Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 6, 1957 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Ham Entree Honors Bride THURSDAY, JUNK 6, 1957, Slices of "boiled" ham, aspara-] gus spears and cheese «<ur?e team up to make a winning selection for .1 luncheon honoring a bride-lo-bo. Iteba Slaj^s. meat expert, says that ready-to-serve meals are always read}' lo seri'e you. Tl:e '.'i cup (lour 2 cups milk 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon salt Pepper 2\'z cups grated cheddar cheese Mall butter or margarine. Slit- variety is wide, so use thesciin (lour and gradually n(M milk meats lo avoid mealtime niono-.'aml Worcestcrsliire sauce, stir jring constanlly, until mixture thickens, Arid sail, pepper and Sialed cliccsc. Stir until cheese tuelis. tony in your home Hani and Asparagus Rolls with Cheese Sauce 8 slices "boiled" liam, cut to '. t inch thick I • U fresh or frozen asparagus Lndics Luncheon .Monti spears. • Cheese Sauce Precooked sweetbreads which Conk asparagus fpears until have hecn breaded and then pan- fender. Roll .1 spears of asparii- fried are a mighty templing ileli- jus in each limn slicc'and lastcn cacy to serve for n lashionahle with a wooden pick. Place in a pathcring. Creamed peas, hot bis- baking dish, Pour Cheese Sauce cuits and preserves along vCith a over rolls and Ijaki- in a inoder-icrisp tossed salad complete the «te oven O50" F.) 20 minutes or mem 1 until Ihe rolls are heated through. ChickeriDish Has Italian Twist Dial PA 2-4600 for a. WANT AD Taker Yield: 8 servings. Cheese Siiiicc Vt cup hiillcr or margarine Vanilla rennet'pudding may lie nijiclc with liquefied nonfat' dry milk sufids. Knr weight watchers. ww sy OJA.CT 89 ( FLOOR WAX less mushroom variety of sauce. I. Heat the sauce and spoon in(o shirred egg dishes. Break, l or 2 eggs into each dish.'Bread Tray Family Supper Fine cookies (or the family! Meal Loaf Stutfed Baked Potatoes Slewed Tomatoes with Celery Popularity Of' Meats According io studies on home- maters' meat preferences, some Sprinkle well with grated Par mcsan or Romano cheese. Bake in a slow <3?5 degrees) oven until eggs are as set as desired. 2. Add drained chunks of luna fish lo the sauce and heat; serve with spaghetti. Salad Bowl Raisin Oatmeal Molasses Cookies Beverage RAISIN OATMEAL ' MOLASSES COOKIES Ingredents: 1 cup since] fhjur, |!i teaspoon baking socta, Vi tea- Versatility of Meat Culs Beef arm or round steak, veal |round steak or pork arm shoul. of Ihe most popular meal items, Ider sleaks are excellent meat (he ones most often purchased, (cuts to use when preparing beef, are ground beef, frankfurters,'veal or pork birds. pork chops, leg of lamb, l>one-| . less beef pot-roast, liam. round; Don't try to wash off lhal brown steak, T-bone sleak, vsal cullels.ifilm that forms on waffle grids, and canned and ready-to-serve^t usually helps lo keep Ihe rial- meats, jter from sticking. rH=S^^HS»l7§i -re to he baked. Or Ihe sauce , nd drained), '.i cup -coarsely, may be healed separately and broken walnut meals Method: Sift together Ihe flour j baking soda, salt, cinnamon and and serve^ugar. In medium-sized mixing' add some ofjbowr^eal egg until it begins toi neal mixture thicken and ic lemon colored.' iscrvcd with broiled fillets or steak. Heat the wilh meat loaf. _. __.. the sauce to the meal mixture ., , , . Cc< > k r 'ce in milk if you want .Method: Have chicken cut so it to he creamy anci have extra there are 2 pieces of breast, z'nutricnls. Nice served wilh thaw- wings, 2 drumsticks, 2 second jed frozen raspberries. AKE VOU ADDICTED COOKERY? Here's a new recipe for you today, lly CKCH.V BKOM'NSTONE Associated Press Food Editor LOOKING FOR A NEW chick- „„, . „,„„,„,,.