The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 14, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1897
Page 4
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Wl! UAUiY. CflttOttdLKr 14, Torn nirtaimTfttKild »lcK«m thfe heart ot housekeeper. Port s«6h » 8i»t«!i of a-tfaifft tetro* ftecra- We undertokf* Mthoroughly wA«h Jrrro any lace cut thin, no ttoaCter how deltaitrtf entrusted toottr eareatid to return if as whole afid eouftfl- as when to «s. Anybftdy'oan launder fe n handkerchief-it takes art «Jrt uj> a la<;p curtain in tho way they are don* atftha Stefttti ttauMdty, Hatch Block. ..•i i Statistics for the World Collected by the Agricultural Depart- at Washington. /•; NdwWeffl td «o **P SttppilOT the tinlti'rt StntCTi unit <!itnw»a No Sept.' 1*.— The relating 10 thfr wheat ^sitnjktlpn 1s 'afi traf-t (row th^e irornHftte Winnthty ojt jonrt-'ifj!^, tht« statistician i^j-H'uffurai iJepaftftietyt", which Ift today: %< Mlgh priced |«ir whoftt have ,for ral wctUa' past b?fen hrlngltijtf out frwly, ana Utcreas^d nuts .have, in twrn, rpapt&d »p6 »ont« dtfeWne frftta the P«r Male 1h«f JSterftdott hotel, tWt>fltort*,ahotimo fWidf lot wttti Bam and orchard easy. , SHOWS Mich. . Talk ftbttnsylft, tttlk abotit it! But have you fiocn thf stylish wedding i»vt- talfoJw, party cards; individual ttirtfe we are putting otit? pare style. Fast Trains feay View Via lX G. R. & I. Summer Snoed^le* now in effect. Fawt dnj train 5fo. 7 leaves Kalamazoo 12:30 p. m.-, and. Grand Knpidfi 2:20 p. tu., arrivtog Traverse City 1-M p. m., Petoskey 1 ?:!** p. »n- Bay YIPW 8:03 p, m. and 't^nrb r Springs 8:25 p. m. This Schedule especially nreomodates passeag^ 'Ooiuiutf from Jother lines. -Send for folders ana'further infc»ruia- tion to C. L. LOCK WOOD, li. P. \- T. A.. tiirand Skipids, Mich. . tne Infarrnfltlon gTeane^J frttrpK avail able soutcen is not, however, ,of a .char- •cter te Wat-fttnt the expectation or the fcftrv-acCordlnit sa the matter ' I* regarded fr«m the ronsumefH 1 or the pro- aueerV point of vtgw— of «ny material chr-appnlner of wheat untfl another crop \a in sight with a prospect ot ampler stacks. VUth on annual average Eu- piodmt' 6f over l, 428,000,00ft rHirlnf? the six years from 1S91 to IS96 Inclusive we k **p.ort«d an average of 166,373,872 bushels a yfnr. This year the European crop, according to Broin* hall's Oiirn Trade NevvB, Win In round numbers Amount to 1.S29.000.000 Winchester bUishels, or 09,000,«0(V bushels H»«s the average ,of the six years In • »TCAMCHS. TO LOW BAT-• MACKINAC PETOSKEY CHICAGO.. FOUR THII>« PCtt WCC* BCTWCCN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PE1X5SKIJY. THE "SCO," MARQU6TTE A>D OULUTH. cvcnv BETWEEN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting trlth Karlie»i Train* &•. Cleveland for all' points Ra<*», South nail — 'un«»» Tf Ip* JUM. toly, Augui« and 8»pUmb«r Onfe l.New SicblPassenger Steamers ' Have just *>e?u Buh« for our r/pjwr I^ke Uoutt co»tluK tj(xi.(»o {web. 8«»<i «"• iiiuv-attd p»tujjljlrtf Addrew, A. *..«C»"iNTZ, c. C, »., BCTHftiT. «n<JH The Deiroif t WveiawJ siean in. » r)«-ll<'i«>nry IN t i:»,OOO,OOO. tf we make the tmmparisoh with the given hy Beerbohtqtt for 1897 ^h^ deficiency In the Kuropean crop" Is fitlll gfreater. the flgures In bu«»h- C)«> be4np: Average for 1S91-4R%, 1,428,- OOO.OPO; rrop of 1897. 