Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on November 27, 1967 · Page 8
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 8

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1967
Page 8
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WATCH TV CABli CHANNEL * Cify Cofjticil WIIRLt MttflNG Video Toped Ss 8ft educational iULlifW M&fiddy, fiev. Jf, X*" Counfry C/ufc DAILY TV SCHEDULE Monday Psyc/i/afr/sf f/ia fiasf Answer KT.tS-T? fChsnne! 12) 1:00 General HOSCT«* S:30 "doe ot Might 3:00 Sccrsl Storm 3:30 Dark Shadows 4:00 The Fugillv* .5:00 Rat Patrol S 30. Walter Cronklte News « 00 Sports «:iO Sports Hlllghil «:JO weather 4:30 Gunsmoke 7:30 Lucy Show 8:00 Andry GHlfin 8 10 Family Affair ?:00 Big Valley 10:00 News and Weather 10:30 Carol Burnett 11:30 Cimmaron City 1J:30 Sipn ft KRBC-TV (Channel 9) J:CO Another World 5:30 You Don't Sav 3:00 The Match Game 3:15 NBC News 3:30 Family Game ^:00 Evsrybodys ^:30 Newlvwed Garni S;M Dating Game 5:30 Huntley-Brinklev R»oor, «!00 Local News. Weather *:20 Sports. News Rrundup *:30 The AAonkevs 7.00 The Man from U.N C.L.E. 8 00 Dany Thomas 9:00 I Spy 10: OU Newj 10:90 National News JC:30 TonlgM KRLD-TV (Channel 4) S:00 To Tell the Truth 1:25 News 2:30 EBoe o» Might 3-00 Secret S»orm 3:3(1 Password * 00 Mr. Ed 4:30 Gllllgan's Island ,*;00 MCHaie'i Na.'v 5:30 wallet Cronklt* Newt 6:00 News <S;30 Gunsmoke 7 '30 The Lucv Show S.-OO Andy Griffith 8:30 Family Affair 9:00 Carol Burnelt Show 11:00 News, Weather, Sports 11:30 Pete Gent Show 1!:3J Merv Griffin Show 1:05 Star Playhouse 1:35 Vespers S. Sign Off KTVT-TV (Channel 11) J:30 Honeymooners 3:00 Captain Zero 3:30 Popeye 4; 00 Mighty Mousa 4:30 Fllntsones i:00 The Ministers S:30 Twilight Zon« 6:00 Rifleman 4:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Gt'nflghtefs 7:00 Movie lO'OO News 10:15 1 Oclock Movie Continue! 11:00 Movie 12:30 Outdoor World 12:35 News and Weather 12:« Meditations 12:50 Sign Off \VFAA-TV (Channel 8) 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 Dark Shadows 3:00 Dating Game 3:30 Honeymoon Race 4-00 Dateline Hollywood 4:25 News 4:30 Sump'n Else 5 30 NBC News ^•30 Cowboy In Africa 7:30 Rat Patrol 8:bO Felony Squad 8:30 Can You Hear Me? 9: CO Big Valley ,10 JL N'IWS Werifher 10:30 Joey Bishop Show 12:00 News 12:10 Laurel and Hardy Theafr* FBI 12:43 FBI 12:44 Living Pray«r 12:45 Sign Off Tuesday MORmNG 6y ABIGAIL VAN BUttEN DEAH ABBY: We havp been married for 14 years and havp five children, two years ago fny husband "flipped his tid" so f/ speak. He shouted at me. cursed me. and even accused me of trying t.o do away with him. He is now on his third psy- ! chiatrist and has become im! possible to live with, so I have i started divorce proceedings. My husband cannot adjust to ; Ihe fact that I arn divorcing | him. And now he's worse than ever. 1 am also seeing a psychia- |trisf, and MY psychiatrist, tells I me if 1 don't, get away from | this man I will be as sick as I he is. But HIS psychiatrist tells '< him to try to persuade me to ! postpone the divorce until he i is able to adjust lo the idea. (His psychiatrist doesn't say how long that will lake. He may NEVER adjust to it.) My friends say 1 have a duty to stay with my husband. I know I sound heartless, Abby., but I have children to raise and I want them raised in a sane i environment. So what do I do ! now? UNDECIDED! DEAR UNDECIDED: If you | sre seeing a pshcyiatrist, you ' ! arc paying good money for ; his guidance. So listen to him, j and don't go shopping around for less professional opinions. ' Your psychiatrist is in a po- : sition to know you and your problems better than anyone : else. Including ME. DEAR ABBY: A policewom-: an who directs traffic near the ! school my 15-year-old daughter attends made a very insulting remark to my daughter about her mini-skirt. (She said she; was surprised she hadn't