The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 14, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1897
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CENTS. , I <f ire tn oo.. new YORK. _^. j^i—,»,,.,.. .,„ hu .^, 4. . ^^« A. fl * V . nftnSifi irfin fp£rtnWno>nt notlt^fn|lif ft tli<* wftfcftVif ttiirWrt had n Ing. 'At 4 o'rtoek Mi the later tn th« ir*w<i, the «t- g:fetferai that "fiiaifch- . out »t a« 'frrtim tii* i^ Nb Jfa A new form of Thousand'-Milo the -rasnlt of careful -consideration tliBeussion^-bpfweeti tho railroads ahd tHeif -{Vflneipal patrons,' will bo placed -'on 'salo Scpi 1st, at all important Michigan Central ticket olticw. This 'ticket is sold for S30.00 "with a rebate to the purohanfjr of 310.00 when used up in compliant with its conditione and is accepted on all tt»c? linos in tho • fJoutral Passenger Association, forty- five in number and covering a vast extent of country. No mileage book has yet been devised so acceptable to nil parties concerned and 86 advantageous to tho holders. Every one who is likely to travel a thousand miles in a year should avj»il themselves of it, and should consult, stlie nearest Michigan Central ticket agent. An elegant line of bolts, latest styles and lowest prices, at tiulett it Son'a, A eleven Trench woman has designed thirty-six^ separate and distinct <»OU1>S, , At J. C. Douel & Co's. Call on them before you buy a rocker, thev have all kinds, and prices to suit the time at the new Hatch .block, Come in. / The HunMiine Stajt-y I* the titlaof a-geuerousiy >lfiiatratod. pnm phlet of wx«pen pngOH in trforeueo tp South Dakota, the reading utnUer iii whioii wan writteu by on enthu^iitatic Sv>uth Dakota lady—Mrs. Stella HoBiner Arnold—who has been a resident, <fr tho Suushino Stftto for orer JO years, A copy will bo mailed,to theaddressof any farmer or fjjriner'« wife, ,\t ssntatonqo to Harry Mercer, Mjdnlgau PanaenRUr AKOQ , Chiea«o t MUvf n\iKc>c & St. - * Sept, y.—Th> Satlonal bituminous cojyUrrilnei*' strike of 1 1897 wilt probftW be Hip last o* the Wnd for thft pfcaeht generation, and- hefeatter ^e .difficulties arising' through wage disputes will likely be setjtled by ^states and districts, and & revolution may be **,» pected In differentials fav^rlnK other states, as the Plttsburg rrtinitfs^ave had tjielr eyes opened. M. D. Katohfotdt national president, and'Patrick Dolan,,district president, both expressed themselves privately that they were thoroughly disgusted at the action of the delegates from Illinois and West Virginia, and' the cupidity- "of 'some Ohio delegates who wWhqd to roiitinw -th*' strike. Last night President Dolan mm In conference with the original committee of seven, representing ther-"HlK Thirteen," or lake shippers. After the irittt- lr.g IXUan said he had told the operators tjytf Ihe ten-day clause In On- tVluiirtaw settlement wfo» A 'faice, and Otat n< Would n<>t Interfere In any way with any miners who wished to retuin to woik today or any other day before the ten days had expired. Would Have IMINburlr ^epd*. It is the present InteiUion to make a concerted effort to na\o- th? Pittiburg Miners in a. body strode from thonutlon- a\ organization afcd form an organization for this district alone. Tho facts- concerriinB the Columbus convention will be laid before the delegates to the eon- yVntlopi tomorrow and it Is' believed the whole district will bo running in.full by Thursday morning. The maehlnu cutters at the IJarr mine of OKbni'nc &• Sae- S*r went to work yesterday morning ai.d the merii resumed at the Jumbo^No. 1 mine of the Kobbiris Coal .company. The miners of tin- Ecllpw, Aruluison, Hackt't,'°NviUingbam' ami Oermntiia' on the Wheeling division, also met yesterday, and Barter hearing a report from the delegates to Columbus, decided to ignor^'the ten days' clause and to r.