The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 13, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
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Friday, January 13, 1961
Page 10
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Sift Suyluum Friday, January 13, 1961 INCREASING FARM INCOME IS EARLY KENNEDY GOAL WASHINGTON (APWThe Kennedy administration has promised »o help farmers attain a higher EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? By Blolc* to be assurance to farmers that However, no time schedule was they can look for better days be-(indicated. The post would require fore the year is out. i approval by Congress. level of prosperity and to assist j Insofar as the cities are con- j T| IO attack on the farm problem city dwellers in coping with mush- ' cerned, it may take more time to j ; s -expected to have two phases. rooming-municipal problems. J develop a coordinated assistance i One would greatly broaden meas- But the new team will get to;program to solve complex prob-j um . to increase' consumption of work quicker on problems of;lems of slum clearance, mass 'agriculture's super-abundant pro- fanners titan those of their city, transportation, urban planning. ;<ju/-jjon both at home and abroad, cousins. sewage disposal, juvenile delin-1 Orville L. Freeman, former gov- ] quency and education. The Demo-' The other would tighten govern- Trie FAITH FUU FAMILY DOG WHO the with .*-, , «~ v ,,..,^.., ~» ..._.~ ~* ~ - — . - - - ~ Jices and'?arrner"cc)mrnittees or.icial report by urban ewris call-: Nevertheless, Kennedy has said Jan 20 ' Jin? for creacon of a Csbinei-levol;that ahumiam farm production- One of his first steps is expected'department for urban affairs. | now represented by huge surplus — .stocks—would be regai-ded as a Charter No. 14101 Res*rv* District No. 11 : blessing and not as a curse. i The administration is expected REPORT OF CONTHTIOX OF THE j to move cautiously in development _._ —_ ... WA ti » i M > kiir ;of its programs. One reason is FIRST NATIONAL BANK ' that much 0{ the Midwestern farm <»*• RAvmwv TFX*<5 jbdt voted for Nixon rather than] OJr UAx JUJM-V. it..vA> 'for Kenncdv ! 1>* THE STATE OF TEXAS, AT THE CLOSE OF BtSTXESS j Details of the farm program will! ON DECEMBER 31,1960, PUBLISHED IX RESPONSE TO CALL : be developed after a big farm j MADE BT COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, UNDER ; conference of leaders of farmers' I SECTION 5211, U. S. REVISED STATUTES, -own organizations in Washington; Jan. 26. This mating—arranged j by Kennedy ad Freeman at New! 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including re- ^ .^ wec *-. is . Designed to 1 serve balance, and cash items in process of col- hc P . the " ew administration draft lection $2015.714.54 ' policies that would be widely ac- 2. United States Government obligations/direct aad"" jcepted by producers. Some new- guaranteed | larm legislation doubtless will be 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 410.202.63 ' required. 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures 250.000.00 '• While the details may be lack- 5. Corporate stocks (including 515,000.00 stock of Fed- 'ing. tlie Kennedy farm goal has era! Reserve bank) 6. Loans and discounts (including- 52.162.71 overdrafts) 7. Bank premises owned $114,000.00, furniture and fixtures $18.238.25 8. Real estate owned other than bank premises 9. Investments and other assets indirectly representing bank premises or other real estate 11. Other assets © 1961. Kin? Features Syndicate, Inc., WorW right* reserved Race Jockey Should Have Timing Sense By FRANK ECK AP Nowsfnuturi'ii S|Hirl s Editor Basically, there are two types of thoroughbreds — (he sprinter who runs his ground with a and the router rivals into the blistering pace. who can handle most any opposition beyond one Sometimes a speed horse gets off winging in a distance race and just manages to hold on for victory. When this