Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 27, 1939 · Page 4
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 4

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1939
Page 4
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fHB OORSICANA SEMT-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1989. STAPLE OF TEXAS COTTON IMPROVED DURINGYEAR1938 ONE-THIRTY-SECOND OF AN INCH ADDED LENGTH OF STAPLE Courthouse News COLLEGE STATION, Jah. 25.— (A and M.O—"The staple of Texas cotton wns improved by 1-32 inch In 1938." With this simple statement F. K, Llchte, cotton gin specialist of tho Texas A. and M. College Extension Service, sums up the rc- BUlts of the cotton improvement campaign for tho past year. Few people except those directly concerned with the cotton Industry •will realize just how great a forward step that 1-32 Inch rcpro- Llchte also quoted USDA Bureau of Agricultural Economics figures that show Texas cotton Under 7-8 inch In staple made up only 8.5 per cont of the 1938 crop ns compared with 16.7 per cent in 1937. Texas cotton Improved in grade too, with 65 per cont of the 1938 crop going white middling and better as compared with 53 per cent for the preceding year. The cotton gin specialist has Jong contended that Improvement In ginning methods and equipment cannot compensate for slovenly harvesting practices. To him then the greatest accomplishment of his year's work Is probably that there wns a 10 per cent Increase In the amount of cotton picked—from C1.5 per cent In 1937 to 71.7 per cent In 1938—and a corresponding drop In the percentages snapped; sledded nnd gathered aa bollics. Much J'oor Cotton. His figures show 24.4 per cent (napped, .3 per cent sledded, and 8.6 per cent gathered as hollies In 1938 as contrasted with 30.5, .G, and 7.5 per cent in the preceding year. "The cotton bagging project for wrapping cotton wng too late to make a showing In Texas, for glnners book orders for bagging and ties early In the year for shipment as the season requires" Lltche said, "Even so, 17,583 bales wore packaged with cotton bagging." He looks for a big Increase In the use of the cotton packaging In 1039 on tho part of one- variety cotton communities nnd 4-H 61Ub boys. It has been estimated that the universal use of cotton bagging would provide a market for 135,000 bales of cotton annually and Jt Is known that the practice would be welcomed by both domestic and foreign spinners. Llchte said ginners In general were co-operntlng to the best of their ability In the move to improve the quality of Texas cotton, and noted that 18 seed cotton driers wore added to gin equipment during the year to bring the total number In use In the state up to 285. Glnners, too, are slowing down their gins and running n looser roll, and that Is resulting In an enhanced value of cotton.^ .Use a Dally Sun Want Ad for Quick results. District Courr. A special venire of 50 prospective jurors was drawn Wednesday for the trial of Willie Leo Jones, negro, charged with murder, scheduled to be called Monday, Feb. 6. Jones was Indicted In connection with the fatal shoot- Ing of Carl Smith, negro, Nov. 19. District Judge Wayno R. Howell Wednesday Issued an order appointing W. D. Ralston nnd Charles Sapp as defense attorneys when It was revealed the defendant was without counsel. The criminal docket will be started Monday, Jan. 30. Dljilrlct Clerk's Office. The following cases were filed: J. W. Starr vs. Helen Starr, divorce. Ex Pnrte, Rengnn Rutledge, liquidator for the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation, Washington, application to sell personal property. County Court S. E. Brock, negro, chnrged with vlolntlon of the prohibition laws In connection with the al- loged sale of whiskey without a prescription, was fined $100 and costs on his plea of guilty Wednesday afternoon by Judge Paul H. Miller. The fine nnd costs amounted to $124.70. The casn was filed by Pat Gaddy, state liquor board operative, before Judge A. E. Foster, who transcrlpted the case to tho county court. Arguments are scheduled during the day In the case of J. Whitney Bates, Inc., vs. Fred W. Thompson, suit on contract Sherlffg Office Sheriff C O. Curlngton, Police Commissioner Fred Prince of Corslcann, Captain J. W. Draper of tho Highway Patrol In Dallas and others arc scheduled to leave Thursday afternoon for Austin to attend a state-wide safety and traffic meeting Thursday night and Friday. SEVEN MEN IN A BOAT MEET THEIR MISSING MASTER" When High Hopes Crashed, Friends of Crucified Leader Returned to Galilee and Its Fishing— A Marvel Befalls — Learning Love's Lesson. By W1IXIAM T. ELLIS Many men who read this Lea-1 response was, "Tend my sheep," '-- -" -"" "-' - '- - and His third, like unto it, "Feed Warranty Deeds Vivian Bottoms Simpson, et vlr, to Vera Bottoms, a lot 80x195 feet In block 