-- supie work thia -morning:. J. J. O'Neill _ received word from tho men s»er Pail 1 , railway, 7 Mich. '' mine *hey would resume- at .. T#e miners Ih the- vicinity of McDonald alsq tried to get Into thr pits and It is believed that by Thursday the mint 1 ? Port street, W Vacation I>ays f|) la the lake retfions ,M Wisconsin, Nofth- orn MiohiKau, Minnesota, Iowa aaiV South Dakota, along the lint*of tho Chicago, Mil- < waukee & Sf,'I'ittil Kail way, are hundreds" <»f charming .localities preeminently lilted for summer homos, nearly nil of which ariv located ou or near lake* \\hioh huvouot been Hahed out, Those reaorts range)'-Hi variety from the "full dre»» for dinner" t«* the rtannel shirt coatunie fur -csvery—meal. Among the Hat'are nmucn tamihar to many of our reader*-A* Mie perfection of northern •urnor resort*. Nearly all of the WiaeoawK points'of interest 1 are withiu a «hur$xd>- tauce from Cliloago or Milwaukee,' a#3 nu»o of them are so far away froul tho "busy mart** of etvilUtttkm" that they van not be reached in ,« fewhovira of f iwnulfop&St.l vvllt- generally have resumed. Tin' infer* W., iJetro jt I at osccola mine will also be at \vork r tti* • I day. BjtuetingB were held yamcttday all . ' Over the dlatrlft, and In antU IpjKlon of all ,,v c , the district, and In antU ipafion of a general resumption the opvraturs have .everything in readin'wa for x <he dlKgerw to begin at « moment's nu-tfce.^ " Woim-it Oo on tlvo !»li»r«-h, ' Pittsbui'g, Sept. 14XThe women w*nt on tht march at PJtim Cr?-ek again yesterday, ltd by Emma Haats the "" of Are" of tnVtetrili*. The result la Emma an>hree other worsen ww arrested, nearly every dsputy wa« more or leas clubbed and HamuH t>e Armit wa? cut il), the hand w«h-j»-Jui3Jte. Tjly riot wa's thf rwult of a carefully planned 'attempt to prevent the men at work at p.lum Creek from entering the min^s, were about twertty-ftvt: wom,vn , the Chicago, Milwaukee .t St.l'nul Hail way. S»u(J-%iWtt«»ttt Blftiup to? a copy of "Va- oj-ipt}<«» ul ih* s, and Bluwof tmuuroVr hotel* »»<«» f-^r , And about flfty atrtkers tont-rrnwi iti It. A.g«at. . Carpet UU ttp at bta«)t«d aud«et plan was t«J have thf WWB*M In /rout' wlj;h*tbf^t>aWt'*, *Uh thp. design «f working ort the «f«ntli«M ) iitS *t thfe men who wouW be "fj< tug to work cuid to a«t as a SljMd io the rest of the pal • ty. The women were to eniwd ttrotind «a«4 ipan «w^e £ttenipt«-0 Jo go Into the rvdne, tttto? W* ,dlRbVr hutket from hhn, ««<J then thro\v it int«> th« About dftylight tht^ witty started out, headed *»y. Bnan\a W^a«. Thoae Ing a baby CAtrittd a pick tutiullii el^l? of s»m« *ort. Qn the Murr^ roafl tlpi^p.eneoanftred a, u«sse o'f tfea and w*fe or&r*$ Jjack to th? to tf order , Oft ( .,..»