The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 14, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1897
Page 2
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M&V $EJ»TEMttfitl ••a* TIJK DAILY ciii ».>*;f«tiir(><l at tht> MArstmll, Mirh., po«fiffl«> .or trfm*)tr>rtatioii thriniiKh (hi* mall« at serotul i.i. -i ~ *!»• IV reemvr-it At the oflffcfi of Kft& St«t<s !*«»». . M. M(&KS, Publisher, COLUMBUS CONVENTION OF MINERS. Wat 1*f s, O.. •frtlmrs' ftoh tSf ft ,t^ di'flnttoljf Wiit a w^nerV will At tjfe te r?W>l confl was Undci;- West fot an fecceplftn^* of th^ jieratorff projwsttlons WP« di>- Jre.tja«9e the Ipinolg, Indiana arid irite- jmtn'trs dtrt nut thtnk their " Intere-sts were ftudU'lentty pro- The anbstttute resolution. It. Is "bj(i -the ofBclals, the ml»of -thews state's all the < protection could rpa*onahly ask sin<^ it provides for a continuation of th* strike wnwi-'VOT tnc operators refuse to )?rttnt, tho nd.vajr^'i'' to their "miners. tlio 'oilitljd.1^ *re finding tt extremely flfnit to .eohvfrice the delesates tn a. ssittltm^nt that tliey are in the XV lys PR, "llppolvp«l. That we ' indorse tho rec- ohiTncndattott at tpe mntnnul executive heart, and that %v'oi v h h(> resumed on the basis of 63 cents in western Ptmnsyt- vania wHh-*-f»orr«'i«pi»ndIiip advance iti all the districts of tho competitive flfld. '•RcaoJurd, That where Ruch'wjvsiieo Is jtfn*«H^ the suspension he continued and that An assc^nnif-nt of 10 per. cent. of all the money earned by the minors at work be collected and used for the jpuipic« uf trialntalnlng the Illinois' idle 'until' such tinit' AS the scale rates can be obtained for them. • "liesttlved. That a circular, appeal. be issued hy the national .executive board t<> organized '. labor and to the'pultlir •generally asklns them- to assist 'us In t,hejf (innK for and keeping of all infiu workers* in the field', who ar«V -Jldle for the enforcement of Scale rates'; at) mon- >•}« and pro\ iyimi in t>e sent t<t Hei-n>- laf'y Ti'iir.ce aiifl dlfrt-rlbutetl . pf«> rata to . miners -on 'stilUe C'torn they 'national ~''(.)tie-H!t(ihcaliou of Or. Thoriias' Kulcctric (hi tdkeumvHj'the pain«f the tiiont burn. U ict mi i.dcal fnmib' 'iiniment. fholora niorbuH, 1 eh'dern infaittuin, disrrhj'ow, tljHciitory. ntid (ill llnwe, olhc flmrfly cn< inif.'s to the little one*. are iiifulli hly curcjl by lir. Fowler's Ext. ol Wild Stra < lierr> ' - -. I»«n't Wait until <'<>1d weather (ionics, but'havft .th:\t roof ccivori-tl with aHbeetus rcK»fi^. It is (inly ono half the price of'ahing}en, Anybody can put it on ^--^ BOSUEY'S rjarrtware. on the H«H FlPlrt. Kept. H.