631, Corslcana, $1 and other considerations. Mrs. Clinton C. Hill to J. H. Roberts, 1-2 acre of the Loderlck survey and 69-100 acre of the Julius LeCompte sevury, $1 and other considerations. Mrs. Virginia Johnston, et al, to L. M. Warren, part of Block 477, Corslcana, $2,000, and other considerations. son have said, with Peter, In a time of perplexity, exhaustion and anxiety, "I go n-flshinR." Away from tho city with Its cares, to the steadying quiet of familiar waters they have gone In search of refuge, peace and strength. For fishing is the recreation supreme; the one In which man gets closest to nature and to his own real self. It was natural that, when all his hopes had crashed in the death of Jesus, Peter should return to memory-crowded Galilee, and to his old calling. There wore seven men In the boat that put out from the Northern shore of Galileo; where the fishing Is mostly with nets. We can Imagine the talk of this little group of disciples as they fruitlessly set their net throughout the long night. Their memories, their dead hopes, were poignant and precious. Stranger by the Shore Day was breaking when a Stranger hailed the boat from the shore, and Inquired as their luck. "Throw tho net on the right-hand side," He said, "and you will find fish." Which they did, with results recalling an earlier miraculous draught of fishes. It may have been that Jesus saw tho school of fish from where Ho stood; for I have often watched schools of Galilee fish breaking water. We may know that a fisherman wrote this record, for he remembered the size of the catch—153 fish. It was the love-anointed eyos of John, the beloved disciple, that first perceived the identity of tho Stranger. "It Is tho Master!" he cried; whereupon Peter drew on his outer cloak and plunged overboard for tho hundred-yard swim to shore. To city folk it may seem surprising that Peter was naked in the boat. But I have repeatedly seen the 'Galilee fishermen unclothed, as they tolled In and Justice Court One was fined for speeding and another for drunkenness by Judge Pat Goraughty. Three were fined for speeding nnd one for disturbing the peaco Thursday morning by Judge A. E. Foster. _ Windshield Wiper Service Don't take chances white It Is raining. If your windshield wiper does not work, drive to us, we can repair It Our prices are very reasonable. TAYI/m MAGNETO HOUSE RAINS .CASH GROCERY CO COMPLETE MARKET Beaton at Sixth BRING US YOUR EGGS Remember We Pay a Premium For Fresh Country Eggs Oranges Size 200, Texas, doi. Lettuce Largo Head, Each Peas Tondersweet, '2 No. 2 cans Soap Crystal White, 0 Bars 2SC Coffee Santos Poaberry, 2 Ibs. Apples large Wlnesnp, Dozen Me Potatoes Fancy White, 10 pounds Pinto Beans C.R.C., 10 pounds Salt Cloth Towel Bag, 25 Ibs. Z9C Vienna Sausage Sc Paris Flour 1.19 Syrup Star B, 10. lb. can 48c Crackers Excel!, 2 lb. box 15C Mustard Fancy Prepared, Quart toe Salad Dressing Best Maid rt. 15 Pork Steak -MEATSPECIALS— Bacon Cheese 18c Tall Horn, Found Lard Hojf, , Pound. my sheep." That Is the call of Christ which comes ringing down the ages to all of His disciples: "Feed My lambs; tend My sheep; feed My sheep"—the hungry human hearts that so pltoously need sustenance, especially In these days. It was not any high counsel concerning His Church that the departing Lord gave to tho men whom He entrusted with the task of carrying on His work; but a simple, repeated Injunction to care for the welfare of the people, SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS A good archer Is not known by his arrows, but by his aim.— Proverb. * • * Man's noblest gift to man Is his sincerity, for It embraces his Integrity also.—Henry D. Thoreau. * » • Straight Is the line of duty; Curved is the line of beauty; Follow the straight line, and thou shalt see The curved lino ever follow thee. —William Maccall. * • * To reach the port of heaven we must sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against It, but we must sail, and not drift or He at anchor.—Oliver Wendell Holmes. * » * My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.—Phil. 4:19. little more less creed; kindness, a little A little more giving, a little less greed; A little more smile, a little less frown; A little less kicking a man when he's down; A little more "ws," and a little out of the water. One day, as Milady and I strolled along the shore of Bethsalda, wo saw a fisherman submerge up to his neck, amid the laughter and Jeera of his companions. The scene reveals another aspect of the out-of-doors simple life of Jesus and His disciples For He already had a fire burning, with fish broiling on it. Jesus had caught the fish and made the fire and cooked the meal—throe tests of a he-man. Wo do Him ill service when wo ethereallze the Man of Galilee, nnd rob Him Him of His rugged manhood, One day last Spring some Arabs at the mouth