The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 13, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1897
Page 2
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,V" <*» " • "*" ^« If^'iK'^ "•*'•$;' -'•^AI*. v^^fH^ii^i*" ^j^^-^*;^,*^^ IrV* ,*v*«r' nn DAILY ,01 ti«n»|»Mt«tion MurilmJI, tfto ^IJIt1C 1 Hil••ION: Mr. and Mrs. F, K. Silting* guertlK of Mr. ftnd Mrs. John (TKcefts at Gull lake yesterday* t, of Chicago, represent- tioghefl concert company spent ^tindtvy in Marshall, tt. J. Colomati is £x*»«it*d hpm» from mrrthyirpftt this ovehiftg where hfe has J-, M..,iitWSR», P PERSONAL. VVm."Ci>nnpr spent Sunday h«rc. ' fV,.H, AnHort/allwl on Drtroit , Pfnnk Mttch(>!< weftt to Chicago tttis * • " • af the office d*' been the past w<»fek buying Th« Black^itle quartette will visit the faif 1 thife yrtafj fufuhtMnfe Vftrai taid 'Tw«trB mental tnttdkstin atid ab«ut floral hall, ^ree ontertafnm^nts all day long. ' With a liazor »«il Marine* ter 0'Cohn.oi*. A at Flsliw, *Hch.. trfed to Jti«s Louise Powers flpfen BuWlo Creel?. ' - Con^ty Troasttrr r Wi«ncr da> in- AlJionA< " ,A numhor of MaVstiall Toledo j MaM-day, < - J-.Vt. FloWtw,olSt.»1oftpr>h f J < (friends. i* -Uant-r, of Grand Rapids in tliis city- rtt Went to •morn(ng> tie <•«< Ws throat with « razor, anfl wn<?ti tWftl 0 Riltc4 to 'pntr-'hls Bf* 1 Vt6 U^k. a tiba)? of P&rtS gt'^ett. ^Sie> tiitige aaslgne/l is despoft deney o^^tJlktel^^f ^| n ** i& Strike far n. K-CKnt Ilnl»«. Sllf-h.. Sept. U.—The 4mm- hitotB I am prepared to do ladies' and children's ahampjoing rt't th«ir homes. Leave orders at Clark's barber Rhop, or j 7T. W. First cla&» job wtttk at lo* pri«(?Ft done at thia Birds. t have a flne assortment of ranKfjr for wtln Call iSbd «ee thstn. , At Watson's y«^ ran get tho Albion MoniW Hoiir by tho 100 lb., in y,enr uwn l>a«», no liffhtwd^ht of 96** SiMb«.; o Albion pateatj th» best. AoW made try it, , - , . Monroe street. „,, «,.. j „ swhool of tmimc- will rp own* ,hn Monday, Aif£. 30. .Tfw.lwwt awl lat -f^ni mdthods Aft) used in thtff mTW\tn ftn * and special aite-tiMorf given to tho theory and art tif nm*W. for further Ian* calf at ithe school or «Sst "etcftco. '"..'.n....' J . ....'.,..-/ 1 S. B. GBONIN, • ''' Kumluy In this city,. ,. ^ L_. A C«r7fo Prank French mado a bttamnn trip to K ^ ocnc;Ki Be Battle Cfeck today. Ed. Chapufiin toftdo a btminoss trip to Albion this afternoon,- ^ v (Jhafi. Yr-ry jnadrt n business trip to " JJattic Orri-k this morning. MiHsEVlfi Olnry 16fl this morning for ;\ visit with Kansas relatives." Miss Mimiic Bittlpr, of KaUunazoo, was the RUffll of Mian Louise Hjtan yesterday .M»f5. Mary Bosloy f Bombard is visitinp hi*r purftitH, Mr«a,nd-Mrs. W. K, Bosley I'rof.^Cohvpll will this week arrive in the city orVThurBda> instead of on \Vc-d- Mr. Z, H, DtirrlnwpnftoOliioin th<>-in- NX ti^Ht of thi- MSfrslinll Furnace Ou, this triers ftl th<s ,.