— I eaftue base bail records yesierclay: At Rftltimore— 2 V BaltlrViort 4; (second gftme> f, Baltirr)ore 11; at Broo&lyh fork ^ fewokiyn 8-»»eVen tnaAnesis: al wAahito'etoft— ctn* 2, WiashtttRtott "1; at . —Pitfshtirf 2,' Lotlfavttte 7; a Ralu. « c i At Jl, OotuftAtis i»; »t Grand ttaptfl'! 4, TttaiarvftpolSj IS; (seenrtd pfame) Orand ftapidt 4. Inillanapoii? 16; *t m, ¥Awi— feftftsaS fW f. n, at WlntiPiihollsf--4 < ran^ffrrrcd to kee. • ' „ AssoclftOonl At ltn|»8»B City httiftJon ; ftt Jim Cot'bett on flrrt base, ftttteom* ^ Anderson, tnd.» Sept-' 14,-^Thc come of the warfare that has been here N for the p'ast l**ak SOUTH What A Man (Tmi l»o WWli § Ae end buy J60 Jiotw of good bn»d for $1,000. , P*7 |«X) <Iow«TB«l«»w* >*f th *«» piiyrnentu due f ft H, 4, and Rjonrs at 7 per ceW. ff*oftn«U"«ob«y1(» Bjiolceewes for *;«» a'nd 1 JO «0»d Cf .*» loar. $*»• 1'ta» ' ft»> k And batter ftoro the eo*ft will pftyjOHarm And family exp»t" 1 **'- TlielhcrcaseoTsneep woof Mil ][A»y off the wrjftsrsgft bvfftreit ' . AH paid for and we!tl9t,oeked. five lists And pritiefl Address H. F. Sunte*, Irnmt«ratioii %g«littaT SoBtfi Dearborn etre»t» Cteftgo, III. . r have a fine aa«)iftinent of 8i'ngef*i'fpr aato. Call an 1V .We have alt the latest things in the a on ar'ronlfewnl. folp a Johit totM ween -teliler' WUilMm ft. Covert, prcr- SfefltinS <|ntMplrft«alist conviction, and MOSPS Hull, I'epreSeht.lnRf the spJrMttttl- i«ts. They met yc^fj'rday afternoon al th* ftoxey hotel and signed flcllclfB of agreonient for a four day* 1 Joint debate to TRe^hetd at the rtpera Hotise- In this- cit beginning Tuesday, • Oct. 5. M«y to ApfwaF'flir the Irldti. Sept. 14.— Tt is reported that th« Uuchejis of York will shortly Issue an appeJil In behalf oT the Irtsln who ai»«* thtea,tened vvlih famine, similar to the afux'al which the Princes^ of WAfe f a made In behalf of the London poor at the time of preparations for tho Juhitee eefebralionfc A Cure for UHlons Collf. CK, Sereven Co., Oa.—I have l*en subject to attacks of bilious colte for Bovcral years. Chamberlain's ColiCj Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is..'the only sure, relief. It .acts lik« a chunn. Onpdoso'of it gives relief wh(<n all other remedjpB fail. fi. D. SHAKP. , For sale at Greene's Drug. AstrologM. Madam Le I'Yvro, a^trolo^'iHt, palmist and" clairvoyant is now ih the city and Vian bo consulted on all the affairs of life, and human destiny. .Sittingsdaily from 0 a. m. to \Qjf. m. at Park honee, east State street. Open Sundays. Cordette, S. E. CltONIN, '^Misses SanderB.antl McKnry *ill open dross making rotMuu over tho postofflce next (ji tho dVwtract oflico, Wednesday, Kf[ft. 15. They are both experienced Imfien at the bUBiwesa auct wilt ^rpteised tt> Keeure tho patronage ojLttteir friends und others who inay-nTeod auythijiK in their line. ^___ Novv ia the tinie to get a piano. Bee