The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 13, 1961 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1961
Page 9
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SI Si II Friday, January 13, 1961 For CASH-IN-HAND Results, Call Want Ad Lodge Notice* ':i:j ti ,M, >' M. I i'lStnct 16. Apartments For Rent AI»pi:ic, •.-Jjr, K. _ j-room .urm.hed 'ip'unrncnt with central he-it and air cciiplltioninx. I'hone JU l'-2iilO. HAYWOOl) APAltT.MKNTs — Spuciuua iiiMitnii'iUii. furnished if desired. ..''A',''' 1 ' ""•"• . Hlr ''(.i!(iiii,.,i,iii(.. waii-to- 23. Services Offered ELBCTRIC MOTOR REPAIKS-Kewind- Ins, any kind, Modern equipment. , , . I qualified mechanics. Massey Electric S ' I K. Pruett, JU 2-7281. c;ir- ., lucated 1300 APAKT.MENT - Nlcnly fur- i-.islicil. '.-IITIH. clospi in. Newly deco•'•'''! Apply 1(1 S. Galllar;!. J:AV\VA.Y Extra nice, l.O U-75S1. O.".rd Of Thanks H0.\n 2S1B--KU . i'il r uawc .iinrunent. ail hlils >JiJj'n;:n!j£.v, .it; a-S9'.« utter 1 1A1I.KY, HI-is -. Furnished 3-roorn f.'._r:!^..i apiirtiKent, bills :,ald. JU FOR 31 Articles For Safe SHOULD SELL S 4.00 Tarpaulins, up •Slu.r>0 L'sP'l ,VUi,'n!:luin 33. Sporting Goods RELIABLE REPAIRS on your j S«6 .cm CK-. machine. Urycr or (hsiiwashi.T, r,-i rail Baytoivn Washer Jnd I)r l(IU_Live_pak, JU S-5liiS._ MOVING - Local, long dTstaiice E\pet : i- enccd men, modern equipment, bonded. C. P.. Coker ilovliiR and Transfer. dav< JU 2-50:.5 or JU 3-'-'107 (!:iK Ka!lKB . • 1 Li-i- H.-i'h Tuh Ot'R PRICE gj; E s a.»5 Stripling Outboard " MUWS . rL BALES AND SERVICE 5!.'.05 Beat Boat and Motor Deals In Town T18 E. Humble at Hwy. 148. JU 3-2053 WATER . industrial irrlgntion , authorized dealer Berkley Water Systems: established VJOL. James Jonnlschp. .IU ^-9148. ".VATEl; WELLS DRILLKH -For wnl<"•"•• drilling, repairs. SUPERIOft W.\H. Whitlcy. 18P/. Amy *i-i- .»r-i.,i.i. ,,. n paid. Drive, jrj a-BOT. p.m. ( -—- S32.5fl New Commode ...... .524.95 jL'9.5'1 New DoaMe .Sinks . ,$M.P:> &n.5(i .\ew ih" >; 3- SinKJe S:nks y l^.O 1 ' S 7 511 Sni,-,l! S'.nit S -1.95 SIM. ;> i N\'w. J.aryi' Lavatory .S!! I'.'i SI 1.50 New. .SninU Lavatory ...S'J.C'S SJ-'.5H t.'scd Kiic/itr F;:-k .. ,..52.95 $16.50 U.n-d Lavatory $ O.(li) S17.0U : i-Inch Galvnnlzcd ripe ..512.80 JACK HKAKI) FL'R.VJTUP.E CO. 12 W. Defoe Bay'uwn. Texu* UYO;. b:i!!:. hi;i .- Redecorated 3-riioms, K:iia K f apartnii'n!. hills i,;i!d, roiiple, S13 wechly. Ji! ^-RgRS. 4. Monuments-Lots FORREST. '111-B - Two hedroom un- raruishL'il duplex, 200 wirmir. iiar.el heat, SB',. Call JU 2-6298. FL'R.MSHKI.) A N D ^UNFURNISHED APAUTMKNTS - 3 Rooms and both. air-conditionpd. S55 month, no utilities , pnnl. located behind Son Jaelnto Hos- I ,pitul,_JU 'J-?OS4 OfL!'-. 101 E. -_ Furnlshcd'apartmenTslor t i real. $10 week, bills paid. Phone JU WATER WELL DRILLING — Pump -sales and service, bank financing Becker Drilling Co. Member of Texas Water Well Drillers Association. Phone Highlands. 42S-2H1. GUN BARGAINS OFF SEASON DISCOUNT On New ur.rl i:««d Cuns and Rifles JIM NELSON Coastal Armature Works Electric Motor Rewinding Repair all t-.-pes and sizes. 1702 Carolina (it West Main Day or NlKht. Phone JU 2-9670. marble. l -n.n-!- n-crr.iir.cnt', ii;;d' urave rtj:;r/f'jf'.-, Ci.'jn?I*'j".' -.vor.k. 1''':':i'i* :io cur- p--,:i:: i.-'-:M-n>-- M.irtet a*. \V M:i;n. r.oxt ^ People's State BsnSi. JU 2-1702. 