happens you often hear the expression "the joe-key stole the race." The there is the horse whose staying qualities are suspect in a long race. The trainer often gives the jockey instructions to set a slow pace. When this happens, and the horse wins, racegoers say "the jockey had a clock in his head." Such was the case when Eddie Arcuro, the master of all riders, led Devil Diver to victory in the gruelling mile and a half Man- PROTESTANTS, CATHOLICS WILL PRAY FOR 'UNITY 1 NEW YORK (AP)—Protestants and Catholics throughout the world next week will kneel together—and pray separately. They will be praying for unity— though with different ideas of the tion. ASSETS Scheffing Observes As Tigers' Coach Bv FRANK ECK Eorm it should take—in dual observances of a devotion as unique 'n origin as it is in practice, and one which goes far beyond any Current endeavor of the popular ecumenical movement. Unlike most current ecumenical efforts being carried out by leaj-n- cd church leaders on a lofty theological plane, this is an annual assault on religious differences by simple people on their knoes. Catholics call it the "Chair of Unity Octave;" the World Council of Churches calls it the "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity." It will be observed Jan. 18-25. argument but w-on his point. A! Can persons pray together from 13,OOO.OCi! been spelled out repeatedly. It is | AP News-features Sports Editor few days later, Philadelphia Man- j opposing positions? [action by_ the government to en-,' y mv y,at Bob Scheffing has! a S er Gene Mauch noticed Mari-j The question itself, says Dr. 1.93S.967.SS j able the family farm to earn in- j i, een name( j manager of the De- i dial's illegal position on the 1 comes on a par with those of other 132.23S.25! economic groups. Presently, farm 2,00 | income averages considerably be- jlow that of nonfarmers. It also 66.490.29 I is down about a fourth from what 1.S62.50! it was eight years ago. troit Tigers the story of who dis-! nlound arid a new umpiring team covered" the foot fault in Jnani«* the pitcher straight. Marichal's pitching delivery cani Marichal. who had won his first be told. Marichal is the youngster who I three starts, finished with a 6-2 record. devices to Both Kennedy the income level. | and his party's platform proposed use of rigid production controls, higher price supports, production payments to ! producers and marketing orders 12. Total Assets $6.998,597.39 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations , $4,747,721.51 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations i an( j agreements. 15. Deposits of United States Government (including j Th ese devices have run into postal savings) 105.622.S7 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 29 18. Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) 19. Total Deposits $6,885,180.81 23. Other liabilities 24. ToUl Liabilities 12-strikeout victory over Philadelphia, four days later he beat the Pirates, 3-1. Five days after that he humbled Milwaukee. 3-2. Manager Charlie Dressen didn't like the way Marichal was getting his men put. opposition" from'soine farm "He's not pitching right," said • 5tt 'organizations, including the infiu- 2-.046.S1 \ ential American Farm Bureau {Federation. Tne Federation, like 38.09S.6S i the outgoing Eisenhower adminis- tR '.,,o- q jq tration, wants to reduce govern••- 0 '*- • ' 3 -"lmcnf<; role in agriculture. CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital Stock: (a) Common stock, total par $200,000.00. 26. Surplus .". 