The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 15, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, January 15, 1961
Page 2
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Ct]£ iiiia)uiuui >. January iy, EMPEROR OF ETHIOPIA IS -STRONG, POPULAR LEADER ABABA (AP)—Weeping (nightmare. More than two thou-jand a series of attempted coups Ethiopians fell on their laces and 1 Kind had fallen victims to the bit-(after ihe war. The December re- kissed tiie ground as the iiaper- ;trr fating that followed when a! hellion was the biggest challenge ia! automobile went by. Then they' clique of the imperial bodyguard : - the king of kings has faced in went to their circular churches(launched a revolution ninny years. on the hilltops and sang hymns i. Th( ? simple _-people were bewi]. Fvcn a brief visit to Ethiopia " of rejoicing and thanksgiving to their emperor — and incidentally, ' to God. The little people of Addis Ababa had passed through a three-day BAY LAST TIMES TODAY "LET'S &0 NAVY" SUNDAY THRU TUES. 3—FEATURES—3 ^ * KIM DOUGLAS NOVAK ERNlf BARBARA KOVACS RUSH Strangers * Hit "FACE OF A FUGITIVE" Color & Cinemascope Fred MacMurrav The simple • people were bcwil- Kvon a brief visit to dered and frightened. Disaster -will help explain why only a touch had befallen them while the em-'warrior can hold power in this peror was away. But on the fourth : country. The capital has a touch day, the emperor returned, and |of the 20th century about it. with the people's confidence returner) 'paved streets, a few modern ho- with him. itels. and a good airport. But the Over and over again, servants!jungle encroaches wherever the and messengers, drivers and;barriers drop. : .garbage collectors, were heard to! Hyenas prowl the streets on the say: "Now we are safe. The em-'edge of Addis Ababa every night peror has come back to protect-to eat from garbage pits. Goats us." i and hump-hacked cattle gra;'e in The violence didn't end com- the heart of town. All over the plciely when ihe emperor re- city, you see clusters of f hatched- turned. The nichts still werp p:inr-;roof mud huts. Now and then you tuated by rifle and maehinc.gisn encounter a man dressed in an fire. Thn thurl of mortars in the ; animal skin, hills told of battles being fought.: Clep outside ihe few cities and The body of a slain rebel leader;you enter a world of barbarism, hung for 12 hours in busy Mcno-'bn the central plateau the nopu- lik Square. Ration is Christian, but their Chris- But for most people in Addis itianity is a religion in which mag- Ababa, the rebellion ended wiih : ic and voodooism play a bigger the return of Haile Selassie the p.irt than the Gospels. Only a frw First. "'Elect of God. Conquering;hundred miles from the emper- Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Kinc or's palace live paeans who have i of Kings and Emperor of Ethio- not advanced beyond the stone; pia." .age. ; The Monarch who attains such The king of kincs reiens over} supernatural stature in the eyes,some -10 tribal groups speaking ?f>\ of his people is a little man pin'- .lan^'ac^s ami sharp!'.- divided ho-; EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? © 1961, Kins Features Syndicate, Inc Lobbyists Register To Guide New AUSTIN (API—Lobbyists and plain citizens who plan to talk over legislation with legislators are registering by the hundreds in the House. Last year more than 5.000 members filed "legislative representa- |tion'' certificates with the chief j clerk of the House Hallman. A 1957 law requires any person who appears before a House or Senate committee or who has other direct contact with a lawmaker to influence legislation, must register and declare his expenses during the session if they exceed $50. The law also