The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 15, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1897
Page 2
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DAILY CHKOmCLK. •ttoViKlWel at Hn l "Mill-"?)!!)!, Miih., j>n*<offin< ,o\ U!iii-|iortnl4rm tlitoiiKh I ftp ittftilo at soconil % V •-t 0*0 #* S«bi«mt>t.iorm*5e6t-<«veri <rt the offifa'o 164*Kiwi. fttfttn J,J*!i. MOSES, Stop It Quickly, Jast tfio Sattie «g fi ChtttlMi H. HoffWiftJH of 182 f oft Eyck Slrtet, batter foflows: The asispittbly of WftehiiiKton andjj'm- iroln held if"! ftrat RpsSron on Thttrsday «t lust week, 8ept\0, IBftT, ir» ihn city* of Mar«hfil) «nd flgwrativf ly epMking lawl the corner rtopp for'tt mottutnerjt to Ijti etpcfrtt te thoSe'jjrpat and iliuatrolift men ,wl^pse .names tlte order Itoar. Bj ' axctuplifying in theirs o\Vn .livye t,ho manhudd of these ctnirtent roen of hu-l'i our natron tew "justly pr^ud. it is aft ortter no matt or woma&en»be of without making t&tatv a " ' \ tfupiit countrf, loynl to therr and an honor fco thcttonnnun- they w«ide.' olllcfcra A.AV. W. Ijocktou; Recent, Julius Naglo! Clerk, Thou, \V«Jlaw; Pin. Sec ,(J(*rt.,* Clhapbin. Oo, I'rvor: H. A. A., A. H. .Vnpon: t)rator, 5, J. Burtwclh llfofcorianp •J. L. (ircn; Muscat Wr., L. S. Joy. This asseniblj is a branch of tho ( nupionic t'omcntion and irtJknown as the .Tuhti Adams assembly No. 1 which \vaa »uon to the as&embb alwmt two months aff<». The supreme convention has wow ,4oHUia] its ^Nn. 2d 1(t an assembly nrKmi- _,a/is Citi% All 1 -. The line of mfirch already 1 extends frotu the- riiciilt''t<) the Atlantic ruast. Thi* birth, jrtaco of tho order te 'Detroit and its founders are tho foremost \\micers n everything prctaining to the Welfare and 'good oi our country and also '\>\ orv tiling that is elevatinjr to ouinkind. \V"e^bid it welcome to our city and extend to ii the right hand of MJowshit , with <it>d bpet'd, may it livt 1 lotij;, and pni'M'i r and the «t<u> and stripea "which ih the fureftio'-t eiublem may tiiey ever \\a\e o'er tin- l.ind-uf tho free and the" h r >fne itfthf bra\o. ,-v-^^ '1'hoj adjiiuriKHl to iifpe day. n<';xl to i-otjjplete th,< nr-'coasary to wi*ry on thc'Wprk. . ' \ • .- t -t t i V . .M. \\ <"Cl'lP.NlS. (>« (111 li burn. .•ii>l>]irni.j<>u «,| Dr. Thoiixia' t2olectn<< •* n\v«y'Hip prtiii nf the uiosfc 8«ivcr., It is HII ideal fnin'ilj 1 iiRiriijis,' cluitofH iu.fn.UluA)> tin, iljHi>titei'y, tinet all 'thoit? other • vlr-r>i,l!j' e!it-uiifi>'t() tho little otic* hU- (Jijr<«r.i'liy l)r.,.'j'owlcr'fi Ekl.of Strawl.H'r'ry'. - ' . \ ' ^f yon hfiva a pnfn fri ymir 1 Uick, stop ft A Itimt' imrk, »top |t» Art oenirife back, -iiop it! Itoyoti *aiit ^ fcfto* hoiiHf L«-i w'tpH ymif "Itt We IffSK }rfto', toovw tfv trrrid yonrsclf of pain withotit knowing ftjy cftnse, If jfein or nche csist Hrer< X rcstson fot It.' F&wl otit this reasor, mil get attcr ft, Sftlhc taiwc ft «iH' *' ttr wltlt lire 0Jtht wcn-pon, ftrtd its attio£> ijjj ttriti ache, jvttl flee like rlmlt btfor' **lmi ' To gtt ri^ht down t« lt, s bucK Is liMltcfttivf «f- kidney dfeordfefg, • •.