Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1946 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1946
Page 4
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F 6 bi>uary 22,194(5 About and Her Ishor Towns Martin Is In Dallas . She Was cafled toy the serious i ot her brother, D. Max King, hpriis, Texas, businessman, who treatment in St. Paul's ium in Dallas. at Si's Old Barn on Tues- and Saturday nights. Pfcusl and his Okies on Tues- flights." 1 .Drum Is in IVorley hospital recoverlnwg from Q major operation tSejrfofihed Tuesday morning. fir Veterans' Cab Co. Phone 1515.* '"It. William Cayier has sailed from S&ft, Francisco for the South Pacific Where he will ferry a B-29 fctek to the states. Lt. Cayier is the S6h of Mr. and .Mrs. Paul Cayier, iftd serves as first pilot on the Superforts. He has been stationed at Salina, Kans., witn the 485th bomb group. His brother, Pfc. Clin- toh L., is in the signal corps, sta- tl6neti at Camp Crowder, Mo. income Tax Reports. Edgar E. ' e, St>8 N. Cuyler. Phone 1434* . and Mrs. B. M. Behrman left I. morning for a business trip to Dallas. Miss Clartle Chappcll is now with •the ^Personality Beauty Shop 26 jfears of experience in Dallas Phone 1172* .Mrs. MildroJ Lafferty has returned tP her home, after undergoing a major operation at Worley hos- pisal. 24 tiour Service City Cab Ph 441* Cub Pack 22 will mecl tonight in the ^auditorium at Horace Mann school at 7:30 o'clock. All prospective cubs and their parents have been asked to attend. A short induction ceremony lias been planned for, .ten new candidates. 'For Sale: Semi-table mode) ra- di6;-,In good condition Call 821W after 5:30.* Veterans of Foreign Wars auxil- iar'y^will meet in . the ciyt club rooms at 7:30 o'clock wnigut to make •plans for the : district meeting is to be held in Pampa Sunday." ".Members have been asked to hiring their gifts for the gift box tb 'be sent the Amarillo hospital, to the meeting tonight. .Wanted: Boys with Bicycles for delivery service. Call 55 or see Mr. Vaughn or:Rice at 403 W. Foster' 1 ' Qucntin Williams will be the .guest How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in• flamed bronchial mucous mem- . Cranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it .quickly allays; the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSSON for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis speaker at the Church Of the Brethren Sunday morning. Have yon caMed Duchess Bpatrty Shop for your appointment. Phone 427.* A. L. Patrick, jr., left this morning to return to Camp Peary, Va.. where he is stations. He has spent two weeks' furlough with his parents here. Send your best silk garments to us with assurance they will be done properly. Just Rite Cleaners. Phone 480." A. L. Patrick, Sr., left this morning for. Grand Rapids, Mich., where he will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Patrick. He was accompanied as far as Chicago by his son, A. L. jr.. who is returning to his nrnio' station in Virginia. Four Corners Service Station. Tires, Tubes and Batteries. Ask us about the new Wonder Wash. F|h. 1119. W. A. Noland.* _ *(Adf.> Service Mother Proves Spirit of Red Cross Work A real gesture of appreciation for its work has been received by the local Red Cross office from a mother who learned, first hand, of the world-wide service of that organi- sation. Five checks, representing money sent for cigaivts for her son in a German prison camp were mailed to the local office as a contribution in the current drive. Joe Fis-her. drive chairman, explained the mother's contribution this way: The money wn.s sent to a nationally known cignrct manufacturer to paj for cinarets (o be sent to her son in a German prison camp. For some reason, the cigarcts were never delivered ind the company refunded the mother's money. In her letter to the Red Cross hero she stated that she considered keeping the