1.315,000,000: rllfCori- ence. 113,000,00^ ' That Is, accot-rllncr to Brerbohm'fl witlrnate of this year's crop there «» 'n rtefldowy of H3.OW.oOO buslt- •e!g tn Kuropfnn rounlrtr-a ftfMfompnnHt with their morale prnrtuct tor the six y<virs. 1S3I to 1896— an averaRc which includes the exceptionally sninll crop of To make up the deficiency little to tw« expwted froiii India, Ar- «r Australia for months to oonW Bnd,lnpnf«r as Kurope win have to im- rort^a larger (juahtity than usual she will havjp to draw H mainly from North frum thf< ^inlrM'Wt«<n» r>-:!ativ,v':ly email, SAJf MI-Hi;sri'I'i>Y THK HI'I.H. Do» f t yoit n|sd »tfifffl of printing In the above Iin«e last afeoul now, 1# thfe newest ttirai-latciat floript typo. ,„_ _> at the llprdi „_. ifftd to«ixchang«flotiri0r\vfi«ftt les thfe YbtkviWto inllliffg cwopatty's flour, one of, tb« best brands s T<> ftath ,if l»fil>,''irci' wttittt Ai»rietUo 'ninan, make w tHHl ttt gtnferr'a Kin Tftblet*. woll, \Ti» Know Inter«HtluK of ftb Tlkdltttt«p« fig Olhrr <'^>«Btrlpi« M»y ot Maty Not, Have » Little W lu-»t in spur,- "Oftlcial rcturnH for Ontario and Manl- to)»a Ri\f for ( these two p<ovlnceii an aggregate of 51,042,253 busrie)^ H th'e ArRt-atiim crnp shall escape the r^vtfaca of Jttcustf It Mt-ems llknly to " unuHuaUy well, und from Januo.ry, when the bulk of the hurvt-Ht will be 4n in AiBcptlna, tbaj; pountry may have more or leas \vhe*t U> *txnoft, as the mail represent th« fr°p" \« ',' -i ,J, v--- •' t t \ •• • , i MH)OSE Cor. Pates end Lamed St». § PPTROIT^WiOf, v <&*)%.<* Rfcw* fr«i«»ir«<j«wfp» * "ftwrttoiifiwfc, 1 IruMi "V " ''V »J.*0. latest au l>ein« In finerondltlon »nd triewaath- er highly, favmable. Thtre ar^ .however niajV chances of TS5t10u» damage rturing, tlit" nojct three or four months. The •lateirt- aceountti from Australia Indicate that the diuueni from which Unit country ha» sufjferwt for the last two or throe »ca»on»'baB been' broken, ind that tin- « l»Mt prop iff giving, KOCH) promise tbroupfhiurnnoat of tho Australian colonies; but the ar'«a wa,-» nar- nvvti'd by drott{iht at HCK<Jifng tlinp, and a,u ; nt<H-kn ni«»t U<- low it IB not likely that «w"n with a fuUyi<«)d the crop will Uii unt u\it of \\hleh any great arnoUnt tan bo <u»u<'d f*>r *• xportatlon. • "Tht» pif«<»iit high pric'ea would or- .iliFiurlly K-nti *o t>pt'ourage th<" mowing nf an Itu-iv'ijyt il Uifadth in India, Hhoulrt tht» w^atbt-r t«y /iiyt>ia4>t^ thlp fall; but any iiK-llnatloti on thu jait l)t {lie pixirer nil ti\'4 torn to take «.(Jvaytat4P,«l' such, f(tvt>itihU> tonditioni* will probably bt- In •i gFvat rrn-^suie thwarted by tlin \w- jxivt-iishf'J ctnulltlon in wbkh they hav*> \wn Ifft liy ib*i fttinlrie'in, th^ givuti-r pare «f th« whfe»t gr<Jwtn(r fH«trlft». .IJfcji lea vinff ««t -(>f vlt-w tH<- fact th4t thp IniKit'-n (f Hip>ly fi'r Kurope will 'full IhMi- Mrp'-ty than bitoal 'ui>«tn"thtf «-vi4f'nt, that No trouble is mt»w> c&ftioion or more mis- undetBtooU than hervous dyapepftia, I?eo pie having it think thaMheir nerves arc to blame and ire surprised that they are not cured by nerve tnt-oiomo and Bprinw rCtnc- diw; th« real aoat of the niieahief is toss sight of; the stomach is the organ to bo looked