been sent home from school. My daughter was annoyed and upset over this. Isn't a policewoman's job to i direct traffic, and not lo judge i people's 'clothes? j J would appreciate your com- i ments on this, HER MOTHER• DEAR MOTHER! I wouldn't condemn the policewoman un- tii I saw your daughter in her mini-skirt. (Is it possible that she was holding up traffic, or could have caused an acci- i dent?I : DEAR ABBY: I have a sister who is a nut on cleanliness. She cleans her house, puts her <!00 i^;00, 7:00 7;05 7:30 . a 00 ?:00 9:30 10:00 10 30 11:00 11:25 IT, '30 11 s4i 12 00 UM5 12:25 12:30 1 too 1:30 tchanne! 18) Sgmmer Semester ,Farm 4 Ranch News Weather Morning Ne*$ Cartoon Circus Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy ot Mayberry Dick Van Dyka Love of Lift New* Search For Tonwrow Guiding light New: Farm Fads Weather As The World Turns Love is a Many Spiendored Thin Houseperty KKBC-TF (Channel 9) 7:00 ipoa> 7:24 harry Holl 8-Si Devotions »:00 Snap Judgement 9:2j Aborning New* 9.30 Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:30 Hollywood Squares 11:00 Jeqpargv I!;3P Py(! Guest 12:00 News *no W««tT\« World of Beauty 12;30 Let's Make 8 p««l UsSiNBC News r 1:00 Days of Our Uv*» Ijag Ths Doctors iV T C»W V9I1WIW V91IWIO \.-'fj» Beverly Ml|Jp»II« • i, IftffiP &n<M ot MaywrtY children out the door, locks it and just lets them bang. She puts a mop bucket outside for them to go to the bathroom in. fn the evening when she lets them in, she gives them a bath and makes them sit on cushions M the floor. She has had a "new" couch for six years, and if hasn't been sat on yet. Anyone who comes into her house has to take his shoes off and leave them at the door, summer and winter. Is this normal? Or are there other mothers who act this way? JUST ASKING DEAR .ttJST: Unfortunately there ARE other mothers who act this way. And they aren't normal either, DEAR ABBY: I was delighted to see that you had a good word to say about the traveling man. So many folks are quick to make jokes about how traveling men cheat on their wives. My husband and I have owned a motel since 1951, and we ought |.o know something about traveling men. For the most part they are quiet, clean and well-behaved. They check in, go out for supper, do some paper work, watch a little TV, and then go right to sleep. They rarely even make a telephone call alter 10 o'clock at night. The same goes for truck drivers whose wives accuse them of having a girl in every town. If a traveling man strikes up a conversation with anyone else around the motel, it's usually to brag about the wife and kids. LIKES TRAVELING MEN A plea for mail from an air force sergeant in Viet Nam in our Oct. 30 column contained a misprint in the zip code. The correct address should have read: S.M.S.G.T Malcolm Jefferson, AF 13017150. HQ. 7th Air Force, Box 9266, APO San Francisco 96307, j the Women's Assn. of Brown- iwood Country Club met Tuesday with 3S members and six ,' guests present. i Mrs. J. Pen field. Barker, Mrs. ; Joel Reece and Mrs. H. H. Stephens were hostesses. The in! vocation was given by Mrs. Fielding Early. Guests were Mrs. Foy Gordon and Mrs. Dorothy Miller of Colemah. Mrs. Becky Rachel | of California. Mrs. T. C. VVilkin- ! son. Mrs. Mary Scott, and Miss Olive Smith. Mrs. John E. Robbins was introduced as a new member. Mrs. Clyde Dean Introduced the Senior Girls' Sextet of the Brownwood High School Choir, who sang several numbers. The president, Mrs. L. B. Slagle, presided over the business session. She announced the duplicate bridge group will have a covered dish luncheon and bridge game at 12 noon Tuesday. Reservations may be made with Mrs. I. F. Bay. Mrs. C. F. Stanford or Mrs. E. P. Woodruff. Mrs. L. B. Eddins announced plans for the annual Christmas party Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. Members are requested to make reservations by the preceding Friday. Dec. 8, with Mrs. Charles Curbo. Mrs. Billy Bribble or Mrs. B. E. Smith. j Mrs. Bonner Hadley reported; Banquet Scheduled i SAN SABA (BBC) - The date : set for San Saba Booster Club: Football Banquet is Dec. 19, ac- \ cording to Worth Parker, pres- ; dent, The spe?