The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 24, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 1
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5 CBBBBOT MOSPECrS OF ANOTHER RESERVE CMJ.-W A PPEAR REMOTE-PAGE 8 Per Single Copy To Subierlbt Call II 3-3S11 Fr«tpor» B 5 VOL. SO NO. 1ST SERV.NS BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, W«T COLUMB.A, BRAZOR.A, SWEENY. OLD OCEAN, DANBURf and DAMON faat ClaMifled: IE 3-M11— All Oth»r OffleM: IE J-3S11 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport Strike Still On But Many Crafts On Job 'Ilie fourth week of HIP sli-ike h.v Millwright Ixicnl 2X12 ended today with Ihr silualion nlxnil the sanm n.« 'Iliursdny — members] of most era fix are buck nt work, bul some union locals are rcfus- fine lo cross the plckel lines. Included among those still of/ Ihp job are Boilermakers, Carpenters, Millwright*, rile Drivers, Tcnm.s-tcrs nnrl some 1-fiborcrs. i Craftsmen who have cnKsr-d the linen and relurned lo their jolrt number nboul half of HIP loin) work force. Tliis, according lo contractors, reacllvfilcs the minor conslnicllon projects now underway nt Ihn two Dow plnnl ^ areas, Uul sooner or laler, sourps say, Ihe absence of key crafls «ill present bottlenecks that WfHild a<;ain bf\!t constnii'lirin. II had been rpporled Thnrufav , that Ih" Rlalus of union locals nf-l filiated uilh bolh Ihe Houston and (Jnrveston BuilrlinE and Conslnic- Hon Trades Councils mifjhl be clarified at » mpeliiiK 'Iliursday of Ihp Houslon C*«incil. '4 Crafls \vho returnrft lo \\ork U'ednesday did so on Hie advice of Ihe (ialveslnn Dislrict, after a majority vol» by represent^lives of meinlHM' rrnfls uas favorable lo manning work posls. But in lloilslon late Thursdny, M. A. Graham, srcrelary for Ihe Houston Council, said Ihe subject of the Kreeport slrike silualiou had not been discussed. II could not be acliil upon, he ^said, treatise Bra7.r»sport is in Ihe lialvpston (Council's jurisdiction, and not in the Houston jurisdiction, 'Hierpfore, he snid, mallprs nrisinE within the Bra^osporl nrp.-i would be entirely Ihp concern of Ihe dalveston Council, even Ihoiifih Ihe crafts Involved had affiliations with bolh Councils. The Galveslon Council's ni-iion was relayed to the general presidents of 1he national hcmlqtwlet* » of all af/ecled crafts, and the information was relayed- 10 lnifll : |."8 unions. Associated Prest Member FRIDAY, AU6UST~24T 19A2 Fr««pert, Texas" CLUFPS MAIN STREET WORK STARTED Chile np|x> fl r In l-p rlieerfnl ilbout d'HRliiK Ihe hR/.iiriU nt n Inrn-iip >|.iln .street when. H concrete pnvlnx prnlerl l< l<i IK- carried out uhcn nmt viler llne« nre IMM! under the Mrcrl. In thl« \ii-\\. lust e;i<l „( Ihe rily llnll. ninlnrUlK nere nbllced to take n humpy detinir IhriniRh 11 Mic-inl Lit at .nail's pure, making a '.Ml mile per hour «|MTI| limit nigii nearby m-oni imnei •-*:n'\. Alltinnzh cloi.d« of du«t have been mnile bv lli» traffic since {h? ImnMflpptng vvn» remiiitil from the ..(reel. Mn.viir flrnen ttnnneN *ai.1 reeenM.v thnl he ti.