-„ Any mornfriff, bccatito j, 0 refused "to gtflnf tfaotn a tatee ot 6 cf>nt» pH"od*y. ,T^y hftvo beett gat- itaS_jA''W, • l:>ut w * ttt more a« th* tram-' mer* "at the CaiftbfiftX^rirt tJtlte mine'a for Billons » , Screvcn Co.\ Oa. I bwm subject to attacks o^ bilious colic for pevtirakyears* Chambtirlain'8 Colic, Cholera and tHarrhooa K^tut'dy is the only sure relief. It acts like a charm. On* dose 0f it gives relief wnen all other Madam LeJjWe, AhAc.laifvbyanUsinow in the city and can tw> «»nftiiJted on, all MM atfairs of Hte< atid human destiny. Sittipga 4nily from I a, m. to 10 p. »ti. nt Park house* east B|reet, 'Oyon Sumte • Rttfr-I SMnci. A fine shoe dteeairtg fof tan and Mack shoos. I'\.r sale by Mies K, B, BiUings Solo agent, Delia B ow is thfl time to g^ a pin»o. Sts remedies fail.' O. For sale nt Greene's frrug. ,„„., v left thipNpornintj <m a qinonH tri[) t<> Kalantazoo.'tlrivnd Rapi(Js and Jtu.'kpo.u. • • » \. ('hurles Dr^tX.I»»r rfturntid, to sL'.tn City.this morning after a vVit Hi Marshntl. \- .fNL is here fr>»ni " called hj; tlie ilwittj of bfKa«nt, Mr. ;md MiV.l.W. Calkins, ^f Ajbion \\i-re the KiicBtV-nf Air. and,Mrs. K. Brooks u\ cr" Sunday. One ai>phcatioM of l)r.Th«ina»' Eolectrn ()jl tttkfN atony the p«iii of w<c inost suvon burn. It is nfi ulfftl family lih^taent. «> Cliulorn miirhUH, cholera rejantutn, dibcrln on, (l>t»t'Utery, nud all Cho*»othei (h-ndly em-tmert to thi little ones are i bly purcU by Tr. Fowlur'ft Kvt. of At w»unty fair to let. ] \V. H. ARTMCR. Secretary. Sanders nnd^McK/iry will open drosB making rooms over the postoffico noxt % to tho abstract olllce, Wedncsdaj, Sept, Id. They are b/^h experionced ladira at the biisiness atrd will be pleivfled to aecuro the patron ago of their friends and others who may need anything iu their line. / until cold weather comes, but have that roof covered .with iuAifstuB rooting- J is/»nly ono-half the price of shinglef can put it on Hardware. W AN TRD-A girl IfKon (foticrftl lloiiawworH i.*1nruiry.l thro^.x KiKiiilfe »t No. 4' l *l-ri>et Tin- brMt lioiiN ob|i<t»ito tli VV>B'»" Work . A^K«o<l t'lifttic pB»*.y it", ran a- y«?H s prunt»b| T'OK KKN'l'»-f>fflr* r-Ciomi* and an Jas. Van Zant, j\pre*8«mn,' .hix chairs and tablos to toot for parties. DR. LOUIS ft. JOY Will give in addition la general r»n«< ICP, special attention to di»««we(t of eye nd car. I?itt5«e of aclftSBes a specialty. Special diploaifi o» c.i?fl, ear, nose and PolymmLc-> The Delia is prepared to do dit« at thrtr hom«». Price for manicuring 35 cenW, for shampooing 60 cents. B may bo left at Miae K, E, Bilor at residence, with Mrs. Mary Dickey, opposite. Pfesbytcri At Marshall; Hotel Royal, FRIDAY, OCT. 1 One Montlt Ffotti $10, to$5Qp<v ^*«f ^«iv, »«j-- family who 1 wilt