Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 27, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1939
Page 7
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SEVBi, FRANCE (Continued From Page One) Irman partner In the Rome- Irlln axis: •"The French government does not Intend to disinterest Itself In Central Europe. v We have stayed In constant contact with Russia and Poland. "There must be an end to the legend that our policy has destroyed engagements we have made In Eastern Europe. ."They gtlll exist and should be carried out In the spirit In which they were contracted." Rotors to Assistance Facts. •'*'/ Bonnet referred to France's mutual assistance pacts with Soviet Russia and Poland which have been considered widely to bo non- operative since the French failure to fight for her former ally, i Czecho-Slovakla, against Gormany's successful demands for the Sudetenland last September. The war ministry order calls up four divisions of men who normally would start training In October. The conscripts are the "war babies" born in November, 1918, plus a small number of specialists—doctors, dentists and students whose military service had been postponed previously for professional reasons. The order, Issued personally by Premier War Minister Dnladler, specified that all professional men who have reached the age of 27 without fulfilling required military service would be mobilized into training: camps. IA The new recruits will join 800,( T)00 men already under arms. But the army will return to normal next fall unless further extraordinary measures are deemed necessary. TELLS OF FASTEST TRIP SPANISH Long Hunt Ends COMMERCE SECRETARY HOPKINS SEEKS VEWS OF INDUSTRIAL AND FINANCIAL LEADERS OF COUNTRY , Italians Shout for Tunisia. ROME, Jan. 26.—<#>—A wildly cheering fascist crowd tonight raised shouts of "Tunisia!" in response to a speech in which Premier Mussolini acclaimed the Spanish conquest of Barcelona with the aid of Italian troops. Referring to the Spanish government slogan "No Pasaran!" —"They Shall Not Pass!"—ilusso- lifii. sold: e have passed and I say to - you that we will pass!" A crowd estimated at 50,000 clamored for II Duce until he appeared on the balcony of his Palazzo Venezla. He described the capture of Spain's largest city as a "splendid victory" and called it "another chapter in the new Europe we are creating." The shouts for Tunisia, France's protectorate In North Africa, were Interpersed with cries also for Corsica tho island department of France' In the Mediterranean. Fascists had organized the demonstration to celebrate Barcelona's fall to the Insurgent armies with blockshlrt Italian legionnaires In the van. Franco Takes Precautions. PERPIONAN, France, Jan. 28. —W)—French officials today ordered every available mobile guard In tHe Pyrenees department to Test Pilot Lloyd Child tells his mother, Mrs. Lillian Child, how it felt to fly faster than anyone ever had flown. He attained a speed of more than 575 miles an hour In a free-power dive In a Curtlss Hawk 76A pursuit piano he was testing at Buffalo for tho French army. WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.—WP)— Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins sought the views today of the 60 industrial and financial leaders who form a business advisory council for his department. Since the council was organized in 1033, It has submitted a number of private reports to the President on business men's opinion of new deal acts. Some arc known to have been critical. Hopkins Invited Secretary of State Hull and Attorney General Murphy to address the group during Its two-day session. For his personal aide, Hopkins reinforce posts In "the emergency zone" along France's frontier 'ITT expectation of a. flood of refugees from Spoinr* Jules Henry, French ambassador to government Spain, warned authorities a vast migration, already begun by water, soon would begin by land. Border officers said Dr. Juan Negrin, Spanish government premier, had arrived at La Junquera Spain, opposite the French frontier apparently to seek locations for ministries -that had fled Barcelona. Some which have moved into Northern Gerona province have opened offices In the towns of Gerona and Figuoras. Others were expected to go to La Junquera. FINAL CLOSEOUT On All Fall and Winter Hats. 35 Hats Values to $7.50 ..$1.00 2*0 Hata, values) to $3.95 60c Knox Hats, values to $10.00 $2.00 - $3.00 A 'Beautiful Assortment of Sprlnf; Hats and Bags KATE MILLINERY • 112 West Collln • HAND BAGS announced yesterday he had selected Dr. Willard L. Thorp, an economist on leave from the private business research firm of Dun and Bradstreot. Thorp failed of senate confirmation In 1938 as chief of the commerce department's bureau of foreign and domestic commerce because some members contended he held radical economic views. Some administration economists now call him a conservative thinker. Thorp declined to label himself. What does he think about business? He says he Is not sure— that what the country needs Is more scientific research on tho subject, such as some of the material dug up by the federal monopoly committee. But leaving aside detailed reservations, Thorp expressed this philosophy—that things can't bo perfect In a democracy, that waste and Imperfection are a part of the price a nation pays for democracy, and that, especially, democracy Is worth