The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 2-1, 1930 races and passive races. The' foundation of our overseas empire proves that we belong to the former category. One of the most important missions of our navy Is' to-protect the magnificent \vorkj accomplished by our predecessors." He then announced that he was| about to form four divisions of tiie; navy to be permanently attached: to ports in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, the western coast ol! Africa, and In (he West'Indies. liesldcs, Saigon In Indo-Chlna will remain the French base of op- lonial Defense Come DP- «»tlous ' In thp f" cast. From loniai L/ueiiise ^ome i/e thcre crujscrs dlsi)atch bmls 3M i gunboats will depart for the seas and rivers of China to protect French Interests. This force will strengthened by at least three JKA'THlwir.'1'B.. (ARK.) CpUKlKR-NEWS Simplicity of Design Lends Charm to Colonial House Recommendations for Co- ' spite London Parley. By MILTON BROXNKlt NBA Service Writer LONDON, Jnu. 24.— As if to snap its fingers nt- restriction of naval strength, France— with Hie five- power navnl armament conference under way hero— would appear to have taken two steps In the opposite direction: 1. H lias approved the building of more cruisers and submarines; and, 2. Pointedly announced that hereafter naval units will bo mainluliicd in French colonies —some of them in parts of the world where now only American and British warships are seen. Georges Leygues. who is a sort of perpetual Secretary of the Na surviving multitudinous Gcorfes Leygucs . . . campaigns for cruisers. changes in French cabinets, the other day made a speech in Pairs in which he said the guilding principle of his department was: big submarines. Two Bases in 1'aeific In the Pacific (he bases will Ix; it Noumean in the island of New Caledonia and at Papeete in Ih'j Island of Tahiti. The fleet thers will be composed mainly of dispatch boats for the present., The fleet designed to patrol Indian ocean waters will be stationed at Ihe newly completed harbor of Diego Snares: on the great Island of Madagascar. Submarines largely will be entrusted with this work. The waters of western Africa will! be patrolled by boats having their base at Dakar and Ihe naval units in Moroccan waters also will IK reinforced. Ships will be sent to the French ports in the West Indies, hitherto mainly patrolled by American and Uritish war vessels. Dayroul in Syria also will have its naval contingent. In addition, there will be a flying division capable of carrying important, milialry and marine i units to any given point. Tins: will be composed oi the Duqucsne, Tourvflle and Sum-en, three of t!:e most powerful and modern 10,000- ton cruisers in the world. The French government organs have been careful to point out lhat in doing this, France is only'fol- lowing (lie example set by the United Stales, England and Holland. H is pointed out that Holland does not hesitate to send to the Dutch East, Indies the most important part of its fleet—namely, two cruisers, three new destroyers, submarines of scries K—the best the has—a mine layer,'a ship for the refueling of airplanes and seaplanes, and a great quantity ol smaller units. U. S. Navy in Tropics America is shown lo have navai units constantly in the West Indies lo protect the Panama Canal, in the Hawaiian waters and nl Guam and- the Philippines. And it 'is declared lhat Great Britain has the greatest fleets of j all in distant waters. Thus it main"Unity of views; continuity of tains in Chinese waters a veritable effort." . I flotilla—a squadron composed of To Protect Colonies • five of its most recent and pow«r- He then went on to say that his I lu! cruisers, an entire flotilla of department aimed not'only at giv-j destroyers, a squadron of submar- ing France an adequate navy for ines. nineteen gun boats, five 'dis- her home waters in the Mediler-!palch-boals and a seaplane carrier. 