The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 13, 1961 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1961
Page 8
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Bv Frank Roberae MRS. FITTS FLATS NEVER HEAR. MRS. HOVAJER./TVOU FOR MAKING MISTAKES. MY BOSS HAS seen BAWUNS ME OUT 6.1.1. DAY TOR DOINS By Mart Walker BEETLE BAILEY WHAT HAVE WE LSARtslEP OF ANV VALUE? SOCIALIZE? LIVIM& is VVriV PO TH=Y SAV THE IS SUCH &OOD ••-- s n By Jim Burnett & George Crandali Will Wilson Is Criticized By Vice Prober AUSTIN (AP)-Atty. Gen. Will j Wilson and Rep. Tom James, vice i chairman of the crusading House | Investigating Committee, swapped j political insults Thursday over j alleged Beaumont and Port Ar- ithur vice conditions. James said his committee's report would criticize Wilson. He i said the report would not be ready for another month or two but he was speaking now because the report, when issued, might be considered "an unwarranted in- tervention'' in Wilson's race for the U.S. Senate. Wilson replied that he considered James' statement "obviously timed for political purposes best known to him in spite of his disclaimer." James was an active campaign worker for former Speaker Waggoner Carr when Carr unsuccessfully challenged Wilson for the attorney general's term just beginning. Wilson also contended* that MR. ABERNATHY By Frank Ridgeway and Ralsfon (Bud) Jones HELLO, LADV VERONICA. J HOWS VOUR DIET COMING A.LONS« FINE! IT'S NOT A3 P/FFICULT TO KEEP MY WEiSHT POWN AsrrosED I HARPLrEVEp.7HtNK, ABOUT ft ANT MORE. James "did not make a full disclosure of facts in his statement TTVy-rj about the state investigating com' " jmittee's findings.'' James said the port will criticize Wilson for no acting to clear up Beaumont and Port Arthur. James said committee evidence will show that Wilson was asked for help from Beaumont more than two years ago. He said records show that Wilson's department said more than a year ago it was investigating conditions in Beaumont and Port Arthur. He also said that more than a month ago the committee asked Wilson to look into an injunction issued in 1951 against the | use of telegraph facilities for j gambling. The attorney general said com- j plaints his department has re- 'ceived from Beaumont and Port Arthur were referred to the Dc- ipartment of Public Safety and to date the DPS has not returned a report "The DPS has elected to first COUNTY SPORTS STADIUM FINANCE MEET SATURDAY Harris County officials will meet Saturday with tlie state legislators from the county to discuss financing of the county sports stadium. County Judge Bill Elliott says copies of a proposed legislative bill will be passed out and discussed in an attempt to remove any doubts the state representatives may have about the bill "THIS" IS probably the most complex undertaking here since the Ship Channel was built." he said. "But I am convinced of its importance to Harris County." The bill would permit the county to sell up to $22 million in general obligation bonds — backed by taxes — without the usual public vote. Elliott said he had no fears about tlie legality of the special bill, even though it would apply- only to Harris County. A general state law prohibits the sale of any bonds without the approval of voters. ELLIOTT SAID the special bill has been drawn up by the law- firm of Vinson, Elkins, Weems & Searls. Nios of the v.'ork on it committee re-i done ty George W. Sparks, who n """ m '"" '"-•• was formerly head of the bond desk in the state attorney general's office," Elliott said. "He's a nationally recognized authority." In addition to the nine legisla- missioners and' members of the Harris County Park Board are being invited to the meeting at 11 a.m. in the Commissioners Court room. ELLIOTT SAID officials of the Houston Sports Association and the Houston Fat Stock Show will also he welcome at the- meeting. The s port s association has agreed to pay the county an annual rental of S750.000 or $800.000 to pay off the bonds, plus operating expenses bringing the total up to SI million. Association officials pledge that extra taxes will never be needed to pay off the bonds. Elliott has explained that the with a view to asking a similar deal from the county. CONSIDER giving up the .South Main site because of the heavy expenses involved. On' the