Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on November 27, 1967 · Page 2
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 2

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1967
Page 2
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DEATHS & FUNERALS Mrs* funeral for Mrs. ^Charlie (Willie Martha) wngner, 6f, of 3616 third St. ftaS to be today! at 2 p.m. in Davis-Morris Fu-j hefal Home with Dr. R. C.» Yennison officiating. Burial was to be in Jordan! Springs Cemetery. i A member of the Baptist chttfch, Mrs. Wagner died in ( hef home Saturday at Il:l5i p.m. aftef a sudden illness. She was born April 1, 1900, at Yoakuffi and had been a resident of Brownwood 52 years. Site married Charlie Wagner Dee. 23, 1915, in Brownwood. Survivors include her husband; two sons, Frank of Ala- rnogordo. N. M., and Richard of San Angelo; four daughters, Mrs. Roy Glenn of Brownwood, Mrs. Clarence Garrison of Satt Saba, Mrs. Charles McMillian of Lubbock and Mrs. Cecil Johnson of Abilene; 11 grandchildren and two great- grandchildren. Robert Roy Browning COLEMAN—Services for Robert Roy Browning, 84, will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Stevens Funeral Home with the Rev. James Haney of St. Mark's HOSPITAL ..... YL (EDITOR'S NOTE: Informa-- Ford, 1911 Ave. D; 6. F. Burtion for this column released by dick, 113 Lucas Road; Mrs. authority of patient or relative.) MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Admissions Wednesday Edna Mae Hughes, 1705 Main Blvd. Dissmissals Friday Brownwood Mrs. Grace Brownwood - Jill Na n t y Whi(e 15I(I Dur ham St. Homesley, 1811 Vine e n t St.; j Admissions Saturday Mrs. Charlsie Reed, /ll W. j Coma nche - Mrs. Jackie Sue Commerce St. ;JIrs. Kale Peir- j McDona !d, Democrat Star Rt. Dismissals Saturday NEW ADDITION—A Martin 6-26 bomber, now on display at the Brown wood Municipal Airport, is the newest addition of the Confederate Air Force. Giant plane was flown in late Saturday afternoon. (Bulletin Staff Photo) will be in City tery. Mr. Browning died Sunday morning at his home here. He B-26 Plane \Joins CAP Bomb Wing e Allotments In Mail to County Farmers son, 906 First St. Blanket—Julius Richmond. Bangs—Cynthia Mae Bowers, ij^'c^r Dissttiissais Wednesday ; Gj dihwaUe _ Larry Mitchell Brownwood — Mrs. Aliie R. McKinzie. Rt. 1; Mrs. Edna Boatrighl. 105 N. Greenleaf S!.; Karan Kirkland. 1410 Collage St.; Mrs. Mattie E. Scott, 818 Ave. A; Randall McAnally, 1114 Oakland Dr.; Barbara Ann Fol- Brownwaod Bulletin if* I. Life lytry *vefuh$ a«y, ana Sundsv ftiorhfng By BROWNWOOD PU8LISHING CO., P. 0. 80* 1184, Srownweod, Tfcxas 7«0l. SecohJ elisi P04t»9* 41 BrewmvooS, Texas. NORMAN f=IJH6R, Editor Subscription r8t«j. BY CARRIER BY «66K: 40 c*MI. SY MAIL In fh* following Caliahan, Eastland, Erath, Comanche, Hamilton, Minis, Sah Saba, McCuiloch, Coleman and Brown lli.ifl air yetirt elsewhsrft «1.00 per veer. MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated PrMS fs exclusively *n. titled to he use for publication el nil the local hews published herem, AII rights o) reoubllcatlon of special dis- news dlspetches credited to ft or not ,-fherwfse credited In fhl« paper Jnd aiss ol republlcatiort of ipeciai di»patches are also reserved. Brownwood — Garry Luker j Dismissals Sunday — John Henry Colamem Salutes Barnes, Hospital COLEMAN-Coleman observ- cd ate Air Force °\s now °on 6\s- 1 Notices of individual farm j county office in person—during ton crop with penalties on any play at the Brownwood Munici-!I acreage allotments and yields j the_ period Dec. 4-Deo. 8. __ excess cotton produced; loans iimond. Rf. 3: Mrs. Zola «°n »° Overall-Morris Mcmori- FiEh. 2635 Cleburne St. ,al Hospital and honored House BIRTHS [Speaker Ben Barnes at a joint -------••:-- •„ t „.„ , A daughter. Dawn Machiell j prog ram here t^ay. . , lowell, 100 Kings Court: Billy , 0 ^ r * nd Mr ^ D U i ane Col-! Barnes was honored at an Joe Brown, 2202 Ave E; Mrs.; , ' ^ 0/ c ^ ttche< Nov . 