checks but decided that even that small amount might help somebody. The mother also said that she re- cc.ived notification of her son's liberation through the Red Cross. Her son was liberated after spending over 14 months in the camp and is now back in i he states. As a gesture of appreciation, he sent workers at the Red Cross a dozen roses. Fischer said he wished to publicly thank the mother for her contribution on behalf of her son. He added that it was contributions of this nature and those Given in this spirit that would put Pampa over the top in the current drive. VISITING PARENTS SHAMROCK.—Capt. Barney Lee Davidson arrived last week to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Davidson of Kelton. Capt. Davidson is on a 41-day terminal leave after serving several months in the Pacific theajer. He left Saturday for points in North Carolina where he expects to visit for a few weeks. We do not need the draft, either now or in the future, to recruit for the peacetime navy.—Capt. G. R. Donaho, navy director of recruiting. dn Your Dial PfttDAt 4 :00—Tunes by Rettncst. 4 :30—Tho Puliliuher Speaks. 4 MS-Voice of the Army. (i:00--H"!n>'» Howe—MBS. B:IS Christi:m Post War .' :"0 — Cnptnin Midnleht—MBS. B:.!!i-.Tom Mix—MJ1S. 6:on--Fn!ton Lewis Jr.—MTSK. C: If.—The Korn KohblcrB—MBS. 6:30—Krnnk Sin;r7.ier—MBS. 6:43-~Tnsi<]e t.f Sports—MBS. 7 :00 Htimnn Adventure—MBS. 1 :30—Sn Vou Think You Know Music —MBS. 8:00—Onbripl Henttpr—MBS. S:lfi—Kcnl Stories From Real L,ifc— MBS. S;30—SpotliRht Bnndg—MBS. K :RB—President Trnmnn- -MBS. !l :0fl—Henry Tnylor—MBS. !t:ir,-~,Tou Gart Trio—MBS. MBS. 0:30-Meet Ihe Press—MBS. 10:00--All HIP News—MBS. IO:1B—Mell Cooper's Orch.—MBS. Kichmnn's Orch.—MBBS. 10:55—Mutual Reports the News—MBS. 11:00—Goodnieht. Labor Markel is COLOR COMMENTS The labor market in Pampa is more balanced now than during the ast two months, according to L. 3 . Fort, manager of the local United States employment service office. However, this is noj; an invitation ;o outsiders to seek work in Pampa. he quickly added, for Pampa is still struggling against rising unemployment. A week ago an all-out campaign ;o find available jobs in Pampa was initiated by the local USES. The esults, said Fort, have proved temporarily successful due to the splendid cooperation of employers in response to publicity and door-to-door campaigning for jobs by USES employees. Unemployment compensation claims which are filed every other Thursday declined from a high of 329 filed Feb. 7, to 294 filed yesterday. Job-openings have risen from 54 to 97 with the greater demand for semi-skilled and unskilled workers. Minety per cent of the increase in job openings were filled by veterans, said Fort. It is believed that the monthly labor report of the Pampa area will prove one of the best in the state, with a better balance between demand for work and the demand for employees. Employers arc urged to contact .ho USES office by calling 430 if they can provide a job, without vailing for personal contact, because of the long-range program the of- ico has outlined. Particularly during the next week FOR SPRING 1946 Honc/somely Detailed! ft V- Snornes 'in 700% Choose yoyr spririg shortie now! These excellent value* come in new spring belted and \poxy styles ... mote- / rials and colors you'll love and pricVtags ypy'll applaud "^J^wWppF^* ~tfrflpWWP ' Photo by Sleln Louis Kaufman, veteran newscaster in radio since 1924, is heard Saturdays over Mutual in his new series of colorful news presentations. SATURDAY f>:30—Yawn I'ntrul. 7 :0fl—Open Bible. 7 :45—Txtension Protf. 8:00—All Kc'tliiesl Hour. 8:np—AH Rniiucat Hour, n:00-This Wrck in Washineton—MBS. 9:15—Kxeuveiona in Science. !> :30—Rainbow House—MBS. 9 :<l.r>—Uiiinkow House—M BS. 10:00—Matthew Warren -MBS. 10:15- Chester Howies. 10::i(>— Land of Hi.' Limt—MHH. 11:00—HiiiiBu of Mystery—MBS. 11::)()—.1. L. .Swindle—MBS. 11 :.