«(*. and fo<fcod U'fe mtnefs'to gait Vork. -It «** stfct^l tn th« dispatch ^.itndled by jfh> sirtkei'C ftfenetal C|(tbln 'phlA.vttt'Rn t*» ihfi\stt*r»6 of theTdiSTur-- hft^tc0. ^ht\ ^ri>or>e'^s r^id^ ^icVoss th^ mjHmtftlfts, * distant;^ of elsht^ert miles. t9 ticklejif, * fieki^V is 4--«niaH mining vtiinse and Ile4 in^ft valley* t ttit&B are fc^ntrmbor of'^oyierle 1 !! there, forty-cil^ht hoyr* 1 * that .. r _ te'fak otit» as the mp« had been ftftlng^nvery uftly The sftua night In the Hazleton district of. unreal. Aft the coHIeri«*9 w tWa dis- trlcfare at>prch<«nSive of danger. Re* Quests- ha^ve been pourlnfir *n to General fjobln "from the vaiioufi mtncs asklns that he Wrtd trc>ffpsi to the pla<?es v It order to "prevent any possible,, outbreak The Kenerat «?yn.fw that he Will rtot troops to atiy point unl«-?B a does* occur. ,Tbo c;t>iic ral dilutes tt give the 'nan^ of thf* rr>llieric«, as the men In them are still at work. a utrlke, and want to bo prepared fo any ^merKi.-iify. - „ Two mine supeiiritetidpnts in thi? Im mediate vlvlnlly have a«kfd Ooiu-ra Qobln to 4ila<-i' guafcla around thel housea. Thl? has Inuyx done. Hoi era Oobln will not make pubUc the naftiiss o the superintendents *ho_inade the re In a theatre hfr»\ ovcrhi-arcl a e*n verwtlon on the rnnln «r<?i>l of Hnzlo ton y<M»t*rday to this t*«wt: They passtnK a -KVOUP of/ niliu't'^ jind hentd on* 1 ft tht-rt rnmnrk" - iJ've go the tnau-rlat, lnr( T don't kn>.w how t mix Ui«i d-—d stuff.' If I did 1 w<ml blow them tff tonight." This Inforrno "liqn waH^pnt to Ovnetal UoMn, and a ho had afreVly hfind muttering from other aoureef,, ho def tUed t<> wend guards to Jri\" hoUM"* of tiic t%\'» mlnt» «upi'i|n- t^ti'lont";. Tli* ijiinnlf \vetv not plareil on dwty until after dark. The first diwfinl between the military and tho str'ikeih occurred yesterday, anrl Oi;n«'ral Ooblti wa«- angry altuut It. Pol-, lotting his « nl<-i' .tK.'tinst th<- piuposj/d 'unernl dcW'i>ti all* n he arrant?™^ for a eonf< f( i.ce ^t'Hti'i'liiy miirninij^with th" I'olli-h pilc^ts who fire look>ri|!;after the tfiuMf ot the men Hi" mn/n>s»ed them xvith th.' tu-i c-^ity f^ jHWentlmr any sjiow-of a mllltiii-y^Xha'-jiotci and •mlil hf Witiild |ni tnlt nrf unlfo'imed mon Ini? religious suci^Kx. liunda of music, sld>- aim^-. Htli'lt/'unl bainifis wer- also jirohlU^d TJHi- prlost« promised that all this j»h<i«1d bt- agreed tn, anil the comiuund^ "ii. th' 1 "Iher hand aK''<"e*l to k*tp all troopfi awoy from the funeral^ Hoini bfly tttolv a mafrh on the general, howcMr, and nlthiiugh be la.ter rt-fynked-tlH' claiwt* f-xeludlng music, 'thim. wore mm In line wwulflU tht- uni- 'forro of tho 'Italian army, and others cairyintt dnnvii. "filues. Six of the latter stood in front of the rhuroh during the cen-monU p \\Hhli;, "Tlif prlesti* Xave m* 1 thi-lr pa/'rt'il pnunlae that no arrow should lie t:aiTi«fd nor military uniforms worn,!' said n»'hi*ral itJobln- The general adutd that l>»> \v< uld demand' an -fxpliinution from the clergyrnon. . Ijtlior'TnmhU-fi ii» KSniwxl. ln«t. Klwond; Ind., Sept. 14:- J -Th*' s wlndow jjlasw plant, i-topivd by a B dt some of tho wotknieni IH In op«T«i- tliJTivaBaljT 1 - Another organization of flatten^ra and cutters-not formerly In the union has bei-n formed and al) the «lr(k|n(? memlHTrt havfi* ,_. It. The ni'.w ^rRanlzitkin has Joined national aWotHtton and j thus th« dltff<-ulty A« agremmei made that thefour pradwiof arfvanee in vvs^c*- Votty men were- frwni IlU-hinondX^ ta- 5 * 0 tB6> plarea 1-f thw HtrlksrH in the, tin - 1 -*factory. The atrlkew^shut th* guta. bat the einjirifer r,aH his ttarSusb the" gat« iwd landed" ^*- inslde <th*! factory. 