<kcr for the evening will be Bo Hagan, head ; coach of Rice University. i (that the golfers had a (purfia- fhen! and covered dish supper on Nov. 19 and are planning a ; couples' toufnament in the fiear future. The president appointed Mrs. Winston Combes. Mrs. Colita : Ferris and Mrs. C. C. Wesner 1 as a nominating committee fof 1 new officers lo be elected in January. Games of contract and duplicate bridge were played in the afternoon. Burdens Host Movie Party At Santa Anna SANTA ANNA (BBC) - Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Burden of Santa , Anna were hosts Thursday night j for a movie party. i Dr. Charles M. Henner and j son. Abbe, showed film of the George Washington Masonic Memorial of Washington. D. C., ' history and culture of Virginia ; and fishing in Canada. j Mrs. Richard Bass showed; slides of their recent trip to j Europe and played recordings of; the Art Linkletter tour of mill- ; tary bases in Europe, including • one at Naples Italy where the i Bass family appeared on the program. Punch and assorted cookies were served to those attending, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Milford Blanton, Mrs. Carmen Donham, Mrs. Janice Cozart, Michelle, Cinday and Suzie, Mrs. Roy West, Mrs. Blanche Grantham, Mrs. Cliff • Herndon, Mrs. John Kemp, Mrs. ( J. B. Parker and Mrs. Frances i Green. fieaf Heloisfe: • j 1 liked the hint you printed j I awhile ago about sucking up i mosquitoes with the hose of a I tank vacuum cleaner, i 1 also use it for another pur-l I pose. When I'm vacuuming the! 'floor, f look up and around. If j t see a cobweb, of a spider web, f hold the end of the : vacuum wand hear it... whoosh It vanishes up the hose. This way 1 don't have to \ washp rub or pick the cob-: webs off the broom, slick or^ whatever I used lo wipe them ' down with. P.C. i pose. Margaret Becker f B'toood Lodge fro 2f* A.F.&A.M. meets 1ft eacB fto&tfi .. Brswnwooel tommanefery No. JJ m«li second Thursday, »ach month, 7:30 p.rn. erownwobd Chapter and Council meet* 3rd Thursday of *8ch month at 7:30 b rfl. Carpet Paths and Spots Easily Removed . . . or clean carpet wall-to-wall. Safe Blue Lustre re-brightens colors, leaves nap fluffy. Rent easy-to-use electric sha.iipQoer for SI a day at Coggiu Drug, 1423 Coggin, Area Nurses Pass Exams SAN SABA (BBC) - Student, nurses who finished vocational; nurses training in August have' been notified that they have passed the Texas State Board of Examiners and are all em- j ployed. | Mrs. Beatrice Faught, RN, I was the school instructor, The | training was given in San Saba j Memorial Hospital. j Mrs. Blanche Biggs, Mrs. June Garrison, Mrs. Mary Lou Riggs, ' are employed at San Saba Me- J modal Hospital; Mrs. Fayej Gage, Eventide Nursing Home; Mrs. Wilma Jones and Mrs,! Patty Lackey, Fort Worth H.os-' pital, and Mrs, Emma Locklear Llano Nursing Home. I By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. | (First n[ 3 Related Columns) Q—What is the function of ; the thyroid? What are the ] symptoms of an overactive and an undcractive thyroid? A—There is a delicate balance between the various glands of the endocrine (internal-secreting or hormone producing) system, of which the thyroid is one. In general, thyroxin, the thyroid hormone, stimulates growth in young persons and increases the rate of absorption and utilization of the sugars and starches you eat. When the sugars and starches in a meal have been used up, thyroxin increases the amount of circulating fat in the blood by drawing it from the body's fat deposits as energy is called for. It