fiflrtd «i P«P" to-'the Drees Tailoring ftfthoql in tho Watson budding, S ' t Cordette, I*«y Yonf I will bo at tlie ofilce of' tho *Hef ndoti hotel during biisinOBs houffltiiifcil further notice, for the purpose 6f 'rcceiftog city taxes which are now duo. ^Bave'the extra collection fee by paying now. M. S. ' City , 'Hi? riaci- \ To buy hmf, Braham, bolted tnoaHcoarse meal, ground fe«d» bran or middliags is at O. A. Cheshor's milt; AH kinds of euston grinding done. Ix»tB of cheap chicken food. J. Cunningham is showing niw stock in apples of the "Maiden blush" variety. They are from South Water street, Chi ' Watson receives daily choice free stone p&ncntw honestly packed, baskets well tilled. Wheelman Trtfce Warning. Riding On the sidewalks in the city is strictly fort lidden, and Hereafter the ordinance, relating thereto will bo enforced Tho penalty for violation' is a fine no t>x- ceed,iBgf25, ' By order of the mayor. " . " ft, BottiKtt, Marshal. Pleasant, Safe, Reliable , * DR. LANE'S COMPOUND " TOR^tHC Dr'S B 8 & Co., devote their attention to of fh» ey«'. *ar f - throat »nd o . f 8bd-wiMMnnt»>fon »nd all ('Bronte, prt- VB «<> nerf cms dUMMWM, ilefttrmiUcN er<wmi*t I'eter Lock wood, attho Hurd mill is prepared to exchange flour for wheat. He handles the Yorkville. milling comfmhy B flour^ one of tho best brands made. Carpet laying, stoves blacked and net up, furniture packing etc. Dwave orders atW. E. Bosloy & Son's and l'\B. Kny der's.' " " K. E. S \V« have all the latest things iu way of job type* Alwnya fresh and now; atrictly high grade* at lowest prices ; prompt delivery, {jli've us a, call and lie convinced^ at th<' Parrirtville storo. A, WORTHY P M<MKK, Prop. T!IP TWehfirs Works Garment Cutting whool has been rf moved from tho Wat son building to the rfMidonec rrf-Mrs. \V\ K,i. Clnytiorn,'.'.4 North Eagle street. « , erf lids, mm* <-ye,de»fiv*is , "JttMits. chronic congb, suit re Kbtfeowk) fever gores anduICPtt. BriftntV cliche. rVttto.rt!«n, Alt disease* of lrMtt<»r* *»*> , bllKM ^', ?£!'': KWiftnch ftiirt HerVoiflnHfWwm, chores (.St. \lttl« dance) gODoraldobllUY.fcclirolula, fkin cliWmw*. .i1«e«i& of men ami women, anil al, <tl»e»Bas P? »it1vciy cored by * ne» Stomacli, Liver and Chair's and tables to rent for parties v ,}. W. LV.STKK. , Acuourrt the state fair at Grand Rapids Ht-pt. Oth to llth the D. T. A M. will fell round trip tuikoCn Marshall to, Grand Rapids nt $2.:j(L Kxcellrat time is made to and-from this T>oif>t via ihis line nOw, the time between x Marshall ismd Grand ids being U hours and 50\minntee. time of trains, etc. enquire < A. H. ANSOS, Agt. Marshall. Mk'hignn Miniiigr School. A^ljigh grade, state technical nchn Practical worftv Elective system, ^lim 11 mercoHrBOs. C^ves degreen of S. B., E. M. and Ph. D. Laboratories^ shops, mill etc., well