The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 12, 1961 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1961
Page 15
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u BtBtnim frun Thursday. January 12, I960 First Parachute Jump Is Thrilling To Reporter •jr kOMHR Ona«e 8U« Writer ORANGE (AP) tf cl P- My feet didn't fit any jumpers' boots. That caused a delay. Then the day I was to jump My friends;the winds grounded me. a sore; Th» next attempt found rains . .,»,« ° the if ailing so hard jumping was post- where I said, yes, Id jump poned OUt o! that airplane. r -« "„ ,. , . , ,„, . : , . ,. • Finally the perfect day for Thfn my friends began eroding j jumping came 1' V/Wftll.'rt ' ° tny resolve. Why take a chance? Nevertheless I went home and changed clothes. At Brown Airport, the enthusiasm of other jumpers caught me. Ri chard Humphrey, 17, o/j Bridge City, came in from hisj there, you'll discover it's easier to jump than to climb back in the plane." Up we went, and be/ore I'd really decided whether I was a horo or a coward. Call ordered, "Get from ma j , ,, fi«f jump.' "Nothing to it,". hc;«^>- al(jmctpr read 2<m fefit 'The plane slowed to 60 miles per said. "I'm ready to go again." Jean Saxon, also of the Or; Lance Call, if I jean saxon. aiso ot tne Urange " 1 piannea iLeader, wanted to go along. I told!-*o«ted "yes. an instructor, asked to jump. I almost Are the odds really in your fa-iher okay, but I probably wouldn't! Tho pilot was Clarence Feuge, Vor? jleap. Some day a parachute may not j Open, and it may be yours. The editor didn't assign you to jump. He said just write a story about the Golden Triangle Parachute Club. I'm afraid of snakes, rats and crawly things. But I'm not afraid of height. So my courage held. But Truck Driver Wants Divorce From 'Wives' operator of the Sky Harbor Flying Sen-ice. Sfcippy Mirmion of Beaumont, club secretary, loaned me FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A truck driver has filed a for I divorce action seeking to rid him- his overalls and helmet. I Richard's mothers boots. A new fear overwhelmed i Would people make fun of me if 11 turned chicken while in the air? ! Call said, "Once you get out hour. I courched with one foot on the step and the other on a landing gear wheel. The jumpmaster touched my shoulder. I shoved back with arms outstretched. Almost before I real- Oil Production Down, But Texas Has Gain TULSA, Okla. (API - With an Oklahoma decline principally off- settinR increases in Texas and l^ouisiana, daily average produc- ! 1 ?! 1 ™™ 1 "^ °, n and ^"densate fell 12,080 barrels to 7,154.095 barrels during the week rnded Jan showed GaS J01Jraal SUrvey ha sized I was off the plane, my i chute opened. The jumpmaster me.! had pulled the ripcord, not wait- I turn yellow. I had the time, all right. how long? If I had time to worry, i self of three wives he acquired in --••• ""s years. . Frederick Kennedy, 40. brought [the suit Monday. He is scheduled | to be sentenced Feb. 3 on a biga- ' my confession. Kennedy said he married Juani- in Omaha, Neb.. If it's . . . JEWELRY •Jock's Pharmacies 721 E. Texi* JftJ S-1TM it StvMHifl t-nrr ta Pruitt, 29, Dec. 5, 1952; Cat Takes 15-Mile Ride Under Car Hood NEWCASTLE, Wyo. (AP)— Ted , -, Draper's missing cat ha s popped ard, Jean and Skippy runran] ing for the tug of the static line. A flood of relief, mixed with in- (tescribable happiness washed i over me. I was drifting downward at 17 feet a second but felt no 'sensation of movement. It was as though I was suspended in space. The silence was uncanny. T felt lightheaded and exhilarated. I glanced down and saw Rich- up — under the hood of a car in and April 10, 1959; King. 37, April 7. 1960. never been divorced. Norma Oliver, 39, iOsage. 