The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 26, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1962
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SUNDAY 15 CENTS THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SUNDAY 75 CENTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANOLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON feett Claused: 1C 1-2411—All Other Otilcei: H 3-3511 VOL. SO NO. 152 V* A I Associated Press Member Diverting Attention? W. M. Perry Asking To 'Ilip. Facts: Could It HP that Miss Hurst, because she failed to run « perfect library systpm on a much loss thnn perfect budget, Is lo bo sacked with speeches and fanfare in the hope Hint its voters will lake less note of the shot-loom- Ings t* elected officials uncovered by the outside auditors? W. M. I'orry Box 237 Lnke Jaekann Mrs. Fetter: Needed «Even Though Faulty To 'Pie Fncls: Thank you for Rixxl coverage of the Rragnrln County Commls- sioners Court Invrsticnting Library. t It e I,et us remember too, that faully as the Library may be that it fills n huge need In this area. Angleton Dps Budget, Holds City Tax Rate A healthy Increase In Income, without nny lux rate raise is mosl outstanding feature of 19fi2-ra budget for Ihe City AnRlclon. 'Hie lax nile for Ihe year was set nt yi per $100 valuation, the snme ns for 1961. Expenditures! will be about five per cent over Ihe 1SW1-62 fiscal ypnr, however, councllmcn snid. Total hurlgct for the coming fis- cnl year, which begins on Sept. 1, will be $287,166.62, This Is almost $16,000 over Ihe 1061-62 budget. It was unanimously npprovpd by Ihe Council. Hie Council snid an increase of mote thnn $.10.000 in receipts for Ihe (ienprnl Fund budget is dup mainly lo increases in pro-nita liixes. Tlie city is expected SUNDAY. AUGUST 26, 1942 Freepert, Texas FREEPORT TO CELEBRATE 5 Cents Sunday 15 Cent! 50th Anniversary Plans Begin In collect more than twice n .s much from corporation court —n lolal of aliout $15,000 ns compar-j r. T. BKACIIOKT JK. IM*m Annlvpfinry Junta Forces Algiers Chief Out Of Power A celebration lo embrace every facet </f Kreeport s growth is being formulated by Percy Bracrofl, appointed by the Frccport City Council recently to plan the city's observance of its Goirt- er. Anniversary, IV-anr/fl, n.-siKted by a, steering committee, Is hying the ground work for appointment of committees in all phases ol Frceport's industrial, chemical, business arid civic life. These people will then initiate, plan": for dp- ORDER INTERCEPTED piclimr the growth of these elements from 1912 when Kreopc/rt was founded, up to the present. "We will evpand our committees as needed. \Ve hope to inclt;de everyone interested in the Freeport area in some type of public participation," Bp.-icrolt staled • The rl.ile of the Golden Anniversary celebration will lie announced later. Beaeroft said present plan's are to hold it in November, preceding the actual dnle of (he city's founding. A'siMinir React-oft on the steering committee are E. D ('Spot') Brockman, Jim Nalxirs, Ralph Ehrlieh, J. P. Bryan, Jack Dingle, and honorary members, G. C Hardman Sr. and E. C. Tobey. "I'erhaps we will have street dances, and a style show for Ihe ladies nt the Dow Hotel Pool, wilh varied entertainment for the lighter side of the festivities," Beacrott stated. "We expect to have several dignitaries on hand to kick off the Golden Anniversary with opening addrptses We hope to organize boat shows and tours through various industrial sites in the Freeport area. We hope to work something cut to recall the days, circa 1912, in Frcpport," he added. He said committees will lie appointed to present the growth of cattle, sulphur, chemicals, fishing, and other economic factors of the area. He and his committee, hard at work, have plans for a Golden Anniversary celebration that will be a milestone in Freeporl's long list oJ achievemonls during the past 50 years. Avoid Conflict Viet Cong Told In my community there Is noj" 1 wi(h W. 00 " for lipr way to enjoy the pleasures y p "r. the £ of good "books nnd ntiKinent the] Kml 'mother JZ.