Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 8, 1971 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1971
Page 4
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4-DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD. Thuriday, April 8.1971' DEAR ABBY Quiche Lures Many A Man Hints From Heloi^e Married Women 'Selfish , Jea lo us * ' By Abigail Van Buren 1C 1W1 to CUCMO Trtbw»-N. Y. Mwn tnt., !•€.] DEMI ABBY: Many widows and divorcees wonder why they are seldom tavited to parties with mixed couples, but they are always welcome if it's a "hen party" or if some woman's husband is out of town. I can tell them why. Because most married women are selfish and jealous. They don't want a single female near their husbands. I know this because my wife is guiltyof this jealousy and selfishness. My wife's younger sister became widowed six years ago. She had a 3-year-old son. She came over often with her little boy, and they were always welcome. The boy and I became great pals. About a year ago, this sister in law and her boy stopped coming over. I also noticed that my wife's whole family turned cool toward me. At a family gathering, I learned from the boy, who is now nine, that my wife had told her sister that J did not want her coming over so much. I was shocked and told my wife I was going to tell her sister that I never said any such thing. My wife said, "Go ahead. It won't do you any good. Blood is thicker than water." What is your advice? VICTIM DEAR VICTIM: Tell the sister! [Yon may find oat first hand how thick blood is.] DEAR ABBY: I need some information. My father beats me for no reason at all until he leaves marks on my back. I want to know how I can take legal action against him. I would also like to know the earliest age I could join the Navy. I am a 15-year-old boy and I don't think I can live with this for three more years. Thank you. NEEDS ADVICE DEAR NEEDS: If there Is a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children In your area, get in touch with them. Also, inquire about counseling services thru the local Department of Welfare, and report your plight to them. A clergyman could help yon. So could your local police or, sheriff's office. No child has to put up with physical abase. DEAR ABBY: I am no letter writer, but the letter from the young girl with the hair growing at the end of her nose prompts me to write this. Please tell her that whatever she*does, she should not pull that hair out! My husband had exactly the same problem and he foolishly pulled the hair out. It grew back again, and he kept pulling it out. The result was cancer! Believe me, the scar left by the surgery is far worse than any hair could be. Th^dogtor said that the tissue in the area of the nose is far more susceptible "to^ffitection and difficult to heal than tissue anywhere else, and if a hah* is growing hi that area, cut it off .near the root, but never pull it out. MRS. H. ' \ DEAR MRS. H.: Thank you for writing. Many others [including doctors] wrote to say the same. _ By A1LEEN CLAIRE NEA Food Editor / Many a young man has been lured down the aisle after being impressed by a gal's quiche Lorraine (among other things). For , ; a different Easter week dish, serve a special Ham quiche. The quiche originally was an open- faced flan or tart and dates, from ancient times. It then was made of bread dough but the French created the rich pastry now considered essential for a tasty quiche. Fillings vary from fruit to fish, potatoes, onions, spinach and ham. HAM QUICHE 1 unbaked pastry shell % cup real mayonnaise % cup milk 2 eggs 1 tablespoon cornstarch cups cubed (¥4-inch or less) cooked ham cups chopped Swiss cheese % cup sliced green onion Dash pepper Prepare pastry and fit into a 9-inch metal or ceramic quiche pan" or in a 9- inch pie pan. Mix together mayonnaise, milk, eggs and cornstarch until smooth. Stir in ham, cheese, onion and pepper. Turn into pastry shell. Bake in 350-degree oven on shelf below the center of the oven 35 to 40 minutes or until golden brown on top and knife inserted in center comes out clean. Makes 6 to 8 main Ham quiche is a filling variation of rich quiche Lorraine. dish servings or 10 to 12 appetizer servings. Pastry Shell: Mix 1% cups sifted flour and Va -teaspoon salt in bowl. Cut in Vfe- cup regular margarine with pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture is well mixed and fine crumbs form. (Do not be afraid of overmix- ing.) Sprinkle 2 tablespoons cold water over mixture while tossing to blend well. Press dough firmly into ball with hands. (M mixture seems crumbly, work with hands until it holds together.) Flatten dough slightly and roll out to 12- inch circle on lightly floured surface. Fit loosely into 9- inch pan. Trim to fit type of pan used. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Custom of Decorating Eggs Resurrection Symbol DEAR ABBY: I wonder if the women who forbid their j husbands to go to a nude girlie show have ever seen one ' themselves? I and nine other girls gave a bachelorette party for a girl soon to be married. Later in the evening we decided it would be fun to bit a few nude girlie shows. Believe me, the novelty, soon wore off. When you've seen one, you've seen 'em all! Besides, when the customers saw 10 nicely dressed girls walk in, we got more attention than the nude girls bumping and grinding for all they were worth on the stage! After seeing one of these shows myself, I will never forbid my husband to see one. GLAD I WENT DEAR ABBY: If women's liberation achieves just one goal I shall forget all the others. And that is the relief from the stigma of the frequently awarded and phony label "ladies." Particularly when it adorns the cubicle next to the one marked "Men," and where "ladyship" has no standing. R. L. GREENE DEAR MR. GREENE: True, but while all ladles are women, not all women are "ladies," if you want to get technical. Now, how about those cubicles marked "Gentle* men," which are constantly used by men who don't qualify as "gentlemen?" Would you settle for "His and Hers?" Whether the chicken or egg caine first, eggs have long been important to man, reports Dr. David 'Mellor, Extension poultry marketing specialist at Texas A&M University. Ancient people considered eggs a delicacy and even a staple food when supply was abundant. History also associates them with science, sports and superstition and exalts eggs as a symbol of pagan and Christian custom. " Many „ of the ancients .thought' the egg represented the world and its elements: shell (earth), white (water), yolk (fire) and under the shell, air. Our present day custom of decorating and giving Easter eggs is a symbol of Resurrection. However, the custom originated in pre-Christian times, according to Dr. Mellor. In China as early as 722 B.C., the practice was already established. Messengers in the state of King-ts-oo were sent to the countryside to proclaim that all fires were to be put out for three days during the great Spring Festival. One provident chieftain accumulated supplies of painted eggs and set the fashion of dispensing them as gifts. The early Christians adopted a similar custom. In the British Isles, after eggs were blessed by a priest, they became holy gifts benefiting both the giver and receiver. Our Easter egg customs have become such that thousands of eggs are hard-cooked every year. For best results, follow these cooking suggestions from Dr. Mellor: Place the eggs in a dish of lukewarm water to prevent cracked shells. Bring water in a pan to a rapid boil, using enough water to come one inch above the eggs. Carefully transfer eggs from the warm water to the boiling water; reduce heat to keep the. water • at a simmering iemperature. Leave the eggs in . the water, covered, for about 18 minutes. Remove the eggs from the hot water, plunging them immediately into cold water. Many homemakers complain that the hard-cooked Easter eggs are hard to peel, Mellor reports. He explains that the problem can be solved by using older eggs or aging them before cooking. To age eggs, simply leave them out of the refrigerator at room temperature for 24 hours. Crack the shell and peel from the large end. As a further aid, place the egg under cold running water to ease off the shell. By using these steps,, even the freshest eggs, which tend to peel poorly, will present no problem, says Mellor. SARATOGA TRADE SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) — The Boston Symphony and the Philadelphia Orchestra will exchange concerts next summer, each traveling to the other's summer home for one perform'ance. On Saturday evening, Aug. 7, the Boston Symphony plays at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. On the same date the Philadelphia Orchestra plays at Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass. DEAR HELOISE: My husband made me the cleverest little flower pot that I thought would make a very nice project for Girl Scouts. He cut off the top of one of those plastic lemons—about a third of the way down from the cap. Then he used the upper section (with cap) as a base. He placed the large lower section on top of .the cap and ran a screw down Into the cap (or it could be cemented). Then filled It with dirt. We planted a cactus in ours because they are slow growing, but many little things could be planted or even small artificial flowers put in It. Really, they are cute as can be, Helolse. ri A Fan * » * Here's a big squeeze, from all of us for this cunning Idea! And you're right about it being a nice project for Scouts . , . even the. right colors of yellow and green. Helolse ... * * * DEAR HELOISE: I place all of our empty fish cans into an empty bread wrapper, put a twlstern around it, then place it In the garbage can. Eliminate odor and you'll have no problem with dogs tipping over the can. Erma A. ( * * * DEAR HELOISE: My favorite Indoor sport Is baking fancy cookies with different and unexpected fillings. One simple and delicious cooky is 'orange-filled. Use your favorite cooky recipe. Flavor it with a tablespoonful of juice from a can of mandarin orange sections. Use one or two sections for filling. It's astounding! Bite into the finished product and you have orange juice in your mouth! Faithful Reader * * * DEAR HELOISE: I use the pink, blue or green foam trays that meats are wrapped in as plaques for my recipes taken from magazines. I paste the colored picture on the front of the tray and the actual recipe on the back. Then put them on my kitchen