Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1891
Page 7
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! ! t& SYMPTOMS OB ITTEK DISFASEJ Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste In the mouth: tongue coated: pain undorths ihoulder-blade ; in the back or side— often mistaken for rheumatism; sour stomach with flatulency and water-brash; indigestion; bowels lax and costive by turns; headache, with dull, heavy sensation- restlessness, with sensation of havlnn- left •omethlng undone which ought to have been done; fullness after eating; bad temper; bluos; tired feeling; yellow appearance of slinand eyes; dizziness, etc, Not all, but always some of these indi« cate want of action of ifco Liver. Foi A Safe, Reliable Eemedy that can do no harm and has never been known to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Esfulator D —AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOK Malaria, Bowel Complaints, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Constipation, Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic, I have been practicing medicine for twenty and have never been able to put up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectually move the Ijv po jvcr to action, and at the same time aid (instead f weakening) the digestive and assimilative owers of the system. L. M, HIJTTON, ii. D,, Washington, Ark. ' OJTLY Has our Z Suuap ia red on front of wrapper. J, a Seilin & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. nave WORSE THAN BARE FISTS. the .Ucucily Ccatua Used bj- the Boiora of Ancient Greece. The boxing- of the ancient Greeks surpassed all other sports, both in the severity of the effort and the dang-er of the contest. The combatants wore the cestus: that is, the hands were wrapped about with leather thong's, as shown in the drawing's, the thong's being- studded with metal knobs over the dorsal portion of the hand. In some of the illustrations, however, it is represented as a glove, studded with metal and fastened to the hand by thong-s. In many instances the blow of the cestus seems to have been parried by the ccstus of the opponent, but in other illustrations the contest is represented as being- almost exactly similar to what is denominated by our own professors of the noble art as a straight counter. Though the metal backing- of the cestus was a usual it was by no means a necessary feature of the contest. The injuries inflicted by the cestus were often terrible; teeth were knocked out, noses were broken, and the ears were so exposed to injury that celebrated boxers were represented in statuary with mutilated ears. Death itself often occurred. Closing- in and willfully killing' were prohibited, and if the latter was proved the victor's crown was awarded to the dead opponent. When a combatant acknowledg-ed himself beaten he signified his defeat by holding- up one hand. The most arduous and dangerous of all the g-ames was the terrible pancra- tium. In this contest the combatants, naked and oiled, fought against each other in a personal conflict, and the OF GENERAL INTEREST. —The word "crank" has come to be one of-the handiest words .in 'the vocabulary, as it can be applied to any person who differs from another on politics, religion, art, science or anything else, and who don't keep just as many striped cats as his neighbor. It means much, and yet means nothing. would make 2,000 volumes of 500 pages each. —The Gloversville Intelligencer tells this pathetic story: There lives not far from this city a lady who had three husbands during the year 1S!)0. At first glance this appears' to be a very simple matter, but it is certainly an unusual one. During the latter part of January, —Dr. John Edmore, of Reading, Pa., j ^ ei { says he will wager one thousand dol- ' lars ag-ainst one dollar that he can take the blackest colored boy at 15 years old and make him as fair as any white boy by the time he is IS. He