5. Persona! In-Rc t'otir-roum apartment and RR- r.-n.f?. T!|pi tiatli anrt kitchen. Adults. Apply sarna .-iddreas. ILl.I.N'OIS, 3307—Furnislied. 1-bedrooin duplex :i.parlment. 22fi wiring, garage. Water pakl. Adults. PUBLIC NOTICE Francis Reagan Is No Longer Employed EV TI IE' K & R Glass Co. 310(5— Ona 2-bedroom tin- ishfl duplex. 1 furnished apart- all bills pnld. JU 3-3814. S. E K » i; INDIANA. :il2n.— E.xirn nice furnished .'I-room K0:a<;9 apartment downs'.. i:r-. ]'.H';i! ! ,.,r U'. JU 2-2800. nt. Call JU J-11'3 TOnii-io-wall carpet cleaned in your home. " - ' | 304 X Main Whitcomb's Used Appliance We h;iva in our stock several jiocd used Oryere, Both zas :ind electric (Iryers are available. Price j start as low an $59.95. All Appliances Rebuilt VM\ Guaranteed 700 W. Main JU3-I63I 24. Soil Fertilizer TOP SOIL. FILL SAND, CLAM AND OYSTER SHELL — Hauling and small truck Jobs. GEORGE TORRES: JU 3-3233. Alrwood Prlve-In Grocery. 26. Plants-Seeds DAVIS M:R.«EP.V TREES — Kumqnn;. I.rmnn, Grapefruit nnd Satsume. S2.50 to 5-1.00 each. Opposite Decker Drive In Theatre. Ti'LKR ROSES NO. • incl I — Patented . . Cali I.O ti-7577. 22« Arbor Street. JAPANF.SK PERSUTMO.N, PKCANS, new Blackbt-r.-y _ . . plants'. Bulbs. ,J12 .";. — clem furnisher! 4- F ™'t Cocktail Trees (4-wayi. Smoke trees. .-.'oni Hp-ii-imcr.t 2 large clothe^ cabbace. Collard Onion, Strawberry ri.'"--.e!pi ,i;n;iln j-it-'in cabinet spncc ,P'a R t < >. chmliing strawbcro' Sonjana All ;•! ,-,,.,pi ..,!-..<.:',.,, \.',-,jv Abo p.-s»n-!' l!l '''' s rilr "' : - Xcw Evergreens. Chann-t- z'.ver: JI-'-'-L'SM.' Alter 7. LO ^Dgl?. Xl ew •f'™nes. 1C501 Market at. Rd.. USED APPLIANCES 2-door Servel refrl£;era:or with automatic jcemak'f, 2 year warranty on "sled unit. 30-diy service. Excellent runiilllon. SliS. JU 2-5307 47. HOUSM For Sal* ABBOTT. 310—Wooster. Nice, clean ihrce-bcilroom home uMth screened bncK porch. Buy srn.'iu equity ;\\\<\ assume S70 monthly jmyrnemH Now vacant. NORTH JONES — >'ico Uvj-tnMrO'im home with oversized garage. \Valn- Ing distance to town. Small down payment aru! payments of $72 monthly ACHE RKALTY CO. T W. Wilks. JU 2-6135. AN ESTATE ii'EEDS SETTLING . . . Ant! an sf|u!t>- must b« sold. Well located, attractive 2-bedroora home with 4^; loan io lie assumed at $63.OU monthly. Drive by 1)00 S. Severt!) and tell us what you think. .55/10 00 ve.'i you in. SKT SPARKY BON1J--KEALTO!- JU 2-8243 907 S. Main LO 6-7S25 : 47. Houses For Sal* WOOSTER, 136 — 2-bcdroom home with den. H acre corner lot, with lots of trees. will lake liite model car or boat ns down payment. Call John Mitchell, JU 2-6836 nlte or JU 2-W28 days. 47. Houses For Sal* 1701 AJIY STP.EET—New 3-berlroom brlch 1 !•£ l.aths. 3156'i down moves you in. 115 RIDOEWAY —• New 3-hedroom brick, I'.i, bnthii. 515«0 down. TWO-BEnnOOJfS — N'ica 2-bedrc home. $600 down payment. 1908 CLAYTON—Corner lot. Pink brick 3-berl.-oo.Ti8. 2 baths, eie'-trlc kitchen. family room, carpet tn llvlnfc 'oom, 'central alt coridiilor-.tng. Shown bj appointment Call ror complete Information, TO 2-J453 day or ntght, 35. Good Eating FRKSH OYSTERS Baytown Fish Market JU 3-5330 36. Insurance Servel refrlKerato? — for apartment. Clean. 54!) 00. \Vestinj;ho!iEo electric ranges. Clean. KxceHt-tu condition. Your choice, S59.HO each. J.W. AINSWORTHCO. 