The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 9, 1954 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
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Saturday, January 9, 1954
Page 5
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THE BAYTOWN SUN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 7. On Tuesday Presbyterians Ian For Annual Meeting The Annual Congregational Monrfay in the pastor'* study, meeting of the First Presbyterian At 7:30 p.m. Monday the execu- church wiU begin At 6:30 p.m. tive committee of the Woman's Tuesday with a covered dish din- auxiliary will have a business ner, followed by the annual busi- meeting. All officers, ^department ness meeting of the church, elec- ' ' " ' -" -' -'--'-- —- tion'of officers,.report;of activities for 1953 and 1 plans for 1954, Those whose names begin: with A throueh M are''to'bring'a meat or meat substitute dish, M through Y bring a vegetable or salad dish. "You Can Be Different" will be the topic of the Rev. M. E. McPhail's sermon, at the morning service Sunday. The choir will sing the anthem "Be Thou Near Me Lord," by .Morgan. McPhail will speak on "Finding Buried Treasure", at the 7 p.m. service. The Spiritual Life group will Religious Census Nicholson Guest Organist Chancel Choir Conducted At To Play For Trinity's Morning Hour f 0 Sing For » ' AOtJS* II _ Dr. Daniel B. Nicholson will be brated at S a.m. with .Too Rau as C| m J« u CaWI***** TftXfK A&M LO 606 «U"t organist at the 11 a.m. Sun- epistoler and Larry Guenther as JUIlQaY JClYICCS IVAUJ nVU T l WHVJJV °__. _„„,_„ „!. Trinitv Eniseonal annlvts. Thp church school and * meet at; 10 a.m. Monday, in the. fssr s heads and chairmen of circles' are :to be present. Children Don't Get Right Type Of Training PITTSBURGH . (RNS) — Leaders of the Religious Education Association expressed concern here that, . despite advances . in the teaching of religion in the last half-century, half the nation's "• little COLLEGE STATION, Jan. 9— (Sp)—The religious census of student* at Texas A and M college, announced too*ay by J. Gordon Gay, executive secretary of the YMCA, is as follows: Baptist, 1,788; Methodist, 1,463; Catholic, 784; Presbyterian, 458; Church of Christ, 291; Episcopal, M. D. Heald and 272; Christian, £47; Lutl">r?", 221; will be the ushers, D,r. Daniel B. Nicholson will be brated at S a.m. with .Too Rau as guest organist at the 11 a.m. Sun- epistoler and Larry Guenther as day service at Trinity Episcopal acolyte. The church school and church. George Meason and Ralph Bible class will meet at 9:30 a.m. L Doc'kendorff will sing a duct Confirmation Instructions for for the offertory." The choir will adults will be at 7 p.m. in the rec- sinir Garrett's "Jubilate" as one of tor's study for those interested 1 in the canticles < the history, teaching and practices The rector, the Rev. F. Walter of the Episcopal church. The Henckell will conduct the service Young People's League will as- of morning prayer, assisted by semble at 7 p.m. Hary Garner as lav reader. John Trinity guild •will be held »t 2 .Morning services at St. /Mark'* • Methodist church' will be held at 8:45 and 10:55 a.m. Sunday with the Rev. Wayne H. McCleskey, pastor, preaching on the topic "Wrong Roads To The Kingdom." The Chance! choir, under the direction of Mrs. Z. V Off To Chufclv by SUE JONES In the Bible,v/e are told to be kind to each,other' and to ' * and to forgive when forgiveness is in ^^^^^^^_,^^-^^-^ ^Sn^ t iTd^rata:30 -vie. The -^Sunday sing drawer I found acme sayings on Assembly.' of God, IS; Latter Day Saints, 10; Nazarene, 10; Hindu, 8; Independent, 5; Greek Ortho- Miss LQJS Jackson as hostesses. "Coffee time" will follow the delegates to the Diocesan council service with Mrs. R. C. Halter and are to be elected. Choir rehearsal will be held at furnish the special music for the early service. •; •; .• . : ";' The church- school will meet in THE PEOPLES STATE BANK Where Baytoniani Like To Bank ment distributed . to delegates' at the Associations 50th anniversary convention that millions of youngsters are riot receiving ^religious instruction, "while our wisest leaders are baffled." He added that most of those who do receive instruction average less than one hour of training a week, dox, 4; Church of God, 4; Evangelical and Reform, 2; Seventh Day AdVentist, 1; Hellenic Orthodox,! 