of the Jordan, by a Galilee beach, broiled over the coals for us fresh-caught fish, which we ate from our fingers; thinking all the while of the lake-shore meal of our Lesson. The whole'point of this study Is the reality of the life of Jesus. One Word For Two Things John is silent about tho table talk of that momentous meal; but we may be sure that somewhat of the old relationship between Master and disciplos were re-established. Perhaps we have had too much conjecture concerning the unrecorded life of Jesus; Hall Calne's new "Life" Is a rather horrible example of what I mean. High point of the Interview wns the Master's colloquy with Simon Peter, who was fully re-establlah- ed after his black botrayal. How much love always has to forgive! The whole meaning of the dialogue Is lost In the English translation. When Jesus said, "Simon, lov- est thou me more than these?" He used, as also In tho next question, the word "agape," which love in Us loftiest expression. Thus, the Now Testament says, "God Is agape;" and "God so ngaped the world." This Is the greatest word In the language, for it Is* the best synonym of God. On Two Levels We all know what It la to speak on one piano and to be understood only on another and lower. So when Jesus asked Peter, "Agapest thou me?" the disciple answered, "Yea, Lord, Thou know- ost that I phlleo Thee"—using the lesser word for love whloh represents one man's kindly sentiments toward another, a mere human love. Searching out the depths of Peter, Jesus repeated His question, again using tho high and holy word, agape. And again Peter answered with phlleo; in effect, "I love you as one man loves another." Still he did not understand. Then, with characteristic condescension, Jesus came down to Peter's level, and used hla word, phileo—as If to say, "Do you even love me as one man loves another?" That out Peter to the heart-, "Peter was "rlevod," the record runs; and with- deepest humility he replied, "Lord, Thou kuowest all things; Thou knowest that I phlleo Thee." Perhaps, In his newfound humility, Peter was not willing to claim the higher form of love for himself.: Certainly ho later displayed it. At least he had thrice affirmed a love for the Lord whom he had thrice denied. Those Hungry Sheep With keenest interest the other six disciples had listened to this dialogue. They did not miss the meaning of It all, whloh la that love IB proved by service. Most men probably do not often-reassure their- wives and children of their love for them; but they prove It by providing them with the best possible livelihood Words of love are a mockery unless supported by deeds of devotion. . To Peter's first response, Jeaua replied, "Feed my lambs," Children first: the greatest Friend ol childhood had ever uppermost In Hla heart the needs of tha little ones. .And we are most like Christ when we are serving the Interests of children. His seconc o o o o'o o o o o o o o o o o loss "I"; A little more laugh, cry; a little less A little more flowers on the pathway of life; And fewer on graves at the end of the strife. —Anon. The holy passion of friendship Is of so sweot and loyal and enduring a steady and nature that It will last through a whole life time, If not asked to lend money. —Mark Twain. EIGHT INDICTMENTS RETURNED TUESDAY BY THE fflAND JURY Eight Indictment* were returned by tho grand jury Tuesday afternoon to District Judge'Wayne R. Howell and the probers recessed until Fob. 14. The Invstiga- tors had been In session only one day. The indictments: Driving a car while Intoxicated —F. A. Richardson, Alfred W. Leopard, Floyd Gains. and Cattle theft—Cecil Rogers John Parker. Robbery with firearms—Hugh Kennedy. Fraudulent disposition of mortgaged property—Damon H. Knott, Ennis Horn. Powell Boys And Richland Girls Are . Basketball Winners Powell Boys' basketball team defeated the Richland team 35-25 Wednesday night In the Y. M. C. A. basketball games. In the second game of the evening the Richland girls defeated the Byrd girls 29-10. Box scores for these two games were as follows: Powell Boys Player— fg. ft. pf. tp. Tleklln. 1 0 02 Burton 0 0 Bancroft ,... 9 0 Fohnston Avln 4 Tucker 0 o 0 o o John ?;11-18. o * The Sunday School Les- 0 aon for January 29 ia "Peter Declares His Love."— OOOOOOOOOOOOQOQ 0 0 1 18 0 6 1 8 2 1 1 4 35 TOTALS 17 Richland Boys Player— fg. ft. pf. tp Hays 301' MoDanlel 6 0 Wilson 1 Verhydon 1 Frost 0 Frost 0 McClendon 0 E. McDanlol 2 6 0 10 1 2 2 2 1 0 1 0 MILLIONS OF ACRES TEXAS LANDS NOW IN OAMEJESERVES WORK UPHOLDS RIGHT OF LAND OWNER TO DEMAND PAY FOR HUNTING COLLEGE STATION, Jan. 28. —(Spl.)