Gjllettsnd. — job work at low prices done. this office. f^iichers Works (Jatf^nl CiftMrrg, twhool haa'^ieott rfemwed frowtfrfcr Wat' soft traildb^ to the w&tdefice dt Mrs. Wv 3. Clayborij, 34 North Bagle eireet Rnb-I ShJnp. '' A. floe shoe dressing for tan arid bladt Bhoen, t'or sale by Miss K« E. Billings. Bole ajrent, Dfclla Burgess. Mlchig'an Mining School.. • A high grade, state t6cb.f»ieal school* Practical work. Elective system, Sutn- mer_coUfse«. Criree'degroeB of 8fr 5.; E. M. abd Ph^U. Laboratflriee^hojis.miH etc., welf equipped. . For catalogues ad <treBapM,vB. Wadsworth, Ph. D., diroeor, Houghtoft Michigan. . ---- F»»rin\l*roperty Innnrcit. - I am prepafed to insure farm property at fiRet per ce.nt for throe years in a good first clirttft coinpany doing business under license from the state insurance com- aUBflionor. This is better than the Mutual companies. „, . • HENRY BSNOTSR, Agent, Notice. — I am prepared to do ladies' and children's shampooing at their horiiep. fjeavc orders at Clark's barber shop, or 'at 35 cast Green street. , MKS, ff: W. DR, LOUIS 8. JOY Will «1*e in nd-tltion trr general prac Hoe, special atfenturti to diHe.nsefl of eye ear. Jfittlrifc of ficlsssms a-6tiee!«I»y. (Special diploma on <syp, ear,, ftwae «rid V> At Watson's ywi can g^ the Albion tynd MorBor flour by'itie 100 fb. t So your iwft ftt$Mn<* light Weight of Wft-or08 H»S.? also Albion patent; the best, flour made tWr|t ,. .a. :.., „•,.... ' jgcas w prepared to do and elHM&iiooiag- for" the la* dies at tbeir hotnep. Price for* roanular' ing 35 cents, for &faHrtpooin£ 00 centk 0f<fersniiiy1w»left at Mite K. KK BM- 1inpfi l 'br~Sl r«afcfenee t wfth Mra, ifey opposite Mrs, foalla CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. •Ht. MAO'H flcJKxil of music will r*> open on Monday, Aug. ,10. Tlit« boat and lat eMt'tnethodB are usod'.in this department and special attention ui «*n to tb<£/theory and art of luufiie. For further particulars call a't the school or Bisfers'- rtm- dcnce. Jas. Van 'tairs has iri for parties. New Fall Goods, ~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ , % Choice Dress Patterns, Trimming Silks to Match, + <• i Wash Dress Qo6ds, in Fall Colors, and ff-^» .a. ^ -, ^, Hosiery. BLANKETS OUTING CLOTHd i \,,' . • ' • f Look in upon «ss before the Stock M broken. „ ._• 'V ' •/' -' •- \ • . ^^ ^. ^^ ^^tm^ ^^"sflMr fl^p^^p ^BP ^» flH^9v ipi" ^(i^^^' 1>? Yow Tfcstfs* be- at the <*$<*» 0? xtyneBS hours ttstil fur tfcwr efefjar th« purposes *rf ^ecpftbg city wfaich are Homnatle, -Sftyp felje extra colleetioft 1*86 by jtaytkg qlw. \ > ' M". 