„, f aeeon[I en dish? Then you might like to joints and 4 pieces of bony hack, ^rv this casserole tit chicken, spa-Mix sail, pepper ta taste |ghptli and tnmalq sauce. oregano and rub into chicken Apart from the poullry, th>;pieces-. Brown chicken thorough makings for Ibis dish can be|ly in 10- or 12-inch skillet in hot right on your pantry shelf be-joil. Cook spaghetti according to jcaiise the recipe utilizes a pack-jpackage directions, but underage of spaghetti dinner wilh ils cook slightly because it will be. pasta, sauce and gralcd cheese, put into the oven. Add tomato We tried (his recipe adding juice • - tomato juice to Ihe sauce: an-; other time we 'added cooking when you are preparing Ihe loaf. 6. Serve Ihe heated sauce over sliced liard-cooked eggs or with a puffy omelet. thicken and is „,. „„,„.„,. Add molasses, melted butter and rolled oats; beat enough to mix well. Stir In raisins and walnul 1 meats. Drop, a couple of inches, apart, by heaping teaspoonstuls on a buttered baking sheet. Bake N»w meal 'n vegetable dish I HAMBURGER KEBABS ! e Mix following ingredients thoroughly; 1H IDS. ground beef, H isp. black pepper. 1 A Up. cayenne, 1 Up. sour rream, 1}$ tsp. Sterling Salt, 1, medium onion—minced. Shape into 12 baUa. Thread on skewers ', 3 lo a skewer ivilh mushroom cap ar\fl green-pepper chunk between hamburgers. Roll skewers In French dressing. Broil to taste, P.S. Any dish has extra zeal, extra flavor richness when cooked and scanned with Sterling Salil STERLING SALT brings out <h» bail In food! --- — _..,.«. ~ u uunM,£ oucci. u<mc. •'••"•JpwVMIlIIW aums 111 IOO DI ^ . in hot (400 degrees) oven about ^••^^__ ^. nun on • 10 minutes. Makes about 5 dozen small cookies . sherry. \Vc like both additions- la lake your choice! CHICKEN AND SPAGHETTI CASSERALE .._.. ._ ...... .„ „.,„ ..„., ,. Ingredients: 1 broiler-fryer i2'/i most- of the sauce. Arrange 'pounds ready-to-cook weight), ijbrowned chicken over spaghetti; pour remaining sauce ovcr'chick'-il ~ ..... ' Io get up any browned particles. Turn spaghetti into greased quart casserole and mix , teaspoon salt, pepper, '.i teaspoon crushed dried oregano, 'A cup olive oil, t package spaghetti dinner (containing spaghetti and meatless mushroom MoreG( TASTB our QUALITY is your BIGGEST BARGAIN top name brqrjds you can buy with confidence! 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Strowl>e,/)> PRESERVES 3ii-«.i«.79c Book Matches 2 t»,., »•, 29c Sloley'i Sla-Iio Liquid Starch ........ 2 i«> boni., 33 C Scoll Colored or Whlre Toilet Tissue 5 roid 65c E«porl O r Old German BEER £—' $2.99 ft.'. 0 ! $1.87 O(/r meats andpou/try "The Finejr Meats in Town" ot Gorlitr Brorhen! Properly 'handled . . . expertly cut! Swi(r'l Premium 01 Aimour Slar Branded Sle Cenler Gui Round or Swiss Steak *" «« *•» ................... n, 79c -T.rrAr. wo». I,,, 5..I Ih, wr.ol. >„„,;!, v,|| ( „ ,„_ * "" Club Sleaks * 79c Swift's Piemiifm Blue Label UntooVed n3fns wheit ° r * hank ^ aif |b - 57c Fresh G ,:;. POULTRY 2'] to 3 Ib . Fryers *•'-«"-M3c Tinder Young Rootling Chickens 3i r lb »>.47c ftei>> Froi.n—CryVct Pa«V«ri SUWING Hens * >" * |b "" •-.-»'. 47c Stokely's Honor Brand Green Peas 2 ^. 39c CUT CORtJ FEAS n srBe Lima Beans .. 2 pi«. 47c Doicld Ovct Fr,,V Fienrt 09ANGF. O 6 &i. 04 ... ««l? e . f-n £ 7 0 JJ- S9c Ojtcsr May./ Smoky Links *k ~-lml Heat n S«r>»— Armout Slar Bronzed Young Beef Liver «>. S7c — Tender. Oelkiou,— M-atc/f*^^ . ' ' ; Sh^ort Ribs of Beef i,. 39 C Qvo!it» Vou'ciiTFriiVI^PUHt'lEvr " Ground Beef .. >b 49c 5»». $2.25 ~ Fr«*7cr v-roppcd a* No Exfio Charge— OF THE WEEK Spinach 2 m.. 39c Oi»p, Horn* Grown, Whitt (ctc)i of fid Bullc Radishes 2 E-tro fancy, U r g..R.d liipt " Hot House Tomatoes «>. 43c SoriTdrt7n~Hom.~'Oro~n ' ~~ Head Lettuce ««no w,. w .d 2 >«. ^^. 35c f...Vi;^"s.,i; 8 i.',;- — Green Beans 2 «».. 43c U S. No. f Niw tV'x^i Yellow Onions 3 »>. ««u<, •»*, 35 C Faruy US- No^"l~C^)ifo~^io ~ ~~ ~~ Long White Potatoes .... 10 n>. to, S5c PA 2-5960 , __ f ^•^^^^^^^ B j^ a ^ .Ott /GARLITZ BROS./ COINED 1,1 «KP en. Sprinkle with grated cheese . from the package. 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