—There are almost nineteen and a half million acres involved In Texas game preserve demonstrations, and more than forty thousand signs bearing the egend stration 'Game Preserve with Extension Demon- dorvlce, Texas A and M. College" to designate the areas. The work, started less than two years ago, recognizes wild life as a crop of the land and upholds the right of the land owner to receive compensation for hunting and fishing privileges In return for his efforts toward Increasing game. R. E. Callcndor, game management specialist of the Extension Service county agricultural t.centj' annual reports showed that 15,633 Individuals were taking part In the demonstrations. Plans for the demonstration preserves call for regulated harvests of game when the amoun*. of wild life warrants. In many cases, Callendo pointed out, this means that preserves have been closed to sportsmen while the supply of game Is built up. Individual organizations have the "say" as to tho open ?easons and amount of hunting to be allowed. Tho specialist said 16.583 acres of the total was Included In 1.072 organized co-operative areas, 2,850,272 In the holdings of Individual co-operators, while 68,564 acres were managed by 4-H club boyu. The co-operative organizations are located in 130 counties. 'I have no idea how much Income farmers and ranchmen may get eventually through huntlus and fishing licenses and day hunting privileges, but I expect It will come pretty close to paying the tax hill In many parts of tho state," Calle Icr declared. Ho said county agents in 18 counties had reported $228.182 from this source. Sportsmen In the near future may expect to pay for their hunting, but Callender tl.Inlcs they will not mind because they will have an opportunity to "pop a few caps" instead of going home empty handed. "Free hunting Is often hunting for "Something the sportsmen as well as the farmer and ranchmen. At the rate we w i going, all the, good hunting would have been In the hands of a few groups within another decade or so." Most of tho improvement in game conditions Is expected to come through providing cover, feed and natural conditions, but some artificial stocHnT Is being carried on. Members In the movement, for In -tance, planted 10,943 game birds Including 8.552 quail through the Texas .game, fish and oyster commission and stocked 840 old and 1,036 new tanks, totalling almost ten thousand acre feot of water, with 1,850,049 sfih. Easy, convnnlont. Cheap - - Just Phone Your Want Ad to 163. nothing," ho says, had to be done for Truett Smith Is Named Important Post By O'Daniel AUSTIN, Jan. 2B.—<#)—Truott Smith of Tahoka, district attorney of Lynn county, today was appointed state life Insurance commissioner by Gov. W, Lee O'Daniel. Smith will succeed R. L. Daniel, an appointee of former Gov. Miriam A. Ferguson. The Appointment, which makes Smith chairman of the state board of Insurance commissioners, was for a six-year term. It was one of the major ones of tho new administration. Salary of position Is $6,000 a year Smith will assume tho office February 10. Governor O'Daniel also announced appointment of W. C. Jackson of Fort Stockton as judge of the 112th judicial district In succession to Judge Joo G. Montague, also of Fort Stockton, who has resigned to become attorney for the Texas & Southwestern Cat- tlo Raisers' Association. Jackson Is a former county judge, O'Daniel said. A native Texan, Smith is 34 years old, married and has a son, He is a former student of Wayland Baptist College and Texas Technological College. In 1928 he was elected county and district clerk of Lynn county, serving in that office fotir years. In 1P32 he was elected county attorney of Lynn county, and In 1935 was appointed district attorney by Gov. James V. Allred to fill a vacancy caused by tho election of G. H. Nelson to the state senate. He was re-elected twice to tho district attorney's office. A statement by the governor's office said "all of his people are actual farmers, owning and Hv- ng on their farms, and were supporters of Governor O'Daniel dur- ng tho campaign." Knox Is Confirmed. AUSTIN, Jan. 25.—(£•)—Appointment of Harry Knox, Jr., of Brownwood as adjutant general of Texas by Governor W. Lee O'Daniel was confirmed by tho senate today.' The upper legislative branch, which must approve the governor's choices before they can take office, also confirmed V. A. Collins of Livingston, J, G. Ulmer of Tyler and Mrs. J. K. Beretta of San Antonio as members of the board of regents for Texas Teachers' college and Mrs. I. D. Fairchild of Lufkln, K. H. Aynesworth of Waco and H. J. Lutcher Stark of Orange as members of —COKSICANA— • MIDNIGHT SHOW . Saturday Night 11:30 Sunday, Monday And Tuesday TOTALS 12 1 5 25 Bchiand Girls Player— fg. ft. pf. tp. Hays 3 1 1 7 Murphy 4 2 0 10 White 6 0 1 12 Stecle 0020 Nutt 0040 Allen 0020 Kollman 0 0 1 0 Bennett 0 0 0 0 TOTALS 13 3 11 29 Byrd Girls Player— fg. ft. pf. tp. 13. Armstrong 0 2 0 M. Armstrong 2 1 1 Idlett 1.11 Batea 0 0 0 N. Armstrong 0 0 S Cllne 00 0 Corey 002 Dyers 0 0 0 TOTALS ............ 