8, * -Watson rccc!vee pbachos honestly pifcfitfd, filled. ,. CSty treasurer* :oice freestone well Riding on tho sidewalks inttb Hty» is strictl£jomiddt'B, and liOTKvfttT thr> or- relating thereto will ho enforced penalty For violation is a Bne^n ox- By order of tha-roayor. R. Bt f ti,Kii', Marshal. tljSltttJ* of If (W «ttt;f Notice, Chairs nnd tables to rent for parties frmh and rtew; Btrictly high at lowest prices: proitipt dolft-eFy". i'vcall and-he txmvinocd at tho o store. A. WOHTHY PALMKK, Prop. MFS FOUND ETC: Tweutjy fenM n wue6 For each notice not ex coedlng tlve Hneg.. No chaagB less tluul twenty ' ' ' ' WANtKD-Por war < in ffirior tjtiiwiiil(i, ('uhi?,n renrwentHtivf »t hlriKton. Kniloraed f>y Cuban patriots. In wpdoiiij di'inaiid. NA liouau/.a for uevatx. $,t fill. liin,b»()k, litxcounuipMlmin. KTery- tindy WHUIH tLe nuly euiilnnoii, tMlInhlcj book. Outfits trw, Oiedi .icivcn. '-Vrvigbt paid. Drop lilt trunk aid make. $:KK) n indcivi with Wta in Cuba Adiirutm todiV. THE .NATIONAL, WUUK I;ONOKKN; as-^awi u«»ri>orn st,, SALE (ill BAP- Or enclmutttt ior a farm : the (ttopcrty KiiiAvn ut tlit<. lioifltu; property >n Hftrtstreot. tor t«rmn itptily tu uM'u tiara this iunnr»nci) mun. ' \ I ^OH lcE-NT~Uoiitt> on JJtirtU M»"ll*on »h(oi-t 1 Kaqilirt; ot . .MUti.'Wdl. TOSNOK. I.T'Olt B-:NT—Twuf(i«ry l«in.-« oivwjut i? «lr.i:i Kjiuui.-o ol J. CAttV 'UKJST— Ta'jlc* and chnlrn for Kuquljx: of V'MiZant, Uiw.tixii F HUt UKMT-Tabloe mid .chairs for partiet KqtiuUu of i|. W: Lolgter, tho popular ex ' ; • '•'"'' KRNT-CJfflc* rooms Wd aii oli-aan 1. Jiiqniru »f AittS. j^OR. HA'LKi-'fite UOUBU tiyihlrtll.- ttiu Marshall Wagon Work.. A nnod' clitmO) for ibu right paity to run a voiy |.rolltubk< arjiim tiuiiHti, Euciiiii-i) tif • MHn. HKSBY 11KXNBK. >VHK FOH KkJJT—No. AJ N Kttj{l« litrcul. luqulru Ilr»t Unor south. U. ilcvlA t sU5. t 4 i ' SK o* *•''* tooiBii iu (icslrublu U>fatiou, bi runt Mopt l»t. b'ur particular* iuiiulr.- ot MI-M. W. L. Irutk. coiuwr Muusiou »ud Minut>rry Htru'etu. ,'• •.'..-' • \> AD1ES, I ilittke big wii^en 4t- laoniB,mid want M-j *\l to tinve tliu Dftuiv upLufniuuy. 'Ebc work In v«i-y ijlemitut und will a&nilr |»»y $U WHobly. TUta in a <decB(itloi>. I waut nt> moauy 4u<l will glKdlfvMiiid parUealAra) to all ""•••"••• swaip. Ml8?> M. A -——•'• L OST.—The l»tjer 'p»rt of laft Wfck a |>uiiu/ of augliitU belter breed. Uli^clf »ic,b « uiiu »pnt ou bri'ttit. Fludur reiurn to i'BlluilouU- zul. >—8«lur4ay, ,b«tw«eo Worthy etortj ana thu VV'a*htnniou bi.D*>, a »»rd will htt paid tor it« roturo tb>f^t furonlclo ^ fiv oauiia lo pick cucu A. K, SUtfl} iuO«r*. W W AN TED-A sltutttliw us aeherttJ wor U«r, luqmie m Sl# «. M wlittou Btrut t, K#BW AJir U- fir! W w-'l»»ru W ANTED-A #„ W0JTM ^M* W tlwii *ad i»rfcw tu tjo*tH>i, t) fcur pmwral S, to. J U«crto W AMTED-A M VH by Kit- W ANHKD-ttt.-var*! uyrlgtv •OB* io Micbiktt tt»«t«u . 