Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1946 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 24, 1946
Page 5
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GailsPlenilfuI, Blf Aronmenl h How io Utilize It WTtttAMSON Texas,- Feb. 23— (Xp)— Almost everybody agrees that Amer- lca'6 tfast reserves of natural gas, variously estimated at between 60 and 150 trillion cutic feet, ought to be 1 ifeeH to bring about the greatest benefit to the greatest possible number of people. Bfflt there is^wldesprend and some- tihles heated oifference of opinion as to how that end can be achieved. . Powers Questioned . When gas moves from one state ttt another it comes under control Of the Federal Power commission. That agency scheduled an elaborate series of hearings to find out What changes, if any, congress should make in the present natural gas act. At these hearings the differences of. Opinion about governing the gas industry came sharply into focus. •ftie PPC, at its Houston hearing. hear^" Texas officials and industry representatives argue that federal control should not be broadened in any way. On the other side of tho whole controversy were the coal, railroad and allied union interests affected by the question of gas. These interests put in no direct testimony at the Houston hearing. But their position was made clear by the questions their counsel put to witnesses on cross-examination. Coal-Unlon-RR Stand Thus interpreted, the coal, railroad, and. related union people tclieve: 1. That gas is a superior fuel and should be designated for superior uses, such as heating homes. 2. That gas reserves may not be sufficient to last very long if the commodity is extensively exported for such inferior uses as burning under boilers. 3. That Texas should insure Us Continued On Pape 6 Phillip. No, 1 Ellon ~ Dnllhtg Ahead in Shale at 5258 feet Recovering six feet of sanely shaie and six feet, cf dark gray shale on coring from 487(1-90 feet,' the Phillips Petroleum Co., No. 1 Elton, section 135, block 2, GH&H survey, Hr.nsfonl county, was drilling aheac! in shale at 5253 feet. In Carson comity the J. M. Huber Corp., No. 1 Folinf? "C", section 31, blo.-k Y-n, TT H.R survey, set 7-. inch casing at 2912 fert with 75 sacks of r.emrnt. The w' j ll was acidi- zed with 2.000 gallons at 2800'feet. Operators were drilling ahead at 2f!G8 feet where tas was estimator) at, 7 million .;ubif. feet. £ light show of gas at 1780-96 feet increased nt 1933 leet. at the Pen- tileton and Vaughn No. 7 MacDonald. section '130. block . 22, H&GN suivny, Collintfsworth county, which reached a temporary depth at 209(1 feet. Drilling in linw nt 2940 feet, thf Phillips Petroleum No. 1 Need, sc> tion G3, block 3, G&M survey. Moore county, had slight shows of gas from ,2475-85 feet after sf ttins 7-inch casing at !i5(H Teet \vith 150 bass. Also in Moore county, the Shamrock Oil and Gas Co. No. 1 Otis Phillips, section 6, block 1-PD, G<N!M .survey, was plugged back to 3075 after'being drilled to 3100 feet. A show of gas was had at 274H feet which incrrnscd at 2780 feel and down to .Mai depth. After setting 7-inch casing at 2203 feet, the Hoy Barker No. 3 Evans, located In the NW 4 of section 51. block 24, H&GN RR survey, was* drilling ahead at 2290 feet with a -.light show ot gas from 2205-00 feet. Casing was not cemented. News of Interest To Oil Men 578-Barrel Well Added by Danciger, Total Field Potential 974 Barrels Madison, Wis., has the largest percentage of home oil furnaces of any city in the world. Wood engraving was practiced by the Chinese as early as the 10th century. Comolete Chemical Service FOR PARAFFIN Mojulcne Master Solvent MIDWEST PROCESSING COMPANY 925 West Foster St. Phone 1131 ROCK GLYCERIN CO. A Complete and Efficient ^ Oil Well Shooling Service 211 Combs-Worlcy Bldg Phone 670 Greggton Parts Shop No. I, Lid. 103 S. Hobart Phone 674 • Tulso Winches and Ports , • Southwestern Wheel and Rim Equipment • Brake Specialists • Deisel Mechanics • Truck Beds-r-Trailers—Floats 0 General Truck and Tractor Repair 14 Commencements Reported in Week Six notices of i/itention to drill were filed with the railroad commission and eight additional commencements were reported from I he fiPld during the week ending Feb. 21. Four of the eight commencements were in Texas county, Ckla. Carson J. M. Hubcr Corp. No. H-2 San- forrl, 1320 feet from the north and raV> lines of section 12. block "S," survey, 1G miles northwest tif Panhandle. Gray i Magnolia. Petroleum Co. No. 3 M. Failcr, 330 feet from tho south and fpfl feet from the west lines of the NW/4 of section 111, block 3, I&GN four miles southwest of Largest oil well completed during the past week was a 578-barrel pro- A, J. Beagle Tells of Rangely/ Shangri-La of U.S. Oil Reids Repressuring of West Pampa Pool To Start in March Actual injection of gas in repres- Macnolia Petroleum Co. No. 3 Mia Edainston. 