claims to do ft through the blood entirely, and says the treatment will not cost over twenty- five dollars per year. —A largo block of wooden building's in the Chinatown of Victoria, 11 C., has been burned by order of the city council to make room for a nc%v public market. It was deemed advisable to get rid of the old rookerjes in this way instead of by removal, so as to avoid all danger of sickness. The Chinese theater was among the buildings burned. —"Killed bv flirting 1 " was a verdict rendered not long ago by a coroner's jury in Sumner, Ga, Thomas Ward, a brakeman, while on top of one of the cars, conversing with two female acquaintances who were walking beside the track, accidentally backed off, and Sio appetite. Indipestion, Flatulence, Sick Headache, --ail run down," lo»lug t lesfa, you will find the remedy you need. TfaeT tone np the ne»k wjomnotl and build lip r be flajrfriiEfr cuor^CM. Sufferer* from meiiiul or phywic-al ovorwoolt will find r«lief from tiieui. Kicely sug-ur coated. SOLD EVERYWHERE Smip little fortune*hitr«bf>fln madem work for ui, bj- Amu Page, Auitln, ^Trxu^ind Jno. Bonn, Tolfdo, Ohio. ml you? - Some earn ovor *60t).00 & month. You can do the work and" lira me, -wherever you are. Even bt- n are flnallr famine from #5 to dfly.At] afrci. -\Vcihowyouhow and atari you. Can work in «pnre timft or all the time. Die mono)- for \vora- _ _ KEV™i l wi>! I S« "T'r * m °° s lbfm - n.H»ll»tt*Co.,faox» 1 8»Jf' d or r tl»Ad l ,' : Maln« falling between it and another car, was frightfully manp-lcd under the wheels. —Aaron Andrews, a colored man living- four orfivR miles from Ha.lcyondale, presents a phenomenon in human mature. He is so doaf that he cannot hear the report of a g. m discharged near him. The loudest thunder is not even faintly heard by him, hut he can be communicated with by the agency of the human voice. He can't understand anyone except those with whom he is intimately acquainted. —A ca.nva.s-back diick flies at an habitual rate of eighty miles per hoxir, which is increased in emergency to 120. The mallard has a. flight of forty-eight miles an hour; the black dxiek, pin-tail, widgeon and wood duck can do much f onimo."—Philadelphia Pi-ess, better. The blue-win i 1SHO, the widow married ;i, man who : worked f'17 tin-: r;n'!r.-i»d near Worcester. I They were man-ied two months when i he xvaskilled. l-'in,li:ighi!i-self a widow :ig:dn slie hired out in October to a , farmer living near Worcester. He wrus : a u-idowcr. M.JK! during t.?i./ latter part '< of Dcci-.ii-ilif-r tlifv vert- married. It ' will bo si'L'U tl:;i.t. .luring tlie brief span of only ivovnn mo?:ith.s tliis lady had three lawful hi'.^bMniix. , Gf'n. Crook's liravcry. ! A man proud of having served with Gen. Crook in his western campaigns was telling a number of stories of that noted general in an uptown clnb the other evening, and, in speaking of his fearlessness of the red men, said: "We had been fighting the Apaches, led by Mangus Colorado, for several months in 'S2, when one afternoon the hostiJes sent a squaw into camp to say that they were ready to parley. We all advised. Gen. Crook to take no notice of the offer. The Indians had frequentlv made these advances only to get our officers in their power and then attack them. The general said nothing, but took down his gun, saying that he was going out to shoot duck's. Night came on and ke failed to put in an appearance. A party was made up and a diligent search begun. After an hour's hunting Gen. Crook was found sitting under the lee of an aroya idly whittling- a chip of wood, while the hostile chiefs sat all around him trying to make satisfactory terms of surrender. His informal meeting resulted in the surrender of ilangus Colorado, one of the fiercest of the Apache chiefs. He was succeeded in the command of the Apaches by Ger- " Continual dropping wears away the stone." . The continual breaking of lamp-chimneys costs a good deal