Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 7
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He wants peace New German soldier faints at the sight of blood Ann Landers XUBKBEBC. Germ any (XEAi — Bctnemtor dte cter- <vnjpc Ccrmns «o>dier of Woitd War IT The lo-JtA, Actautns! Ut> as«in«l w Villi, iackteotel sciriKnl, nadiiitic. nediaBind. nten RtM Dirtor lU^kd a t>iiH-<i;r ta lodi)t''« Btrndmctn- iHite Wctil Ccntnm amyt. lie Ulkt at « wtiNpor. claniw. tsoec Citat it bt aits • finsm* and ff^nkfi aojr brataUty "tXiSeD GolX" (ac«iB«l God*. Wcapont bnjT Um. tnilflnnf mate bin Mix. cUddnc hceiii hml «Jie aOOt*. and be haf never had a bdaie hairait is bit: lifp. tNeur lUtifJ i« Ihp not- look in bMh Ote Oemta im1Ksi>' jind the GMinan «oci«<v. Nc««r. tfitite 4dn'ioudy. tiuin the hjplo* HiUn-iteK. but «1 M > neM«r tbtn the |KN4 «at' apolaciKU. ihc USO t.itvffdM'K. and Oit Riotv ncML »liilT-be]liod profitm-ti nbo lun« Micccgiavel}' dominaied tbe Cer^ mag some. Ilarkid is neither cruel, apolo- goic nor srceAy. Batber. at Ite ase 30. be ic lest German and more FiTi)di-Eadi«^;Amencan Ibas anr wbo biw gone before ia bit land. lUUer Mould taevtr afimwe. but Dider Itarltel it, one-world- itii. lie dtrusti off Uefot nilion- aliKn and hapet inotai, tome- nbjt like a San lYancisM ilow- cr person, that Jewt. Arabs. Vieliiamete. Chisete. Butcians. Americant and so on will dis- ooi^er common cround and CC" meat tbe fottare to it. lUs doesnX mean lladcri b tmpatriolic. ICt Catber «at a German aoldicr. bit crandralber fottdit for ibe Kaiser, and he bflpet never i« lu«« to break truKt wtlb family iionor. B,v aecepline military «er»ice. he rrpudialcd (he «ai« of ytms paeificiiim «bidi has gripped the nation in recent years. German}', he says has the hi0>cst rale of conscientious objection in the «wld. About one out of etcry 20 Germans refuse <n moral pxMinds. to enter tbe armed forces. (In the llacM fMMdd Br TOM TIIOE NE* staff CwfMHadas IMcd Slates, the CO. atcrase is jriaow one in 7eo.« On the atber hand. bo»cvrr. Okitr lladMl is Ml hamr ««b militar}* reximeolaiioo. la this be i««emblef most Cls. He kwrn-s tt's bis duly t» Mrve. bnl be balds Us nose alllbe while. AeuuHly. he has pood reaioa 10 didike Ibe Ccraaa aaOilary. In Ibe lint |ilaoe be ««s cos- «crii>ted by baled, crocdy u- fair draft la«s. lie all German yottlbs are inquired In trrvc ia Ibe mililary> tel oaw- iuir»iit«j]k- few do. Most ymms people etcape ibe draft by daimias CO. status (neaily 12.- ooo Uta }«ar) or failias ibe physical qualifieaiioos. UNO tfaere is Ibe matter of Bundes««far pay. For Hackd. who has been hi sertiee abeat a }«ir and a half, adary amount* lo *5 maxkt a day or aboot S30 a moMh. And that, be sniffs, wont bqy much w'teocrschoilzeL j Ibere is at least one more serious drawback lo German anned service today. And it bothers Didcr liackri most of all. Suppow. be sa.vs. Mmethlai; happeaed ia Ennqte. like war. Say Ibe Russians or Ibe East Germans eot ancry or arPDsant and be^an lo physicaUy push across tbe borders. As a soldier. hat« 10 kit Fraakli'. be cnirfrtirt, he deetal taww if he'd he Me. Tbey\« lawste him how. of Murse. bat Ibst pmtis naihiati. To line up a waa wiUi a rifle. Ta aim at bis brait. To *lMM attJ im> him lokia; aad soMk- iflfi al impact. TbaL ta^f. Ilac- tel. lakes Mocihiac he's ool ccdaifl be has. He is MR asainit seldieftes. he explains, lie is not aiafaM Ibe aalioaal putrd. Bu be is ataiart tbMlias for real ••All my Ue.~ he nt»« ia Ga- tMi ktamcd ia sehoel. -|'w - • mini 1 * tfk^ • •- * war. Etvn taiMy. SS yoirs later. Ibe Ameriuas Mill make films ahool it. -J*. OK. I'm convinced. Mil- Irr WHS a maniac and tbe Nazis wwp bpa >ts. AH Germany was snUly in wmte way or other. Et«« my famib' aad rrialives must share Uame. I "Bui me. I'm iaaocenL You understand? I did nolbias. I was loot bora. I only read about it iaad aee ii on films. I hatv not I^Vd anyone. I have not lor- .IUTNI aa >*bBd>*. I'ni free.