The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 13, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1897
Page 4
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nmim 11, Mangled and Torn [ rticken thft b«af fc of „' eonsctentkrtftt hftttfiek&eptfrV Porta, jfely sash"» stftteof affairs p kn6lnM(w- J " sttry. W«< Hiwlertttk^ to thoroughly wash hn*l irwn any lace ctittAtit t no rtt&tt&r hoW (ftjfieftt/£, snltnstod to out «Rf;ts tih<$ to <r& turn if,'afe» vcholft and souiid tts ^hou •brottflbi: to ns. 'At»yjw<ty G&ft IftutuUr a took «f 'a ^a,ndk6rchief-^^ke8 art to •»do tap" a Ineo eurraf|*8iSNfie why they arcdon&atthd Steam &rinn4try, • Hatch Block. Fast Trains f-*-* To Bay View Via . * • '• \ • G. R, & I. Summer Schedule is now in'effeet, Pusttlnj train No. 7 leaves .Kiila- ^roayoo 1'2:5JO p. m., anil Grand ;20p. 1%, arriving Traverse Ba.v\\'iew^ 8-1)3 p. in, and Hurhcr S|>ringK^£25 p. in. This Schedule 'omotlates passengers coming fr.ohi Bother liues< Soud for folders'"And further information, to \ _ \ C. L. LOCK WOOD, G. P. $ T. A., Gmml Rapidtt, Mich. • \* JTeiyor, JDattatfs in , His Sheaves Baity on th'e Rail* ; waysof theCotintry. ->*LA,CE STEAMERS. LOW A- .f -A TO MACKINAC PETOSKEY © CHICAGO.. FOUR Tniro FCB WCCK Between Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETQSKEY, THE " SGO/VMAR.QUETl £ AHU DUU/TH. CVCRV tvCNiNa BETWEEN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting ti'itHRarUert Trains ht Cleveiaudl- for all points Ka»t. Houch and «und«y Trlpi'Juni, July, August tAd S»plemb»r Onl> 2 Nc^v Steel Pa^enger Steamers -itaveju^'«eii Kutlt for our I'ppf finite Routr Send (o pamphlet. *. A. 8CH\NTZ, Ci. l». *,. , MICK Tfte Detroit & Cleveland steam m, PFAINKLIN i Cor. Bates and Larne4 St«.i DETROIT, a Illorfc «nni> >(ji»r Very t v « Cur UMW «n <»>*> Crtr «f n IMKilMttaftT irk ftnttlnn TPl i rl>or.v-4TKi<' Dontb f of tUft *&W<MtftH«, <:of«V^ If orrW Jti.w Memphis, Sept. i#.-*-rA special to the ttotrWrWdfti "AfcwWrt *rtnt;-V«*- »U«MV Ark./ says'.' A moat d (SB streets frei|tht road at Hanson, InBlan Territory,' • srtmlf at»tkm twenty mites wtjst ot A aij, Burt>h, rtt 2 IK m. ye'sterrfay, resulting in the rtektli <Jf severs men and the serious itt jury &f sit trthtfrs, tko of whotM , Douglftss AH^ersott, John Johnspn, Bore ,J!pnder3on, FfrtttK (tftm*- lt«n and H. A. Wralttfn. the injure*— Je»rge Cofrrnan, 'Jack' Jfohes,' James ?hifllpa, Robert Eubank* Charles fcftrker. Qt the .wound* ft Is thought that two will die, as . stittered internal injuries. AH of fto stead and Wounded tvett* sent to Via*r> with the ejw'pptlon of 'Walton's it b<<!iigr bi'tttiffitt to this plaoe, •whete he tote relative living, NOJIP ?f the trainmen wetse hurt. The wrecked rain was ft Jocar Weight, No, 45. from Joftw^lH*, Kan., K\ Vain Bureh. tVhlif he train was running ftt twenty ftilles an honf" the forward trucks of one of he cafa n^ar th^enginp. l»roke, wreck* ngf flftpen rtsrs loaded with walnut io^9 and hated hay. AH the Oefwl In Onn far. With the exception of two earn In front and three oars iit .the rear', including the caboose) every car of the wenty composing the train was ditfhpd fn the middle of the train Was a 'car oaded with heavy machinery, and it wa» in this r-ar' that several nwn were stealing, a ride and from which seven dead, and six seriously