2500 Market RAYBORN JOHNSON AGENCY Savings to policy iiuiu'cfa FIRE, AUTOMOBILE, LIABILITY 2201 Market JU 3-17S4 39. Business Opportunity Graves Furniture Exchange 219 N. Main N:ce Porcehi:n Gas Ran Frigidainj TlnfriFerritor B-i-akfa!!'- Set .'.'-Pj'-Cf; . : )P''iro'.)m Si:!to . Living Room Couch " TEXACO SERVICE STATIONS FOR lease in Baytown. Excellent location. Financial assistance available to qualified in- I dividual. Call or HTito Texaco, Inc.. P O. !Box 21073. Houston 2G. Texas. CA 8-7471 JU 3 1566 i Or cortaet Mr - ^BSOUirk. JU 3-5211 CHANNELWOOD — o-oedroom. double garase. 1'-!, bitths. central heat. Bargain at $ll,20fl Gl nothing down. Kwy. 73 opposite Ban Jactnto Ordnance Depot. GL 2-2555. CROSBY—919 Kenning Ave. 3 bedroom brick home, 2 baths, carpet, tile, large dcrt and Icitchcn, patio. Carrol Ferguson. Crosby. CRAIGMONT No Down Payment baths, centrullv air conditioned and heated, all brick, built- in range carpeter' floors. LO 6-58U or LO 6-77 IB COUNTRY CLUB OAKS — By owner. Spacious Colonial brick. 3 budroorna, 2 taths. complete cle«ric kitchen, [lining and living rooms, air conditioned, carpeted and Craped, overaizd lot with trees. Price includes club ™*0"bsr2.i!p. ?r««il puufty. low pav- rnents. Phone LO 6-5621 for appointment. EQUITY FOR SALE DWDTELL, 1209 — 3-bedroom brick veneer home located on well landscaped corner lot. Beautiful built-in refrigerator, range, oven. 1900 It. of liveable floor space, central air - conditioning and con- Muller Agency LAKE WOOD 445 S. Burnet — Larf« contemporary bay home, beautiful fireplace. 3-be3roow. 2-batlis, air- conditioned, centrally heated. Shown by appointment. LO 6-7551 S22.50 S25.0U S S. S19-SO $15.00 Highest Quick Cash For Appliances & Furniture 6. Lost-Found 581 Jf>\K;i. !H7 N.—NiM-ly furrished 4- i Itp'-lltp'r. JU 1.--SJI. 1 p.T LO i}-7S'J6- I LOMAX AI1DIT1ON. ins 11 Ni-nTh~~L~. ) ^rrcei —Neari 1 .' new l-bprtro^m panly • I-'T-IPT.', ;inr:rl )-,*•,;. ^ir- p'orj-veriif-nt tn p-rimine! In- '' .W'i:03 W. - urrished . - : , ; -,^ ninir!m"nts. 3-rooms and bath. J-iO .-ir.r! f->U. .10' "-'MO. .. Chnnnelvlew. 28. Pets-Supplies AKC Ji'). Cl rrps— repNtcred !l LO f,-3612. . Bnst-n Bulls. SIS. .'jni L'lrii: instruction mi and bntri fur- Bill •; pn:d. Call 5- 613 S. Main. DACHSHL'.NIi—Full blooded blaci female. 1 year old. wormed, S'JO. Call after 5 P.m. 426-rMltl. PAKAKKKTK — :o ivnr cii^f parakeets, rei'ly !nr r.est!.".g. S2.&H each Irri'.i-'Mnc nest boxes. LO 6-777l>. I 1 4-room .......... OQ ........ . - unftir- *•-'• FINISH HIGH SCHOOL 1 "' s!:n<l br ' rlt ^^ *^^<. noors riiNioi^i r nv^f i jonwo't. !,,,,...,,,., [) ,.,, d . , r ,,. h|v vl . tPTei anc or pre- !..C): ; C. ;•!••> i .i '. t n!:i^ '. n s* ;• fi ro j ;--•,•..; ^-\r'" f- ; ;-.T : > • • ---c i ^ : ^ ' ' Livestock-Supplies AMERICAN SCHOOL At.FALFA HAV-S1.4.% b'l!" I t'-.rn. fnll C. E. Poteet. 3811, Huff- Paint Specials ButD Q-;'i Olcs3 Enamel. 'i'-. - res,-. 52.30 liuti! Cie;;r Spar Virr.iph. It- —- ret;. VJ.'O S2.31 Iv/' Pure i : ^r'stl': Kn^rnel Brush. res. SL15 $ .5-1 Denman Paint & Hdwe. llfi E. T"«s JU 2-5711 Wn R(;',:r;!7inien'l F.elialjle Palntera ;vrl P:\pcrhangc.-3 ALfMi.VI.'M SCREENS Custom rnnda tn fit your windows. Get nur i->:irn:'.tu first! TRKATKn PLYWOOD Ra-iketha'.l B«ckh":i.-ds. S-I.95 Sheley Lumber Co. 2209 Market JU 3-1765 >' O. liox 1312 V.'. il !'."). CH 2-6 '.05 rrm. r'a.t.-jd-na V.S'OTA, S',rri _ Nicely furnlthei! I ••• rt;nr:;t. L'l'.p'.cr new monnsement. ^^ pal'i. r.lvkir.i: facilities, ft!) month J I . '."