-iOO Increase Is Bl , n Bcl | rt ' s political Burpa.i'ouii""'" 1 lro °P s Dreading of our children. And soi^pecled in street rentals: with; 0 f , Km . rr Saturday nnd plunged; military By I'KTKR ARNETT clashed wilh an airborne battalion BAC LIEU, .South Viet Nam!last Tuesday was badly mauler).' (AP)—Tlie Communist Viet Congj I»ist Wednesday « niilitia unit By MICHAI-X riOI.DSMITIf [Command in South Viet Nam hasjwas nmbushed in thr; delta, li ntrrent: AIJGIERS (AP) — A junta of m ' (lcrwl i |s guerrilla units to'militiamen were killed and 13 guerrilla colonels fr)rcprl Ahmed avoifl engagements with govern-: wounded. metit troops nt all costs, U.S.! The government's general mili- rending of our children. And sol^ppcieu tn street rentals: wlth; 0 f | K) wer Snturdny nnd plunged mililary sollr(;f ' s said Saturday, llary sla/f has already swung into we appreciate to the fullest Ihe I 1 "' additional $1,000 In garbage :i|,,, cight-week-old" nation into a The order would explain in part adlon in an attempt" to capitalize services of the Library per-sonnel collection fees expected during' now anf! (]ang( , rous rf[!iis .the failure of the big guvcrnmrnt.• on the order, nnd the books we find on the!Hie coming fiscal year. In a dramatic annoumpment to' clrivc in llle <lec P soulh ' I1OW in ils < Decoy forces are b»ing »nt- shplvps. j Income from parking melers u, P Algerian people, the Political llth (la >'' lo llush ""^ lar K c forces ; deep into the flooded paddy firlds Since thpre are probably no de-.was not included In the budgeted u, Jr( , nu declared it i-oidd no lone.':')''he guerrillas. ;to lure irucrrillas attacking partmenls of our County Govern- income, and will add to the total rr ,. arr y ou t its duties in the "an- while lllfl Americans are con- them. Tiie decoy groups, made nent that are perfect, I hope Ihe the city may expect to receive, archy ".ind general insecurity" ' vinc «l " 1C gucrrillo.i have br;en up mostly of touch ranker unit.-, Commissioners Court will find tliPj Tim Cieneral Fund for Ihe com- created by Ihe rcMlious officers ' )Ut '" "'K ht '" "Operation Big discard their jungle c<.ml«t ^arb slamlna lo bring them up to the,Ing year will provide extension ( ,[ Military Znnc 4 occupying ( nc; Pacification." which they devised and dress instead in Ihe tattered By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BKP.I.IN — Despite new gunfire on the Communist side of the wall, tension appeared to be casing Saturday night after eight days of bitter K'nst-West wrangling. One burst of gunfire was aimed at an Kast German soldier who escaped uninjured to West Berlin. USISO.V, Portugal — rorlujjal has handed the L'nited States a memorandum that Indicate* negotiation* for a renewal of I'S bates In the A7j>rp«i will be loni; and ditfteult, Informed sources snid Saturdnv. Shells Slam Cuba Hotel CASTRO BLAMES U.S. FOR NIGHT ASSAULT HAVANA 'API — Sea raiders j United Stales shelled the Havana suburb of Mir- agents (Cuban and ' exiles) high standard the public deserves, nnd replacements for insufficient i capital. Mrs. Virj-inia Pcttcr West Columbia Mrs. Ballard Says This Is Major Goal T<> The Facts: Thank you for printing . or worn out water lines. Kxpendi-j [ n W |, a | a "d supixjrted. they | )e j, s i asl otn _ pointed at results. UllitS thp of article* on Texas Gon- are disap- black trousers and blouse-; favored , „ , .,..,, .