aftf r. Nervous dyspeptics often do not hnv'e any pain whatever iu the stomach, nor perhaps any of the usual symptoms of stocoach wenkiMWfl. Nervous dy&pepflia shows itself not in the Btumsoh no much au m nearly every other organ; in some coses the henrt pslJpitaten «nd is irregular; in others tho kidneys are affected; in others the boweM are conati puled, with head aches; still otherp «re troubled witiilofw of flesh and appetite, with aeoumulfttion ot gait, Hour riMtDRit and hfcart burn. Mifc A.. W. Sharper of Nofll Prospect St., Indianafoti«, Ind., writes as follow* "A motive of pure gratitude prompa.rne to write ihetw few linea regarding the new and valuable medicine, Btfift'ft's Dyspepsia Tab- I have been A miffenug from nervous, r tho la?* four years; hare used patent medicine H and other ntne- edioB withdiit. any favorable result. They snmctimefl gave tenijwrarj- relief until the effe'-tsof the medicine wore oft', t attributed tfuB to my Bedcntary hnbitH, being a baodkeopor with little physical exerciAc, but I arn «l"d to nt.nte that the tablet** have oyercouie all tbcae obataeles . for I stained iu flenh, uleep bitter, and'am better in every way. The.ttbove lis-wrjtten not for notoriety, but is baeed on actual fact." Kewnectfully .yourn, A. 'W. HHARI'ER, Gn j r«)8peftt St., IndiaUHpoli , Ind. » Jt in 'antpfo »uy that StuartV Dyspepsia Tablet* will euro hny stojnaeh weakne«» or diwat>o 'csoept fitnoor of Btotnuch, They oure^onr stomach, gas, I us* of flesh and apjfetito, tileepleeaneifi, palpitation, heart- t>om, (vu^tipntion >ind heada^heo. Sond for valuable little book on stomach di»ea«et) by rtddressibtf Stuart Co., Mrtlnhftll, Mielr. All druggi«ti« gell full «t7,ed packa«e8 at 60 cents. _"__^_^_^ Swd Time ami Harvest. • •\Ia a good opjtoriuuiH to enquire about farming land* m bouth Dakota, only one dsjs r^de from Uhit-ngo. Bountiful crops of wh^irt, corn, barley, and jBax reward the tilUr of the «oil. 4s ft stock and.dairy country rioiHh Dikot,') leailrt nl, the world.- Fir* I'lasi* far'H land* wifh m-urhy innrkets OBI) now be bought tor from $10, $).^< ^13, and upwnnls. pi) r nktf, nod thi# in th» time to inre'nt. For further ^artioular* wnto tn O«orgo H, Uoiilt'Til, (Icneral Puti8ong(>r A«eut, rhiui^o, MilwHiikt.i-> ,t St. I'ftul Rml- wrty, Old Colony ituililing, €)tieatfo, Ilk i ^ «t U-«» be>« Bn* trom Cli'f"^ <:rli'fie track, Colo., ttix, a. ;,HK nliOWn iu tbtt CM1CACO t>CMWtH I CHIPIH.I CHUK jLouin'l rxdi I SPRINOA ' ro*l» l» t Ohl<!*«o A Alton B. B. tt'rftewr Cftll today, for lowwt »»»« '•illpartli ulfti*. W. Stw« rvlllp, 4«ftB>uJ (.'«*«en«er IH>i«»rttiirtitiI«» ,.iatu Wu<:dlutf. Chi ant. m fitly <at-f, of fWs •••If in' a (J^ » it) b? . for six years ,«.;Wh ' at tjuaritity an av(:r«B" p;uro$«? as yc*r, must ™&» { ?-£, •\^->^> Hift-litr Fwiuiuif Or»wn>, Wise Wrttoa wd li*tU Cent ia ay tbo rau^e »( |iu;r»nur«i th«r« not wioiker 1,00k lik« tu UrittHiQfc ttlnae, cut lie fewea tt« t*fpc- - every Blbleird»<te ,agr*»|««rtfc i .III UVt'lt it I.'.V MS Wheels, toof ut^^r fcf»j}«.K4iu»t tt. ivlif\ti t»it ! (fc K!nH-y Sir*, not tt-i;il Me- tpr- At» .i»Sm) arid B. at vaf taut* *•« route, — ^fcfr »ecrf|«jry ol tbe ueassuiy ha» glv«-p »utlit>i-lty to tb* 3*v« 1U»- W«|» viWfW* towpasy to bring Into Uil» coiar-li-y 400 L'bJlieiS(?