The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 24, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1930
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton; Ind., under the act of March 5, 1879. VOLOIE XXXV, NO. I7-J. ! I mm AND TEACHERS END THEIR MEETING TIPTON, JNDIANA, THVRSDAY EVENING, APRIL 24 19.10. District Meeting- cf Lutiier- ' ans in TiptonjOlosed Tmirsday i-Toon. THE FIRST TIME HO.E. Negro's "Other Wife" Brings • a Census Puzzle in Virginia , Danville'.' Va., April 24. — Whether or not the federal government has thej-ight to hare census returns for the purpose of making, state criminal prosecutions possihle has heen raised squarely here. ; An enumerator was listing the farm of a negro tohacco grower, according, to 0. H. Gnerrant, local census supervisor, when the negro said he had a; second farm, two miles away. ' "Who live there?" he 'was asked. I "My other wife," he replied,, notwithstand the presence of the woman he had just listed as his spouse. OF LEGION ITS UNOER WAY Trophy for Fastest Powpr Boat Visitors Well Pleased With Hospitality J . Shown Durins Vi^it. Thursday nooii was! the end ofj ||I4|I I HI! the three-day session of the Pas-j WlllW Will lors' ;uid Teachers' Conference ofj the Northwest Indiana Circuit ofj ~ the .Missouri Synod in Tipton. -j . '.. This was the first time Tipton en- | Tobin Residence 'tortained this conference audi the visitors were well - pleased j 'with the excellent church and] i-chool' plant which the Lutheran! congregation, has and also they; were pleased with the hospitality.; shown them during their visit. j " The Wednesday session was j one devoted mostly to reports' oil j various Lutheran activities in the! district. At the morning session the devotional exercises were, led by Rev. P. C. Barlh. Elkhart. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Pastor. V,. , Reuler of Loganspor, read an essay on "The Bey Scout Movement." -This paper was followed by an essay of R"v. Rump of dry on "Judging the Societies "Within the Concregation." He pointed on; that they arc of great, existence in carrying nut the . Lord's command. Wednesday afternoon tile devotional exercises wore Rev. P. (i. Schmidt. In the absence of Rev. W. F. Lichtsinn. president of .the Central district. Rev. P. 0. Schmidt reported on synodical matters. The. finances of the district were the center of the discussion. Director Prof. Bui-hop of the Concordia College at Ft. 'Wayne' brought matters of interest pertaining the welfare of the institution. Prof. Schroeter. superintendent of schools of the Central district reported among other things that 9,010 pupils are enrolled in the district, taught by 183 male teachers and several lady teach- ' the lower grades. Nineteen pastors, instruct in the schools. Ttev. Heine, a 'representative! of the orphan's home, located at Indianapolis, reported on his activities in connection with the institution. Rev. Bloedel of Hanna, read an essay on "Sponsors". Ad" journment wil] follow Thursday noon. Early Thursday Was Built Years Ago. Destroyed 'Morning 1 Big Indoor Event By Tipton Post Will Close on ; Saturday Night. PATjRONAjGrE NEEDED. John Tefabe Was Awarded the Floor Lamp; Gifts For 1 Each Night. The annuaf indoor carnival of the Legion got started. Wednesday night an' it will be open to the public each night this week, through Saturday night. The crowd Wednesday evening was j far from up to expectations but LITTLE GIRL INJURED. :BRITISH AIRSHIP DAMAGED. The George Tobin was destroyed by' a loss of | that and was built in the home which fire early O.iches Fin ami finable tn Make Test Flight. Thurs'day morning, entailing quite was one of the landmarks section of tjhe country early seventies by William Tobin, one of the earlier settlers here. The house was erected by Mr. Tsbin and his sons all of whom are now near or past the, half century mark helped in the construction of the building. George, the present occupant was. a mere youngster at the time but assisted in lathing the building which was plastered by Samuel Burns, orfe of the first plasterers in the city. William Tobin who built the home has been deceased