'Thei't.* is <. ,,„ bte'exciwment over the arrival of the* Mln«r« Would Not Oo fo Wn^fir. pffflRfteld, IH&, Sept, .14.—A Sb^clal roWi Tallula to tfie gtatfe R*|rWtef,say»', My ycsierd^y wrtrnlpg the sopefih 1 - d^nt $i the ceatfihafthffireoicd^red the miners to"i"aKe ouffltflf fnofs'br'giS'.ttf K-k pearly jiU rUsponded by taKlhg thelf tools, ahi ftone have BOWS >tri WOfk, ftn« «ay th*$r \s?llt tnrt ttrttil *hf Strike 1« eiicted. News, 1ml to Contlnrt* StrlfclnK^ < Id, IllS,^ Sept. 14.—Tfie ^jfn^r's Menard county, held « maiSB- in*ettns ypsterifcy afterntron and elected delegates to thfe' ejohventlott' &\ Sprlngr* field gept, 19. They decided by unanimous vote to cotitlnue the ritrtk>. • - ©LOSfe RAUt VoRTME PENNANT. ' tinltinuiit' Ijn ttw I.i-ml -4g)Uri Vrtth ,b?rt ltt»1*iirtni<l 1« 1ti« nn*><\, Sept. IX.—flal ffmore'ha§ the lead ftflw ftfr the Lot\gU6 bape. bait fty, flavlriE rlimbrd over Hostyn durj last w«*ek. The lead, however, Is ,.. c ,,ii—only five points arid therad-lrmk^ like A very t-lu#t> ou;, th« isfafion endirsf s. 3. Following is the standing of tht' clubs-.' , Played Won Loct^ P q. US 80 S3 f!70f? '.703 .en .5T4 .491 ,470 t*ie Qtt>ste£t Advertisittg Mfedittm , , In the State I* THE &ETfcOlt fiVBNINC, NEWS. WhyJ Because it ftftrby tor the tafgest c|r«tlatfott. W»>Jtas » \ «? Because ttfs the best daltyrtew«p«per, ||yott wartt, . \tlielte^TAKfitHBEVENfrtQNeWS. 1m wirts'i now, . T«n cwilt a KWfc v • $1*25. ftf 3 mffMlis T rf . ^i.,.i,_ji-^ (BY MAIL). ' AGENTS 1N IN A The ivenittg News, Detroit* B»ston .....its New York ....11G Cincinnati ,-tlS Washington US Chicago .". 117 Brookfyp US Pittsburgh.. 114 PhiladPlphta, 11^! Louisville '.»>.x 'I'- 1 St. 83 7$ fig GS 54 '53 53 60 SI 49 2$ 49 60 61 64 .4f»8 65 .443 64 .439 (57 .432 70 .412 90 .2.11 What it Not Miracles? The strtat Fonr-C Remedy isdoing wpf k wherever introduced as nearly miracolouJ as it ever falls to tfie lot Of any human agency to do (1 will e& 2em it a tetot for any one interested to wrilc the persbns whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) My aim telo coming tto public cf «y tiacBriif ana of tjie traa «erlfc of ttb wrt^ FoloWlftg dre thVjatePt lipagne pcores: At Washington—Cincinnati 19, Wath- InKlon 10: (second jcanje) Cincinnati 4, Washington R; at ,P!UshurK—I^.uisvllle 5, PltUburs 6; at Baltlmo^—Ohlcaso 3, Baltimore 3; at New York—Brooklyn 9, New York 6: at Boston—Philadelphia 0, bostei, 11. (Sunday) at CleVela'nd— St. Ijouls 4, Cleveland 15. * Western League: At 'Columbus— Orand'naplnya, Columbus W. at Mln- nRapoHs~-I<A x nsas City 5, Minneapolis 3: (second game) Kansas City 2. Minneapolis I;, at Si- Paul—Milwaukee 0, St. Paul 12; (second game) Milwaukee 7, St./Paul 3; at Indianapolis—.Detroit.. 6, Irfdianapiil** 11; (second RamcJ Detroit0, indlantrV.;M n. (Sundays At St. Paul —Kan; i * f Ity 1. St. Paul IU-, (second gam$ l\a>i v a» City 1. He. Pawl *.\»t Milwaukee—Minneapolis <<,W[Hwaukee«; (secgnd same) Minneapolis 0, Milwau- fcc.'o 2; at ColumbiiK—(>rand Rapids 3. Columbus 10; (second game) Grand •Rapids 2, Columbus 5. Western* Association: Dubuque—Pe- .orla G, DuJmque 4; 'at Rockford-^Ci-dar, Rapids S, ' UoVKford 4; at Des Moines —Qulnry t, Des MAlnea_5.: at Kansas Clty~St. Jo?i ']>h 3, Uurimgton 9. (Sunday) .At K».iiH,as City—Wt. Joseph 5, J3u!'.ln«l.