also increases the heart rate and the general metabolism (building up and tearing down of tissues). This applies especially to muscular and nervous tissues. When anything happens to increase the corticotripin (an adrenal hormone) in the blood, the body puts out more thyroxin to stimulate the adrenals. Persons with an overactive thyroid become restless, have a fine tremor of their hands, protrusion of their eyeballs and insomnia. They feel hot in a The perfect pair to CHICAGO WASHINGTON NEW YORK Fly TTA to DALLAS for convenient connections with AMERICAN AIRLINES Astrojets 'J;3Q IsW Capt , »(QO Candid Camera 9'lOpm F?r Infermstlon and ponflrmsd room where others are comfortable. Persons with a thyroid deficiency have a slowing up of their mental processes and their physical activity. They feel chilly and gain weight, much cf which is due to waterlogging. Q—My PBT test was 0.3—is (hat high or low? Will I have to take thyroid tablets? Will they make me gain or lose weight? A—Since the normal protein- bound iodine (PBI) level is 4 lo 8 your reading is low. If other findings point to a thyroid deficiency, you should take thyroid. When given for this purpose, they usually cause a loss of weight. Q—I have been taking thyroid fnr about nine months in order to reduce. For the past six months, I have had a great deal of mucus in my throat. Could this he caused by the medication? A—The use of thyroid extract tract to reduce is not advisable in persons who do not have a thyroid deficiency. Too much thyroid would not cause excessive mucus in your throat unless as the result of nausea, which is sometimes induced by thyroid. Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D., in car of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters be will answer letters of general interest in future coumns. You are fight! Just be careful If you suck tip LIVE bugs or insects. l One man wrote that he was a genius in the yes of his wife when he sucked a horde of insects off the porch screen with the vacuum hose. He went on, to say that the color of his! wife's eyes changed later that 1 night after he had placed the' vacuum cleaner in the house and had forgotten to cover the open- ' ing of the hose or empty the' vacuum bag. ' You probably guessed it right. The insects were not killed when sucked up the hose, and during the night they found their way out of the hose and filled the house with their buzzing and crawling. And his wasn't a let-| ter of laughter, either. j Heloise ; Dear Heloise: Those attractive napkin holders that some paper napkins come in, make wonderful drawer dividers. After all the napkins are used, use the box to hold anything you don't want sliding around in your dresser drawer. A Reader Dear Heloise: An ideal toy for that pre-toddler in your house is a "book" made from bright, leftover pieces of material (patterns are best). My small son fingers through the book I mdae for him by the hour. Just stitch them to- When it gets dirty, I just toss it in the wasing machine! Phyllis Earls Dear Heloise: Know the easiest way to avoid cleaning an egg-stained silver teaspoon? Buy an inexpensive stainless steel spoon and keep it for just that pur- Deaf Heloise: That old cigarette case (the flat metal kind) makes a fine! holder to carry charge plates! and credit cards in your purse. Mrs. J. H. Jester Deaf Mclolse: When I'm working with nylon net, regular straight pins just! won't hold the material until j I finish the cutting. In desperation, t Used some small wire hair pins,the kind with the waves in the center, and they are perfect. The hair pins stay in place until you remove them and they don't harm the net in any way whatsoever. Mrs. J.L.N. Post No._ }«} meet* it 8 e.m Snd tfh Tuesdays *»ch month ft Hail. Call Pole festort at WS-«# fof information. 