about thirty years. The fire is thought to have started in the kitchen part of the house which was built several years later than the main part of tlie building, and had a good siart when discovered. Some of the embers from the ,burning structure fell on the bed occu^ pied by two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Tobin and their da.ughter Rita was burned about the legs before she could get out of the fire's path. |Although i most of the contents were saved I several articles of furniture and bedding were destroyed. The Farmers Insurance Company' had $1 ,000 insurance on the building and $500 on the contents. I The injuries of the little .daughter are not serious and were given medical attention. Mr. and Mrs. Tobin regret the property loss greatly but they are happy to know their children es- (Continned on Page 2.) the Legion boys are hoping the public will become interested and attend in larger numbers. More displays and booths have been provided, it is reported. . Each evening of the carnival a valuable gift will be presented. Wednesday evening the prize for the opening night was awarded to John Tebbe. He was given the floor lamp. Dallas 'Warne, .chairman of the carnival, announces the following gifts? Hoover sweeper for Thursday night; chair and stool p for Friday night and Crosley radio for Saturday night. Mr. Warne also announces that there will be dancing each evening. The Legion \boys have gone to much expense and' work to provide a big indoor carnival week and they need the' support ~of the' people of this community, if the affair is to be financially successful. The money made on this carnival will be.put in a fund to purchase a world war memorial statute -which will be placed in the court house yard. REMOVING RIOTS. Street Swer Commissioner Opening on South -Alain Street. London. April 24-—It was reported from Cardinglon the British dirigible R-100 was damaged while being brought out of - her shed today, one: of her starboard . fins catchinr against- the side of the shed and buckling slightly. The K -100 ^which is scheduled ;to make a flight to Canada ne*t. month, was taken from her shed !in order to make a test flight pro- jUminary to her- Canadian voyage [Plans for a |flight today were iabandoned. Stat«- rvance .jJ2 .ynie! ; asked' from K«* Money. Indianapolis; April 24.—Ad- nt of taxes will be' the ninety-two conn- ties by Auditor of State A.- N. Bobbitt in order that the state -to meet Its obllgar tidns, according ?toV* .decision^ of t«iai*te flni nice -board, at a meet- SGo' ernor. Harry.,G.'l«a> Street Commissioner John Horton has a force of men dragging the sewer on .South Main street between . Madison and Adams streets for the purpose of removing the, accumulation of Toots. The manhole at the corner of Main and Adams has shown a stoppage of this sewer for some time. The large maple front of the Compton, Russell and Devault properties on the east side of Main street is thought ' to be responsible for the stoppage. The city has a machine which cuts the root accumulations from the inside of the sewers. Frederick the Greafs America-in-Germany Retains Familiar Names For Towns Frotty Jolane Reynolds with the *• race is the longest; "blue water' beautiful; Upton • trophy to be competed for by some of the furttft power f boats in America In the power boat race at Long Beach, CaL This second annual race in the United States., Sir Thomas Lipton is also preparing his Shamrock V for another try at the American's yacht racing cup. ^ « |' , • j (International Kcn-iTeel) Italian Premier Gives . Hi3> Daughter in Marriage i to Count Ciano. ' A SIMPLE . CEREMONY. Prussia Has,.5^,194 Policr; ; Many Officers Served in Army . Berlin, April' 24. — Prussia maintains a police force of 54.194 men, it was seated here in an official announcement based on the'salary'sheets'.'. Of the 3,362 police officers.; 2.7 per cent were .formerly ar­ my'officers artd 23 per ;ent held non-cc-nrmissioned rank. A further 26 per.cent rose from the police ranks.- : '-.