Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 10, 1947 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1947
Page 8
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10, l§4? Rope Partitioning Will Be Trial Separation Bfr f^HAW^ 1?Q A ^""TOTTlWTr^O •^j^i x ^"*»**'* J «o /». vifiuiVHi/n i . AP Foreign Affairs Analyst I lnf ' riv al leaders in the two major Indians attending United Nations j dominions may find it difficult to Sessions at Lake Success fire hope- keep outsiders from playing one fttl that the partitioning of their CRninst the other. n&JSemhd will be only a trial sepa- The first major internal reform i'ftllon and thai a reconciliation of I f'rcnrty undertaken by Indians in the Hindu and Moslem communi-i lnp interim government nt New tifes will be effected once thev hwe ' Df -'hi is a st?p toward iibolition of •""•" •- ' uniouehability m the Hindu caste. syrtem. Many Hindu lenders, including KPDN -..i goodbye to the British. T^iese feelings seem more wishful than hopeful, however, at this early stoge In settling the future of the sub-continent's four hundred millions. They are expressed by members or sympathizers of the Hindu-domi- All-Inciia Congress Party, Jawahnrlal Nehvti. who stands on the very top 1-1111,7; of the east: system as a Kashmiri Brahmin, refuse to iccognize nntnuchnbility, and Mohandas K. Gandhi lives amor.;; the untouchables. There i.s a practical political angle to raising the lot of j the so-called scheduled castes, how- i .. away from the Moslem pvrr ' ar| d tnc> leaders are doubtless! Leaguers. Tlie League yesterday mindful of the many easy conver-1 " '- MOUS to Christianity from the !ow- •who have kept Indian representation in the U. N. all to themselves and away from the (Monday), at a session in New Delhi disturbed by a riot enacted by' est non-League Moslems, voted to set up the separate dominion of Pakistan, and the Congress Party is expected to vote for establishment of Us dominion of Hindustan on Saturday. Thus, the principles for partitioning India will be settled. The details of livelihood en both sides of the. lines are something else to he •worked out. j Tlie best the British could get out '• of the whole deal would be u'choioe : by both dominions to remain in the j Biilish CommomvfiiHh instead of! proclaiming themselves independent, ' which either or both may do. j Indian politicians of all stripes I who wore outcast from the- Hindu fold. 1340 oft If out- Dial TU6SDAV 5:00—Hop Harrlgrtn—MBS. S:15~Vir*ril Matt SongH. ;.:3n—Cnptftln Midnight—MBS. f.:45— Tom Mix—MBS. fi.OO—Fultnn t,e-wis, Jr., News—MRS, C>:15—Five-Minute Mysteries. tf.ZU Vnndorcook Ko%*;. (!:3S— ^nort? and Xe.wt<. 6:so—.Adventures of the Faleon?- 7:nn--f:nliriol TTeatter—MBS. 7:15—Hen! Life Storles~MI3S. 7::-!i.i—American Forum of the Air- MMS. S.-lS- Vic Domone—MBS. H :'M- -Ititf rn.-ition.'il Q\t\z —MBS. '.t:0i>—Decision Now. '.< :15--Si>f<?ial Investigator—MBS i'-HO- Hance Orrhcstra— MBS 9::"5- Xews—MBS. 10:00-- U.-uu-ft OiT-hestra—MB3. Iii:SO- I>:irif0 f)rchcstra--MUS inrSS-- News--MBS. Il:nn- -rcecord .Show. H:.'IO--l!ccoi-fl Sliow. 12:nO-Sifvii Off. WEDNESDAY fi:30—Ven-y. n:S'i-- News. r>.:!. r i--<ii>ne Tlorton Soncs. i;:5«- 1340 Ilanoh. 7:00- Eilltor's Diary -MBS. 7:!.' -Tlio fipon Bible. 7:l.v -Rrrakfast Rlivthms. 7:5» —\rw.«. S:(in .Arthur C!aethe--MIIS .":!.•- -Pal 111 In Our Time- -MBS ':.'!» S:iv (I. Wllli Mn<.-li'— MBS. l':'Ml- -I'amtia Parly Ijliif. !':15.-Trll Your .\>lclit».r -MRS. GraiiJed in Court '! District, Judge Lnwis M. Goodrich j lute ynsterdp.y hunclerl down a ' judge men (. in' ilm divorce granted.! Friday iu Hist nislnel. Court lo Ma- ' i-it- Bell in P.