The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 26, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1962
Page 2
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•AM 1 WtforW—Adv.—BE S-JBlt-Clawtfle*— BB 3-2611 THB iRAZOSPORT PACTS BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUNDAY, AUGUST U. 1962 BESSIE LITTLE'S MAILBAG Boy'Qirl Relationship Is Not A Qame a pleasant (if slightly mixed-up)|Doar Very Curious: iilllp foursonip. When Ihere isj His perfectly prop, By BESSIE MTTr.B Dear Be: Bond Sales 46.4 Percent Of Goal NntlMi mnlnfnln n strong mill- In ry poMurr BiiH nl Ihe smut limn will kopp oiir country ornno mlrnlly slnhlo," Clmlrmnn Bon- Inn concluded. idon'l you think he cnulrl find Urn-, ((Jot H problem? Write "D™ H*',!^*^ ,?'" ''"''"""M ln "«" onl •"» ,. . . „ , ...... u j , > perfectly proper for you to I to call me in a month? I know I Bessie," tinder Twenty Mnilbne 'sTfi7'fisr> which renrpspnH Iff 1 " "' v "' Kln Mnry sprnl hor About six months ago I was Ro-.snme activity lo winch you do tho lphc)ne thp ^ yoll wan , to -j nvit( , should for B et him. hut ] really care of The H,™o,,,ort V aclsVperon o' he7 ! , illio dohr '" sl • Vl ''"' s ln "'° rlly of Kplim « M n K with a toy who ,s 17, and I:,nv,t,ng, mvilp. the boy of your,,,, yom . GM . Ask - Boy dancp.;worked hard lo K ct him and wanlifrPeporU ' P .vL^"l "L," ,",.."'"1"", ^.In Asia Minor, which was one. vcryiehoice. Try lo indicate to the Tnr ; Wea p( sucn „ ,| an " CT is "| 0 ||,|m hack. Please Rive me n wentjboys which of you likes which iRive the gil ., s a dian( , e ,„ im , ilp ;tion. thrcp and maybe the compliment will ^y,, ( |, P y wou ld like to be with ' When yon speak to him on the phone, don't make a big production out of the invitation; try niid be as casual and informal as C. F. T., Wilmington, Del. Why not call him on the phone? It is not as though you were call- was then just 16. 1 am much in love with him. I steifly with b i m for months. We talked of love and; be returned. Above all. don't be- mnrriaRp. We broke up over jeal-jt-ome upset or jealous of one an- ousy on my part which 1 know other. was wronq. I have tried to ^et'Dear Bessie: him back. I have gone out withj What is tin j^'bu^tlu-,^^ KMnei, ^it'ai, ^-^™^^^^^ £*?£> ^ST'MT ™^^ ,far as gmng steady apam is con- boy on the phone? Or should the dance. «nomn. in an> leined. I have never been stuck gi r | wait until he calls her? Or ( Dear Bessie,: Vets Ask Sweepstakes WINNIPEG, Man. (AP)-A Ca- Freedom Hnnd llrlve goal for Texas. .lime bond sales In Texas WPIT 51 These recently figures were reported by K. lj, Boston, chairman of Hra/oria Cnunly Savings Bonds Commillpp. Boston also re- on anyone like this. Please help. lm ti| she sees him at school?! Need Help, Chicago, 111. Dear Need Help: jWhat if he goes to a different school? What do boys think of, the It looks as if you have done all girl who calls the boy? the wrong tilings. First, you lose the boy by becoming jealous Then, you try to get him back by | getting him jealous and then plaj j the game of being hard to get jtlie boy-girl relationship and the man-woman relationship is not game, it is a very important cle j mm! of our life. Na one can go wrong by an honest and sincere appnjach in dealing with people —whether of the opposite sex or not. Going steadf with this boy again may not be the answer for you. Need Help, The important tiling for you to do is to have a good talk