the price. He endorsed competition as a means of making business behave, but asserted the railroads and bonks already have demonstrated unrestrained competition Is not feasible in all lines. Thorp, SB-year-old former Michigan and Amherst professor, described the business problem as one of "balance." (Continued From Page One) soon to the southern-central "Island" of government territory, ui- cluudlng Madrid and Valencia. Insurgent accounts said the entry Into Barcelona was orderly and disciplined, Two hours after the Insurgents' arrival celebrations were reported In tho streets, with crowds demanding appearance of tho Generalissimo. x Celebrations occurred throughout Insurgent Spain. (Fascist Rome also prepared celebrations, hoping Premier Muussollnl would address tho crowds. Paris students staged an antl-foaclst demonstration outside tho Italian embassy ) The metropolis, with a wartime population of more than 1,500,000 was reported to have fallen at the last with no serious fighting. It was tho climax of a knockout offensive launched Dec. 23 by the Insurgent armies from lines roughly 80 miles west of the city. Three picked columns of troops which Jiavo seen some of the most savage fighting of the war— I the Moroccan Legionnaires, the Navarroso army corps and an Italian "arrow" division—were given the honor of leading the entry Into Barcelona. The' Plaza de Catalunyo, tentral square of Barcelona, and Its most important buildings, such aj the telephone building, had long been barricaded behind sandbags, but most of the government defenders had been evacuated to the north. To Complete Occupation. Insurgent reports said the occupation should be completed by nightfall. Franco's high command had map- >od out a plan for the methodical occupation of tho city after driving out its armed defenders and reducing Its civilian poprlaton to submission with bombs and shells. Mcanwhlc ministries of the republican government had fled to Northern Gerona province, near :ho French border, where they wero spread through several jwns. Tho government's supporters, however, insisted the war would continue both there and In Ul'e control zone, where tho government still holds Madrid and Valencia. Truckloads of provisions rumbled up behind the Barcelona army of occupation to bring reliei the population after months of privation inflicted by tho Insurgent air and sea blockade of the Singing Friday Night. The public Is cordially Invited to attend tho regular singing which meets at the court house tomorrow night at 7:30. A large crowd Is expected and a good program Is assured. Singers from all parts of .this section are expected, * Windshield Wiper Service Don't take chances while It Is raining.. If your windshield wiper does not work, drive to us, wo can repair It. Our prices itre very 'reasonable. TAYLOR MAGNETO HOUSE to' LAST CHANCE $ 4 MORE DAYS ELECTIONS Memphis milk dellveryman (above) listed by FBI agents as Qrover M. Yowcll, was arrested for questioning In. the embezzlement of $78,000 from the Security National Bank of Paducuh, Texas, of which FBI agents said he was an officer. Yowoll disappeared In 1932. capital. Inhabitants Remain. A great port of the city's Inhabitants appeared to have remained stoically to await the arrival of tho conquerors. However, well to the northeast columns of refugees fleeing the insurgent conquest swarmed to ward the French frontier along the road hugging the Mediterranean coast, the last avenue open to traffic. Even that route was under the bombs of the Insurgent alrforce. Franco was understood to bo planning to move his capital to Barcelona, Spain's greatest city, from tho smaller city of Burgos, which has been his bare. In tho fastnesses of the mountainous northwestern corner of Spain, Just across the frontier from sympathetic France, government Pemie Juan Negln and his ministers were reported Intending to open up new defensive operations along line a hastily thrown up Women's Shoes Styles While They Last A Few Beautiful Styles For 87 $-|87 \ Many Styles And Sizes 4 MORE DAYS TO BUY KINNEY'S FAMOUS BUDGET HOSE at Buy Several Pairs and Save Kinney's Beautiful Ladies Hose, 69c pair, 2 pair $1.35 Try These Hose and You will be Satisfied with Hose priced less than $1.00 pair. Unpacking Lots of New Spring Shoes Every Day. Come In and See Them. $2.98 120 North Beaton See Disorder and Bloodshed. WASHINGTON, Jan. 28.— Diplomats and military experts here who believe the Spanish government forces cannot hold out much longer expressed belief today an end of tho civil war would bo followed by a long period of disorder and bloodshed. Guerilla warfare, they said, might continue indefinitely In some sections after General Franco's advancing troops have subjugated government territory. But the Spanish embassy In Washington indicated that the supporters of the republic were by no means ready to give up. In *. statement last night it said: "Tho Spanish people will not surrender, Just as thoy have not surrendered before When there has been a foreign invasion." Members of the'Spanish government said only last week that rich,, industrial Catalonia, backbone -of the -republic's defense, would be subjugated when the last soldier, backed up against tho French border and the Mediterranean, Is killed as he raises his rifle for a final shot Omaha Reaches Marseille. MARSEILLE, France, Jan. 26.