27. Undivided profits t 200,000.00 300.000.00 75.317.90 29. Total Capital Accounts 5T5.317.90 JO. Total Liabuitie-, and Capital Accounts $6.998,597.39 Dressen the first time he saw Marichal against his Braves. Keith Bridston, secretary of the World Council's Faith and Order Commission, helps participants Understandably barred from Protestant pulpits, he likewise was berated by the Calholic press for his apparently contradictory posi- Finally in 1909—a year after his friars conducted their first octave of prayer for unity—Father Paul turned for advice to his Anglican superior, the Rt. Rev. Frederick J. Kinsman, bishop of Delaware. "Either give up belief in a divinely established papacy and in Roman dogmas," advised the bishop, "or else give up Anglican orders—and b<? a good Roman Catholic. I have no hesitation in saying that if I \vere in your position I should choose the latter alternative." Before the year was out the Society of the Atonement became the first non-Catholic religious community ever received as a group into the church of Rome. Father Paul was ordained a Catholic priest eight months later, "to sense the naked scandal of | and in the years that followed he Christian disunity." | watched his society grow- into a He feels the observance at least j sizeable religious orcleV with more than a dozen houses in North America. Its goal of Christian unity never has changed, and has remained focused on the eight days beginning with the Calholic _ feast of hattan Handicap at Bclmont Park in 1944. Arcaro had such a firm hold while setting the pact' with Devil Diver that tlie liicc-, now run at one mile and fivc-eithlhs at. Aqueduct, w;is run in 2::i(> ;',-'), slowest ever for 1^ furlongs at Beimonl. Arcaro used to «il in his Long Island living room, close his svs and have his wife hold a watch. Kiiilie would guess on ilk' licad when the second hand reached a certain point. It helped him become a great judge- of pace. And when he won the 191-1 Metropolitan he did it without aid of a fractional times board. In IffiS when Conn McGwrv won Th" Jockey Club Gold Cup with Inside Track, a 15 to 1 shot, at Belmonl I 1 ;irk the two - mile race was started one half mile from the finish at the mile and u the Chair of St. Peter in Rome, Jan. IS, and ending on the least of hte conversion of St. Paul, Jan. '£>. In 1916 Pope. Benedict XV extended the Graynioor i!t?\olion to the entire Catholic Church, making it perhaps the only Catholic observance which originated as a non-Catholic venture. Father Paul's intent for the octave plainly was for conversion of all people to Catholicism. But in 1935 a Catholic religious group in Lyon. France, began an observance on the same dates to pray for unity "in the way Christ wills and by the means he chooses." Under this modification, one of , the parent bodies of what . is nowj jnost When the field passed the Tele- tinier board, which shows quarter- mile times. McCroary noticed the fast pace for the first half mile. "Vi'heii I SaVi" they \vr-re S'l'iiiu; so fast," iMcCreary 'said, "I took back, and it had an effect on the result." Kver since that race. Abe Smuckler of American Teletinier has been struggling with the brass at big tracks to have, a field indicator installed at every quarter- mile pole for the benefit of tin- jockeys. .Some veteran jockeys are opposed to tile idea. It would give the less experienced rider an al- the World Council of Chun-he;adopted the dates for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. c ] l;i nce. say the vct- ! erans. However. Alfonso Coy. The first. Protestant observance i- VPa <'-<*' P™*^™'™ «'h» ™b was in 1940-the year Father Paul i" lorc flh:l " -'"" Wln ' 1l '';s ln ^ Wi - lliKt'S field iniiicati.'i-s. 1'hcy have After the Scheffing-Conlan in- brings the churches together to died. "It's his foot." said Bob Schef-j fing. a coach who sat near Ores- sen onthe bench. rident, Marichal completed only three of his eight starts. That's the kind of a manager the Tigers, will have next season. The 47-year-old Scheffing is one of tlie most observing baseball men around. That was why Dressen hired him and George Myatt. his former assistant with the Chicago Cubs, as coaches for 1960. i Dressen says "I ihim." Itole 8 01 ^ "a pitcher must «!» Jp have spent more «..