-ji ~. (sou nd rain ) St. Joceph 6,' DubunuV" 1 0; "it ~ir.intTf.rrT- Cedar Rapids 6, Rookford 3: at Deig Molnea— Qulncy 1, IJes inoines S. . ^ 8100 Reward $1<K>. Tho rtddef»'of this',papcr will be pbasod t<. !<>arn that there is at .least one dreaded diienVu that afioucehaa bech able tn cure in all itx Htatrcs and that in catarrh. Hall's i 'ntarrh cure ift the only p>« euro now K 'own t» the mudkaal frftiernitj'. Catarrh l, t !ir>K « coiiatitutioDiil Jiceiwe renuireg a c.oi|Mitut«unal «rea»rncnt. Hall'H Catarrh to tiikm ,r.trrually. actijitf directly ili<> l.'.md and uiuciHii* mi"fHW*<if the ID, Hit rt'by (Lle^trnyiujf'bo f undn^iou of the di^eagc, and tfivinjr the pitient alreogth by huilditu: up tho eonatitution auii at>t»8tmg nature ^u d 4 oirm its work. The proprietwrs have .no ,*H»«h faith- iu 'H»» curatmi power* that they offer one huadr< d dollars for any IWM) tlmt it fiiM» IP cure. Sco'1 for lift of tpHtiiji'oijialH, AddroiiB, F. J. 'CHENBY A tp.. Tolmh*. ()„ Sf>Id by druKgiat*, 7Sc, > Family I'lll* are the Heat- O* THE Offlc* Oi:"Kll*B» . bolide It my dito to wHte yo» to the botfcflelnl effwstof I Jwfp»' •Four O Remody," BO f»r n» I ™ wHhaievewfttacoim am* lieoamn no boanw I eoul* not «*ak .ftbow ia whisper. TM niaht previous I bad CoUgbeg ae»rty the entire ni«ht; W betore retiring 1 took UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. ae»ry e t teMpoonful.abdslcmt 4e entlrw night a»sweetly kg «v«r I did in my life, not raugbingpnafc I WM intirely rtliaved bisfore taking on« boUl«.Fhelp»' wont afflictions to wblcb tt i» heir. VM5rTIUly c.Wiam. A Mm*CILfc_ ...^ . Kunsw City, KKOMS, Deo. M, 'Bt twt Friday, O«o. », my «ttendlBg physician itjted unjwsi ww bettor by morning be oonld to notbini Mr my relief. Thtt niAf J com- nenced trt log Ptoelp's "Four C" remedy, (topped »11 other w«aiom«s. 'Tbo flrst dose stopped mjr tough- «lopi and mated well; a few more doses •emoved ftlf s^renesa from my Jongs; the aeisond • - the third day I was out on the J. B. HHLINH. Motitttter, | \ Office Commercial Printing Co., \ 196 South Claris St. "~ ' Chicago, Nov. 1 R. R. Phelpa. Esq., City. -' X)BAB Sta;— I wish to bpur testimony tn ttit gtreat offloao/"of your "Four C" remedy in throa* wbd long rtllracntg. As A rule I have been «kcp ttottl of the merits ot proprietary medicines, but h»ve to eonten that a lest of your "Pour C" it Convincing that at U>&«t.<jne 'ready rm io rerocdj id worthy of use. My ^children nil take it with. out the feast objection, \rora oldctit toyoiintti'M and It is particularly mJUceable that ben*"' l» almost Immediate. A .sin>ilti dose will cliccli montcouchB In their beKintifefUJM elves an urr broken rest at night. In ray rurally "rdur C is simply indispensable and I recommend it uo , Yours, MISS JERNUC 1U8S*T. Washington Avtr. and Suamtt fit \ CROUP OUR CD. 'help*' Cough, OoM and Croup itld Itwtant relief when attaoked On« dose of Jare..?*^ n>y »lth the croup. W. E. Moon*, ol Moore Bro«., Qrocew. , KADHM. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. , Chicago, Sept.. 25, '95 Fot years back each winter I bav<\ sutterco with aoute Laryngitis. Last winter wa« so bfd I oould not leave my room for two weeks or »pea k . above a whisper. I tried every known isouf li preparation from cough drop* up and down ui|h DO relief, then in dexperatlon t wai inducod t<I to try Pbelto 1 * "Jfour C." The first dose relieved my cough. Riving mo the flwt night's rest Ic.i weeks. Half the bottle eurcd m«. I h»ve ne VPI been without this wonu>rfiil remedy »inco. It IB M different from other like remedies as molasses from vinegar or »ug»r from wind. .. 