(ff) —The cruiser Omaha, flagship of the United States Mediterranean squadron, reached Marseille today bringing the United States embassy staff from the Barcelona battle zone. The only refugees aboard the 16-year old warship besides the six embassy officials were two executives of the Spanish Telephone company, Fred Caldwell president, and George Dennis, treasurer. The United States destroyer Badger arrived last night with 22 refugees from Spain considered entitled to American protection. All United States citizens now have been evacuated from the Catalonlan danger one oxcepl those who elected to stay behind because of duties. Rebels March Into Barcelona. LERIDA, Spain, Jan. 26.—(/P>Insurgent headquarters announciu their forces started marching In to the wide streets and palm-lined boulevards of Barcelona at noon today. The announcement said Moroc can and Navarrese troops enter ed the gates after completing an encircling movement around the former Spanish government capl tal. The last obstacles, the peaks of Tlbldabo and Mqntjulch over looking the city, were captured shortly before noon. AMLIE (Continued From Page One) Bolles conceded the house had no voice in determining who should fill executive offices—the senate confirms presidential appointees. A prospective senate fight over Amlie's confirmation was assuming, meanwhile, the proportions of a board conflict of economic views. Some senators expressed opposition to Amlle because of his views as (unbodied In legislation ho proposed when a member of the houo. Senator Andrews (D.-Fla.) said President Roosevelt's appointment of the former Progressive congressman to a federal com- he same category as his recent cabinet selections. Several senators announced hat they voted for confirmation )f Harry Hopkins as secretary of commerce, despite their opposl- lon to the appointment, because hey believe the President should have a free hand In selecting his cabinet. Some of these sold no luch consideration was Involved n the Amlle appointment. While In the house Amlle sponsored a proposed constitutional amendment for government ownership and management of busl- icss, manufactures, Industry and lanklng. In this connection, Senator Nor- rls (Ind.-Nob.) commented: "I don't believe that It disqualifies a man to bo an Inter- itate commerce commissioner if 10 believes In government ownership of the railroads." On tho other hand, Senator Austin (R.-Vt.) sold ho believed .he committee should make a thorough Investigation of Amlie's proposed legislation. (Contlnued From Page One) O'Danlel's tax proposal. Besides the governor's drastic proposal to change the state's tax structure and pension setup someone else's poll tax abolishment suggestion, other constitutional amendments which might reach the people for a vote this year are: Providing four-year terms, Instead of the traditional two, for all precinct, county, district and state offices. One proposal would not permit a governor to succeed himself after a four-year term. Now State Constitution Calling of a convention to frame a now state constitution. Levying of two per cent retail sales tax to support pensions. Providing for payment of a stato old ngo pension of $19 a month to all persons over 65 years old. Giving crippled or disabled adults $15 a month state assistance. Compelling retirement of Judges at the age of 75 after at least 15 years consecutive service Levying a two and a half per cent sales tax to fiance pensions' aid the needy blind and neglected children, and teachers retirement. Providing household furniture is protected from forced sale for payment of debts. Permitting the attorney general to appoint slv assistants with six- year overlapping terms, Provided that out of some taxes levied by counties for erection at public buildings, streets, »ewer», etc., an amount not exceeding 10 cents on the $100 valuation be sued for county jorposes. RACE B'ETTING (Continued From Page One) ' by the belief the state affairs committee contained a larger percentage of friends of tho racing bill than tho agriculture group lodging; and laundry fret. On graduation, he Is sent to tactical units, some, possibly, outside continental United States, for three to five years. At the end of his active duty period, ha Is given a |50o bonus to help defray expenses until he finds a Job. Col. Brooks estimates It cost* tho United States $20,000 to send a man through Randolph Field's trailing school. At K. Wolens Clearance Sale OUR ENTIRE STOCK S r_ the attention of tho "folks back home" to tho fact that "the race track Bumbling" issue again Is before the legislature. Tho motion was not subject to debate. Bradbury said In explanation of It that advocates of the bills claimed It would benefit stockmen and he felt the agriculture committee was the proper/body to consider It. Opinions differed as to what W. Leo O'Danlel, the new governor of Texas, would do In event tho legislature should vote to bring back racing. Ho said a few days ago he was against anything which would put the state In partnership with crime. Several months ago, he said he at that time had an open mind on the question. Race betting In Texs was outlawed In 1937 after on* of the most bitter fights In recent legislative history. Action was taken on tho insistence of former governor James V. Allrod at a special! session called by him for that purpose. The house majority against racing on that occasion