1; Society of Friends, 1; Sikh, 1. ' . ' "There were 6,188 students enrolled in the fall of 1953," Gay says. "Five thousand students turned in YMCA cards; 270 stu-' dents did not fill out preference cards." Minister Says Americans Most Willing To Learn NEW YORK .(RNS)—Dr.'Charles Holy Communion will be celc- 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Jesus' Statement Basis;'Of Sermon charge. The Sunday night, sen-ice will begin at 7 p.m. The pastor's message will be on the theme, "The Using Jesus' statement, "I am The: Detroit clergyman will ask Way.'To Face Temptation.". The he Light of the World" as his his listeners' whether they are re- service will also feature the:single the Rev.'Edwin Picplow ceivirig the "Light of . the world so t ng O f favorite hymns by the con- tell his international Lutheran that |they .too might enjoy its creation and the Men's:: choir. under tlie direction oS Dr. William B. Heyne. ; • Hour audience Sunday that Christ's blessing. _ claim "is the most majestic ever Choral music on to come from human lips." his theme, the De, in his second address as guest speaker on the world-wide Gospel broadcast, will say that Christ is the Light of the world "because he displaces the darkness of sin-and its evil'.consequences, and .-He gives His 'followers the '.Light of Life';" _Comparing the need for .the.Light gregation and the Men's The Prayer altar will also be a . , , , _ part of this service. . cast will be furnished by the Con- inspirational meetings will be cordia- Seminary Lutheran Hour held in ever y neighborhood next Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the homes of members of St. Mark's. Lange's Sermon To Be On The Light That Leads Attendance Drive ISM Minn. Dial 8131 'and this as often given by un- T. .Leber, general, secretary of the o f ^e World to man's necessity -for skilled teachers." ,, .'.'•' .Presbyterian Board of Foreign the sun, the Lutheran Hour. 'guest ''We have many plans," Wornom :Missions, said, on his return here speaker will emphasize the fact said "but no general agreement : from a five-month; tour of eight (. nat th> "absence of. Christ ..from _, ••„'•.'• , /•...-.:. • •. .. • • .: .:,..; ... that any one of ' them U the tn- countries in 'Europe and Asia that the earth or from any human heart . The Sunday morning sermon ..'Highlands': Methodists, will.. par : 'swer to the problem of providing "American Christians must be will- causes darkness, decay and death." subject at the Redeemer Lutneian Uc ipate in the church attendance adequate religious training: for all ing to learn. a s well as. teach." while philosophers have hot been church will be, Ihe Light Iriat crusade . being conducted through- rv i hed- Forms. Letter*, CardJ, Programs Sear Bonks, Extra Typing, Complete Mailing Service. Phone Answering Service. BREWER'S Mimeograph Shop Wood* Bldg. GULF STATES PAINTS Mildew Proof! Made in Texas for Gulf States Climatt BAYTOWN Paint* Supply Co. «g N. Main Dial 8001 BE SAFE'. INSURE YOUR VALUABLE PROPERTY WITH US KERB Insurance Agency Walter Kerr, Owner Dial 2090 We Give All Your CLOTHES That "Sunday-Go-To- Meeting" Look With Our Cleaning Trf-Citv Cleaners 8521 Market Dial 4»81 THREE BIG DRUG STORES To Servo Ynur Need* Expert Prescription Service American churches .must get ab]e to agree why we are here, -Leads Us. The service is sched- - a ]\va.ys Rev pieplow will point his" hearers uled to begin at 10:40 a.m. with our young." He urged that religion and edu- r id of the idea that they are . „.„....„«.._ , - - . „ cation leaders step up efforts at going to be on the giving end_m to thg |g ct y la t God has pla'ced.'us the pastor, the community level to .provide ef- missions," Dr. Leber said. "Asian nere "tb sing His praises, to dedi- delivering fective religious instruction out of Christians, for example, respond ca t e our \[ ves t o His holy/service, local resources'. As one such'effort readily to the suggestion that they to jj e j p anc j bless mankind" v Wornom proposed the organiza- help each other bv sharing military tion of more chapters of . the personnel from these . 