-ul received no n:'np!aliii« ,i!,,,n| M. I'nvirij will begin In the rim* •ichon! area »nen in<- vvaler line work Is finished. Don King Candidate For I Harbor Post j Don King of Anu'lelon lodav jnounr-ed |,p would |w , ., ,. nM fa\ f . ;for (he Navigation Idstrict I lion-al-largo commissioner ; I" lx» filler! i n (he N nv . fi ge I election, , He is DIP fourlh candidate .seek Position 1. King said if elected his H would be directed solely toward economic development. "It has become common prac lice for candidates in the pa*) t n pledge („ us open meetings, grain .elevators, coll on compress- P „ equal freight rales, and such. "I think if is lj, n e t.-> elect rep. : resent,il ion lhal i« interested in ; bellying the operation n f Ihis harbor for the pure an d simple j purpose, of having a stabili/ed ;economy, raider lhan furthering his private business connections. I have none " : Kfjtiity for porl iim-rs would 'help accomplish this for taxpay- "TS. he said. "I would like for (he many co:owners, like myself, who 'i avp .hard-earned tax dollars invested Weekdays S CenU Sunday IB Centi 4-Power Meet ing On Berlin Souaht RUSSIANS BLAMED IN CRISIS Asks Grand Jury Calls County ASC Men R.v F.FAVIS r;t I.H:K WASHINGTON fAPi -Holding the Soviets responsible for tensions arising from Ihe Berlin wall. Berlin At A Glance By TIIK ASSOCrATEl) 1'RERS TENSION MOUNTS IN CITY BKRUN—Soviet armored cars' nffer only token resistance to! American escort; West Bf> r linern! ^BKRIJN ."API-Tension again torlav hut . • •••,' "MI it-*inn?r/ v tapered off. Throe Soviet m-mored -iv ,n, union inriay a| wall h ,,, Mavor wm> , Br ; n ^i'' tpr r»<^"S "P only token resta- meehng lo prevent appeals lo them to remain calm: •". - "" Arnrri '' a " escort and a ' r ' ••* '" > ^illn III t f\llti, . . „ iration of the situa- f: . as( Germany on autobahn un- military lo .loin In a further deleri lion in Berlin. ^ The call Mr consultation among Hie big-power represonlmives— preferably to be held in Berlin— hindered by Communists. convov AT CLUTf IIOP.STON r APi — A federal grand jury subpoenaed nine men ,„ today a« witne«ps in Us investi- in this fine harbor insinuation of - ;ili '>n of all"~oc| illegal rii'e aci-p. ours, to ge| » f a j r an d equitable '•'-" allolmpnis. return per dollar invested. TIP vvilnes-s "This can only be done hv fair ""''" an( ' " r "' treatment and equal considers Meeting, Hearing Set For New City Budget A public hearing r,n Ihe pronos-.JacKsan Road and Shanks S i of all of the users of these facilj. lies. j "Our harbor is one of Ihe key , installations of its lype located on | the Gulf Coast. Through Ihe proper operation </ this harbor. Hie emnorny of our area w ill receive ; Hie stimulant needed lo help assure our children of job and busi- i ness opportunities in their home 'county." i King said that if elected h e would "devole Ihe neccs=arv lime od public declaration by the three powers holding (he Soviet Union coun- -,j|| responsible under the postwar Herman occupation agreements bring an d proclaiming the West w-j allr> The central theme was lhat Ihe Soviets cannot one-sidely change Ihe fundamental set-up or turn Apparently the information for '" 0| most unions was transmitted with-; night•« Sepl. IS, by Ihe Chile City Council who also called a special meel- .. for 7:?J) p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 6 to go over budget figuics. In other business at Thursday regular Council dp . i member.'