-. The announcement reports three policemen killed during rifle.and machine gun practice, and. a total of 23 suicides jlast year, as against 52 for 102S. The population of Prussia is just under 40,000,000. FOUR DEAD. ONE MISSING Efl Coal Dealer, Wife, Another Woman and Her Gra ad- daughter, Lose Livia. LEAPS OUT WINDOW. r For First \ Time Since Lateran Treaty- Enters -Vat-can. City. SETTING READY Victims Trapped In Home and Sulfocatjed By the Danse Smoke. Rome, April 24.—Premier Benito Mussolini today gave his daughter Edda in marriage to Boo:: X. Y.. April Four "[""-sons -were burned to Count Galeazzo Ciano? . secretarv .BallotS For \ the Primary! deiUh and * fiftn ™ mis8i f ta a DAMAGE SUIT Husband of Edith M. Vawter in Tipton and Tells of Death. BURIAL' WEDNESDAY. Action By Coal Company Against Pennsylvania! Railroad (Started. OTHER NEWS OF COURT William M. Vawter. formerly of this city, was here Thursday visiting friends and relatives and his baby son, James, at the home of Mrs. Winnett on North Independence street. He told of just returning fom a sad 'mission the burial of his wife at Brazil Wednesday afternoon. She committed' suicide. Monday, morning by The jury at. 1 verdict for the Company giving them, judgement against the railroad for $43.20 after taking one noon and several 30 returned a Riverside , Cba| sm- for ballot before after. J, Rich T ard Harlow jury. Thursday was foreman drinking carbolic,acid. Death toqk| f!onrt tne place at the home of a.- friend j riverside /go a , | 'dim" near Swanington where shehadj Ule Pen i/sylvaiiia!I Hailrc^tfl l-pany- ve/iued here from 1 Madison been making her home. Mr. and Mrs. Vawter lived Tipton until eleven years ago. He!;„, the Tipton Circuit Court, was employed at the Union Trac'-I Ul3 „ Kl , the amoJnt sued for; ry-wajj on trial before a j of the J morning in re suit Circuit of the against lion car barns and- it was here; on]v §51.50 the jcase'is being tak- is* of the Italian embassy at the holy, see and son 'at the minister of communications. • The Church of St:; Joseph, • which ' is Mussolini's parish] church, was crowded with digni-l taries. The wedding party .drove'' from the premier's home. Villa j Torlonia, to the. church, where Edda led the. procession on -tlie>' arm of her father-in-law, Co'uht'i ' Tfie county Ciano. The bridegroom'followed getting ready Election Will Be Printed Next Week. fire which destroyed the large co- 1 loni;.l home of Bert CronkL the 24.— coal 11/675 ARE NEEDED. election board is j dealer, here today. Mr. and Mrs. ! Cronk and Mrs. Paul Anni and j her young granddaughter were ; said by firemen to have d ed t fn i the flames. Anni was missing. Clifford, young son of i Crnnks, leaped from a v i to safety. He was suffering for the primary j e ff ec t s of the smoke, will . !>'• iield on • Cronk was found in the escorting Donna "Raeheje Muss'6-; con t e st w-lii-oh lini, wife of thepremier,.w.hile at; Tu ^ av> May . 6 th. .Ballot.-, for the j the last came the premier liim- ! ._ —- - , . • ' _ , leading self with Countess Ciano'. • affair will he printed next week rooni and his wife from that lining in a dmrway room. Anni and the child were burned The bride proceeded to" the al-r and as they are printed they will to (leath , n t hetr be d. The tar while-a .wedding march, wasf be placed in envelopes and sealed : was enveloped in frames played. Then they kneU beforej- t0 awa jt the inspectors who win i firemen arrived, the altar and received the' first I'RKPABIXfi TO rOOt . . • . he in the Saturday before the i blessing of Monsignor Gioveriale] , ';• . , ,. _• j , s election to get their supplies. -i Pascucci the parish rector.^ . : • The ^ rousists of CmlntT j After he had read, the^brief |. pierk Mn]er Attorney Fralrk - B . ; Tontractor On Road » Will Com- uniting thj?m in mar-| RM ^ e „ an(J Morris K . i- harp . \ ,,'ete Contrart HtarthJ , h „ . !.*•" The Republican ballots will lie he nuptial contract signed in ac- ^ Qn : • The Me C on.trj.ct.,n cordance with the terms of the'V. - H in •• , u L. J. r . ' -Democrats on white. Sample bal-] Company, which has the coptratt J ^?