6ROWN COUNTV COUNCIL ON ALCd- HOLISM directors m*<-( *ach s^conj Monday at < ft.ifi. N*v» ctflcl !M N, Center Ave. can P«rrv Mitsoii, ««-J33l fbr Ihformsfloft. BROWNWOOD ALtliJSA CLU& m**ti second and tourth Tulsdsyi it noon Ift the coliseum. Room A. For information call Mrs. EHI* Locks, pr«S. 443-79M. MAY woM6 bfeMONStRltiON CLU8 Meets at club housl each 2nd «ftd «ft Wed. can Mr*, w. M. H6if tor intof- itiatlon. CL 9-1533. Town Topics Thanksgiving holiday guests in the home of Mr, and Mrs, H. S, Casey, 1808 Second St., were Mr. and Mrs, Pat Obenhouse of Cape Kennedy, Col, and Mrs, Robert Casey and son, Shawn, of Webb Air Force Base, Robert Casey Jr. of SMU, Ran- dalj Chesser of Arieoqa, Mr. and Mrs. J. S, Skaggs of Oklahoma City, Mrs, S. M. Casey and Tnelma Casey of San AngeJo. WSCS Opens- Teen Center At San Saba SAN SABA (BBC)-The Woman's Society of Christian Service of First Methodist Church has opned a Teen Center in fellowship hall of the church. Opening night was Friday for all high school students. The Youth Center is to be a community affair. Individuals and clubs have provided for entertainment such as music, billiards, table tennis darts and others. A television has been provided and candy and cold drink machines have been installed. Mrs. Don Burnham is president of the WSCS and Mrs. Nettie Qma Clark is leader of the Youth Fellowship of the church, Dear Hclolse: This Is my solution to those messy containers we use to save cooking grease in. I place a one- or two-pound coffee can inside an attractive three-pound coffee canister and replace the lid on the larger can. This sets on my stove and when needed, I pour used grease into the smaller can inside. Whenneoded, I pour used grease into the smaller can inside, When the small can is full. I put a plastic lid on it and discard it. By pouring fats into the inside can, I don't drip it on my stove nor does grease run down the side and mess up the bottom of the larger can. Mrs. Odell FRATERNAL ORDER M Eagles S1W meets each Monday night, corner Adams and Depot St. Ladles Auxiliary twice a month on 1st and 3rd Mondif nights. MAY LIONS CL06 Meets at 7:30 p.m. 2nd and <Hl\ Mori- day nights at school lunch room. Call Joe Walsoh, Ph. M3-0377. Rbuta \ t May, Tex. THE BROWNWOOD REBEKAH LODGE meets every Mori, at 8 p.m. at the IOOF Hall, Flsfc and Lee Street. Fof Information call Jewell Msgner at 642-9703. EARLY HOMF DEMONSTRATION CLUB meets at 2 p.m. on 2nd Tuesdays and 10 a.m. on 4th Tuesdays of each month et Adams Street Community Center. For Information call Mrs. L. 0. Mucks- by, 643-2598. NOTICES REWARD — For male German Shepherd. Strayed or stolen on Nov. 32, from 2W Crescent, Sunny Dale Acres W 19 37 <1 BARZELLA RUTH HARRIS . . . wedding plans Barze//a Harris, McKmzie Set December Dafe Mr. and Mrs. W. C. 0. Harris, Sr. of Hurst announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Bar- zeJla Ruth, to Harrel-W. McKin| zie, son of Mrs. Mabel McKin- j zie of Brownwood and the late 'Mr, R. L. McKinzie. [ The bride-elect is a graduate I of L. D. Bell High School in j Hurst, and was graduated from j North Texas State University. J She taught overseas three years I and is now teaching at Donna Park Elementary School in Hurst. The prospective bridegroom, J a graduate of Brownwood High | School, attended Howard Payne College and graduated from NTSU, He taught in Snyder four years, and is currently teaching at L. D, Bell High School, The wedding will be in Brown Trail Church of Christ in Hurst Dec. 23. AUCTION MONDAY -- NOV. 27, 1967 1:30 P.M. ECONOMY FOOD STORE 125 W. Dale St.