15 miles away. The car's Betty Jane | owner. Roy Jones, said the cat He has! appeared unhurt but he couldn't I figure out how it got there. IT STARTS TOMORROW! FRIDAY, AT 9A.M. THE BIG EVENT YOU'VE WAITED FOR ANNUAL WINTER SALE WESTERGREN'S YOUTH SHOP Don't Miss It Not Many Do! TREMENDOUS SAVINGS PH. GA 1-1095 A few of th« n»ny that were waiting wbev the doom opened last year. 316 W. MAIN LA PORTE Pictured arc some of the hundreds that took advantage of the fantastic savings last yew. my direction. Broadway Show, 'Music Man,' To Become Movie By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Those famous trombones are coming to the screen, all 76 of them, with 110 cornets close at hand. "It won't be one of those terribly , "I thought of shooting it hack long pictures," he said. "It will 'here, but it would be impossible run around 2^> hours, which is J? duplicate the 191* flavor," said enough. After all, most Broadway ~ shows run only 2Vi hours, includ- They'll bo followed by rows and I nol d ai rows of the finest virtuosos and longer. "Musir Man" RnKn-t dvwfnn *«„ "Tl,o , ing an intermission. You can't hold an audience's attention much Da Costa. "It happens that Warners has a very good Midwestern town set Music MSi vastly P°P ula . musical ^ih r musca « Oklahoma dropped 30,600 bar- \ reaching the shooting stage- at K S ?u °- 7 ' 400 barrels - Texas,! Warner Brothers, where plans are to ,n«« th ^" 1cr . ease wa s attributed in the capable hands of Morton inn-n i* -"-'"a nuia, auviUJCHJ 19,850 barrels to 2,609,850. Louisiana was up 18,000 barrels to 1,119,- The Journal estimated the «PL pro f uction fo dato w <on barrels compared to 00.430,400 for the same time in advanced Da Costa. I960. He is the man who transformed the Meredith Willson saga of early-day Iowa into a stage hit, and he will be directing the picture, too. A plain-spoken man with a mop of rust-colored hair and a face full of freckles, he gave a With 90 days of shooting and I many intricate numbers, I'd "The film version will follow j rather be close to the studio's the same line of the play, though facilities." SWppy and Richard were shouting advice and even from hun-j dreds of feet up I could hear them clearly. When I was about 200 feet from the ground, theyj | snouted for me to prepare to land I :and to look straight ahead. I .' Then I felt a gentle impact. | j That's all there was, to it. j !_ . Austin District Collects Record Amount Of Taxes ! AUSTIN — The Austin District ; Office o the Internal Revenue | Service set an all-time high of more than Sl.551,000,000 in Fed-j feral tax collections lor the calendar year ending Dec. 31, 1960. According to R. L. Phinney, district director, this exceeds by more than 5127 million the previous record set in calendar year J1959. Phinney stated that these Increased collections indicate a very healthy economic condition in the 11 counties which comprise the approximate south half of Texas. Major gains were in taxes withheld by employers, which increased $63 million, while collections of individual income were upped $27 million. There were also substantial increases in revenue from estate and gift taxes, | the various excise taxes, and almost every other type of tax. Yankee whalemen charted hundreds of islands in the South seas during the 19th century. Be all's Semi- QUALITY MERCHANDISE 54 VE I/ 4 . 1/3 and 1/ 2 ! Now You Con "Charge It" At Bead's DACRON & WOOL SUITS OVER 100 TO SELECT FROM • REGULAR 39.95 AND 45.00 SUITS MEN REGARDLESS OF THE PRICE YOU HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR YOUR SUITS YOU CAN BE PROUD TO WEAR THESE BEALL SUITS. COMPARE THE SELECTION AND QUALITY OF THESE SUITS ANYWHERE IN BAYTOWN OR HOUSTON. THESE SUITS ARE MADE FOR BEALL'S AND THE GULF COAST CLIMATE . . . CAN BE WORN 11 MONTHS OUT Of THE YEAR. • ALTERATIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE AT BEALL'S MANY WITH EXTRA PANTS -- $30.00 1 $400 $ 2 oo GIRL'S FALL COATS GIRL'S FALL DRESSES GIRL'S BLOUSES & SKIRTS $ 1"u, GIRL'S FALLPLAYWEAR 99c UP LADIE'S MATERNITY WEAR .