The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 17, 1959 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1959
Page 9
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r i • BrMosport and Bmoifa Oormtf, T«XM, BLONDI1 f 5E ISA MIGHT/ SMART — vceMMooNcry, BUT EVEM WE ' TSMAP!r 'NUFF TO HANDLE NEEDS SOME Otb- , FASHIONED ' FRIGHTENED AMERICAN OOMMOONITV NEEDS THE MOST ou> WORLD, TW SUREST PLACE <? •^. " * ^^P«sT •" «v KB ^g CHOOSE// 1-n ULV ABNER OAMEY BARLOW!! BLESS YOR6 LEETLE HEART HOWOV, MIZ SM4F- HERESAM6SS WILD (SNIF-SNIF) I'M SO DADBURN FLUSTERED I JEST DON'T KNOW WHAT It) SAY, JAMEY WHV DON'T VE SAY, "COME IN TH' HOUSE. JAMEY.AN'HAVE A HUNK V PIE?? SNUFFY SMITH NO, XOU5T NEEO VOOK APVICE.. BEETLE BAILEY MY.TED. YOU GET ONE BLACK EYE RIGHT AFTER ANOTHER/ MAYBE YOU COULD 1 AVOID'EM IF YOU . HAD A FEW BOXING J LESSONS/ BOXINS LESSONS DONT STOP'EM.'GRANDMA...' I'VE TRIED THAT/ I'M TAK1N' UP LONG- DISTANCE RUNNING NEXT/ GRANDMA -Wee \ I6U£'55 I'M "\ A$ClENTIST. p -tET'6 J A \ A BIT Of ALL I TRV AN EXPERIMENT.'SEE? TEACMEB.'-iW-I I THOSt-HW / VOD JUST POT A SCIENTIST/ KEAPV WITH KXJR CAU, MADRID!- TUMK PAVS IN OfciCCAT THIS LAND I TOMOKKOM, , UPS 7KCKWO, AC-AINST MINE AMD &CHAM-^ IVOUKr/ME, .ION' Pr&TANCE.' OORDO IN MV cowntv AM. VBASS MA OP9 POOO HE BRAZOBFORT TACT ft Round-Tfie-C/ock Service At FP's Holiday Laundry • •' '- ' • • • . .-/•' :" ". * ; ., . .. • , . ••, • •* A round-the-clock.automatic laundry service, locally Downed will open for business' iri • Freeport Saturday; morning. The Holiday Laundry, is lo. cated adjacent totHngle's Furniture .at 515 West Second Street When the dodrs ate opened at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, they 'wifo remain open permanently. The laundry facilities are open fo? use around the clock, seven days a week. ' A total of 20 washing ma* chines are available, fn the building. All are coin-operated So are the six driers located in the same room. During the opening day, the driers will be operated free tot all who use them. Attendants will supply the coins. Augmenting the machines Is a sink with wringers, for tKo convenience of those who wan) to sldrch their clothes at tho laundry. There are also tables for folding clothes. NOW THtttI WED. GARY GRANT EVA MARIE SAINT JAMES MASON .&•'. umsmomot HOHTHw NORTHWEST Phone BE 3-2M4 Trre HOUSE OF IHTS LAST DAY worid's most wonderful entBrtainmentl ADMISSION: $U» and 5flo FEATURES AT 6:00 - 8:50 TRY FAQS CLASSIFIED ,-For those waiting . oh the washing, machine cycle, which is a .maximum of 30 minutes, there are.sofas where customers may read or converse. J. E. (Jack) .Dingle,, one of the three owners of the laundry, invites those who use the laundry, to utilize the waiting period in browsing through the furniture .store next door. .-: The Holiday Laundry is an 'extension of Dingle's Furniture building; <usihg the same architectural theme of glass and charcoal -gray stone. The deep off-street concrete parking ramp is available to both businesses. .,. . . The firm is owned by Dingle, J. Gi (Gil) Dicltsoh,' and J, L. Dickson. These three are owners of the Block 78 Company, Which, is.expanding by stages into a business center. Dingle said he intended the new laundry to be the most comfortable and convenient in the area, and would welcome any suggestions from customers toward improving it. Roddy Berry Gets Church , Hoddjr Berrf) idn'of Mr. and Mri. William Betrr of Lake Jackson, wa» awarded the Pro Deo Et PaJrU (For God and Country) Award It Christ '..u- iheran Church of take Jackson. Scout Barry had fulfilled the requirement* of Ihe church and computed ISO service houri and a ip«cial project. Scout Beiry was presented by Scoutmaster John Watson a* an impressive 'ceremony. Of 16 awards given 16 ih* Lutheran Texas . Conference, five have been mad* to Seoul.' «rs from Christ Lutheran .Church. • Former recipient! were, Freddie Flfcher, Chuck Steffler, Don White, and Robert Kilian. '•'••- Profitable and Charitable MINNEAPOLIS ttJPI) — In its first seven years. PGA National Golf Day