stipulates that violators may be fined up to $5.000 or imprisoned two years. Among the first registrants include Mrs. Dec Cole and Dee Cole, Greenville. Q « i >• 1 n n Telephone Co.; Walter Caen, Austin, Texas beverage legislation: Leonard!, beverage legisla- Railroad Association; Tom Arnold Houston. State Bar, Trade- tion; Miss Eudora Hawkins, Abi- mark Act legislation; lone. Texas Federation of Worn L. JR. Sturgeon, Austin. Texas i en's Clubs, traffic safety legisla- Stato Teachers Association; B. A.]tion; Jones. Austin Lone Star das Co.; | A. L. Robb. Kleetra. Kleetra Reuben Sente'rfitt. San Saba. Tex- Telephone Co.; James Temple. Mrs. Dorothy j as Power & Light Co.; William Dallas. Southland Corp., chain Earl Osborn, Tyler, Texas Maim- j store legislation; C. R. \Vi:>:cr, faeturers Association. |Cleburne, Texas Midland Tcle- H. T. Read. Austin, wholesale phone Co.; Marion Clay, Ltifkin, Lufkin Con roe Telepliorie Telephone s Exchange Co. and Those representing the State Bar in the interest of judicial legislation includes lieorge Leonard, SwiM'twater; A. .1. Kcllty. Amn- rillo; \V. C. Haley. Waco; Clay l.',nan. M.irs.'iall: U'il.v.'li Kox, Taylor; William Kerr. Midland; G. C. H.'icns (.reenville: John Atkins. Kcrrville and Matt Dawson, Coi-sicana. LFARE 1 P! OPPOSITION is IIPECTID jAdv F Pms Wednesday. Jan. plans ar.(i problems « e* Ford Dies; 5»mdav New Personage Is Scene Cf Open House, Dedication 1! fl Editor';- Note- — Help for de|pressed areas, higher teacher pay, | more medical care for the aged— these were high in the list of John !-" Kennedy's campaign pledges. What will the president-elect do •;about them after moving into the j White House? From a veteran As •sociated Press political writer, Mrs. Lucy Ford. 54. dtwendc.nt here .' s an estimate of the broad of pioneer Cedar Bayou families, of R.-ivto\vn. died Tuesday en route from a Galvnston hospital, j articles on She was a member of Queen of \ problems. Sheba Order of the Eastern Star No. IfW and St. Emily Methodist Church. Funeral services will he held outlines tive nrn Krnnf-dv le-.Tis!a•; the third of five xiy plans and passage of a measure to clothe j areas may carry around $-100 mil- thr- attorney general-to-be, his|]i on ; n federal grants, and loans brother Robert, with authority' toj jo encour; , Ke ncw industries in bring federal iniunctmn suit.-. 10: ... . , ,^ enforce school desegregation. \™™ <" ™ roi1 "' unompwy™. This and some other proposals '» P>'ol>ahly wul call for retraining of miners, railroad workers 'be and others who have lost their but! jobs permanently. where a coalition of conservatives j Kennedy is expected to back a of both parties has a great deal;housing bill geared to spurring to say about the final form of i this lagging industry with lower interest rates and easier terms face tough and possibly successful opposition in a Congress Democrats nominally control Outside of Congress, Kennedy f or credit purchases. In the past has promised executive action toi| le has supported urban renewal improve the condition of certain (programs. segments of the population. ' There is some doubt on the Rv JACK BK1X HP said repeatedly in the pres-1 course the new president may AP Political Reporter | idential campaign there was much I take in the complex field of labor isically. He is barely 5^ feet initwecn Christians. Moslems. Pa-: . n . lri , h -e- rt n-Mxnm^P fe,,-i built ir« in-inHim- ,.i««-ic ^ > Funeral services will he held WASHINGTON 'AP' — History| a pres j(io n t could do by the. strokej ]aVi . rp fonns. :'height and is slichtly built. Hi.« ;eans . and a strange sect which;, ^,\ % P"?; 1 *!