- tu (.^ke f>4ft iu ibe Trans- Mjsetesippi and at Oi'naba. Neb., exbJyt will te- • Writ* THEHEHRVO.SHEPA80CO. ^HHPfljpW (fW^I^Ww ^BS'" "P^^^^"^*^^W^w^^^* i u, if, • SH*U*» rowiunt to SB* 1%. pt. i*.— Jx«m«e Mlf'b<-f, 'an»;cl.j£t, is tsulng tu tlie tour iu gvui Muu*. tita &l believes the ihe i Jf ^Rpj^W ^?* fl?^* piw 7 -J OHIO. RjSCWSilfE ARRC5T5*DI5CA5t. $100.00 rewah} will be paid for tho ftriest anil conviction of tiny one detected refilling our bottles. For-ssile by \V. f. 1>HAKK nnrt A. O. ll¥t>l<;. T • . «r Three Opinions: CHICAGO RECORD is a h.trfel newspaper in every sense of the wort/."- . Harrisbuig (Pa.) Call. » ^ 1 'There i$ no paper published in America that so nenrlv approaches the true journal" JstiQ ideal nLjTJte CHICAGO RECORD." from "Nc\\'spnpcrdom" (New York). 1 ' i i "/ have come to the firm conclusior, after a long test Jind after a wide cor varisqn with the journals of many cities and coun° tries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for sonic time likely to find on these mortal shorts" -Prof. J. T. 'Hatficld ii The i-vanston (111.) Index. " RexTablets arc sold uricler a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee.^ Utt ES all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse or txccs^es, Stops dangerous drains. A. genuine nerve tonic^ Shows immediate improvement. The grandest remedy ot modern times. Don't buy imitations. Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents^or •six packages (a full treatment) for $2.50, by maO, in plain package,'on receipt of prtce. Circular iree, KINO REMEDY CO., »8JS3$8!tt£~ For «(ulo ftt,Marrtlini1, Mich , hy A. O. IIVUK. Sold by nciufrlculers everywhcrv and subscript ion& received 6/v nil pnnt masters. Address THE CHI' So'sntlfio American Agenoy fc •t . 30^«ars w&Juye,. f sumption in stock, and would sooner think A groceryman coulo without sugar fa hjs Store than, w« ?QtJ!d without & It is a sure seHec,—RAVEN & CO., Druggists Qrescp, Michigan, September 2, 1896* :/ . . . I) **• K- 1 f * x * •*- 4.* O W, —f. «* B^ jMNfceil -. •«• , St£ *- -- Uacts Jil«e t^»>te i SM, U. it MYPi. . CAVEAT*. TRAO8 MARIO. DESICM PATKHTtt COPYRIGHTS, eto.' .... . trcr IlatitlUxit wrtfo t(> dt), ..111 J'lt >»l>Wiy, JiUVV YoKKl burenii f<<r nifitnns I'Oirnuln Am imtJ u. Kite it'iui l>y in t» lirinmUt I l.lj'j bj u. L. .1 ii-t).m»<.-n ftvo us I'UHUC Ut (t» • j» -- -- . w..nil. MiKi.'H.llf i.i. in » In lilt l«c ^It .,SI.Vii)xm.,5,( ye •., I'l, ,^l» in of ftny i«^pn$lflo pn»> .1, N<> imi'in,-"ui It. Vv.-ktv. $:|.(ti)< * y« OU^ U * a new pair of kidneys ia the title ol a little book, , ^. .. which uivcs oompltte inatfuctkon <coa-« cerHing; the »orlc poriarntcd pv the kidneys, and the h<tnn dune to the »y*t«m whrn tlievvfail to fulfil tba duties imposed upon tiiein. U describe* In luuguike iar Ul!ij<i)iiL-tq chlMrrin, thefunctktnsofthcte fi|!eiiij|«iit.)iy> 1 fetoaB4 their intimate ie~ litiAn to the welfare of'the hiuuan bodfi, NATUHE'»R.K»)EI>V Co.. Doycc BM'g, Chicago, 111. *' "'-•*'-)»'-*--., «Po be-t|k$Ul of M. 8. POWELL. Drug 9 i»t«. • MAH8HA.LL.Miaa *k DR. FEUX LEBRUN'S A. O. HYDC. $ .tftWr^ •fcJIM^ ^e^^w^p^ — p^lucb'vuivr^ IBlEAKOBUW I>feaa»«ri*<»k . r Luyux. wUcli ' a« ^>«

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