Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1946 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1946
Page 7
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tad 2:'4o t>. «. Sf At BoLlfrGSS CBURCB ZlJSrirtr .. f(*,,'. StiifdaY— 1 -M 0.6), _._,-. ™«v...( Friday—7:80 • p.m. P» M.--T» 81—-*.t?6 p.m. i SCHOOL bf Pftmpa at plfciit cairtp. »cliool, 11 ti.m.. preach- -itctt Qr ddi 1 601 Camjibcll __,jflb1 10 *.m. Prenchlnj 11 yillltie Worker* bond 7(30 p.m. Itier 8 jt.ffi. tucsdny pram service W: ThtiretUK.' youfrfc Jiebple'* »erv- i Mrt. Vivian lluff, proklent, in 7U6 ».M. v *f Cfi^ttt A L BAPTIST' cnufccn . Rudolph Q. Harvey, pattor • '• 813 E. Francis Ave, Lloyd Batterwhite will be In charge ot the. Sunday-school hour that begins ot ... .. , -. . Siindny mornlntf service -ht 11 a, hi. Sunday training Union-meeting at 0:30. Mid-week, ,, prayer service . Wednesday frydiihg at 8:16. This, service Is. preceded by the tttekly SuncW school teachers and .otttetn 'hleellrie. . ' ,"." i- •'•."'- to? Rev, t^fav W. Hsrtihft*.-mfft!«tfT Early CoWiWirhfohs oH th* first, Uto stid fourth Sonffliy* In e£eh ttonth. Scrv Icel at 11 o'tlock 6A encn gecorfil ett fourth Sunday. Sunday school every Si da; »t 9:46. Special services on Stint's Days as announced it the thMe of such services. jissEiiiBLV oFcon cflysct •'••'*• 6n6j6«1i Cttyiei lilS t.«.-^Sdnaay school. rt:<fo—Morning worship. 8:80 p.m.—EvtBlng Worship. Thttiday, *-M t>.m.-*Bibl« stoat. • Fall Gospel singers from 9 to 9:80 ».m. each Sunday over Station KPDN. FIRST FRESbYffeftlAN CHURCH Dr. DongUi NcUon, pastor 9:48 a'.m.—The dhurch School. (0:48 ft.m.—Th6 tiuriery department. 11:00—Common "Worship. 7:30 p.m.—Tuicls Westmiftster Fellowship. » . '. McCULLOUGlt MKtHOntST CHUBCH iilOO Alcock Street llev. Will fc. ..Onlwcll. miHlslcc 824 Zimmcr Church sclinol. Iff «.m. Moraine war- nhlp 11 to 11:46 a.m. •Bible Commandbs, 8:80. Evening evnn- gcliBtlc service 1 :!IO irtji). " • Choir practice WoiJIieBdny tiSO p.hi. tlAhRAH MEt'HOUIST CHtTltCH ' Her. Grady M. Atfcnck. pastor Sunday school begins at 9:46:; morning •worship, 10:56. Bible Btudy nnd Ybuth fellowships meet at 6:30, abd evening worship at 7tl6. Services during .the Week Include prayer services, Wednesday at 7 p.m. and the Women's Society ol Tuesday at 3 p.m. Christian Service, Mott, •, , er>.s •E VtXJuHias/CaWW pasiorj' director of 'education and music. •• - Sunday school 8 :4B, '.-'; Everyman's 61as8 niccto In City hall, .^Mornlnt: worship 10:66 o'clock. Service. brcAdcflsts 11-12, Kl'DN. . .; '''Training .-Vnton ;at'6 :80. ', fivehliiif iervj(!ei«t, V :SO. . ".', THE SAtVATION V ARMY -. Captain "Beulah 'Carroll, commanding ' Services *)1I -be-hcld ntlll B. Albert. 'Wedhe»day-^-Sei'vJce«'- 1 a(t 8 p.m. •'•: ffunday^-Sunda/yBchool at;9<45; Morn- Inr worship ;nt. If fc.m.; Young People'! •ervlce, 7 p.m. ; Evehlfir service, 8 p.m. ) ' Ttalnlntr Union 0:30 : p.m. ;.' ' CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH RcV. . "El, K.,Dunsw6r,th." pastor •'. .vSundajr r' '' '•• ™" . . , . roornlmt worship, ^Tp M••; .training" .Viinlori, 6:30 b clock; cvCniliBt se,rvli!p-:4t* ,7:30j YoUng People's dfcrylco, ut - '.. , 'd.. H. Ball' Is •Sundajr-school supcrln- .Undent; Truman "Fletcher," B. T.''U. director; Mrs. Frank. Tui'pin, pianlat. ,; ,.";'. .; HOLY SOULS CHURCH '" • ' 912 W. Browrilrie ' v ;F*Uicr William J. Stack, pastor, Sund»y masses at 6, 8. 10 nnd 11:30 a.m. Dally iqasscs are held at 7 and 8 p'clock. : .At,the Poet Chnpol Sunday mass is »t 8 a.m. nnd 7 p.m. • • ST. .MARK METHODIST CHURCH .•'••>>?•;..-''.•-•- ~i\ V . .(Colored) V VilV '•••''••: 406/.W..Elm -St. : Vff-': ''W.'jJjpulsvSm.lthi pastor .' '"Sunday schbol^fl:46>• •• ''< ' Epwortli Eeasue—6 :Sd... , -.. .f -. Ev<mln(f worshlp-^r? J30, Wednesday night—• .mid-week, worship .