! accepted a bid north side of Marion Street use by schrxii children. Counciljnen pa.ssed a for the mos level. Consli-ucdon yetting the public hearing Sept. )S on Ihe budget for ihe ta\ meeting, vear starling Oct. 1. They com- nn water menled that a bigger turnout pipe, heard a rcpnrl on delinquent'citizens was hop/-d for Ihis vear. nrp taxes and a request to renew a as only two persons attended last ""• tax attorney's contract for thc-ir vear's budget hearing Street, past two yrars in delinquent Chile and effort lo properly discharging ' v " taxes. Coimcilmen estimated iho'the duties and obligations of Ihis '"ml nffi.-e." 'uml Thus far. Kins shares (he ballot Wjll,- motion In,, lhan ST.Oim in ,crs during that iM^C^. £ * f P>!£n?rf Pc^u, ((>r l'C" r e at '.sit*-? Terry Ml jr.OOO, hourvr-r, had received a little out insl met ions, leaving the cision as to whether to cross lines or not up to each individual local. The decisions are being mane it part al the local :<'"l'«'tion,_ decided to seek bids «..\TF.R IMPK KIDS /or time - ' , m . S " vor "' of a " "Pini Als Biolermakers, on .. healing and air .-ondi- The Council ..•ho are staying off Ihe job, have liom ' R R at "'« City Hail, and heard from Houston k not been instructed to cross or not a ri ;t lorl °" a c ltile lo but have been advised Ba '"' d ""'ding. ripened three bids . - -oncerns on prices Planning for V.SDn feet of eight itu-n water pipe. re- crass. lhat the membrrship agrees that ''"'"'OSKIl Bt'lXtKT ,\ |,j ( j |, v M ;1 |,ri' Konudry ami Ihe Millwright strike is a legal Copies of a proposed budge! for Machine Co. at JJ.79 a fool was one. On this basis, craft members' 1 "" •"'"' "'-'"'ting Oi't. 1 vvere pre- ,-,,,-epied. with delivery of Hie pipe are not crossinc. settled lo Cminoilmen /or study -piomlsrd for Satuiday ; before discussion at HH- special Mayor Bruce Runnels said the . , „ meeting Sepl. 6. The budget is pip e will he turned over to the Lodge Slates Barbecue •£::V™ KZL JPT'^r- fi °' Amtrlso " ^^^ t-n - ™*6, >.n..^n.,n 01 vvnidi $Us....<W.i6 is mg out a city water and sewer for th«' general fund extens-ion contract, lo replace Chile Odd Kcllow and Keheknh j Lodges will sponsor a harbeque, open lo Ihe public, (11.111 noon to -1 p.m. Sunday at Ihe 1-akc Jackson 'depnilment operations. 'Hie hud- Co. and get is figiurd on the current $1.1-3 Street to pinion tint action ;ed on delinquent t&.xes i-itv bv I^-ik* dents for Ihe time iheir •vas a p.irt of Chile. City Attorney Tom Kenyan minded the Co'incil that Ihey de- laved action on the t.-ixe.s follow- in',' extreme conditions c.iuscd hy Horric.ine Cnrla last fall. Montgomery reported an estimated .Vi.W in hack taxes, [,on- altv and intrrest wns due from I-ike Barlvira residents, wilh a lotal of atvut ra.Win in uneollect- ed deli'iquent tn\e« at rne^ent. Tlie Civincil deridnl to di«cu<^ renewal of Teriy's i-nnfract a I Ihe snecia! meeting on Sent. 6. Oule »nd R. S. (Shepi McKeilhan expressed nt t - flk(> Jackson. Rohi, , ,, , Position 1 is open lo anv re-;i- Ellin* ShoUld hp d( , n , „, ,.,„ S ^ tifn p.,,,.;,., B D Wl . , Bi;<7.o.