•ie JU ;-7::21. CULPEPPER'S USED FURNITURE For Lease LEE HEIGHTS STOP N SHOP Grocery, excellent retirement opportunity for fomeone wh-j Is willing to work :m<! hag available cash. Apply 1201 Lindbcrs AVc. A.VAHt'AC, TEXAS. Trailer court In • if.v.-n:mvn location. A solng business ami ytju IMP. trade a small Baytov.-n hr/.-ne in o;j it. A n-onderful opportunity for a semi-retired person t%have added Inccr:-.o \vtth a small Irivestment, Beverly Realty 9 S. Ashbel. Tuck Building, J'J 3-1751 40. Real Estate Wanted "LET'S TRADE" 11 you want the best in a home, see ua todav! There is a reason why our home-buyers tell their friends. Why net he one of our happy home -ticr:-'. Keystone Realty E. Teriis JU 3-172S STEWART AND RUTTER JU 2-5950 13 N. Ashbel j»; 3-4002 JOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES Real Estate Sales. Rentals. Loans ; 1509 N'. Pruett Ju 2-78H Articles For Sal* f=cif:i, Culture :rr.rr:"rr. S?T-;. F.—T ^':ir;iKe npjirtrncr.t, ' | ILMK'.'UT'.S - Jl.ilU S!;:iR;pOO aiv. p. ripi::--.!--. }'. ;-n •.::• I'O.-:ii;T'S KEAUTV SHOP, "lk) Mi;irfn»i;l, Jill, weekly. C.iil Jrl-.n M. tp-at-er. JU 2.7P11. t iit:<: ,.. .VI Ui'HOLSTK.KINC. — 1'J per ra-.t down ^ ;tr-.d 12 months to pay; up to TiO per •n.t oil on all fabric In stock. Call !or '.ran -L'" *tr,,,; tim:i!<". un-kiip nr.d IVBr.inl's i 1?' Frk-i.l I ro Krci-cr Chest :ir:iiliii..-. '.!:'. i-:. Ti-vas. JU S-1P.01 i Twin si?p. Sj'.cnl B,-.) IV'pp- ;..'V:r:i; Room Gr:i:i;t . ..S 3.0.SO I . .S . s 9. Travel Nawa fur; or-;. Like H.VTHl'.OOM FIXTUUKS |V,"rnus!;t Iri-r, ''»il*< > T;i;ji.; I 15 North Commerce St. Phone JU 3-1476 When 1'our H,ome la Sold By SPARKY BOND-Realtor It Stays Sold List With "Sparky" WK srnriALiz" IN HOMES :N LAKKWOOn, BROWKWOOn AND COVNTP.Y CLUB OAKS. i»07 S. Main. JU I-S21B or t,O 6-7620 f"-'-'. I ANI.V r:.;:.MiiiNG COMPANY Houses For Rent Acreage For Sale 31 -B. Building Material ("nlor'c i:«ni:e !'.":!.-•'• r:;in;. N\TU1'\L Terms Torn-.-, C.'\,': \V U'.VH „I COASTAL 'CO.. INC. i,t) J CERAMIC T1LR soli! nr-.d Instnllct!. jrlass ; j.- I t::h crc'O'-'irrs. s-hoivrr doors 1 . Tho new- ^.'j'.'iirj.s :ioi^.\i:!'KKL. phone Ju 2-7H2. 3-3';-!, ACF.BAGE—Close In. AND DEVELOPMENT 12 E James. JU 3-37«. nite JU 2-3239 OFK WADK r.OAD —North nf Hlchway 7t. A : .. .'!crr:i. s c iV' jipr acre. Terms .\VKY'.-: !!••;.M. VISTATB M. 1 : N. Ma in. Hiclii:in'ls. .|TIM!: TO tlrnoal li,:fi:nii^!u'cl hous '.iiiii.' ri'i-t. .IU a-zlV-. 10. Help Wanted :i';a, ':,". ;'.!.::!. •N FAYMKNT Unusual Opoortunity _ i sulley >.r. i in'..•"!!.- -:,.\]\;~r\ . stoves -ird oth^r :ortil of ^. :i. I'nili-r I'ence. already leased winiiproof - — •• '- —— —— 100 ACRES—Unimnrovcd land, GO tlnv I bered. .',(1 clear. np.':ir town. 7. IH'jmcsiii' lots, -.n pood location. ; TAN rowrr, REALTY ju 2-1773 tral heating or LO 6-56 • Terms. Call JU 2-6417 days evenings. FIRST, 909 N.—4-room house. $15 monthly. WRIGHT, 101 E.—7-room house, S5S monthly, fv'o clown payment required. Call JU 3-1744. FIRST. S21 N. — Completely remodelled 4-room house, on large lot. Owner will finance. FTUl price. $2500. Call Ruth Griffith. Realtor, at JU 2-2019. GLEN ARBOR. 707 drantham — 3-bcd- room brick home, tile bath. House and furniture. No down payment. 