wall. They are very decorative and easy, to remove when I wish to use the recipe. Lilli Wheelwright * * * . • DEAJV-HELOISE:" I am writing to you to tell you What I discovered when I got my new dryer. My old one had a small lint screen and it wasn't hard to clean. My new dryer, however, has a very long lint screen that I thought would present a problem. Then I happened to pick up a dry sponge and used it to remove the lint. It came out neat as could be In one swoop. Mrs. C. O'Rourke * * * DEAR HELOISE: I always dry my silverware with paper toweling, and there's never a mark on the silver when I'm through. Patricia O'Leary * * » LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: To wash a spud you want to bake/ Or clean dried food from a plate/ To scale a trout, use nylon net/ (A better fish , I never get)./ Ruffle net WIN AT BRIDGE around a rod/ to hold those scarves that are so mod./ To clean the bugs from your car/ > A shiny surface It won't mar.// How did I manage before I met/ Heloise and nylon net?/ Mrs. G. M. To get a ffee copy of the .new HELOISE'S HOUSEHOLD FABRICS BOOKLET, send in a self-addressed, stamped, large-size ' envelope to Heloise's Household Fabrics Booklet, c/o this newspaper;. Macbeth Doeth Foul Murder NORTH 8 AKJ963 VQJ • 86 * Q J 10 2 WEST EAST *75 AQ10842 V9753 VA 4QJ109 4-K7432 *653 *74 SOUTH (D) „ V K 10 8 6 4 2 • AS *AK98. Both vulnerable West North East South IV Pass 1 A . Pass 3 * Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5 j> Pass .6 * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — 4 Q rounds of trumps, take your discard of a diamond on the king of spades and then play a heart. Ruff the diamond return, lead a second heart to dummy's jack. B4urn to your hand with your last trump and claim your slam. You risk nothing by this. If the singleton heart and long trump are in the same hand you have no play for it." "Caitiff! Leave my house!" cried Macbeth. "All right," said Macduff, "but pay up first! You owe seven pounds." "I do?" asked Macbeth. "In that case, play on Macduff. Tis only four in the morning." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) . By Oswald & James Jacoby West We find ourselves back in Glamis Castle for another bridge game. Macbeth didn't really nave enough for his jump to three clubs. Macduff, the best player in Scotland, sat North. He knew that the thane of Glamis was oveEbidder but he still The bidding has been: South 2* 3 * an Blackwopded to six clubs. Banquo opened the queen of diamonds. Macbeth won, cashed his ace of spades, played' ace-king and a third trump, discarded his second diamond on the king of spades and led dummy's queen-of hearts. East put on his ace and led a diamond. Macbeth ruffed with his last trump and played his king of hearts. East showed out and Macbeth went down two. •"Murder most foul!"/. ex : i claimed Macduff. "What means t thou?" asked Macbeth. "I couldn't help it that hearts broke 4-1." "Yes, you could," replied Macduff. "Draw just two North East 1 V Pass Pass 3 * Pass. Pass 5* Pass You, South, hold: *A2 VAJ4 463 *KQJ753 What do you do now? A — Bid six clubs. Partner is almost certain to have second- round control of diamonds. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding five clubs over your three spades your partner has bid three no-trump. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Quality Flowers Designed with Care. 307 E. 8th 775-6066 651 SOUTH MAIN 775-8118 EASTER SPECIAL BUY HOW AND SAVE BANK AMF RICAWO NEISNER'S JR. DEPT.STORES CHARGE PLAN master charge •II DISCOUNT FABRICS i \IM\ >. onmlrlr M'Kvlimi > "from .ill tlu- s l)\ sllii V\ r ;il\\ . \riMHM s In SO' UPHOLSTERY VINYL OUTSTANDING BUY BUTTONS Our No. 45 Up to 60"Wide Values To $2.99 Yd. Good Heavy Type Big Savings Brand Name Goods 57 C Yard Many To Choose From Values To 29c Card Limit 20 Cards Big Savings Shop Early 3 C Card DOOR BUSTER FACTORY CLOSEOUT CUTTING BOARD I UPHOLSTERY * $147 NEW ARRIVAL Girls Dresses $799 ** & up ALL SIZES, COLORS & FABRICS. NEW Convenient Sii£ 24"x48" Surface, Ruled in1" Squares Our No. 1004 i Reg. 99c Each 77 Each 'Heavy Types Slip Cover Types Fancies-Weaves 11 Our Item No. 63 Reg. $1.09 Value 1 Yard 650 S. MAIN - DOWN TOWN - DEL RIO LARGE SELECTION LINGERIE $1 99 I & up . Beautiful Colors And Styles S. M.&L, 2pc. Hot Pants For Girls $ 3 39 PERMANENT PRESS BEAUTIFUL COLORS ALL SIZES OF THE MONTH $000 Reg. $8.99 LADIES PANT SUITS Asst. Fabrics, Styles & Colors. All Sizes LADIES DRESSES $388 _ $^88 $ aPOQ " CA< 5 • *B 1200To Choose From All Sizes. Styles & „ _. Colors Reg. Up to $14.90 Ladies New Hot Pant TOPS $,599 Handwashable, Prints' Colors, All Sizes "MANY MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM" TRASH OR CLEUlBUS Choose pack of 20 twenty-gallon size plastic trash can liners to keep your cans sanitary/your hands clean... or pack of 12 five- bushel size clean-up bags for easy disposal of leaf rakings, grass clippings, garage or workshop sweepings, etc. Both in handy dispenser box. FREE ASTER SEED TAPE with purchase of either. Tape contains 96 seeds perfectly spaced for healthy, growth. Cut tape to desired length and plant; tape dissolves in soil.- IDSSELL HARDWARE 506 E, Gibbs

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