«(iort Position '2. which is m " • • also open, is so far s-nigiil hy in- • ix from Braie each from Waller. Mes. are lo Monday. Kach was In^tnicted to all record 1 : since .!,m. ], involving Hie transfer and (vition of rite acreage allot, Kach also wfl<r (old lo produ am- rrcruds involving any em- iheir responsibilities over to East pioye of !bj Department uf Agri- Germany which Ihe West does no' culture and n« Agricultural Sia-' rccogni/e bilizatiofi and Cons-rvation Se,- The act'ion came at the end of a vice,,- a,,-,- pe|.- 0 n ; ,,.|j n j, in -..eek of mounting tension over ihe behalf of the EMvernment. divided city, marked by Berlin Nihr.opn.vd f.o.n Brazoria Conn- wall incidents and Ihe "Commu- .lohti c,nv|p Jr.. West Co- nists' replacement of the Soviet <',. M. Sims. Wes' Co- (ommandant in Berlin by an ?>«( S- T. Keigvi?on. Angleion: German chief, Scott. Angletc.ii: John Today's m>l«- repealed a call for Jr »nr>ipmii- '.nri *%,he f a Big Kotir meenne on Berlin lhat has been issued by the West on MOSCOW—Kremlin prolesls for• - ...-..• MI ™-n m — 'nall.v to United Slates against was issued bv Ihe Uniled States ylor| in? "f Soviet troops in West Britain and France in similarly """'" ' " worded notes handed lo Ihe So- viels in Moscow. ITie diplomatic move was a fol- — low-up to Tliui-srlay's stiffly word- '" four-power meeting smoothly along lh» aulohahn wjrn ;o,,Hnlerfe,-ence, rnm ,| lr , Commu . The .Soviet guards going to the , .'T >VI< " war memorial were w-av-Pd Berlin, warn of "necessary mea-. Y)uel1 Checkpoint Clwrlin after sures" in event of further attacks; on '- v " six-minute rirlay—r-ohi Western Allies deliver new in- fared^to nearly four hours Tluirv." vilation lo Soviet Union lo join tjfl - v - ' I1 " > Soviets, who had pre ease Vlo "sl>' hrandishrri tommy showed no arms. West Berliners were hot with U'ASHINGTO.V-Ameii, an dip- a "K (lr al) "<il the slaying Th.irsdav hope Western Bie Tlirec "'"''' "' " Benin tensi guns. ..... lomals hope Western Big Three n ' Bhl 0/ a .vounc refugee at ih' P not P oli< -'. v of firmness and moderation " a " h - v C-'ommtinist East German will quiet latest Berlin crisis: 'P'"" 1 -'- Eut Mayor Willy Brandt P.ussians reminded again Ihey ^PPenled to his people to remain cannot unilaterally atandon re- ( ' alm - sponsibililics or force mil Allied . " Tl - r welfare of Ihe city is pnore. gHi-risons: see no immediate nerd '"'P'J'lant lhan our halted of HIP for another callup of American W!i "- f 1 "" wall must go. hul until it Nalional Guardsmen and Reserv- ROO -' : ' lhfl ril . v must live," Brandt ifts. said. The L'nii«| .states. B.ilain and DUBLIN—former President Ki- . l ' an _''_ l? " a "'led identical notes ( 0 senhower dec-lares Western Allies lhn Kremlin ling , for a four- must remain in Berlin and assert P°wer meeting will, " n V J PW (o their rights—"any retreat from P rev enting further deieriora!ion of the principle mighi be looked "' p situation in Berlin" and chine upon a» a weakness >iKt it could 'he.'"brutal killing lead to aggression.'' from toria. Both SIP son - Kmc lives ai !Utl Nottingham tic Drive in Angleton. with his wife o- Yvonne and four children- t w o subpoenaed w ere Arthur several occasions starting wilh a -in-. \Vnller Coumy: Arvle note June 25. W.i>hiinrion County: an.d Mo«r-ow has i ejected the Western I-Ms^oli, Colomdo Ccuntv. t>id on previous occasions, and The I" S. atlomev-'s office said 'here was no indication the Krem- '"•r sobr>->ena« will be issued. Hn was about to change its mind and v. vie- The investigation of alleged. ln ' s time. I.ake Jack- re" aH.