equipped. l«,Vir catalogues ad dress M. E. WadswortK, Ph. D., diwcor, HoughUjn Michigan. \, <• \ of rsctaJ diaoason, pili» lifcrnal and cxtortm.!, lloMna nHjl bice«itj!, H'CUvl nlcerc, fisure* tieitttla. wblch fl.rS\(>ttcn taken tor noryous unfl Inns iroulile,All aired Bemcmber wo-cuw nil forms ol pile* withoftV* 1 ^" i»'« r »P tinT1 m Afttmllon from hnslnoavind tli« j»*i« of fcrtiro, -pauetlo "f Jlgi»(»i*\ Come mid V"> <fon»ln«od. 'TO.YOUNG, MlDDfcB AOE<> AKI»OU>MKS aailorhiit from Hpcrmrvwrhocn, Jmpotwicy—lort. mHtihoort -or from wea»n<-w Itirtinjrht on from errors or 1n«li»crctlon» inyflUThyr over iutliil gcni-f tn Inter yt are, urw Rivei\p«rnmueut, r*lK-f. Xlionlute cures Kiiftrantocd, strtrtly e<miMMitiiil; Tumiirs Bna cftucera caK-«l Nylthoin •"•*•'" Itnlfe. piiin orscor*. Hew method Untarrh. New horofe treatment. and cbcttp Gunranwe to cure every c»w> w , , . Blck h«adncho, piles, tAW wnnn ftnd rtrtotnre. fctf' We will give *it«clBl att«AUun to cn«e» anil ti» cases .other phyalctons nivvi- f to oure IV^g.>ns npplyinf; for tr«mtpi"'fit oIoiB^ 1 l)r'uK "^ ^r fJ onnct'H ol nrlut? r<ir Bfiai,, _. , ThO*» whi> lire unable to oall, win wfitw lull ii»rt« nlam ot ibnir case and hnyfl me<Ilrln*> »oul oy t'Xtires^witb full inHtruot'onHhow to he tftUpn Thp ttrra of Ur*. U, B. i Co., wi-n- Sncrtrpc.rttU d several l<?nra Bince with n oapitrtl t«f $50.iX)ii, \1inttpe yon l»k«ni» chum-en it you tsutvloy them, are rvaponMble and well known. Kola Compound Cvii'ea DyBpepsia and all cle- rnngemente oE the Stomach. Kola Compound Cures Sick Headache, Tor. pid Liver and DRS- B.V n, Mlcli. Choice Dress Patterns, i • M »i.»»»«»«f»i»^«»--»M.--'~~»'"" | ''"~~ M *~~*^*^'^~^**~ M *^*™**'*^^^^^^^^^ Tdmming Silks to Match, • /• ' i X '' Wash DreSS Goods, in Fall Colors. THE GrtEAT 30th twly. RESTORES VltAUTY. '. Mad« a Man of Me.' v* prom'i-* th" »Imv« r«stil»» In :'» <1>»y». «iwirlull> anit'inicklv > ur(»i wii,u»H other* fail ii met) >«Jlr»Bni'i tlu-ir l<f»t.tu»nuooil audolu DI-U *\\\ riH-otc? Ui.'tr jouti.tul VM-'or b) u»»ns HI-VIIO. U .jmcfclyaniliiurfrt* n»<tor«* N. rvotiir VKaiUy. liiii«»tuv.y Nilfhilv tnnsbio-lj timer 'k'iulitiv Mrniorv WIII.MHU: IH-'viutic acil i>t wU-ut.«w« or ««•.-» and liulmi-fttloa, riii<- I« l»iit , WANTS FOUND KTC. Tw»nty\«nt»i a WCOK for <^ach notloe not t'X eoilluu HVAllne*^ No chamjK loi-8 th«n twvnty ccula: \ dENTS Sonor ANTED—1'iir war in i'ub«, lij libatl rc))ri'*<siit,ativc ttt by L'nban piitriutK. Iu 6uTv~itt*f.~ Bilfe bo<Jk, higiom.ulwlong. .Kr«r>- Uoilv vvaiHB tlleTunty niuior»dil, rollutiUi. buoU. Uut'llWtroK CrVdi tftM'n Kn l«bt paid. J»rop all trash ai (l\inakii J!KW « mourn, wtlh War in Cubl' AadrVStW-iy. THK NATION \L BOOK S% 3&2 ^t» Oenrborii St., C ' .i ' lot r.nlv i*hr' * 1>V «t»rtinrf st tlio »«at ot ' hloml balUU-r. y ;t i« . ~ ~,~F ,«,j<. ~* ^/. T ^ — V* )~.