realized about $666,000 and turned it over to charities and worthwhile golf projects. Af Commissioners Court Bids, Letters, Raises On Agenda Brazoria .County Commissioners' Court opened bids on radios, authorized a letter urging immediate compliance of a contract, and opened informal bids on work needed for the Bookmobile garage, during a regular session, Monday. The radio bids were fiom the General Elsctric Company of Houston and the Motorola Company . of .Houston. . Thev •were County Vud"- Hor Frank A. Taylor and County Engineer W., J.' Lewis for tabulation and recommendation. The Oeneral Electric bid was $562.20 for one, and if two or more are purchased, $533.80 per unit. Delivery time of 30 to 45 days after receipt of the order was: listed. The Motorola bid was $599 for a single radio, and $570.42 for two or more; Their de- in line with salaries received by employees in other departments. The court authorized a raise of $300 to $358 per month for Raymond Wade Hill, a deputy sheriff who was employed several months ago. They made the change effective Sept. 1, and said this puts Hill's saiary on the same level as that of other deputies. On recommendation of Lewii the classifications of J. L. Ford and D. E. Cox were changed from second class operators to intermediate operators, with salary raises from $315 to $335 monthly. W. B. Basham wai promoted from intermediate, ttf first ctass operator, with a raise from $335 to S355 month-" ly. All these were made effective Sept. !;• PETITIONS ".-..••• The court- accepted, for' fil- livery. time was, JUsted at four . Th '..' 1 ? ju .!i ""f w™* «>* into fivo weeks'' : r . m S the^p^tWrf-'-frtlht 'W. M. The court au(horized L»w:s[ De . weyJand 20' other?, to lay to write Br.nn.n/BroU.crf^"^"^™^^ Construction Company, urging that they take immediate steps (ownr* compliant*, -with, ..their contract to repair roads the? constructed lasf ye^r. '' ' "' -—-—•The court said this Is to be! 1 ""* 1 ' 6 ^ a " u Ille " lor recorn the final letter before taking I™-' w>as f ° r nlack-toppintr legal steps, and- authorized County Road 143 in Precinct 3. ordered notices posted for a h -iring at JO a.m., Oct ' ' 'A £etHfon from A:H. Whit"" " ~J" ac- filed for record TODAY - FBI. - SAT. Thrills & Action and was ordered tabled. MACHINES legal steps, and^ Buuiun^.eu Lewis to send a tapy to the rconstrucjign,.concert's bonding jlcompahy.' : r.' ".' '-','',!^,"," "|,*' T ^ e ^omt,vj^37flTallow the i Informal bids were opened Ctty of Weii"CbTu£nl>ia to use 'on work n« rai«p thf>|Uiree county votine machines ; height of the Bookmobile ?ar-i>n its city election of Sent. 2(5. age to accommodate th? new TAT HATE bookmobile. These bids were The formal action setting the from two local carpenters, and I tax rate at the same levels a>were in the amounts of S1.0R5J ready announced, was passed. anil $r,582, respectively; ' jThi? rnesms, aJtotal.-Tate of 86 They were referred to Lewis cents on the S10ft valuation ,-ind Taylor'for recommends- jrjVENILE OFTICER — PLUS — tion. SALARY CHANGES A letter requesting salary hikes for five employees of the tax assessor-collector's office was tabled imtil the next meeting, to enable commissioners to compare those salaries with salaries other employees in similar" positions receive. Thomas had requested raises of $350 monthly to $375 monthly for Kenneth, Happe, Dota Slate and Ruby Rosier; a raise of $300 to $375 for Jetta M. Yeager and $290 to $375 for Patsy Blgbie., He said the raises were requested to put these employees TPURS. Thro SAT. WINNER of ACADEMY >WAHD for BEST ACTRESS SUSANHAYWARL , in Ih* SMS «tory of V' BorbaroCraham-whoi* I murder triol sHocUd th* wgridt I want to • " —Plus—ELVIS PRESLEY in "LOYINOYOU" CHARIK R. ROSf-ASSOCIATE Mi POUCIES MAY HAVE STANDARD PROVISIONS, IUT, All POUCIES AM NOT WRITTEN THE SAMEI IF YOU CARE-COMPARE COVERAGE - PRICE - SERVICE CALL BE 3-3901 TODAY HOME. IUSINESS - AUTO • UFi HOSPITAUZATION 2 -rti- s« / •fta t»f*xvT\ u»- WWUKICAV ! FREEPORT IlfflONAlBAWK __ ^^— t*v* «*tif*nr\t« *%v »f*rr*w\*s» v^u*\* .