^.iin.-U Willinm C. Bettin. Til 1 . 1 Ilium-- i-'Msliion I/cltrr. 1":!"- illK Malt.sly the Bnby t«:15- 1'iiVfi'c Time. IH:.'!'| .Marino Baiul—MMS 11 :d(i . CrOrli- I-'o.'iter XI«WK- MHS 11 .l.'i Smlli' Tlnn'---MI!K l,v Indian politicians of all stripes I T , ,, „..,„,.„., „ „,.,,„._ °Si,,\&'. r s;?"s K"s ] i" £"'™ N««K«iV r™»? 5oi.'"ir £T&8-°£ "fS-':!™i,S : i » 1 ^TS^ff".V°5A™¥£ fe'SS-S'^UK •"'"""" => - s'^,ri; P ?S£;ri,, i i,s:'SJ «^.Kr^as,ffij» ^urxsu^ .rissi ' ~~~~—V 1 ;:;;. 1 —•rrrcra u '" n Gra)ul Jlll ' v "'ouinl up iisi PAD'S SURELY •**; ::: .'^>S : ! ! 'i' st t!ll >' o! inve.sUL'.ationt;. Tlic jury! [CHEERFUL.THESE SINCE HE OOT HIS NEW RAZOR AND,; SHAVING SUPPLIES AT 1IAQVKTER 08U& STORE j went, into it:-, second day of tausi- ! r.esfc, tlii.v morniim. i _ _ ^ ^ ^_ i Tlie Tiber River is 2, r >:j miles long and its.decpest point i.<; only 20 feet. Thomason Glass 119 W. Foster Phone WJS Oni-en for 'a I my.' MBS.' Mnsii' I'nr \\'p(iiv,sM:i\- .lacl;i.. Mill ,«hr,\v MI'.S l':i-.;Uin,' ,Tciliti«on.-MI!S. 'I'll,, Jnl\»s-(in Fnniiiv. All!' •|'\VM Ton Maker—Al ,'!-'iii.. All l:,'<ltlf>st Klmw. l:0'i All llr-nnrsr Slunv. ) : 1 -- .^ in-,, fni'.'',!^ - MM-^ TUESDAY ON NETWORK Nlii 1 >'i Milton B»rlc Ciiiiicilv: ' fall 'riie T'lillre: 11:31) Fil.lior ' am Mollv; s I',i-,li Hope Sf-anon Kinnln. i'l',S i! Bin Town Urania: f,::tft Mr. I'.latic IY»£Tam; 7-.110 Sniilio on "lied i-ii'y '••Anii.,<l V'ui-.'os \iorc-i>r 'I'lan. 1 ' 1 Alii' i!:.'<o Creen llnrnr.|; 7:30 Bo Inn J'Miin i ••iiicorl; 8:.ln Her ,\[auiilii i^H'lieslra: n Mrnleni .Mnsir Mnsninii. WEDNESDAY ON NETWORKS Nl.fC !l:.'{H A. .U. .la.'k lien-h Sliow: )!:r, A. .M. Kiih li'mlev Kroad.MRl ; Tavern- ' n ; :io 'v.\ I'l-oKi-am' ri!S--12 Xorw Sei-iiriii Mrs. liurton; 1:30 Win- Her Take All: Mr. Dr. 1C. I,. Borlz on "A. M. A. ('entennial;" r, .Taok Carson funiedy: S The \VI\lntlei 1 ".luiwernant:"--ABS •-• 12:in Xannv ('r.'i''.:' 1'roiri'n m: I 1 7,*af.lleM be Seated: .'! A\'hl|incl .lai'oh.'i nil IViljor I.pci.ila- lion; 7:lfi llolihy rjo\ p le Prcifrram: Probe '«Yintimii-rt Krom PIIEO. l\ den deficit and some Senate Committee .certainly must look into this," lie added. » Ferguson, a member of the Senate's special War Investigating Committee, said he had been unable "to get all the facts regarding this from either the War Department or the treasury." "We did learn that the plates to print this invasion money were turned over the Russians," Ferguson fiaid, "but we have not been able to learn how much money was made, how it was distributed and how much is to be redeemed." , WITHIN IS YEARS one of ercry 11 u-lio mortgage their homes when they are 25 years o) age die; one of every nine who wrest at age 15; one in erery five at age 4). A morlgaee must be fata. Home is more than a house and lot to these people. It represents an investment... security... the right neighborhood ... good schools and transportation. It is the foundation of family happiness. So, he has taken the mortgage out of her budget, with Southwestern Life Insurance. He will pay the mortgage if he lives; Southwestern Life Insurance will pay it if he doesn't. More than that: his Southwestern Life Insurance will give his wife a monthly income, enabling her to live iti the fuiure as she now lives—comfortably. What about your home ? It's the place where you want your wife to live—that home of yours... the neighborhood where you want your youngsters to grow up. But could they continue to live there, if you were taken out of the picture? You and your wife both signed the mortgage on your home, and the mortgagee will look to her for completion of the payments when you're gone. Have you made it possible