('y (vlm 5 ^ tbun* by aitttire; ^flsteff t«) hi vurhJn^s'rttid tiikr- up the Weapon, BtriUt n'fore diwnso is .rclnfpweil with sillif* lint citit not br/ wmh-tl by hHiul of nMw. us fjtrijrlit's disease l«ct tis intfodUf! * tis a p(rovc its sW HP«: iw a blow it Wfcnt A .**« Ae oftn l^«y jMW down; bfttttOfp in three s r3«o in % 4,«rtd 5»earH«t. Tppr cant. He <Sftn »l*o f»«y 100 choice owes for and feJttwf from thft «o#« *i» pay 411 ffafra and fnmitjf expenBGfii 1'be increase i>f snoop And wool wilt Buy off the mortgage before it induO* In fl»6 J^fttwhtr will hftW ft-fn«n Jill t»*i« fo#*rorJ WeH (rtwiKwU For tj ti*e Ii»rt$ and jaicep agarcsS H.. F. * Be«rborn slrect, ChiciS^6, Itl. a fine K^sortraent of canftry for Halo. CJ»H and see them. rjjR?? Pnoon, 34 S. Monroe stretit. ' , Mr Cttartcs H. Hoffmaw is » flreny»n or lioM, U H Ii, attd resided at 132 TCI rivek Street, Ja<5feson{ Mich He says "1 |IAV» s«ff?rfed for R long time ftonj ft, kidney and bladder disorder which has »» tendered me rncnpjtblo of lnv*c been s»t the hospftel for my complain' ,md d'sfhrt^swl from thpre AS rnrmi, bin >f«* oW c-omplfthit had invariably conn-. i)iv«'k iifeiin Some time »go 1 he»rd~M' ftojm'^^KJdnoy Pills, and 1 began takim (!wm, witli n»ost gratifying • results ! , riiiary coh^philnta which bothered nn irwif IT aro v^ry muth improVftl, and Ib-, oaiti i suffpr<'(r-v in my back has entirety left ntc, my gcnpwl condition Is muC-h in> [)iovcil. I would not like to be •withou Ooiia's Kidney Filial think othersahouli Know wbnt ft v^Iuabl^remedy It is." For sale by fcll donors, pflre 50 f('nls= M.-iilcd by Foster-MHbu.rn Co.. Buffwlo XT 'Y , sole agents for the US Rcnitm bet QIC imraoi D'tan's. und Hike no oilier. First class job work at low prii'os done at this o$c<», q Don't Wait , until cold weather comes, but haw that roof coveted with afihoBhia i-ooflng. If is only one half the price of shingles. An>l)od.> can put 'it on Hardware. Astrwlogistl Madam Lo Vovre, astrologist, palmist and now Jrt the city/ and can bo cormtilted on all tho affaira^of life, and human destiny. Sittings daily from 1>>i, in. to 10 p. in. at Park house, east 8U»t,e strat-t, -Open Siin.dflyiji. -.-* GAStOBIA For Infants and Children. Tlwfat?- ilallt ilgutun ' the Plnw To buy ilo,ar, grattara, iHiltod ft>enl,coftrse mftal; ffrotihd feed, brart or middlings is at C« A* Cbesher'fl toitl. All tetntls of grltiiiing dono. JJot* of feed* A, fltw* H&oe d^esBjrtg for t^'n and Gfaek shoes- Pur Wl6 by Miss It, B. BUlinge. Sole agent; l>ei fa n Mining School. __ A high grade, stato technical school. "Practical work. Elective system. Sura- mef courses. Gives degrees nf S. B., B. M. and Ph. D. Laboratories shops, mill pte,, WPll equipped. For