'younger' churches. "'" ' "In the future, missionaries must go out in a humble spirit as partners willing to learn as well as teach. They must be more and better qualified in their own spe T cialty and they must not think of the Rev. E. F. Lange R.E.A. as "well informed and influential path finding'.' groups. Couch To Speak On Investments Clergyman Heads Christian Move organ and L. L. Deen will serve as head usher. Sunday school and Bible classes CV cry Sunday; and every youth in will meet under the direction of the meeting of Methodist Youth Bcn Dcvercux at 9:30 a.m. The Lutheran Hour can A Mo- Fellowship, every Sunday. ..,„ _ _.. --- . A meeting of the membership hoard over Radio Station KTHT an d evangelism commission headed Sunday. 12:30 p.m. The "This Is by B. B. Talley called for 2:30 p.m. The Life" program may be seen Sunday will open the crusade m on station KPRC-TV Sunday, the Highlands church. Plans win .Here they are: 1. Kindness always pays, but it pays most when you classes and departments at 9:45 ' don't do it for pay. . a.m. s. P. Biumbcrg will be in . 2. If the years have taught you to be kind, they have brought you their finest gift. 3. An unkind word can be to a life what a grain of sand is to a watch. 4. When people prove unkind, pray for a short memory. 5. Kind thoughts unexpressed are only half born. 6. Be kind! Every person you meet is fighting a difficult battle,' •:•:'. 7. Kindness has converted more people than eloquence. 8. The kindness of others, remember; your own forget 9. Wherever there is a human being, there is an oppor- ; tunity for kindness. . j 10. No man is too big to be kind, ,but many are too little. 11. For our little nameless acts of kindness we shall b« loved and' remembered. 12. Nothing is so kingly as kindness, nothing so princely as good will. There are three sayings that I like better-than others; 1, 8, 10. It's true that when we do a good deed and expect .nothing in return we are always pleased with the results even if the result turns out to be a big nothing. It's good to forget what you have done in^the way of kindness because when that kindness is returned is comes as a complete and pleasant surprise. And, it's true that many of us are so busy with our problems and find we are so very important hi our own. eyes that we are too little to remember others by a kind deed. Since this is the beginning of a new year, now's a good time to resolve to try to be a little kinder to- family and friends. . See you in .Sunday school! Highlands Church To Participate In out the South/Central jurisdiction during the month of January. .. Goals which : have been set up the sermon. f or t n j s movement are threefold: Mrs. C. Broderson will play the Everv church member .attending church every Sunday; .every church school member in class MOBIXjBi AJEL. t ttiS S / ~™ •"• -nk** un DLCfcuwn •*.»"*. j.»w ••• • —• ------ v i v..w -.-"--c '•-•• - • ^ , themselves as'the whole Christiah b ile clergy man is spearheading a io:30 a.m. be made sit that lime to conduct m ;,-,.;™ " " ,t (•„ ..MViotit-ttto fin-i-sHun rphg church's voters' assembly an extensive visitation campaign mission. He said the trend that the movement to substitute Christian fu- optimism for what he called "mod"The Value of Eternal Invest- ture takes in India and Pakistan is ern pessimism in spiritual mat- The chairman, A. C. Kraft, will be e crc meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. during the next week in an euort ments" will be the sermon subject s o important the Presbyterian ters." of the Rev. E. R. Couch at the Board is giving these countries The Rev. Eugene Peacock'of St. ll'a.m. Sunday service of First mission priority for the next four Francis street Methodist church Baptist church. . years' to develop there a program has named the movement Chris"The Divine Gift of Salvation" of rural church service, lav lead- will be the subject at the 7:30 p.m. ership, Christian'work among stu- service This message will be a dents, Christian literature and continuation of the Sunday night social education and action, doctrinal aeries and will be broadcast over station KREL beginning at 7:50 p.m. A Training Union study course on stewardship will begin during the Training Union period at B:!J Bracker To Have Charge Of Service p.m. Suday and will continue each night through Wednesday. There will be classes for each age group. The beginners end primaries will be taught by Mrs. Nick Peet, .