in the course of a year. You can stop it. Get Macbeth's "pearl top " or " pearl glass." You will have no more trouble with breaking from heat. You will have clear glass instead of misty ; fine instead right shape instead and uniform, one Eaat.Weat.Eorili. Sonthl 'ennsylvania Lines. Schedule of Passenger Tralns-ContralTIm* CHICAGO DIVISION. of rough of wrong the ame as anoter. You will pay a nickel a chimney more; and your dealer will gain in good-will what he loses in trade; he will widen his trade by better service. Piusburg. o^o. A. MACBETU & ( CBETU&CO. Westward. •Co^umbns Iv ilarlon... " £.ogansport. j f* Winamac " Crown Point " Chicago ar Eastward. Chicago Iv. Crown Point " Wmamac " •. ( l^ 1 Marion " a PM *735 ill 235 310 404 54S 730 AM AM AM! T9 00*7 20 3001204 420 115 430j*125 RS 1 ) 830 PM 3 ao AM i AM T730 914 1043 1130 A XT *1030 1150 ;nii 501 PM 4 PM 1300 448 627 715 1 55 PM siol par) AM f820 945 AM af PSI -5- AM 1-615 344 1029 AM 7>M t5W*8~20 E 55:10 Of] so n 48 PMhztf j . r-r, it i AM n AM;. 4 30] lOOTO OQS 7 30 3 ffj AM PJflf .4 i'-iilmuii Vestibule Dining and Sleep*S n;r Cars run on Son. 2O and 21 bei/weend Chicago and Columbus, Pittsburgh, Baltimore^ Washington, Philadelphia and New York-*,v- Fullmitn Sleeping Cars on Xcs. 3 and Id©* BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AND EFFNER. Chicago Lots For Sale. Read Down. AM AM AM Read Up ^ t545H-U30t500lr EfTncr ar. 5 Sf'll 41 5 22! " ... KenUand SQ3)aiii37< AM Why not buy a lot :it ) a ywir Ii bclnp nwida by John B, Goodwin,l5oy,N.Y.,at work for IM. Ke&der, you mny n*l mnku lu ^lUch, but wo can teach you quickly hovr to «iim from CS to CIO M day nt thft start, and morv ai you go on. Both icxea, all af;ea. In any part of ntrica, you can cvraniencB nt homo, glr- ; all your timo.or iparo momcau only to t work. Ml If MOW. Great pay 8VBK tor •rj- worker. W B ttart yeu, fnrnltolnr irythlnc. EASILY, SPEEDILY leinnt. ..TfriGULAHS FltEE. Addrcas at onco, STINSO.1 * UI., CORTLAID, aULNK. HIRES' IM. 25 e. BIKES' IMPROVED ROOT BEER!, | 1NBDUC. KOBOIUHCORtntAINInc EUK.TM4DC | THIS PACKAGE MAKES 71V£ GALLONS. ROOT BEFR. The most APPETIZTNO ana -WHOL3SOMS TEMPERANCE DRINK to the world. Delicious and Sparkling. TRY H Ask your SmggiBt or Grocer for Ii. C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA TttE CEBITS. contest continued until one of the combatants declared himself vanquished. According to Pansanias it was evident ly the best liked of all the contests for he says of it in one instance that "for the future they took care that neither iSie pentathlon nor the horse races should stand in the way of the pancra- tium." To win the prize both in the boxing and in the pancratium on the same day was considered the highest honor to be won at Olympia. Strangling, striking with the hands, knees and elbows, twisting and dislocating the limbs, breaking the fingers and toes and all practices except biting and kicking were allowed. The cestus, of course, was not used, since the hands were required in grasping one's antagonist. It was really a contest for personal supremacy, and to engage in it an athlete must ba of the greatest size and courage and of the most symmetrical development. They fought standing, but if they fell the contest was continued on the ground, unless one should break away and rise, in which case the contestants sought new holds and continued the combat. NEW FAIR PRESIDENT. Dr. White's Dandelion Alterativo. I flnC it the best remc j^- for Dyspepsia, BiliousncGa, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, end all disorder* of the Sfc >mach, IJvcr sad Kidneys. It parities the blood, rankcs the weafc stronr «nd gives to the old the vigor of youth. oold by B. F. Keesling- and D.E Pryor. ADVICE vs. VICE. Yon are not in manly shape, and yet you don't >ct. Write to U8_to-dayl Delay imperils all I |DUHHEW"-^- e °"' bea I>UOBD>;H.M A W HE Jf. For limited time Book malled/rce. xat JJ8 XSDICA£> CO., Buffalo, Jf. V. D on't prefer VICE to ADVICE. VEGETABLE COUGHS AND COLDS. . SSc. and 81. at all drngg-isti. I mm & SDKS, - - pension, PROVIDENCE, R.t «U»E SUPPLIED by RQSS GORDON, IkaFayefte, Ind. Forfwle byi B.