2 4, appreciation day program at Mattie Kemp 806 Malone St.; Memonal H i(al Materna , noon for his efforts in behalf Mrs. A. C. Eckert and baby,, gran( {pa ren t s a re Mr and Mrs i of the hospital. Festivities wer« 1108 San Benito Dr. ij ke |> ipes of D jn ev Paternalist ln e recreation building on Fort Worth - Mrs. Kenneth! erandparcn(s are M r.' and Mrs. the rodeo grounds. Van Huss and baby ; p e|e ' Angermann o{ Hamilton. The day was proclaimed both Mercury - Mrs. Fannie Me-: A dau | hter Christian Clare,! Hospital Day and Ben Barnes Bee. • |, 0 Mr and Mrs . Fred A> Car-! Day by Mayor A 0. Brink. Admissions Thursday j {er Jr of Houslon Nov . 22, i Hosting Barnes' speech were Brownwood - W H. Grady,;g t Lukfis Hospita i. Maternal i the Rotary. Lions, Kiwanis and 1805 Brady Ave.; Mrs. C E. i d {s are Dr , and Mrs. Exchange Clubs. Coieman, Rt. 1; Roman Enc g ' Barcus of H illsboro and "Ifor the 1968 upland cotton crop j The law requires a favorable j and price support and diversion! Coman . „., _ ( IHV 30,000-pound Martin B-26 i have ^en mailed ^ fanners in j vote by at least two-thirds of] payments will be available to cleasu ™l was born in Milan, Tenn.. onj bomber flo ^ in from Denver !Brown County, according to i the growers voting in order to' M^V^S^n iJ?^' 0010 - late Saturda y afternoon! | Walter Thompson, chairman, ag-j keep marketing quotas in ef- Mary T. Padleford in 1910. She iwa -_ nrrhat .^ . j, 0 rA17 ricujtural stabilization and con- feet. T, W. mrlr ™ 5 \- _ .. I paternal grandparents are Mr. Dublin-Joe Frank Trotter !' a d Mrs . Fred A, Carpenter ot Comanche — Mrs. Vicki Col- died In 1957. A resident of Coieman since iwas purchased bv the CAF. j ricujtural I Flying the World War II bomb- servation county committee. distributor He was a Coieman 'man Country Club. cotton broker . If the vote Dismissals Thursday i _, , _ , aee at least 5 oer cent fun to' Brown wood-Mrs. L. A. Spain, iSeMCe Sfaf/OH age at least 5 per cent (up to j 1Q22 Sgn Benilo Dr . Mrs Sue ; growers who divert their acre- \ • • i or i\ u ! ivM oan oenuo ur.. nirs. oue: _, > , i i i ^SSliSmlnt^ ,fe I ^ Wier - ^Brownwood N u r s i ng j B urglanzQcl Here is favorable, j ow the farm allotment, put the! ™"' i^rAnnTnuhv 'perrv 1 ^' ^'"!,' *^ He pointed out that any ques-1 Eligible to vote are all pro-} diverted acreage into a con- j ^?5in» S'• rm;ManV.« Hnm«'' Brownwood polic_ ... H ,„ umi flc , u „„. t ,_, m tlon about the allotments should iducers who shared in the 1967 | seeing use. and meet other oro- E^\™^^:L:J! I l: a . n ^::^. e ±i8at^ng a break-in at_a service | Uie Tcxas Assn . o{ Health, Phys- be HPC Sending 11 To El Paso Meet Four Howard Payne College health and physical education , teachers and seven students ma- olice are investi-: j oring in t iiat field will attend u p Irnndtalely with! cotton crop or It, proceeds and member of i Qg—"" j je ^jJ2 "of~*E)alias a~nd the ASCS county office. jthe owners and operators of al- JTom Short of Kerrviile.' I ^ e sai ^ the intention is to letjiotment farms where no cotton According to Gardner, who '- farmers kno\v how the allotment j was planted in 1967. ' gram provisions. ..; Miss Lucy j stat j on a t 22 oo Belle Plain Ave. |f c 'a] Education and Recreation tsrueger HIM. ; According to police reports j state convention at El Paso . ccorng o arner wno . csp , •Surviving are two daughters j ^° lo-Slot for 5e big ; Program will affect their farms Questions about eligibility to inch cotton at average loca- Jl"- i T «? la ir ° f - Ausf , mra " d i bird the plane although difi , before the referendum on mar- vote should be referred to the! £ ; price-support' pavments, fW.5'«S '£^°( f n«?^ tolef™ to TTs aiikeUng quotas for the 1968 up-i ASCS county office. jwill b/at B^cente V pound ™ * have ^ best co ^ bat bomb-i nd crop. Balloting will be con-! f the vote is favorable, on the farm's projected yield - Mrs. Mary Stinnett COLEMAN-Services for Mrs. Mary Stinnett, 90, will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Stevens Funeral Home with the Rev. Leo Bujnowski officiating. Burial will'be in Brown Ranch Cemetery. Mrs. Stinnett, a Coieman resident 17 years, died Sunday at 9:15 a.m. She was born Jan. 14,. 