„.. the juniors will be taught by Mrs. Karl H. Bracker in charge The U1W juinwia • c, _-•.„, ,.,;tl u« "TV,,. Oi,t-_P oonhiniT tian Optimists of the World. Purpose of Christian Optimists, which will have no dues, scheduled meetings, or formal organization, is to spread the spirit of Christianity through personal contacts. "More than 200 persons already have enrolled as volunteer workers," Peacock said, "and these Apostles of Christian Optimism have taken more than 500 copies in charge of the meeting. Audio-Visual Meet Plans Being Made to contact .the inactive members of the church and elist them in active participation in church services. Young people as well as adults will help in the visiting. This weclc of visitation will pre- c»de a series of revival sorvces in the Highlands church scheduled 'Sacrament 1 Topic 'God's People' Of Lesson-Sermon To Be Subject Of Rev. Jordan The vital role . of purity In spiritual progress will be set forth at Christian Science services Sunday In the lesson-sermon entitled "Sacrament." The Bible selections Include thl« to begin with tho morning war- -citation from Psalms;. AUSTIN, .Tan. 9— In connection s i,jp service on Jnn. 17, with the annual meeting of the The Rev. T. P. Hcndrlck an- Texas Council of churches the nounces his subject for the 11 Board of Managers and staff of a.m. service Sunday us "A Splr- the seventh annual Southwestern itual Awakening In the Church. ... ,^,.), .ichoo!, with Adron general superintendent, T|]e Teol us The Sunday morning service of of the Christian Optimist's creed St. Paul's Lutheran church ,vill and^embcr appl.caUon blanks for begin at 10:45 a.m. with the Rev. W C Sanders, the intermediates by Mrs. Virgil Brown and the young people and adults by the pastor,' the Rev. E. R. Couch. The nursery will be open for all sessions. Community Members To Attend School A cooperative leadership school of the Council of Churches of s^p'the Baby Jesus." The pastor Greater Houston will be held each w jjj tench the parents class. night Jan. 6 through 13 at the • - •>•'-..- "Quarker" was the nickname Christ Church Cathcrdral in Houston. Teachers, superintendents, and directors of the La Porte Community church will attend Foltz Announces Subject Titles "The Choice Ts Yours" will be the sermon subject delivered by Rev. Clyde D. Foil?., minister of the First Christian church at the 10:80 a.m. service Sunday. Sunday school will begin at 0:15 a.m. Tho night service will begin nt j "• -. , , .,, jiuumiK WIUIIB III.TII i....... •.••- virHiiuuury miu vi'.-im MI -'". ••-••• n nm "Did Jesus Believe In An opening program. The school viill wt of christ cannot corrcc t. I „, announced that William S. En d lMS Hol iy" will be'the topic — thejesson^Wise Mentor- ^^ „,„„ is nothmg ; wrong H ockman of Cleveland Ohio will dlscllSBed . be the dally lecturer nt the work- rp nc yoiinp people will meet nl shop sessions in April. Brunson the church for a fellowship mcct- Motlcy of Bnrbnnk, Calif, will rep- \ nK a t 5 p.m sermon will be "The Out-Reaching Christ." Mrs. W. B. Killough will play the organ and Winston Mettke will serve as acolyte. Joe Krizak and J. C. Fojt will serve as ushers. The church school will meet at 9:40 a.m. in the educational building. Mrs. A. A. Hulls will be in charge of the Kindergarten grades and R. F. Pfennig will lead the junior and senior classes in the distribution to others." The creed, which Peacock drew up himself, says: "I am a Christian Optimist: I believe in God. I believe God's power Is supreme. I believe God's wisdom is perfect. I believe God's Jove is boundless. "I am a Christian Optimist: 1 believe in Jesus the Christ. I believe Jesus the Christ is the wny, the truth, the life. "I am a Christian Optimist: I. believe in man. I believe there Us nothing wrong with man that the Audio-Visual workshop met this week In the First Methodist church, Austin, to complete plans meets at 9.46 a.m. for tho four day workshop which will be held at Southwestern university. Georgetown, April 26 through 30. The annual A-V workshop is sponsored by Southwestern university, the Karl Foundation, the National Council of Churches nnd tlie Texas Council of Churches. The theme for the 1954 workshop will be "Audio-Visual Resources