The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 24, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 3
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«AZ6SPO«T AND IRAZORlA COUNTY, TMAS, MIDAT, AUOUST 24, m» T H I! BRAtOSPORT FACTS RE 3.3*11—CI«e«tfVd_RE 3-2M1 Blhln Material: Isnlnh 40: 1-will be able to survive the terrors II; K-7-10. ;of a nuclear war, (to called. OevnHOnnl Pending: p, n lnt It would not be like any war <! '•*• 'ever foughl before, and if you do BF.fHNNINf! AOAIN 'survive, it may be SOO niiles lo II in hum enough to share ox-'' hl ' np! »' l 'sl person who survived perlences even with those who me "" - vn " riltl near and dear. "The heart knows ltd own bitterness 1 , and « slran- JRor does not intermeddle with its | joy," Ihe old proverb says. When the experiences we are invited to share are those of people dead for more than two thousand jyears. sharing their experience I may seem Impossible. Yet such is the universal reach and Clute Assembly 0f God Slates I. All Day Service RKRIRTII OF TMK CMSMIC. Norfolk Jr.eket - mm In n ...It nf rntlnn eordtirny m soil II nlmnit fer-U like velvel. II ha« n rnllnr- !•« nerklliifl nml ero-w Knilnetl .yoke. Verllenl ImmU im rarh *IHe nf Ihe Iron! mul Iwrk ilrnp frnin Hip yoke. ""'I form «lnl« for the Inw «lung «elf Ml. Kotmcled Ixilliim, the new I..IIR, nllm «el-ln sleeve* nml nnliirnl lenlher Imtlnni. Tho Jnekel lo lined In n red Hn.v prnrlnelnl print ration. Strnlitlil «llm lined skirt. The vM nl«o romps In «mnkv Iwlen green, ftl/e R tn IS. under *IB. BP JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ATTEND 'COURAGEOUS MINISTERS 7 MEET An all-day homecoming service scheduled .Sunday at the Kirst Ine of the Bible, where we find Assembly of God Church in flute. Ihis ancient story, that we can The service will gr>( underway learn something for our own at 9:« a.m. and dinner on the lvp *- wounds will be al noon. Kvervone I NothinR is harder than begin- is invited lo come and hrine a jmni; again, especially beginning w .k lunch, according lo the pastor agnin on the scene of a failure , hp R cv. K. .!. Mills, with a special or a 'faster. Vet that is just , invitation lo all former ministers wha. he Hebrew people, extled am , members ofthe church. I rom then- beloved .lon.salem, had A Rr> , pp | sj • „ „,„, rf , 2 ;ln do. Really, their home city, ,„ < „..,„ „„ i was not there any motr. Hie * Mam in „,„ „„, jn , JKlorles of Ihe city Solomon built | 0n ,i jliave never returned lo this day. I All around the returning exiles (Wore the ruins of the old cily. in j You will have many other proh- ilems and much distress; nut one thine will he sure. — that kind of "war" ran happen once hut not again. You will have lived through .Ihe worst disaster in human his- jlorv; and afler that, other things |will he mild and lame hy rom- 1 parison. Rul Ihe Ihinjj you will have lo i remember (Ihn (x>oks will he ;hnrned up and what you know iyou won't eel from hooks any : morel— you must rem^mher that God is always on hoth sides n( every disaster: heforp and aflor, he is the.rp. jibe midst of which they Mr. and Mrs. Rodollo Rodii- 'Riie/, memben nf the local congregation nf Jehovah's Witnesses, will be leaving Ihis week for Ihe "Courageous Ministers" Spanish nistricl Assembly lo be held in San Anlonio, Aug. 21-2B. Arroixling In Mr. Rodriguez. presiding minister of Ihe local congregation, mosl of the regular meetings of thft eongregation will he suspended for the week exccpl Ihe weekly study of the Walch- lower magazine on Sunday. Those of the congrei»."thon not attending the San Antonio assembly will meet as usual for (!IP meeting. Mr. Rodrigm-/. said, "Hie local delcgalps allenrline the distrirl Kssembly will benefit greatly not only from the rich spiritual provisions bill also from association with Witnesses from other slates «nd Mexico. The convention will further the understanding regarding Ihe relationship cY Christians to the "Superior Authorities" especially al this critical period of time." The Assembly pnigram will »tart Friday nt 2 p.m. and will consist of nine discourses includ-' ing the welcoming address hy the; convention chairman, R. Cava/os. Saturday's program will feature 12 discourses and the baptismal i eremony hy K.V. Rui*. Sun day's outstanding fealure will lx> Ihe public address Take Courage — Ihe Kingdom of G o d has Drawn Near" hy B. Muscarirllo, of New York. Christians Host Event For Teacners, Parents Sunday allemoon. Mr. and Mrs. (.'