Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 6, 1957 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 17
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£iatvj>A 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker STILTED SCULPTOR— Using stilts to get closer, to his work, former sailor Barney Wcst haoes aaa^_3t this exotic nine-foot "Tiki" statue at his home in Larkspur, Calil. Impressed by the' Easter Island and Polynesian carvings he saw while in the Merchant Marine, Barney has begun a new career by sculpting similar statues and selling them. A statue like this one—a Hawaiian family god—will selli ior^ about SiOO. jQuick Trick For Cookies Quick (rick for the cookie jar- it they'll last long enough to get there—are these sweet and crunchy pop puffs, delicious for tea time or after-school treats. Made with a meringue base, 'the puffs combine sugar-coated puffed corn, chopped nutmeats and shredded coconut. And they actually can be whipped together, baked and ready to serve in a matter of minutes. Pop Puffs 2 egg whites }i cup brown sugar Vz teaspoon vanilla flavoring 2 cups sugar-coated puffed corn 'A cup chopped milmeats 1 cup shredded coconut Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. Beat in sugar a tablespoonful at a time. Fold in remaining ingredients. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto well-greased baking sheet. Bake in moderate (350 F.) about 10 minutes. Remove at once from baking sheets. Yield: 4Vi dozen puffs, in diameter. Company Supper Easy and taste-intriguing fruit garnish for meat. Roast Lamb Steamed Rice Green Peas • with Celery Crescents Curried Peaches Rolls Salad Bowl Filled and Frosted Nut Cak« Beverage Curried Peaches Ingredient-si 4 to 6 drained canned peach halves, ,1 tablespoon butter or margarine, Vi teaspoon curry powder, grated rind of one-half of a lemon or lime. Methodi Arrange peaches in shallow pan or on heavy aluminum foil with edges turned up to form a container. Blend butter and curry powder together; put a dollop of the mixture in the cavity of each peach half. Broil several inches from heat until hot through and tops are touched with brown. Spoon any. juices .that have run down back into cavities; sprinkle with grated lemon rind. Serve hot. Makes 4 to 6 servings as a meat garnish Family, Dinner Good flavor this way! Special Broiled Chicken Rice and Mushrooms Broccoli Salad Bowl Bread Tray Chocolate Souffle Beverage Special Broiled Chicken Ingredients: 1 broiler-fryer (about 2% pounds ready-to-cook weight), 1 tablespoon flour, 1 teaspoon salt, Vi teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon dried crumbled basil, Vt teaspoon paprika, 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, ii cup tomato juice. Method: Have chicken cut so there are 2 wings, 2 pieces ol breast, 2 second joints, 2 drum sticks, 4 bony back pieces. (Gib lets, neck and wing tips may be used for stock.) Wash and dry. Mix flour, salt, sugar, basil and paprika together on a sheet of waxed paper. Roll the. chicken pieces in the mixture and place on broiling rack, skin side up Melt butter and dribble over chicken. Broil several inches from high heat until chicken begins to brown. Turn and baste with tomato juice; place 6 or ; inches from high heat and broi. 20 to 30 minutes, basting a few times. Turn chicken skin side up again and place close to heal again until well browned and tender. Makes 4 servings. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MP., THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1957 SEVENTEEN Sgt. Bilko Says: "Hurry!!"