- The Gentleman Elected to Sncceed ty. man J. Ga.se. William T. Baker, who succeeds t/y- man J. Gage as president of the exposition, is now serving- his second term as president of the C h icaga Board of Trade. Mr. Baker is an extensive deal- erin grain. and provisions, He was horn at West Winfield, N. Y., in September, 1841, and begnn life as a clerk in a country store at ••fGroton, N. Y. He came to Chicago in 1861 and WHXIAM T. BAKES. kept bookg for Hinckley & Handy, commission merchants, and later took the place of the junior member of the firm. Later he formed other partnerships in the 'same business, bnt after the great fire, Mr. Baker started out for himself, forming- the firm of William T. Baker & Go., wBich is in operation at this time. Mr. Baker is a democrat. He has been the spokesman in the directory for that element that does not foel like surrendering- any of its powers to Director General Davis. Mr. Baker was at the head of-the committee on foreign affairs last year, and outlined all of the work that has been done in'that department. TOO cruel. He was the nephew of his uncle, just home fron Europe for a visit At dinner he said,' languidly: "Ah've heard, don't you know, that celery isn't healthy—ah, has the twy- phoid in it, you know." His uncle looked at him savagely for a moment, then handed him the celery: "Have some?" he said, and there was a world of meaning- in the words.—Detroit Free Press. and green-wing- teals can do 100 miles an hour and take it easy, the red-head can fly all day at ninety miles an hour. The flirrht of the wild goose is 100 miles per hour. —Paper rnav be securely gummed to metal by the aid oE onion juice. The dials of cheap clocks used to be printed on paper and then glued to a zinc foundation, but after a short time the paper ca.me off the metal. Now the zinc is dipped into a strong- solution of washing soda and afterward is washed over with onion juice. The paper is then pasted on, and it is almost impossible to separate it from the metal. —A young woman in London, whose conscience does not keep her awake, has found a new and profitable profession for those of her sex blessed with phenominal memories. She attends first night performances of naw plays at the London theaters and carries away every line in her head. Within a week the manjiscn'pt of that play is on its way to Africa or Australia, met oh to the amazement of the London dramatists and managers, when they learn of its- production in the colonies. —A learned professor of the Paris Academy des Sciences has been making experiments which have resulted' in convincing him that the rabbit is of all living things the most capable of withstanding a very low temperature. In- closed all night hi a block of ice, a rabbit was found next day getting on very comfortably and evidently not aware of anything very peculiar in his circumstances. In this regard the rabbit leaves far behind our faithful friend the dog, though, according to the learned professor, sheep, goats and pigs take g-ood second, third and fourth places. —There is a tradition among watchmakers that prior to the year 1370 all clocks and watches were made with IV. the proper characters to mark four o'clock. In that year a clock was made for Charles V., of France, who was not only a crank but a great fault-finder. The clock was a beauty, but Charles had to find fault. He examined it critically and finally broke out in a storm of rage because the hour four had been marked "IV.," insisting that four IIII's should be put on instead. This was done, and in order to perpetuate a king's mistake has been kept up ever since. —A Frenchman, who evidently revels in handling large sums of money, has compiled some interesting