„,,-.- t'V paramilitary forces and also ,lures for this purpose is listed at; c ial act ns the nation's dp facto 1 u - s - military advisers said Uie the Viet Cong. $8.000 for the coming year, a s provisional government, Ihe bu-. vict c ' on '! °'dcr to refrain from U.S. advisers wilh th compared with $2,000 for that pur- r pau also put oH indefinitely the:engaging government troops was dress the same way. pose during 1961-62. Sept. 2 elections for an Asseni- intercepted after the launching of As the rangers entered one ham- Conncilmen Raid the extensions. bly and willKlrcw Ihe list of As- llle drive in " le Mekong delta re- let. a villager rushed nut and are mainly to provide water sprv-Vmbly candidates it had prrvj.'gion smith of Silicon. shouted: "What are }0 u doins ICP to new residences not to new' ously agreed on with the zone 11lp or(lcr was intercepted en here? Tlie government has landed subdivisions, and to replace old commanders. roule from the Viet Cong's secret troops in the vicinity: You must mercenary who oper- HOCKDALK, Tex. — United Slpplworkprs have voted to strike Ihe amar Friday nisht. hiltint» a hotel : ate wilh impunity from the coasts Aluminum Co. of America Alcoa plant here at midnight Monday, headquarters of Soviet bloc lecli-',,f Florida." over local i*stips. 'Hie union signed a two-year contract in June. jnicians helping Prime Minister Fi- A ,.„.„)„,^n-,,^. ,;•„!„„ st ur j an t WASHINGTON - Thr- Atomic Energy ('..mmls-ion remirteil "' ss sl 'S h| . hllt near-panic swept *',,™ PTO |" j)^™' I hat the Rn\let Tninn wt off |« n nur-lear tests In the atmosphere lne lrolci ' as -'Icppin? guests were Saturday, one In the Kpmlya area of Ihe arctle nr* another In cen- shaken out of bed by the mirl- tral Siberia, night bf>mhardmnp.!. , Castro promptly blamed and Inadequate lines. Tlie allowance Only 23 days after wresting headquarters to a field guerrilla get to the assemMy point quick ; u r inninte- f power Irom Provisional Premier "Hit,. One guerrilla force / stitutional Revision by Bob Roofc- " ance "*1 material in Ihe water Ben" Vousxc.f Ben Khedda, Deputy ; tf f r of Ihe Associated Press. department was upper! $5,000 Premier Ben Bella and his four Hie Ix-ague of Wompn Voters .^"J _", 1-fi2 hlKig< - lt ' igurc "'' Wends on the Political Bureau of Texas has studied Ihe Mate M5.W". This was deemed ncces- WC re reported planning to flee the Constitution for many years. We f^V sln< ' c act u a < expenditures for 1 city. found that some articles are con- tmdictory, some are outdated. many belong n Ihe general cale- that purpose are some H.OOO over Ben Bella 1 * only opponent on the' the amount budgeted. ;bureau. Acting Foreign Minister: Aid Rammed Boat that ly!" The villager'saw an American adviser approaching am! bejjan running. He was shot down, and killed. The rangers never did find she guerrilla assembly point. Prohers Study T0 RUSH Clues To High Aid For Esfes nicians helping Prime Minister Fidel Castro's sovernmcnt. Damage •,,... in Miami boasted it car- out (he raid in two fully ptpiipped vessels, firing more than 60 shots into the area. () A spokesman for HIP croup said I the. bombardment, most dramatic By <;. MII.TOX KKU.Y WASHINGTON' (AP) - Senate prolx-n; worked wilh the FBI Library Draws Volunteer Aid Brazoria County Library staM for final completion of the local members were joined