The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 23, 1952 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 4
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Page §* THE BAYTOWN SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1952 MM * MB T@Try By lA'UK O, WJLLSON" cialist ticket is as unrealistic as WASHINGTON — <1 7 PJ— The So- little children playing house, cm-iist party has announced boldly Socialists wore advised, there- thai it will put up a presidential fore( lo adopt the ^e knuckled candiaate again tms year. Tne realism of British socialism which Th» sharply Increased birth raJa during and since World War H JKJS created a great demand for elementary school teacher*. national convention takes place in Cleveland May 30-31. The "Socialise Call 1 ' d< voted less than a column to its convention announcement- and the mention of a couple of likely presidential nominees. Inside thr- paper was a full pege discussion of what the Socialist party is tip against, which is plenty. And what it should do, which is a matter of dispute. Tne Socialist party is up against was to the fact that most of its voters have deserted it. The desertion began in 1936. Socialist presidential candidate Eugene- V. Debs polled .nearly 1 million of abouc 15 million votes cast in 1920. Socialist candidate Norman Thomas got-; nearly 900,000 votes in 3932 of 39.S million cast. Economic depression is body pullir.g food for Socialists. Franklin D. Rooseveit's New Deal-Democratic coalition sapped the Socialist party's strength. The Socialist vote fell to little more then 80,000 in 1944; was a mere 139,999 in 1948. Hundreds of thousands of Socialist votes were not being cast or they had been absorbed into the coalition created by FDR and led in 19IS by President Truman. Socialists are disputing what to do about that. The full page discussion in the "Socialist Call" was an argument for getting out of the presidential candidate business altogether. The nomination of a. So- set out just more than 50 years ago to kidnap a political party and, thereafter, to take over government in good time British Socialists did just that. The party they took over was the Indcpon- cer.t Labor party, although that one was not thoir first choice. The "Call" article counselled Socialists to scatter thLm?tlv«.'S among left wing organizations. This infiltration or penetration finally to mcl< pundent political action. ..That., in dependent action, apparently, would come finally with Socialist. domination of sn established party or by the shaping of existing left wing groups into national political party structure. Specifically tagged for penetration were: Liberal party (New York), ''Americans for Democratic Action, CIO Political'Action committee, AFL labor's Lmgue for Political Education. The slump in the total Socialist poll suggreats that many thousands roters already have in those directions. IS Will Be I men sn *7ar«f?f7S lAJs^ Federal Agency Tells How To Combat Various P By BARMAN W. NICHOLS WASHINGTON ~-U".H> - Bugs arc flying and worming their way in from all directions to eat our tomatoes, rutabagas, cabbage, corn, and other crops. carefully. Keep containers of the ing out the nesta" material:, plainly labeled and out often does of the reach of children and away from foods." Perhaps the best all-around warns that the pests wi» uc <*» thick as ever this year in most areas 'of the country. To combat the menace, the department has The Department of Agriculture booklet on ways to outsmart farm and garden pests is one called '•Handbook on Insects And Diseases." The cost is 20 cents. Another well-known and active boxwood leaf miner,, which attacks new leaves after hibernating through the winter in dead leaves. There are several commercial sprays that will destroy them. There is an optimistic not from Donald Parker of the Department of Agriculture Tent caterpillars'will.not be so numerous this season. He suggests, however, that lovers of trees take a precaution, anyway, and apply chemical killers. "Shun the old method of burn- HAS WINNiXG WAYS EAST LANSING, Mich. —<UE>— John H. Kobs has been baseball coach at Michigan. State since 1925, experiencing just three losing seasons. VACATIONING in the West Indies, American movie actress Pat Wymore s wife of movie star Erro! Fiynn, poises on the edge of the Olympic saltwater pool at Toxvtr Isle, Jamaica. Pat and Errol o«r. an. island and a .hotel at nearby Port Antonio, noted for its deep- sea fishing. (International) Properly caught, processed prepared, whaie meatis nearly indistinguishable from beefsteak. From 1930 to 1950 the average and weight of 29 automobiles produced by 15 manufacturers increased from 3,500 to 3,750 pounds: bought by mail from the government printing office for a small sum. In this and other areas, the Japanese beetle is the most serious challenge. They will appr-ar in force about the- middle of June and after a summer, of'destruction will disappear toward the m:dd5e of August. These little bugs can be curbed by applying DDT or chlordane solutions in the soil — or later by spraying plants wuh DDT. Traps are "not effective in fighting the Japanese beetle, the department says, unless the whole neighborhood gets together,in the fight. The booklet on beetles cost 15 cent.*, Out in the West the alfalfa woe- vil has been a serious pest for years. Somehow it has found its way to the East. Scientists say that it may have moved eastward under its own power, or hitched rides in baled hay. Dieldrin and chlprdane sprays are effective, but the Department of Agriculture issues this \varn- ing; "Follow instructions carefully when using these materials. Be careful not to inhale excessive quantities at one time. After using the insecticides,;'wash .your hands SERVICED MAKES OF Oft FOR LESS AT Ferguson Moto^l \f ™> W.TEXAS Where farsighted planning and construction have Baytotvn its finest residential development 100% G.!. LOANS or FHA (No Down Payment To Veterans on the G !) DRIVE OUT AND SEE New Homes Priced at $9400 to and offering more space and more attractive features thaar new homes costing far more money. l LAWNDELL is located in the big bend of Hwy. 143 k»_J Pelly and East Texas Avenue. See Mr. Plant, the j in the office on Briarwood Drive DUAliC any day until dark _ rHvNu (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in a -»e»-ie< of articles on care-er opportunities for high, school and college. studenU in important vocational fields. They are based, on a prospectus prepared by Fenn college, Cleveland, and were prepared in cooperation with business, Industry and the professions.) needed in the United States each year for the next 10 years. Eventually the enrollment bulge will move lo he high school level and create a critical shortage there also. Men as well as women are needed to fill these vita! positions. NOTE TO YOUNG -MEN"—Studies show that men as teachers, even ai the elementary level, .fulfill a special need in children's development of a whole, well-balanced sup- education are to rr TEACHING As a teacher, • vou'll •. always be ,. ,_. respected for what you ere, rather personality, ffaen. too, than for what you ov,-n . , . you community, performing a, vital service. The teaching profe.ssion offers continued security with ample prn- sion systems and opportunity for advancement. Above all, teachers derive sausfftction from their \vork, an important factor in choosing: a career. NEED—A serious shortage of teachers which persists in die nation today, parti cularly in the elementary schools, v/ill continue as long as the birth rale stays up! COLLEGE STUDIES—A -teaching- certificate Is required to teach at t ^ e high school level anywhere in the United Slates. Requirements £ O r the certificate vary greatly in different states at different iedu- cational levels. Y^ local ^3^ of education vill nrov icie the most reliable data f °C * e certificate. Ja ^enera! however, to obtain complete at least two years of, college -including principles 01" i -, , ,. , , teaching, educational psychology,'' oeveral thousand new elementary - p - raciic |' .teaching and student i schools, will continue as long: as teaching. Full certification requires the birth rate steys ; *up. Several' acadcm6ic preparation In ar least' thousand new elementary teachers two>'teaching fields and tfie completion of "four years of college. SUGGESTED READING Chase, Mary Ellen, A Goodly Fellowship. Macnullan Co., 1939: Er^kine. John. M>- -Life As a Teacher, J. B. IJppincott Co., 1948; Evans, Eva Knox. So You're Going to. Teach, Julius. Rosemyald Fund, Decdiine—Sept. & Mr. Car Owner, Have you had your car officially inspected? Avoid last minute rush , . .Drive In today where you cart gei- done with cortHaence. • • OFFICIAL MOTOR VEHICLE TNS PECTION STATION Guif Coast Motor Co. 420 V/. TEXAS - ATERONTCA, SEEKS DIVORCE HOLLYWOOD —a'.E>— Veronica Lake, 29, who 'rose to screen stardom by draping her long: blonde hair over one eye. sought today to ! end her eight-year marriage to film director Andre Detoth. 37. | The actress charged mental cruelty and said she and ;I>etoth had I been living apart since Aug^. 15, j Wai! and Floor Furnaces. More for Your money. Guaranteed. NO DOWN PAYMENT Central Systems Across From Fostoffice In. OW BaytowTi Diai 31417 LIGHTNES'G KHJLS FARMER HAAtMOK", Okl3--~'Ul:>—A 32-year- old father of three children vras killed near here yesterday when he was struck by lightning while * working on his farm. The victim, J. PL Hall, was driving a tractor • .when the mishap occurred. ' RID OF 'GOOD BTJY' BIRMINGHAM, AJa. — OL£>— Walter J. Bo Lewis said today he had given away the last of 600.000 packs of paper matches his brother bought for 52 T 550 from a fast- talking salesman seven years ago. Gives Interior and exterior floors a rich; lasting j finish that resists "wear, weather, scuffing,, re-, pealed wasbings.~In 9 popular colors. CO. 2«fj$ K 82«5 Drive m and gcefqamted v^ft Hwnbie Esso Exfra Gasofine Drfve "in orttf ge? acqooinferf vrith Esso Extra Motor OH Drhr« in oncJ get ftuia&e Atkx You*re always welcome under your neighborhood Humble sign. But this week. Humble dealers specially invite you and your family to stop by and get acquainted. This is Humble welcome week. Drive In and shake hands with your neighbor under the Humble sign. You'll find him a good neighbor; moreover he's a business man that's equipped to supply you with products of extra quality, to give yo» service you can depend on. This week he's making a special effort to thank those neighbors who areh* old friends and customers, to become acquainted with neighbors^ know. This week, especially, stop for service under the Humble sign in your Drive in and gef >fombfe •&m£ 4<i&: HUMBLE OIL BSF1M1MG CO. LiHbricoffon sg«^«!V J '-ja&?»&&(,tt a hearty Texas welcome waiting for you... from your under &e,

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