catal^Hw ad dross M. B. Wadsworth, Phi D., direcor, Houghtoo Michigan. Fftrm 1'copcrty Irtsrtrwl. I »IH propared to instwro farm property aton<> rjpr^ifintjqr threo years in -a good first class company doing busifless nn- .'det licenso from the statfi insurance coin- niisslonw. - This is better than the Mu- twul companies. HENRY BENNEK, Agent. DR, LOUIS 6. JOY Will #i*c m mi'Htion to grtiorat p<•rt^ lie*', special atfontton to «}iHons«>R of nod enr. Fitting of a;ln)»soft ft specialty, (Special rJiploma on it^ ( car, noso »hro«t from Flour* \ ra At Wftteon's you c«n #6t .tho Albion stnd iHomor flour by the 100 lb.» ift your ywn baj^s, no lightWtoight of »6 of ^Isro Albittn patejiti tbe b&nt flhttt tf J it. * : '- ' - atfd fltiamffdKnng tei" ttuj trt- at thfili- howes. J*ric&fof r tfiftttifent- ;$ff cents, fr«> BhrtHJpfHjiM^ SO detite s may fep left at -Miss K 4 |3v feil- lings T or"at feBidfcn&?/' with Mrs. Mary , optwSte Pwabylprian cfeitjrdh. Tax«?s*. will be fit the office of the JHerndroi hotel dor^n'^lflisiaPsshotffB untH further notice, for tno purpose of receiving t'ity taxps whioh are hov^due. Have ihn PV t,r;^collortiort fee by payiftK now. > M. S< DBl*AVaRo,sK, • Citv Watson rpceiv*s daily choiefe freestone peaches bontistly imoked, baskets well filled. fc ' T»kp Wiirnltiar. Hiding on f he sidewalks in the«eUy is strictly foJroidden, and hero»ftor tho or- dinanco relating thereto will lw enforced The penalty for violation is a line no ox- Ceediug §25. By order of the mayor. . B. titfas- I am prepared to dojadien' and children's shampjoiug at thph— {mines. Leave orders at Clark's bsrber show^.or. at .'{T) v cxxst Green street. ' Mtis. A r . W. GI:\UK. ^ Sanders and McKary will open dress making rooms over th6 postodico next to the abstract office,, Wednesday, Sept. 15. They are both experienced jddies at the business and will be ploasetl topecuro the patrouage of their friends and others who may need ^anything' in their line. • • -. •: Cordetto.. S.B.CUONIN. Ht. .Mary's school of music will reopen on Monday, Aug. 30. The besti and TiTt e.,i methods are u«od in thin deiiartmcnt; iind Hpeuial attention (jiveir to tlie theory- and art of music. For further particu lars will at .the school or eistera' reai- deritie.' J ^ ___2 ~~ ,ln». Van Zant, -..xproHHmari, htm o'mirs an<!.'thblep to rent for parties. Chofce Dress Patterns; Trimming Silks to Match, •'. ' : ' '' , ; '- ' • ' '' ••"•("- ' '.. ' ; "" -/ ". ' ''. ' .'. ! ' •' ' Wash Dress Goods, in Fan Colors, ' •/ and BLANKETS^ CLOTHS. Look in .upon us before the Stock is broken. , * * ' » ° J5* ¥• iv*'LC» * titv* .. ngutnif of Notice. Chairs and tables to rent- for parties -_ _ '* W, 1.R3TEK JJrocerles Alwfijs fresh and new: strictlv hijih trade at lowest prices: prompt delivery .Jlvo us a call arid be convinced at UN 'errinville store. , A. WOHTHV WANTS FOUND ETC, wenty contB n wp«tt for each notice wit v\ celling ltv« lines. Ito qbaniie ICKB 'tlian twunty • -'•• A UKN'l'S WASTED-For war In Cntm, hj Sartor ^iK-Cftiliii t'urmii i^rm-fBiitiitivi! ai .i-lilngtoa. iindorseJ by .Cuban, fmlrioti*. ' Iu rciiioniloua ilrnnnu!. A bonanza for Jnl-V.ft flu,.