapters of the book will be: Chap- "A Brother to by the fellowship committee. ter 'one, "Thou Art a Samaritan," . . , - , - __ _. Highlighting the evening's pro- Mrs. Roy Holt; chapter two, "Who '!*" 8 of itobstow^Tetas ^nd ^or~ .A. G. Keith, Mrs. Roy Holt, Mrs. W. G. Foster, Mrs. L. B. 'Scruggs, Mrs. rei1 ' Mrs - Allen Stokes, and Mrs. C. E. Farmer. gar Hartley, Mrs. Max Crocker Mrs. Earl Miller gave t ^ . Edgar E. Payne, Mrs. Motie Garri- part of the program, r*___« -~ V^. , A ..^ son, Man," and k-Ome-QS- T OU-/Are Mrs. Webster Johnson, Mrs. C. W. Ralph Baxter, Surprise Breakfast S^KSS S^r^MaK SlS^ STm^ "£**% «* * ** -r corps for the past chapter four, 'Our Father" Mr, Members of the Fidelis class of Mrs. Ira L, Dearen, Mrs. R. W. Sid- Harvey delivered the address on the thrcc veara - Bob Tnpplchorn; and chapter five, "The Ladies' Aid" Mrs gram was the opportunity to wel- Is My Neighbor?" Mrs. R. W. Tuck- v « oj iwosLowa lexas. a er Mrs P?ul Skidmore come the pastor. Rev. Beauford Nor- er; chapter three, "No Respe:tor of merlv Off ^ lnpa ' rlt ° Al " old nl2f sn2 "Shall We «s back. Rev. Norris has been serv- Persons" Mrs. R. L, Edmonson; Jj"- s °^^f M '"- and Mrs. Arn -" — :embers of the Fidelis class of Mrs. Ira L, Dearen, Mrs. R. W. the Central Baptist church went "as well, Mrs. J. C. Withrow, Mrs. Don ou „, , „.__„. _....„ they vere," when cars stopped to Pumphrey, and Mrs. Owen John- a grou n.of favorite hymns. talks on the program, Joan Luns pick them up Wednesday morning E0 n. T^p rii, nnpr W a<: served bv Mrs f° rd . with her a^cordian, and Helen £rid take them to a surprise y " "'"— ^ "- "' '—- J —' fas't planned by the class i Mrs. R, Q. Harvey, and the dent, Mrs, C. W. Wheeler. t I V^f >•/ V I T ^* *—• v^ I • +*• i • *^ v • • WUVCIO *VClt; ACliVA AWI iww*. ****« - —The party gathered at the, home h Merten Home Demonstration Mrs. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mil- dena arrange^ for the reception of of Mrs. Vern Pendergast for cof- cjub wlu serye the meals to tne ]er> Mr and Mrs . E d Dittburner, the guests. Mrs. Homer H. Hahn 7th District Secretary , U i,u ,...,. ..rrnnnUi^n "Tl^ni^ t,% r\hun,.Mrv " T^vc H'UU Jll IJ1U IMrSb I^UHailUll CllUl'Cll rang Besides a number of inspirational Teachn g rhem to Obbeive, Mis. Robstowi betofe close . rclalivcs of r , ,,. s d Lnc , , ,, . . t.nlks nn the nroaram. Joan Luns- Rule Joidan. 1U _ ^_.j_ ^...^ ^_ :J o-.c u.(,ai.c.-, maj .spcnu UK iiiiicn noui as they choose. Amarillo womi'ii. witli Mrs. W. IX were- Mrs Glen exhibitors and buyers during the Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Flint, Mr. and . » Q H 0 r«'p M w, T Hereford Breeders sale Monday and Mrs. Sam Keel, Mr. and Mrs. Car- LeQIOn WlllHold T'E Q 'C ^McMinf M^' Tuesday. This is the second year mon Payte, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil y C owrs' Mr?' Raf &ltMe' the club has taken this project. White, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Skid' fo. Rickar^Mra , E. P! Sher- Mrs. C. B. Haney, finance chair- more, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Enloe. nter-Post Meeting An inter - post meeting of the Salina, Kansas, Is Scene of Wedding P.-T.A. Speaker Tells About Prejudices W. B. Wea'..h:rred addressed the Koly Soul's Parochial school Parent- Teacher:; association at their regular meeting Wednesday in the .school hall. Mr. Weatherred's subr jcct was "Let's Get Rid of Prejudices." He pointed out that, as a result of the war. we have learned that we must get nlon;'; with people or perish, -in order -.0 do this." he said, "the first task is to get rid of pre- juciice. to learn 10 trust one another." He emphasized that it would lake the homes, the schools, and the churches working together to .accomplish this. The program v.'a.s opened with a skit, "I Am an American," presented by the cubs and scouts. Mrs. H. M. Stokes. :ity P.