|5—l-'armors Union. 12:00—rtiriim Oiiry Hmise—M15S. ]2:l"i—Pathfimlff News. 12:30—Opry House' Miilim-.—MBS. 1 :UO—Louis Kaufman—MBS. I :l. r >- 1'iilostiiu- 01 Mail Suiciili'--MB'S. 1:30-.U. S. Marine Kuml— MliS. 2:00- Kinrmiictt.!i-~MHS. •2 :3(l--Army liraruil ini:—MHS. 3:00 -I.on Anpt-lew Syinpiionie Band—• M US. 3:80—Tex KU-lcber'.H Orcli. —MUS. 3:-lf> IV'ticription of Fluniinelo Stakes— MISS. 4:0(l--Thc Spoi-U Parade. -i :SO—Tin- Publisher Speaks. 4:J5—Cirey (lordon's Orch.—MBS. ri:()«---Clt'Vi.'land Symphony Orel].—MBS. (; :IIO—Tlii'iitvr I'a(je. (i:05—H»wnii Cull—MBS. C :30—Arthur Hale—MBS. G-.46--I Wna A Convii-t—MBS. 7 :OU—Twi.nty Qucsliuna—MBS. 7 :'iO—Pilgrim's Hour. S:OU—Leave It To The Girls—MBS. 8:30—Break the Hunk—MtiS. 9:00—ChieuEu Thi'ater of The Air—MB3. 10 :00 -Korn'mA-iKriwikln— -MBS 10:-15—N. V. Athle-tic Ti'ack Meet—MBS. 11:00—Goodnisht. Tonitfht on Networks NBC—7 Paul l.avnllc's Oivhestru; 7:30 Duffy's Tavern: <S Peojjle Are Funny: !) Mystery Theater . . . CUR—0:30 fiinny Sinims; 7 Aldricb Family: H Holiday and Company; !) Durante and Moore . . .ABC —S Al YIIUMB: f>:30 The Sheriff; !l Box- injr Matehes . . . MBS- 7 Human Adventure; 7:^0 So You Think You Know Mudic ; S :30 Spotlight' Hands. Tomorrow on Networks NBC—!> Eileen Barton ; 10 Teentimers Chili: 1- ]''arm and Home Hour; 7 LiCo of Kiley; 7:30 Truth or Consetjuenees; S Burn Dunce ; 7 :30 Truth or ConBOiuencea ; 8:80 "Can You Top This?" . . . CBS— S:S(I a.m. Country Journal; 10:05 Let's Pretend ; 11 Theater of Today; 7:30 Mayor of tho Town; 11:30 Anicru-an Farmer; 1 Metropolitan Opera ; 7:30 Famous Jury Trials- 8 (Jant'bnstcrs; 8:30 Boston Symphony . . . MBS—10:30 Land of the Lost; H House of Mystery; 2:30 Men of Vision ; •! Sports Parade ; 7 Twenty Questions ; S-Leave H To The (iirls. Clyde C. Martin, Jr. Service Is Tomorrow Funeral .services will be licit] at. 2 p. m. tomorrow in the first Bap- 'tist church for Clyde C. Martin, jr., 18, who died Feb. 17 in a navul hospital on Treasure Island, young Martin died a.s result of injuries received in an accident while serving with tho uavy. Besides his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin «J' Cities Service booster plant,, southeast oi' Pampa, he is survived by four brothers, Jimmie, Tommie, Ronniu and Charles; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Martin of Post, Texas. The younjj; sailor has served witii the U. S. navy for eight months. Serving as pallbearers will be Jim W. Jones of Amarillo, Norman Alexander of the army, Doyle T. Jones, Milford B. Jones, Kenneth Wright, all of Pampa and Don McLaughlin of Plainview. Services will be conducted by the Rev. E. Douglass Carver and burial will be in Pairview cemetery under the direction of Duenkel-Carmichael Funerarhome. Military rites will be conducted at the grave. : American Leg to ft May Buy tribune Building AUSTIN, Feb. 21—</f>)~ft was learned on good authority today that the American Legion has offered the state $850,000 for the Tribune 1 builsjjngr. Weaver Baker, chairman of the state board of control, who handled details of the building purchase as authorized by the last legislature, would not comment on (he proposed sale, however. » DISCHARGED MIDLAND, Tex.—First Lieut. Tom A. Howell, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. T>. Howell. 619 Cuyler, has been released from the army air forces after three years of service. Howell served as a pilot trainee and pilot during most of his military service and earned the commendations of his superiors for his skill and efficiency. He was a pilot at Midland army air field, Midland, when his years of honorable service and high discharge priority brought about his transfer to a sepration center, Lieutenant and Mrs. Howell are now living in the Brunow apartments. Before anything like economic stability can be attained, however low the standard of living may be, the first necessity is to decide whether there is going to be a Germany and, if so, what the territorial limits of the country ought to be.