was about 4 to 1. EXPENSES (Continued From Page One) .hlrty-flve cent meals and one dollar hotel rooms is adopted. To nearly all of the citizens of Texas an amount like $285,000.00 s so enormous as to bo almost incomprehensible. "If tho correspondents are able to discover similar means of saving $285,000.00 a year we will soon be able to clear up the de- riolt and pay old aged assistance besides avoiding delinquent taxes. "When we can save for the stato hero and there and In various departments amounts like $285,000.00 the total will run Into the millions. "Perhaps the article was Intended to be a little sarcastic but In behalf of tho state government and the people of Texas I can readily overlook that and hope that the newspapermen .will continue to co-operate by locating another $285,000.00 that can be saved for the tax-ridden people of Texas." DRIVE (Continued From Page One) for tht abandonment of balls and other features for the campaign, and the concentration of the appeal to aid tho needy and helpless. He pointed out that Navarro county was receiving perhaps twice the amount of aid per capita of other similar counties. A considerable portion of the money ralsod will be kopt here to pay transportation and food costs of children taken to centers for treatment. Meeting Saturday. A meeting of Corslcana women will be held Saturday morning at 10 o'clock In the post office basement to map out plans for the final day of the campaign, Monday, the birthday of President Roosevelt, and Included In those asked to attend are Mrs. Eotell Cunningham, Mrs. Jack Cunning' mm, Miss Ethel Mae Tatum, Mesdames Harry Blandlng, Q. H, Brown, H. G. Brown, M. L. Lovino, D. O, Dunbar, A. G. Elliott, C. M. Glliesple, John A. Pierce A. B. Horn, H. B, Jester, Horace Johnston, Roy Love, Louise Pace King, Arthur Levl, Festus A Pierce, J. H, Roberts, H. R Stroubo, Harry Kaufman and Kirk Stcele. DUST BOWL (Continued From Page One) place a residue In the soli, before even the native grass will predicted that "take hold." County agents with only a few scattered showers In February, March and April —the customarily dry and windy months—followed by the usual heavy May rains, the Southern Great Plains region will harvest a crop not realized in eight yearn. tloni about 80 miles inland—a drive that swept forward, relentlessly Into Barcelona. Exactly a month after thundering insurgent guns commenced tho drive the Insurgents had captured 15,000 square miles of territory, occupied 600 government towns and taken 60,000 prison- Does Your Radiator Leak? Then bring It and let us flush and repair It. Our price* are reasonable.—Ilerods Radiator and Electrical, 4th and Main. RANDOLPH FIELD (Continued From Page One) over to the National Youth Ad ministration, which In turn woulc allocate It to various colleges and universities for courses In In structlon. Col. Brooks would not say wha percentage of the enrollees In th school finally got their wings a second lieutenants in tho army' air reserve corps, but It woul< bii safo to say that more than 5 per cent "wash out"—fall. How To Get In Any young man between 20 am 27 years of oge, who has had twi years of college work or who ha Its mental equivalent as determln cd by examination, may appl for admittance. Training Is divided Into thre four-month periods—the primary basic and advanced training. For the advance training iiorlo he Is sent to Kelly Field at near by San Antonio. At Kelly Field he gets a crack at flying In difficult formations, doing Intricate maneuvers, and In general is rounded Into an accomplished airman. During the cadet's stay, h« Is paid $70 a month and gets food, —of- Children's Sweaters Valued to $1.98, All SUM. • COAT SWEATERS • SLIPOVERS SEE OUR SPECIAL SALE WINDOW • TWIN SETS Shop this Large Assortment of Sweaters and Save up to $1.00. CLEARANCE OF FINE CURTAINS Lovely Prlscllla and Flounced stylos of extra quality woven fancy and plain marquisette. Extra long and extra wide for the largest window*. DEPARTMENT At K. Wolens* Moves to France WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.—(/P>— Walter C. Thurston, American charge d'affaires in Spain/ telephoned the state department today ho was setting up new headquarters for the American embassy at Perplgnan, France, close to the Spanish border. By The Associated Press. To gain Barcelonia, Insurgent Generalissimo Franco set his war machine In motion Dec. 23 for a tremendous drive designed to finish the civil war,' Massed Insurgent troops relm forced by Moorish and Italian legionnaires started their thrust i to the Mediterranean from pos.l SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES ON LOVELY House Coats and Robes Pajamas, Silk and Balbriggan Gowns, Assorted Styles OLIVIA SMITH HOSIERY SHOP The First One Just Around the Corner Off Beaton at 108 WEST COLLIN STREET FOUNDATION DEPARTMENT You'll Adore the Sanitary Convenience of "Separettes" —by— It took Fortuna to think of adding this exclusive, practical, comfort feature for sanitary convenience! A perfectly grand slenderizing Las- tex Pantlel Once you've worn It, you'll never want anything %ut "Separettes," with the new type divided crotch. You can whisk the garment Into soap flakes without the slightest hesitation, for It launders beautifully. An Ideal pan- tie for active young women! XEPARTMENT STORES

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