-T. A. council pre- .siclpnt, .spoke briefly on the parent- teacher movement and its aims. Mrs. H. W. Waddell was in charge of the |;ni[M';un arrangements. 7n cTi'.'brnlion or Founder's day, a binhclay cake was served at the (lose of i he program. Mrs L. J. Fla- Khn-ty poured aiui Mrs. C. C. Bat- leriil served the ;:;ikc.* Mi-s. r. ,J. Huval presided at the biifincs.s nicelinu. Twenty-one, members iiiui two g'ie::t.s were present. lace, another cousin of the bride. "'conciuilin'fTevtMU"oi the opcnino; •** A reception was held, following dav w j;i be r . ns AU-Presidents' din- ,-, . , r~ • • r- . i the ceremony at the home of the ner in the Crystal ballroom of the ShamrOCK (j\T\ reted ^.^ ^ 1CT1Te _.. C ! n l EUnt ' Mr ' and Herring hotel/at 7 p. m. Mrs. D. L. ^ NumefOUS Pampa Girl Weds at Robstown the been received, here of marriage of Sylvia Glover, Arnold Felder of Clarkwood, Texas. Thc double ring ceremony was lead in the First Christian church ... , ., the bride and bridegroom. The book review will precede the The bride who wore a b , uo slrc( ,. Mrs. C. C. Henoglio. c. Kinard of Memphis, first vice Mr. and Mrs. Welder are at home president, will •serve as toastmistress, SHAMROCK. Feb. 23.—iSpecial) News of the marriage of Lt John on their farm near Clarkwood. and all delegates and visitors are —Miss Almarene Atkinson, daugh- W. Browning, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Felder was born in Pampa invitee to attend the dinner. ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atkinson IHerbert Moore, Mrs. B. L. Anderson, be featured in the booth. Shoemate, Mr, ana Mrs. fat uiass- tne surrounding towns. Keiresn- announced . The marriage was sol- STUDY CLUB MEETS s, B, A, Stephenson, Mrs. Carl A. Proceeds are to be used to pay cock, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Haw- ments will be served by the local emnized at the First Baptist church Eastern Star study club will meet ' s, Pendergast, and, fifteen club' expenses during the coming kins, Mrs. Geneve Cobb, Mrs. Cora auxiliary. The meeting is to start at Sallna Kans ., on January 5. The Tuesday evening at the home of Corgill, and Miss Juanita Dewey. 7:45 o'clock. ' Vqle.ntine Banquet for Seniors at First Baptist Church Mrs. L. E. Slate of Sudan, second will preside at the Reverend Hugh B. Chittendan read Mrs. Artie Reber, 117 N. Gillespie at niembers,"to"'b'c iJkT'aY' the church the single ring service. 7:30 o'clock. These study meetings at 12:30.' The convention program The bride wore an aquamarine are held for the benefit of new w ni close with a session concerning blue street length dress with black members who wish to learn the con- the important topic of, "Youth Con- accessories and a corsage of talis- stitution, laws and ritual of the servation." man roses. She is a graduate of lodgei and are under the direction Mlv . Minm . simms ol Panhandle, the Agenda Rural high school and of Mrs. Wilson Hatcher and Mrs. the Brown MaQkle school of busi- Arthur Rankin. (Continued on rage Ui> ness in EVilina, and was employed by the Eberhardt-Simpson Co. Lt. Browning attended Pampa high school, and prior to entering the army air corps was a student at Wayland Baptist college at PMinview. Lt. and M^'s Browning are now living in Valparaiso, Fla., where' the recent- 0 WE, THE WOMEN Courtesy Pays—for Clerks and Customers By RUTH MIIXKTT NEA Staff Writer tor treats you as thouj'h you arc •me was used in in the home of jod, where the shower was held. Co-hostess with he-; mother was Miss Marian Green WOurl. Pink ro;,e:,, };:irdeniuy and ustorg were used throughout the rooms. Mi;.. 