Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 8, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 8, 1935
Page 5
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*, CAfLf 10 COMPLETIONS AND 9 STARTS MAKE UP WEEK'S ACTIVITY PHILLIPS'. COMPLETING A GAS PLANT AT KELLERVILLE BV.OEOROE I,. GXJTHRIE CortMiUlnir v Geologic, Combs-Worley Bld« There wer<J 10 wells completed In the plains district last week, t Seven of this number In Gray \ Vonmy> ,two In Hutchlnson. and t One In Wheeler. There were only s nine new starts made, but they t *ere, r spread through all of the i producing counties. Two were In Gray, orie In Hutchlnson, three In , Wheeler, two In Carson, and one •m Moottj. i • Hie Phillips .Petroleum company's booster, .station being constructed In the.'Kellervllie area Is progressing >rapidly, with .most of the ground , i Work. done. Actual construction Is ..• In .progress, arid It Is'estimated that ' it,.will not be long before operation of the plant will begin. The station Will probably take much of the low \ pressure gas in the area which has . heretdfore ndt been able to buck the line pressure, and lower line pressure at the wells, . The gas situation remains the same with the Railroad commission working with operators to get all of the Wells in line under the new gas- 611 ratio'order Issued early in the week. Data ,on new connections will be available soon, all companies hKylng been asked to furnish It at -oricje. .,' • COMPLETIONS. Gray County Abilene.Oil company No. 5 Webb In sscticn 62* block 25, H&GN survey,-made 230 barrels on test. Empire Gas & Fuel company No. 5 Bender in section 104, block 3, ' I&GN :surve.v.'pumped 720 barrels on Its 24-hour, test. 1 Hoffman Oil company No. 8 Finley in > the Chancy survey pumped (% 486 barrels on the one-day test. , King Royalty No. 1 Donkin in section'140, block 3, I&GN survey, pumped 411 barrels for the dolomite on .a 24-hour test. Texas company No. 7 Harrah in section 150, block 3, I&GN survey, made 390 barrels of oil pumping for the 24-hour test. Kbeii D; Warner No, 1 Taylor in section 8, block H, Wallace survey, tested; 75 barrels from the granite wash 1 pay below sea leavel in southern Gray county. : '. ' Hutchlnson County. ^Barrtsdall Oil company No. B-l Lewis'; in/section- 1,- block 23, BS&F survejf.' made 712 barrels pumping. :'Thei International Petroleum company No. 14 Lewis in section 8, block 23, BS&F survey, made 599 barrels on test. • . .Wheeler County. The Plney Oil & Gas company Noi ,1 Wankins in section 54, block 13, H&GN survey, made 55 barrels pumping for 24 hours on commission test. NEW LOCATIONS. .. ' Carson County. Magnolia Petroleum company No. 4 Fee Land No. 244 is 330 feet from the south line and 330 feet from the we,st line of .the east half of section , 108,' block 4, I&GN survey. Peak ' Petroleum corporation No. 2 EUer is 330 feet from the north line : and 330 feet from the east line of .the southeast quarter of section 200, block 3, I&GN" survey. Gray County. Kingi' Royalty company No. 3 Simpson is 330 feet from the north line and 330 feet from the west line of -the southeast quarter of sectlon ;; '140,.block 3, I&GN survey. •Plains Holding company No. 3 Chapman is 330 feet from the south IJrig and 330 feet from the east line of the (Southeast quarter of section 49, ; blotik A-9, H&GN .survey. ..,: Hutchlnson-County.' . Texas Plains Oil company No. 3 Watklns is 1,650 feet from the south line and 330 feet from the west line of the southeast quarter of section 7V HE&WT survey. '-,- Moore County. 'Shamrock Ol & Gas company No. "0"-!'''.Robertson is 990 feet from 1 the south-line and 990 feet from the east line of section 442, block 44j'H«fcT Csuryey. .. •' •-'. .Wheeler. County., ,. . Helena Oil.&. Gas company staked NEW VOBk, sept. 7. (/P>— In the most active Saturday turnover since February 10, 1934, the jstock market churned irregularly ahead today, scoring gain* of as much as 3 or more points In a few thinly traded issues. Measured by the Associated Press average of 60 stocks the market advanced .5 of a point to 49.9 a new high for the year and the highest level reached since February 23, 1P34. At today's closing prices, the average of industrial shares stood at the highest point since the early autumn of 1031.; Two forces were at work in the market today, brokers said. Pushing shares up Were the bullish sentiment generated In some quarters by the president's "breathing spell" statement, and a number of favorable reports on business. Transactions totaled 1,289,660 shares for today's two-hour session, compared with 2,155,100 shares In the five hour trading on Friday. Am Can • 28.144%, 141',4 144% Am Had .... 