wounded were taken by the trainmen shortly afterwards- It appears that the occupants if thP Wrecked car were a. party of men and bnya living at Vian> I, T.. wlio were coming- to Van Huron to Hr3» employment in the ootton Molds. When the machinery car Ic-ft the rails*, it fell on ts ' Bide, • nearly all of the men helng caught by the 'heavy beams. A car of logs was piled oh top of the one in which the men were riding-, and that any esc-aped Instant d^ath is but -little short of a miracle. A' message was sent to Trainmaster Walsh at this place by' the train crew, and he immediately ordered out, a wrwkinR crew ai»d with Division .Roarclmaster Method went to thp s.cenfe .of the< Wreck, takinc with them Dr. Dlbell. the company's local surgeon at this The ilrnt thing done was to extricate the dead anil wounded atitl on 'account of the heavy logs and machinery under which they wore hurled-, the ta>*i was? a laborloua one and it v»»s several hours 'before th'c last of the bodies, waa removed '! frond". the Wreck. i>«-»a.U>re Hwrrihly Mangled. Kansas City, .Sept. 13.— A special tu The Times from Van Baron, A,rk., says many sad 'sc-enea were enacted at Hanson. One.of the dead, whose name is unknown, was found with his head mashed to a puli. betwien the heavy ,loge f his brain* ouzing out. Others' were Crushed a.i;tl niangled in a horriblp manner. Two of the dead were brought het^, William aijd ('harleB Fame. "Will was found on yni. feido of the tra^k and (-*harl«!F tm,ttfe uther, ix>tR, iruthKl alnwipt out--t)r sem- bTiihce" 1<J human helnjjn^.-'T'he scene at A*Ian, when the de«.d -HCfiieS of those who had ii'-diled theeea^rlved/werp affucilng lr. th" esftrt'iue. The parents «nd other rclatiy.i of tlii> 1 ' deceased Wtre at 'the N(atlt n when fit? train came in. Tt will pti.l>,iWy hif ?e<-oral daya btfore the , Jtiai tman, ut (»f lh«? WANTED of tjie taut Id *U, tbe> raBW «f literature * 1*1^ I^W^PfW m ™* ^R*lwp*ff -f^^Blr ^fflw* ilttiavf trt-en cU>ari-d away and the full went of the dlsaxtti Is revtalt-it aru to i.f s<,riu- Of tho«e who DKAP, J;NTIMATJ<I> At A i»t««*;, Numtwr Wh» Mot Tlprlr l>iu>iu In (liu |j lUlluu.v H<>ri<ir^It«>»{H»iklhlllty l-'lteil „ IVnvi'1% H(,-i't 13. -A if-pwial to T lt»cky Nerfa from S^evv Oaxtle, Colo., oaii?^ Fiank Ufarlinilk, conductor,' and CoTorudo ll!<}lani| rait^uy, (t.iv chatgcx] hi the (i>iur>tT's Jiuv with IjeiuB J 1 *'-- gjjiinalblc- fqjr |lfe friKlitfl|i~wr«c1t wH'-tb 4««1dt?tl frojn tlft c-vitjenec that the twn- ^Ui-ttrf' {ikti^ en|f«|j«^t(i>" Htu-naj'ii d |n, ar» rive at 'N«»' fw»Mi.' ^fatng uiwn the tlifie Alltittoil Ity ofdc-j "of train jl^patclt^l' to thp Rio CJr^ri'a* i^ssaensrer 0 w«;at-tKimidl own ;reet>|[niz)4MWv an4 After tSe" verdict ftitnountci} he wa» not rearreated. of Bey. Ills,, a,ijd y »if H!nsiII**«:V s hUmber of cltA'ew The «of»>^t: ayimMis: the ruUiw |wv« tha ruAo« to tea more "'" Ic4,, S^pt. 13,— ^he victtth rOay a Or- M h«. 'U MMi «Uv^ -witU' hi* a ata,rtUne; »tory o; thtre w*re six anon in the car witb he thiRka ft nothing r.>»! them t,o ba^e , ^ept. 11.