-.CHURCH OP THE BRETHREN GOfl.Morth Frost Rev. Russell Greene West, minister 9:45 a.m. — Sunday school. 11:00 n.m. — Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. — Group meetings. day, .. 7:30 p.m. — Prayer meeting, Wednes- FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Rev. E, B. Bowen, pastor . , . , Church school for all ages 9:40 a.m. Arthur Rnnkln, supt. Morning worship at 10:55 mm. Junior high fellowship meets at 6 p.m. Senior department meets ot 8 o'clock. Evening worship ' service in the sanctuary at 7 o'clock. CHURCH OP THE NAZARENE North West and Buckler A. L. James, .pastor Sunday Bible school 0:45 a.m. .Morning service 11 n.m, Evangelistic scrvico 7:80vp.m. Youth Broups meet -at 6:80 '•p.m. "The Church with the Friendly Heart." CENTRAL CHURCH OF CHRIST COO M. Somorvillc Carlos D. Speck, minister Sunduy—Bible school. 0:4B a.m.: class es for ull. Preaching 10:60 a.m. Communion, 11:45 a.m. Evening service, prcachlritr nnd communion at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday — Ludlcs Bible class ot 3:00. Prayer services at 7,:80 a.m. Monday — Men's training- class, 7:3D p.m. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Jim Brown, minister 0:46 a.m.—Church' school. 10:60 a.m.—Morning worship. Communion. 0:45 p.m.—Youth Group meetings. 7:00 p.m.—Evening .worship. SEVENTH DAT ADVENTIST CHURCH Corner'.of Browning and P.urvlance St. Rev. .Elder LaGrone -of 'Amarillo Sabbath school every Saturday moraine vt 10 a.m.; 11 ».ta. . ^MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHUBCH AU : Sunday, schooli 10:66 *.m. l2g* 4>.m. B.T.U. 8 p.m<—Evening -worililp servJc*. • CHRliStWr SCIENCE CHURCH «01 .North.Frost «:80 a.rn.—Sunday school; 11 a.m. Sanday service;, 8'.p.m. Wednesday service. The reading room in the. church edifice -is open daily, except Sunday,; Wednesday. Saturday and Segal holiday* from 2 until » p.m. Hqve your prescriptions filled here with . confidence. Vou can be assured that only the purest and finest quality ingredients ,are used^— that e^ery prescription is compounded gccurately by a registered pharmacist. Our label is your guarhtee. ltiS^il-ii||ii|iB» iflfi Beauford A. .Norris returned to ?ardpa Monday to resume his min- ty with the First Christian church. Mrs. Norris and son? Bill, will ar' e from Enid, Okla., in about a *eek. Mr. Norris has been on leave of absence from the local church for ,he past three years while serving as a chaplain with the air corps. He served as group chaplain with 58th air service group for twenty-eight months in the Southwest and Western Pacific. The 58th air service group was stationed at Towhsville, Australia, at Port Moresby, Nodzab, Maffln bay,,'and Gusap in New Guinea, at Owl island in .the Schuten islands, at'Morotac in the N.E.I., on Ley- and Mindoro in the Philippines and on Okinawa and le Shima in the Ryukus. Mr. Norris arrived at Tacoma, Wash, last -December 17, twenty- eight months to the day after sail- ng from San Francisco, He was discharged at Ft. Sam Houston on January 12. Of his experience as a chaplain, the local pastor said, "I'm glad I vent and did what I could. I'm .hankful I was spared and that I'm back in Pampa. The returning veterans will always have a special place in my heart and I hope all churches serve them well." Calvary Baptists To Hear Missionary Miss Lillie Mae Hundley, Shang- N&t ffeffcm. dt Yalta • ' tit m DOUGLAS fc" NTELSON E LAfI Afchb;i«h(3p o'f Canterbury, Willigm temple, remarked (lurrfig ffie wbf fhtjHhe Christian Church, if if were fo be heard af the ipteace-ta'ble, would probably Speak through the lips of a woman, Madame Chiang Kai-shek. Modarn6 Chiang Kai-shek was not among those present at Yalta or Pbtsdam. Neither, it seems, was the Christian Church. Perhaps the leaders bf the nations felt that this would not be "practical." Christian idealism is one thing, practical politics is another. This ancient bromide