... Enter Joy's Big Contest Now REDEEM MONEY SAVING COUPONS WITH YOUR ** '^ M " }. H. Norton & Sons Paw Paw, W. Va. B. H. Motet & Son Paw Paw, W. Va. Michoel'i Store Rt. 2 Berkeley Springs, W. Va. Dorison's Grocery Berkeley Springs, W. Va. Nixon General Store' Oldlown, Maryland Joe's Texaco 1201 Oldiown Road Cumberland, Maryland Longer's Market ' Cumberland, Maryland Diehl'i Grocery 325 fjcall Street Cumberland, Maryland Prott'j Grocery 251 Williams Street Cumberland, Maryland Perrin's Food Market 501 Baltimore Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Crobtree Grocery 138 Elder Street Cumberland, Maryland ten's Grocery 400 Penna. Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Findloy'j Grocery •713 Maryland Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Lewis Marker 1101 Virginia Avenue Cumberland, Maryland Nixon Grocery 217 Race Slreet Cumberland, Maryland , 'Bowman's Market 502 N. Mechanic Elreet Cumberland, Maryland Boke's Stop N' Shop Decatur & Frederick Streets Cumberland, Maryland Hortman's Grocery and Texaco Service Valley Road, Cumberland Frank's Grocery 424 Walnut Street Cumberland, Maryland Coylc Bros. Sanitary Market 232 Virginia Avo., Cumberland King's Grocery 200 Oak Street Cumberland. Maryland Pofrtitucci Food Market 209" Union Street Cumberland. Maryland Engle's Markets Decatur St. & Bedford Road Cumberland, Maryland Mulligan Bros. Mt. Savage, Maryland Beol's Market Mt. Savage, Maryland J. Lloyd Wolfe Ellerslie, Maryland DeVore's Market Ellerslie, Maryland Jo-Le-Koy Market 217 E. Main Slreet Frostlnirg, Maryland Kroll Confectionery 203 East Main Slreet Froslburg. Maryland Dudley Markets Frostburg, and Eckhart, Md. J. J Byrnes Store Eckhart, Maryland Verl Ash Midland, Maryland Bool's Avenue Marker SO Douglas Avenue ' Lonaconing, Maryland James Richmond Lonaconing, Maryland Sanitary Market Westernport, Maryland R. F. DeVore Oak View Westernport, Maryland Norman's General Store Elk Garden, W. Va. Borrick's Store Kitzmiller, Maryland Cindy's Kitzmiller, Maryland Honno Jug Store 315 S. Main Slreet _ Kcyscr, W. Va.. ^ Food Service 232 S. Main Street Keyscr, W. Va.. _ Kenny's Food Market 133 W. Piedmont Street _ Kcysor. \V. Va.. _ Thrush Feed & Supply Armstrong Street Ext. _ Kcyser, W. Va. _ J. J. Dick 64 Ashficld Street Piedmont. W. Va. Cherry's Grocery Springfield, W. Va. City Meat Market Homney, W. Va. Frontr Super Market Ridgeley, W. Va. Schartiger's Grocery Ridgeley, W. Va. Thompson's Grocery Cresaptown, Maryland Willett's General Store Midlothian, Maryland Enter $ 32,OOO contest! You may GUARANTEE! ind .The vfaomxe cojopnox of mmlwiilitt on talk comes oatynrbcn the rote ire FRESH md SOFT. Schmidt's Btoc Ribbon rotts K pofcced for *dr FRESHNESS and SOFTNESS. SLICEI REAOT T4 SERVE \ DELIVERED FRESH DAILY S5LS?K:s;ay ' Gvnuin* GronfsvilU Home-cwred HAMS Sugor Cg,«rJ HiiVory Smolr>d Wkol« only CJIu 110 to 17 )bt.) Ib, W*iC Picnic Hams Ready la eol 07/« (6 to 8 Ibi.) Ib. WlC Cubed Steak All fol ond TQl* linew rernovtd .1.. Ib. I9C Lamb Stew 19c Lake Herring (Soil FiiKl »• 25c Grant svitle Eggs GrantviiUm ' r«i Frying Chickens Cut -P » M9f y_°^j«i»JL^ ......... Ib. TWV Boiling Beef RIB or «Q BRISKET ........... Ib. fcJC KxfaUr 1 ! Potato Snacks it. bo, 35c Somerhing New WATERMELON WhaU — Holt — QuorHn Peanut Bitter ","'• 35c Coca Cola j., New Potatoes 15 w 69c FRESH STRAWBERRIES DAILY! SOUTH END MARKET 412 VIRGINIA AVE. PA 4-3260 SELF-SERVICE • FREE DELIVERY mm / Hy-u-uppL. \ I Enter now! You// 1 \ have lots of fan! J 1st