—T*hp MtaUlnj? P6mpariy, the r^otrihirie N-rentlj in N^-w "?rtrk. Is to ivo <*o«dnt^i? on the limes whtrh have made We FUftat •ynrllcate one of thf rhosl pfontabl<^ and vverful trusts tn the country. )n?t«>a<I tff h'efn Mr wn'w«» fee* tso.ow.eoo; - cf ir will % Dt-effcrned ,«t(-(flt, *u«rt*t6c<! I* pay 7 $& fefeftt. tlif- Hub The tlerndon hotel, t*ofltore&»alioURO twf tot withBafi arid 'wclfai'd. ' Sate -A for (Sash. Enquire jit Arfl6ricjjn nund*y, jQtof fcb 6f Cferofinfe'B tlrwg store. , miikifi n trial of NnitrtV l»y>-p! i p- No tfoubto is more coramon at mote rnta- undeTetnod thnA nervolis dyspopsitt; Pco tie liaTJog it thiufc thatthoir BerveHnro to ilame ftml tre wurprmod thut they nre not cured by iierve medicine and wprine rome- _dJe9i-WiB Mftl seat ot Hie mischief is liyn« sight of; the «tomaoh m the organ to b« rtok«sd aflr r. N«*voa« dyspeptics often ao not hnvo nny win wlmtever-in the Btotna'oh, rt'or i>erhapt< my of the usual sytoptonni of ettooinch weBkncwp. Nervous dyspopoin shows itself not ia tho stomach BO much 60 in nearly ntfecr orgnti; in somooaflos the heart «te« »nrl IB irregular; in others the ddneyo are nffectcul; in otRWir IN boweli* *r* constipated, with hendnoht-n; still other? are troubled with Ion?orflesh and appetite, with ao9umulntton of itns, sour rising and leart burji. Mr A W 9 ItuhanftpoliB, lud'. writes «w follows "A motive of/pure gratitude promps me tt> Write ili^fle le* lines re^ardint; tha uew ninl »al«aWfi medicine, Staart's Dyspepsia T«bets. I have bton ft Buffen'nd f rom nervous dyspopgia f i r the la«li four years; have used •various patent medicines and other wme- edies without Any favorable rwult. The} 'omutunes (tav>; tciuporary fOlieCr until the »ffcct« of tho medicine wore off. 1 attnb- ited this t» my sedentary t habit«,, beinit a boodkc(!p« v i 1 -with little physical exercise, bui E am mind to .stnlo that the tablets have overcome all fch°«> obBtacles fqr J gained tu Hesh, Hlpep better, «D<! am -better n every way. The above IB written "not for notoriety, but is based on actual ftfct." Kcppectfully yours. A. VV. SHABPKR, ., Indianapoli", Ind. It IB aaf«to r< BA)p that StUArt's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any stoiiMch weaknew«oi dls'ewtt" 1 except cancer "of stomaeh. • I 1 hes cure'«our stomach, gn», ''Joss of flesh-and ylepple«sne«w, palpitation, hearf- hurn, ooristlpatuia a/id hnadaches. '« Send for vbluub)/ little book on stotlittch" diceaseti by nddrerfsinB Stuart Co., Matshall, Mu-h. / All druggists'sell full ftized packHges at 51) oentu. t / ' ^_ JJetwjpcn Seed Tlnu»\an(l HnrvpHt. lHa«ood o(j|xirtunity to enquire about .ruynit land^'m South'Dakota, only One days ride from Chicago. .Bountiful crop* of wheat, corn, barley and rliix reward the miller of the doll; AH it stuck and* dsirj country South Dakota lea-'sali the .world. Firs' cliias furin l«riU« V»ith nearby Jnfiftrkrets can now be bought,tor' from U.Uf-^12, $15, and upwanls. iw^mirc^ud^fiw is (ho time to invest. For furJUws* particulars write to George H. Ifentford, General ; I'tswnu^t CnTcnsto; Milwaukee ft St. I'aul Bail- Id Colony Building, Ch'Ch&o, Ul. SOLE AMCIMMATI; \G) OHIO. ARRESTS DISEASE: $100.00 jewartt will be paid for tlie ariest nncl cofiviction ol auy'iqne "detected refilling our bottles. For sain I>.T W. T. DKAKI3 ftlid A. O.llV-lXK. Three Opinions; "The CHICAGO RECORD Is a model newspaper i ft every sense of the word. fr — Harrisburg (Pa.) CalL "'fliere is no paper published in America that so nearly approaches the true journal*- isltic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD."From "Ncwspapordom" (New York). 