-tnient ?rregulariti«s has I 1ie Western note, as did Ihe on for twx.' months. Inves- -ir-s hr,V-e He<i n cliecking re. in ?'' connric*. public declaration Thursday, con. tended the responsibilities of the four-power occupation command to govern Berlin still exist despite Ihe Soviet claim thai the military Transfers To BP School District OK'd 'he siiualion in Berlin" o .-. 'he Berlin wall of a refugee. Shortly aflcr the nolc.s wet* d»livered, ihe Soviet t; n j on prolrsted to the United Slates against the sloning of Soviet soldier* j n West Berlin. A Soviet note handed to Ihe U.S. charge d'affaires warned dial if there were repetj. , tlons '•necessary measures will be taken to insure safety of Soviet representatives and soldiers." The measures were not spelled out. The Soviets have repeatedly rejected proposals for talks 'since the new crisis arose after West R- II. [MJlTowed from Ihe Anderson - nsl.iilod under Main '"••"'. MR COM)ITIOM\(; ready il for a concrete . Tll|x Council decided tn project. h '^ s "" central healing O]t'ct. CONTK.UT The Council hid: i-onilitionim; <V the Council Ivr and offices of ihe Citv and The Brazoria County gmeniing group has gone out of „ . _, • He is a Dow employee, working The Braxmia Beautiful Associa- ^'siness. Boa ™ approved transfer in Ihe Power Department a.« a's t=i!ent show- will be held to- However. Ihe Western call did separate areas (rom the , . - .,„ lurhine engineer. He has been a night, beginning at S pm in Ihe no( specify that the Berlin meet- Columbia - Brazoria School Dis ( ' arr >' ln S sentries lo Ihe P.ed war resident of Bra/oria County for Rramria Klenientary S,-hnol And- '"« ^ h «' l(i h - v military comrnan- trict to the Bra?n«Dort •school meninna1 ' ' nie >' si| if"-d lo ar'-' J™*- i'e-rium Tickets are priced at 50 da "'- 5 - " '<>» open Ihe question Dis , ri ,., ^...^ ' .^ ' "'°<'«i ™'* a/let King is a graduate of San Jar-in- r .- n ic (or adults and '«i cenls for who would talk for the four na- .. lnllrsa ^ ™sht. ings of the buses. to High S<-ho">l in Housinn and children tions. frank K. .Stevens of Ansleion, Tlie Soviets insisted then—and atteivled ihe fniversity of HAH*- -|Vie win |>e fuvt and second Amid Ihe wave of incidents and I*"" 1 t ' hair " 1 an. said U, P t,- a ns- still do—that they want no escorts ton. n'^.e a ,.»,^c „, four caleporie* diplomatic activity. U.S. diplomats ' el '! i would not l ' ITate an - v special despite these attacks, which the h.,M n .,i i,., M ,u... .1-- o,..c_ ....:.:_ nitterences as sludems in the \\eslern commandants said were ^ ; ...v.n, i.i.r-l »1(->1 School Berliners. enraged by Ihn shooting of four of a voung refugee at the wall a West SVPek a "°- attacked Soviet buses rp P ca ' e<) h. -,. reclor Tide Schedule . tegular iiiK Ihe corning vi vvuiild l>p used fur of heavv-diit.v asp . The funds years to (filled delinquent Chile 1 ins-iallation taxes for a l."i per < eni Ice. lint;, ciiihs, He reimrted that the fiiiu had ei-.s on Ijike collccliHl atwit J.M'.r«Xi dlll'illi; Ihe Deputy Becomes III On Duty A Bi;r/ori:i Cixmly deputy slier- •iff is in qiHid coiidilioM in Angle- Si D BII.I.IK and U'AI.TI-:R CtlRN of 1.1, enjovint; H visit In l«iientv, MR. nnd MRS. AR'I*ON of Oklahoma Ciiy. BOB H n d M A R A .1 R A .N ' SWAR'iy. jomint; Ihe exodus of Mnw I'ugineering pcrsonnr'l I n Houston. . . JIMMY TIJRNKR, viic,-iiioiiin k . in Coi'ims Clujs'ii. . . ItKX ItJl.AM) » ml si:SA,\ h'l.Y.VI' ol l!i;i/iis|*irl. „,„) |.