1877, in Travis County. She married Bernard Stinnett, who died in 1954. She was a retired registered nurse and a graduate of John- Sealy Nursing School in Galveston. She was a Catholic. Surviving are 15 nieces and 10 nephews. — Mrs. Don-: i i sometime Sunday night or early Teachers making the trip are wan> ; this morning. j Bi ji p u rs er , department head, A small amount of cash is • Joe j am es, Capitbla, Bratton missing and police are check- and Maxine'Hine. Rt ing record of any other type» ducted b >' mail-or the ballots > Thompson explained, quotas will j f or the acreage planted within Brownwood - Dan Wvalt of plane during World War II. may be returned to the ASCS i apply to the 1968 upland cot- the farm's domestic allotment. J 4 . charles H Drury 2306 Ave J M • "- J '-•" ' "*' ' ' " ' ' ~^ and diversion payments will be B '. Mrs Ca rnien E Santoya^' Named to ling for the possibility of other I stolen items. Gardner added, "It was a tough old bird." The interior of the plane has been redone and its plush seating and luxurious upholstering can b« viewed by'the public, Gardner noted. The colonels, who brought the bomber in, believe this to be the only remaining flying Martin B-26 in the world. Texas Couple's New Baby 200 Millionth American HOUSTON (AP) - Joseph Alan'.Williams, who weighed in at a husky 9 pounds and 15 ounces, was born just in time to be counted as the 200 mil- Teen Club Draws 544 Approximately 60 pounds of, . French fried potatoes were con- k° v ar) d his mother started home Gary and Gary, 6. The father is a Houston butcher. The U.S. Census Bureau reported the baby's birth at 10:10 a.m. last Monday occurred just 10.76 cents a pound on the farms projected yjeld for the basic acreage diversion (5 per cent of the farm allotment), and 6 cents a pound for additional- voluntary—diversion of up to 30 per cent of the farm allotment. 1205 Melwood Mrs. Rob-! ZEPHYR-Newly elected stu- Students are Jerry Fisher, John Spain. John Smith, Dan Salisbury, Joan Stewart, Alice Fisher and Eria Buse., Tlie state confab will be held liuo ivicjwuuu /ivv;., i>iiB. ivuu- —•-. ..».. ..-...,, >..w^.s.v. ".- ,.«_j __..i ..„„„ ert Dennis. 2105 Ave. E; Mrs.! dent council officers at Zephyr i 1 " Brownwood next year. Nadine Griffith, Sunset Terrace, i High School include G 1 e n d a j Crane-Mrs. W. L. Wells. 'Brown, president; Garry Ma-i Sell Those Unwanted San Antonio - Mrs. Willie i Jors, vice president; Sharon! Eva Cramer. Dismissals Friday Brownwood—Blaine E. Thomp- Reiger, secretary-treasurer, and 1 ItGms In I he Esther Aguirre, historian. ' Bulletin Classifieds lionth American, report officials i as the population clock in its at Memorial Baptist Hospital Washington offices ticked off the j gram will be able to apply for Special acreage diversion ex-(son, 1516 Waco Ave.; E. E. emptions apply to small farms.' Reynolds, 2008 10th St. Growers who elect not to par-i ticipate in the diversion pro- j Northwest. He arrived a week ago, and they planned a special ceremony today before the blue-eyed baby sumed by the 544 students who from the hospital. Sales Tax Questions H ] attended the Brown County Dr, Gerald W, Maness, the H: Teen Club meeting Saturday | physician who delivered him, *='--•-'-' street arranged to be there along with representatives of the Houston In addition, 800 soft drinks and mayor, the chamber of com- 60 pounds of hot dogs were sen'- • merce and other wellwishers. 1! night at the Adams 1 Community Center. Jf you have a question concerning the sales tax election scheduled in Brownwood Dec. 5, write it to The Brownwood Bulletin. Q. Assuming that City "A" ha§ the sales tax and City "B" "s pjade ed to teenagers from Brownwood and area as well as out-of-town guests from Dover, Dela. and New Orleans, La. The Avengers, including Jodie Freeman, John Fuller, Don Patterson, Dwight Franks and Gary Evetts, furnished the music. the On hand to help members pf Police Assn. does not, and a S?£?T 1<B "' does " A " coUect ] Wright, Mrs, • A, Yes, The sales tax is levied ^ S " ?' **?}** ^ ra at the point of sale. ForbesSj Susan Timmins, Harry Sockol,, Mrs. Alice Lilly, 0, H. i Wilder, Connie Turrell and Har- City "A", which has the local ve £ Wft , sales tax for delivery in City Next Saturday'* program "B", which also has the tax, i f fF eona ffi * owt which city is eligible to collect ggjJ,J *jf<** A, City "A" collects, since it "Js fee pojnt o| sa}e, rather thm Investigate Byrglgfy ' Cquoty '^fe^--.,-^ wbien itJMHpdiftop toe:'" " Artie Air Big Area By TO^ ASSOCTATED W A l3i-ge arctic air ma,ss rfe4 a pruwinier chjij jn/to of th§ nation today Young Joseph Alan is the son of Joe and Carolyn Williams, They're also parents of a daughter, Annette, 7, and twin sons, /n/ured Man Is Released Ruben Monerreal Noriega, of Sonora, who was Saturday night in a two-car col lision at Main, and West Austin, was released from Medical Arts Sunday where he was taken and X-rayed for possible injuries. Treated and released at the hospital Saturday night, was the driver of the J962 car, Kenneth Rjehardson Jr, of San Antonio. Police reports show the 1968 vehicle ai)4 Noriega's 196? car Jn collision at about 1Q;10 p,m, Damage to bort> ear? wag n^ated, at $700. 