for her to meet those payments in full? Southwestern Life Insurance offers a certain, easy method of solving that problem. Through it, you can leave your family a debt-free home, and take the mortgage out of their budget. You can pay for it on convenient terms, monthly, quarterly or annually. Widiout obligation, ask for an analysis of your family's home protection needs today. The low cost of the plan will please } au. .. ^'" Pampa Representatives JOHN H. PLANT! D. C, ASH rn Life HOME OFPICS if. PAH.AS FUNNY ftU51Nfi§5 . lift BYftf A'sitviet. INC. T. u. He. u. i L>AT. i,ft ''They never bother us since we keep the lawnmower ou* front!" Mainly About and Her lor Towns Pampa Neighbi Mr. and Mrs. Jack Archer are. the .n-oucl parents of a son born Sunday evening, June 8, in Worley Hospital. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Archer and has been iiianiecl LeRoy Allen for his grandfather. Mr. Archer recently re- reived his Army discharge, at Scott Field, 111. He served with the Paratroop Division during the war and saw over a year's action in the German theatre. Ruffs, blankets anil bed spreads, ike new, when dried in our new drier. Sno White Washeteria." Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Gregg, Lces- 3urg. Fla.. announce the birth of a baby girl on Thursday. June 5, She Weighed C Ibs. and 4 oz. and las been named Gail Elizabeth. Vfrs. Gregg is the former Miss Juan- tsi Osbornc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. N. Osborne. 315 N. Starkweather. Those 20 and 24 Inch bicycles are n. It's really wonderful exercise ,o ride a bike. See. them at Roy and Bob's Bicycle Shop. 414 W. Brown- "nc.* Mrs. E. N. Bozart, who recently underwent a major operation in the Groom Hospital, is reported doing licely. Stanley Products Special Sale. Call 58G W. Mrs. Waechter.* Mrs. Roy Hallxnan is visiting- her daughter, Mrs. Tom Hitchcock, in Odessa, Order a tailored suit from our wide selection of latest styles and fabrics. We do alterations, relining and repair work. Paul Hawthorne Tailoring Shop. Phone 920.* Mr. and Mrs, Daniel Reed, Tulsa, Okla., announce the birth of a son at 1:10 a.m. Monday, June 9, in a Tulsa hospital. The baby weighed 6 Ibs. and 15 1/2 oz. at birth, Mrs. Reed is the former Miss Eunice Davis of Pampa, daughter of Mrs. W. L. Ferguson, 317 N. Starkweather. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson spent Sunday and Monday In Tulsa. Mrs. Lilly Hartsficld will present Piano pupils in a recital at Church of The Brethren tonite at 8 o'clock. Public invited.* Miss Olyse Camp is vacationing in Michigan. We have 5 nc\y 700x15 tires and tubes, 5 new wheels with flat base rims, factory made. Phone 988.* Misses Jerry Can-uth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A, B. Carruth, and Joella Shelton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shelton, will leave Thursday for Boulder, Colo., where they will attend Colorado University this summer. Mary Lovela«c, formerly of Parisian Beauty Shop, is now at Charles Street Beauty Shop. Call 160 for appointments." Public Stenographer — Abbott Building. Room 4. Ph. 630. F. Crum-* Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Crow have returned from Greensburg, Kans., where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Kermit Keller, cousin of Mr. Crow, Attending the regular meeting ol the Borger Rebekali Lodge Monday evening were Mesdames Babe Mastin, Etta Crisler, Opal Clay, Frances Braswell, Frances Hall, Lodema Mitchell, Ellen Kretzmeier, Lola Nicholson, Bobbie Brummett, and Ella Noland; and Fred Paronto, Chester Nicholson, and W-. A. No- Jand. Special guest of the meeting was Mrs. Louise Reinicke, Houston, president of the Rebfekah Assembly of Texas. Clegg Instant Ambulance. P.2454.