for the Entire Church Year." The Rev. M. Howard Knox, pastor of the First Methodist church, Grandbury nnd dean of the work- with man's world the Christ cannot make right. "I am a Christian Optimist. Because I believe in God and the given to the followers of George Christ and man, I repudiate all .Fox in 17th century England pessimism. I affirm my positive when, at a magistrate's trial in £ a jth j n God, Wie Christ and man. "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable In thy sight, O Lord, my .strength, and my redeemer" (10:14). Tim following correlative passage will be among: those rend from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mury Baker Eddy: "We should »trive to reach the Horub height where God is revealed; and the corner-stone of all spiritual building Is purity. The baptism of Spirit, washing the body of all the Impurities of flesh, signifies that the pure In heart see God nnd tire approaching spiritual Life and its demonstration" (241:24). The Golden Text Is from Galalions: "Ye are all the children of God by faith In Christ Jesu«. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ" (3:26,27). of God. resent tho religious film producers and give assistance in film programming. 8302 U8 N. M»in 126 W, Tex. j S41» Marknt *f -SEE'""*"" | FERGUSON MOTORS, Inc. FOR A GOOD USED CAR 100 W. Texas Open Evening* READ THE BAYTOWN SUN For Complete Church News THE BEST! CARNATION Milk 4 Ice Cream OAU NOW FOR DEI.H'lOIiS MILK DELIVERY Dial 6908 A- Those attending will be Mrs. P. J Wallace, primary teacher; Mrs. G Wall, junior teacher; Mrs. Ray Van Deventcr, junior teacher; Mrs. R. Baker, junior teacher; Mrs. E. Meeks, primary superintendent; Mrs. J. C. Eichorn, director of religious education and a vacation Bible School dsrests* -'hn will be chosen. The courses will include Teaching Primary and Junior Children; The Use of the Bible with Children; Teaching Children Through Creative Activities; Administering the Vacation Church School; The Churche's Program for Christian Education and Ways Youth Learn- 'Workers With God' is Sermon Subject "Workers With God" is the subject of the sermon to be delivered at the 10:50 a. in. Sunday services at Baptist Temple by the pastor, the Rev. George P. English, At the 7:30 p. m. service he will discuss the topic, "The Happy State of the Justified." All music for the day will be under the direction of Barney Webber, choir director. Sunday School will begin at 9 45 a. m. and Training union at 6:30 p. m. Highlands Church To Host Brotherhood Second Baptist church of Highlands will be host to the meeting of the Baptist Brotherhood of the San Jacinto Baptist Association Tuesday. The Rev- Kenneth E. Trent, pastor of Second Baptist church, Channelview, will be the principal sp n aker. S>crcntion Department NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — UP— Four toen-Bgors accused of stringing a sterl cable across a strrr-t, two feet above the pavement, explained they were bored because thoro wrrn no recreational facili- • : -*hborhood. 60 LET US APPROACH THE THRONE WITH CONFIDENCE, THAT WE MAY MEKCY AND FIND GRACE TO HELP HOUR OF NEED/_///££-#/£ Sanctuary Choir To Sing At Cedar Bayou "0 How Amiable Are Thy Dwelling' 1 by Barnby will be the selection given by Cedar Bayou Methodist church's Sanctuary choir at the 10:155 a.m. Sunday service. Mrs. Jiimn.s Jackson will direct nnd Mrs, J. D. Giddings will preside at the organ. The Rev. Elza Love, pastor, will preach on "When Men Believe." At the 7 p.m. ncrvlco he will preach on "Superficial Viewn of Sin." Fellowship group's will meet at R p.m. with the Junior Fellowship beginning a course on "The Spanish Speaking People of America" to he taught fay Mrs, EUa L. Love nnd Mrs. Glenella Dlobcl. The Board of education and Chaple choir will meet at fl p.m. Wednesday. Sanctuary choir rehearsal will be held nftor the 7 p.m. Wednesday prayer service. Baptists To Continue With Sermon Series "Our Time Is Not Our Own" will be the theme of the Sunday night sermon at the First Baptist church, Highlands. It is the second in a scries of five sermons based on the Ten Commandment* which the pastor, the Rrv. Dennis Barnes, will bring during the month of January. The sermon for the 11 *- rn. service will be "Onr. and Only One Gospel." The