3 4 7 10 Referee, Broughton. Estimate Damage to Residence at $500 A blaze pf undetermined origin resulted In damage estimated by fire department officials at $500 to the residence of Mrs. J. M. Brook, 612 West Sixteenth Avenue, about 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. The house was owned by Mm. M,. Thomas, A small 'blue believed to have been started by mice caused damage estimated at $20 to a showcase in a store in the 200 block on North Commerce street about 3 o'clock Thursday morning. Easy, convenient, Cheap • • Just Phone your Want Ad to 163. the board of regents for the university of Texas. ' A long list of receaa appointments by Former Governor Jas. V. Allred was approved. The appointment by Governor O'Daniol of Carr Collins of Dallas as chairman of the highway commission was reported favorably to the senate by Its committee on governor's nominations. No action has been announced jy tho committee on O'Danlol's selection of Joe Knuschlk of Austin as labor commissioner and Elster M. Halle of Hereford as to* commissioner but a hearing was set for the former on Feb. 1. Set Hearing for Feb. 3. The senate did not receive tho governor's request for confirmation of Truett Smith of Tahoka as life nsurance commissioner until after its long executive session acting on appointment but the committee set a hearing on the appointment for Feb. 3. The committee reported favorably on the governor's appointments of R. W. Brlggs of Pharr and E. J. Kiost of Dallas as regents for Texas A. and M. college. It announced no action on A. H. Demke of Stephenvllle, also named to the college regents board. The group set a hearing Monday on former Governor Allred's appointments of Philip A. Kazen of Laredo as district attorney of the 49th district and John A. Vails of Laredo aa judge of that court. No action has been announced by the committee on former Governor Allred's appointment of Albert Sidney Johnson of Dallas and W. H. Richardson, Jr., of Austin as member of the Public Safety commission, and Herbert Voelker of Wichita Falls and Thomas D, Broad of Dallas to the Board of Architectural Examiners. TWD MEN ARRESTED ON THEFT CHARGES BY CITY OFFICERS Two men were arrested by city officers Tuesday night near the Cotton Mills on theft charges. Tho men are alleged to have stolen two mens' coats from the luck- er room at the mill and attempted to get away with them. They were discovered by mill employes, captured, and held until officers arrived. Chief of Police Bruce Nutt said the men would be transferred to county authorities during tho day. One charge of Intoxication, one of making a left turn on Beaton street, and two of running over stop signs brought offenders Into the Corslcana corporation court Wednesday morning. Five contested cases of gaming with dice aro tentatively scheduled to be tried In the corporation court Thursday morning. EUREKA PRECINCT MAY BE COMBINED WITH PRECINCT 0! There \a being discussed about the court house the possibility that justice precinct 7, the Eureka area, may be consolidated with precinct 1, although no official statement In the matter has been made. Since the construction of High- < way 22 through this small pre- ° clnct, the acquisition of this area " would not be an added burden. The receipts of the office of 1us- tlco of the ponce and constable are negligible In precinct 7, and < frequently that area Is without V one or both of the officers. The elected justice of the peace has moved from the area and tho constable-elect has not qualified. ALL PAYROLL TAXES MUST BE PAID NOT LATER JANUARY 30 According to a statement made here today by John W. Fain, district supervisor of the Texas Employment Compensation Commlaai slon, unless contributions for 193» j are paid to the commission before \ midnight of January 30, they will not be credited against the employers' federal tax. Mr. Fain was notified of this by Orvllle S. Carpenter, chairman director of the commission. "This Is In accordance with the federal law under Title IX of tha social security act and is not a ruling of the commission," Mr. Fain said. "If the contributions are not received by the commission by this date, the employers must not only pay tho 2.7 per cent contribution to us, but they must also poy the federal excise tax In full." "^ Mr. Fain stressed the Importance of employers Including all salaries up to nnd Including December as well as bonuses appll- cable for the year 1938 In the employers' reports. Under the law, the state collects payroll taxes monthly and the federal government collects them yearly. If an employer pays his state taxes before the federal taxes are due, then he Is perlmtted to deduct the amount of taxes paid the state of Texas from the federal tax. This deduction .or credit Is allowed, however, only where the state tax has been paid before January 31. 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