. A. Christian, of Kreeport. uere hosts at an informal Ket-togeiher of .VI teachers, parents and students of the Special Kduratinn of the Rramsport ! Schools at the CAC Ranch on Old! River Hond. ; Special guests were Mrs Carolyn McGnughy, director of Spe-' rial Kdtication and Dr. .1. R. Jackson, assislanl superintendent i of Bra/ospon Schools. A hayride was enjoxed hy the group followed hy n meal. Fellowship and boat rides on the Bra/os River complPtH the after • noon. slowly build a new one. ; We remember that, the little na- Ition of Judah had been smashed and lhal ils destruction was God's will, lo punish the nation for its sins. Before the crash, few- would believe it could happen. But after the crash, (he mood of the nation chanced at once from a silly optimism lo a deep and bitter pessimism. From singing the song "We are God's people and he will not let anything destroy us," they sang a different lunr- — hmv different can be sen by reading Ihe wok of "Lamentations" written at Ihis time. from Ivin? all hope, th r y plunged violently to nohope. God )np pa | sjp( ] had turned against them Ihey felt. And so h* had. But until the prophets persuaded them other wise, they did not think God could ever forgive them. The prophets had to preach ov- . er and over again; Just as for sin Ihere must be punishment, so for repentance there is forgiveness. God punishes his own chil Ihe all-day service Sunday is in conjunction with a homecoming revival being hejd al the church musl Kvantzolisl Mike Wright, a former 'pas-lor of the church, and family are conducting the revival services 'Mind 7 Is Topic For CS Lesson, Sunday All things are possible to divine Mind. This is a theme of! the lesson - Sermon entitled' "Mind" to be heard in Christian Science churches Sunday in Freeport. Ijike's account of the healing of 1 in Ihe readings Included is Ihis "And immediate. will he from the Bihle verse ll.uke Si !y he rose up took up lhat The well-known passage from Isaiah about making a sliaighl road in Ihe wilderness brings up a picture of a vast deserl in which it is very easy to he lost and die . . .unless you keep to the. road. The road to life is narrow and hard lo find, Jesus said; hut Ihere is such a rnad. l^ost in woods or on Ihe deserl, or in a snowstorm, people are very likely to move, around in circles, instead of following a slraighl line. So in our confused time, with the best minds hardly- knowing what to do next, and nobody knowing hmv to bring about peace, if more people would lislpn to God there, would be less confusion in the world. A national magazine not long ago carried a debate h"lween an agnostic and Billy Graham on the question: Should our elected leaders be religious men? Bully Graham was surely right: they ought to be m«n of faith, for one reason in particular, the God fearing man does try to henr the voice of the (;od of truth. Such a leader may make mistakes: but surely he is heller off than the man who does not think Ihere is a God to listen (o' (Based on outlines copyrighted by the Division of Christian Education. National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Released hy Community Press Service, i lereon he lay. and eparted to his own house, f>ine fJod." f'rnn "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" bv , he *IH*."i IMS IJWll I Mil" .. n t r- does not disown M ^ L Bak ' 1 . r ™* lhi < """I""! dren. but them. AKTKR DISASTER ... . The clock and the calendar do not run backward. What's done is done. Not even the Ixird in heaven would restore Jerusalem as it wan. But few disasters «re totally without remedy. The storm leaves wrecks behind it — hut it passes on. There is always an afterwards to the worst of calamities. It may be that a few readers of this column will he read: "When man if ROV- emed hy God. the ever-present' *' lln "n-J-rstands all thins", i man knows that with God all. to this living Truth, which heals : the sick, it found in the Science! of divine Mind as taught and. demonstrated h> Christ Jesus" i DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE SUPER MARKET PRICES GIROUARD'S .SUPER MARKET Singing Convention Why Not Build Your Qivn Picnic Table? The Rraxoria County Singing Convention will meet from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at the First Assembly o f God Church i n Clulp. All singers and musicians in the ai~ea Are invited to attend. College Station. — You can have that needed picnic table and for a reasoivihle figure. A .small (unlay ; for the needed materials and a few hours o< cnjuyahle "do-il-jourvlf" can put B picnic table in your t>ack\i\rd. says Bill Smith, e.viension forester. For an attractive, strung luble that will give a lifetime of service. Smith yy^gest.s that pirseivative treated Southern \ellnw pine lumber IK- used. 