stadium, both Elliott anil County Auditor S. K Bruce said the county would draw up a careful contract with the sports group | for operation of ihc stadium. Sun Classified 1. Lodge Notices f-ALLEll MKKTINO "' l'<Ml;ir H:iyou M;)!.ulllc I*Oi!i;c No. Ml. A. If :in.l A. M.. \: it on .Saturilny. )nnu:ir>- 11. I'Jtil. Work i" M. M. iH'Kl'i'O. Sojourning llrcthn-n invltfil to Hllrn.l. 1) K. OliHSIrcn, W. M. O A Wllnoii. Seiy. county can in interest save S-114,000 a year by switching to the tax-backed bonds. Voters in 195S approved a $20 million issue 'of revenue bonds for the stadium. But they carry an interest rate about 2.3 per cent higher. MEANWHILE, the commissioners indicated Thurday that they would be happy to hear any new proposals by stock show officials. The stock show had planned to build a separate showplace on a tract it owns near the stadium aiiir. But Wednesday, Leopold Meyer. chairman of the show's building and grounds committee, said the romniitti- 1) Wait now and plans to: see how the new tors, Elliott said, the county com- stadium financing plan turns out. Panel Asks Kennedy Aid In U.S. Space Program PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP>—A study committee report sharply critical of the Eisenhower administration's space program calls on the Kennedy regime to recognize the establishment of a space station and for the eventual manned exploration of the moon and the planets. "The ultimate goal of this kind Remembrances Of Past Might Reveal Your Age K\ II U BOY1 K I;sparking on her front porch swing NFW YORK (AP)-Your oast —and .still get home before mid- iNIUU I.v-'lVi'v vni ' . ...:.,_ .. ,];„,„ l,,r» in villin is showing if you like to remember aloud about when— A father welcomed his manhood by giving him a gold pocket watch on his 21st birthday. Mother could still bake bread like her own mother used to bake. People waited hopefully for Hou- night with a dime left in your i pocket. to Social critics decried tlie arrival of network radio, predicting it would ruin the art of conversation in the American home. The ordinary man knew noth- clini, the great magician, to send! ling of television or space missiles. a message from beyond tlie grave Nobody feared the atom. How could you be afraid of something, ro 2m !) .l' ycin can't even see it?!*' 1 Naturalists sternly warned I Parents had '.! bubble gum problems with fretted about coon might become extinct if college boys didn't stop tuniinc them into coats. A woman felt half-dressed unless she had a couple of silver fox furs swinging from her neck. The Woolworth Tower was the world's tallest office building, and it was seriously jebated whether, if they built many more skyscrapers, their weight might cause Manhattan Island to sink into the ocean. Some folks are still hoping,this will happen. Wally Reid was the film idol of the day, and nobody had even heard of Rudolph Valentino. He i whether it was right or wrong to iank a child. Nobody knew how .pell cholesterol or went on a unless he was in You could still be fat without feeling guitly. And only the wealthy ever got letters from the income tax collector. Those were the days! City Employes' Credit Union Declares Dividend America's prestige is at stake in of endeavor would, of course, be the race with the Soviet Union, an actual landing of man on the The report, made public by (moon or a planet. It is not ...... .. President-elect John F. Kennedy j possible to accomplish such a make public the evidence in a]Wednesday night without com-1mission with any vehicles that are [legislative investigation." Wilson j ment, says the odds are heavily [presently under development." "said. "When we receive the re-i against the United States beating I The U.S. Project Mercury has ports and evidence from the DPS ! chief, said he had no comment on either Wilson's ments. or James' state- HI AND LOIS •y Mort Walker and Kik Brown* TO BE A GREAT PIANO PLAYER A PERSON MUST HAVE SUFFERS? THEM WILL. HAVE PEPTH.., FEELIN6« I'M 60NNA BE THE WORLP'S •CAUSE THAT'S JUST THE WAV TAKING PIANO LESSONS MAKES ME FEEL/ f'.'i- /g£3i*£.