—Winters, Tex. $40,000 Fixtures & Groceries Groceries, some drugs, plun fixture! of all kinds consisting of: ) Coke Sox—Ice Typ« l Koch Vegelable Display Cas» (10 ft.) 1 Hussman Vegetable Display Cas§ (10 ft,) 1 Hussban Freezer Open Display C»i» (10 ft.) 5 Hussban Open Display Freem Casei with rack (5 ft.) 1 Hussban Open Milk Cas« t* ft.) 1 Tyler Refrigerated Case (? ft alsln type) 1 Koch Refrigerated Open Dl»pl»y Cass 1 Hussman Meat Market Display Cat* (12 ft.) 1 Frledrlch Chicken or Fish Display Case (« ft.) 1 Frigldaire Case (self-service) 1 Barbecue King Roasler (stainles» »le»l) 1 Viking Combination, Walk-In or Reach- In Box I Frlgldalre Chest Typ« Fr«ei«r (6 top openings) 1 Hobart Sllcer 1 Toledo Band Saw 1 Toledo Tenderlier 1 Sflmpson Grinder 1 Toledo Scales tor mai-k«t» 2 Meat Blocks 1 Toledo Hanging Seal* 3 Defiance Scales 1 Westinshouse Cooker 2 National Cash Registers 2 Smith-Corona Trade Stamp Maehlnt» t Electric Adding Machine 1 Adding Machine (hand control) 30 Grocery Push Carts Approx. 1?0 II. modern wall shelving 300 ft. Gondola Display Rack! plui other racks Check out stands Compressors Switch boxes Air conditioner! Fans Hot Water Healer Hand trucks Baskets Stock Cart 1 Antique Roll Top pesk and Chslr 1 Antique Wall Clock (It Runs) 1 L. C. Smith Typewriter 1 Peerless Vented Space Heater Celling fans Plus Other Related Micros tea Numerous to Mention. All Equipment Is In A-l Condition. Everything Sells Without Minimum or Reservation. The parking lot building adlacent to thli grocery store will be offered for salt. COL TEX HERRING & ASSOCIATES Auctioneers Phone 692-1710 Phone 672-5511 Abilene, Texas DEER HUNTERS WANTED: By day, er weekends. Llveoak country, 12 mllei South of Brownwood. Ph, 443-Z169. B 10043 21 41 Yule Party Discussed at Club Meet Thanksgiving motifs decorated the Reddy Kilowatt Boom for the November meeting of the Past Noble Grand Club of the Golden Key Rebekah Lodge. Following a cpvered dish supper, Mrs. Alta Bratton presided over a business meeting, Mrs. Pan Edmondson brought the devotional entitled "Why I Became a Nurse" by Kathrine Crosby, Plans were discussed for a Christmas party to be held in Reddy Kilowatt Room. Gifts will be exchanged, Mrs. Leonard Lazenby received the door prize and later presented it to Mrs. Avery Stewart, a patient in Medical Arts Hospital, Mrs. W. M. Hooper and Mrs. Emma McSpadden were hostes- es for the meeting, Mrs. James Godfrey and Avery Stewart of Bangs attended as guests, Winterproof Your Porch or Breereway CRYSTAU CLEAR hairing theveon, wi|i b,e hel4 by J&e £JMW$U«4{W to'ite flf* fief a.t Awswo. Tm?, m Jenyaiy 16, Jfi§Mt J2Q..QQ li -SiHh^t 11 take? ta cQYgr an a verag* e*>»ann nnfnn fa ItraavAUjaU lae» than Kl R r\rl > «**» !«•<** jr-'wvw^fl ? •»•?? ^JT-T^srHT^w-jg ~w*w».a?,;^!"' a-jt-wsw ^: Mfyeadry.pxgt^ted fQ.erafafsWlgmn'iBl *• Ar ttinraaa flroA^il\i/lnf AP Inna 1 v - ^w^, tafflii 1 2.YEAR GUARANTEE DEER t, TURKEY HUNTING - »10 per day. Real good hunting on Bayou 5 miles Wast of Mullln. Call John Smith at »B«7i7, S 10077 2? tf DEER HUNTING wanted on the Kennedy place northwest ot Owens. See W. H. Miller, or call 643-4736. M 10225 34 40 NOTICE OF HEARING TO APPROPRIATE PUBLIC WATERS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS No. 2557 Notice is given that Hugh B, JMcCullough, IU. 4, Brownwood, Texas 7G801 applicant, seeks a permit from the Texas Water Rights Commission to divert and use twenty (20) acre-feet of water yearly from existing eighty-nine (89) acre- foot capacity Soil Conservation Service Reservoir desig* nated site No. 21, Brownwood laterals Watershed, on East Fork Steppes Creek, tributary of Steppes Creek, tributary of Pecan Bayou, tributary of Colorado River, Colorado JUv« er Basin for irrigation ol twenty <?0) acres out of an eighty-nine (83) acre tract in the Stephen Collins Sunrey, Abstract No. 174, Brown County, Texas, Midpoint ot the dam js 733 feet northeast of the southwest cprner of 8bove*cited Stephen PoUIns Survey, nine (8) mjleg east of Browjiwood, T^as, all feeing jnojre fully stated, in toe sp» plication, Application No. g587 was #c* fpt' fiilng pursuant to 7§OPi fey Wve Texas Bights

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