'f lie W to wivel in W »V«ol*i 8WM UM) <44. fttr&iat »ad 4C«» m»u to Mt a« ) utd vicinity fur ISujuu Life Ufantovu will U* t»*4e peruwiucut, A 0««n cuuntj officer iud. So «pe«l«>«e «iHw>*U(t«Ha*ui ( tu lu»tittowou both In thu tUuqry <u tee hu«u)a«u, .of solio!t*Un*, which B. S, & Co., TlltB At Marshall, Hotel Royal, Pleasant, Reliable • ~ DR. LAND'S COMPOUND ' , , * -' THE GRCAT B. S.•''-* Co.. dtvote their attctntion to * 6f tbe -i-e» «ftf, throat 'Mid ht«#t Mthma »od consumption ivml all (Jfrouic, pri vale and norvtjug.fliBKSHew, <l«foi'nil»", ecanu ut 6(1 lid*, orosH eyeideafueas', fltshcjuJP)^ iho US.IT, bron«bitte>t chronic .ectUK^t S'Jire ^?lgutei'k)ti;ver fmvf and ulcurs, Br1ght% 0 dfrense, rheitinatfsm, (vll «l!»eau(ii« of .ktdifoyo and bladdcf-, beatt, Sto^iRCh linrt ncfroun diuefiHOs, chorea (St. Vltii" daoce) KCiieral liebllitv, sclirofulu, i«kio tliepflstn . Ji«OB«'» of nien nnd'women, BUI! at. di»tf»«es d«w to ba«1 Wo&d; . : : , • Kpilfppny,. otfltB, po8(tiV«lyaicurea by » now anrl never fnlliog remedy. 0ri», B,, : 8. <!S 06. mitke » epeCinlty of alt Trnms of rwtal dleieaBPB, pUw lototnnl nnd ("eternal. ItfhlnB.ftn'd B)o*tlinK, rectal;ulcert> t d»>tr«'s,rt(«tvilB which are -xiflan tAktm tor nervoua and Innjj" ttoubln, all cnrft'1. Retnoinbe'rwo euro nil forma offilleit without J>R|» Interruption or r|«t<iii,t,imi tfont htmittpi**, npd without ttiu H««. of kniftt, tMUHtto or Hga urf," OomoEtJiT be couvirice'l. > ; TO YOUTIO. MIUOLE AQED ANOOt.DMKN SutTnrine from '»|»<;ru»eU»rrhoi!R, Imrotctit;):—IdBt munhooH—or from wwikruia." brouuhl 'on froii) error* of ihdlti«.'r<?Uoii* In youth or ovt;r. Indnl ffftKii' In l»tor yi'tttw, »re Riven ponu»iu)l»tirftll«j(;, Atiiirilnto cures gimnvntcu(l;«inrtly conU Tuinore 'unit • canroft tur*rd withftin hnifc,"pftln orgcttf*. 3Si!W un?t,hO(l*. Catarrh. J(ew home trentntent.' audchiiiiji. , OuatatitfB te cure every c»»w of dy»(icf)Hia, dtck hoadnclic, pllef, lape wortn nnd Blrluluio. gJT Wa-will Rive c|><!«lftl attention 10 difllcuii cages and to ea»o» other iitiyHiciuiR Imva Failed lo nitre;. TITB^UB applying for treatment will ptflB&H brlnR 3 ur ;! DUIICCH o: urine for analyaiu. Tlioeo who nro (UiaVilfr to call, can writu •lull pRHk iiltun rifthiiir (i«8« anil ^ay«'e sent iiy expre«B,vf lib full 5u»triicWitiH|iow''t« bu'lakvri Thn Hrnl of llrs. U. S. & Ou. f wiiro liniorpiirittt d covecal yiiprs since with n ennllivl 'of .fSlvXIO, hence you tnk« no chtitlcew If you ouijiloy lh«m. Tuoy are rusponfibli- unit well ku<>wii> . - • 10O DR8- B., S. * CO.,ii Mfcli RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me. 4 lh" nlmvi'ri'KUlts In f'.o <(nyn. It act} powcffiillVftiirt i|i'U(-kly ' Cur-H Vfl»'haltothtiv fail VounfeirtMnvill ri'cam thr^r lost. inan^ii».