with him and explain to him that you know you were wrong to lie jealous. Set up a good Fifty dollars in prizes and an . count of their work are to be sent i relationship on a new basis and opportunity to beautify the county!to KBCBA, P.O. Box 43, Lakejenjoy his company when you can. will once again be the rewards Jackson. ;See and date other friends whpn of the annual Cub Scout Cleanup Very Curious, Portland, Ore. I dated I dated a spot. Hie Spring prom is inp; a straiiRer. If he is Mill inter-; n ndinn veterans' organization wi ., ested in yoii, he will ho pleased ask the federal Rovernmenl to ps-|P cl ''ted that Ixwul sales in Rra/.orln I of stale-operated | f n ""l.v werp $riM,5-«i for thp first months e/ the year. This figure More than 300 delegales nt (heii'epi-esenls 'Ili.-l per cent ot Hie ; casp. you won't know what the convention of the Army, Navy ami IOIV2 snips Ronl. i real situation is until you rail him. Air Force Veterans in Canada M lle hns follncl it is it now so I a resolution Thursday call- '"Ilie achievement of Hie Freedom Bond Drive goal In Trxns to call me but hasn't since school ns wcl1 >' cu know got out. He has a job and has (that you can make plans to get;i nsv i|' ln t''wnuld''he?ien : t 'ihcTcoun. baen working very hard at ft. But back into circulation. 'try's social services. ;inK on Ihe Rovernmenl to estahlisli;deinonslrales to the Nation Hint ,a system of bettinR on horse rac- Texans stand ready lo do their part In our fight for freedom. These Iwnrt dollars will help our n great center ot pngan worship. DRIVMN . CONVENtENCI SUPER MARKET PRICES GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET " B. L. WARBEN SETS GOOD EXAMPLE B* II Coordinator Ot Beautlficntion Competition Cub Cleanup Contest To Get Underway Soon Contest sponsored by the Keep Winners will be announced by i you wish. Perhaps the passage of | Dec. I. i time on this tiasia will work the Brazoria County Beautiful Asso-| First place winners the pre-j wonders time so often works, ciation. The contest will be held j vious two years of the contest j And, from now on play it straight. Sept. 15 to Nov. 15. ; were from Pack 351 ot the Clute' Dea r Bessie B. L. Warren of Angleton. Boyirirst Methodist Church. i I have quite a problem. My Scout executive and coordinator j The first year, Mrs. B. J. iRirl friend likes a boy and I like of the contest for KBCBA, has i White's Den 4~won S10 for beauti-j'he boy's friend. The boy she announced that official entry rules , tying their meeting place, the i' il «'s likes me, and the boy I like, will be mailed to the den mothers j Lake Barbara City Hall.' Last!'ikes her. What should we do? of Brazoria County by the first of year's first place winner was Den j Peggy, Bangor, Me. September. !j u-jth Mrs. T. A. Crain Jr. and!Dear Peggy: "Seven prizes will be awarded:Mrs. J. 0. Brown, den mothers. Congratulate yourselves-! to the Cub Scout Dens doing the: Den I beautified the grounds Things could be much worse than best cleanup job,'-' Warren said, Around their Sunday School build-;'they are — imagine if you both "And will ranga from $10 for first, ing and made repairs to the build-1 liked the same boy or both boys prize, down to $5 each for thejing itself. | liked only one of you. You have sixth and seventh place winners." j Warren stated that there arei more than 2,000 Cub Scouts i n! the county and expressed the; hope that many of them will par-! Ucipale in this year's event. "KBCBA has sponsored the' Cub Cleanup for the past two| . years," he said, "and the rules will be the same as in the past. Each den will select a cleanup site and will take before and af-J ter pictures of their project. The pictures, along with a -short For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and a Little More KINDDtOARTIN TO COLLEGE ANYWAY YOU lOOKATIt WE^AYE THE MOST COMPUTt STOCK OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN BRAZOSPORT 'riCtUM OFFICE SUPPIXmt. 