|.-|.; JOHNSON of \VC, cclebr.iliiH- Ion Hospital I, May lousness in his lKHil X p.n,. aflcr he losl slill on and Ihe motor running. 'lliey callevl an ambulance and ,, v>K eii was a.lminisler^l dunii- was Cininty patml the tnp lo Ihe hospital. I'-l-my C, Smith, who'is live- ^T''"" i'"" "\ '*' ""f . , a hospunl allend.inl said slo, k Hives,,*;,,,,, ,,„- „„, sheriff s S ,„ , , ,, hi)s ,„,.„ u ,, h )c|.l |MSS,,| „,„ ,„ hl , ,,„- „„ s ,,,, n(rs „ „ al|()1|| , h|i>( , the Alvin - Ruslinion |{iw,| Mv \ picked up bv an An-lelon Funci.'i! lloiiii' ainbiiliuicc. Smiih told iwo oilier depu- The KDDIK Tl.'RKS, in an Hiuiivrr.siuy IO.IH.V. wliil ^ (iiiliij's Ihe ilay fcr ('APT. Nlll.S. A. A. MII.I.KK in d, VMSC. . . MRS IHIKOTIIY Cni:.>KM'|- Ml <>i H'. lakiiij; cm c of some Houslon .viningslcrs foi nvvhilc n- cently iilli-r then faiher s c a r wns dainaijts;! in ii 1 lucid wic. k. JIMMY AI.I.RKD. MIII of the C. H. AI.I.RKDS of |.,l, icii'iviuc hi* US ileyier Ihis inoiilh fnun Stephen K. AuMin in Nacogdruh-j . es. He'll be ussisiaiil hiKh M hi ^-coach at New Hoslon next tern For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and a Little More ties, Knimcil hell* ,,o,l Kiank, a few mmiiles eatiiei lint he was feeling ill anil was giiini; home ll<- had IM-CII on ii,ii> lor .il.iui I) IK,iii s lleim.'in iiiul Ki-lu he.inl a weak vnice on (heir car laillo I, u I could umlciM.iiiil ii.Uhui,; liul Ihe wind 'sick. ' '|'|i,. s uiiniiilidielv IK-K..II MMi'chti« lor .Siuilh .mil fiiiiiul his car ill a dii.h nlnni; Mile Ihe I",i,I uilb the he,iilh-hls Weathercast IVtlllv cli'iidv :inil Will .'-.ilunl.iy widi iv sc.'iilei CM's-hovvcrs iiidav, i i-.tnheily vi mils. L 'iil:h .Sjiliudiiv 9\. Sun Data Sets 'I ini.iv rj ;' t ; Rises S.iluul.iv Si-Is- Sauiiilav li .">.' p. Bids- will he opened meeting on Sept. ^'7. IViuncihuen discussed II.e pie sent inadequate insinuations- i n bolh locations, and decided lo pel scjwrale bids on Cinmcil Cham, her and Citv Hall equipment r>l.\\\t\<; noAKl) I'he minutes of ;i fluie Pl.'in- niiU cluii-d special meeling on I Aug. Ifi were read. 'Ilie B«ird -it 'that lime signixl a plat of Crest•wood Subdivision, with 10 members present. 'Hie Board recommended thai a street between l.uci.'iua anil Haigett l>e named Kurrar Street, .•ind Iwo olher sireels in the sub- divislun U* n>uiifs;1 Roberts and llodfrev Slreelv-. Memliers also rei-oinmcinlcd ih;\i Oule's new recreation field with girls' sofllwll and KIVS' teen iige b.iselkill diamonds, K- ivimei) Cobb Held. 'Hie pio|>eily wa« puichiised bv Ihe city dim u tliioii^h a long lime resident. l.oe Cobh. ii Hum- I*, i. Mathews tesigned as mlei.ile chairman of ihe pl.inniug group IHII ii'inains a mc-mlici', wilh J. \ elected as chairman. Matheus s.iid be cmild not tv •pic.M'iil al all incciings so de- lo coniinuc .'is 'Ihe Runl accepied Ihe resignation of Kiank Mvers. wilh the [hisl lii be filled hv si'iiieoue l'i l iniiuiicnilid hv ihe planners. i i\ ,r field. Kini; is » di Hie Bra/.iria County TB Assoi-iation. served as 1<WI chaii man ,J the M.irlvir Reseiin-ii Tr.1, ( > — C'lmmiHiN-. is n member of Ihr N» High Angicton Ch.iniln r of Conin-.erce. Low ."