5UI3 Madison Ave. IT IS A MrRACLE. Conductor Ectard, the nallroad Corre^wrti. dent of the Nepdaaha KanPon Register, huatlnn tosay of^FourC.'.' "Pnelps l» harlnB a WOP- derful sate ot his Cough and Cold Remedy, W« personally know It Ulu«t what it is represented to oe. TootDuottcan ^ be said ia its praise, It Is * miracle. n NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE Pt JC. , ' CONTRACT.—DiuggUw are authorized in ALL CA^ES TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, if the f^ur-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) In* to eive satisfaction in Group, Bronchitis,Asthroa,UGnppe,Cough8 arid Colds, no matter how lone standing or deep .seated, in fact I guarantee in all mannerol BrondtiaTttTung^troubfe, not as a Cure-All.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions,»I take all chances, R, R, PHEtPS, II8 53d Strut, CHIPA60, ILL,.Prod, . For sale by£W. T. BRAKE. wl!*-»-Ji9 It cycling »Talifi » t will pay >»« *» , Those ot elk . akin through' tbe Umr^ d^utics. A fcllowed au.4 gipn»P* H4ifta «.n<J ilWo other vromea wh<? yer« in tne l«*(i were ar- A «C?«Je ttf ivl ' a ' Trie<l tutttup Aniotbisr la Springfield. 8ebt, M. striking miners wawshed out Black Diamond tnln«v»twth of the about f o'cUwk last «veniaR to try 4^ffiBffc The Klandtfce tioitf PU'W« v ,..„ now ftttractipg She attention oKihu. whole worldi and the results of placfer atKl'<|i)arte mining ar^ fully equal to thi* finds of nuggetste in the ^arly California days and eitraordiBary iaduceruents are offered to, iwoepeetwi x investorfi. next spriug the gold (ever wU* the western roads will have nil they GAS STOVES! 1 . / Large Reduction in Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. $10.00, $13.00. $10.00 and $16,oo ooka*.* - " ' jj —^—' 8-J ' r,cru't '• •""'•! — ~f~Zfi~t •|T^-J> a t'-l r -r J .. . ii**W. W^«|0pi < others »"kvTng clubs in the ale using them *n the bead of a the hi^two BOflO and; tour i>tber rn*n^?ho « at WOT* tfcere ^o<|mi. Walter PI^W. ell, who was 1'Midiiig coal, watt Rswiulted by thft strilters ¥/ter aome wor*i8. and Sbert« rnKtej* wa* ueut (or. When he 'arrived ^he mim-i-a verb leavjjvg. Tfee men at work dfcllned to quit, will fee rnadg; ' " 0 ssverely clubbed wa» cuM« 4h« band. He says He • W«s ataekfcd by a jyo ffia « ^r||:fe a jsjuiife The d«p«ttefl fltially got tfeele " ' |*U«» or Hemoi-rholda Fissures & Burns \Vou»ds & Cuts , W^Ffi |o¥«ed In tfc* Mii. of lue T»OWI*S vere not *rrested were out' f«»l itj a* tbou«h wwe ftylp* Tht Chicago, ,MUvr»»l«* 4 St. , aad ite cepawiing liue». ragiorjs, It^pB it ^r c»n get it Ipr you. * ' II Agi, Mieb. ' ^J "jMt# bqy C»«H» lw»W* 4iay wiitfe hta fcajui b^ ing' and eutfwrlutf great pzin," & f .J, pch*B, with ¥ ©a, Att [U in w , , , „ I kiww qf np awsdkioe, or, it ft and r>o * )X ^x-jsr-'p -.n,,CASTORIA Boiline Stoves $1. to $5. according to BIZB THE WE^SBAOH R.GAS -LIGHT From S2.25 to 02.00 each extra for »0fcwprtAfti«»WWfhiV«tlli«iii**llj ^^ . &§/& «r w^wt- *$&&. Iwica tM KgW ef a, 6ft. open gwi burner with f the gt* •€ * both «f to light una ooB#umptiou of gaa. Nearly 300 sold i» Mwsl * '^"^PgftfW*. E ^' 1(APSHAI^ U8HI jf^^SM&f&Sf^^^^TF^^Mi^^i^Sr ^^^^V^* 1 ^ ^P

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