has begun to sound more than a little silly. A. good many intelligent people are wondering about the "practicality" of a policy which allows ninety" million humans to face death b^ starvation or disease. Our present President and his, advisors have, it seems, known since June that this would be the case. Perhaps at that time it was not practical to take steps. I^ET US consider this dreamy Christian -idealism. In less than 20 centuries it has caused an incredible upsweep in western civilization, It has brought the common man to a place where liberty, equality, and dignity are at lebst possible. Behind our thousands of schools and hospitals lies the motive power of Christian ideals. But Christianity has never been practical." Never in the Potsdam sense. • The bitter squabbling of the U.N.O. makes us wonder. The altruistic spirit of the congressman who proposes to ban all wheat shipments to starving Europeans until we have been assured our normal supply of WHITE bread makes us retch We might possibly use a bit of Christianity. y^E ARE dealing now not with production charts nor assembly lines. We have to do with human passions, despair, fear, hatred—in fact, with souls. No power but Christianity has ever dealt victoriously in this'realm. It might be practical now to face the fact, Christianity or chaos! Central Bapiists To Hear Prayer Topic The message at the morning service Sunday in the Central Baptist church will be "The Place of Prayer in -.the Program of the Church." The message brought by Rev. Rudolph Q. Harvey will be preceded by a special number by a quartet. ...ATI records were broken last Sunday Jn Sunday school when, 431 filled the departments and classes. There .were 11 new -mem-' bers making a total of 170 since the beginning of^the fiscal year. Last Wednesday the pastor be-; Ban a series of messages on "How to Successfully Live a Christian Life." There $ere 102 present to hear this j. The chuYclVis planning a banquet for MarcjVifB ,}n, honor of the returned sejtyine/unon and their wives. A SundayV&'j&ftpol study course is scheduled. for March 18-22. The W. M. U. is making plans for the week of prayor March 4 through 8, and will meet at -the church for a covered dish .luncheon the 27th. lai KujCentral China, will speak to I The pastqr and some of the Sun- the people at the Calvary Baptist chur:h at the . regular preaching- hour, 7. - SO Sunday evening, Feb. 24. 1 Miss Hundley has been a missionary to China for several years, hav- ng taught in the girls school there, as well as, having done much personal, r worl^,Ua^^-^h^,.^ChiQfi5er s Hundley iwas reccilled from -her r }lace of 'service when the women were evacuated .from Shanghai dur- ng the war; but, she-expests to be sent out again'by the^Foreign Mission board of the Southern Baptist convention at anytime. While await- ng instructions to rteurn to her :ield, Miss Hundley is at her home iiv Claude, Texas. .The public is cordially invited to lear,,first hand, of the work being done by our missionaries to China. Another item of interest to the 'riends of Calvary Baptist church s the revival meeting which is to begin Marsh 6th continuing through he 17th. DC Gordon C. Bayless of Ballas, will be the Evangelist and he music will*be under the direc-' ion of Mr. A. L. Abernathy, local director of music. There will be services daily :at 10:00 a, m. and 7:30 day school workers will go to Floydada to attend a Vacation Bible school conference. March 5 and 6, under the direction of Dr. Grice of Nashville, Tenn. The Vacation Bible school has been set for June 3 through 14. ...-,, m. GENERAL FAVORITE BLOOMINGTPN, 111,, Feb. 22— fl?)