™ P R ^ f^'- '- ^ , ;-^ ,\ S . I ' KOr \M 2 p.m. Sunday at St. Emilyimay tie the Us of "the welfare, of ' a pcili SU( , h ax ending scprr- T !,e platform on wl-.ich he was bet-black beard has a few gray practices a primitive form of Ju-: U J\,VV.' p.' t -_.p,,. ,:,,,., ..p!-^,..' cai ' e iMethodist Church with Rev. E.!Congress" on the STih iiu---t^ng of : gr ,iJ 0 ,, in federal bousing pn>! c j ec!e cl pledees the now president !hairs as he gors into his 70th year.;dnism. ; c'X-n-, %>H»v lh n : '*f n/ •»,'*,„^i^ r?n- , ni , - i * !Henderson pastor, officiating. Bu-i the nation's lawmakers if Presi-|p rarns furnishing moral leader-1 to fcc \^ rep p rl ] o f the Tail-Hartley But dimunitive Haile Selassie is : This is a junclo world, and Jun- s ^ "waj -%,.,„ 4 n - \ !f,h', in ih H T a ^' c . ""i'rial will be in Ford Cemeterv in dnni-.-ler-t John F. Kennedy .ce'.sj ship and callin^'a conference of: ];1v ,. provision which authorizes a strong man. He has had to be e l P methods are used 10 rale it.; *™* en"tainuig .fl',^" 1 ^ d i UD ' CS ul . ^f d c-n .'nemded slan- !oid RiV(T und(T dirw . tion r ,r his way. ! Southern moderates to rccom- ;statr , P!0 p:iss ri-hi-Uvwork laws. to hold power in this savage roun- The sunreme law in Ethiopia i ? l^hmUi mcmbeis ana giiest,. e- pi*x* in a china pattern tor; Wa , kpr ,, unpra| ,, ()mc A wf!k( , r n advance of its actual sub-i menr , mcaslir(?s f or civil rights ! B ut it seems questionable to most I try for 43 years. The emperor be- -survival of ihe fittest. For 3.000; The property, located on a half *u*. un.-Cn.. j wi][ fa(1 ^^ ;U s pm ^; 1tu ,.^. ly , mission after his inauguration, progress. : observers that'this wnl >jet a hi::h came the power behind the throne years of legend and histon,'. no^acre of land at 1711 Kentucky. ^ ll £f ts " tire greeted by Rev. iat \ V alker Funeral Chapel. " .-Kennedy's Icgislaiive program is; T ;, p Kennedy program for nin! pr i 0 ,.ity_if any — in the rush to through a palace coup in 1917. He ruler has handed on the succes-j has an estimated value of S-b,- and i\irs. UieeK and Mr. and Airs : ^ Irs Fonl j s sun --, vrc } h y hoi-: i-i';:';;-. y.ha-,v as one .-.iine.-i at b"t-: to oriuration hns not taken final ^.-.r-jHlation P r o vidi n u broader came out on top in a series of sjon peacefully to his own son. i000 and encloses 3.200 square feet Rector \\ulton. \\allon is the mu-, husband George Ford of" Bay-'tering the economic prvl social j{ 0rm He supported a bill passed 1 weif-ire benefits bitter civil wars and was crowned Haile Seiassie knows his country] of living space. j s) c and education minister of the| town . wven Daughters. Mrs. Ma-jstatus of millions ' '- -~ : - ...... emperor in 1930. He survived the wr-H. and he has not hesitated to | The parsonage has four bed-i rc ! 1- The women were P re -!bol Pratt Mrs "Clara Bradford, '•• While onslaught of Mussolini's armies :U s P savage measures to retain his]rooms, two full baths and a half j sc ™V df ^-.sages. j^^ [Wpn Bn ,(ifor(l, Mrs. Le- ; 'specific- powers, i bath, a large living and dining j. um Beeman presented the dod-j xa(nia Bradford and Mrs. Gertrude! said he Lij Yasu, the c-mperor from; area, a den a kitchen and large | lcaon P ra - vc !'- indication music (Carbin of Old River: Mrs. El\7S>-1 measures to provide medical care •whom Haile Selassie seized pow-i breakfast area the pastor's «tudvi£ as P res ? n ' ed b - v a quartet, Mrs.; bcth Thomas of Baytown and i for the ag'-d. aid for - er. was kept in chains for 19 years' \\-jth a private'entrance from the lKeclor " alton - Mrs - bob Noms '!Mrs. Rennie R. Jones of Hous-j housing, minimum wage died. Until lately, public i O uts?de and a double garage. !., ° ; " f _ dc ^, a _ nd ,,?