by volun- catalog. Except for a few Iottns and vil- —vel wta,'may b^ a"k^"clue ^ *«*«» «•> starUng 'a rec-ent ™ P™J«< W™^ ^ tran- j ^ ., „. - f 3 '"^ raLscs for <:""* Person-'Mohammed Boudiaf, resisnwi and Eor>' of statutory law, not In the] nel wer <s "Pptwed by the Coun-iihus seemed to align himself with basic law of the state. I" 1 - including a raise from aboutju, e guerrilla conimarxk-rs. Now Constitutional Revision In $«0_P/r monthjso W50 per month h The gm-eniment-owncd the interest of Rood government Is our goal. Members of both the rf^Frepport and Lake Jackson Lea- gues'are glad to discuss features! ! menl which accwcd the zone U'n sinkir.g "sn'rii "socking to smother Uie bureau's med by anothe .voice and paralyxe its action." another sinking i Tiie Jagcs, anti-Castro move since the ill- starred Bay of Pi;s invasion 16 months aso. was rnadp because of the arrival of Communist bloc personnel in Cuba. "Tlie Russians are on our soil," he said. "We cannot stand and do nothing." The U.S. government rpjec-tcd Castro's charge of American in- [volvemcnt but had., evidence the Mi.-rmi-backPd student group stRtjwl the naval attack. The U.S. Coast Guard was ordered to seize tho two private motor launches the refugees wore sition in the branch librarv from " icl to have used. The Justice De- ,^« ,.„-, ,,, um u , u »*« JH.T nKjnin h The guvenimenl-owncd radio for Mrs. Joe SCTURSS. long-timei s t a tion, held at guniwint by Zone of the 1876 Constitution that af- feet the life and property of every j citizen every day. ' Constitutional Revision is n vital matter for all Texans, sndj deserves the attention of an in-i formed public. We are grateful toj you for spotlighting the problem, Mary B. Ballard President League of Women Voters Of Lake Jackson Mrs. Landsborough: It Encourages Leagues Probate Judge Asks Removal From Ballot the all-out effort to complete work on an author checklist of holdings to partment in Washington launched boat Saturday P ro P»Sanda in every home. Investigations subcommittee. " Banners attacking Ihe United Mrs Frank C, West librarj' as- references will be added to the 'mention of any casualties. „ Stole* the US Marine ™t* probahl - v , tti " come °" ly stetant in charge of the. Freeport t>"nch catalogs as soon as re- . ^ s <«dent group, the Director- call - ul "- s ' "" l " r> - ->i«nnt niiiTOpter partly as a result of any ~~--i»- .....•..--_ .-_ ,-.-. statement accused troops night. of kidnapings ami arbitrarj' ar- The Station received a : rests, searirhes and seizure of about 8 p.m. Saturday from the property, illegal appointment of crew of the Little Bobo, saying Diem's guveinmenl were strelchpd Igovernmcnt officials and usurping 1 ""! craft had rammed the trawl- " cross lhe ^'"boo walls of the vi!- mo! ,, r MlK . h more persuasive in i civil and Judicial authority in de- er. Bertha V, which was sinking [ ™" v *- ln thc P |acc of honor U01e the senators' recommendations is | fiance of the Political Bureau. in nine fathoms of water about fl_'Jwer-bcdecked pictures of the ijjsdy 10 he their apparently unan- While thc nation's government five miles off Sargent Beach, "~ " Library, Dinh' Mon , „, improp , T ro |, usjon wilh the new indicted Pecw. ^^^ ' - omnuI:s land administrative sen-ices floun- south southwest of Freeport. Both k ' a( i cr . 