120 18V4' 18H 18% Am T&T .... 55 143V4 141 143M Ahac 114 Z9 19% 19T4 AT&SF 41 63% 53 53 Bald Loc .... 8 2% B & O 87 17'*6 17K 17'A Barnsdall ....A 9!£ 8V, S'A Ben Avia .... 96 21%'20% 21V, Beth Stl .... 116 40% 39% 40 Case J I .... 25 1014 78 78% Chrysler .... 307 69% 68% 68% Col G El .... 308 13K 13% 13'A Ccml Solv ... .48 2,9 WV, 19% Comw Sou ... 53 2 1 % 2 Con Oil 40 9 8% 9 Con Can .... 14 86 85 1 /, 86 Cont Mot .... .8 Itt 1% I 1 /. Cont Oil 23 20 H 20 Vs 20 >/l Cur Wri 34 2% 2 % 2% Gen Elec .... 167 33'/a 32% 32% Gen bMt .... 378 45% 45% 45% Gen Pub Svc 1 314 Gillette ...... 6 18% 18 18% Goodyear .... 60 9% 9V& 9% Goodyear .... 138 21% 20>/ 8 21% 111 Cent .... 44 16 15% 15% Int Hartf .... 29 56% 56% 58V. Int Nick Can 58 29% 29% 29% Int T&T .... 161 1194 11'4 11% Kelvin 16 12!i 12 12 Kennecott .. 89 21 23% 23% Mid Cont 7 10% 10% 10% M K T 13 5 4% 4% Nat Dairy .... 45 16 15% 15% Nat Dist .... 116 31% 31 Vi 31% N Y Gen .... 256 , 25% 25% 25% Packard .... 67 5 4% 5 Penney J C .. 3 82 81% 82 Penn R R .... 79 29% 29% 29% Phil Pet .... 40 27% 26% 27% Pub Svc N J ..19 43% 43 43% Pure Oil 25 9 8% 8% Radio ; 416 8 7% 8 Repub Stl ...40 19% 19% 19% Sears 137 59% 58% 59% Shell 8 9 % 9% 9% Simms 4 6 5% 6 Soc Vac .... 102 11% 11% 11% Sou Pac .... 47 20% 20% 20% &OU Ry ... 39 '9 % 9% 9% Std Brds .... 47 14 13% 14 S O Cal .... 11 • 33% 33 33 SO Ind .... 25 25% 25% 25% S O N J .... 22 45% 45 45% Studebaker .. 77 4% Wt 4'4 Tex Corp .... 23 0 19% 20 T P C&O .... 39 7V» 6% 6% Un Carb 42 65% 65 65 Un Oil Cal ..10 18 17% 18 Un Carb 5 63 62'4 63 US Rub.... 110 15% 14'4 15% New York Curb Stocks Cities Svc 26 2'/i 2 2'4 Elee B&S ... 166 14% 14'4 14% Ford Mot Ltd 2 8*4 t'ulf Oil 6 60% 60 60 Humble ...... 7 57 56'4 57 CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Sept. 7. (/?}— Impetuous rushes to buy swept all wheat markets strongly upward today, Canadian farmers having been officially guaranteed a higher minimum price than was generally expected. , ' • Some of the buying in Chicago 'was credited to Winnipeg interests that three locations oh its prolific Keller lease, the sputh half of section 48, block 24. No. 17 is 990 feet from the south line and 990 feet from the east line of the- lease. No. 18 is 990 feet from the north line and 1,650 feet from the e?st ine of the lease. No. 19 is 980 feet from the north line and 1,680 feet from the west line of the lease. .00 FOR A NAME We have, the rooster at our store that was • (rejected as the Oldest ar»d Toughest. fie" needs a nan>e-- ! -We will pay $.00 for a suitable name for him, Submit your name not later than 13 o'^tosk* Saturday, September 14. i ' " ",''' - • > • ' - ;•>-• - • " -t\: ; PAMPA HARDWARE AND CANNON WHICH FIRED FIRST SHOT OF REVOLUTION WILL USHER IN TEXAS CENTENNIAL AT GONZALES Back To Work O Eviretl Willis, above, left yester- da.y for New York to rcv.ume his legal work after a three-week vacation with Ills parents, Judge and Mrs. Newton P. Willis. He was a Kucsl at a number of social functions In the Panhandle. He also attended the Confederate reunion In Amarillo, He is connected with the law firm of Boot, Clark, Buckncr, and Ballantlnc. were apparently unable to obtain necessary requirements in their own mB'ket, where values jumped 3 cents n bushel, the maximum permissible limit in Winnipeg for any'one day. Topmost Chicago quotations, 2<4 cents up for the day, were reached just before trading ended. Attention of speculators here focused sharply on the question whether European countries should now find themselves forced to go to Canadian wholesale for bread- lituff supplies. Wheat in Chicago closed strong, .'i-aw cents above yesterday's finish, DEC. 94%-Vt>, corn \i,-% advanced, Dec. 56'/<!, oats !«-'/£.• up, and provisions 5 to 17 cents down. KANSAS CITV LIVERPOOL KANSAS CITY, Sept. 7. (/P)—(U. S. D. A.)