_' 11 . - Ml i on -.. pl 1ton-. four sons. Robert The baths are tiled. A special ,r* ^vi\j Allison of Wooster Bap- JONES FURNITURE CO, New and Used Furniture 3308 MARKET PHONE JC 2-448S PORT NOW SHOWING THRU MONDAY of Americans, he hasn't laid down any priorities. Kennedy has wants speedy action on .(iuc'-'tion. JUstice 2-8311' THROUGH WEDNESDAY ELIZABETH TAYLOR LAURENCE HARVEY EDDIE FISHER * ^ /<- BUTTERFIELD -Often An Orphan" UTEST NEWS NO STUDENT OR CHILDREN'S TICKETS SOLD DURING THIS ENGAGEMENT ALL SEATS 80c TONIGHT SPOOKATHON 5 BIG WIEKD HOKBOK MOVTE.S: HERE THEY ARE 7:00 P.M. Featun-Auain 11:30 P3I. "HOLD THAT HYPNOTIST" With The Bowery Boys «:20 P.M "GHOST OF A TOWN" A CCIXm CAKTOON 8:90 P.M. "THE BAT" With Vincent Price »:60 PJH. "MACABRE" With Jim Becus 11:00 PJH. "HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL" With Vincent Price 12:20 A M. "FRANKENSTEIN 1970" With Boris KarWf DON'T MISS THE EXTRA FUN! "CAFE CANAVERAL SPECIAL" IT'S THE PAPER FLYING SADCERS! FOR FREE HAMBURGERS . . . HOT DOGS, HOT CHOCOLATE . . . GUEST TICKETS AND MANY MORE! ALL TICKETS 80c SATURDAY ONLY Decker SUNDAY THRU DRIVE - IN THEATRE TUESDAY RALPH BELLAMY GKRER •vmi SHOP of HORRORS" until he hangine of criminals was the rule. Those who krsow Haile Selassie •.veil insist he is humanitarian at heart in spite of his occasional cruel methods. Perhnps this conscience came from the Jesuit priests who educated him in his j native province of Harrar. There j is no dfoubt that the emperor! yearns to bring 20th century civ- j iii/ration to his remote mountain j empire. j U"hether the emperor goes about j modernizing his country in the' right way is debatable. He keeps j the machinery of state too tightly in his own .grasp, some observers think, but there is no doubt that every ounce of energy in his win- frame goes into the task. Progress in Ethiopia tends to ebb and flow with the moods of the emperor. A boulevard \\jll be opened to coincide with completion of a new Afcan house where international conferences will be held. The road to the Japanese Embassy was repaired when the Japanese crown prince visited Addis Ababa. Eleven years ago, the omperor became interested in building a university. He laid the comer- stone for the school and construction began. The gate was finished, but nothing else. Tiie emperor has taken an active personal interest in education. But after he has governed the country for 4?. years, there still is only one Ethiopian with a medical degree in all the country. There is scarcely a native engineer, architect, or agricultur- ial expert in Ethiopia. The population is almost 95 per cent illit- ) crate. _ Enqineering Firm Is Incorporated feature of the home is tiie many for chronically depressed area*. The president-elect has talked of easing interest rates, revising Ihe labor lav.s Harris News Roundup Plans for Houston's ncu Jet- ero airport call for thrue parallel runways almost two miles long, which \vill give cily anil county jot suit! supersonic ta- ciities unequaled by any nwv existing in the. V. S. Harris County's voting slrenijlh for I9«l is estimated at 3:>5,UOO by tax assessor - collector Carl Sniiiii, even though poll tax payments art- Raider and Bill Mixon. Pi-|t OIV f our sont: Robert Lee Ford anist was Mrs. Warren Bunting. l of i,,,f!. ; i, r Preston Ford. Ruhey A solo was presented by Mrs. Lee p or a an a wilford Ford o? Old Grady Allison of Wooster Bap- j>iver- two sisters. Mrs. Deinl. list Church. !Raymond and Mrs. Nattie Jack-;development, and expanding The sriving table, covered whh!, w j' of Cedar Rajnu: one brother, -tional resources projects. a lace cloth, was centered with ;F>jt;ar Robinson "of Mont Belvieu: : In the controversial field of civ- au arrangement of «-hite f lowers; ];37 grandchi Id ren and eight great-, il rights he is tied to a platform grandchildren. " declaration by the Senate in (he Wth Congress 'Hii-se benefits- coulfl include a for a two-year SI.SB-billion pro- ; npw department of urban affairs, gram for school construction and. 10 handle mountinu problems o city dwellers, as well as some kind of central agency pointed! at giving consumers a break. These (wo prnjnl.s still are in the speculative stage, however. Most 'associates think Kennedy will wait until he gets the foil of the preskicn.'