1!ci Cl' HOUSTON (API— Clem McClel-!dered in chaos, life continued at- fishing vessels work oui of Freeland withdrew .Saturday as Dem-lmost normally in Algiers and oth- port. Xonh :ii M To The Facts: nominee for reelectinn as Harris County probate judge. His withdrawal came in n lelter; to Harris County Democratic chairman Bill Kilgarlin. McClelland, Texas' first full- cities. The Freeport League of Women j | im e proluite'judge 'was suspend-^ Voters is gratefully encouraged i wi Jllnp 21 p<, nlinK m , t( , ml(> of ; 2 Houston Injured In Crash i li -, Jlic According to reports, tlie B<Ttha \' had sunk In tne water-line and !was on deck, llic crew, with IVive i\inch c{ Cut-Off. La., as captain, 'had been removed to the Little ; Bolxi. ; Statinn pi>rsonnel contacttxi the , , . ... .-- - -- t -. «., 'Coast Guard at Corpus Chn.sti, • th > A Ur p r °A P ^t'I h M"" ,l"^"ln p fpl'W indictments charginR' T\vo Houston girts were slightly who dispatched a plane which was p>,tne A. *. AriieiPR oy Mr. lioh^in, , v i, h n ]\,^, n j m j suse „[ PSIal( , injured in a two-car crash at the ! dropping pumps lo the Bertha V Kooner on me need tor Lonsntu- , umls handled in his mm. i intersection of Highway 2»t and'about 9:^0 p.m. Saturday, tlnnnl » ( ' vl5lon ' A 10th indictment charging him-'Kitx-r Streets In South Angleum Hie Fnv|«)it • KHMH'I \\t leei is a line public, w i,j, , 1P ,.j ur j, wns returned later.i«v«rl.v Friday. Guard Cutter Dionc was also pre- servlce and will help to inform; lt , X)n ,. pmC(i t oslimon> . i n , h( , Brenda and Judy Nutter pi,rmK lo depart about that time rilizeru ol the neort for and,,, xlrl „, 1,^^, lhnt | w) , 0 , he WVTe ,„(,,,„ , 0 AiiKleton Haspital'to assist the stricken vessel, uwn- ,, olhrr indictments. by Anglclon Funeral Home Amlxl- ed bv Harold L. Vonllarten i _r i ... "J" 11 *" 001 , lex " s , Mi-Clelland, who faces trinl in lance. They were lreate.1 for mitt- Tlie crew of the trawler, U-slie arc hopeful that the genera pub-,,„.„„„ „„ ^ „, , he ,„,,,,.„„„„,, !or i njll| . ieSj and roiease.1. Immune, nulimxl at 5 p.m. Satur-i (i.omnium un I «gr a) agniast him, was unopposerl in the Tlie girls were passenger in a day that the fishing vessel Sharon! May 5 Democratic primary, jcar driven by Jimmy Hay Milch- N was sinking about 10 miles No candidate sought the Rcpubl j ell of Houston. Mitchell's IRS southeast of Fiwport. lean nomination in th< GOP pil-|Ford slnick Ihe rear of a 1!M! A Station <-rew iwk a -U-ftxil nmrj'. but the Republican countyjFord driven by Aucusl l'en> L«xit to the scene where the Shar- execulivi' itimmlttr*' numlnatftliHunson of 12J1 Chevy Chase, on N had sunk to its water line.. Victor felly afler Ihe indiclmmls Anglpton. i'he \essel was towed in by the, were returned against McCHInnd.- Both cars were piling North on Guard crew, arming at; Another Demncratic nominee liijjlrut} '.'SS. HI ihe time of the the Station about'.1:30 p.m. Salur- wlll Ix) selected b> Ihe Harris^accident, according in Anqlrlon day, ' Ciiunly Democratic Kxei-utive Police Chief F. K. Wells. W. K. Fuxiie of Frcciwrt it Committee. i Wells said daniiiK" I" Ihc Mil-, skipper of the Sharon N. Arthur lusher Jr , «|>|>ouiled| hell car was about $WO, and to tlie temporary pt-olutle judi;e the day i Hanson KU(O, atxHit $-.V). alter McClelland'* sus(iension.' A charge nf *|)ee«ling was filwl \ietnamese - tmiM!t e&nclusion that the spraw! inu department Ls ™ml>crsome aiyl inefficient. Of immediate concern to sub- cunirr.iHee sletiiis ami their FBI Clear to paii!> cloudy, | iu i e !»''?>•" is the stoiy tx-hind a draft wii^e in iPinpe'iatuio. nu-lerate "' an " rill ' r ri-commewlint! .