~ M3 •ARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Losswell the Soviet Union in the contest to as its officially stated goals put a manned space ship orbit around the earth. into short, manned space flight in April or May, and a manned craft SAK6S ALIVE!! HOW ON ftlRTH DOVE oorr? VE DONT LOOK A DflYOVER EIQHTyi! THflNKY, HONEY POT I THOUGHT I'D ORRP BY ftN'PftYVEfl teene VISIT, LOWEET/ GRANNY CREEPS*! I ftlN'T LAID EVES ON VOO IN ft MONTH O'SUNDAYS BRICK BRADFORD By Paul Norris Ti«B*> rr etSHT-ou* W ATMOSPHBK. OFTHK 19 M. PUANGT By Wolf Kelley vou fVfNCAJCf THAT TWI* cwv UK >OUf HAT ON By Bill O'Malley THE REVEREND MYTKINir BUT LOHGr DISTANCE WAV I MAKE '( M3UR PHONE/ Harris News Rounduo Blue laws squad of Houston Polict- Department says it will begin checking hardware stores and lumber yar» Sunday to soe if (hey are complying with Sunday closing laws. Houston Crime Commission holds meeting closed to press, and afterward Currer says it was harmonious wifh everyone joining in dedicating thf.msolves to the job ahead. In reply to chargi's by Dan E. Goodykoontz, executive director of the commission who resigned, Ctiirer says he should take charges of jfamhling in Harris County to the Trrand Jury. Houston pilot of National Guard jet fighter dies in crash in riee field near Alvin. Ellington Air Force Base identifies him as First U. John P. Puck- ctt, 28, of 7614 Bnena Vista. Two Pasadena men — A. B. Warner, 3214 Federal Road, and Phillip A. Pingilley Jr. — sue Wilson and Co. of Chicago for $240,000 for injuries they claim to have received in collision between their truck and a Wilson truck in Missouri last March. Longshoremen begin unloading Atlantic Robin docked at Houston affe- \atiorml Maritime I T n- ion withdraws pickets, saying agreement had been reached with the ship company which would not allow its employes to join the, union. Mrs. Julia Jackson I^avin, M, Houston registered nurse of 27.W Fennel] killed in collision of car and train in 3100 block of Eltfn. New district attorney for Harris County, Frank Briscoc. says he will ask Texas Ix»gislalnre to provide mandatory jail terms for persons convicted of carrying pistols. Houston city tax collections for I9fifl total' S40,989.ni5.7I, or about S3 million more than collected in previous year, says Ellis Allen, assessor-collector. Automobile salesmen's union files petitions with National tabor Relations Board for representation elections at seven more Houston car agencies, bringing total to 'it. Northeast Houston School Board votes 4-3 to prohibit the ralsinR of funds in the schools of the district by any organization other than the United Fund. One of the first states in the The committee, appointed by orbiting the earth late this year. Kennedy urges determined effort But the project reportedly is con- and the'spendinc of more money i siderably behind schedule, on the space exploration program! The Soviets hnve announced no generally—and particular!v on do-!target date. But Soviet Premier velopment of more powerful rock-J Khrushchev said last September et thrust for launching of space-!they were ready to fire a man craft. ! into space. The group mentioned no specific j figure in calling for additional! spending. The current Soviet advantage in firing vehicles into space stems from superior booster rockets. The study committee asserted there is "overriding necessity to provide more efficient and effective leadership" for the U.S. space effort. President Eisenhower has stated repeatedly that America's prestige is not at stake in the space exploration race. The Kennedy committee's re- pon said: "Space exploration and exploits have captured tlie imagination of the peoples of. the world. During the next few years the prestige of the United States will in part be determined by the leadership we demonstrate in space activities." The committee was headed by Prof. Jeroe B. Wiesncr. a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist. In making the group's report public. K'-nody anouneod i appointment of Wiesncr as his 'snecial assistant for science in ; the new administration. "Because of the lag in the de- ivelopment of large boosters, it is jvery unlikely that we shall be i first in placing a man into orbit 'around the earth," the report ! said. "While the successful orbiting of a man about the earth is not an end unto itself, it will provide a necessary stepping stone toward Venables Show Slides Of Trip To Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Venable of 5415 Bayway showed slides; of their extensive trip through Suudi Arabia at a