'In ll>e East Indies it has anolhcr division of three cruisers and four dispalch boats. India, New Zealand and ilmnle bin (ileaslni; comiiosn'lon for ho cnlranre. Wlmluns Are Mulll-puicd The windows are Invariably inul- ;l-pnned and usually of casement l.vpes without .side wood shutters. I'hey aiv usually placed flus^i wllh the ex-.erior walls. To Impc: l to 11 house the air of having grown in Us selling is evidence oi K ood design. This may U mast c.iiily accomplished with this style, as the distinguishing fealuie of the Colonial house includes comfortable lines ot sturdy construction wilh Minute details, quietly haimonlrlng wllh the nut- unil cmiroumcnl. The long sweep o[ slet-p roof slope the huge elilin- ncy ami the Inviting dormer windows give such n house the effect of inn- staunch friendliness. A IHsltllcllvi: House A visitor enters Hie Colonial house pictured hero through a small-hallway and proceeds Into a living room of delightful proportions. Here k an open fheplnce and low casement windows of iinall pane.;. An arched opening leads lo the dining room, out of which French doors open upon n parch. Tills porch can ulso be reached through the living room by French doors. From the dining room, n swinging door leads, to a •right, cheery kitchen wilh ciws- uricnt ventilation. This is mocl- rn in every way. There ale bulll- n i-loscls and an alcove for a lurried lunch or Ijirakfasl. In the hull leading to the second lloor Is a closet. Tills floor is well There are three good- si/ed bedrooms, all wllh crass-current ventilation and closets In each. A modern tiled balhrocni cornier is well with all Ihesc rooms. Write to Mrs. Cora W. Wilson. •120 Madison avenue, New i'ork city, if you wish further particulars and a cost csilmi\le. Be sure to enclose this clipping. tralia each have ,their own navy. The Australian comprises three cruisers, two of which are comparatively new, powerful 10,000-lon- ners. and a large und powerful aviation force. rancan, Atlantic. ' and English Channel; -but also for her colonial empire. "There are," he said, "active Just Monkeying Around SJSTEf? ITCHEN By SISTER MAK.V. NKA Service Writer It lakes much planning on the part of the housekeeper to seivo a meal suitable for all members of family of "assorted sizes.' 1 One of the simplest ways of handling this situation is to remove an individual portion of a good wholesome food before additional high .seasoning makes it undesirable for the youngest member at tiie table. A meat loaf made savory with green peppers is not an accepted food for the 3-year-old. But a pan- broiled meal, cake lightly seasoned wilh salt can be made for the small person. The meal should be taken out for the patty cake before the seasoning for "the meat loaf is added. Individual portions of vegetables can tc set aside before seasoning for the family. Salads can be simplified and plainly dressed with lemon juice and oil. These precautions usually make it unnecessary 10 supply special and entirely different foods for children. The following menu takes care of Ihe needs of small children as well as those in their "teens": BREAKFAST-0 range juice, cooked cereal, 'crcajn, baked hash, crisp grfihfim toasl, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON— Noodle soup, toast sticks, cottage checse-raisin- green pepper salad, cup custard, milk, tea. DINNER—Baked lamb loaf, potatoes en casserole, canned lima cans, whole wheat rolls, new on- ons and radishes, fig and orange elly, vanilla cookies, milk, coffee. Children under school age am! >crsons well past middle will lot want the hash suggested in With Ihe increasing American :cndency for families lo move about :he country in pursuance of op_ : iortunily and to change their dwellings wtlh chinning circumstances, the Question whether a dwelling will he readily salable is an important factor in the choice of materials. Perhai>s the most apparent char- icterisUc of the Colonial house is Is simrJiclty of design, the ruling [iiincip.e of Us Pmilru origlna- lors. This severity Is broken by the decorative trealmenl accorded dcor and window openings. The fotmer Ireatment consists of .a pedimcnlcd doorway with a more or less decorated entablature, usually supported by coupled columns, elaborate glass light!; being used By COKA WILSON 'Ton Won't Get Bit" Asparagus Tips around- (he door itself, making The devilfish varies in length from one inch to 50 feet. COLDS COST MONEY It is cillmattJ that a sufferrr from colt/i loses three dayi' mfl from u'orb in >ecr. FORTIFY YOURSELF AGAINST COLDS, GRIPPE Tone vp jour body uith DR. PIERCE'S GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY All Dialer!. Liquid or Tatjleli. Invigorated Hair Roots Also and Hair Grew In Much Heavier And Beautiful MRS. LEA'S TONIC REALLY WONDERFUL *—• "I think Lea's Hair Tonic ls.