-lUff-book,>>i3c<iintiiUM>'i«n«. . , jody watilH tb« olily i>n(ior»nd, n.'UulilB, bunk: MLllltfl IriT, i;iedl >tlv«n. fiiiliiht piiid. Drop U.lUU9b»rit rnakd JiWI ft moiutr.' with W»r iti :<rt)A . Ad<ln-CH totUy. THK NATIOS' VI. -BOOK X)NCE.UN, ST.3 3M Donrljorii St,, ' - ' ' l/iOltSALE CllAI'-rOr-oxchanKn lor ft {arm: P UIB proporty Itlmwn a» fbc Boiling pnoparty n ilnrt Htrcet. Fur terms .-p|i]y to lJ. ' ittui Ibe iiifunuici'. Bum. KKNT-Uoiuc tin North . ,Kyqnlt« of MHS. WJUl i-trect .KNT.—Two'Mtory Kit. ot. EUUUlit) Of wa wetat. •-1 att j. CAUV. »ttd 'cbaim for pftrttufl Kuquirc of VHU^aut, the expressman. 'OH HKNT-TiiblcB and chftlrg for purlieu Knq'ulruof J. W. Lt-eter, the popular ex ' ' • ' F 'Oll HBNT-Olce rooms •' a'Ji loJgu ha.l, liiqnlr«wf . "! . UKNRY !H>K HALB.-Th« brick tiotiae • opponite the ; Jlar»ti^|l Wttgon'-W'mrjtf.. A %aoi\ chaiici ur tba rljcht paity U> rim n very prutitBblB irdlug titiiitiu, Kuiiuliv of 11 H Ot'hK FOU Kh.N'T—Nt>. J'l S.. Ea«It; nt.r> iai|Ufru tlrsl Uooi noutli. - K. ^l';a\ • l : O! hK <>i ctx loums Iu (le*liHl>le lucutloi;, t» rujit Sej>l I«t, For uarlivulMM n-niiln- ut :. W. 1.. Luck, comer Maumou and .Miiiiit'rry L ADlKb, I aiakv ]Jig wage* ut Uoini", and »uut all to liavo the wuuv «jpl ui ((juuj!. 'i'lu- work Ib very |<le»cuut ^ud \vi|r e»»ily pny Jlr wifely, Tbi» is a a dec»iitloi». t w»nt m. nioru-y ttl'iU YktU Klwl'y >i<-'Utt-V»*U>*ui<»rB 'to nil ne'jdiii itttttp, - MISS M. A- iiTl-UiHlNs, _ Jvawr«»iH e, itich, L OM'.-'l'lie Uiuor purl of in»t wvtk a iai|.|,iy ut rtugH^iix-itur hrouil. liwkvrlui vuno it t>n bn-A*l.. Klutler ruiura u> j'bilo . orr.-a»turifttyj bvtsrceu Wurlhy "<*« U *torp »na tb«t Wtt*blijgt(,u 111,1101, a. , ... uiok faoutiiiulaif » «U8t of MIOOVJV A Jlbi/itu i j «>- w»Fd will hu |i»^I for UK r«l«n W Hit cuniuivia jttitv. ' VV^ A tow band, (u p.icfc ciicumiieru. w^ t», r A»lTIpi-lmiJi«ilAl»ly, i HitlialiGii' iii:! *>Mi«nU Juy urte nt ill:.' e. MuUmoti atryot W AN u B«fB» W AN f*D-~4 , B. SI Co., TfliO Will! Bo At Marshall, Hotel Royal, " * HPT* 1 , .Uul^ 1 Only In Ewh M«fPBt, fOownltaliim »«dFxnmirmUrirt Tree Midrtffrtly Pleasant, Safe, Reliable * » DR. LANE'S im FOR THE, \ DPS B. S. * fo., rlfvattS tfi«nr ftttwUlon\lu illfoiuwB of tlw *>y(' «uv threat And lung* ftpthmft nnil cormiitnpiloh Anrt all chronic, >rt\ v-Ate nttd nervous iifgHiffR, <l< (otmltlof, wirm ftt ed liilf, < io»f cj c.deftf new, ill*bf-,in£p of the enr«> bronchitis, cliromc ruvpb, t''f"re (l,fniiuebUow norcfi aurl ul<:v;rK,<»Hiit:hf« ilM.'iH'o, rliciHrial.tcin. nil 4lm>ABc« of bhliicy* inifj W wider, lutfttt, n*mm<t ill*on*o*. cliorrn (Ht. \ Itu* .tlHr>ac(? «f «n<iu am) women, ami