-. *I-i f\ Jin tf n« .r-i'fl-i hif rut -jit frmt I **** '^* "I think I learned a lot from Charlie," Scheffing says. "I would time with hated to lose graduated from the General Theo-J" ln £ f ™ r(s «"° spins out woras logical Seminary in New York ini! ly tho /I 1 ' 1 ''™*- < licl some count, , . We-, ,„,! ",j ,.._ r-.. : mg on his fincers and sain: "As face the batter with his pivot foot! The Kennedy farm program could result in somewhat higher on. or in front of_ and touching food prices for consumers and pos-j^e pitcher's plate. ' sibly higher taxes for taxpayers.] "Marichal." said Scheffing, , However. Kennedy has said that " wa s pitching with his right foot ^ The American League is foreign to Scheffing but during the baseball meetings in Louisville and St. Louis he continually asked he will inherit. MEMORAATX* 21. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilitk-s and for other purposes ................................ $ this need not be 1he>£. Fr^ t? the side of the rubber, toward ^^^c^w: man himself has said the farm! 1 ' 1 " 5 ' base, program would exploit neither consumer nor taxpayer. The Kennedy proposals for urban areas contemplates a four- book in the clubhouse, but I found one. I brought it out to plate um- Conlan and asked him point 10-year improvement pro-jl )lr e gram as follows: (11 federal aidl to «" ad thc rulp "As soon as I "I think our pitching will be fairly good,' 1 says Scheffing. "And as for the opposition, I saw Boston. Baltimore and Cleveland pitchers in Arizona when the Cubs trained there under me in 1957, face their differences, and "this| is one of the most creative things ! it can accomplish." j There is no mistake, however, i about the route the founder of the! observance had in mind for his] prayer movement. j His name was Lewis Thomas Novelist Has Completed 378 Books, Still Going Wattsor, a deeply religious man and an eloquent speaker whoj^ Creasey, British author of stories who spills out words iry in .New xork in'. . . ,. , 3SS3 and assumed the name Fa.: 1 "* On ms {ln * ers and ther Paul James Francis. From his earliest days in the; ministry he dreamed of cstablish- .. T . . ; o£ today I have written 3iS full- j length hooks. health and vigor, it seems altogether likely that Creasey will | break productivity records 'in the j realm of authorship. been used tile last two .seasons at the Old Woodl'irv track in Canada where Coy d<x-s a lot of ruling. "I like th, 1 indicator." says Coy. "It telis you how fast or how slow your horse is going, and it makes the job of following a trainer's in- sltuciiotis that much easier." It took a lot of doing to sell race tracks on the times board. Kut it has been a : next total will be one or two more. , ,„„ „ . , .boon to race fans. Many w,i!c|i In 19-.>8 Creasey signed an un- lh( , lx)anl whi; ., r ., CL , is - jn pl , y , dertaking with his London publish- ,.,.,. If you re around ; crs H(xWcr and Stoll! j hton t oi lL ' s ' nclr r>io -I rri in Irm . ' < to ask me again the| wr Y, 45 nov( , ls jn fivp v ^ r< j, ,, A number of trainers think the . * , . fa . 1( | i n ,ji t . alorSi laical where rid;is a rate of nine novels a ve.-ir. ing an order of Anglican friars , ..._ dedicated to tlie a'postolate of 1 "There ai^ about 17 ^books in | Actually, the pace is one novel a unity. :the This hc did in 1898. in the ei's Cfiti so" 1 them, would i>e a hi.; . monastic quiet of Graymoor, near' of tn c m -" Garrison, N.Y.. across the Hud-i At . the works, being produced on j month, because in the Crcasey and I don't see any endjuviy of life, three months of every of radiating 111 ' 1 '' ''- 1 lht ' .i° rkr - vs - lf trainers ar)( ) jockeys deni.-ind (hat service Smuckler Is all set lo add .-inoth'T cle<:trical gadget to rucin.L;. son River from \\'est Point. ; Father Paul called his new re-' ligious order the Society of tliei Atonement. Ho explained he chose j the word not in its usual sense ofi expiation, but because of Tonv Perkins Is , nnnnn'' 11 elimination of slums: (2.) fod- < i MWU.UU i era) aJd /or mpt ropolitan area planning and community facilities I, E. E. Greer. Vice President of the abovc-naed bank, do |development; (3) federal aidj sa u] ., . T |'5S and '59. I have more to start i fral, though archaic, connotation Uial. 1 i ,, -iL iUr,^, ..