* Fresh 'stock of candy and cigars at Post Office Lobby News Stand. Lowest prices in town.* Itev. and Mrs. R. S. Beardcn Plainview. visited in the S. W. Bearden home Monday. Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Houchln have returned to West Texas State, College at Canyon where Mr. Houchin will resume his studies, For complete cleaning satisfac tion and prompt reliable service send your clothes to 'Pampa Dry Cleaners,* Mrs. W. E. Jordan, 'who under went a major operation at Scotl and White Hospital, Temple, last month, has returned home and is showing rapid improvement. Be conservative in the right way Save your clothes by sending them to Master Cleaners.* Mrs. Floyd Watson is ill at her home. Mrs. B. C. Rogers is seriously ill in Worley Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Horace McBee have returned from Austin where they entered their daughter, Miss Bonnie Nell McBee, in summer school at Texas University. They also visited their son, Lawrence, and family Austin. Mr. and Mrs. E. C- McCollum, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Trimble, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Graham, Miss Freda Worley, and Charles Morris visited Palo Duro Canyon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Mike MitcheU 4114 hildren are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Forres- ;er. Mrs. Mitchell is Mrs, Forrester's sister. p. M. Schwlnd. U$« Terrace, pneumonia patient in WoTley ' ' We invite all our friends to our Arinivi't^ary Dance Wed. nlte, June llth. Every one assured a good timv. Come an'i Dance or meet your friends. Vic Dl&x modern 7-piece brass band will entertain with request numbers. Adm. 50c per person. Free tables. Billie and Al Weitz, owners. Southern Club.* Rlr. and Mrs. Mark Wlntoit visited in Shamrock Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Robert Trostlc. who is ill. Puller Brushes, 514 Cook, Phone 2152J.* Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Foster and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Arndt are in Long Beach, Calif., where they are attending the national convention of Junior Chamber of Commerce members mid their ivives. June 1014. Those pop-up Toasters that you have been v/atlng so long to get are now at Modern Appliance.*. 2 outboard motors for sale, also 12 gauge pump shot gun. K. & R. Service Station. 322 N. Cuyler.* Mr. and Mrs. Mahon Ililbun, 1316 Duncan, announce the birth of, a laughter. Cynthia Gayle, on Tuesday, Juno 3, in Worley Hospital, The infant weighed 8 Ibs. nnd 3 oz. at birth. B. M. McMullen left Sunday for Ddessa where he has been employed )y Gulf Refining Co, Mrs. McMulen will join him In about two weeks. . An early example of a school lunch program started with a gift by the National Guard in Paris in 1849. The battallion found a surplus in its treasury and donated it to the community to assist poor children in obtaining a schooling. The gift became the nucleus for Innds to support extra-academic activities, including school can- te,ens. < Legal Records Marriage Licenses A license to wed wits granted yesterday to John W. Agee and Norma Jean Beagle in the office Of County Clerk Charlie Thut. Realty Transfers Charles o. Lewis and wife, M&ry Elizabeth Lewis, to M. P. Downes. all of Loi number 1 situated in Block 1 of the Earkhlll Addition to the city of PampTt. M. P. Downes and wife, Mary Lou Downes, to A. L. Smiley and wfie, Hazel F. Smiley, all of Lot number 1, situated in Block 1 of the Parkhill Addition to the city of Pampa. C. E. McOrew to Hugh M. Ellis, all of Lot number 18, situated in Block 1 of the Parkhill Annext to the Parkhill Addition to the city of Pompa. J. H. Stephens and wife, Alice Stephens, to W. M. Voyles, all of Lots number 1 and 2, situated in Block 15-A of the North Kingsmill Tewnsite. Texas Gas and Power, Incorporated, a Delaware coiporatfon, to John M. H. Carman, all of Lot number H, situated in Block 33 of the original town of Pampa. Howard Williams to E. W. Connell, all of Lots number 13. 