mectint; of the \Voos- ter Lions Club and their wives. The Venublp family were in Saudi Arabia he was on by Humble Oi! and Refining Co. The family took time to learn of customs and traditions of the Arabians ami took color red caps at a were giad to a gardener, railroad tor- handle your was learning to The minal luggage at a dime a bag. The local barbershop served as the poor man's club' — and the town's main forum of political discussion. Mothers took for granted their children would get chicken pox. measles and mumps, but prayed, they would be spared scarlet fever! Officers of the credit union ex- Baytown City Employes Credit Union officials declared a three per eent dividend at the second annual stockholders meeting for the 130 members. Th* credit union was formed in August 1959. and showed total assets of $-1.93-1 at the end of that ' The IJKiO year end total year. assets equaled SHi,425. an diphtheria. Businessmen about getting hcart attacks. A woman who smoked rette in a restaurant was ed as a shady lady. Fathers pressed enthusiasm over the tre- worried more mendous success of the union dur- appendicitis than j n jr its first year of actual oper- jation. Hie hiqh dividend reflects cisa-jjj 1( , success of the operation the\' gravely assured their sons that if they smoki'd tainly would culosis. A young man could go to a pool hall and keep his social standing, but if he were seen hanging around a bowling alley— well, it started talk. With only a dollar bill in your wallet, you could impress your best girl by taking her to a movie, J. B. Le Fevre. Maurice Reed and Leo Frost were elected to the cigarettes they cer- su , )(nvisorv committee. It will be die young of tuber-| Lfi ' F( , vre . s S( , pomi , erm on the committee. Elected to the board of directors wore George Chandler, Mrs. Edna Oliver, W. P. Dickson. W. II. Taylor. E. L. Parker, Odis Muennink and II. II. Strcich. The Rnytown School District credit union, in existence five stop off later at the ice cream parlor for a couple of hiR double- dip sodas, spend an hour together years, has declared a four and half per rent dividend for the 10GO operation. Noon Call Stock Quotes (Courtesy Mtrrill Lynch, Fenn«r «nd Smith] slides which members. The family were shown to the, also made extensive. tours in Jerusalem and Germany and will show slides of these countries at another meeting. Mrs. Vrnablo was dressed in typical woman's costume of Arabia and presented point- of inter- p ( ,jj. est about the country during 'he^^', showing of the slides. ifvii.i Allcg Ludlum .. Allis-Cnalmers Amcr Cyan — Amer T<-1 & Tel Am Visco Ampr-x Anaconda Cop . Arm I'D At Tp* SK .... -19U Ohio Oil '-'" jOlin-Math -IT 1 ., ; Panroastal Oil 10»i".sj Phillips IVtr i i| (Sc Oil Dut h -10' i'4'. •1'J •'.' .Sinclair ... 'SiK'nny Mob ! Rou Pacific Bomhoff Speaks At Kiwanis Club Eighteen Sent To Houston For Army Eighteen Baytown-Houston areJhoff put the responsibility of he; Mine men were sent to Houston 'ing "crippled thinking wi Chrysler Citii-s Serv C :-.::-il) (.'.as .... jCr"o!e i Diamond Alk ... I Dow Clu-in Oil Pont iKa>!ii;;in Kodak i Rev. Harold Bomhoff, pastor of' K1 l ' nfn |St. Paul's Lutheran Church, told' 1 '' 0 " 1 I the B-iytown Kiwanis Club Thurs- • ! - . n '' t '>'! o . rt Siil f i •• jday that thr answer to "ham; strung thinking" is a Christian •education of children. : Speaking at the club's weekly 'mooting at the Tower. Rev. Bomil- m'v 1IIS : .' 4 3(i' 4 if)' l,S- Stan Calif Stan Ind Stan Ohio Stude-Packard . ;Sun Oil \Sunniy-Mid Cont Tennessee Gas .. ; Texaco Texas Knstcrn •. Texas Gulf Prod : Texas Gulf Snip . 49' Ceil Tire ... Gillette Sa! . Goodvear Tn their bfing clergy and m< m-i alert "and judging I ( ' lllf Sl; ' 1 '' _' whether what is learned by ohil-, 1 ^ 1 - iUM ' IM drin is true or false. i IBM Everything learned by children j I" 1 ,' I ';",' v should "bo subjected to "our owmlnt'l N'ioko] logic and thinking" and as many j J'""'s * >•« children as possible should bop' educated in liberal arts and tecb-jLihby younc men were .._ , this week hv Texas Local Board jehurchr-s No. fi3 in Baytown for induction | bers.^ by into the Army. From the examination station in Houston, they were to be transferred to the reception station at Fort Hood, Tex. Five were from Baytown. They arc Orva! G. Muller, Charlie P. Oldham, Robert Guidry, William iniques of mnmirl arts, be said. Bavliss and Clarence Small. ', Rev. Bomhoff said a j From Crosby were Leon Gou-1 which is- not conscious of deau Jr., Edward Stewart and Jo-jday affairs and influences is not seph Singleton Jr. Others were;a church. The church must pro Lawrence D. l.each. Channelview: ivide a leadership in educating the Marvin P. Helms. I A Porte; Al-jyoungcr generation, he said, ton R. Davis. Deer Park; Jimmy I Club guests were Mandem Kra- W. Ware. Galena Park; andy.ior and Cathy Ret/, of the Rob- James M.'Smith. Henry L. Davis, ort K. Lee Hich School Keyettes. James Lang. William G. Rowling I-i\vrcnre Riley. Kenneth Irby. Jr.. Joo Lope/ Jr. and I.onniojR. B. Bennett and H. W. Mayer. Mitchell Jr.. all of Houston. j The Bavtown lornl h;is its offices in Room 108 of the Woods Building. -W open from <;en Tele 27i,!Timken 'j! Union Carbide . jUn Oil (.f Calif . iiUnited Airlines United Carbon . rnjohn 1 >ntg ... V'. S. Steel Wcstinghousc New Orl Cotton .W., 07 •10 .'!.")"K ! XH'.i , SO 4S Up 2 On 2 <;o r Li etT and Myers s Land ...' every-j Monsanto Nat Dairy Prod ... Nat Distillers NVwp News ._., ' State Bowling Meet Preparations Begun : EL PASO — Five major bowl- in^ renters here are poiishint; up for the 2fllh annual Texas Slate Bowling Association tournament - ,,,,.. jwith nri'/rs over S50.000 and state Monday through Friday. All males 1 I he pet population of the United j ( , nan lp j ons hips at: stnke during the must register with the hoard with- j States is estimated at 22 million, r ; \ Ar n h ow ii n contests. W. Dcfr-e. and is a.m. to 4:,'!fl p.m. Did You Know? U. S. to grant women to vote was Wyoming. the right j in five clays after their ]8th birth-1500 'day. 'lion. thousands dogs and 21 mil-; TiOO thousand cats. j Marcn ;m \ Apr n h ow ii n g contests. OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY ^S,Vt CONTINUOUS SERVICE SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY ONLY... T-BONE STEAK Chicken & Dumpling or Meat Loaf 7 VoKPtablp I Salad (V>hW«"r Pip . . . 79 \Vith French T - >ie« Mr. tt Mrs. R, O. Wolvertor,, Manager* ^^^^ ^ ^ rfti. CT mrv. i\, w. TToiveiior. manaytri Bakers CAFETERIA 6406 Bayway Drive - WohrerYon Shopping Center Competition will l>o in teams. !doubles and singles and bowlers will be classified into four sec- 'tions. Three other bowling centers are also holding companion tournaments to make fin added attraction for the top bowlers in the state. Council- i | (Continued from Page One) at the request of the properly owners there. 9. Heard a report that 1.500 fet. of pipe will l>e installed in. Plumwood Ditch when the rainy weather clears, and that work will bo begun al the same time on storm j sewers for the .sertjnri of lx>o Drive from West. Main to Highway M<> which is to be paved by the county. in. Deeule'l to let Ibe school district advertise for bids on ils garbace service, since the city is losing money on the collection, according to C. W. iRodi Grantham, public works director. The possibility of charging commercial garbage collectors for flump- inv, at the new city landfill disposal area was also discussed. Rodriquez President Of Mexican Chamber Martin J. repTSenla- SAN ANTONIO — Roflrimie/ 'II. sales ii\,' !":' !..'le S!.i*-IJC'- .. San Antonio and Oklahoma, bas h,<?n e!,,-uxl prosidml of the S,,n - Antonio Mexican Oiamber of Co;n' Area Residents Going To State Realtor Meet Mr. and Mrs. R. A. (Rertir 1 ) Stewart and Mr. ;;nd Mrs Clifford M. <Sp,irkv> IVirnl of iiay- jtmvn and Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. jBwIo of LM Porto will atleivl \\\?. jiiii-l-wintor meeting aivi ':;M.i!'.:i- 11 ion of officers of 1lu" Tev-.- ReM IKstatf Association in AiMm Sun- May and MomUiy. | Boyle and Bond •*•)!) bt- inst;illi.-d state directors of the orgarilzatlofi. A 10-year Lone Star employe. s ' wa « te th* ourgoinx president Rfxlrifiiicz bas been active in tho:' )f /ht> R«yt"W.i R ( «rd of Roaltois. Chamlvr of Commerce in every' •f'* 1 fillips of i.ublxx-k will l,o cjipacily anrl \> ,15 ncentlx honor- 'installed president of th, Tni\A cf\ by the I.ea.guo of United U-itin i Monday night al the Coiunvxlmr Ar.-.f'i-iiM.r-, Citi/er.s as a (listing- ["orry Hotel, headquarters tor !h« ritr/cn. ^.s^orisfion rnor!ing.

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