Cash Prize.,. $15,OOO Money Tree 2nd Cash Prize ... $7,OOO Money Tree 3rd Cash Prize ... $3.OOO Money Tree plus 7 additional Money Tre es each worth $100O cash FOUOW TrIEJE FAST RUIES T --gh with !. . Bilko on tho Phil Silvers Show each Tuesday night on the CBS Television Network Write a last line for the JOY jingle in the entry blank below! At last money does grow on trees! And the guy who's done it (wouldn't you guess?) is Sgt. Bilko. Fact is, Bilko'a gone and raised 10 lorely Money Trees with a total of $32,000 in real cash sprouting on 'em. And you may win one'just by writing a last line for a jingle about new gentle Joy—the one fiquid that makes dishwashing almost nice. It's easy to enter! Lots of fun, too. The first thing to do is buy a can of Joy and read the label. Then try Joy and see how it takes the greasiness out of dishwashing. You'll get lots of ideas that can help you write a winning last line. So take the money-saving Joy coupon beiow to your dealer today and get started. Print your last line in the entry blank below. 1. Conpfeto ih» JOY pnofe thown ol the rigM. Print your ImT Bne to the jtngfo *i the en*ry Monk or on one *kfe of o ilieet of paper. Print yow nome ond oddren p4omry. 2. Ma3 to "Monty Tree,"'Dept. C, Box 24, Cincinnati 99, OMo. You eon enter »w confeit 01 ofte* en you KVe, bwl each entry miwl be CfCto-portfod by *« number yoa copy from the bottom of any siia JOY can. 3. Enrrin meat b« DoAiKjifced no krfer Ihoe midnight, September 30, 19i7. ond _nl be received not later Hxm October 15,1957. 4. B*TMM win be 'redged tor oriolnaGty, rhyme, metre ond nplneti *" co-pteSno the jingle. The judae>'deovon wiS be finoL E»tepl for MeidvntoT Wlp from fomiJy ood friend*, erjtriw rrtuit be wftotfy l*te WOT* of In* penon in whole name the entry n rubnitled. Inlriej prepored « >rbote or in part by profcuional or compenialed conleit wiifen, faSoon., or fcenricel wifl be cfiiqvalrfied. Onry one prii* wffi be oworded to ofty perion. rx-prkale prfrel awarded « cale erf ti«i. hto «nto>i returned, Entrie*, content!, «vd Heai Knrea being unq-olinedfy to Procter i Gamble lor any ond 5. Any reuder* o« tn ctxinontal United Stales (Mudino; A!o,la) ond Hawaii may co-pete encept enptoyeel of Procter & Gamble, ih ooVerhvmg ogeoaei, ond their foraiSei. Contest Jvibieef to aovem- »er<al reguloKoni. 17.0^ third priieof S5,000, ond 7 additional priteiof $1000 each. Ad wtnnen will be notified by mail ENTRY BLANK—cfip arid mail"' JOY « gentle, JOY is fast; * JOY mates suds that last and last. Suds that chase the grease away (Print your km tr» here to rtryw wife "owoy.") In mij box copy the number stampfed on the bottom of your can of JOY (any size). — ( (Write your dealer'* name h«r*J Mail »o "Money Tree," Depf. C, Box 24, Godnoab' 99, Ohio. Read rules carefully. AH entries must be postnvuked before midnight, September 30, ] 957. Take this coupon to your dealer! ^V^~~<~ x ^' -" ^* -\t,'-/ * •Whether you enter contest or not \ * v >:* 1 ' > f '\nv i ace il ' , N 9j lliM 8 «nn y m«l!« dishwashing fun. Bui now gentle JUX does make li—well, MmMI nice. 'JOY, you see, puts an end lo t ~ gre-wy .d-shwashing. Takea thei gre a6 y look nmt tntll and fed out of ^ji^^-oiBnwftierK Ana JUY IK cr^ntkv f^ vmir'« )•*.»._ _i i t—it's been cT you CopynghL 1D57, Procter Your Name_ City _Address_ Zone_ -State. (PteoM ptSnl J!t-o«» I CUT AlOMG DOHED IINE TAKE THIS COUPON TO YOUR DEALER SAVE 1 GIANT OR 1 KING SIZE JOY Thlt coupon volW for u%« in ttor^f •v«rywh*r*

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