1 .. Hilrln Unvis presided at thf lUiet register. Tones ni pink ami orchid were rei peai.ecl in i lie dining room in an arrangement ot astors in a blue glass basket, which wtis placed on a, re» fU-ctor. eentei-iug the Uible. A {I'll Courtesy paid off for one clerk article LL1 LJU'LLO \tJLl tl'O LIU'U'-IJ > llll iliv: .. . . , .. i stupid iov oven hoping 'to find the oi wlllU ' nlahnc "'civcled the cake, bridegroom is stationed at Elgin a t a no-stockings counter. need, or gives you which \\..vs lopped with sugar pe* field. shrug handshake instead of a' cour- tunias. in i);ist,el shades. Said a grateful customer, pulling toons" answer, the job of trying- to Mlss Elizabeth Challis served tha from her shopping bag a pair of track down what you need becomes ( ' ; ' k <' an:i Mi'.s. Ray Hill presided at Bethany Class Has Luncheon Thursday Members of the Bethany class of the First Baptist church, were guests at a covered dish luncheon Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. B. Landrum, W»l W, Foster. The luncheon was served buffet style from a linen covered table centered with a large arrangement of winter greenery. nylons she had bought else-l where: "I managed to get these down the. street. I'm going to give them to you as a present because of the polite way you always turned me down when I asked for some here » Ruth MUleU A lot of women shoppers know ing to remember like an elephant a hated and dreaded chore. tlu> c-oflee .service. Miss Mary Telfen, NO NYLONS FOR ALL Snow assisted in tho dining room. Of course, not many courteous Miss Aitiusuu wore, a street-lengljh, clerks who have made shopping for frock of aquu printed crepe and « scarce urti-les easier on women are corsage of reel roses. Other lueitx- going to be rewarded D.V women bers of the house parly wore dresses shoppers—except by grateful smiles, of pastel with pink core-ages. But they should be rewarded by Atout 50 guests registered jln then emyplojeia I-oi it-pealed snubs \\hite leuthei-bound bude'i, Jjc laiikle in a woman shoppei b mind which \\as a gilt to the honor guest —and while she ma> ha\e to take i l0 m the hostev» tlum nov because she is in the Puoi . to nel letum pwition of a begriai when she needs Texab MU(S , Atkms , on a haid-to-get iaoduct_she is go- t th t 4 h ino- tn T»mfm-tVi^>* lltro a ,1 olpn>innl ^, , z y v**v Ferdinand Rev. B Douglas Carver spoke on the work accomplished by the cla,ss just how that appreciative shop- when the day of ihoitages is over, in the, and also led the prayers, per lelt. A"d then she is going to buy hei ££"" " Mrs. T. V, Ljane gave (he devotipnal It »sn't so bad fcoing te^k to the stockings, her husband's shirts., Jiu> M,S Fiornnnp from tjie fjfth Phftpter of Bphe^ns. same store day after day to ask ioi's pajamas, etc, at the counters „,„..:! ** WWM}e Ti)e class voted ^o s,end flowers to hopefully lor a n article you need where she was once turned down j?v; ,7 Mrs. T. B- Solomon who is ^l Jgt a badly—If the deik is polite and courteously—not at the counters AIWa i'5 > a »« "&pttftl;alscij!3iftpnwgtio8e^d ^erojg genuinely sorry to, ^ve to whose queens seemed to in fnd other gJllg to f former 58,y, *"N9. we hayent received our to'ing to make her feel Unpertjne»s, kohsr, |$$. L#w^ Pftvte, fh^ ^hip^ent yej.." i_or haying to hope sb.e n^ight n$d$t$$K'

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