The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 23, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THf UPTON DAILY TRIBTTN3 .1 r HFFLIJf AROUSED. OF PRISON FIRE j S~VK Curran Should Bo Locked ITp aiitl "Ra<kil» Ousted.. 1 Washington, April 23.—A heat- jod attack upon Chairman Raskob .; of the Damccratic national com j miltee and Henry H. Curran, pres- j ~ jideht of the Association Against Profce Continued at Night the Prohibition Amendment,! was Session to Gather Facts jmade in the senate yesterday by as to the CiUSe ; Senator Heflin (Democrat, Alabama) as the lobby committee re• j snmed its examination of Curran 'jcbncerninK. his organization's ac_ ____ . .____„„ itivities,for repeal of the"prohibi- LIFER BLAMES WIRING - t ,^ law : ' ..Heflin Tecalled ' that Surran I . ' when asked by a committee member whether he . would favor Columbus, O., April 22.—After iarmed revolution against prohibi- a two hour night session devoted j tion, replied that he would "cross to the further testimony of events | thdt bridge when he got to it"," during the Ohio penitentiary fire, |ihe Alabaman added: Governor Myer Y. Cooper's invesr tigating commit! ne adjourned until, this morning when life burned cell block will be examined^ in..-an effort-to determine I the cause of the disaster which rlahjied, 317 lives. ; W'arden P. E. Thomas, promised | the investigators that noth- in the fire swept portion - would be disturbed until after the cells were gone over by the state officials. " A positive statement that the fire was fausejl by a short circuited wire was made by William Noel, life ter:ji prisoner from Cleveland, one of the witnesses at last night's session. Noel said that the defective wire was hanging from rafters above tlie cell block in which most of the victims'' died. He said flic wire was white hot and was visible through the dense_ smoke that engjtilfed the building. „ Noel corroborated a statement by! Guard Thomas Watkinson "I am sorry -the committee did not.lock him lip. If he had been an ordinary man on doubt he would have been locked up. But Mr. Curran has millions back of him. Mr. Curran' comes here representing the European program I to. lay down our law and to set jup the barroom business again and Alfred Smith is to be the candidate. "God pity the Democratic party!" . Renewing his demand that Raskob resign as Democratic national chairman, Heflin said Raskob had admitted contributing $65,000 to the - Association Against, j the ;Prohibition Amendment "to help elect wet Republicans against dry Democrats." . IT. LIMES BACK GOVERNOR. Board of „ Arroiuitn Approves Mansion Expenditures. . - Indianapolis; April 23.—The! state board of accounts, in spec-;, ial report made public yesterday! on 'an*- examination .of Governor' _ , Harry G.'' -Leslie's | expenditures Denial Of Merger Of Other.; f rom the emergency contingent COUNTY TRACK MEET F Lines by Commission Doe3 Not Stop Sale. HOLDS UP WORK HERE All Schools Enteral in Athletic Events to Be Held at Fair Grounds. NEW RECORDS SEEN iff TO OPEN p MAIL MUTE that Guards William -Baldwin ai**j Thomas Little had no keys withi jWill Fly Sunday From Ha- which to liberate the prisoner.-.' and that they bad to go to the guard room to get. them. Noel said; he was; in. the F* •dormitory when the fire started and that he heard a .. noise that! sounded lite a shot and saw smoke. ITe at first thought the prisoners ; were attempting to escape, he said. He met Huldwin and Little in the dormitory and said it requir- | ed five minutes lor tlipni to get the keys. ' Most of the testimony heard last "• night reiterated -earlier statements as to the responsibility for holding prisoners in the *ells when the five started. Wat- kinsou said that his superior officer Capt. Hall told him. "Don't open that door," meaning the cage door, leading to the celt' "blocks. Hall said he thought he told "Watkinson to "trv to get the prisoners out. Baldwin and Little told the - committee that they forced Wa^ 1 kinson to surrender the keys and that they unlocked the cage door. vana- tp Cristobal in the Canal Zone. BUENOS AIRES SERVICE Divorce Granted. New. York, April 23.—Charles A. Lindbergh, fresh from his reo ord - breaking cross - country flight, will take off Sunday morning from Havana. Cuba, for Cristobal. Canal Zone, in adawn-to'-- dusk flight inaugurating the new seven-day mail service between the United States and Bnenos Aires. Colonel Lindbergh will take off Saturday afternoon from Miami in a regular plane of Pan-American Airways and will spend the night in Havana. He will take off from there at six A. M._ Sunday, bound across- the Caribbean sea for Cape Gracias Adios, in Honduras, then to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua,[and then to Cristobal Panama '• chnal Zone, where he expects to' land at six P. M. thus -overing a distance of -1,200 miles in-Jwelve hours. Los Angeles, Cal., April 23.— •Mrs. Harriet M. Sunday obtained ' a divorce in superior court Monday from George Sunday, son of. Billy Sunday, the evaneelist. Use Tribune classified ads. IF YOU NEED THAT Lean According to the "testimony said to liave been given by Robert M. Feusteljchief operating officer of the Insull interests in Indiana, the refusal of the Indiana -Public Service Commission to permit the merger of the Terre. Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction lines with the Central Indiana Power Company, does hot affect the taking over .of the Union Traction lines by the Insull interests. About seven months ,.ago the Insull interests made several trips through Tipton inspecting the Union, Traction lines and made a ""bid of 20 cents on, the dollar, winch would have •* cepted had not a small group of bond .holders] -objected and filed an injuction "suit at Indianapolis. It is said now that the only obstacle in tlie way is a suit by one bond holder, S. E. Test, which has never been dismissed. •Mr. Feusteliin testifying before the commission regarding the 870,000,000 merger, stated'that no matter what happened to that move the Insull interests intend? ed to go ahead with the purchase of the Union Traction company. Material for the changes in tracks of the Union Traction Company in this -city, haveibeen piled and ready for shipment on the yards at Anderson for some time, but they have never been loaded. It is the opinion of .many that this work is being held up on account of the change about, to take place in ownership. -With the acquisition ;of the Union Traction lines the j§^*"»H interests would have a direct line from Louisville to Chicago and the move, according to many local traction men would be a good one for local employes. Lonfe distance traction lines, which move freight and passengers quickly are being developed rapidly in different sections of the •country, the automobile having cut into the short line business. fund, "approved the governor's use of the funds for refurnishing of the governor's mansion. The report pointed out that attorney General. Ogden had ruled that entire control |of the contingent fund, resist with the governor. The report also pointed out that the state • budget committee Had given approval to the ex-1 County Superintendent F. L. penses 1 •' MeReynolds* .announced Tuesday "We find that the expenditures '.evening that the annual county made for the governor's residence | tr ** ek: - and- field- meet|- -wonta"be were for the purpose of placing| heId at * he Ti P ton f f ir the home in a proper state of , oc _j Friday afternoon, Aplil 25, -jat 1 cupancy for the chief executive," [°' clock ' and wduld b j the report said. * '! ] according to the program and un, , • Ider the rules of the Indiana_High School Athletic Association. Mr. MeReynolds sta.ed'that every high school in the county Was entered in the meet an I that Madison, township, which has no. high school would send its students in a group to enter the neet: • The events will con:list of mile ;run, .half mile Tim, 22(i-yard dasii • hurdle races, jumping, 'ing., shot putting and pole vault- Seven Postoffice Buildings' tests, and it is predicted that sev- TOTAL AMOUNT Washington, April government's building was given impetus when President Hoover, acting chosen from the faculty members of the various high schools. The public jis invited' to attend, this event these young athletes I tijy to smash previous records. ' All schools' of he c|oiinty wjll dismiss at noon Friday to give the students an opportunii y of at- through the budget bureau, sent' to Congress estimates and recommendations for building projects hroughout the country aggregating $112,687,800. The budget bureau's report specifies the cities which are to receive new buildings under the Elliott authorization bilb The report recommends appro-:tending the meet, priations for seven hew post office buildings in Indiana.. ' They.are: Muncie. $180,000; Lebanon, .$90,000;! Vincennes, $145,000; Au|mrn, $115,000; Greenfield, $10j0,000; WaTsaw, |95,000, and Decatur, $85,000. An additional $100,000 also is allotted to South Bend, where, under appropriation's heretofore made, a $1,000,000 building, to be erected. '• . | . BODV NOT RECOVERED. Half-Rrotlier of Joseph Lanim Is Keeping Relatives Advised. Youth Is Fonnd. Lebanon. Ind., April 23.—Just ten hours after Ray Dale, Boone county farmer, had appealed to authorities to inaugurate a search for his son, Donald B. Dale, 19 years old, a relative here late last- night received a note from the youth, who wrote he was hungry and "broke" at Salina, Kas. No explanation for his disappearance was given by the youth. SEE US TODAY JLeady Cash Is Always Available - \*? .fe IP Anew easij chair that htlpsmaki b»me mpre livable Although a search of the Illinois river near and below Ottawa 111., has been in progress since the tragedy Sunday afternoon, when Joseph Lamin accidentally fell into the water and was swept away, the body has not been located. The aged father,'William Lamm, who resides east of New Lancaster, with his daughter, Miss Minnie Lamm,'waits quietly and patiently for news J. O. Heflin, a half-brother of the unfortunate tnan, who resides at Joliet, is at Ottawa and is aiding in the search and keeping the relatives' here advised. of the. situation. Several, telegrams have boen received, and jhe has stated a<« soon as the body is located he will wire. 1 j Joseph Lamm fell into the river; at Ottawa Sunday afternoon about 12:30 and his body was swept away by the swift .rush of the river at this point. That the man was drowned is evident as no trace' of him has been found since be' was seen to fall info the water. The body will be brought back to. thin county for burial w soon|aa found. Olii rlvermen.are of the opinion that, the .^nan. wu drowned and that the: -body - -which aank will 'rise to tlie iurfaea ; at Kmf time now, it take*: amtaJT days' for the body ; tp come to, the surface of Ha O^B aecord '5^e : :;n^forfiuMto ^ii «uii:.!-waa^f brother of *n??mmfc Unilivt APPROVES 'M "T«lt-|NI^^TOBr»BIIIl»T. • -. —tonight. Your «limin«Uv« wUlbefimetianhirprop- \r eriy by morning and your COD- •tipation will end with a bowel action as free and easy aa nar tor* at her beat—positively no '* pain, no griping. Try it. j Mat aefe aWqij «i««aM«— I. atdtnt &MS —cnly25c '. FEO .LnctAliajJON .TAKE k . L :la .Tla •• r -MORROW ALP:CHT JBIG IXDOOR CARyrVAIi. s'tnge Set For Opening of Legion Event Wednesday "Xisht. Listed for Construction in Indiana. eral records will he the county this year seems to have an unusual number of broken, as athletes in j track and field events and some of JJJQJJ ! them are very good. j Chester Hill, director of ath- jletics in the Kokomo schools, will have charge of .the track events, Everything is in readiness for the opening'of the American Lev gion's big four night carnival at the. armory on. North Inde'pend ence 'street Wednesday night and the public is invited to be -present at the opening. . • ' , Many different forms- of entertainment have been provided to amuse the crowds and the. local pest .believes it will be able to make] a visit to the carnival worth while! Prizes are to he/.awarded. each iniglit and this feature of the four days' program will prove interesting. ! During the, week a Crosley radio, a Hoover sweeper; a fine Coxwell chair, and stool made by the Tipton furniture company, and a beantifnl' floor lamp, are to be given | awa^v. Improving. 23.—The program I yesterday and Paul Jones, former director of athletics in the Tipton school. • will he head judge of the field! (events. Other officials will be and urged [and -. watch Farewell Week for Circuses. J Peru, April 22.—This is the week circuses leave headquarters; here. The John Robinson'circus leaves Thursday for Cincinnati. After three days there they will, travel- southeastward through Kentucky and West Virginia. The Hagenbeck-Walln.ce circus leaves canvas at The new amounts which the President recommends for Indiana aggregate $815,000. Sums already appropriated for buildings, for which plans alreitdy have bean drawn or construction started, at Port Wayne, South Bend, East Chicago and Rushville, total $3,525,000. With the additional construction now in prospect the -aggre- ,ate to be expended in Indiana alone will be $4,430,000. (.Friday to; open under Kokomo. The Sells F oto ,circus, Clint Berry who has been Quite ill at Ins home on Ash street, suffering with heart complications is reported to be improving- and will able to lie up and around. Mr. Berry who is the step, father of Clyde amKAHen Pickett of Tipton removed here from Montpelier some time ago. the third which spent the winter here, will close its finr weeks' engagement in Chicago and will open under canvas in St. -Louis, where it will remain, for a week. CIPHERING. MATCH. New Ijancaster Evens Score With the Jackson -School. Hopewell. Meeting. The W. F. M. S. o|f Hopewell will meet Thursday a terndon at o'clock with Mrs. B :rtha Br.rr. All are urged to attenil. WEATHER-r^Generally fair tonight |and Thursday; not much temperaturechangfe; frost tonight probably heavy. SEVEN THO-rSANI) HO(3S. Ten to Fifteen Ceiits. Tiowe.r Cattle Generally' Steady. Indianapolis, Ind.. April 23.— Receipts oh hogs, 7;000;' cattle,1,400; calvesri.000; sheep, 100: : Hog prices early today at the local jlive stock 1 market were ltfc to liic lower with general. sales, at $10.10 to $10.25: under­ weights at Sl.0.00 downi sows at ?!i.00 down.. Cattle were generally steady; some ibeavy steers sold at $14.00; calves were at $11.00" down.- Sheep and lambs were nuotably steady. Chicago, 111., April 23.—Receipts on hogs, 16,000; over*-5,000. The market was steady with the top at $10.25. There were 9,000 cattle-and 12.000 sheep. • Tribune classified ads pay. New Lancaster won the ciphering match last 'night against the Jackson school in a match held at Curtlsville "Before a large crowd and the result, 24 ito 18, evened honors for; the school year between these two schools. Jackson won for the school year between these two schools.-Jackson won the first match 23 to 14. A deciding contest'will not be held'until next fall aa the schools are closing for the- summer vacation. The 1 match last night was a good fight ail the way 1 tbrodgh. Frank Warner and Sanford Durham were the tellers and. Victor Owene of' Sharpsville and Shirley . Wright of Madison township were-the Judges. • n.-.After the .match i It argaret Bas ey of Jachson won the flooV against Dorothy'. Harbltt of New Lancaster. ..... i . ,. Local Proficoe -Market. (Moore Sc. Moore) Butter _. Eggs j : r ~. i Local Grain Market. ,; (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2. Soft Wheat — ——— Oat^ L — New Corn, No. 4 yellow, ' per! 100 lbs. r --—--THOE and EASY WASHEBS Wife Saving Service ICS B. Jefferson lU NOTICEJ We Have a Well Lighted Park- iag Space In the Rear of .'Our Store. ; . • BABGAIN GROCERY Diamond GAS ,0LL and OREASE ^ TQtIS and TUBES _S5c ,_2 3c !' .96 .36 1.00 mm Ml i • •. . Indianapolis produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers for strictly fresh I stock delivered at Indiana' polls,; loss off, 22c a, dozen.' Poultry—Jobbers 7 paying for fowls; 4% lbs. up, 22c lb.; Leghorns, 18-19c; roasters, less than 4H lbs., 20-21c; Leghorns, 14- 17c; sick, cull and humpback poultry not bought; roosters, 8 12c; | ducks, 8-12c; geese, full feathered, 8c; guineas, young, $6 a doien; old; $4; squabs, 11 lbs. to dozen,/ 14.50; old pigeons, 75c a dosen. i Butter:—Jobbers' selling prices for. creamery butter, freeh firsts. No. 1, 42-43c-a pound. , Butter Vat — IndianapoHa bny- ers are paying 40c.a pound deliv* eredat Indlsaayolts. • . . We sell new and nted Tribune .Pra» •fill Wedaesdar> April 23, »M. 'Ina^KRVg Do You Value Your time? If you do, you can not afford to pay your biUs in cash, because that entails traveling many miles and using up hours and days of valuable time. With a checking account you can pay all of your bills in ten minutes by. mail. In addition, you have, in your cancelled checks, the'best possible proof of payment. If you haven't a checking account now, open one'in this bank today. THE BANaV OP THB PKOPLB A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System r Only Bank; In Upton County VwOtt Both State ca« . Federal Furniture Rugs Linoleum Window Shades- Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets Fhilco Radios .... ' Dexter Electric Forcelain Tub Washers : Hamilton-Beach Electric Sweeepers ' New Perfection Oil and Kitchen Kook Gasoline Stoves WE FURNISH THE HOME COMPLETE Suite & Barrom DECEIVE equally important commercial services at the Citizens National Bank; the same personal interest of the officers, who are able, as specialists in finance, to provide the most authoritative counsel and information. Tipton successful bus-' inesses operate hand in hand with THE BANK OF UNUSUAL SERVICE Citizens National Banl The Only National Bank in Tipton County Ft , , , , >. >.»--»- »•. • * » » » » » » «• » • J * House Cleaning Made Easier With the New Etireka VacoiMi : Cleaaers Large Model 11 New Special I j S39.SS For lipholatered fnrhitnre,l draperies, stairways and numerous uniliantlyllo sfi't at corners you should try, II THE EUREKA! JR. $16.50 aw

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