-y and plumbs the Tom Wilson, Houston man who insists on leachini; his children at home, is charged with violating the school attendance laws. He is to appear before Justice of the Peace Tom Maes next Friday. Air Force team of experts arrive from Kelly Air Force Base to investigate Thursday night crash of jet near Alvin. John P. Puckett, Houston, \va s killed in the crash. Houston praised by NAACP leader as being "in a da>s by itself" in jcnuiting equal rights to Negroes. Houston police blue law squads, ready for weekend crackdown on illegal Sunday openings. «ill concentrate on lumber .yards, discount houses, hardware stores and automobile dealers, according to Chief Carl Shuptrine. r.iand silvered ferns flanked by sil- |?iver candelabra holding white tag pers. The silver ser\ : ice and sil- |jvei- trays holding party cookies completed the appointments. Arrangements for the open house were directed by the hospitality committee of. tiie church with Mrs. Burton Burrus. chairman, Mrs. I. G. Treat, Mrs. Forrest Gosseft. Mrs. H. T. Norris and Mrs. J. M. Altimore, I They were assisted in house- j I party duties by Mrs. Clyde Full-' e r and Mrs. J. T. Swint at the) registry table Mrs. E. R. Couch, Mrs. M. C. Smith. Mrs. T. C. King. Mrs. Pete Sheppard. Mrs. Warren Bunting. Mrs. Fred Pope] and Mrs. Rill Edwards. Skiing Not Dangerous With Safety Measures grants for teachers' salaries. The House passed a f.->ur-yc;vr iprogram aui.horiziir_' SI.-' billion rim ' ni( '- : for" construction only. The two houses couldn't asree and tlv bill died. Whether Kennrdy is any more successful as president than •spurring economici as a senator in promoting a teachers' pay measure remains toi oconom i r situation be seen. ifoiv tr.akin;: any Tiie new president will (we a fight on his hands i-i proposing a medical care procrarn for (hi aged, financed thi-ouuh Soi-ial Security taws. Ken. Robert S. Kerr. D-Okla., already hns served notice he will oppose a tax-finance! proposal a<; a substitute for the .'st,ite-fed r rr>! program passed h> ; Republicans are lining up th< ir for congressional thoroughly -h j^roposals. Tliur.viay Military Affairs. (Soino of the safety factors to fol!r«v in skiinc are told in the following story. It was written rspcriull) tor Af \c\\sfentun's by Dr. Kolx'rt K. 0(l«-n. orih-o- p<t1ic surgeon, who treats mo*-! of the sUi injuries at As]>en, Colo., onrli year.) Ry DK. KOHEKT K. ODKN ASPEN, Colo. (AP) — Skiing, , . 't P r7 .. I forces tn bailie an I-N nedy recommendation en ;•<•:,•• ir th- 1 mil ' ing. ha-tfing. s\vimmiiv.'. sports car racing and water skiiny <:aiise many fatal aeeidents each ;>i-ar. Skiing inflii-is some injurirs. but seldom ilis:.Mire onus. And •"o^msris^nU;:^ 1 -:;; 1 lonspo.ts. Hunt-! of ( , OVt ,, au( , ,„ .,„,,„„,, mot li (I Ken;• an 111- wa-je te xpansi^n ive K'.ii- in the retail r;ln j,, A Houston engineering firm, Lxjctrwoou, Andrews & Newman, one of the oldest and largest consulting c-nginering firms in the j South, has completed a major reorganization and announced its incorporation. The development was announced Saturday by Mason G. Lock-wood and Frank H. Newnam Ji., pres-i ident and executive vice president! lrno(> respectively of the new corpora-; lion, in a joint, statement. j "The purpose of tin- tr-urgani-j zation." President Lockwood do-! clarcd, "is to insure continuity of; firm to keep abreast of the rapid-; ly expanding economy of the area we serve.' 