123 WEST SbCOHD ST. • FREEPORT IF YOUR CHILD WEARS OR NEEDS GLASSES.... Give him EXTRA SAFETY with SHATTERPROOF glasses at HO EXTRA COST! SPECIAL BACK TO SCHOOL i lncludes --Z% • professional eye PRICE only $14.85 § examination * ffimnloto %M * § • shatterproof safety lenses ^ - large choice of children's frames complete If glasses are not needed there is only a $3 charge for the eye examination. convenient credit at no extra cost ©TSO —1952 Directed by Dr. S. i. Rogers, Dr. N. Jay Rogers, Optometrists TA.TE; CONTACT LENS SPECIALISTS ZKt 340 TARPON INN VILLAGE BE 3-1661 FREEPORT. TEXAS ASSEMBLY of GOD Brochman Read Clute Edward Mills. Conor 131 Weir 4th Frecport E. C. Allen, Poster 431 Aialea Lake Jaekien Robert Poehl, Patter Jems Cr*ek Steven larrert. Paster 612 North Avo. D Freepert O. H. Dockrav. Paster BAPTIST Calvary (SBCi Slaughter Read Hareld Rttehey. Pastor First Baptist (SBC) S23 Allen Rd.. Oyster Creek K. vy. Campbell, Paiter North Side Baptist BOO Sfk. N. D. Freepart Noble Hunt. Paster Temple Baptist (SBC) 40& E. Main, Clute A. C. Maxwell Velasco Helghts(SBC) 1817 North Ave. 9. Frwport Hemer Newell, Pastor West End Baplis- (SBC) 1400 West 12th, Freeport Norman Fry, Pastor Willow Drive Baptist (SBC) 200 Willow Drive. Lake Jaeksnn J. E. Jones, Pastor Shady Oaks Baptist (SBC) Garland Drive, Lake Jackson David Sutton, Paster North Side Baptist (SBC) 1148 Third St., Clute O. Marion Vance, Pastor Flnt Baptist 220 Shanks, Glut* O. T. Von Meter, Paster SP First Baptist (SBC) 326 West 4th, Freeport Phillip R. Brown, Pastor East Side Baptist Mission 230 East Sth, Freeport Abe R. Smith, Pastor First Baptist (SBC) 401 Yaupon, Lake Jacksen John H. Beard, Paster Velasco First Baptist (SBC) 20 North B, Freeport A. Cordon Johnson, Paster Friendship Baptist (ABA) S41 East Main. Clure Carl f. Stephens, Paster Jones Creek Baptist (SBC) Hwy. 3i, Freeport L D. Mahanay,Jr., Paster Unity Missionary Baptist (ABA) Richwood Village Dan Griffith, Pastor Emmanuel Baptist (SBC) 314 Aycock, Clute Cecil Unol, Pastor CATHOLIC St. Mary; Star of the Sea 101* West eth, Freepert Fr. George Beck St. Henry's (Latin-American) 318 East Sth. Freeport Fr. Gerald Orsiul St. Michael's Comer Oak Drive and Plantation Dr. Lake Jacksen Fr. George Beck CHRISTIAN First Christian 224 West 4th, Freepart Paul E. Russell, Pastor First Christian 450 Ovsrer Creek Dr. Lake Jarktoi Glenn F. Moore, Patter CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 303 East Bread Freepert Sharing isn't one of those things that come naturally. It takes a fair bit of "character building" before two youngsters get to the point where they're happy to go fifty-fifty on so much as a bottle of pop! Fred and Marilyn, as it happens, have learned & lot about sharing in church. For, many years ago, Christ clearly demonstrated that man should be neither selfish nor greedy, and that to live successfully he must learn to give not only of himself, but of his