—The army recruiting office had to take down its sign for brief re- »irs. . It was necessary to remove an ac- mumulation of lipstick women had eposited on the' portrait of Gen." 3wight D. Eisenhower, which adorns the poster. • . == | Texas, here 'April 7 ttirough 21 for a revival. A census is to pe taken March 4 through 15 to make preparation for the revival. Things You Should Know When Making Your Decision Aboui Church Membership Rudolph Q, Harvey in the Program of the Church" • 11:OOA.M, ' \ ' THAT HOLDS" 7:30 P, M. AT THE ( BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON * Scripture:^Deuteronomy 5:34, especially 6:4-12 By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. Recitation Of the verses 4-9 in the sixth chapter of Deuteronomy, known fror^ their opening Hebrew word as thte "Shema," constituted a fixed part, of the worship in the Synagogue.'vifrom Sabbath to Sabbath, ..-'occupying as important a plase in ; th$.vgqwish service as the ford's Prayer ^occupies in church worship of today. One can-imagine the effect upon the hearers' of the stately words: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord, our God, is one Lord; and thou shall love the Lord thy Opd with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.". But .there was more than thl§ 5 . .impressive exhortation and statement* of faith. Parents wer.e'instructed to keep these words in their heart, to teach them djli- gently to iheir children, ..and to talk of them uy the nome, .when, walking, and "when-',.thou liest down and •when thou; ^isest up." The whiplei passage is striking a»d presents, if on grasps it well, a remarkable portrayal of religion in the home.,'Jn this, pehaps more than anything else, i&. the .secret of strength and- survival of the Jewish people, despite centuries of suffering and persecution, Jewish fancies *or the most part have been bound .together by strong home ties/and observance, of such religious practices to be observed in tho home has had a profound influence, , •;A Jewish, friend once bemoaned the fact that the younger generation had grown slack and careless, St. Matthew's Will Resume Services Services in St. Matthew's Episcopal church, 707 -West Browning street, will be resumed this Sunday, after being cancelled for the past two weeks due to the absence of the re:tor at convocation. The services scheduled for this Sunday will be Holy Communion at 8 a. m. Sunday school at 9:45 and Cornunion service with sermon at 11 a. m. At the latter service Rev. Edgar W. Henshaw, rector, will give a brief summary of the convocation and will preach on the subject "Lent approaches." A number of special services are scheduled for the coming Lenten season. Announcement of the full schedule of such services \vill be made,through the bulletin and in the press. On April 1st next Rev. W. Wilmer Fry will arrive from Philadelphia to assist Mr. Henshaw. It is expected that in May Mr. Fry, who is at present, a deacon will be advanced to the full Priesthood at which time he will assume full charge of either the Clarendon jr Pampa missionary areas. Women in the Church By MARY FOWLER Sponsored by the Berkeley, Calif., jggungil._pf- Ch)UTch^_Women, a .Sun- schoijl^kl conducted--in" the ~ * ;*(Ch0p.j for the blind. and that observance of the weightier meters, of the law had fallen, into 4$$Une. That is an CM and familiar PQte. PQ.sslb,ly tt hm some truth. ,weelin,e ^nd vevival of BSwJ , interest in. religion and its prac- tise Dave n^rM the rett$ot» history of KfWlfs- £ut ob&rvance ot the iujunetlons 1 of our lesson is still Strong in irauy Jewish homes A Wend Void of *hls ex perieuoe as-gyest in a Jewish lioine. He was so Impressed .jyijh the f ily worship that he Bought U bo ft speip-U ogoaaion. On inqulrj' hje found it was the expressiprt of the normal religious life of the homes, »»4 the reeling of Uve Scrip* ture$ was on% »s -In «y owti hoaw, the est&Wtelied practice: but I far. hpme« today are the gnd/ there is ber Pi hojines ' These classes are for children who are unable to visit their parents during the weekends. During