| years. One couple easily seventy cally worth while for one's hair j years old of wealth in Ihe eigar and U surely restored mine to its i business, says a few drops on Ihe scalp, once every ten days or so, has kept his mustaches and -liair its beautiful Jet black over twelve , years and her hair is equally at- lalling out as before. It is suc^i ! tractive and free of gray. Their natural color after being quite ;ray. It seemed to restore the vigor to scalp and roots and my hair came in heavier and prevented it he breakfast growing. Ider children and active aduits iced the extra breakfabl dish. The .mclicon salad must b: culled out. o cottage cheese and one tablc- poonful of finciy chopped c?cded aislns on .1 nest of finely shred- ed lettuce for children' under chcol age. In the dinner menu, the po!aU>3-2 ihonld be well mashed with a fork, he beans ruiibcd through a ricer and the onions ami radishes vsry finoly rr.inced lor small children. A ci:t of :=iiil> from the fort:|ii:titer i* c:ir:-;ii'iy trimmed •vnd put 'lhro'.;;'-> l:'» f';:c! chopper for Ihe loaf. Onj or t'vo gl.crkim j added wilh Ihc sea:..nin s will ikase Ihc adult'taste. a simple matter to apply too and after one gels the desired results iust an nccasional massaging of a few drcps into the scalp with finder lips, every ten days, keeps one's liair so nice," writes Dor.i Cnl- liomi, of Lincoln. Delaware. Thousands of men and women prematurely gray or getting old find Lea's Hair Tonic takes ten las', order for six boltles lo lake with them to Europe, came only recently from the Commodore Ho- lei. New York. Surely no one, no matter how fastidious or skeptical, can lonper hesiiate, at least lo try Mrs. Lea's Hair Tonic. One may defy their barber or hair dresser to detect the use of Lea's and it surely Isn't much bolher. If drug- years of Iheir age r.nri enhances jgisl hasn't Lea's Hair Tonic and their appearance 'wonderfully. The I won't obtain of his Jobber for you, wrilcr of this article for Mrs. Lea just send dollar bill wilh address has personally met a score ol' prominent men and women who have used Lea's Hair Tonic many to Lea Tonic Co., Brcnlivood, Mel. They pay postage to hotel o r office. your '.lomc Adv. Vcnkoy business, that's what! Rumors were heard that there was little dom...... trouble in the hoir.c of Mr. and \frs. Chimpanzee, ove on. Simian strccl, and it certainly would teem from the picture the top as though the fair Aka were somewhat disdainful of her boy friend Max. But it seems that a chuck under the chin turneth away wrath, and In the center you see Aka smiling her prettiest. So every- th:ru is hotsy-totsy now, and below they are piclured as each monkey up to the otiier. They're American circus and movie ptrioim- ers, now app::-tng In Berlin, British Parliament Has Pencil Variety LONDON <U1>)— Styles of clothes, mannerisms of siwech and attiludcs in debate of members of Parliament have all elicited comment by observing members of the House. The.latctl comment has been about the slrange 'assortment ol Front Bench pencils. Stanley Baldwin. ex-Conservative premier, favors a s:nall stub, for which he fumbles In a waistcoat pocket. Sir Phillip Conliffe-Llstcr always takes his seat with a new, shiny iwncil of a bright color in his pocket. Winston Churchill uses a propelling pencil and lakes notes on envelopes instead of note paper, i Read Couiier News Want Ads. (Foraffisze Buse) At Magnolia Sufions and Dealers 25c Ribbon ! Cane Syrup | 1002 5's 39ci Pure 2l"s 22c Ginger Snaps c ""g"' 25c Hominy sro & 3 for 25c lit:'-. !• ~ •*.- •«.» r» < V i;. ..... Corn Flakes s. For 25c Coffee Herkeley Blend 1-Lb. din 37c Candy 3 bars for lOc Twine Mops Valley Alitid 10-0/. 32c Chum Salmon No. ] Tiiil dm 2 for 25c Flou r Blue liunnj-; Plain or S. 1'. 48-lb. sack $2.18 24-lb. sack $1.13 For Saturday Only Spinach Crisj) Tender . 9c Rutabagas Fancy (,'anadiiin lb. 3c Potatoes Hed Triumph Clean Stock lb. Brussell 35c Plant J*. 25e Pineapple Seach 29c Turnips With I'ri'sh, Green Tops, Hunch LARD Pure or . Compound pound 12c BACON Black Hawk Sliced pound 30c SPARERIBS pound SALT MEAT Small Sides Host Grade lb. 16c BACON Smoked Bellies lb. 19c MIXED SAUSAGE pound I2fe HAMS, Picnic- sSffL lb. pound_5c SAUSAGE, Pure Pork, lb. 20c

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