-Un« T rrnl 1.1, - foUr. -' nf Q t.nnn_r)l .IHf ,-OI!«i«-l« I4« r*nr\ glasses when no sin. but ii reads. N'ow that' •olemnly mifht look bad ifP u " ILT1 '" oii.M.-uan io JIMIS as* 1 -~*. -*-^ •*.—^^..^ ~* ^..^ » vv .-...-. u ^.—, uu ,v.^..%..v r ...^..^. -— -.— — L ^"i- \ f * r took a Cub team from the cellar that the above statement is true to the best ofifor comprehensive metropolitan!JOCKO nulled out ins giassts on lt o Sf . VPn th, then twice to fifth. H< ;' p.. j with than when I got tlie Cubs."; n f at-one-ment. reunion. He and .^ . . _ V*l Scheffing, an ex-catcher who I his 16 followers, including a small Pci/ritA XlirrOCC f'.'f!started in baseball 25 years ago. group of Anglican nuns, by this B 3>lf\»flv JUCvCjJ my knowledge and belief. B. E. Greer, Vice President CORRECT— ATTEST; W. T. Busch, S. T. Weaver, Truman D. Cox, Directors. STATE OF TEXAS, COUNTY OF HARRIS, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this llth day of January, 1961. and I hereby certify that I ain not an officer or director of this bank. (Seal) Dorothy G. Lyons, Notary Public. My commission expires June 1. 1961. transponation programs, includ-j ing bus and rail commuter railroads highways and civil airports; and rams, includ-j the field. hop f ^ h beU{ wi(h thp mass transit, _So Joc ' kof . sa | sed> ^ p . 1 ^ ^ Tigers. 2G games back in sixth j its ^s d 1 ci>s j u ^t «•* *" ct t Qp,jt Ifist sf'tison o\* onlv five . imanaeer) came over and said: (4i expansion of park systems to meet recreational need's of the! " 'WTiy Marichal has been pitch- p ,imes out of the first division mcs OI Tnp time were convinced they should' be Roman Catholics. HOLLYWOOD (API—Tonv Per- year are devoted to travel. j "We are getting to the half-way period of this agreement, and f am well ahead of schedule," he remarked. "I have a lot of time for olher interests." He is rather proud of the record of last October. In fruitful October there were 18 different editions of Creasey books published in six countries—Great Britain. Switzer land. Portugal. France. West Germany nnd the L'nited States. Some wore spanking new books] PALM BKACH. Fh> Kennedy To Hold Live Press Meet On TV Jan. 25 growing urban population. Some 30 thousand years ago. North America was covered with a layer of ice hundreds of feet in thickness. ing that way all his life.' " "That's good enough for mo,' said Jocko. 'Play- ball!' " 'But,' " add e d Scheffing, " 'he's been pitching only three weeks in the big leaeues.' " Scheffing. naturally, lost the FREE Dollars ... to ANY Customer Who Can Prove He Can BEAT OUR PRICE on the Brand New Evinrude Motors Sorry No Trade In's On This Offer . Stt Your Own Price...No Reasonable Offer Turned Down .the fin-slim business end of TODAY'S TOP-PERFORMANCE OUTBOARD MOTOR! SAKS AND s»vrci REYNOLDS CO WI AM NOT A MSCOVHT HOUSIIUT NO HOtfM HAn OVR PttCIS. 510 W. Texas 2412 W. Main Seaweed is Good Garden Fertilizer By EARL ARONSON AP Newsfpatnrps Seaweed has been used by man for medicinal and other purposes! for many years. It may improve your garden crops, too. Scaweek is a natural organic For 11 years, however, they re- kins may have flipped his wig in fused to desert their faith indi- "Psycho," but he's finding that virtually. Instead they worked to-.the sensational film is therapeu- ward corporate reunion with lie for his psyche. Rome of the entire Anglican; It's like this, doctor. You sec., | Church. In their zeal, they con-.he and (he movies weren't meant!relaxed of men. lie is thoroughly jsideped such a goal attainable. for each other. He suffered a trau-lBritish, with an iron moustache It was a trying period for Fa-!ma whenever n film of his failed i clipped like an English hrd-jr. (AP'- Paul. hot out of the Creasey mill, and!John F. Kennedy's first news con- some wore translations of works u•,-, ,uv as |.|.-i>i«ni \\ili In. h,-;<i previously published in Britain. in Washington the evening of Jan. But for all such a whirl of ne- L'.') and will i>e cairieii nationwide John Crcasey is the most on li\" jeli \-isinn and radio. The announcement \\as made b> p Kenni'iiy'.s press si i rei.n v. Pierre Salinger, at the president- Texas Women Are Equality to light up the box office, which (homed spectacles, full face undiei< jhanpencd distressingly often. ]sleekly brushed gray hair. I Oh, he had his periods of ela-' : tion when a film would do well. He studies crime with the ab-'tli,., ;,. :,n sorption of a scholar. But. when In Salinger had announced eailier but then the flop neurosis would j gets his mind off the sub.iret he recur. The runawnv hit of "Psv-jworks hard at most laudable en- AUSTIX f.\P)—One of the first source of trace minerals, vita-; constitutional amendments to be : mins. amino acids and plant hor-j introduced in the legislature will ; mones. At Clemson Agricultural; be one "ranting equal legal rights At Clemson i College in South Carolina, results j to women, of the first full year of e.xperi-j Rep. Ben dents by holding news conferences n! nidit !ro;,i taiie I-' tune-, and .pernultum tile T\' and radio net- icho" wiped out his problem and 'trrprises. King Georgr VI honored ; works to hro:i,i, ;;st tlu in live, jnow he even has a healthy Oscnrihim. making him a mcmbfr ofj J'resident K.seiiiiowi'r's sessions j syndrome. ' jthc Order of the British Kmpitv ' 'But lot him take the couch and;for outstanding contributions to tell his own case history: ithp national spvines inovcnient. "It was true: I actually felt;Ho is a member of the Rotary I thought that'may-!Club, and a fervent campaigner I was kidding myself, that may-j for safety on highways. KiMiiv..'! y : .! m .., ,- s :be the movies just weren't my i people on the roads, he insists. ! nuws eonfen v.'iili iv\\s.nin have i>een f;lni''d anil r'.''.iriiei.i l.'r use later tlie suiie il'.y on T\' ar^ii raiho. Otiiy one i.f his e.inferences \\as on live i(i .medium. "That's why it's so great to be with that is for , . .. Mwfl) of Hutehins mentation with seaweek have • said Wodni'sday that he plans to : shown some amazing results in j introduce the amendment. '•!^ol nB nTl!« e %^ I ^p PO '' l fn,if;li " u '7 nt : na » wr the sl.-He have; hca(lpd for nn SIS-niiHion gross.!hatrl!v be" expected lo ;,bsorh .sweet pcppeis and other fruits, been trynvj to get nd of le^isl,-,. ^,, is 1hr , mosl . sf ,,, n hlaek-and-1 endless scores of lvv,ks by om- ,and vegetables. ,uj t ! mi ^ hlch <!'« rimuiates against v , hito pi( . tllrf , of :lll , im e; only the writer. So John Creasey, nui'r Dr. T. L. ienn, head of thelt n ,, in ),y itidrxlucfioti of itidividual I • is a "game of murder bv idiots." |j |t . ^^ Tlie world has an avid appetite TV ,',,i,l iv.'iio l',v .\F,('' ri-'.s ir mystery thrillers, but i! could ;lnf | ,, n Y(l( ^ t) |J V u,,, \] U(U: Clemson Horticulture Dc,«ri m rn..J bills," Atwell said. enics sin the credit goes to reports that seaweed, on decom-1 Tho Business and Professional | AU ^, "i! "kwk But 1 think th nru:it'inn ni-nrtn rov n ;int h;i rmnnes : IIT i._yi..i. :_•._.,.,., 'rtllll.d I ;•» IIIUI.M. oui i uniii\ un position, produces plant harmonesj W otncn's Clubs initiated the 'move- 'that have an important effect on roof develpment and general about two years ago. If the cast contributed to its success, too. I think 'Psycho' with un- A . . i, i . • ' ' iparen ly promote cell elongation j, uiv . lt land division but the situation _is ,„,„,,,, complicated because .erowth ,n- ,; n(l( , new proposal is passed by the re-^ no \ vns NVO11 ]r| have been a good --•'-• ' two-thirds '••-•• apnroj'fi.'itely for ;i sr>eciali«! in crime, hns been adoptinc; Aliases. 11 up to now. RT'SSIANS VISITING i\IP.:XICO CITY (AP>—Russian Kenno'h's first fi\c da\s alter he earrii'ii c>ri AP.C. 1 in I- varicus iiidepeni'tent v.orK an stalinns. The press secretary added that all the networks arc- ivserving the half IliHir .sli'.rlin:; at Ii p.m.. l^ST, lor the broadcast. He added that the iong-slainiiiii; eustoni uf n^ porters (iecidiiv,; \\IKII (o end the eonton nee wjH eop.i.iniie. but he did not know whether thr- tv>|. \\orks will keep ihe session on the but I don't think it wou!< would he submitted to the .have been the smash that it is." jlochnicians are just visiting Cuba Perkins is now so boyishly con-j to enforce the clauses of a cultural V , . , , . ...- . , ,. - ' present Texas law, a f i( jent that hc predicts an academy and technical agreement signed' 1 " ' " Sll( U(1 nln !M u " Mn "" hibitors also are present, making ni . tn . i(1<i woman cannot manage, j nonl j nat ion for himself. by Fidel Castro ami Anastas Mi-J!!:!' 1 !!".^ ,. analysis dilficult. \ K( ,\\ w K j vo aw;iy s ,,parate prop-! win or lose Perkins feels a new koyan some time ago. the Soviet! A major problem to be solved,,.,,., y wi , !lout 1h( , consent, of hcribouvancy in'his Career. Hc just [ainbassador in Mexico asserted i is how much seaweed to apply jO|| 1U sb<ind. endorse a promissory finished a film with Ingrid Berg-1 Friday. ! a given crop and \\nen to appi.\, notc ( | Vl| nmcorns S( .,panito prop-!man and Yves Montand in France; Vladimir Bazikin said a report! ''-. , ,. ,, . .p! 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 *'- 5 ( 't a divorce on the ground land is picking and choosing for; that the technicians wore rocket! Last summer, tioia trsts wcie^ 0 j or|r . )f . t ^ .,^,,1^,,^, a ] onp O rihis nrxi one. He said Hitchcock j experts erecting missile-launching conducted with sweet coin, to- po j[lto i, us j npss W j t ^ h p r own |j s looking for another one they bases on the Cuban land i.« "noth- w*-iir^nc nlrr"± C- ft tf a ^Y1 ft n/Vl *I ^ . . - . \ . ~ '. . .. . matoes, okra, sesame, peas, beans, sweet peppers, soy beans and melons. Seaweed meal was spread before planting. Significant increases in yields of tomatoes, sweet peppers and sweet corn were reported. Production of peas, beans and okra were reported slightly higher. Tests of leaf samples from the seaweek plots indicated, the staff said, that addition of seaweed al- j tered the uptake of various plnnt i foods. | Another beneficial result, mem- \ hers of the department of horti-1 culture added, was that tomato j plants grown in flats treated with ] seaweed meal had considerably resistance to cold. They withstood freezing temperature — as low- as 29 degrees — while others wero killed. The report said soil mixtures containing varying rates of seaweed meal retarded growth of ;|i>mafoos. peppers, zinnias, marigolds. Mlvia and melons. Tho dwarflPR effect caused by <*xcPssiw amount of s^weed m^l is an ad^-antage. Why? Growth may be checked and the plants hpld for several weeks or months for transplanting without ill effect. "Once transplanted to normal, frrti'p soil, the sccdhncs rn.'ik'^ r\- cr-'ler.t growth." the rr-port a'i<ic i rl. "S'-'/Yiiin^s ilia! ri'",'i'lf>}> inlo stocky plants transplant better than IIO;';H:M seoiilirv-'s." : Thi' ( "lemsor; report a No sa fi: ; l.l'ji;!fl fMraels of .-'-'.a'.'. e< •] ii'.iM' with water, pthcr and alcohol r\-. tracts, have shomi promising re-' suits when used on gorminatirw 1 serd. \ppIicntioTi of the sc.-.-Ar-ed extract ttccf^r-ritM th'- gro'.'.'h o'.' tomato plants — srxi g.Wf' them n hfaltheir c.^lor. IVppfr plants WPT* induced fo srt fnnf ji funds without her husband's sig-'can ffo together, though not neces-Jin? more than a propaganda nature and consent. sarilv "Psvcho Strikes Back." Islunt." DR. ERNEST SMITH CHIROPRACTOR 507 W. GULF PHONE JU 3-5619 FOOMD fl New FOLKS looo 6TQ BOMB PLUS Hurry Folks offer end Co . . . soon Naiiuual Bank & ®rufil (Enrnpany The Bank That Really Cares About You And Your Family

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