1 Reorganization of uV quarter; century old firm resulted in a series of promotions in the excf:- utivr branches both in the Houston headquarters and in its Corpus Christi and Victoria divisions. 1 Joseph Garc'ic " HG12 \V. Texas. : Justice of the Postal inspector \varn s against participation in chain letter pyramiding sale, of I". S. Savings Bonds. Scheme is in violation of federal lottery law. he says. District Attorney Frank Briscot; joins defendant in asking for niM hearing in misdemeanor D\VI case \\hern two-year sen- is given. He focls punishment is too ,se\ere for simple drunk driving raw in whirh n-.i accident or property damage Is involved. Theatrical Rookie Says Mishaps Won't Stop Her NEW YORK (AP)—Wacky mi'-- The show subsequently dovel- haps aren't stopping Ethel Watt. I oped an unusual coterie of sup- a determined blonde rookie in the;porters and in the years since ranks of theatrical production. i there has hen recurrent talk of "This hasn't really disconcerted!a new production. Latoue.ieV me at all," she says of the crises j mother finally suggested the proj. | which preceded arrival of theleet be undertaken by town's newest show, "Ballet Ba-jwho was on the v-rgr knn.c virtually nrv^,- k Us anyorm. Statistics c om p 1 1 ed at Aspen indicate that the avt-race skier here can expirt: to ski better than 'similar position. ^00 days withciit an ,-if-cid--;;t re- : Kf'nnfdy's hill to hr-ln •iiiirin.; nn dii al .-iltcnlion He '"in' " ' ~ ski snfl days \rilhr.ut fraclurin- n Irades. Republican;. contend that a minimum '.\.r_-« boost nri'A' ma>- only inrrrase un cmplo\7rirnt. They are not nion- in their opposition, F»r (.'xainplc Sen. Knlbi-i.'J-ii, D-Ark . tak'--s ; Mrs. Uatt.; uf pruduc- lads," at the East 7-5th Street Theater. Warm general critical acclaim greeted the lively, rousing, moot fantasy, folklore and whimsey concocted by the late: John Latouehe, lyricist, and Jerome Moross, composer. Right up to the start of the premiere perform;ince last week. Mrs besides Watt and her show were harassed I viewers. Thn original producer by gremlins of misadventure. ho/A- seven years to stage "Ballet ""The final woe was the cos-i Ballads." The distal freshman tion debut with a n vise, The headaches of gettin stage finally brought, one break in her firm demeanor "I cried after the opening." Mrs. Watt admits. "I just couldn't believe it had actually taken Tlic aver.'!^!' pleasure skier skis less than :;."> <hss i-aeh -.-easoii. So ihe <xJds are excellent that you ran ski a lifetime with n<-v< r a fj-acturo or otln r itijury. What small risk does exist i immeasurably dr-rirasori if you (,:.- si'-p.v c;:immon s'-nv safety nil' s: Pre-sr;ison conditioning is i:r.- ;• ' iant. .Slrr.n 1 - 1 . limber mu'.cii 1 .'- DAXGKROrS KETJtIKVJ.NG r)AYT(>\. Ohio <AP> — "Mats!" exclaimed Thomas K. 1^'ino wlK-n he dr»ppod a quarter on the sidewalk — and infkfd Hie-e v. ere. La IK.- told police that a large CTi-y rat ran out of some Ivishrs and lii! him on the i> f- han-'l a:- lv br-nt down to retrieve the L'.i rent [ii'.-c". -pj-.t> 'Jii - \ear - ciu' vielins was treated at a hosiita! ,-ir;d PHOTOS COPYING TlMrmo-Fax Photostat Newn Commercial Acrinl Industrial BATTOWN PHOTOS Bun Bulldtnc Phone JV 9-89»t • Call Today For Safe, Reiiabie Prescription Service 119 \V. DRUG STORE JU ?-5024 . |i;i lay !;iiiaU'.'. Acci'!' nt- h-ip];' :i ' , I 5 ":!far more frequently to tired skier:-. -' '^ Iwci.-ks before von ski. Woi !•: nn in 1W dceji knee bends then start one-legged o: Of course, you should a lot and '_'o! tho torso . . iinto shane -.uth other has one strona conso.ation. work and caUstcnics . the approval of the n.