Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 27, 1935 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1935
Page 10
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3PAGE TEN THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, P&mpa, Texas SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 27, 1935 Rogers Here in Latest Picture 'COUNTY CHAIRMAN" TAKEN FROM PLAY OF SAME NAME Described in advance accounts from Hollywood as the finest to date cf Will Rogers' notable series of American character portraits, the Fcx Film production. "The County Chairman." will be seen here at the j La Nora theater beginning today. "The County Chairman" is a screen adaptation of the famous play of the same title, by one of America's foremost humorist. Geo. year 1902, "The County Chairman" ran there for a year with Maclyn Arbuckl? as its star and then toured for the next Ihrce seasons. In addition to the celebrity which it brought to Arbuckle, the play created another star of the era—Willis P. Sweat-man, who appeared in the famous role of "Sassafras," colored rmm-of-all-work. In the screen plav. Stepin Fetchit is seen in this notable part. "The County Chairman," it is said, is a story of smiles and heart lugs, rivalling the hugely successful "Judge Pricsl" and "David Harum" as a vehicle for Rogers. In the new film he is seen as a wily, lovable county boss, half-diplomat, half-rustic. Te wins elections and arranges love matches with equal skiH—and no one, not even his rivals can resist him. John Blystone has directed the picture, with Edward W. Butcher listed as producer, and the adaptation from George Ade's play has been made by Sam Hellman and Gladys Lehman. A nolable supporting cast includes such players as Evelyn Venable. Kent Taylor, Louise Dresser, Berton Churchill, Mickey Rooney Frank Melon and Stepin Fetchit. Once again, it is stated, Will Po-qers displays his recently developed flair for singing in this picture. You will recall his musica" propensities in "Judge Priest." Tills time he renders an old-time westerr ranger's song, accompanying himself on the guitar. Another highlight of "The County .Chairman' is 0113 of those famous torchligh processions so much in vogue a the turn of the century. This one is staged by Will and is said to have all the frenzy and thrill of it: originals. You mustn't miss Will Rogers the inimitable, in "The Count} Chaiiman." You'll love him mor than ever—and no one can say movi than that! ((iii/xicnlly. t-ver the romame ol Kent Taylcr and Vrnablr in "The County Chairman." This is Fox Film's pungent st'i-ccu ver- yirn rf the famous George Ade remedy, in which lingers plays a t'iiT-r.'tin(f boss in a small Wyom- ins- town, back at the turn of the century. SYN.WK1S: Nirlinlns Trem-h hnsiimof. now. Hint he- WIIB mil tho ninnliTi-r "f John Osluirm*--mid Iv ncrdi-d il. bi'i'iiufi' iillhmnrli he hnd ln-cn ni-iiuilli'd "f tin- ili-iil. rnnny lii'li<'vi'd In- w«» Kiiilly. Ami Molly O'llric-n. whcim Nic'k lews. !ms fcnim! thi' vnliinlilc formula Or.lmrnf In"! st.,li'M from hi-r. Hut llivy hiivo n frivh problem-- how to escape from Peter Orloff. Holshevist spy who will stop lit nothinit lo iret the formula. Molly, .li-rry mid Mnrdiinnl. their friends, and Nick are bonrdinK Jcrry'n yacht. LOCAL THEATER PROGRAMS Chapter 45. RACE It was only a short pull—forty yards at the utmost—but with the spray splashing over us at every stroke we were all four drenched to the skin by the time we got on board. George, who was waiting for us on deck, heralded our approach by a: chorus of staccato barks, his enthusiasm culminating in a frantic attempt to lick each of our faces in turn as we climbed up over the fide. ""What about a hot drink and a mouthful of biscuit straight away?" suggester Jerry. "I could do with it for one and Heaven knows when we shall get another chance." "I'll put the Primus on." Jimmy wriggled out of his dripping mackintosh. "You'd better 'ave this back now, sir. You'll be wanting it if we're going cut amongst that lot.' He disappeared briskly through the cabin door, and after a meditative glance seaward Jerry turned to us. "Of course," he observed. ' miracles do happen occasionally, but somehow or other I don't altlio- getlier like the look of this one. Seems just a little too good to be the .