14, 15, 1C, 17, 18, 19 and 20, an situated in Block 60 of lh.3 original town of McLean. Talmadge J. Wright and wife, Opal Wright, to Wesley Davis and wife, Mattie Pay Davis, all of Lot number 17 and the southerly one linlf of Lot munber'16, both situated in Block 1 of the Buckler-Wilks Addition to the city of Pampa. (Continued frag* 1) tomorrow for a i (Nifty tour of Irugo- slavia. Romanian Premier Petru Qroza and a party of top Romanian government officials already are in. Belgrade and Groza told a sews conference last night that cultural and economic cooperation between his country and Yugoslavia would lead eventually to complete political cooperation. Groza said cultural cooperation already was fully established and that trade agreements now were being negotiated. In Vienna, Chancellor Leopold Figl issued an official denial of a statement by Ernest Fischer, one of four Communist^ members of the Austrian Parliament, saying that Figl had offered to resign if such action was necessary to effect great- :r participation in government af- 'airs by the Communist Party. Sweet Gas (Continued Prom Paee 1> you visited the Panhandle prior to your election to the high office which you now hold—namely, that WET WASH 60 per Ib. AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 515 S. Cuyler Phone 205 fix this stacfi." it has- tteeti contended ift&t bar thS ust* of BWfelt jftfipdses fts «*•* bon black wotdd distiourlS^e the ae velopment of industry iri thl pah,* handle of TeXas. - •'%•...'• The editorial to the cfceeiiioi further said: "V?e believe that the sftiaii fas producer, regardless of his 'ge6- graphical location, has the saffte right to compete (in market safe) as have those interests in at more select location, provided th£y are willing to sell their product at a price free competition dettrttiifies." The message said that in sigiU ing the bill, the Governor wbuld be "opening up for use new Vistas of social and economic progress." Five colors only are used tg form the international Color Alphabet flags used on the high seas; red, yellow, blue, black and white. ' •••Fistula Facts-Free Associated Ailments Explained 4n-pafi;<> l-'ItKR BOOK—tcllH fads alioiit I'MsUilii., Hf^liil Abscpss, Piles oilier rnt.'ini and colon cllsor- iltrs; «|KI> rc-laleil allmcnla, ftiiil latent c.orrai'tlvu troatments. Thornton ft Minor r.Mlnlc, Suite Rfill, 826 St., City, Mo, ' .. "CHEVROLET Expert Body We can't make a 1947 model out of it for you—but we can do the next best thing, by doing all necessary niechanicai repairs . . . straightening body and fender dents, complete painting or touch up as needed. Replace cracked or blemished glass. Electronic Wheel Balancing ESTABLISHED 1927 CULBERSON CHEVROLET CO. YOUR REPAIRS on the BUDGET PAY PLAN 212 North Ballard 366-PHONE-367 Pampq, Texas You'll Like Our Service Of Course Us for Babies and it's FOR WPS, TOO GOOD GROWN VITAMIN D (Added) Is the Best You Con Buy ond the Best for You! / , H " ••"HI, ••- -«f •« "' v ,1 V v ' * r J ' ' i*> V -\ .,, . „.,, ,.<..,/xti«..4»j, ) ..,». i aiA.J',<. • >^~, *M-MpSpP^f%W« ." 'IMS . . '. j£i>j!. ,.J .}.< \^4SfefeB^i£,i:a.5i!feltel».'

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