< L'J p.m. t'nilernal Order of Kaglec. Angle- s.,Mi,i, v — ion Opiim : st Cl.ih and Anglt-ton Hi;h _> 0.' a.m. Quart.'i'luck Club. low s iW a.m. and 1 a MI. and fi:15 FP Mother Seeks To Recover Baby held rail hope lhat the Berlin crisis will he kept under control by a combination of Western diplomatic firmness mid moderalion on Ihe scene in Berlin. Tiuirsdav 's tjGO-wurd public slaiem-m. issued in Wa.shinijion. Ixindon ami Paris, deplored Com- munisi shooting of Kast German escapees hul dealt mainly wilh I the replacement of the Russian Berlin commandant by an Kast German military chief. Tlie Western powers made clear j they view the move as part of the area.= were already . attending the fanned partially by Red agents. Brazospprt schools. Berlin traffic rules'call for an es- He said the areas included most «>rt for any armored car. of the houses on SH r,J west of During a dispute al Checkpoint I-ake Jackson: a 13 acre tract on Charlie Thursday a Soviet liculen- the Sao Bernard River owned by ant talked of reprisals hy forcing Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gray: and all American cars traveling into two areas at Clemens S t a t e East Berlin or anywhere in Com- K'tirm. one of Kami buildings and munist territory lo accept escorts, the olher a sector of houses But more lhan 100 U.S. Army across Ihe sin-el. vehicles loaded with Hoops moved The County School Board had hroiigh Kast German to West Rej-- b e e n presented with petitions Iin unescorted loday. ?aclj area, signet! by per- transfer, and veils said. He added that a repre- I'lloi HI - Ihe cat's. inniuhl A h'rce|k>il altoinev has filist adopt" paper which sh an appeal of an adoption pention signed under the impr in bchaif nf a h'ieep.irt deaf mule mother w h.i seeks to n' cover her Is' month -old daunhtci now in cus'.i^lv of her d\sif-iu»u luisbHiid's patents in Houston. Tlic »|i|> was Cilrtl in ih, Com I n( Civil Apivals in Beau iiiont bv Sam K.ISS Jr.. who no dale Uvn MM for Hie h ing. Till- .i|>|'.'.il foll.iwixl a hear- Gr ing on Julv :'fi in Jasper, on a hu- hill of lev.ew iuul reo,ucM for « ,-,« writ of h.ilH'.ts corpus fiic.1 by ihe f said ession it tn allow parents to visit Bicycle Rider Struck By Truck Kremlin's ihe \\Vsl out of West Berlin nnu , , make a "sovereign" Male of Kast * "' allve , of , «»><. West Columbia- she Gennanv. Bmzoria bchool Dis.ncl was pre„ Sov-ie,'as.scr.ioiis conc-ernini; Ihe S " U at tlle m f'"« anti mad(1 '" . „ all,-R«xl sovereignty ami independ- ""J et " oll - s tu tlle a^'""»- A 10-year-old Chile hov sufTer- ' ' '•'•" Germay p 1 ra ' LS(er of , the , arwts Io " le e.1 a broken leg in a I nick-bicycle ,..,,.,. Bra/osport school svslem \vill accident near Clute on Highway carry with u the obligation by - JS8 shortly before n,™ Thursday, people cV the areas to assume Thp Vmy, Kenneth Barton, was Iheir share of Ihe school dis- ,, Hk -en to Commimiiy Hospital by Ikis H.I-- Inn lv I >i ilcnuit hy the .la> II eiice of Communist Kast and the none.xisience of the U.S., