Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1946 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 24, 1946
Page 6
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Sunday, February 24, Crimes Trials Wi 23 — ut>> „ Minister Joa- fiSbbfnfrofc requested to- thfc International military produce Winston Church' & witness and declared tolfl him before the war "fifigfahd would destroy Gershe should become too i.fb'rmer British prime minister list of 36 Britons, Ger, French requested by Rlb- jf through counsel with the $&lifioation that more names added later. JEUbtoentrop asserted that he took Opportunity when Churchill d, the German embassy in {London at an unspecified date in the 1930's to talk to him "about t$ie necessity of the creation of friendly relations between Germany and' England," ftibbentrop's request continued: : "At that time Churchill replied to these statements that England Was intelligent and experienced chough to get other powers on England's side if Germany should become too strong. On this occasion Churchill stated unmistakably that England would destroy Germany if she should become too strong." Supplied with notes from Goering Ih the prisoners' box, nazi defense c&unsel challenged a basic Allied accusation that Germany had violated the Versailles treaty. "Taking up the question of crimes committed during wartime, defense attorneys demanded that the international military tribunal give them as opportunties to prove that German infractions were in "retaliation" for those by the Allied powers. The defense moves drew sharp ob'jecions from the Soviet chief prosecutor Lt. Gen. Roman Rudenko arid acting brief chief prosecutor Sir Devid Maxwell Fyfe. Sir David said that "for the defense to say other people did the same thing is entirely irrelevant." Earlier the international military tribunal, which is trying 22 nazi leaders on war crimes charges, heard attorneys for Goering claim that the former reichsmarshal tried lip to the last minute to avert hostilities with Britain in 1939. ; "While the fat No. 1 nazi prisoner Alternately chuckled and scowled at':' legal developments in a tense session, his. attorney, Dr. Ott Stah- nier, outlined the alleged pro-Bril- ilh activties which the defense Would attempt to prove. ^Attorneys for other defendants joined with Stahmer in a demand that the aribunal produce as a wit- n.ess Swedish Engineer Birger Dahlerus of Stockholm who was described as an intermediary between S E R V I C E Hake Washer, Electric Iron or Motor—Any Hour! Bradshaw Washing Machine Co. !438 N. Carr Phone 2072 JEFF D. BEARDEN Representing THE FRANKLIN LIFI INSURANCE CO. Phone 47 . Pampa, Texas Joachim von Rlbbentrop Goering and British leaders in the war crisis seven years ago. Stahmer asserted that Dahlerus, at Goering's instigation, met with six British political figures beginning in August, 1939, in Sweden and later in the month "negotiated repeatedly in London with Lord Halifax, Alexander Cadogan and other foreign office representatives in order to obtain a peaceable solution of the Polish-German conflict and avoid war." Sheriff G. H. Kyle Seeks Re-election Sheriff G. H. Kyle today announced that he is a candidate for reelection to the office of Sheriff of Gray County. Texas. Sheriff Kyle has asked The News to express his •sincere, appreciation to his many friends for their faithful support and assistance. The Sheriff says that the fine co-operation of 'the citizens of this County in promptly reporting all law violations and suspicious characters to his department and to the City Police department and the respective Constables of the Precincts of the County, has enabled the peace officers of this Comity and the Panhandle to guard against a major crime wave, and he asks that this wonderful assistance not be relaxed. He has proven to the people of this community that the law can be properly and rigidly enforced* without resort to cruel and inhuman third-degree methods. His statement in support of his candidacy follows. "The anxious to render every"service possible to keep Gray County clean. It has been a pleasure to serve you in the past, and I earnestly solicit