-. w MEMBER POIC •••it A SHOWING WED. - THURS, - FRIDAY PLUS 2nd FEATURE • IILUSHIH9 »AOt HIT 0» $IX IN THE SUBUMM hk&M prnwa A JOS&H RW5 PKODUCIION !l$ DAY • RKHAtt WIMUUtll "THE TiHMEi Off INK" ALWAYS 9 COtOR OAfiTOONa The Fret-port Soroptimis'l Club's letter requesting; definite Court action setting up a juvenile officer, and commending the Cnurt fnr its budgeting cf $lfl.noo to that de- nartm*»nt, *vas rend. MUSEUM Another letter, this one from the Kappa Delta Chapter' of, the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority was also read. Thi letter fav- 1 ored the conft^nrtion of a' Brnzoria County Museum. MISCELLANEOUS The court approved the county relief "list, and county agents' reports apd the mos- .inito control report. A resolution of thanks for drainage work in the Pearland Independent School pistrict was read. The Delinquent Tax Record Approval Certificate for 195^-57 was signed.. The court approved the cost accounting reconciliations and two fund transfers, as well as accepting for filing several right of way deeds. LONG SNEEZE CHICAGO (UPI)—Paul W. HMUOD, 19, admitted he wa« tp**dirt3 whin given « Ucktf but Mid il w«j twcauM "the tbtuii oi a sn*«e brought my foot down on the ga« pedal." But apparently the tneexe lasted too long. Judge Harry P. Bean noted that "you were 12 miles over the limit for more than two blocks," and fined Henson $5. Community Caleiidaii S THURSDAY, SEPT. 17 7:30 p.m.—K of P Lodge No. 475. K of P HaU, Fresport 7:30 p.m.—Knights of Columbus, Council Hall. Freeport *8;0fl p.m.—Freeyort Rebekahs Mog'e No.- 257,' JOOV Building .-' FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 •12:15 pjn.—Brazosport Rot- 4- ary_J31ub. Port Cafe. 2^30 p.m,—Women's Aux. Int '^waflhB 0 ^'?.' Local No 5C-1, Union Kali; 8:00 p.m.—Angleton Alcoholics Anonymous, Call TI- 6269 . •»..'.. HttCMSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 ^^Vln^f'^'Jaycees, Lake Jackson Club House 8:00 pjn.-r-Lake Jackson Masons, Masonic Hall 8:00 pjn.— Freeport Oddfel- lows Lodge No. 951, IOOF Building 8:00,pjn.—Arthur 0. Larson Post No. 4341, VFW, 108 South D, Freeport '8:00 p.m.—Alcoholics Anonymous. CaU CY 7-2940 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 '7:00 pjn.— Brazosport VFW 8578, VFW, Clut« tern Star, Masonlo 7:30 p.m.—Lake Jackson . 7:30 pm.-K of P Quit IxxSfee" No. 197, K of P Hall, Velii" co •••..-•«» 7:30 pjn.— Freeport Lifllui" Club, Port Cafe - •;• 7:30 pjn.— VFW AUS..4M1." VFW Hall, Velasco .^T ; 7:30 p.m.—Ray Bane; Port 1 «0, Fire Station,; * WEDNESDAY, SEPT. IS 5:45 a.m.—Lake J«amon",Op- timists, J & J Oafa, Cluta 12:15 p.m.—Freeport Kiw«rus, Dow Hotel ,.:;, 7:30 p.m.—Freeport JPlaofeg Commission, Freeport City Hall 8:00 pjn. — 'FOB, SurflttW. Road . oyi 8:00 pjn.—Freeport AlcoholScs» Anonymous, ' American "LW gion Hut ' , . . - "••"•" 8:00 pjn.—Lakd Jackson Js.y- cee-ettes. Club. Howe ^ THURSDAY, SEPT. •£ American Chemical Society, Brazosport Section, Dipper at 6:30, program following, Brazosport , Senior HifiH School Activity- 7:00 pjn. — Club, Port Cafe Call Freeport BE 3-4411, Extension 3-2606 for'UiUat ?r' Presented M a public service bv ' ' *:"".' THZ DOW CHEMICAL COMPAMY- Texas Division T . . -jj-g. Your toughest farm brush is the target for.,; REDDON CONCENTRATE Dont let tough, resistant truth like oak and nwpto stop your farm brush control program. For p»stur« or fencerow cleanup . . . whereyet brush dpesnt belong, get Reddon' Concentrate, the super-strength formulation of Reddon. Use It any tima of th* y«M i.. as a foliage spray in the growing season or for basal, "frill" or stump treatment in any season. B« sure you're armed for the toughest brush. Q«t your supply of Reddon Concentrate now. . , •ruauuu ar iu DOR cuwcu. uiitut Dealers of Dow agricultural chemicals in this uea: ANGLETON MILL & FEEU COMPANY. AngletOB- ED'S FEED & SUPPLY, Freeport FOSSEL'S FEED Si SEED COMPANY. Brasori* HAYNES LUMBER COMPANY, Freeport STOCKMAN SUPPLY COMPANY.: AhgleWn ^Supplier Of Dow Anhydrow

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