525.00 moves you In. JU 3-4201 or JU 3-3630. GLEN ARBOR—71U Grantham, Three bedroom brick colonial: carpet; fe.iced. 4H?n. ?S4 notes will save buver $4.500. S9SO equity, $400 cash will handle. JAYKO. Houston UN 4-5744. GRANTHAM. 718 — 3-bedroom brick, carpet. 4U°r, $89 notes. SHOO eqults 1 , SBOO cash wni handle. JU 2-P086. OR.\Y\VOOD. 807 Idlewood — Your New Year plans should Include a lovely 3- bedroom brirjk home. Near cornpletfon to pick your own prolor scheme. 3-extra laree walk - In - closets, oversize family room, kitchen bullt-ins. detached garage, splendidly landscaped comer lot. A Savell home that has quality and beauty PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING Residential Commercial. Condemrsntlor. Cllfforri M. "Sparky" Bond S07 S. .Main JU 2-82-18 Dean King Real Estate LO 6-S061 c. Toxnnr REESE JU 3-5458 Fair Park Addition MIDWAY, 302 — Out-oJ-town owner. Heasorrible offer accepted. 3-bedroom brick, j«i baths. electrio butit-fn range. JU 3-3729 or JU 3-3532. RENT $$$ CAN BUY jrORRELL. :oS—Redecorated and repaired Inside and out. Thla small 2-bedrooro hcrno be yours for S300 rtown. and tho total mor.thly r-aymenta o! about 550 !s cheaper than rent. CARTKR H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES — nHALTOKS JU "J-9024 days or JU 3-2S22 nlchts DAN SAVELL combined. Will take nt now- TO 2-7349 GLEN ARBOP., , r )i.i5 Pamela—Furnished model on show. 3-berirooms. 2-full baths, central heat, carpet, built-in kitchen, l.irce dett. $=H.41 monthly payments CALL TODAY. Ji; 3-4^11 •(VILL BUILT) TO SUIT ON' YOUR PROPERTY CRAIGMONT PARK Not Ic To Move in PLUS 10.000 TOP VALUE STAMPS WITH EVERY HOME PURCHASED Payaicatj aa lo-.v as JS3.50 including kitchen and family room, central beat, electric built-ms. '-'-car ea.-age. Drlye out Decker Drh'i- to'lav r.i;U sekp.-'. from our furn-;«!'.eil mcrlel nt 6313 Louise. LO 0-7115. FRANCIS. 312 W.—Baytown. 3-bedroom home, garage. Buy equity, pay balance tt $38 per month. We can arrange terms on equity. THREE BEDROOMS — Livtng-diainf room, hardwood floors, pantry and cabinets, S closets, native trees, lot lOO'xZOO'. Selling ai appraised. Avey's Real Estate 428-2813, Highlands. 113 N. Main T. F. ODOM .. BUILDER Reliable Building Service 1702 Ivl» L« JU 2-5930 Highlands Realty HIGHLANDS: 3-bedroom or 2-bedroom and den. 5 acrsa land, attached garage. Terms. HIGHLANDS: Xice 3-bedrooin home on large 250' front corner lot, attached garage. Built in 1959. Will soil equity, payments less than rent A. w. HAMM. Realtor. 115 S Main Phonn 426-2*11 or 428-3464. For Dependable Moving Serrtc* Local or Long Distance, C«I1 TO 2-2030 Hasty Transfer And Storage GRAYWOOD ADDITION 803 Fleet-wood—Brick veneer 3-bedroom home; beautifully decorated, excellent features, near achool. 113 W. ADOUB Three bedrooms, 2 baths, carpet, drapes, two window air conditioning units, excellent condition, near schooL E. F. Luquire CONTRACTOR JU 2-9431 or JU 2-7M3 54. AutomobilM OUAUTX C«D CAM Let Vt yinmnc« Tour N«jrt Aula Laughlin Auto S«Us I960 Bel Air i-door Cfctvrolet with whiu wan ON*. Six cylinder, standard shift, low -nflr-f* car with blue finish. TtUf 1* k MM buy at $1795 Dan Hutch?n$ Mtr. Co. Texas Ave. and Bury. US t-nm BAYSHORE MOTORS 2100 Market JU 1957 Cadillac Sedan d« Vllle with acctsiory lacludlnj; f»eto»T »lr eoadl- :loD:'ng- Cleanest on« 48. Mobile Homes MOBILE HOME—45- Spartan with factory alr-condltloniag, central heat, 2-bedrooms, Call 428-3114 or 428-Z733 49. Automotive Service SAVE 40% On Shock Absorbers and Piston RInzi 30?» on Mufflers WATSO.N* AUTO SUPPLY 3207 Minnesota JU 3-3S72 52. Trucks FORD. 1952—H ton pickup In good condition with a 1954 motor, selling ir:ce only S295. 