statistics in regard to the weight of a milliard of the. French coin of the realm. According to him a milliard in silver weighs 10,000,000 pounds; in gold, 645,160 pounds; in 1,000-franc checks, 2,5(30 pounds, and in 100-franc checks, 23,000 pounds. Assuming that a carrier could carry 200- weight, 18 men would be required to carry a milliard in 1,000-franc checks, 115 men for the same sum in 100-franc checks, 5,225 men in gold and 50,000 in silver, A milliard in 1,000-franc checks IT is an old adage that: "Out of Nothing-—nothing comes," and there is no place where this is more applicable than i,n the dairy. BELLEWOOD with GRADED STREETS. CLEVELAND STONE SIDEWALKS 603 624 703 714 745 AM 1159 1212 1249 100 130 PM 609J" ... Goodland ... " 6 56! " -Remington... " 9 14! " ...Monticello . " 9 50! " Idaville " 11 ISjarXog-unsportlv. AM| 1014 320 957! are 9 14 8 13 9 021 7 58 830 725 AM (Pit 4« 3S 1« ici 113< AM RICHMOND DIVISION. West-ward. Cincinnati ...... Iv, Hamilton ............ AXD FINE UATALPA TREES, tor $175.00, on payments o£ $7 DOWN AND $7 PER MONTH. Within 750 feet of BELLEWOOD STATION. CO., St. P. &K. C. By.) BELLEWOOD is located TO miles West ol the City limits of Chicago, between the CHICAGO, ST. PAUL & KANSAS CITY RY. and the CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RY. and lias 14 mile South frontage on Madison Street VARIOUS MANUFACTORIES are near BELLEWOOD, assuring a prosperous and thriving future for this Suburb. With the Cicero & proviso Electric Road now running nearly to Bellewood, think what an investment this Is and BUY TWO LOTS IMMEDIATELY! poor folua Tobacco wFjeri t^e can tf\e I am selling BELLEWOOD lots adjoluiuj; tin* uuuni mentioned property with plank sldo-Ml!: Instead or stone, for $125 APIECE., on payments of $5 DOWN and §5 PER M.ONTH. Write for plats or cull and you win be Utlten out to see the property Iree of expeaso to yourself. BUTLER LOWRY, 607 Tacc-aaBullil!ip-', Cor. L;:Sallaand MadlSODi New Castle ...... ... Anderson ............ Klwood ................ Kokomo.._ .......... Galveston ............ t,oxnnaport.....ar Chicago ---------- ar Eastward. Chicago ........ ....Iv ff.... Galveston ........... Kokomo ............ Elwood ............... Anderson.... New Castle ......... Hichnnond. . Hamilton ............ Cincinnati ...... ar. .... .... J v.K osffS 50 " Pullman Sleepiiur Cars run on Nos. L and 10, and Buffet Parlor C»r» on »««.' 18 and 19. BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AND LOUISVitLE. Rcad_Dowp._ Rez, 1255 330 659 AM *S20*945pv. Chicago ar •" « 1 g " Logansport ar! 3 4aar.........IndianapoUs " 7 30ar. ..loiUsville ^_ Jv. M 730 AM •! 0 and is carry Pallmitn Sleepin* " Cars; PnllmaB BnlTet Parlor Can at« " on on Nos. IS.aud 19. JOSEPH -WOOD, E. A. FOBD, Gcnenl Kuiger, Gtntnl Piautpr ig«l, 11-23-90. ' PirxaBtTEGH, ~" For time cards, rates of ftre, through tickets. baffgrige checks, and farther Information re- .^"* Rardlng the running of trains apply to ami "$ Agent of the Pennsylvania Lines. -' OJ4EST Y 35e> "0, DISEASES •MA. UcCnLLOB«H,_Tkk6cAgent . "Losansport, Inff. I POSITIVE HERIAL cures Night fimisBions : 'imd all cases of Youthful Error*. HO.aPOSlTIVEHfRSALREMEDT cures ^ODorrJhoeu and Gleet in a few days. NO,3 POSITIVE HERBAL REMEDY an Inalfible euro rot SynhilIK- rrfcB caob Remedy, Two l)ollarfl. S Small pill form. Ktntln pLain,teaIfd -fib Rulci. Eoor-1 If rib r flOsu|3e- ared. No at f^e. brice. It U worth iTOPS Aii. -' imnati-rnl discharges in in 3 days. Nostricture ol'aln. SURE Adopted by the Ger- n-.anGovcrnmentfot Kospital SArmyuse F.S.C. isputupfoi American trade u> J a vatcnt bottle hold. ' syringe (sec cut>' "to Vfry it. •^here's profit :} |D(easure/br OLD HONESTY Cheap Lands and Homes in Kentucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA!, Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line ol the Queen & Crescent Borne c be found 2,000,000 acres of splendid bottom