'Hie | M , S | |,uy. he points out, is lumrHT pressure treated with penlHchlorophenol, often referred to as "pentH." Main lunihor yards mid wood Ircalint; firms ran furnish prcs- I CARS, TRANSFORMER, TRACK. DUEL CONTROL Hobby House SIMI—AUTOMATIC (DUTCH-MAID) WATER SOFTENERS OWN CHEAPER THAN RENT WHOLESALE RETAIL DOWEX Water Softening Minerals BRAZOSPORT BOTTLING CO. BE 3-1481 128 South • North Frttport sure treated lumber on request. If the table is to he painted, your request should sonify thai the ituterisl be treated with Ponta- \VK, explains Ihe lorerler. However, if painh'ni; is unimportant and natural wood bt-auty desired, fuel oil can be used as the carrier, he adds. If pressure treated Southern vellou pine lumber is not available, Ihe use/ul lifr of the table ran foe lenmhened hy soaking the nialrniti in a penia hid nil solution, siu.i Smith. If pmniinK is desired, Penta-WR must he used as Ihe pres.>rvame. Some advantage would Iv ed, he adds, even h> umple brush appliralinns of the preservative. Pent* i« available in either the ready-to-use or concentrate from mcwt lumber yards, hardware stores, paint shops, mail order houses, or other sources. Plans for constnicliiiK picnic tables are available (torn the of-j (ices of founty extrusion ac''iiis.' Request a cop> of l.-'-'l'i. 'Lets Rmltl a Picnic Table." You \\ill !*• surprised, i-oncludes Smith, how- simple the building job will be Hint how little the finished product will nxsi. FINAL CLOSE-OUT VINYL PLASTIC TILE Choice of 4 Colors PER TILE THE SHERWIN-WIUIAMS Co. 314 Broxosport Blvd. BE 3-5378 FREEPORT Television CLEARANCE OF 19A2 PHILCO AND RCA VICTOR TV'S! The set shown below is on example of tKe savings you can receive during this sale TABLE MODEL 23" TV REGULAR S239.95 * AcKancta 1942 Cool Chonll * 74V Lanqn TV Life * Air.FIa Power Trantformer Out Front Sound MANY OTHER SETS ARE ALSO ON SALE! TELEVISION CENTER 36-B Circle Way LAKE JACKSON PAG* 1 ON SALE SATURDAY STORE HOURS SATURDAY 9:30 A.M. TO 6:00 f.M 9:30 A.M. 400 PAIR OF MEN'S AUTOMATIC WASH 'N WEAR DRESS FINE QUALITY DACRON BLENDS IN SMART SOLIDS OR PATTERNSI COTTON CRISP WANTED AUTUMN SHADES! SPECIAL ALL AUTOMATIC WASH N 1 WEARS! Reduced Plain fronts, continentals go wash 'n wear, need lit- tle ironing! New look combed coHon Shadow- dan from Dan River . . . textured Penn-Twiit cot- tons! Penney'i tailors 'dm in 2 great styles! Colors? Black, willow, shale, more! . \ \ ft & FLEECE LINED SHIRTS! • iwat collar styles! • 100% cotton knits! • blq color selection! siies • to IS 2 Look what's happaneo! to fleece lined iport shirtt . . . now. in crew neck, V-neck or lip-up styles! All feature emblem, long sleeves! Vat-dyed colors include white, black, blues, greens, and more! Machine washable! FASHION SWEATSHIRT BUY! • qirlt lilts 7 to 14 • soft cotton flccc* lint • trtmeRdom MltcHo* 2 Penney's brings you » fabulous addition for her back- to-school wardrobe . . . snug 'n cozy sweatshirts in :ombed 'n carded cotton fleece! Smartly styltd with % sleeyes all kinds of necklines in prints 'n solids! SPORT SHIRT SPECIAL! • plaids, prints, solids! • long-wearing cottons! • all machine washable! 1 33 boys' siies 4 to II Fake advantage of that low Penney price! Get him a drawerful of these machine washable wonders! All tailored with long sleeves, regular sport shirt collars! Don't wait! Hurry in now and stock up! Buy several! AMAZING! FLORAL PRINT PENCALES AT THIS PRICE! Yes silky-smooth cotton percale sheets, famous Pencils quality, all-over printed with dainty flowers at this fabulous lew price! Your choice, pink or blue! All perfects' .ab-tested! Hurry, they'll go fast! full II" s 106" caiti 42" T Jl' >" $1 I far S2 twin 72" x 10S" 2

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