ft! d!i'uiim>* (liifi to h»d blood. ' (fjpilppffr or fits, positively rnrod by ft new and nmor Ifttiiii(;rt'ml3!ly. Ore. 15 . S. A ''(' nmkc> n ttpcrlaltv «f »'l fnrinft- ot retrial dinPiiRf"") ptl-"s lifcrnftl find exit real. iti-biBg nndfolerrtinf;, nctiv+nlcerK. flt>iiri'«.iit>tala •wbifh arfl ' olton taken for H«rv<Mift-and/itinc trouhl^ »H cured Uctueml»«r«c curt 1 nil fnnn» nffillua witlmlir jmln ItiK-truption i>r <i«<tuitloti from ' huwiiH'W, ftncj wiihont tlio u'uy'of hullo, nnurtic Hr ligft tire. '.Cvme »n«l bp'ciyrvriKKMl. TO YOUNCJ. MUMJLE AOKU A.VI) OLD MKN HulU'ripK from ep(.rmtt»rrlm' n.jfiipotoiirj io»t nifttihpod — or Tfom vn'ttfeiirss .Iji'oimlii on 'from ijrrorsor Invlim'rrliotw i.i yoritfi 01 o"»i'ir iinhil palii'i- in Inter >i-jin», utt- ftiv/fti purnuuu-ftt, nlie\ Ahuolute cnre» giiur^uliH^!, mrirlly oontulutitirtl, Tumors aiitt oadobr^ cnrttt wiihout »f,lcl» kuift». puln or M am. TXt-w wt'tlioijc, / Ciilsrrh. New boiuf) tr^tttnicnt. I'nsarpaxm'h mill cln'iip. . ' " • -'- - •-.•..'- Ouiira»t< »• !« ctire i>v«ry fcttsi^ of <ly-«J'ici>pia, i>ick liCftiliM'tiii, Jsik*, lapc worm and «t i-lf'tiiro. MS 1 " Wo will/ijlvg Hpt'clat iitt««tU>ii to dlfllcirt'' c'«fCB aud i<»<!iiH«>a otbiff pltysloiiiijo' have' liillt"! k» oftfe.- 'FfitMntt- -ttvtvij- kv^ 1'or : I nifttm<'Ht w HI pfrt'iso t>r,t»(K 3 or !! (tuifuco t>: urini. 1 . for amilj'*).*. Thon.e who itrt' uu»*>le to full, (ian wrlle full pnrliculum ol'ilinlr <!f>so anil bjiyit raedlcfn« ouitt i*y wrprci"*,' wllii 1'nll iHKtriiiTt'Hiisi how 1» IT. taken The flrfci of Dr«. ». S, & l'<>-, WITI- inonrpwau d i«^vt"ra,I ifiUsi siiK-d ivifb n napltal of $CO.(Kny 'licnuo you tiikt* no I'.hniicott IT yon cinploy tht-in Th«y aro ri'siiojuiblcttiid well known. :.; ;;•"..'; / DRSvB.,s. -Horn !(?«> ______ ^ Mni>l«(p|ton. Ml«ih. r?"'trt urn {mod • front Ijfp. RE VIVO /*^4 RESTORES vifALITY, pip,-- : % /; Made a Man pro'lrtrpH <h»-ntirtvi' rruiiUslii !"<» <l!iy*. It m-l.* joiviVftil'ly anO, inn-lily.' <'nn'K WI.HMJ nllntln'mfaii (n'di» Tu'Mi x\ ill rf (.' rn tin it- InHi in inhu'ui auil <>1 1 !>'•!! will r.-'-nv-i 1 tii.-ir vroitlifiil. vtiior liy iihini, itKVItO. Jt-ntiW i ^ -I'l't vni-iH r. -t«.n - N«rv»i: i"^ Irf'Kt VlUi'itj. Impoli ru'v Nu'btli I_IIIIM<IIM ,iMil I'o.Mcr J:'itllittcr M' uii)ry. Wahtniu biai-asiTA.aiiu '1 i'ff>'f«K r" n It .tin y or •'ti • rh.Ui»l t:nU/i> utloii .l*u*liiin!tt tht li-r^'inlv j»tt*m« >»- <-'»• fu^iu IM« U i«l i>nt' t UK M Sr\' btartirii; at fht M»"t( ul tUw Jy b it , !ik'n"--it iivvxt' f^iuiii and bli'iAil JiiitMcr. brms <•'? )j4i-k,lhi' |v'nk sjU,w 1 1> lUiU* rtMM^kH etui fr d/ niif th. lirti of yonlii. Ji «»i.l- "l! li'i-»iu:i sfli> <;<Ji!i>imiviHiic. luV^ikt nri haviim 'tin r, it tat> !,!