41 1 have come to the, firm cone/us ior^ a long test nnd after a- -wide^c6r with the journals of niany cities and coun° tries, that The^CttT^AQO RECORD comes as nef..°Jiehl]ithe ideal daily" journal as we arje-f&r sometime likely to find on- these mortal shores. "—Prof, J. T. Hatfield it The Evanston (UF.) Index. .' , - RexTablets arc sold under a'positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, anrj we stand by out guarantee. Cu R ES all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effectsol self-!' abuse or excels. Stops dangerous drainSr \ genuine nerve'tonic. Shxjwsitntnedi- ate improvement. The grandest remedy ot modern times. '"Don't buy imitations. GctJAEXtABLBTS. Price 50 cerfts,or -sfC package's <a full treatment) for $2.50, ' by mail, in plain package, on receipt of price. . Circular free. KING REMEDY CO., M j Kor i«ivl« at Marshall, Mich., by A. O. HYDK. • That the bent 11 n» from Cliicuv to •'rlpplft Creek, Colo., aiul «^ i«ilnt» bliow u ia the ici'Otrinnnylnii mart Is Ui* ;i»ictt«o & Alton B, fl. \Vrito or cull today, for lowest mW» »nt •iJl ^artli'ulnrs. R, SunaTvilU^General Akeni ' if*it-in;or TtepuriquMit. 101 A«l«nia Slroet, Mtir i^lt* Hir'tllukf. <3ltita«u. IHiuoW. ft// neiLwlcnkrs everywhere rt/?(/ 'subscription* received lit all itostmusicrs. Address THE CfH .CAGO Hi't'*jnD.1Kl Mffdiwn-ftt. ' '' " ~~ ^ OAVEAT8, TRADE (MARK*, eaiCN P ATKHTtl OOPVftiQHTS. «t»' . _ _ JJjjo*l>WAY. Nltsv YuRR. oiihit i»n<'ri.« tur «&»•> rrtniifNUcmtitin Amvrlofc • MIT n«f> n( talc n«itliyuntS hrtmiittt borori* (ousumpfioil the i>i*v* of election i>* Pr^Mleat. JB- F. olp. ot Rs«t5fc>^ecr;fe|ary ; . <?f C^vela — Tfc - w „ A>M>t|M)r O<Hi4 p.. Sept. J«!»lctt«y ,Ha«y Q Wt, jWf ij(i»e<4btart t Jdt btir leather. Wts. Uar«, OJJK eW««i Ui thft »»Abw and two In r««»» :.....10:10ft, Bl. For tjie to 20 years w^ have kept Plso*s Cure "for Con- suniption in stock, and wout4 sooneir think «t groccryman coula te afamg without- sugar in hi$' store tljan w^could without _Ws Cure. Jt J* a sure setter.—RAVKN & CQ Ceresco, Michigan, September 2, 189f^. ^ JOB PRINTING ,! J) T i M P ''4-'--^- !t '" ^-JLju-Vot^Xj»*• •• jt3t* Time UW« ael», ff. ,S3 »W. l a* <OB4XK« W««ft **¥»• t «Jo. ?, KO. «. Jt^Uii; r-reuii Li-euiiuudtttidtt . (t-Oil P. 4 0». FELIX U-BRUITS istha rifi ttrv.. (ietiwiii* 1 i TAn?>'..-t c'ln'tilBtlpn 'Of onv w-lpiitinc |inn(>r In the JAiiri U!aii!ll'UiLlllU*lrAS)i»U. N't "lt'-IIU''U» »h<i,Ti w t in.«i,t M. \tVpUfy,M£T.OO * M : S .'»'•- K!in>-i(»,4. Aililr* 1 *'. UllSN A CO^ clean, stroii j Kldniyt productTpure blood INE M ^ vigoi-ouj^health. Dr. Y«t«»' A«par«Kiu. , Wlrw cleans. he<i|« an4 «tFeneth«n> th« kid„„__, •ney».ptfrt»e«hBWood ^» WS- an a remove* the poHon which caws.cs Rhtumatlim. Dropsy, GoU, Py»- pepsia, ConstinWiun and Uridiry troubles. U is i>lea*a(tt to th(; $4»te. Price *l.flO p«;r bottb (rcfundtrri >t n!> benefit tf, derived) at drug itoreti or by t«pre*s pr«paul upon meipt ol price. *ewi tor "A N.sw f^ir oi Kidney*," a )»-pagc pampbler. bee by /nail, . ' NATUUli'uKBMBDV Co., Boyce uld'g. Chicago, lilt To be bad of...... Mj p, POWELU, DrugQlstt, 1 . MABSHALL, MICH >.•*! us Debility, .J~i . Ha ^1-.-! tJ-._i-j^j i^^AjA^M—^jqr^IJfJ'i- THS *N8 BBliN TRE1TMEXI ' „ _ HYPS.

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