the three years that the project has been conducted the children have responded enthusiastically. The classes are taught by a group of young women from Berkeley, assisted by the organist from the First Baptist church, who teaches music to the blind children. * 6 0 Church women, Individually and where organized into societies, should help build a public conscience concerning conditions in their local communities, their states, and the nation, says Miss Eleanor Neff, social worker of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church. "They can interpret the human side of economic problems and indicate tho meaning of better standards for the American family, tN'conunww, the nation, the, worldi" she gays. "They can help interpret the ethical and spiritual implications of any issue. They can discover areas of agreement with other agencies and groups, and recognize their joint responsibility for the welfare of mankind. They can have the knowledge and (courage to go beyond prevailing traditional concepts. In industrial qqnfjipts, this would mean giving serious attention to labor's as veil as to management's story, the seeking of all delevant facts, and, the judging of each case on its own merits. Where labor's demands $eem justified, more courageous support of the church and church women ?houW & expressed;," ./' •••>••. ',../-•• • ; ... .-. %•<. * #'.' The National ; ppmmittee on Group C&re of OhlWrqn, of which •Mrs. ftfpnica B. Owen, of New York, is executive secretary, fears that with the withdrawal on. March 1 of federal funds for the care of children, hundreds . of child-care and pre-school centers in all states will be closed because local support is unprovided, .The committee, is urging church women to study the problem in 'their communities, and tp unite with other groups to remedy the situation. They urge immedtftte^steps to save such, portions of present programs " i>- 4$y and will • ie children, ijey gay, a group should be should .Include all churches, bodies, n Mtkei tic Society Feb. 2? .fleeted . jr., or Shamrock, to meBl\»rship in First Baptist To Have Full Day Three choirs will make their appearances Sunday night during the hour worship at the First Baptist church. The chorus choir, under Ihe direction bf R. Virgil Mott and the youth choir, which has been trained by Mrs. N. B. Ellis and the Lassie chorus under the direction of Miss Meribelle Hazard. The choirs wi!l be accompanied by Mrs. Virgil Mott and Miss Eloise Lane, and will present two numbers each. Rev. E. Douplas Carver will preach follow- | ing the music program. The subject to be discussed is: "David's God."" Kev. Carver, pastor of The First Baptist church, rays: "February promises >o be the best month in average attendance that this Sunday school has ever made during any winter month. The average attendance thus far has been 750, with one Sunday left in February. Her. Carver will discuss the ABC's of the gospel at thr moining hour of worship Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The Sunday afternoon activities will begin at 2:30, when the Training Union executive -committee will meet at the church, to arrange the program of visitation which will begin at 3 o'clock. , Fefcmary 2f, f $4* Christian Science Surtday Study Topic "Mind" is the subject of the les- fcon-sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. February 24. The golden text is: "Teach me. O Lord, the way of thy statutes; . . . Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law." (Psalms 11«:33, 34.