—Livestock trade at mid- western markets this week was featured by sharp price upturn of 1.001.50 en fat lambs, while yearlings ruled 50-1.00 higher; sheep closed strong to 25 or more high?!'. Chicago had a late top of 10.25 on choice natives and range lambs, the highest for this ssason since 1930. M:st killing classes of cattle were under pressure the fore part of ths week with packers obtaining material price concessions on th? in- between grades of steers, but ottor- re the market was fairly stable] Chicago scored 13.50 on prime heavy steers find realized 12.75 on finished long yeai lings. Common to medium horned grass steers at the river markets bulked at 5.50-7.75. Bulk of stccker and feeder steers ranging from 6.00 to 8.50. Hogs prices were up 25 to 50 cents the fore part of the week, but after Wednesday trade slowed down with most of the advance lost and seme centers reporting a slight decline as compared with last Saturday. Chicago had a late top of 11.90 against 12.20. DALLAS, Sept. 7.—The old brass cannon of Gcnzales, which fired the first shot of the Texas revolution a; hundred years ago, will roar defiance again Oct. 2 to usher in the celebration of the Texas Centennial. The state-wide observance of the one-hundredth anniversary of Texas independence will consist of a number of celebrations at historic shrines of the state, commencing at Gonzales, and climaxed by the $15,060,00 Texas Centennial exposition In Dallas from June to November, 1936. Because Texans first took up arms at Gonzales in defense of their liberty, this charming little South Texas town Is known as the "Lexington of the Lone Star State." When war appeared imminent between Texas and Mexico in 1935, the Mexican government demanded that the citizens of Gonzales surrender a six-pounder brass cannon which had been given to them for defense against the Indians. The cannon was practically worthless, having been spiked and the spike bored cut, leaving a touch hole as big as a silver dollar. The demand for the gun was merely an excuse to start hostilities. Mexican dragflons attempted to capture the gun and the town. Texans from far and wide had rallied In Gonzales and hoisted the first flag of the Texas revolution, a crude white banner Inscribed "Come and. get it." The old cannon wrs loaded to the muzzle with pot legs and scrap iron and turned loose on the foe. The Texans charged and the Mexicans fled leaving their dead and wounded behind them. Not a, single Texan was harmed. Five months Ister Texas declared her independence. These stirring scenes wil be reenacted at Gonzales Oct. 2 In a celebration' which will last a whole week. The battle will be refought with soldiers of the national guard representing the Texas and Mexican armies. - v San Antonio, Houston. Nacog- dochcs and Euntsvllle all plan similar historic observances preparatory to the opening of the Texas Centennial Exposition at Dallas on June 6. Higgins Visitors M. R. Merydith, secretary of the Lipseomb and Hlggins N. F. L, A., and Dick Cann, directors of the Hlgglns N. F. L. A., both of Higgins, were visitors in Psmpa yesterday. They were en route home • from Canyor; where they had attended a 1 regional meeting. THORNTON & MINOR PILE OINTMENT Sold and guaranteed by leading druggists everywhere — 60c .and $1.00. Thornton & Minor Pile Ointment is the private formula of the Thornton & Minor Clinic, Kansas City, Mo., the world's oldest and largest rectal clinic. Satisfaction gruaranteed or money refunded. First National Bank In Pampa "A BANK FOR EVERYBODY" Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits over $175,000.00 A. Combs, Chairman of the Board Delea Vicara, Preeident, .1. R. Roby, Vfce-President, ' Edwin S. Vicars, Cashier, J. O. Gillham, Asst. Cashier, B. D. Robjson, Asst. Cashier, F. A. Peek, Asst. Cashier E. Bass Clay, Asst. Cashier A Combs DIRECTORS E. J. Punigan, Jr. DeLea Vicar* J. R. Roby H, E. Fuqua |;' PIPOSITS INSURED TtieFederalDeposillosuranceCorporatioo IS.QOO WA§NHNaT9N, P. < MAXIMUM INSURANCE , f OB f ACH BPPf 1TQP $5000 RANCH NOTES t>. F. Urschel of Florence, Hans., sold his entire 1,315 calves from his Hemphill county ranch to the Producers Commission association of Indianapolis at BWc for the heifers and 1% c for the steers, consideration also being immediate delivery. A. V. McQulddy of Hemphill county sold a string of 2-year-old