teachings and activities of the Baptist denomination BELFAST, Northern Ireland wj) , be the them( , or the morning 'RNS'i — An American Prntestanl s ^ rvlccs ,j ur ing January and will missionary, the Rev. Edward W. Ulnch, arrived here to pick UD a fl.yinK boat specially built to bis order by a Belfast plane factory for use in servicing a mission area in a remote interior valley of Netherlands New Guinea. The mission is in New Guinea's Baliem Valley which, until an American plane crashed there about six years ago, was plelelv unexplored. Tuesday the Christian Women's Fellowship will meet at the church at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. B. F. Booth will conduct a workshop program. The Rev. and Mrs. Foil?, will attend the annual TCU minister's week in Fort Worth beginning Monday and continuing through Thursday. Mrs. PolU Is serving as state secretary of the Minister's Wives association and will attend the special functions for this group during the week as well as the lectureships. Mrs. Black, Mrs. Allen To Sing Duet Sunday Mrs, Paul Black nnd Mrs. A. F.. Allen will sing a duet a t the 8:30 i\nd 10:45 a.m. services Sunday at Grnce MiHhodist church. The selection will be "My Jesus As Thou Wilt.' 1 The Rev. M. S. Jordan, pastor, will preach st both services ntl "A Man Is Important." Church school will begin at B:3. r > a.m.; MVF at <! p.m. and the night service at 7 p.m. with the Rev. James Brannen preaching. Methodist Men wi'.! hftvs 9 monthly fellowship supper at 7 p.m. Wednesday. The Intermediate Youth fellowship will sponsor a chili supper Irom 5 to 7 p.m. Friday. Tickets will be SO ccnU for adults and 35 •nnls for children. American Missionary Takes To The Airways Memorial Baptist chureh'c pastor, -the Rev. Arthur' L. Jordan will have" as hi* subject lor ths 8:30 a. m. cervice Sunday "God'» People." -Fred Parker -will «ing a »olo •ntitled, "Wa.yfarln«;stnui. ger." •. '.:••"• •-': ., '•'," '.: •.: At 11 a. m. the »enhon mrttfect will be the »ame. The choir witt sing an anthem entitled, "FraJs* The Lord, Ye Heaven Aidort Him." This service will b« broadcast ov»r KRCT at 11:10 a, m. The night service Ir gchadtJeJ for 7:30 p. m- with th« pwtot preaching on "Know Your Bnem- ies." The Men 1 * choir will «lngt "Blessed Saviour, Thee I Low" M a special number, Sunday school beglnt •* 9 ISO a. m. R. L. Summer* U ih* »up«r- intcndcnt. Training Union will begin at «:15 p. m. with Mls» Bui* Potter a* director. At 3 p. m. the p&ntor wHl begrin a class of Doctrine* of ttit Church for th« young people. BSD To Have Rally In Lee Auditorium Lee college'* Baptist Student Union, formed in 1934, will h«.v« » doctrinal youth rally from 8 until fl p.m. Feb. « in the Lc« college auditorium. The themt will bt "What I» «, Baptist?" Tho Kcvs, John Ostecn, Georg* English and Fletcher Erwin, irom- cr piustor advisors, will be honored guests, The public to Invited to atUnd. Four BSU.i In Houston ar» sending representatives to the meeting. Investigate Tim church that bellcvwi ka leaching UK; scripture* Hcrlptit rally. No hired man to do the teaching, but a srU ('d!fyin(c body. ,Jno. 10:14; Eph. 4:10. THE 7fh STREET CHURCH of CHRIST 7th St at Davlx R<I. Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Wednesday 7:00 p.m. come to a cllmnx on Feb. 7, which is Baptist World Alliance day. Baptist Pastors To Go To Fort Worth FIRST CHURCH CHRIST, iSCIBfflST Servlc«i Sunday— 1 1 A Sunday School— 9:10 AJvt Wedrmday The Rev. A. J. Martin and the com " Rov. Dennis Burnp.i, Baptist pastors in Highlands, will attend the the Hying rxm will " "of incs- BY WAY OF THE CROSS» vnliie" in extending mission work in the region which is virtually innerPssihle bv other moans of'transport. Cost of the new plane - wn.s mot bv donations from Ameri- meeting to their „,,_„,.„ can church workers, he said. «» »«• P™yer meeting Wednesday. conference in Fort Worth Monday. Tuesday and Wrdnpsdfiy of next rf-k. Thoy will bring a report of the Keadln* Boom r.t Michigan «nd Street., Open 1:M «• 4tt» »J Honda,}! - Thmnt Wed. Honi* 1 *• H* VJ Wckom* to Highlands f Baptist Clwril 817 N. Mdi .#• Sunday School .. V JO.-0(J iWfl. Preaching S»rvie«,f 11:00 A.M. PHONE|I.|»7I A Gooa new ttend Church On Sunday ' • ^ST> - ^^™

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