** j AM. sars Dieter llackel. he wants la flay this way. He doesn't etvn rare lo talk about war. He wants lo be an (ttfineer. haw a wife, babies, a small bout«. UayfK. he says, he is wrak. )la)-be he bu learned from Ibe past. Maybe be is ainid. Bu aD be wanU is to someday die quietl)-. in bed. Dear Aaa Laaders: Ibis b Cor -CBoccmctl Dad" who was deeply worried about tbe aotKS of his tiUett ttaim »m. IDs euUiMk was gtoomy. but I at- mtt ym. he daemt kmmt Ibe bilf of it My husbaad. a oewipaper report IT. has bad occasion to see linabaad what roes oa abca the poliee poOa campus raid. U» )au know what a Maaala piily is? The youns men and women urip down lo afanoti norbias. smear themselves with >alad oiL lie in a pih! on Ibe floor and try lo bold on lo a member of Ibe opposite scs. Ibe one* who bold oMo each other become partners for ibe nifM. My Micaettion lo 'Toncemed Dad" land other worried pai^ «nu around the eoonuyi is Ibis: HVn ibcy set wind of Junior's improper conduct, cut off tbe loot. Refute Oaily to subsidiiie his orpes. If a student is serious aboot wantins an education he can prove it by ^ ms In woik and pniiins Unuelf ibrousb. I'm DM a square old lad>'. I'm (be mother of three yaune rhil- dtra. And I am keeftes a copy H Uiic teller so when my kids ate nf collece ace I will practice what I preach. — SI'EAK- ING FOR M^-SELF Dear Speakias: In today's col- letw setup, no kid can slide Redlonds Doily Fads Tuosdoy, AAorch 4 ltl» - f 'Ordained by mail* Trial set for founder of o».w.«yo.rprow.m, Universal Life Church, Inc. throotih on Mamb. He accds p^tiny sradea. I apTc ihM a lather sbooM not aathUiuf a eoof-off. but H Ibe Ud is a Mai cipher the >ebnl will aol keep him. Dear Ann Landers: Get with a nr quite writins- I am boUkis mad «er your plea to Ibe American pubUc lo "leave a lip for Ibe maid who has deaacd your hotel mom*** Ulictt I travel t usually pay between GO and S3 for a nichls lodEias. Why sbouU I pay e»tra to bate my room rleancd? I fisnre I'm cniitlcd to a rlrjn rmm berause that's «h)i I am pa} ins lor. lYrtiy MM ymill wtxesi thai John Q. ruUic lip Ibe desk rlrrit for aUmin; him to res- isier. 1 deplore Ibe racket called tipping. It's a means of pushins off on Ibe tiicfcer<«ottsumer an expense that should be borne by the employer. OK., now joo can throw this letter away. — CLAD 1 SAID IT Dear Clad: Sn am I — aad ton weren't the only one who latd It. 1 received hundreds of leltrrs sjyins the same thine I deplore lippine. too. Furthermore I asree ihat the customer is Mmooked into sbould- rrine a financial responsibility that should be borne by tbe em- der. Another of Ilcnsley's flock. San Jose Police Sgt. Ralph Bruen, arrested Ilcnsley Feb. 17 alter makina » "freewill offering" of SZi ami receiving an honorao' doctor of divinity m?*^. *^ ""^ » courscdinrehes. get discounts on raO « ; and aiHine UckeU. obtain draft SIT -Srrlfl"."^ tbejdefermeats or prcfcrenUal enure DCS Ire m areconirrtMl ol' boy read it to me outia a'and. in some instances, retain V ^Jl '*^t „H'*»' taw horfc. These .legrees are tax-exempt status. SL. ^ ?' J**"** strictly honcrar>-." One of bU tnivcr.«il Ufc fSf'^^^^^'J r^arti'STf. Z^^dc Ser s^-fSfa'^entiaS To lleMo-Sdi^ S'tbe^vti: - "^-^ an amazed compan>- comman- sal Life Church. Inc. Al^d rnvAe^rt llemley. a SI-year«fcl Made» '^^^ COVereO to. Caltf.. resUeni who claims ^rrgtnt ku he eaa neitber read nor write. ^'^epT O/ lold newsmen ireenUy "in five knrKm hlnntsti yean well be Mi«er than Ibe "W** OIQnWT "lte'"«ifS!fre ^'2 ^'lflenl.v ^""K <UPn-.Mi.,., degree. dentiaU llwaeh a WMhS*rX ^r'f"'"' Academy Monday he wouM -nol acitpt CaWoraia Education Code and ' ^ Retding. church on a jur>- bcrau.NC ivleaied on SIM bail She lock the case to court. "Ibey uauW be loo biased ilMitlmr rnvitw i».-rf™M< «f Monday Justice Vincent .V against me." ieMnZ^^^^tiS^wTt^ '-"P""" " »• years wc'U be bigger Se?s^e^«*w5iW.