428-3209. 63. Work Can S500 DOWN Your present r one of thf«e homc.3 fe.HttirI« ceTT.rn! hen*. viu buy ' C.t'LF. 2iil E.—Four room* each side in cornsr lot: 2-car tar, r i(?e. Both fidc» are rented, sin./inn \vttn owner ancinc Call Ruth Griffith. Rertltor at 3V 2-2019. HURRY. CALL TODAY CIRCLE. 4mi North—3-hedroom home. 1-liath Mnny gddW. reaturcg. NO DOWN 'PAYMENT. Call Jim R.'iHes today. JU 3-172S or JU 3-3. r >12. IT'S BRIGHT Just Ilka new . IT'S SHINY Is this 3-berlrwm HOME at B.102 !.o:: Pt. The loan's already made. All you IP, take. over. immediate possess',' >e '\'.\ ntfer fur th* epi' SPARKY ROXD - REALTOR JU 2-S248 9U7 a. Main LO 6-7<Cfi LAKEVVOOP — home. 2 baths. .vltii island bar. clous 3-bedroorn built-in kitchen voodod lot. . Excellent Irrrnj. SM.050. MO.VTCfO.MKP.Y RK.VL ICtlTATF, JI' S-121D. STEP LADDERS 43. Business Property .S1.7S 11. Female Help Wanted CAl.KNPAP. tefiUs Cj'.il for son. Chris' \V\NTF.P .-; ..,,, in ; apply In per-1 . .„ - Linn.' K :<:<!•:] a pit. Jli '.:•;•••-'-:. rV .if" :!Tpir,<V ?:OTOI;CYCI F, nn.Mi - Tun 1,0(1-1 r i-i---icctioi!. Water! • Top Value Stamps TEMPLE LUMBER CO. Latex Inside Paint Home Lumber Co. us - •„•::> N. M.-ii i: . Brirk »;;:], fue llVxI.V fl.nd .i(i'.» and 75.n' deep. Formerly C',.:r;vi:-y liuii ijns For In"- (-."ii-ict 75. R. C'lle. Bay- 43-A. Water Front or Trl-Citv . .11' :- ::t <•- r.o (i-5i>«o, T'vdrnnm ~HONIE8 tlon Hi-nch R<1. ! 44. Farms-Ranches L \KK\VOOP— J'JFt rnnve ;a for J5PO. No f!.'.':?. rio li^thpr. Paymcnt.l .597.11. CiTltelH 1 ' 17 -'^-;. si-tioois. Mr. I'afin:l i-ollrct, HmiJ . npt':r.R. ('nil Ml (I-93.-1. McKARLAND, 37P2—Vtiedroum home exrelU'iit condif.nn. Ownfr transTerred must soli. JFOO (io'.vn. win trade, KEYSTONE RKALTY 209 K. Texas. JU 3-172S. NEW HOMK— S031 Ocenn Drive. B.iy- Re. Soil, irn^e rent. collect MA 3-SM*> after 8 p.m. NEW THREE-BEDROOM BRICK—Central heat, carpeted, built-in kitchen, larce den, 2 baths. SSI.50 monthly. Xin.N'T- OOMERY RE.\L ESTATE. TU 3-tM. PEARCE. IICI E. — Clean 3-liodroom i ionip'. Imv do p -rn p.-jymor.t, carpet, ye-1 notions, .'i!*'! IV.TI *'::cii u.'n.i;:'-. r.'-ari school. Ji; 2 i 1 "!! after '1:3') p.m. PL'.'.MWOOU — : pp-t hp-nt. p;H!o. KKNNKTH 3\ 2-ivnr. SUTLER & BE.VLL KL'ILDIXG CO. JU 3-5125- ALL NEW Creekwood Addition New Plans New Low Prices New Low Down Payment j : ; Mov» In for as low a.i J150. GOOD WORK CAP. - 1950 Plymouth 4- door. radio, heater. Runs cood only 5119.00. See at 118 VV. Pcarce. Cash-Trade- Terms. JU 2-8336. 54. Automobiles CHEVROLET, 1903 — Statlonwagon. Radio, heater, stlelt shift. 9 pasaen- r*r. 539.1. i^o e-ssni. CHEVROLET. 19,-in — Black i-door, cno<! t;re:i nnd condition 510(1 cash. JU 0-1990, CHEVROLET. 1950—1-door with new tin;.*. .M?.ke Ro-i.1 work or school car. SI SO Hikes H. jrj 2-7797. FOP.D. !—2-Door, VS. stick shift, r';al com! tiros, very I'.ttlo rust, Slli. ' FORD. ]9n«--"5iJO" 2-dc;r hirdtop, Excellent ponrilt'nn. Sen 2217H Cedar Bavu'.! U--iiT, J»nni'Cll« Addition. J. 