200 million population count—a level also passed only by India, China and Russia. Some individuals—President Johnson is among them—claim the bureau's count is running quite a few laps behind and the 200 millionth American actually was born about two years ago. An executive of the Houston hospital said the Census Bureau nevertheless proceeded with plans to mark the arrival, and called for hospitals across the nation to advise when babies arrived at the census people's selected time. It was only last Wednesday, the 25th birthday of Mrs. Williams, thai the parents learned Joseph was designated, Mrs. Williams said, "I just couldn't believe it... Firgt, my real ama?ement thaj Jopeph, was so large. And then, you know, both Joe and 1 really expected he'd be a girl," She said hers is "just a very average, middle class family, yoyng and struggling to get fpet PH the ground. 1 -' Blanket—Julius Richmond. Bangs—Thomas J. Bailey. Austin—Mrs. Marcilea Beadel MEDICAL ARTS HOSPITAL Admissions Friday Brownwood — B. R. Leach, 2808 Ave. C; Miss Fannie Pearl a share of an export acreage market reserve and to grow and export all their cotton without government assistance and without marketing quota penalties. If the vote is unfa%'orable, he added, there will be no quotas or penalties for the 1968 upland - n • ,,, cotton crop, no price support * pUStncSS or diversion payments, no export cotton market acreage reserve, and price support loans Haynie 0. Harlowe has been to mwers who do nrt exceed ! S iven "cognition by Phillips Pee will be available at 50 per centi munit y of parity. JBCs MARFA, Tes. (AP) Wayne Conn^yy of Floresvjlle today he has Sjwght about ipg fpr governor his brptjier, Qov, {jut ha§ mad^ no pf thought race for " si fsr ss Applications for the sale orj^^ 0 ^ lease of 1968 cotton allotments may be filed on or before Jan. 2, 1968, regardless of the outcome of the marketing quota referendum. Brown County received an al- Jphnent of 5,4,52 acres for distribution to growers in producing their 1968 upland cotton crop. This represented the eoyn- ty's share of the national allotment pf }6.2 million acres, in- pjqding 3 national reserve of 200,000 acres to take carp of M, J. Chisholm, division man- Houston sales the fanii Thompson pointed out that u "i tJje. s^cj-etary pf agricuk , is dJreeted ty law to proclaim quotas for the r}e$t prop •- 1 ™- fte total upland c<$on esceedj normal, whether w not quotas have been outstandingly _u,- "—'--"--j»,jjuj$B$fQr in crop were /arms wiJJ have been n}a4e available to growers, s|'jjja(; they office, presented Phillips Mr. Phil Award, "A Mr, Phil Award is made to distributors of Phillips prod- ucl§ for outstanding sales efforts, pustpmer services, coni- nmnity services, or other activities that bring credit to the individual or his organization," Chisholrn explained. Nominations for the Mr. Phil Award are obtained from letters from customers calling special notice to an individual or from reoomm,epdations pf Phil lips sales division managers, A special committee periodically makes the selections of those tp receive, the distinction of being a Mr. Phil Awafd recipient. "This award is being presented to iiarlowe in appreciation for Ws active interest and par ifl civic and community affairs," CWsholm said, **These activities include or the JBarly Woris CJut? of which he is a charter , ber and serves on the board oi ; now serving his third. term as mayor of garly; ber of the AnjerJcafl Legion for §0 ejiy j an4 i§ a GIVE HER THE FINEST! COMMUNITY* STAI N LESS BY ONEIDA SILVERSMITHS 50-Piece Service for 8 service of easy-caret beautiful stainless In a re-usablp sutlers Tfay, ace in »ttr»?tiv0 solid walnut fey with HO INfEREST CM CAkRYING CHARGF

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