your continued support and influence upon my record as your Sher- Sheriff's Department is copo7i»^ ay NEA'sBJviee. INC. T. M. REO u. 9. PAT, orf. -*£: ' J'Am I gonna have some fun! I got a pass to the dog show!"" Commission To Hear Repressuring Plan Beagle Thomas J. Buford, 62, Dies ai Shamrock SHAMROCK, Feb. 23 (Special)— Funeral services were conducted from the First Mtthodist church in Shamrock on Thursday, Feb. 7, for Thomas Junious Buford, father of Mrs. Gertrude Elizabeth Williams of Continued From Page 5 ed a 6320-ioot well which produced 3000 barrels of oil before being shut down because of excessive cost. With the increase in demand for crude during the war the California Co. reopened their Rangely well in 1941. Drilling techniques wore then ndeauate to cope with the hard formations encountered before. Other companies moved in. f Purely a thumb-nail sketch. See "Oil Reporter." Jan. 25 and Feb. 10 for detailed, conflicting informa- -tion.) Nine Operators Today Today, said Mr. Beagle, there are nine operators in Rangely which have completed about 50 flowing wells with an average production of 800 barrels of oil a day. The present daily allowable is 350 barrels a day per well. There are approximately 25 drilling wells. Average depth of a Rangely well is about 6400 feet, with an average of 600 feet of casing set, Mr. Beagle estimated. The producing formation is hard, fine, grain sand with broken short shale .sections known as the Weber sand. The oil is a paraffin base crude of about 30 degrees gravity. . . Wells in the eastern part of the 35-60.000 productive acre field must be shot. To date there is one small refinery in the field, that of the Raven 011 & Refining Co., which handles only oil from the shallow shale wells Which drill to a maximum of 1500 feet. The Texas Co. has> an up-to-date AUSTIN. Feb. 23— (IP)— Application of George D. Morgan, trustee i\nd the Con-Tex petroleum corporation to re-pressure with' gas their Alexander trust estate lease In Jones county will be heard by the railroad commission March 14. The applicants also seek to transfer the allowables of the three key wells, Nos. 4, 11 and 15, to other 1 wells or. the lease. Gas Plentiful Continued From Paffe 5 industrial future by limiting exports of gas and thus luring factories to the state. 4. That the gas industry, from a national standpoint, would be more efficiently regulated by a federal agency, since control by the various states might result in conflict and confusion. Texas' Stand The Texas witnesses, on the other hand, 1 testified: 1. That the ' Texas Railroad commission, which regulates gas matters within the state, is doing everything it can to prevent waste. 2. That waste of gas has been greatly reduced through the efforts of the state commission and the industry. 3. That gas reserves of Texas are SAYS HE'tU. SNITCH ABOUT , ^USWTH6S§ RECOfeOINeS UM- h I LESS L TEACH HIM HYPNOTISM / ^ A. MET MIGHT DO AWFUL TO BY 6APF-rtY,_rM HAPPY AMY GOLPAKK3 IM TH' WHOLE OF THAT'LL W EASV AFflR Y VOll I GET JULKI6- T0NI6HT1 ) Sir ...EATINSANEARLV BREAKFAST THERE/ , VALK. 1 AFTER LEARNING HE WAS ON IRBY WAS \ JULKIE'5 TRAIL, YOU FOLLOWEP HftL MURPERED \ HERE.,. DROVE IN AT NIGHT, UN5E6N THE NI6HT FOUNP Hifo AT JEROMES OPEN BEFORE I L GRAVE. ANP KILLEP REACHEP TOWN ! V0U MENTjONEP VOU WERE ON VOU ' WAV TO S0f>f*6'HOLLOW,,. THBN /WV.MVJlM'BUT FIRST I'M : LEFT, "FORGETTING". YOUR OVER- / -JUPP05E TO ««ERlFF_-yl VH YOU CAN PROVE THIS FANTASTIC 0ACKTOSMOOT CITY BY PAWN TO ESTABLISH' AN AtlBI IN A CftFE- WHER6 YOU'RE KNOWN OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY BY J, R. W| LLIAMJ . .,. HOOPL.E,' BOARDERS HPNEMOTEDTHlS \%1 ~x>-TWe IDEPS IS A.9, OFFICI/Xt COUNTER.-PROPOSA'.LNK* CLEW2. TO YOUR. 2.5 P&R. C£N'>T BOOST V? T&^ •' —"•• A.NJD AS Av TO QUOTE: "\MHERE/V=,, /VS W COMIA\TTeE OP AM ARBITRATION BOARD OP }^t ONJ&, MAV 1. SAV, £%?£ Tt4RE5, IT UfVS, BEEKi "OULY J-£( QOOTE: v--. ,^ f DECIDED THAT IO PER. f>^^\-. MO '_J ^^ TH ' XT ^ CENiT V^OULD Be ^AUCH / <^ X 'J^ ^( IS .WALK?-WHY, THIS A./ THERE'S SOME THINSS: IS JUST THE EDGE Vf THATSH0OLP WE\>ER O'TDWHl.' -1T'3 FOUR J V BE OLiT'OF TT—'IT'S' J */ ' _ ; BLOCKS TO SCHOOL*, t ' V • i L i&!