--ame pleasant feeling ve'rc not out of this quick, it's al The Pampa theater program for this week follows: LA NORA—Today, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (four days), "County Chairman." with Will Ror;ers, Evelyn Venable and Stepin Fctchit; Also "An Elephant Never Forgets," a Cartoon picture, "Snap- s-hots" .and a Paramount newsreel. Thursday (only) "The Secret Bride," wi'h Barbara Stanwyck, Warren Williams and Glenda Farrell; also "Hollywood Gadabout" and "Domes- tie Blisters." Friday and Saturday, Loretta Young and John Boles in "The White Parade," and short sub- REX—Today, Monday and Tuesday: "Notorious Gentleman," with Charles Bickford and Helen Vinson. Also, a Fox newsreel and "Mama's Little Pirate." Wednesday and Thursday: "White Cockatoo," with Ricardo Cortcz and Jean Muir. Also "The The Dog House" and a Universal newsreel. Friday and Saturday. Bob Steele in "Brand of Hate" and short subjects. STATE—Today, Monday and Tuesday, "Girl From Missouri," with Jenn Harlow and Franchot Tone. Also, "Society Notes" and "Washee Ironee," an Our Gang comedy. Wednesday and Thursday, "A Lost Lady," with Barbara Stanwyck. Also. "Stolen Melody" and "Mysterious Kiss." Friday and Saturday, John Wayne in "The Big Stampede," and short subjects. AVHEELEK COUNTY UECORDS Oil filings for Friday, Jan.'25: MD.—M. M. Garrett of Sabine Rcyalty Corp., 1-64 int. E >.i of N W 11 and N ',{. of W 'i of N W !', section 44, block 24; 1-256 int. E '.'. section 51, block 2-1; 1-128 int. N W J ,i and E '/L- of N E >4 section 45, block 24. Furnished by Title Abstract company, Wheeler. .•» Read the Want Ads—NOW. true "I've myself," I admitted. '"We're in for inelhingt—hat's ip with us " He was gone again in a flash, an or two minutes of feverish activilj the world seemed to consist of soak ed canvas and recalcitrant knots. I was dimly conscious of th crash of the anchor, and the wiV lutlcring of a rebellious jib; Ihcr tiller in hand, I found mysel crouching forward on the wet coun ter, while foot by foot Jerry liatile up the struggling mainsail, "That's all right. Let her come Round she swung, heeling over to! our Ice gunwale, and taking in a rush of water that surged furiously up the deck. With only one arm at my disposal, it was as much as I could do to battle against the force of the gale. Something like a red-hot gimlet seemed to be boring vigorously into my damaged shoulder, and every wave that slapped against our bows sent a shower of stinging spray into my eyes. Through it all the menacing throb behind us grew clearer and clearer. "I can see them now, Nick. They're just coming round the bend." Molly's voice was as steady as usual, and glancing back up the wind-swept creek, I had a momentary glimpse of our pursuing enemy. She was a powerful looking cutter, half as large again as ourselves, and in addition to her engine, she was forging along under every strip of canvas that she was capable of carrying. "Thanks, old man, I'll take her on now. You get down into the well Molly." Jerry, who had already possessed himself of the tiller, Slipped deftly into my place, and edging out of his I fished out the revolver which I ad stuffed away into my side pock- t "They'll have to hurry," I mut- ;red. "if they don't catch us before •e reach thfi bar . . ." "That's what I'm counting on," erry laughed grimly. "They must raw at least a couple of feet more lan we do. and with any luck lew's an almighty smash coining or somebody.'' He eased off the niainsheet, and ilh the wind dead behind us, Ihe eagull heaved and smashed her r ay joyously through the on-rush- ig tide. "Better lie down, Nick," e added, "it would spoil all the fun : you got a bullet through your ead." His advice struck me as sound, nd stretching myself out flat I ooked back over the foaming wake vhlch spread out in a broad fan stern. With the help of her engine the pursuing cutler was over- lauling us rapidly. In the bright light of the moon vlilch now shone down through a jap in the cloud bank, I could see icr crew of four as plainly as though t were daytime. One of them, a huge bareheaded fellow, who wa's steering, I recognized at once. It was my old acquaintance, the big Russian sailor. With his bcastial features and cnoromous breadth of shoulder lie looked for all the world like some monstrous ape. but it was on the man who was crouching motionless beride him that my eyes instinctively riveted themselves. A cold blast of hatred went thru my heart as I stared at lhat still sinister figure. He sat there, bent slightly forward, his face a white mask in the moonlight.' Except for Ihe slight swaying of his body as the ship rose and fell, lie never stirred or varied his position. Not more than a hundred yards now separated us, and every moment the roar of the sea as it pounded against the bar became louder and more strident. Twisting myself around, I took a glance forward over the plunging bobstay. Directly ahead of us the line of breakers that stretched from ihore to shore was broken by a nav- •ow strip of dark, swirling water. On each side of this, pver the crest of the ridge a white maelstrom boiled and bubbled, while here and here patches of black sand still showed amongst the frothing tur- iioil. (CopyriuM, 11)34, IVnn 1'ublislihiK Co.) Tomorrow, an accident decides the race. No Persons Can Promise to Get IL S. Employment WASHINGTON. D. O.. Jan. 2(5.