• (ivruii iii M'st io<hit i:> mail '>».OO p'-f iiarka^i ,»r flv for W5.OO, witli tt p«»l Ur< urlttdii ui mmti-u to < urn pr refunil fmmoiu-v. CIHI larlr'ie. AdJreaH gnfu...MFJiif:isp.i!!i. J 2'>i Watflsli Aie., cttffiAUO, III For ., by *. O. HYDE HUMPHREYS' No. 1 Curet. No S' No. 4 N°<». H 9 ', 1O t r I t)ta ills' -*•/ H«3tltS»Cht»' TtiJi.ti!k Cit j bteiiw Civ'u .4rj?i Matcli BJi*e\ ~ W i «.( Ittl |C»(r #*witf »«ce^w, «r nSiw* _ . , . , "5«»- fflSO»e4iMM;ia»ui». f«r|Ui4t< lit |>U|ttUUlf AttliKMM t^ttHttWlli. A.A- VlU> liituiulwi C'owii^uy, JU<4>t. W c, tttiil eiiH>u»t!«. Kucluse s)df wddKv Oowialou t;un»i'»»y, J o IrftTet tor ruspuu- o JltuUbftu*. Mi«»vAJj ion Weftdy. JHti*rtUu;e. uuupvd euvafov*. 'tlu; t. If. Ctioagp. . IXrAMa^BB—8eT«r»l tnutwocth;gwUesaono* fif iAdio» to frftvel l» Iftebyigg for «*Ub- j»B«iN4. K*«»<»y *fw5i Uo u-Tj!i;tie IUMI M* oot 4* tUe-^ia/HUotutwul Wed rU'lue LJto l{*un,ucu uo«w")¥, of SLew Vorh, Ttt* |jo*Uiou ui«u]o lucr*tire kad' w*) Ltw wad« BB4ft V^U AA0 ild^O Ct^UBly pflK^f OJT l)l£C0 43l4l^il^ t^fcCiM?? {^^fWHIIfu iffQ Q£Offl^lfi|Miti fij&C0 VUJ W *« will ueud * BUD«rUit»iu4*:at tu jci.«« compleie MMfttdu^lOA toii^b in ^bi6 i&o&fy u£4lkd IjHiLMlJXte^f Mdibecarwut jnethocl of soJiuitjitiutc, wiiifh b»ve brought wweeMi to w*. A-" ~ orwiwa- W. JL. AtUUi*. U«sue«f Aguut. wealeru AlkUt^U ao4 *ortBer» i " ruuuwi J, S *a4 g-.ttJOwowwo. JUfcit Kadiu : y Uriimry Colds atifi Ori|i OF Jf, It ure lUu uuxt f«v Kiutu of (.hi; HOO, Sue fitfbtuc. graad ocunw)-^ aool w.:a.tbtr e3. i 7"o«~&*~wT Ja " jiuut«, Swlw Stomach,/ Liter and Kidneys. Xx / x kola Compound and all do< x >f tho Stomach. . Kola CpmpdMnd Ciiroa Sirk Heiulncw, Torpid brver \antl.Biliousups8. Kola Compound \ Cnres Coustipatioii." " . j Is zit Br;«in and Nferve Tonic nnd Blood Purifier.' Kola' Compomid is tho peetr or'ull other medicines. 1 .:''."">..'• * ' Koia° Compound Ctires| ^acliriche. and JKid- uey Troubles. ° .. "•'.," Kola Compound .' . Is natures remedy—potetit ;. yet harmless.'.. It tones and vitalizes the braiu, nerves, ihusdos, heart Hiid stomach, iu brief .rejuvenating ,aud ; building up the .entire Vys- .. ' • tern, enriching the; blood/ und iiupartiiig to the whole" .body the fresluiesa' aiul vigor of youth. Kola Compound •composed of lite giving, Hue building, Herbal aud" Vegetable Extracts, and, contains nothing injurious • to the uu)r»t 'delicatit'consti- tution. ''. Kola*Compound; Is' indorsed by many eminent' Physicians and Bcieo- tiets. / • i QtMrORcineiiies May Seliere i . '"- '-KOU Cflfflgoflml Cores If you are. sufferiug froiii - -any dei'ttttgewB^K of , fcitoaiach, Livefror Kit Bt(3oci or" Nervous TRY A BOTTLE Of pr pouutl. It wi]| apt diflttp pojnt you. Fric^ 50 eeiits K6)a Compound Dr.ELane Had been, engaged & the active practice of suedieiitw fox 35 year*. The last 25 devoted largely to the sto4y, treatiieut and cure of cUron- tjUe nervuos system—inbptb male and f wuialt!. OojisiiTfca- tiou aud advice at 0$ee FREE- A limited number uf calls iu town » 4 county wiU*^i?e|«oi»t -" — ia " ' v i

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