330 feet from the north and 900 feet from the west lines rf the NB/4 of section 34, block B-?. H&GN survey. Fhilliu- .Petroleum Co. No. 2 Ca- nir, 330 feet from tlie east and 2315 from tlie south lines of section 188. t 'ock B12, H&GN survey. Drilling at 800 feet. Hansford Phillins ePtroleum Co. No. 2 Ca- r-ot-Dahl. 1939 feet from (ho south find 3216 feet from ihe east lines of reelinn L block J. PSFL survey, 11 miles east of Tfjxoma. Hartley The Pure O-\ Co. No. 1 E. R. Roh'rtsen. 330 feet from the north find 2310 feet .from the west, lines of pcetion 152. block 48, H&TC survey, one and one-half miles north of Hartley. Hutehinson ,T. W. Gnvden and C. B. Crce'No 2 Ella V. Parks. 330 feet from the .south and west lines of the SW/4 of sfction 3, block R-2, D&P survey, nine miles norihwest of Stinnett. J. M. Hubar Corp. No. 15 B. M. Brynn, 330 feet from, the southerly «outh line and ?30 feet from the ivpst lino of section 2, block M-24. TC RR company. Derrick has moved in. Moore Petroleum Co. No. 3 Need. 13"") feet from the south and 1315 feet from the e.nst lines of section SO, block 3 G&M survey, 12 east of Dumas. Drilling at 2324 feet. Wheeler Magnolia Petroleum Co. Nn. 2 Jeff Mankins. 990 feet from the east and south lines of the W/2 of section 54; block 13. H&ON' survey. Texas Co.. Okla. Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 1 Billy. 2536 leet from the south and 2P34 feet from the west lines of seel ion 22, township 1-N, range 15-E. Phillins Petroleum .Co. No. 1 Nnve, 2535 feet from the east and S r >37 feet from the south lines of seetion 98. lownshin 1-N. range 14-E. Harrington and Marsh No. •State, 150 feet from the north and west lines of the center cf section 1, township 3-.., ranee 15-E. Harrington and March No. State, 2600 feet from the north and 2640 feet from the west lines of section 6, township 3-N, range 1G-E The Turks introduced coffee to Europe about 1683. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT WE HAVE SOLD OUT IT IS IMPORTANT Thpt'oll patrons having any goods stored HERE should .please call, at earliest possible date, at our office and sign the necessary papers for transfer of property and' transfer of insurance, etc. Wish To THANK j* . ' ei*T petjons and frjends for their loyal t find hope you continue with the < C- A We Wish To EXTEND Greetings to the many past patrons and friends of the old company. It will be our policy to continue with the past fine service and hope we can even improve, ROY COX BYRON B. fe^^&j *^4&f , , „../> Danciger Oil and Relin- suring the West Pampa field is ex- Co , No. 37 Powell-Beck, sec- i pected to start between March 1- ion 28, block B-2, H&GN survey, irav counlv. 'Jhe well was drilled to 2976 feet vilh granite wash pay from 2820 eet to total depth. It was not shot, 10, it was estimated at the last meeting of the Field Engineers Committee of the West Pampa Repres- suring Assn. h.eld last Tuesday. Twenty field engineers met at uiri tested 578 barrels pumping on j that time for four hours at the a. railroad commission test. Total production added in the Manhandle field Included 974 bar- •els of oil and ,21.55 million cubic eet of gas. Largest gasser was In Texas coun- ,y, Okla., which panged 5.6 million cubic feet. Thf* Well is the J. L. Mc- lormack et al No. 1 Zea, section 36, township 3-N, range 14-E. It • was drilled to 2729 feet with lime pay ran 2634 feet and rock pressure at 425 pounds. It was not shot. Pumping' G8 barrels of oil in eight I Schneider hotel in the final meeting before the project gets underway. It was stated that about 56 of the 75 input wells which will inject gas into the field had been tested by the railroad commission, reported Fred Neslage, pool engineer. Tritial Input volumes, the rate at which gas would be injected into the reservoir by each input well, were discussed. The committee recommended to the directors of A. J. Beagle, manager of the Rock Glycerin Co., which has its main office in Pampa, has been spending about half his time since early last summer in the newly developed Bangely oil field, the Shangri- La of XT. S. fields, located in northwestern Calorado. His company has established an office in Rangely, offering oil well shooting