- and . ,toriU(j.ttcB fire M yonrth. It ward* oB ma Coaininptliili Hpawt on baviuu KK» fthsr. It IAII >K» c»rrt*rt In **>« w>ck<it. Uy wwj. * M»0 t*r riackJWe, or »IX lor »8.OO. wjtb » yoM tlv« written m.»rwptt«k to pure «r ireluoa 'OYil IEUQIC CO., 271 Wa»5i-Q.,CHKMfl. IU- Vor 8ale»t Majahall, Mlchr, by A. O. ^fOI 1 ^OU8At.K OUKAP—Or exobangs tor a farm; ' tha pJPt'(!rWIJcnown mj tbt Bvutlng proiiflrty on Hart street, rbr term* *l>lily to U. ''mining- bain the insufaiici.'liutin l^OK Kfc.M'-m>i r , Euuuho 61 M.US. ... CuiiNOK, J 'OK BBNf—T«|o story boiifo on west "t»ttf Wf.ttl, Kwihituot • J, CRjt\. _ IT'OH KKNT-Wlui' mid Vtidlrn forp5rti«J«. JP' Eutjuiru of , 'OH . nnd ohalm for . .. 1). W: L4**ter,-.the popular OL'SiS- lB<iw1r« »fcNT-X». W N. A»tai«ornnutti. K. H HUMPHREYS' No.. .,t Cures FevW- No 2 " Wornts No 3 " infants' Diseases. No "4 "t • DiarnHtea. Nt?, S " No. 0 CuFe No JO l - " Dyspetisra. ' fsto f 1 *' Delayed Petijzft No tS ".•'** ^ewahorre^/ N9 14 " Skin Disuses, . Ot'SK of Mxroi!itt< in 4««ir»bl'e lacnttoc, to • ru(>t!SWt Ut. for purlii-umra tbqurw ot i, W, t. l»iu.h, toroer ilJunuju and Ajiljoerry Kola Compound Cures Cotistipation. Is a Brain anct Kerve Tonic and. Blood Purifier. K.ola Compound is the peer of all other medicines. Kola Compound Bnckneh^ and Jbtes.. ' - • Kola Compound Is'natures renwdv—potent yet harmless. It UMJOB aud^ vitftli/e& tb6 brain, Nerves, musclcH, heart and stomach, in brief rejuvenating aHjl building up the entire sya- x tern, enriching, the blood and imparting to tins whole body tho' freshness aud .vigor of youth. Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, titssn* building^ Herbal anil -Vegetable Extracts, and contains nothing injurious to the most delicate constitution. ' Kola Compound • s ^ > , L Isk, indorsed by many erai- 1 tiats. hlg , . , JMUfa. f A N.'l'E U KOU GiapBii Cures BLANKETS OUTING CLOTH 4 ^ Dm^giftts, ot «e»t r^cftiniKif price. 25e,, or 5 <<* fl- Dfc HuMPiijRB »» 4f*«.is» »«« IM. e<?» tu feu ^ t r _ : ^ , ^ W i girl. - *t If you are ,.-.—„-„ ,. .any derangement ol . Bumiach, l(iver or Kidneys; Bloodt- or S^rvdus " "RY A BOTTLE I* if^M ** *•*• ***•*» -*&*mf++gf- V4-U. Price 50 cents 'bottle. Kola Coi Lodk in upon us before^the Stock i broken. • ' : , ,-< - ' S. V. R. LEPPER. m»U«J uuuwv a . 8*(i»dy uoaitAoo. JBn^ituto f addr««»a n(an>|M ew elope. T!) Floor. W ... te| |io<*; . and JSagi^ Btr . be pieased te , _,,._ ofife with lifeeratujrf, , niouiels. etc^ pigartliag this wouderful remedy.' . i , \ Or Lane «& ie prgctiee of J«««8. fll. ;1^rgelytottxe$tttdy r ^a4 diseased of . ti».iu* Ikrott.' •m*-> st»»«, * UctiK* wiili AguBt, Sa male and female. tiou aud advice at office .FREE 4liijBNda»i»toer of caUbs in town and county will receive promt atteatiou

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