«tr LJ A. t^fM cj • ' V -WE'RE HAUDLV TH> WON'T-START Oi PeRPECT . . POSITIOM.' i sufficient for the "foreseeable" fu- Not more than 15 percent of the natural gas produced and saved in Texas goes into the export pipe- refinery at Craig where most of < That there should be no regu- the deep well production was truck- lation that would prohibit consumed before the pipeline was opened. ers from using gas as they choose. 5. That the free play of compe- Probable Boom Towns Three townsites have started in tition should be left alone to de- the vicinity of the field, said Beagle, termine the price and use of gas. all possible boom-towners, AH com- 6. That higher prices at the well UHCT TOCMLFOR AMOTKER. panies operating are building mod- would do much to forward the cause ranging from about of gaS conservation. .Mr. Buford, 02, years old, passed $125,000 in cost. Camp houses hav- Meanwhile, the PPC itself denies ing basements, water and sewage that it intends to encroach upon the disposal systems have been con- state's jurisdiction in gas regulation. BORW.THiaTV VEARS TOO structed. Land.scaping programs are Commissioner Nelson Lee Smith, in opening an Oklahoma City hear- The Federal Power com- The labor market in the field is mission has no desire or intention about balanced now according to WHOA-' YJHAVSJ! THIS? J-^ to extend its jurisdiction to matters properly coming within state comfortable', the basin being pro- ANtBODY HEJQU tected from, w.inds, by surrounding mountains. There are usually light But the Texas industry noted that consumer-use of -gas was one temperature ' is around zero; lowest is 20 degrees topic listed by the commission to Through; such end-use control, the A Mr. Phillips of 'Pampa is oper- Texans fear, the . commission could ating a filling station and welding reach back and govern production. hop in Rangely. It has been re- The whole- natural gas issue ported that Connie Lockhart, a for- still to be decided. mer : owner of the- Court ""House cafe, The Houston hearing was to' be v is connected, with a trucking busi- ' ness in that area. Companies operating Miss., Chicago; and Charleston. Rangely field are The Texas Co., Standard Oil & Gas 'Co., the Cali- Washington, after which the commission will make its report to con- /INTWE FIRST PLAC£,Y 8 kept fbing. The longer I I DIDN'T KNOW VEftA talked, the longer I'd live. HAT'S ALL AS . 7 YEAH, I'VE \/ SHALL I away of a heart attack at the home ' gress as to whether any further gas GOT IT. AU HAVE ITj.B. ' daughter,' Mrs. legislation is indicated, and if so, DELLE WAS YOUR GIRL. Brown of San Francisco, Calif., on what that legislation should be. $( SHE'D NEVER SEEN ME ^mgm 'I'M CONVINCED I'D NEVER EVEN SEEN BEFORE EITHER. SHE ONLY msg DID IT. TALK.THIS 15 SHE DIDN'T' KNOW YOU BEFORE. I WAS WENT PUT WITH ME BECAUSE Rev. Vernon Williard, Shamrock s ANYTHING ABOUT FINES, COSTS PAID JUST FOLLOWING UP SHE'D BEEN STOOD UP Methodist Circuit pastor, was in Two persons he/c: on charges of A LEAD IN THE JERCE AND WAS SORE, MM$. charge of the last rites. Woman passing hot checks paid off yester- Nix Funeral home was in charge of day. L. B. Jones was fined one dol-' AND HOW ABOUT YOU ? interment in the local cemetery. lar and costs and was to pay the amount of the check cashed by him' include three daugh- yesterday noon. Ola Sterling who ters and two sons: was arrested in Hereford, made his Brown, San. Francisco, Calif.; Mrs. check good and paid a fine of one Lucille K. Ray, Smackover, Ark.; dollav and costs. Mrs. Williams of this city; William Levi Buford, MeGeehee, Ark.- Pfc fornia Co., Wasatch-Idaho-Sharp- harlie J.' Buford, us. army. ' les', Phillips Petroleum Co., Algrod . Also surviving' is a sister, Mrs Oil Co., . Continental Oil Co., K. B. , E. L. Tatum, Litile Rock, Ark. Cobta Co. and the Newton Oil Co. WE'RE MOVING MARCH 1 TO OUR NEW LOCATION When you step oul i^ your Penney spring coat... g an announcerfieii^ that 's here again«. • k»nabl>i so! .Bright col o, with irwe wexr CABP evee Mg ROfe Wf iVff ^l»« FATH6I8, I'M AT 319^; FOSTER From Ilex Theater E SHOP

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