—Prof. Calvin B. Hoover of Duke university. job openings arc wanted. It is believed the general economic condition will improve in March, stated Port. Pampa Will Represented at Livestock Show Representing Pampa and th Top o' Texas Rodeo and Quarterhorse ;^how in the 17th 1 Southwestern Livestock show to be held at El Paso March 26-31 Will be Alice Cockrell, well-known horse-wotnan of Pampa, riding her favorite mount Patches. . Mrs. Cockrell has participated in a number of shows held in the Panhandle region, including those at Claude, Amarillo, Stanford and Pampa. She has lived on a ranch most of her life and has ridden for the same length of time. At the To_p o' Texas Rodeo and Quarterhorse show held in Pampa last fall Mrs. Coc.';rell was hosless- sponsorer. Patches is a sorrel part Morgan Quarterhorse. Entries in the cowgirl contest which Mrs. Cockrell has entered will ride in the Parade de Rancheros, with cash prizes to be awarded the best attired and mounted Mexican and American cowboys and cowgirls, school bands, and horsedrawn vehicles, mounted organizations and commercial floats from both sides of the border. The cowgirls will be judged in the TYPEWRITER and ADDING MACHINE Repairs and Service. BELMONT TYPEWRITER SERVICE 207 N. Frost Phone 409 Political Calendar The Pampa News has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as candidates for office, subject to the action of the Democratic votei's,' at their primary election Saturday, July 27. Fur District Judge: H. E. HILL WALTER ROGERS For District Attorney: TOM BRALY For County Clerk: CHARLIE TKUT For County Commissioner— 1'j-ect. 3: JAMES HOPKINS 1'ruct. 1: JOB CLARKE RAY 1 G. Prect. ST." WADE THQMASSQN Fpr County Attorney: p. g, For County ft JUST RECEIVED! JUST RECEIVED! OILCLOTH 46" squares. Limited Quantity. Men's broadcloth Shorts'. '• 2 pairs to a customer FOR AMERICA'S SWELL KIDS . . . Darling Coats for Little Giris in Fine All Wool 2-burner electric .Hot Plate. „ Circulating Room Heaters. Beautifully tailored, excitingly detailed! Add this to her favorite boxy or fitted style and you have just what the young lady ordered. Blue, gold, melon, aqua. 3-6X, DRILLER BOOT SOFA BED 8" top "Fighter Steel arch support Boys' Brown Grain Moccasin Oxfords All Wool Slipovers For Girls 7 to 14 Sturdily made for active youngsters! Tough, longwearing rubber soles and Match 'em or mix 'em with cardigans..,Wards have all your favorite shades — in-' eluding blact'' A 93 GARDEN HOSE UNION SUITS Top-Flight Tailoring in Our Leisure Suit for Boys 4 to 10 JU^T RECEIVED! Brassieres GARTER BELTS Girls' Blouses in Snowy White Cotton Girls' Potent Open-Toe Sandal ' Combination type. Girdle and belt. Mannish, comfortable, husky! ... up to the standards of both mother and her young man) Handsome all wool Iweed jackets... solid trousers. Blue, brown, Take' your pick I Ruffle trim, draw -strings, square necks, Peter Pan'collcirsJStyled fpr 7'toU's. v- 98 . So dainty and neat with its perforated- vamp gad jidy strap t Leather soles, Sj?e contest on ffeeff riding turntes, iri&rtrts atfefl oft tttfefr skffls to be flispla^ea fft fire aMm. the chamjfitfn fidwgiri fri a $350 hand-tooled saddle. National breeding otganizatlon will enter the Southwestern show for the first time in its history. Total premiums have been increased to $12,000. Last year's premiums totaled $2,200. Siberia is almost twice as as continental United States. large 4/AVeeifABLt LAXATIVE . Buchaftan fa first yeftf ot so«ri-Kan&38-Texfts ft conductor on the 'fteii&s •' '" • typewriter Repairing • ; X '"-" ' , ."'-" '-'^v c • * l *TiV ttemington Typewrit*** I & Adding Machines ' I • Sales and Sefvic* COMPLETE Print PfirHefs and Office op 306 W. Foster JPhon* 12S8 p-r —^ Ml • =Z

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