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door sedan. »lr coudlilonlat, Poverglldt, smtll V-8 «B(tM. >•* whit* wall tins. $1395 Two !950 Studsbakftrs Champion 2-doonj. Real Konomj. Tour choice. $95 MANT OTHER GOOD USED CAJM New Yorker Statfon Wagon 19ST Chrysler with *lr , power wlndowi and KaM. r»dlo and heater, fully equipped. la tnr- quots* and whtta 2-toM eojor. Prtctd »t $1575 Higginbotham Motors 2912 Market ' XT J-819S TOU CAN NOW TtACS TOUB ORDER FOR A f !96! Opel Paul Prince Buick 2800 Market JTJ t-KO.4 '58 TKunderbird Thl* ono hts all th* «xtru Including all power and air conditioning. Sharp blac&c and white 2-ton* finish wltii oleefc and wnite l«Uher interior. Thli to on* you aunt se*. What «r« j-ou waiting for? Nea! Dickens Mtr. Co. Under The Big Shed—Hwy. 1<W, JO 3-4163 Bargain Buys! Six 1959 Chevrolet Most modeli and equipment. Priced 'or sale. PL\.MOUTH. 1356 — Fury deluxe, radio, pnu-cr stccriri^ and brakes, ex- 'ondition. only $fioo. LO 6-5153. All 3 and 4 hedrorjm liome, 1 *. sorr.e '•: Htory. --car trrir:if!e. noTiie alr- conilltioned. p.n 1 '.voo.lel lots. Walker Homes, Inc. RHODES. C. T. .- ivv; MiaoiMip ^!^. Rh,Kie«. he nur cueft to«nr} :;:**\\-'.r;^ of "Buttcrfiold ft" now ; v in W ;n^ at thfj Friin^nn Tricatre. Tnkc tiiii id -o ihe lirket office nf tho T'mrj.^.ri for your t'-vii frpn admissions. Mrn. JU 2-8084 JU 2-8515 |wSa^after 5^1^77,?."or'JU ^asr ••Evcr.-hody s Crean la Good Here" Bay Motor Co. Rayborn Johnson, Inc. Realtors LAFAYKTTK. imc. ; hat! •••'.• -. L.irce T-rnnni •.":•.' nil h>-i' ;-i-,i- r, :','--rf"i sh i iv hack !•• tret?:;.'* •s In living :>'o;=. Trice .'3 SOO Thad Felton Ford A-l r?KTl CARS W. Te-x.i.< JU 2-262« "RAPS: WITH "HOXEST" JIM Jim Cartc-r Mtr. Co. Texas SERVICE U7TH THE SALE Clyde Jones Rambler I'l? W. Try ;-, JU 2-S301 Seven 1957 Autos Fords, Clwvrolets, Bulcta, »-<toon. 4- rtoora, SJ.T's, and Eight's. Several Specials 2-doors, 4-rlooni. In most modrtr SEE Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E. JU 2-S20T A Honey! 1957 Forrt. V-8 Palrlcne SOO. 4-4oor aeflan with ralio and heater, power eiulpracr;;. Clean throu^cout. A real buy at $1095 Ernie Dittman Motors 07 E. TeXM JU Z-815* 54-A. Auto Safety Check COMPLETE FRONT-END ALIONMENT K.OO THAD FELTON FORD Texal JU 2-S1M FOK THE BEST—la paint, and body vork. brake iad front-pjnd align- JACK SMITH GARAGE HIS X ITaln JU 2-9030 Classified Display Classffted Ch'.lton i>rlve. ri'.l'KTT M*"' 1 N. — I.arKO five-hcc f::r.i'.v I'.'T'V, -i'-iirM'. kltrticn' 1'- I' Sl-'i'i'" STKPHKN'.: l;KM. KSTATK. I.-i |r,.\ i-'.'m. i-.A i-i;7«. irv. LONG PRIVF;. Mil jell equity. RANGE-RBFRIGEHATOK—In Rood cond;-i I.I.TP l ' m - W. each. Spinning wheel. 175.1'i' Ap^lv 1C!) N. nth St.. Hii:hlamls. '•' Building Material Bargains Vir" P|v«".i! ^^^^^^^^^ STEWART. 10(1-? bcrfrooms. corror lot, w.ih '-' l-.oufi's. I >-hade trci-s. Owner Jir.a-iro. low i in:lcs r:ort^-j down p.iyrnent JU 2-2333. Martin Estate, "'"Jh.-irjcnin"T~Bnyt^vT. '.li nice i->!:;n\ur:!ty. Ir-con-.e Xf.'T HKinlfTS ,n H,rr = - NEBRASI-:.\. 3 l-trtn-.::i tion 'I'pv;; !-ome. ^-Daths close to schools, j !ff..i. monthly, JU 3-3SI1. | KiCALTY 12. Mala Help Wanted OPPORTUNITY SECURITY LO; Ml .in n-v M'l o! .V>d Miilu-iy, j: SAI FS -- RKRvicK. - R>:.NTA;,S -CJJsiers ltr-1 !);••! Jp-.v.' TiLOOM HAL CO.. ;-,;;iW Murk.; St. J .MAC1UNK, !!e-type «-..'-\vi:i^ : '.T" t.i'nic :i!' , |c,n ji- ^.,,vi.r house avail- — -— I KKQIMXS, I5KA11S S P & S ALUMINUM CO. ! 