-_ fe i iots will be green, paper. The bai-' f° r building the cement C " 1 e ~| lots' will be printed at The Tri- i.through the Shortle farm ' ; i bun'e office, and -candidates and-! Paring to pour cement an ceremony. Lateran treaty, which ecclesiastical -marriage feet. r.. • The crowd moved to the aisle j others who may wish a supply ofj road will be completed wit road i|t pre- the Ih in a as the couple and parents walkedj ^ reqquest6d j short time/ The only thing h„lding iup operations now is the bait con- There will be G.300 ballots | ditio " of/ the road J« 3t w,s t " r fought as: if is appearing in son of the late LoingtellW | of Berlin, April -24.—America , Is only three hours by automobile, from Berlin according to a long known but little marked i method of reckoning. -In the interests ot strict -accuracy-'.the America referred to Bhould be -spelled 'Amerika" and It ought to he prefixed by the word "Neu" (New). Neu Amerika is one of a group ot little towns and villages oj^ the river Oder In; .Eastern' Brandenburg. Approtchlng^ 'the town ' hj antomoblle the 'traveler .to','con ; fronted by * larte sign In.the bes\ AimerJcan towa~-«dv«rtUiac ajiaap- ner bearing .the worda^ "Nen ilmiiika.".,, ,Bq«bi: mre'^ '^ttpro' honce*, and quarters of the volunteer Are brigade of Florida. .But these - hamlets are not to be' mistaken for a further proof of s the ! Amerlcanliation" of Germany.' They,,are older by many years than the new erase to do things In American style. Fredrick the. Great, .at the ckne of the Sevens Years' War. found large nnmBers of his subjects desirous of emigrating to', the^ new land of promiaa. In order to'^ induce them to*j^«iilnj;;''aB 'or ^|^'nbiilid ;^W lmproverlshed eolintra be" a>ran»- , ed gri B u^to»dta^\com^^^ i^aateirn ^ileeWd that he was severely injured bij e]1 as ^tubbornl} electric shock while working at thousands of ('ddlars were i at the barns: This, was seventeen stal;e . Attorney Thomas Longfel- years ago. ' low pt Anderson For some time the family lived^ "the case. He is! a near Swanington and the father; j) r . Thomas W. was- employed on a farm. Mra. ; Tipton and Windfall. Vawter's mother died j four years. The .coal company which isjlo- agoand this seemed to affect the j cated at Anderson is .suing the mind of the daughter, according! railroad for coal alleged^;to have to Mr. Vawter 's story; Then his! ))een lost i n transit. f wife became ill .with blood pois- Prfor . to starting the. trialof oning last winter-and for several the case tne court "approved the weeks she was in a- hospital at report - of the draina g e « om mWi Lafayette and their hc-me was sioner8 , iled in theTerley B. Res- broken up,.at that time. TM8 jgler - drain 'arid ' appointed '.LeWia spring she became Improved to ;j RicUard8 as superintendent of the point where she could be dis-, C0I18truc t i0Il . Mr .| Richards w«l missed from the hospital and B 'l e | proceed to advertise the contract returned to Swanington but she for tne con8tructlon of , t8 was mentally i depressed .and from the church, all -bowing and.; smiling, The party entered an automobile"and drove to St.' Peter's where the bridal couple worshiped at the tomb'of' St. Peter, before-beginning the honeymoon, details of which have been.Kept; •Jjy strictly secret. ''. A^ Edda. and her jhusband''were followed by Premier Mussolini, Donna Rachele, Count and Countess Ciano and the witnesses' into St. Peter's. knelt tor'a! • -i- •• t... "Ti James Beam and Mrs. Pearl threatened: to kill herself. A week! D . -. -,„.„,„ ',_.,„ \ - 01 li j-. ; Beam were in the custody of Sher- ago she wrote; her -children and.,_ _ . _ ._. ,. , " • , K, - J ' ,.• • . . '., iff Devault in Court Thursday- intimated suicMe: "At. that timei v t '! • .. - j ' . ,. ' .. • ! I morning to answer charges of she purchased carbolic acid. Mon-j..-, • ... • -••••-•.ou •'•••": '•'.: > L : , •••).;;--.. , • '. failure'.'to support- and • contri- day morning of this week shei • ,v. « ^ ' .- . , j ! JJt '_ ' - br.ting to :the truancy of "Martha took a fatal-: dose-and was soon „ '. •'. •...: 1 •, ; vl v. •.'