-nhetl\- winds. High t"day 90. mad(> Tide Schedule Hish 2:39 a.m. and 11::*.' a.m. I/iw S:X' a.m. and 7:01 p.m. of an order recommending department approval of the land- transfer deals under which Ksles obtaini'd more than 3.f*>.) acres of cotton — planting allotment in l£*«'l. Tlieso transactions siiu-t' have IHH n declartxi illegal and the Texan h:is been fined S3HOLO for that staff members will con- Thihodaux, Ui,, where they been living for Ihe pa»t eight i years. Mn<! iinni.' f TAVI mi i i,'u i"" 1 ' cean* susjienson. carge n *|>ee«ing was iei ™,riin, .h i I. ,,,i V *>W h« would accept the iioniinn-jatiainM Mitchell m -\njsli-l.m 1'ity Sun Data Rises Today 5:5i a.m. Sets Today H:ril p.m. fly agaric, KI-OWIIIK in a cactus: pot plant in her hume, and sug- KP.-,IIII(! oilier molhei's check Ihelr inrlrmr plants Ix-caus* 1 of Ihe dan- j KIT of the mushrooms lo small i childicii. . . I Mil. and MRS. DWAYNK l'IKR-1 CV, marking n wedding annlvpi 1 -' «ary tixlay. . . i t J, V. LEGGETT, celebraiing a| birthday today. . . j JR. and MKS. JOE BILL JACK- i SON of IJ, recently shedding the: annunl convenl ion of Ihe Ainerl-; can Velerinary Medical ASMX-JH- ; lion and Women's Auxiliary held in Miami Heai h. . . HAROLD and MARCKI.I.A- niLLINtJTON, l«ick from a v«c«-, lion in MisMiuri, and bringing her; .mother and lister home wilh Ihemj "for • visit.., ' NO GAS FOR HUNT? TRY RUSTLING 11 huieu I cm iiif.r ^ •' " <>. t.,.. ilu'iu would have Ixvu no crime. Thais Ihe itoiy m- vostiyaturs got. Ctiiir^es have l>een tiled against three Bra/»s- lonr month* HKO. The Kittle theft charges were Idini nyiiinst Pete Vim Mindeti of North h'reeport, l-'loyd Miller ttf Clule and Klo>d llonuiu-k of O>sler Creek. IVpuly Gene Smith ol the County Sneritt's i)cp.uinieiit Mii<l a!l three men lut\e conlessed lo tin 1 cluri:e«. He said they hail been diinkuv hi-or >Mtli iiiuilliei nun. \\lui is iinw a mental patient, iinil th-'.l all four of ihein d.-.-.di it lo ;:o di'er huiil- 111^ Miller, u ho O.MIS ,i c.ii, s.iui be did not have eniiuith K.IS to &'.. veiy far, so they went call hunting instead. mi's u....c HI tile .» ,.,..ii.,. .ii.i-on the Id.i.-:,>s UJMT with Van Muiiicii ami Hommck riding on Ihc car lenders. Van Mindcn shut Ihe bnndlt' lit-ifcr, they cut its UIHMI nn Ihe spot, and then k«d"d it into Miller's car and took it to Van Minden's garage at his home oil Avenue A. They ImUhcred i>m tlie calf there, splitting the meat lour \VH\S, and dumped tho lemains in Uie l>o\v \vaste Wciter canal. IVpuly Smith said be \tus assisted in tlie ar- rc-sl li\' Haltun NtiHire, ol the Cattlemen's Asso-, lalion. Thaii-ies vu-ie Itied ill Uu 1 I'ltvlurl ti Jusllce t'oiiit ill il. l'l\i\o 'I'lvtiias in C'lulc. |ji|iui> Sn. th had l'i-eii uuikiri; on ih.> c.utle Hull ( .•!.•(• Ini II IIMII.S I'cl'iri' Millet mi; his ic<i-nt hcHit .tttark. Up us nn\\ lecovenug fll Anylclon stated that Aug. 19 had'vision is completed on tlie official io Rcvoludon^Estudiantil, said its early in the summer as lis ' ol subject headings used by, IS-'o-B-ycar-oid sea raiders en- )r thc library staff. :the libraiy. Tliis work is done at counle ' rctl relurn fir ^ "wn the ' when the library'approximately 5-year inter\-als to - shore but escaped unharmed in 'the public at'noon on'kw-P thc voi-abularj' of the cata-: 4 "" *u*ness. Residents of the sub- an inventory was made los ? in line with cun-cm us«(ge and :urban s!lore arca . however, said check 'library- practice. .'sun batteries emplaced there were the local card catalog,, - Mre - West P°Med out that tlie ;si '™'- preparaton- to a final card order catalog in the Central Library m\ Jr* Communist paper Hoy said and m-Uion of the file to reflect An-leton lists all county holdings I ""^ rooms of the hotel were dam- ilu- .iirrent hMdimrs of the li- a » d t" 3 ' "«s infonnation is avail- a S™- Olhpl buildings reported hit bran :able bv dirtrt - line telephone: wcre " le Chaplin Theater, where Mrs'. West reported that the service to patrons through out the Castro lias made some of his Central librarv staff would com-• ">""•>•- Additional publications for:flashiest television speeches, and nlete its work soon but that a!which patrons have special need scvcr < 1 ' Homes. ^i*» h r»n^oM»u^ U*,«n n be s«-ur«, by in,erlib ra ,y, & <*«£ _PaW a visit to Uie hole. Beginning witli the new school He made r.o mention of casiisl- ear, Miss Gemand will sen-e as itlrs ' but sai(i the buildlnss "re- reference aide at Uie c " ved multiple impacts ci perfor- Library" according to a 'i n ^ explosives, iinprriiing Uie Mrs. West. Formerly a library i livps of thcir '"habitants." page, Miss Gemand is a bpnior '' He Silltl lhe attack was launched at the Brazospon High School. ai at 11:3 ° l'- m - »' ith "mimeroia .20 member of the National Honor'. callb< -' r ''annon firings." Apparent- Society, and student reprcsenta - i'>' " e moant 20-milluncter, relative for Durham Business Col- tiwl >' ''S ln «rapons with about lege. She will provide liason with! 3 S »-" 1L ' 1 ' bort> - The shl l' s « e r e r*- the public school, and will assist ; I" 1 ' 1 "' Io ha\e stood little more- other students wilh their use nf' 1 !"" « half mile offshore. the library. : In ierms smula.- tu lliose he Mrs. West noted, also, that newi" 5 ^ '" denouncing tlie abortive houre have been set for Friday I5a >' o£ P 'S« invasion 16 months from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to a S". Castro said, "The treacher- make the library aci-essible to ous surprise atuu-K shows the students tor week-end assign- cowardice, ihe. criminal and pirat- ments. Ubrarj' houra on Monday ': i^' 1 s P'' Jt ll1 i!s aulhors." thru I'riday are 2:30 p.rn. to 8:00 : " We illtlkl ' li!e fi'-'\ ei muent cj Uie Vnited SiM<'S n--pf^nsible for thij nen anil iiiwaixlty al'utct: on our country «r,d \\e doii'.'.uiife !">e- ftu'e tne \\tirld Ihe a^^res?H'e plans whifli impellaiism is preparing y.yain^t t'uba. \\'e l va:'n tlie President ot Uie United States that our people \\iil adopt all the urcs lo confront p.m. Bill To Consider Profits Proposed net cssar\' ""' oult ' "" ' K ' AMAR1UX) IAPI — State Sen. Orady Hazlewnod (if Amarillo I!H' d. stys he plans to introduce a bill " u in the legislature that would con- <!ider insurance company piofils 'i"" lu ' hlo in setting motorists' insurance pealed niil i lies. uvtait.u Ha^lewixxl. in a letter to tlie l 'd .Stale.-. State Board of Insur'aiice coiii-ern- al 'd alwndoiimem of the merit 'Hi h ing Sltl)KM VOI l.NTKKKS All) eit-sa Liernuiid, Mary Uloter, iilghl, 1.IKHAKV Stall, INVLNJOKV Board Members icU'Iuii"!!, which y:i.,Ueil 1)\- tile eeo- ', lii'i- liy tiie re- ,u'iio:i.<. !UH' by di- ini/.nl hy tlie Unit- In; able io resist epiliso (inert att:u'k as \vc j ll. • Cuban general staff oixlered ; plan, said Ihe motor pub-'»H demol.ilixed antiaiiviaft artil- lk>ini; misled hy insurance lerymen lo ivpon at the Havana conipanies. University stadium at .S a.m. Sun"Casualty insurance comi>aiiie.s da> r . are (li«ximx the Texas press with The jli..onn- iiu id, nt came amid 'stories aliout the 'junking of the reports in the United States—ridi- safe driviiii; plan,'and leaving tlie'i-i;l<''l b.-. the Haxana puss—(if a impression unsafe drivers will be buildup of C'ub.r.s di Icnse capahili- rewarded," he said. "tics wilh the importation via So"These lenns are useil deliber- vier ships of Ions of military lately to mislead the motoring ami an estimated 3,000 I lie," Hailewood said. to 3,000

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