>d »r|ij old mi'ii «i!l rovf'Vur' tlior ymitlttul viiror b> UhiriB HK\ I V(). U •(ink'Uly »tv»l 'Kiirt'ly ri'>tf>i*H N"rvi<uS; liiiis. Ix»t*t Vitality^ Iitijmttiu - y.,Nisr)itly Enii»Mij'iA all I'ffiM-tH of KiiU-sbiist- or'ncr-fii Mid inrtibfcmtjdn, which tuifi.t^ "ii^ t^r suuly. buwiot^'H m; uiurriagt'. It ui»t ou)i'.-rnr<<M l>y Btart.iiiK at tlte suit of iUHi-a-"i\b»t laaiiri'at nerve tonic aiitt lilottd l>»IMer. iiiruiil- U'** hark the |>in1< {^tf*^ li.o ]>ulc chtipk* (Ltnli t& ' ilovliiy t,lio lira »t yonfh, li-wardn ofKliiHanUy ailJi,('PUhUiui>th>n. lt:Kjsi en haMiik; KliVIVO, uo oli'«c. It c»n ho CfcTncd Ui *rst pocfeit. Hy mull tlvi) written KIMruntett to cure or r*tilu;'. tUemon«yV • Circular trto. Aildr^Ba . • ..' BOY1L MIISCIKE CO., 271 Wafiasll AY6., CHICAGO, Ul For8*lB«tMar»ball, Mlti., by A. O. HYDE HUMPHREYS' No, 1 CC*res HO SJ " ' . No & ' " iwfsintiS* Diseases, No 4 , 9 Cvif^s Head^ch«« t No to " . 14 No. 10 4 No. 2O Np^. 27 No, SO "• . 77 ,. " Coi4s and Kklney IJB. JD^fei^ss Mei. Co., Ill William St., H. Y. . U. tit* '(Kit/aim, />. O.,fu ,-,/». of next lew all applicaMuuit to . bdie th* red wi» loved, fought au4 <Mu»i, to tin; graod >««»wy, cool wvetber. ujDb *tre»t. th;. B. «ptfrt-, or fa. FOR Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, Kola Compound rangeinetits of the Stomach, Kola Compound Onrra Sick Headache, Torpid Liwr and Biliousness. Kola Compound , Cures Constipation.* • Is a Brain and Nerve Tonic . and Blood. Purifier. Kola Compound is the peer of jail ' other rued i cities. Kola Compound CuresjBiickacht* and Kid- : Troubles. , Kola Compound - Is natures remedy — -potent yet harmless. It tones and vitnlixes" tho braiu, nerves, mnsclos, heart aiad etomaeh, iii brief rejiivenaling and Vnulditig up the entire Bys- teni, enriching the V^loml and imparting to the whole bbdy the freahiiesB and vigor of -youth.. Kola Compound . Je composetl of life giving, tissue building, Herbal, and Vegetable Extracts,. a,«d eohtttius nothing iujimoaB to •'the most delicate consti- ' Kola Compound "~ IB indorBed by mauy emi« newt Physician^ and Scientists. * £QLA 'If you. are suffering ftsy- derangeiawii of the «tomacb^ JJver or Kidueysi, Blood .or Nervous System, f RY A Of J)iv Lane's potj»d. It will .poliifc you. Price and $1 per bottle^ Ko|a Compound be obtained of J>ir. Laue at big office in Block, corjier State Btyeet^ wtio will to feruieit aoy- one *t Hleratiitte, te^ti- etc., regarding this Has been euga|>ed ift the aetijre pfae^oe ^ medio«ie tor 35 yean*. IMw^last 25 devoted largely to tbft, »%»% * ttwataaent and cuj-e of ykxtOi- io diseaaea, aiid di«ea«eK» of the oervuiia ay»teitt— inbofeb male and feaoiale,, Co ticoi ajjd -adviee at FREE. A limited of «all» in town '" * - •*

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