Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 12, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 3
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'i&K&&r*n£ *'»«•<* w£h«. «|"A .'" O'"**". »»* n ilnT „. , - mnc- *m JT was in March, I think, that • Flora came home and immediately rushed over to see me. She *js as pretty as ever, as gay and Affectionate as ever. She told me With a little sigh that she would have her divorce in a month. ' "It will be such a relief to have It settled," I remember she said. "Do you ever hear from Bob?" I asked. flushed> M l thought - " ' wanted the "I thought you could guess! want to go to Buffalo to see'Bob' got leave, and he won't come . "It's not that I want to—I've justgotto. He thinks he will be oidered overseas soon. If I don . t see him before he goes I may about being 3fi lr to Bo yourself? After all, you ar still married to Bob." "It doesn't matter about me P. M *, T ch * ood - A "d poo Bobby shouldn't have gone off tha way without telling ml Bob "now ?™ not strong and brave like you away.' ! r ;- He Sh ° Uldn ' t have Bon I thought I had never seen any- thng as p.t.ful as Flora's pinched 1 nrtn T C W ' ih lhe dnrk Shadows under her blue eyes. I husecd her, petted her, tried ]„ every way to convince her that she owed more to her husband than her mother. I might have saved my breath nev'r ^ef back" that B ° lhl '° Ugh I said of course I would lend ler the money. Flora made me cry by covering my hand with eS girl ha »• We do you ask such a qucs- - :/ she parried. "No reason. I j us t wondered '• «wF?° 1 ' B ° bb y." Flora said softly "H6 is such a child. I feel so ""£ •j nbly sorry for him." And talked ;' of something else. d ! About a week later she came up to my room so early one morning that I was still in bed. After " •* * ^ - DON'T know what excuse Flora made or what she told her mother and sisters, but she was band. When she came home she old me that Bob was well^hat he ooked divine in his uniform that "?7 had, ftayed at the Iroquols rtotei and danced every nieht until one o'clock. She said that neHher she nor Bob would ever forget what I had done fo» them and that JN less than a month Father camp home and threw the evening paper on my lap. 'Did you know about this?" he American Flag I Program Subject t . The &ev. B. A. Norris, pastor of the First Christian 'Church, yesterday addressed the *>ampa Rotary Club on the history of the American Flag and its symbols of Ameri- affalrs and was held in antici- of Flag Day, June 14. The Palm Room was brightly decorated Present day flags as well as cas of historic banners. Each member v ,dghest was given a lapel flag during the meeting. Entertainment was furnished by the Squeaky Dobr Pour of the Barber Shop Quartette group here £rS° Se l^ Chick Hickham, Bunn| w,£ tel ™.l k BaIthr °P. and Red Wedgeworth. Mrs. B. A. Norris sang d Tra6y cary Several patriotic songs were sung 'v. -A"? 11 ? under tne Direction p^'i A l° t !,- I l' vln Coie - President Rotary had charge of the meet- Pampa News, Thuradajr, June 12,1947 Five, tons of. high .grade ftHoy steels go into the manufacture of one transport or -heavy bomber plane. i England was producing 105,000,000 gallons of gasoline a year from coal just before the outbreak of the war. X T rpirl * "T\Tt< i iccia. MI. aiia ivirs. Justin Warren Tollivcr announce the en- Sasement of their daughter Florabelle Fmneran to Mr. Samuel Hirt Forbes. The weddln* will t4o Place at an early date." "No, I never dreamed i,uf tt can't be true. Flora wouldnli • . . can't marry Cousin Sam." ' , A month later we heard through "*~ "But I don't understand. Flora dl ' w mo - T my bitter about it. She im- Phed c that Flora had sent Bob"?o me a few dollars. h - sa be very wise and bus- e not going on wretched divorce?" Pln?