> Among the citations which comprise the lesson-sermon is the following from the Bible: "The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations." (Psalms 33:11)." .The lesson-sermon also includes the following passage from the Christian Science texibook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy "Mind is the grand creator, and there can be no power except that which is derived from mind." (page 143). BOTANIST SEATTLE, Feb. 22 — UP>— Don't the coast guard begs, try to reconvert a sea mine. One of the lethal globes floated up on the Washington shore and just as an unidentified man was loading his find onto a truck, authorities intervened, probably saving his life. The coast guard reported the man said he planned to take it home and convert It into a flower pot. The number of satisfied customers on our prescription files is an indication of accuracy. You can have complete confidence in us—come in or call at— I WILSON DRUG 300 S. Cuyler Phone 600 Laymen's Day To Be Observed at Church Garland Franks, city manager, will deliver the message at the First Methodist church Sunday morning, as the church observes "Laymen's day." Mr. Franks' topic will be "The Second Mile." Other prominent Iayme7i who will take part in the Sunday service, which begins at 11 o'clo:k, will include Horace McBee who will give! the opening prayer. W. D. Waters! leading the responsive reading and ! the affirmation of faith, and Larry Snyder who will dismiss the congregation. Roy Bourland, lay leader, will be in charge of the Sunday morning strvice. Tom Bfdly Fof DfstHcf Al Christian's Conduct To Be Discussed The sermon for this Sunday at Zion Lutheran church will be based on the text. John 11, 20, through 27. The theme of the discourse will be "A Christian's Conduct, in Times of Trouble." In Sunday school the story of the feeding of the five thousand will be taught, while in adtill Bible class the thought. "The Christian prays with his heart and lips." will be discussed. I, Tom Braly, dldacy for the office fit' Attorney of the 31st trict of Texas, cofhpristd Wheeler, Roberts and counties. Since 1938, I have been engaged in the practice of Wit • the 31st Judicial District when serving in the Army bt United States. It will be my endearoF, elected to the office of district Attorney, to serve with honesty, wlEft ability, with fairness, and wltft sincerity. In behalf of my candidacy f6f the office of District Attorney, ,t earnestly solicit the vote, the ftifi and the continued support Of every person in Gray. Wheeler, Roberts and Lipsci3mb counties. '; It'olHiViil Aflvertlmimriit) Franklin made ni) money from his inventions. He believed tlicy should be contributed to the public, and refused patents. DR. L. J. ZACHRY OPTOMETRIST First National Bank For Appointment Phone 269 Announcement of Services FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 500 E. Kingsmill • ' SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 . Sunday School ............... 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship ............ 10:45 a. m. Evening Worship ____ . ____ . . .7:00 p. ra. Morning Sermon Tbpic^'ffre ^^ : Evening Sermon Topic— "Jesus Wins a Neglected Prospect" Young People's Meeting— 6:00 p. m. * We Invite You to Worship With Us BEAUFORD A. MORRIS, Minister ANYTHING FROM A SET OF PLUGS TO A "MAJOR OPERATION" v At the first sign of an ailin gtractor call on us. You ?an be sure of ex- p§rt, professional £gre for any piece of your equipment when you bring it here. This year they gre more impor-, tarit than ever and we gre.working With all pur might to keep the greatest ppssible number of them in good running condition, More pew Farmgll tractors and implements, are expfcted from the factories soon. If you need new equipment .and haven't placed yoor order, now's the time to do it 4 In the meantime we're reqdy supply you with expert*serviCf genuine ITC pgrts-rqnythjng a set of plugs t oa "majpp ' tion." And we guarantee will be done to your sqtisf Call on us qny ^? ^^^^ff^^^ » ^ ^^R"^^-^w ^^w^^i^R^H^^ ^^^^^M|p^p pp i^ ^ * 5-t .. ~?^*Z. KL • . . 'i J "'_'- " »^, ^ I..* 1 ?... *?.tS= ^ •-. *. *£&'•'

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