possessions. In a small, childlike, but completely joyous way, Fred and Marilyn are putting these teachings into practice — just as in many more serious ways, they will be putting other teachings of the Church into use, throughout their lives. THK CHURCH fOH ALL . . . ALL FOB THE CHURCH TU QmrcK u the irralttl ficlor m «i* lor Ihi buildiit ,1 chit- •ehr and food eitiKaiKip. It it « llorthouM of ipirilvil riltKI. WilK- out « ilrons GiurcK d«- mixricT nor citilinlion c» wr- »ivt. Thtr. irt four .oo.d n i Kn i vfcjr vntj ptnoa ihould alltnii wrmM itgukrlr tnd tuppoit Iht a.rtk. Tht r m: (I) F.t tu. t*« Mkt. (2) For LI, cMdna'i .a.. (3) For Iht ukt of hi, cm- mma r »d »lioo. H) For ih. »!• of *. Church ih.lf, «rmH •~di hU moril i>d rukml itip- fOfl. Pl.n lo r> to chunh rofu- Jirlj »nd rt«d fMr Bihlt diil/. Copyright lu«2 Kflstrt Afh'rtisinjf Hprviff, Tnc. Htriitinri THIS ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE MADE POSSIBLE BY THESE BUSINESS FIRMS HARBOR FISH CO. 100 W. Brazos BI 3-4101 Freeport GULF LUMBER COMPANY 147 South Main, Clute AN I-254? FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK 103 Cherry, Freeport BI 3-5241 THE CAMERA MART North Gulf Blvd., Freeport BI 3-2461 MURRELL'S TEXACO STATION il» W. 4th. Freeport, Teias FREEPORT LUMBER COMPANY i23 W. Broad Freeport, Teiai YOUNG'S PRESCRIPTION HOUSE 231 W. Broad Freeport, Teiai McMULLEN DRUGS 20 Braioiport Savings Center Freeport, Texas FREEPORT ICE COMPANY 32i E. 2nd Fieeport, Teiai LAKE TELEVISION CENTER 3e-B Circle Way, Lake Jackson, Ttiat CY 7-2911 CHURCH of CHRIST Center Way at Yaupen Lake Jackson Stanley Shlpp, Minister Braiarla Church Calvin E. Reed. Minister Lake Jackson C. A. Bailey, Paster CHURCH of GOD J. E 759 Vine Clute Colemon, Pastor CHURCH of The NAZARENE 802 West Sth Freeport R. Earl Cotton, Pastor EPISCOPAL St. Paul's 1307 West Sth, Freepert William E. Sterlinq. Pastor St. Timothy's Circle Way & Oyster Creek Dr. Lake Jackson George L. Carlisle, Jr., Pastor LATTER DAY SAINTS LUTHERAN Christ Lutheran (Augustana) Plantation Dr. & Amaryllis Lake Jackson Leslie A. F. Carlson. Pastor St. Paul's American 923 West Sth, Freepert Charles D. Sherman. Pastor Grace (Missouri) 1302 West Broad Freaporr, Tetai I. J. Stelling, Pastor St. Mark (Missouri) 501 Willow Dr., Lake Jackson John P. Schuls, Pastor METHODIST First Methodist 151 S. Shanks, Clute L. R. Condrey, Patter Flnt Methodist UOO West Brood. Freeport Archie W. Fleming, Pastor First Methodlit 404 Aialea, Lake Jackson Carlos Davis, Pastor First Methodist, Velasca (also Oyster Creek Methodist) 320 North Ave. A, Freepart Alvls M. Coleman. Pastor St. Thomas Methodist Janes Creek, Route 1. Freepart Ferd Dawson, Pastor Congregational Methodist Brockman Road, Glut* Harold (. Pitts. Pastor Chop.lwood Methodist (Temporarily In Junior High) Lake Jackson Faulk Landrum Pastor PENTECOSTAL United Pecan lane at S, Main, Clute L. U Stevens, Pastor PRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterian 1402 West Broad, Freeport C. Knoi Poole, Pastor Gulf Pralrle Presbyterian Peach Point. Rr. !, Freeport Kenneth L. Book, Pastor Flrsr Presbyterian 102 Yaupon, Lake Jackson John E. Topplns, Pastor SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Hwy. 283 Richwood Vlllaqe Bob Jinks, Local Elder UNITARIAN Braioiport Unitarian Fellowship Now Meeting At ... Old lethal Presbyterian Church Stratron RJdge Road Bi

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