- physical Man Charged In Grocery Burglary Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation Tesh For Aptitudes With Which People Are Born PH. LO 6-7112 5721 BAYWAY — Baytown — tumes." she recounts. "Opening day they weren't ready, so instead of a final rehearsal, everyone whoi couldu .se a needle sat around that ftemoon sewing like mad." j Another last-minute trial result-; cd when a toe danrcr sprinkled a! can of rosin powder across the-; when no one was looking, i "It helped her to kep from slipping all right." sighs Ethel, "but the other dancers weren't able to slide at all. Every time they went down for a bond they came up covered with dust splotches.' 1 Prior events included withdrawal of an associate producer just as a theater lease was signed; a hoc-lie rc'piact-HN.'iit when one choreographer went off to do a jshow on Broadway; and sundry mixups with television over dancer commitments. did it in less than one. Armelia Johnson Rites Set Sunday Castello. 21. of was charged in Peace Wa 11 e r There was. a lot of penny-count-' Queens court Saturday for plary auer officers S a> ; ,•;,].,«! , - ^ ^, shnv ,, lwi f ri qhtcnins speed. equipment is essential. Ski I mots must fit, especially ;•' iii' 1 hool. They must give L'»'"ankle support and hind the f,>ot solidly to thr ski. If your 1 •>!•• for! comfortable, they are proK --ibly to,) limber. U'tf-in^ ha^ to ihe tichtene<l two or three times' !a day. for boots stretch as they: i eet wet and work. ' But too tight lacing cuts off; (circulation and makes for cold: •fee( atul painfully sore arches and Mrs. Armelia Johnson. "R. ofl'inklc.s. „,„.,„..,. Ifflfi Johnsrm. died of a heart at- S" - m««] / : ^\y bmdj.ics | tack Tuesdav. Funeral sea-ices i are misnamed, foi -they have hax- wiil be held at 2 p.m. Sunday atiards of their own. They .-an save; Pleasant Hill Baptist Church ini.vou a fracture in a fall, hut too' La Porle with Rev. P. Robinson, [loosely adjusted, they can conn- pastor officiating. An 8 p.m. Sat-jadrift when you don t want them urdav wake will he held at Walk- '" c-n^ng nn accident And since er Funeral Chanel 'he advent of cjujrk-rrlrase hind„ . , .,, ',' - i --, , incs (ihe proiier term), ski doc- Burial will be in U Porte W • u n d e r direction of ' '£ bfv frr( , nai ,. skjf ._ •uneral Home. ' I' favor both too and reel re- Mrs. Johnson is survived ny|] n . 1s( , s |- u t they must he pronerlv two daughters. Mrs. Jessie Mae n( ^,,,. tnf j Bo^innrrs rhould have Ervinc of Harrishurg and Mrs. ! (h( , ir ^n^,,,,^ nf ij u <;) hy a ;;oo.| Grace l.ipton of Baytown; three; KJ ,j shop to .| 1( ,' s kier's muscle Sf.ns. Cleveland Johnson. Ifrnrv IM ',,. 11L;th ' no , his weight. Don't Johnson and Charles Johnson of |,p ni1 i, Kt ' thPnl yourself but have i SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY \Smelmr] PROUDLY PRESENTS YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKS DEBATES ON ISSUES OF INTEREST TO ALL TEXANS * BY TEXAS COLLEGE TEAMS SUNDAY: Texas Christian University vs. Stephen F.Austin State College 5:30 P.M. KTRK * CH4I 1 n at 1:20 a.m. Saturday. Police officers R. P. and Billy McMain said Castello had five cases of boor and three packages of peanuts in his car when they saw him leave the store with another case of beer to put in his car. The officers jsakl C'tstello entered the building through a window. He. was in jail Saturday morning. Ifrnrv Johnson ofj rs. Thomas and Charles Fra/ier f.a. Porle and Genrpe Fra/ir-r of Houston; one sister, Miss Hor- of Houston: 15 Check your releases each morning and afternoon, making children. jwhat we thought they would," she'™ • Si ' l >' s - "i thought I would open with '°' Merchant I about 53^ to c but lhat v . ;m . ished. But I'm going to get morcj' (1 " so . "^ , O! - n ™ K1 ' t ™ 