45. Lots For Sale • C'.rstom nrtrln 20S W lx>n!t Kf.K RKA1.TY _ Before You Buy SHEETROCK- PLYWOOD-LUMBER Ray I. Harvey Classified Display i fi :\\voi SKI; TODAY 18. Sedrooms-Board (AT >'HKUKK HOTKI, AM> ,MV.IIT- ! ^TI^^'T>- - Home ntmcsphero, !uh Ard j'ri-.o-V'T t-alhs. ^ix)d heiN. KIIH hent. low ;TEi.i;Vls!ON-17 Inch Cro-'lcy, m.ihoiiiir.y corsnle. Kood corid^tiOTi, ^-"iO. T'.'. \ ILI-*R - 2-vvhef! p:ckvip bocl. w !!i spare. l'"l . 1/J (,-jK'J. KK7.!- ':'. - 1-' Op-e-'l 1'!'- Top Vafue Sfamps TEMPLE LUMBER CO ,; f :f, C^-.r.'.r^^'-^ .]{• '.l-S^Ti Remodeling Specialists Work Wanted • 1 1. i' I "V" BKI.TS cr/itor-. Jiir.(- prl.LKYS --- For n-fru:- nr!:t:''.ntv'-. pump-' vnnli'r' 1 --- STI;K.\M | :'•:•.••.*• Tr:,:: '.'.,',.• :.,/','' ,r,- : :y'*" "" | j'; Beverly Realty I S -.-•!-.•; 'V;; H K'i :•!;•'>: JI' .'i-i7Sl ''{"| SENE MULLER, Agency |g :i'-s:;.!- -;T:AI, ATRF.A -• BeAutitui'vA -:.\V 1 t T. !:'"> !: rr;- 1 ' Hr-r.'.iy woc-ltd j <y LO 6-7551 !?;: ;-3J!i'. nRrvK sin hi. Oi:stom OK.XKKAI. 19. Business Rentals PI: Hi M M\ s KII.III- I I' ••:• l.i '.' I' .',.)•, PC: • Phono Jl! ^-X".''. v: Ar.irt'ni.";t f e ".:'. :^ U >• -n ^ i- '.V... ~ ;i • ••:,• p'; i-. i;.-:- :•. . ,; Articles For Rent Classified Display Classified Display 22. Rest Homes i CLOTHES LINE POSTS KI.^X.)!; >'ANI )!':7:.-: A\H KIH ::'n-i.'y Luriioer C,2209 M,irk"t St. j;: 3-i7«.s. I : • " 1 tn finrt " Jtivi I-or;:-. I'Ti' Builriinq Now Homos Jii S H:-.ii 23. Services Offered l!K"r!p".r.R \Tf1R S cu ft.^r new paint, nution dffroit W> '* B. F. Goodrich CLOTHES LINE POLES Custom Trailer Hitches Sporting Goods I GUNS-New and Used OUR SERVICE MUST SATISFY All Makes Foreign Cars Try Us, We'll Moke You Happy! VOLKSWAGEN SPECIALISTS Texas Motor Import Vi" K. Tr\n< Ave. U 8-4071 PIANOS PIA^C" PIANOS 35 To Choose Frcm New Srvnef Pianos $495 Pianos $189 Ti-n Yrar Smnll r»p-.\vn Ip di .Sfi ^fdin I'imuis rr (r> Pay BROOK MAYS PIANO - ORGAN STUDIO ?'J K. To\;i< .ft i-ftO How Old Are You, Lady? Most Folks Just Don't Ask Such Thingt. A Tip to Remember When Wording Rental or For Sale Ad. anyone brazenly ask TOUT ace" . pooplr won't inquiri? — even though they may be dying T :•„•>• v,v '.!;•••• 'iiir. to know Th'.' wan •in .s . It :i t pre?s; vou. Tl'.oy are to>^ polite. And besidse, 't H'A^ ara';:ncr.t?. Figiir" if you had wanted them you'd have volunteered tho information. ad ro.v;:or-bu; \T !-o the same way. He reads irt.-.-.'sts hin:. There's an obvious important fact "S:-,e.;iid I rail the advertiser?" ho thinks to himself. I!.' '.'••- ro.ids the a>i. then ,-onciudes: '•r,,;!'.:s there'? :-.-> ;:sr-. If the- advertiser wanted me to ;;:•..".•. !;<• :i .<.i;..i *i ;n the :\f\.'~ So a live prospect is lost '-., .,.-.. .-.f ' i,-k .if ' mat M". \VJiKX SKLLIXG -DON'T BE BASHFUL. Answer the ".-. i::: o~:.'-.ts :r. >our ad before the reader has to ask . . . and you i! make s;ire he'll eonta.'t you. The more you tei! the more you sell. Want ads work daily wonders for advertisers. Advertisers ?<'::r.z '--twmnTT. result follow these easy rules. (1) d«- -.'.I- the ,; ~r,t spreifii illy and '-,' priee :t in the ad. And t,> i-ec-.r-ne an "instant" seller make sure both your address <,;:.i phone- arr ineluded Daiiy Repetition Finds the Buyer Specific Description Gets Him to Act. Ad e c•-• to sMrt s Baytown Sun Want Ad. Just <H*1 ••-.'.;4 >,- JU 2---<i3, 1 ) and say, "I want to ttart * Want

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