*1"u, LADIE'S $000 $ 1°° UP 0 UP BLOUSES ft SKIRTS ; 2 LADME'S FALL SWEATERS '2°°,, LADIE'S FALL DUSTBS T ENTIRE STOCK FALL FLOWERS 33c UP UP LADIES' DRESSES VALUES ror.n VALUES TO IQ.tS VALUES TO I4.9S GIRL'S FALL JACKETS GIRL'S FALL SWEATERS CHILDRENS' FALL SIEEPWEAR LADIE'S FALL SHOES MENS' DRESS SHOES CHILDRENS' SCHOOL SHOES 1000 YARDS FALL FABRICS .............. SOc™ MENS' FALL SLACKS ................. $ 5°°uP GOOD ASSORTMENT COSTUME JEWELRY REDUCED. BARGAIN TABLES $ 4°° $ 2 99 UP UP Be wrt to shop our bargain t«W*i . . . VtliMS from ad ovw fh« itor* . . , *fl just 1/2 of prict mtrktd. JlPWCE 2 MARKED it will be opened up. There were a lot of things I couldn't do on the stage because of limitations of space and time. When Bob sings '76 Trombones,' we'll take it out of the school gymnasium and into the street. Likewise, the final chase can be done all over town." This may come as a blow to Iowa pride, but the entire film will be shot in Burbank. (California is an Iowa colony, anyway.) To nearly everyone's delight, Bob Preston will be repeating as stomach, that you'd have to play at least four weeks on the stjtge before you could really do it." __ Movie Rights Bought On Book About Hitler HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Metro- Goldwyn-Maycr said today it has T, — r/TtTi" W" iT" ~~ r 7 purchased movie rights to the Harold Hill But he was no shoo- J. urn?nt best . spllcr .. The Rise And m tnr flno film mip ' -,-, .. ,••.,• m* m, • * T-. -_t- »t _ i.:,. in for the film role. "We had a lot of big stars who wanted to do it—Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, etc.," the director said. "The studio was inclined to sign a bigger name than Bob. But I held out for him. This is a role A uciu v/ui xui JUKI, .tuia is CL it/ic. ^\ ^italic Jfaa il.*vui u that you had to feel in your neck than a bird does. Fall Of The Third Reich," R his tory of Hitler's empire. A studio spokesman said it- is planned to use the author, foreign correspondent William L. Shirer, as narrator of the film. A giraffe has fewer bones In its F Genuine Or Imitation MILK GLASS I And Imported GLASS NOVELTIES j OFF 1500 N. PRUETT SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY - FRIDAY SATURDAY - JANUARY 12-13-14 PEPPER CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP CAN PILLSBURY INSTANT CAKE MIX WHITE, YELLOW, OR CHOCOLATE BOX PIE CRUST MIX PI-DO 2 BOXES DEL MONTE DRIED MED. SIZE Lb. Box ...NO. 2 CAN «% Ml DEL MONTE I 35C PRUNES 4*w INSTANT (Ft 27C PREAM «%•• RED SEAL 35c SYRUP ;>.vru».A» ,i-.K.jtvuiL,iU 4%Mtf GREEN GIANT CRACKERS LBBox2/C CORN 2 LD3BY'S CRUSHED PINEAPPLE KRAFT'S BARBECUE SAUCE PREMIUM .18 OZ. BTL. INSTANT (For Coffee) SMALL JAR 23 OZ. JAR 12-OZ. CANS IMARCA Asst. Colored Taper NAPKINS eo MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANT COFFEE 6 OZ. JAR 29c 35c 29c 35c 37c 79c SWIFT'S NO. 1 GRADE VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 29 KEN-L.RATION CAT or DOG FOOD 7 GLEEM ECONOMY SIZE c, n! TOOTHPASTE 49 PLASTIC UTILITY PAIL 10 Quart 69c • FROZEN FOODS • LIBBY'S 10-Oz. PEACHES 19 LIBBY'S CREAM CORN 6 PKGS. $]00 o>v/»a>a\jf» a PMBW T.Y. DINNERS FA S 57* PREP 50 BIG BONUS STAMPS With Purchase Of WIZARD KITCIIEX DEODORANT BOMB 59c TEXIZE FREE 50 BIG BONUS STAMPS With Purchacsc Of LIQUID CLEANSER .46 OZ. JAR 83c • FRESH PRODUCE * Large $176 Lettuce Head Extra Fancy Winesap Apples Yellow Onions 2 Large Srre Avocados 9 U.S. Govt. Inspected FRYERS Whole Lb. : CUT UP : Lb. 33c 27 BABY BEEF SwissRoundSteak - 69 Swift's Prcrnium LEG-0-UMB .Lb. GROUND BEEF 73c 49c Baby Beef RUMP ROAST ....Lb. Mealy PORK RIBS IJb. HORMEL'S WISCONSIN AGED CHEESE , 65c 37c 59c

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