steers, caked on the grass, at 8c per pounds to the Producers Commission association of Indianapolis. C. C. Freeman of Hemphill county purchased 500 head of steer and heifer calves from various breeders located on McClellnn creek in Gray county, north, of McLean. W. C. Isaacs Estate of Hemphill county sold its entire holdings of cattle with the exception of yearling heifers to Bill Derrick of Amarillo. Consideration was $55 for cows and calves; 435 for dry coys, 7He per pound for steers, ones twos and threes. Paul Briggs of Protection,- Kara., is in the Panhandle area purchasing calves and yearlings for the Producers Commission association of Des Moines, la. Consideration is 7c and Be for heifer and steer calves, respectively, and 7c and 7>/4c for steer yearlings. Mel Davis of Gray county marketed two loads of heifers on the Missouri river market that averaged 700 pounds and brought $6.65. - ^» NEW ORLEANS COTTON NF,W ORLEANS, Sept. 7. Cotton lost from 2 to 7 points in an active short session on the market here today. Distant positions, features of strength in recent dealings as the government cotton pool switched its holdings to later months, Showed the largest losses today as longs tried 'to take profits on the recent advance. Week-end and pre-bureau liquidation brought about minor recessions in the closing minutes and Oct. ended at 10.32, Dec. at 10.33, May at 10.48 and July at 10.52. The trade generally expects a slight decline in the government crop estimate on Monday. Crop deterioration has been reparted from widely scattered areas of Texas, and with the Atlantic seaboard getting a lot of unwanted rain, a drop from the 11,798,000 bale figure of a month ago is expected. Port receipts 28,439; season 604, 426; last season 465,759. Exports 305; week 305; season 276,602; last season 345,532. Stocks at ports 1,330,166. Stocks on shipboard at New Orleans, Galveston and Houston 22,106; last year 54,273. Spot sales at southern markets 22,239; year ago 27 261. «. Miss Garnet Poole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Poole, is to leave soon for Canyon to Mtol al Texas State Teacherfe college fift tH6 fall term. <•« >-— G. L. Ott has accepted a petition in the treasury department In Washington, D. C., and will leave tor'ay to take up his duties. Rent) the ci&siriedi tod** ELMER J. SCOTT & COMPANY Oliver Eakle Building Amarillo Phone 5359 New York Listed Stocks and Bonds — Unlisted (Over-the-Counter) Issues — State and . Municipal Bonds — Building and Loan Stocks — Investment Trusts BIDS - QUOTATIONS - ANALYSES INQUIRIES INVITED "V FOR GOOD, LOW-COST LOOK FOR THE FORD SIGN THE Ford Motor Company very early tjecided that good service was as necessary as correct design and efficient manufacturing. To give you service that measures up to factory requirements, Ford dealers' mechanics are factory trained. The modern, efficient equipment they use, such as the Ford Laboratory Test Set, saves you time and money. Charges are low, because uniform flat rates prevail. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy savings has been effected through the Ford Factory Engine Exchange Plan, which eliminates the old- fashioned costly overhaul. Today we believe that Ford dealers and those garages which display the "Genuine Ford Parts" sign combine to provide the most complete, most satisfactory type of service available anywhere. Use these facilities and get the utmost in performance and economy from your Ford car or truck. Your Ford dealer always lubricates your Ford in accordance with factory specifications. He has the modem equipment and skilled mechanics necessary to do good work; Typical of the modern, scientific equipment used by Ford service stations is the Laboratory Test Set, which quickly and accurately checks engine and electrical performance. At less cost than an old-fashioned aver* haul, you can exchange your present Ford engine for a factory' reconditionedcylinder assembly. Many other units are also included in this service. FORD MOTOR COMPANY SEE THE NEW FORDS ON DISPLAY AT OUR SHOWROOMS ^^Hf ' ^^H^^ TJ^T ™ i^^P ^Hff ^!^^ ^^pl^^ ^BjM|^ (PBIPHIy W ^|^^ ^^l^f ^f^f TJpWpiF m PHONE 141 PAMPA JL» * URWER MOTOR ... • i , .. AUTWOH^EP FORP IZl NORTH --i:i^ >''

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