•-! ^ - - Beam, their 14-year-old danghter,- dead. . • •• : - - 1 The, funeral taervices. were -held at BraxiJ Wednesday afternoon Brazil Is 'near her former home; Cold Blnff^ ^ , lira. -Vawter\ was r ° formerly Edith Miller. Besides,the husband BBdicblldrea .sihe laaurvlvediiby tbrM^ir^irdthera,' 8hV %ae-*>ar- v jtalf»W «r>iy.wter October -Uif Martha. The parties were released- on their, own-recognizance to lap- pea .r, and answer ;j the'charge si at a. later date. ThJB" parents 1 hlave been s^pe'rated •• top. someirratr'and; the daugliter resided wlth^lthe mother: In^ am apaVtmenf^on Bast Jeffefton 7 <%ro8W ^i' A\fj, , ?, Mrs. ^Verp- Llndley'has^ filed ta [..l^f^VlW^lfroVheif-^ printed for the Republican contest and 5.375 for the, Democrati-.-, a total, of 11.675 tickets for the i county. This number will • be j many more than is needed .is , the primary battles do. not attract • the ' votej-s like.the November i event'but the elf-tion board is j required to have this number! printaij; .to- take care of any de- the bridge, the grade being too soft to work. The bridge is completed jicross Wolf creek through the Siortle farm but there are approac les to each side whi-ch. are still lo be constructed. It was stated Wednesday that the road woull be fully completed and • opened to traffic by Memorial Day, few moments of prayer. .The] man(l wli!ch ma >''be made, church ?was well .filled and papal j Tho ballots wili^be divided gendarmes were .on duty to re-j townships asfoilows: strain the>rowds.• ' - [Madison: .Rep. 550. Dem.675: * Premier Mussolint. for the. first J Jefferson: Rep. C50, Dem. 625; time since the" exchange ; pf-.rati-i Prairie: Rep. 400. Dem. 475; ri.KAR. CONTIXI^ED cohi,. Heavy Frost Predicted a* Ian Winlcr" Hnngs On flcations of the Lateran treaty with Cardinal iGasparri last- summer, set foot within Vatican City; The j wedding and -., a'tt'ei.^Iant| ceremonies were'without shd.w f • - ." 1 and ostentation. 7 Liberty: Rep. 850, Wildcat: -.Rep. .550. Cicero: .Rep.. 3,300, 475; Dem. 2,525.! Indianapolis. 'Indian winter" April 24. the state A near,'argument . is one which nobody gets angry. Dem. Dem. 600; - | p^i-ieneiui! a month after the official opening- of spring wil continue through Thursday night in A Decline is Noted in Earnings For General Motors For the First Quarter New York, April 24.—The pre;! corresponding .period of 1W. Ilminary report of- the General]sales by General Motqrs maii'.- Motbrs-Corporationvfor the auar q : factoring* divisions to dealorc. in , chanRe ter-ended on March-31,-Include [the .United States amounted to ing equities in undivided prpfits;! 323,443 -cars. . compared with ot subsidiaries and affiliated pom panies | not -consolidated. with General' Motors, earn 7 Ungs of $44,968,587. After deduct Ing.dlvidends ot »2,428;&14' oij nreferred and, debenture i stocks* theret remained »42,S46,9«3 lot ;tho|^i ^q6 ;Q00 outstanding comp WnTib ]arM.Vn1a ;U jequlvalent to , . , .... • < Heavy frost i is foreseen by tho . ing/ Canadian sales and overseas iv-. " . -.i . , J . ; i i • • -. I weather.. hnrean onlcteai ;for Shipments, amounted to 368,635 Thursday nliht cars, compared with 523,119 cars I ' 413,173 cars in the corresponding three mohths oM929. -"Total sales to I dealers, Includ- and Friday, with the prediction [of "not mv -!i change in tempcr- jaturo. according to the wuathor . bureau predictions. Temperit'ores i in . Indianapolis night diopped j near' the freezing point, wl lie hi several parts; of the stat<' ' mercury dirt fall below the 32 nark. Thursday temperatures • were scheduled : to reflect eing 33 at 6 a: ni. 36.. three hoars later. The cheering part ol) weather prediction of the government bureau is/ for clear in^the flrst quarter of 1929. Overseas -shipments during the > first three months Of '1930 were considerably below shipments ddring the* aame{ period of 1929, due to a dealre to adjust stocks in overseas- countri»s'tn : line .with chang- ed'oconoaitc conditions^ - _ f " ^rCaihv"in<"the'Hnited Stataa Asktait Dnana. 11, lll« r aawraated to »ti,tI4,- Michigaii City, lad., Ap^tt —Famlliea, relatteos 'aa«-' ; of 123 InMatM] of tbo':; '• Stete Prtaott traatees.of too; foc 4 .^uwBcyj'oatl. y ojwwJTjl * "'tiCft' A'«. the ndow from Mrs. honm when Ind- The lis ex- Itttte and tho sklea.

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