land, timber and stock lands. Also tlie Q fruit and mineral lands on the continent tor on favorable terms. ' Tho Von MoWComjany, Cincinnati, CW^ Bj F. KEKSLING, Agent. LopmEE*rt, Ind. Ladies $500 Rewaii Dr. Anderson's English 3?emale; Begulattni: Pills are the Bnftst and most reliable Give them a tria: and be convinced. At Drug Store or by mall, post-paid per box tl.00,3 boxes for_j2.60.I 91 oka Medicine,Co.,.Toledo, o. F<* sale In LogansportJlnd.byBenEi-lsher, No;3U Mention raper. rebl9dtw8»i , f JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, P/WIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MQST PERFECT OF PEH&. For BILIOUS "ft DISORDERS Such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Fullness and Swelling after Heals Dizziness, and Drowsiness, Gold ChiIls,Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, <8e. THE r IRST DOSE WILL CIVS RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. BEECHAU'S PILLS TAKEN AB DIRECTED RESTORE FEMALES TO COMPLETE HEALTH. For Sick Headache; Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Cqiistipationj Disordered Liver, etc., f AHMiitoi.wlth all thy getting get a boiw the sunny South, where blizzards and Ice d plains are unknown. , ' The Queen & Crescent Route Is Si Miles th Shortest and Quickest Line Cincinatl to New Orleans .. ., Tlme.27 Hours..... Entire Trains, Baggage, Car, -Bay Coaches Sleepers run through without chan««. they ACT LIKE MAGIC, SfrengiAen/ng-tho muecnlar System, restoring long^losr. 'com- \ r<fi°?ir,? ? c i*?, 6 keen e "?f of appetite, and arousing with the ffOBEBUD OF ' ( , V .k » • mlK > l 'J>ky*ii!<>l energy of .the'humon trame. Olio of the best guarantees LARGEST SALE OF I1C Miles the Shortest, 3 Hours tlie QulCKe? Cincinnati to: JacKsocville, Fia • Time 27, Hours. Tlw pnlj- line runnlHg Solid Trauis and Sleeping Cars. ONLY LIKE FBOM CJNCINNATI TO Chateinoga, Tenn., Fort-Papie,- AJa., Meridian on ,,., M|S A- T?<*burE, Miss., Shreveoort. in. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati toitklngton Kv 5 aonrs Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvffie, Term, llo Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to. Atlanta and .,-Augusta,, Ga. 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston AJs 28 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati 1 ', to Birmingham Ala. 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shrevepop For.Texss, ; Mexico, : California. Trains leave Central-Union Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge-of KflntuMcr, and rounding the base or Lookout Mountain. Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains, Over One MlUlon Acres of Land in Altmma thf future Great State of tie South snbtect to' pre-emption. l r n«nrpas«pd cllmate.; . For.CorrectCountyCiR.p8,:Lowe.st Bates am 1 full partlculars.'addre,<.D.R. EDWARDS, Gen Passenger * Ticket Agent. iQueen i Crescent Route. Cincinnati. O. Gfldco Htor W«tb,.-,M»inm« Dura, for dcnl- inp.the bust,»Riunu. for remoTine ous Kalr Banj *«,!«,. AH coods w S 1 ,, I? 1 "' 1 ', S 01 "! * ««•• for-illustTMed cl Fulllmc of CM h»ir foods. Mrs. R. W. =i« Wood. AT., Dctroli, Midi. IRJECT tHE GEMTLEMM'S FRIE«Z OurMalj-dor Perfection, Syringe &eo with «V*IT Dottle. Prevents Stricture. Cures G«narrtmL •nd Gleet in 1 to 4 days. J^k your Droe»i« ior It. Sent tu sny address for SLOO Addt^ CO.,LANCASTE«.a , JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTED .Aavertislng--hasalwa}S pioveo successful. -Eefora placing- anj Newspaper Advertising consult LORD & THOMAS. . .iDVBKTiswo A<;::.\TS, -If. M 49 ILni.,l,,l|M Slr,» u CHICAGO !» 1 ui til Stated, July 10, 1E8!! «c' in Ten Foreign Conatrlcb: COMB THAT COMBINES THE STRENGTH Or METAL WITH THE ELASTICITY o- A ERUSS-. Efficient, Humane, Convenient and Durable. - APPLICATION.-^ AKfc jour dealer tor it, or send 50o..foreamploby J PRIN6 CURRY COMB CO., South

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