— The United States Civil Service! r- j: Will r</ii-n»>ilt7olni, c-ot-c lliof ninvinrnit:.. lnf_ , VJJ Ca.fclVfc /J-V, <'* V* »** Houston CKronlcte, today was named a lieutenant colonel on Governor James V. Allred's staff. " me ;'eal pleasure to make this appointment." the governor said "Texas needs more newspaper men cf tin; caliber of Mr. Repass and there should bs 1 wider vccog- nition nf the ri,:i-:lnii!ltvc good they tlo for T-; MIS." Commission says that numerous letters received at its office from dif- i ferent parts of the country indicate that misleading information is being given to the public by agents I of some of the correspondence schools which give instruction in preparation for civil-service examinations. To guard against the loss of Have Community Form Organization, far held at the Grand- A merlin, w( re prcs"n view school liou/r- at 7:30 p. m. Thursday. 'I'he meetlniv was called to uxl'T by the community cliflir- inoncy paid for tuition of this kind j 1]lan Vdwin G. Nelson. 'he Civil Service Ccmmission informs the public as follows: No one can promise appointments to positions for which the United State holds Civil Service examinations. Commission The claim thai such assurance can be given brands the person making it as a fraud. Information regarding examinations for the United States Civil Service may ta? obtained from lh<- boards cf United States Civil Service Examiners. There is such n board in each community which has a post office of the first or the second class. In nearly all cities the civil service board is located at the post office. Before paying money for tuition, or signing a contract, it is advisable to make inquiry concerning the prospecl of examinations. There is reason to believ? lhat ngcnls of some schools deceive Ihe public as to the probability of early examinations. No school has advance, information regarding the need for employes or the probability of examinations. —«t»- EDITOR APPOINTED AUSTIN, Jan. 26 I/I')—William C. Repass, managing editor certain—and, what's more, it won't be long in coming. Now they know we've got the formula . . ". He broke off. "How's the shoulder, Nick?" None too gay," I replied, my left arm's sound enough." He nodded. "Still way, I peered through the flying spume at the white-crested turmoil ahead of us. "Looks ugly," he remarked, "but it's our only chance. Now they know we've got the paper those devils won't care a curse what hap- nc uuuuuu. That's .something, j pens. They'll shoot us down like I can manag'i all right for the pros- rabbits, and then make for that ship cut, but if we have to clear out in a -• »—•-•" bit of a hurry. I shall want you to of theirs." A talk nn th: vnlne of onv.inizn- tion to tin' rnvmcrs was given by County Ac.ent Ralph R. Thomas, after which was an address by John Tiirc-'tle. chairman of T.aketon eom- munily farm onjaniralkm, giving d'Mai'K of the stair meet Ins held in Dallas, December Slh, (ith. and 7th. Ail:r a discussion 111110111; Ihe fa nil'is picsent, it was decided un- aniinoiK-lv lo H.'rm a farm organization of the community for 1035, The follcv,ing officcis were elected: Edwin G. Nelson, chairman; Jack Stephens, vice-chairman; A. C. Adams. s:TiTln'y. It wa.s derided that the work which wculd be sponsored by ilie orfranr/atlon for )f)3. r i would include Boy's 4-H cMib work, terracing, hog and beer slaughtering demonstrations, and sub-irrigation of gardens. A. A. A. farm record books were handed out and a short talk on kfcpini; farm rccn:ds was led by Assistant Agt'nt Clyde L. Carruth. It was decided that the regular mc-eliiig would be held on the second Thursday in each month at 7:30 p. in., at- the Grandview school house, the nrxt, meeting to be held Feb- Public Utility Licensing Urged By Commission WASHINGTON, Jan. 26. (XT)— Federal licensing of public utility holdings wns suggested by the federal trade commission today. It said the "stage is now set so that a, combination of the present holding company systems would produce one nation-wide monopoly." In 192!). the commission reported. 16 holding company groups had an ownership interest in about D2 per rmt of the nation's electrical output. The report suggested there were three constitutional procedures for cnlaiging federal reputation. These arc the regulation of interstate commerce, with particular reference to licensing, federal taxation. mid the operation of the postal sys- M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short arid Long Terffli REFINANCING Small and Large 604 Combs-Worley Bldf Phone 336 tern. The development of lioldinc coin- thc report said, "shows a ftrenV trend toward monopolistic control." Federal Dressmaking Let Miss Davis help you plant your Spring Wardrobe. All work Guaranteed, Prices Reasonable. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 214 No. Cuyler Phone 689 licensing means that holding companies would liav? In pel specific authorization to operate in intcrestatc commerce. AT WHITE HOUSE STOKE Paul McLaln, well known market miiivin Pampa, is in charge of the market at the White House Food Store instead of the Home Supply market- as wa.s slated in th: News Friday. Mr. M-cLain recently took charge of the White House store market while 'the Homb Supply market continues under Ihe same management as heretofore. 5 and 10 Acre Tract* Close in L. J. Starkey Room 13 Duncan Bldg. Mrs. Bill Bronsoti of LeFors visited in the city yesterday afternoon. ADVANCED SHOWING of the new STUDEBAKER Champion Cars at J. C. Penncy's Dept. Slnro Friday and Saturday of this week. O. n. KERB MOTOR CO. 12 N. Hoincrvillc — Phone 977 , . growing port city of Houston led REMOVAL NOTICE From Roan Blix. to 408 Combs- Worley Bid*. SVc have an upeninif for an experienced full or part time inaurunce solicitor, lady or gentleman. Very attractive contract. Our many policyholdern in this territory are invited to visit ua at all times. Apply to L. W. Tarkenton, District Agent. Trinity Life Insurance Co. Old Line Legal Ueserve stand by for the tiller." "What are you going to do? I inquired. "Just get things ready. It will be another 'forty minutes at least before the bar's veally *?!•'•'•, hut there's no harm in in'.iking n few preparations You two stay here, and for the love of Mike, keep your eyes open." He left us abruptly, and, moving forward into the bows, started to haul in the slack of the anchor chain. Down below, through the open door of the cabin, I could hear Jimmy pumping up the Primus. "I'd give a lot to know whals happened to our clear friend Orloff," I said. "Where do you suppose he was making for when he slipped oi'f from the factory?" "I've been trying to work'it out. Molly hat down beside me on the wel cabin lop "I believe he meant lo go back lo the boat. He'd finished with us—at leant, so he thought— but that was no use 1 unless he could get rid of the others, too. "I don't know how he was going to do it. I expecte he had some cunning and horrible plan to make it look as if we'd all been killed in the explosion. Anyhow, he certainly wouldn't waste time. He'd already sent one of his men to watch the farm, and ..." "But when he found we'd escaped, I broke in, "why didn't he finish us, off then? What chance should we nave had against a crowd of. armed .oughs?" She shook her head. "It's got to look like an accident, Nick. After all this isn't Russia. You can't shoot down people and just leave their bodies lying about on the marsh. Why, even now, when he knows . . ." "Listen!" I gripped hold of her waist, and for a tense second we both sat there in breathless silence. Through the moaning of the wind, from somewhere far away up the creek, came a faint, unmistakable sound. It was the purring spit of a: marine engine. "Hear that?" With the swiftness of a cat Jerry wa.s back again beside us. "A ten-horse Kelvin from the sound of it. Chuck off those ropes, man, and get hold of the tiller. If ROBERTS The Hat Man , . , Just Hats — Factory Finished Located in DeLuxe Dry Cleaners - - - Action! Breathless with excitement . . . Packed laughs and tense CHARLES in "THE NOTORIOUS GENTLEMAN with Helen Vinson REX Today r FAVORITE STAR IN ANOTHER CHEAT PICTURE Is composed of Willard McAdams, A program committee was Skeet Clark, and Clyde Jones. appointed by the chairman which BUILDING REPORTS DALLAS, Jan. 26 (#>)— The fast- Texas in volume of new construction this week, with a total of $46,620 in building permits. Austin was second. and Dallas third with $35,705. Year $421,415 107,516 268,703 364,219 105,000 45,703 23,153 7,262 383,000 4,925 44,465 Week $46,620 37,564 34,705 8,100 6,760 5,972 3,758 2,311 1,400 none b.877 Cities reporting Galveston Wichita Falls Shreveport, La. JEAN HARLOW in The Girl From Missouri" Plaids Checks • Stripes * Prints BICKFORD Nautical Effects Slip into one of these Spring Frocks. They are the perfect -stimulant for a jaded wardrobe! ZEPHYR GINGHAMS! CORDETTES! PIC-PONS! PIQUES! PRINTED COTTON PONGEES! S/lyleA of Intriguing', Glorified Cottons! In one an£ two piece frocks for home and informal wear. Sizes 14 to 5». Guaranteed Sunfast an d TuWast ' ILL ROGERS is with us again - That lovable fire-cater of small-town politics who kissed all the babies...and collected all the votes...yet willingly surrendered victory when it threatened to wreck young love! , in 'THE COUNTY CHAIRMAN' with Evelyn Venable Kent Taylor Louise Dresser Mickey Rooney and Stepin Fetchit LaNora 4 Days Starting Today

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