'A\^<^ thcv d . tlv-y have no s;,f- money. "One way or another Ibis S?,"'I™ r " " S ' X E rr ' lt - RMnd> |riy fncto,- wh-'tovor show Ls going to be kept on." Mi-s. U'att's alfcction for "IJal-j let Fiallads'' is dep and long-j .standing. She sang in the original | j Broadway production 12 years [ recalls that Latouehe feit np rom Telephone Booth THE GOLDEN WHIP "SPOTLIGHT OF KEMAH" NOW RE-OPENED "DANCING NIGHTLY" THE ESQUIRES - - « P.M. to 12 P.M FROM LAS JAM SESSION ^-^ NEXT TO REX CAFE ON THE KEMAH STRIP PM. California To Study On Unemployment WHS its good luck charm. j "That was because I organized! „___„„. f A p 1 _ T ,,., ) i-, the east into geriiiii; o;i( arouii() ( * '' A towns with all kinds of promo- 1 year-old girls were stuck ir, a i lions." telephone booth m nearby Me- Keesport for about an hour. Christann Duran and IVcvy iWoistman, 'Kith of MeKrrsnort. got stuck \\hen they ^ntereri fhe booth in n street eorn^r to make a joint call. SACRAMENTO Calif. 0\P> — ^^ f' 011 "'''^' on the t-l;.ss win- 'A state senator' proposes emrr-|' ious ;it P'l^ershy hut fcof no igt-Ticv act inn to put more nvni<\v ' 'espon.-:,- Fin.:i'\, «.;,• of ti, ( ;-,.]<; Mnto 'the [x.ckots of jobless work- ''nai:ai> ( j to a dime in her a!K ers in r-c<)i-:')mira of California. Unemployment runs as hi-i'h as Ifi per e-rnt in sonif districts. !v-n. Sta-iford C. Shuw f)On- !..•: o iritr-"yliu-f'd t\ bill Wedr'f < -'c')V hard hit arens : P' ir<(1 •"""' r]i:>]l ' fl llu "i" ra '" r iphono<i police. A p.itiv;!inan ' vho ' door and rek-ased tl^ S\.-\KK-I\-BOX f; th*'ir rc^.lar '& wr-rks of brr.r- fits hsvt nm out. |A small Ith* box. sna*p • !«••.••• a' 1 ;'r., - siithered •' P\ t' • out Never ski c.hen fatigued, for mam accidents happen on that last nm of the day. Watch your step whin weather or snow conditions eharu'o suiiriftily. as in l.-'te aft'-rnoon when the sun goc-s dou-n and the snow start-- to free/'-. Be cautious toward the. rnd of i-ach run. Kails on >tcep bilk ann't nearly so dangerous as those- on the flat run-out at the foot of the slope. Actually, far more skiers are inrapaoitaV d each vear by sick- m -w than hy injury. Colds, flu. ctrep throat and pneumonia nre real ha/an!s ;'it ski rcsorf*. p.'irt- bornusc skiers Ret (-xposcd to they haven't built A.-r'vi' for •-•Uiiiv re-tcd. not in a <:fate of e\h.-.iisti'ir.. ''„• t plenty of sleep, and build up to skiing warmly rather ibnn t<--i Hr-move outer mmr-rts. them up, Mr"f o\-er- p.jt the;n on whfr;_yoii ' . ;-•,-•,<'"; o!; -rvr co>ir'--^ .;,-„.,, n re DURING SLEEP, the higher nerve centers are protected from imprettions flowing in through the sense organs! Waife matters are removed and nahjre "recharges energy batteries." Nervous action as well as physical action expends energy. Sensation, emotion, and all the other processes of the bram use up energy. Even brief "raps" giv« benefits out of al! proportion to duration, because you get a sample of the most restful part of s!e»p which h believed to b- the first two hours. The average person recuires seven to eight hours restful sleep each niqU to "keep energy batteries charged." Neighbors who keep radfos going full blast, who keep barking end howling dogi, are doing more than maintaining a nuisance ... the roj'hjl sleep of many people may he affected . . . and con-scijf.ii'y their health. If you find difficulty in s'es.p'ng, consult your doctor! It is not safe or wise to reiort to sleeping powders, potions or pills unless you have the assurance of your "' "lician. ' p,-«.ss ! ^r->ntily- li-> r open 3 Sig Drug Store* f» Serve You of i low. 'oiii i accident*. i Nc. I — 1 16 N. Main No. 2-126 v -.,t T» No. )— 3507 M«rk«f Dial JU 2 -^ Did, JU 2-7?: DM! JU 2-93 /,

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