^, 1 have t0 ' Loui se darling." Flora's face and tone were strickfn. t ilV 0 ? 06 h f S cost such a ter- Tt & , cnn * back down now It wouldn't be fair to Mother or to Amy or Annabelle. They have given so much to help me." had promised Flora only yesterday on my Bible that I would never, never tell Flora was going to have ,-. baby —Bob's baby. She had been to a Binghamton doctor, and he had told her so. Not even her mother knew, nor Amy nor Annabelle And certainly not Cousin Sam. I read the announcement over and over « The weddin m take place at an early date " How could Flora marry Cousin oam? (To Be CouUmied) You'll find sharply cuf pri«f;;; t | me | y •peclal purchases, too. Quanfifjos en many items are limited; so hurry in I June Parade - • \ '". •': '• of Values fssji; About and Her or Towns jvivir. and Mrs. Joe Tribble, 618 N. SVost,' announce the birth of a daughter, Carolyn Ann, born Tues- efey afternoon, June 10, in Worley Hospital The infant weighed & lb$, ; and i; oz. at birth. r.Daripq at the Southern Club every Wed. Sat. and .Sunday, nite.* ;Lt. and Mrs. George O. Keabey, p| Tucson, Ariz., are visiting in thd Jionje^f his parents. Mr. and Mrs. V. 8. Keahey, 1118 E. Francis ^i5*^? !ral Electric, Hoffman, Stew- «rt;. Warner, Tele tone, Howard and' firewater Radios and radio phono- fflWh; combination at Modern Ap- ppance.* • i-'^S '^Wi Biggerstaff and Rev. tod Mrs, E. B. Joseph wef e in Ama- rnlQ yesterday visiting Mr. Big'ger- .staff who is a patient in the Vet- ejrans'. : Hospital. your bicycle tires and tubes I. Service. .Station Division reunion. ^"V lic Stenographer - Abbott of^^^fSlJ^ •tended a meeting of the State Ban- tlst Board in Dallas Monday He returned home Tuesday ' I Clegg lustant Ambulance. P. 2454 * IHr^r?"? M> . Graham - Jr- ^ vh- lung relatives in Albuquerque N •M.CX. ' Bugs, blankets and bed spreads, I like new, when dried in our new drier. Sno White Washateria" ' "Irs. Albert Lockhart, who under- r surgery in the Pampa I st Thursday, is reported . bet getting along fine ' Those pop-up Toasters that you i have been waiting so long to get are now at,' Modern Appliance.* ' David Rhodes, G-ycar-old son of Mr. and Mrs. L. z. Rhodes, whUe peer, Route 1, underwent a tonsil! 1nrl "'"" -'- Hospital * * * New Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Announces / Opening Salurday '. ffiilUB P ftMlifflRBl?7F»m)ff'iil ii ii ii STREAMLINED HAWTHORNE BIKES neve, streamlined "Hawthor^' will, big balloon tires, torpedo 34 . Be conservative in the right way ' Bamming, 1341 Duncan, recently-returned from Kansas city MO,, •Where she was the guest of Cgmpany .137, of the nsth- Infantry Tired Kidneys •less Nights • yaasta. a'l^.fciA- Mr. and Mrs. Derrel B. Hogsett have returned. from their vacation spent in Oregon and California For complete cleaning satisfaction and -prompt, reliable service, send your clothes to Pampa Dry Clean- Gl'S- Owen C Timjnons, 331 Zlnuner, is a patient in Worley Hospital after ur.dergoing- an appendectomy Wed- evenine '' He is - doin 8 nicely PHM . r - and Mrs. Ed Isaacs and son, Pddie, have returned from a vacation spent in Franklin, Tenn., where they visited relatives Stanley Products Special Sale Call 586W. Mrs. Waechter." •i^'ir -*S d Ml ' s< William O. pill, 119 N. Purviance, are .the parents of a .daughter born at 7:30 Satu, day morning, May 24, in Worlcv Hospital. The .baby weighed 7 Ibs. am *;-** me 10 miles of GrtDoanVpfjl " OU2 Wa8to f ro » Those 20 and 24 inch bicycles are ' K 6 ^ y wondei '^l exercise T S*' o£ e th( " 1 •»' Roy «nd Blcycle sh °P 414 W. Brown- Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mauk i •^ p ^ 1 \ • ^ I From where I sit ... Here's to the Women-Folk! There's a line at the heading of '^h« Woman's Column i« my pan e r th»t rejids: '.'