service. Rangely is considered by some oilmen as probably the greatest field ever 10 be discovered in the States. Others are more conservative, estimating it to be the greatest since Pearl Harbor. According to Mr. Beagle major Sunday, February 24, PAMPA NIWS Texas Co. Hole Holds Spotlight In Active Week SHAMROCK—(Special)—A touch back to Shamrock j The Magnolia Petroleum No. 4 Jeff Mankins isee locations) off- hours, the Robinson Bros., No. 7 J. > the association that from 50-75,000 F. Weathcrly, section 24, block Y.ifeet of gas be injected daily by A&B survey, HuUhinpon county j tested 201 barrels in 24 hours on a •ailrond commission test. Lime pay was from 3027 feet to total depth of 344 feet. Carson The R. C. and E. C. Sidwell No. 4 'G. McConiicll was completed as on 18 barrels producer on a. railroad commission test. Hansford Tho Phillips Petroleum Co., No. 1 Dahl tested 3.04 million cubic feet of gas on a commission test. Moore The Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line '.'j. No. 1 C. L. Kilgore, section 29. block 44, H&TC .survey, gauged 4.9 million feet of gas after plugging back to 3350 feet Irom a total depth of 3473 feet. The well was treated with 10,000 g-allons of acid. Lime pay was from 3080-3300 feet and rock pressure at 38G pounds. After being,shot with 500 quarts from 3350-3450 feet and treated with 11,00!) gallons of a:'id the Dave Rubin No. 4, section W. H. Brown, section 7, block 2, G&M survey, tested 2.1 million cubic feet of gas. The well wa.s drilled to 3537 feet and slugged back to 3455 feet. Lime pay was from 3350<-3450 feet; rock pressure at 380 pounds. The Dave Rubin No. 5 W. H. Brown, section 6, block 2, G&M survey, drilled to a total depth of 3632 feet, was plugged back to 3388 feet, shot with 203 quarts in lime pay from 3340-88 feet and treated with 5,000 gallons of test .91 million ou- Mc feet of gas. Rock pressure was 385 pounds. The Dave Rubin No. 6 Brown, se:;Jon 5, block 2, G&M survey, tested 1.4 million of gas after operators had drilled to 3535 feet and plugged back to 3490 feet. The well was treated ,vith 1000 gallons of acid. Lime pay.was.nfrorn, 3377-3490 feet; rock pressure at 382 pounds. Gauging 3.G million cubic feet of ios, the Shamrock Oil ad Gas Co. No. 1 A. A. Stewart, section 3, block V, PD survey .was drilled to 3341 feet and plugged back to 2944 feet. It was treated with 6000 gallons of acid. Linio pay was from 270.0-29-14 Teet; ro«?K pressure at 309 pounds. Wheeler The Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. 11 J. P. Koons, section 43, blo.'k 24, H&GN survey, pumped 119 barrels of oil after being drilled to 2431 feet. Lime pay: was from 2392-22405 feet. In the Kellerville pool the Smith- Bros. Refining iCo. No. 7 W. S.! Walker, section 44, block 24, H&GS survey, ran five barrels of oil in 24 hours on a ..railroad commission test. A total depth was 2475 ft., with •T.ramte wash, pay,;from 2470-75 feet. The Phillip^ Petroleum Co. No. 4 Alma Johnson, section 47, block 24. H&GN survey, tested 50 barrels of oil in 24 hours after being drilled to 2495 fest. Granite wash pay was from 2481-95 feet., it'iras not shot. Beaver..'.County, Okla. Location oj : 36he'<H. L. Hunt et al No. 1 Light Es'ta'ie, section 9, township 6-N, raivge 3-E, was abandoned. Collingsworlh Test Drills at 3552 The Humble Oil and Refining Co., No. 1 Mi's. M. R:-Scruggs, located in wildcat territory in Collingsworth county, was drilling ahead in shale and lime at 3552 feet. In Hartley -;ounty the deep test well of the Pure Oil Co., the No. 1 Uoberson, section 152, block 48, H&TC survey, was drilling at about 40 feet. The hole was spudded Feb. 19. ^_ . The turnip was first cultivated in .England in 1724. Approximately five per cent of; the crude oil refined in the United States is made into kerosene. each of the 75 wells. About half of 'the lease pipelines to be laid by operators have been completed. Lease pipelines connect each of the 99 individual leases (955 producing wells) with the main repressuring system. The entire project requires about 40 miles of pipeline. Other miscellaneous procedures involved in the project were discussed. Engineers who attended the Tuesday meeting were Max Harbison, Kewaunec Oil Co.; Dallas Bowsher, Harry J. Gibbons, L. Station and M. N. 'Osborn, Skelly Oi! Co.; James Massa, Sloan Oil and Gas Co.; P. A. Kindsvater and C. L. Cross, British American Oil Producing Co.; C. .A. Lutz, Stanolind Oil and Gas Co.; E. G. Reaser and Hal Nabors, Continental Oil Co.; J. W. Roache and J. E. Gray, Shell Oil Co.; R. B. Wilkins, Phillips Petroleum Co.; G. H. Gray, Sinclear Prairie Oil Co.; P. G. Hollingsworth, jr., Gulf Oil Corp.; J. W. Chervenka, The Texas Co., and Fred Neslage, WPRA engineer. The average cost of drilling oil wells has increased more than one- third from the prewar price. companies started coming into the field particularly after the Utah Oil At Refining Co. laid a 10-inch pipeline over a 200-mile stretch from the field to another line in southern Wyoming. It was completed and opened last September. Transportation Difficulties Before the pipeline was laid and production had to be transported a distance of 105 miles over mountain roads to Craig, the nearest rail center to the field. All equipment and materials must still be transported over the winding mountain reads from Craig. Air transport service is being provided oilmen and their families for shopping in nearby towns. Colorful History The history of Rangely is as fascinating as any pioneer story. One oilman has related how the first deep test made in Rangely blew out the s'.ring of 10-inch casing with the blowing-in of a 100 million foot gas well. Lightning struck the gas, causing flames 1000 feet high which burned for "40 days and 40 niehts." Indians on the Uto reservation about 80 miles away got ready for ^the "Great Battle," beat their war drums and got out iheir war paint, soon finding it to be a false alarm. Stories vary, but the above sounds best. After a bit of activity in the basin Rangely was forgotten in favor of the discovery of the East Texas oil field. Independent Sees the Light In 1932 an independent operator from California who had heard about Rangely went up to look at }t for himself. He saw in the reflections of light the outline of rim rocks, and the greatest of all structures to be found in the States. Interest in Rangely was revived. U. S. geologists drew up a "pretty map." The California Co. complet- Continuol On Page 6 tractors are Colvin attd Alma, Okla. Colvin and Colvlft ilso hstftj contract on the Columbian Corp. No. 3 Mankihs, sectioft 8*» block 13, about one-half mlW 6WI of Midway. It's an offset to t&S north of their present well attd was drilling at 525 feet Wednesday 1 . It was spudded Feb. 16. Ten-falcft of the pioneer oil field activity has j casing wa.s set at 470 feet. been brought with more wells being drilled in; "*" man-uns .see «"»""<»' «"! sets the present well to the this area at the present time thani on the Mankins i ease . in the past several years. Three j i n the gas fisld west of here wells are now being sunk; a fourth j the Fendleton and Vaughan No. 7 is at a temporary standstill with ! McDowell is drilling at opproxi- ...,,, . imatelv 2.100 feet. It is reported contractors awaiting further orders , thal ; n lhe produntion area of 8as and a location lias brer made for a | wc i ls an attempt is being made to strike oil by drilling deeper. _ _ | The Snoddy No. 1 Mrs. G. H. EiHs, section 45'" block " 13." 'H&GN I Aldous. located in the NE',4 of sec. survey, eight miles east of Sham-i I'™ ]30 ' block 22 ' five miles 8out |} rock, holds the spotlight. At 4 j <* Shamrock, is at a standstill with fifth. The Texas Co. No. 1 Myrtle S o'clock Wednesday afternoon depth of the well was 2.040 feet. The crew was ready to run seven-inch o. d. casing. 9 show of gas was had from 1950-60 feet. Drilling con- ' Aead the Classifieds In The New* contractors awaiting further orders after reaching a contract depth of 2300 feet. Oil and Gas Well Supplies GENERAL SUPPLY CO. 718 B. CUTLER PHONE 1411 RADCLIFF SUPPLY CO. OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT 112 E. BROWN PHONE H. 0. SIMMONS CONTRACTING ENGINEER — INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION Plans and Estimates Phone 254J Box 1996 JOE N. KEY CONSTRUCTION CO. PHONE 250 BOX 893 Digging of Basements, Cesspools and Earth Tanks. Also Crane work. YOU ALWAYS DO BETTER AT ZALE'S Multi-Millionaire Gets AFL Union Card SAN ANTQNJO. Feb. 23— (if)— A San Antonio, multi-millionaire who made '-iis fortune in West Texas oil fields, today was a member of a local A. P. L. truck drivers' union. The opulent champion of organized labor is -12-year-old Louis A. Yates, who resides in a palatial residence on highwaj 281, north, near ftere. He has a private airfield on the estate- Yates was quoted by Dent Taylor of San Antonio, a close friend of tha wealthy oil man, as saying lie joined the 'union, local' 65P, "to support organized labor," Yates once wqvlced ia hours a day for ,50 cents an hour. 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