^ "^»«"S «•»»«»" ««e Roman Caththc STfaSwd ^SrSl right, with respect to Church." be said. "We're gomi. yeai» A StoT dirtSS ^ •««mmodatioos "has no bust the country wide open .. . dS ?e "fortSSU wtoS« • Ikno* "fcat I mean?to open a church of their own" plojer. I would gladly pay more for a meal or a room and <B*- pense with tippfais entirdy. but unfortunately, maids, waiters. waitrc*>es. bellbops and oiberi people wbo perform (cnriees are not paid adequate salaries. Tbey depend on tips to live, and nnlil the s}'stem charges, IH keep on lipping. COME TO A FREE Christian Science Lecture t P.M. Temgbf 110 W. VINE, HOUNDS AdmirQh ask obouf 'bugs' m Pueblo's performance POROXADO. Calif. (UPI)-. possession of Gnaner's Male Five admirals asked more 1.C Kenneth R. Wadlcy, 90, oiictiions today about the Beat«nan. Ore. Wadley's bailie ''inigs" in tbe CSS Pueblo's station was at tbe rear of the performance when her crew ship. nctil to battle sutioas afisinst tTben Phares was adced how die North Korean navy. the forward pm's ammm^tion Tcstimoay by enlisted men locker was lo be opened, he Monday asserted: replied: ~I hat« no idea." —Tbe man wbo was supposed Communications Tedmidaa to load Ibe forward mat^ I.C. Miebad Alesander. 22. sun had "no idea" bow to set Richland. Wash., answvred ammunition for iL "no" when asked if tbe order —No order was issued lo was ever passed lo make tbe make tbe diip watertiShL Pueblo watettisfat \iy sealias —A liculenant's suggestions her doors and portholes. This is wxTC openly disregarded by an usual w ben a ship foes ia baitle enlisted man in tlie officer's under fire, presence. "Swncbody said w« were Tbe Navy is boMing a court going to be fired on so the crew of inquiry into the espionage dogged doaa (tightened) the vessd's capture Jan. 23. 1968. doors." Mexander said, and tbe crew's conduct during Chief Communications Tecfani- U mootbs of capln-ity hi North cian James F. Kdl, 32. Korea. Hooalulu. rdterated eailier Eight more men told tbdr lestimooy that be ordered storiet Monday and tune were destniction of secret docnmcntt sammoned lo testify today. momcats after his superior. U. Capt John R. Brook, a cea Stephen Harris. 30. Melrose, law expert from tbe jadse Mass.. told him Ibey had IM advocate general's office in such directions from Bncher. Wadiington. bad been ccfaedulcd "Tbe Cact Ihat Mr. Hatiis' to testify today, but bis was present dUnt prevent yw appearance was postponed until from giving tbe Older?" Kdl Wednesday. was asked. In Washington, a suboommit- "Xo. sir." i lee of Ibe House Armed "And why did you lake U Services Committee opened its upon y^oursdf lo assume saA owa investigatioa of Ibe Pueblo an awesome rrsponsihiliiy?" affair, wilfa ibe chid of naval one admiral asked, operations. Adm. Thomas Moo. "I Ibougbl dertn»ctien onibt iVT. sdieduksd as Ibe first lo begin," Kdl sakL witness. . Other *«IM*<| nea have Rep. OUs C. Pike. D-N.Y ..I testified Ibey went to battle chairman of Ibe subcommiUee. sutions wilboul ifejadceU or said it was decided to invite— bdnieis. Some of these ilcoM but not require—tbe PaeUo were stored above dedc. ex- crew to testify. He said none of potod to machine suns of the tbe 82 men bad yeL responded. North Korean patrol boats. A Navy spokesman said surrounding Ibe Pneblo. Monday the court of inquiiy The admirab also have shown hoped to comidete testimony inicTCst in the fad that a key about Ibe middle of next wedc,! telephone on tbe bridflo wasnt „ B...*^ j_ jgg^ with skqipeer viayi M. Bucber as tile nHvrlt*^tnC witness. Testimony from Brock and the eolisied men b expetbiA to continue through tbb w«dc. Storekeeper 2.C Eari B- Pbares, 20. Ontario, CaliL. aid Monday be went to Ibe forward .SiXaliber machine gun wtien Badier sent tbe crew to battle statioos. Phares was suppooed to be tbe wmpon's loader. Bat the key needed to opea the cna'f ammunkfon todcer was In Ihe coottniMudy battle conditions. 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