* . |,"W9men through the years have | Keepers of the flame ., ," . le hearth, jn the window, or wayiuth that sur- wp.nien wh« are guardians '•'""•" -' A ¥herigh about comfortable but too-worn chair that we can't bear to throw away From where I sit, those little satisfactions become more and wore important in this world of strife and change. Smoke rings curling fronVa hallow pipe . 3 g i as , of be^r; ^ conifprtable chair 'be. fw-e th<J fire. And I'd like to salute the howsewiyes--keepers of th? ' — Whose tolerance and un- helps preserve them! dea - Saturday, with the showing of 15 of the 1948 mo- , dels, Lincoln and Mercury Daniels Motor Co,, which was Daniels 'Autg JfcbuU March o 1 ' 0 ^ fb) ' & ?G ?' 000 fire MO' I , Tlle flrm wa s re-opened & ,^ hen a PP';<«iniatel y 4,500 eW in a f' lded a bal 'becue lunch i-eici m the new building - l ' DaniI ' Proprietor of the 70 i4nhM-" ced th at. his. new 70-140 building was complete with I n Li ffluipmerit to render com- ' sta Pri a " tom ° bile service.- He a^o stated that a new 45x50 building has been added to the location to ' oe used as a body shop Camels has been in the automotive business in P ampa f or the-I with ihl yeaf -'n He servc * 16 moilt hs i«• i he - artlll ei'y in the South Pacific during World War II. [mve. returned fj-onTlheir- wedding trip and are visiting her narentf 2Si« n ? M ^'-?- J ' So «thwick befo4' going to Enid, Okla., where thpv will make their home y Mrs. M. B. Bleness of the MEN'S "T" SHIRT A Special Purchatel Of cool and stretchy cotton wth a s;jtig crew neck-. , .short sleeves. S-M-L. SMART NECKTIES 1,50 Each »°° Ad-J rulur | ( , your outfit! Choose 'e • ' ;' from \V,-u-rh wide seine-lion. MEN'S WHITE SHIRTS Regularly 3.50—Now. 244 'J'liey're sanforized, won'l shrink over '%- Non-wili collars. Six>:.s 14 to 17. REG. 2.49 Sheer cotton marqui- ; s R t.e! Wide, full ruffles; ma backs. 1 Lach side, 40' b'v 81*. WJfa e , 895 9'xl2' WAROOLEUM RUGS Heavy weight—felt base.. . Wear extra long! Clean easily! New lilc, floral, and niarbleized patterns, '- • . *'.:• '-,• CHILDREN'S 2.98 SANDAL Picnjc Planned for Summer Orchestra Members of the summer orch-1 tra, which is composed of students pin the Junior High School and High schoo, will have a picnic tb- ngrrow night at the City Park at o clock. Lewis Chamberlain, conductor of he orchestra, announced that the »?n • C0 !2 ! ? rt ln the summer series Will be Friday evening, June 20 ' REG, 39c &QYS' SHIRTS ' SADDLE OXFORDS .smooth leather bro " CHAIR AND OTTOMAN Reduced from $69.95 Spring construction, Walnut finished frame, cotton upholstery.'10% down. BOYS' SLACKS REG. 6.98 Well tailored part wool gab- urdme. Blue or brown. Sizes from 12-20. Reg. 39c Curtain Material Soft white figures on fine White marquisette. 39" wide. Save at ..................... ;.... ......... ; SMART WHJTE SgarWing plastic natwt in a big choice of styles. *iplus REG. 2.19 KID WALKER white kid walker shoe. Broad moccasin-type toe. Sizes from 1 M - I 7-PC. BEVERAGE SET Regularly 98e : :; Savel 80-oz. ice-lip pitcher and six v ^. oz . fymblers. Red rose on clear glass. Save! REG. 5.95 LAWN CHAIRS Sturdy all metal construction "£44 finisl1 with 4 46-INCH Brighten your kitchen w'th ploth; Prints, ch'ecks or ?oj|id ' ' Airline Flexomat Antenn* Lightweight whip; mounts at Built -^ REDUCED! 4%' Enamo Wall Tile-like felt base wall cov- • ^.r 0Basy to clean! Lasts/ ID Save at, sq. ft ......... I W Reg. 1.59 Ironing Cord Set corci back ailc i mos ° ome5 REG. 45c SPARK PLUGS Wards Riverside - None finer, .Give " "'"-'more power! '"' •« •*» s, .: -> Jit& tiuiuia^BIl * '.v. 1 PORCH AND DECK r Resists cliipping and peeling I a n , We ^ Fw outside • Qal. 3,44. Chicken A sturdy spruigy C hi 9 jw U

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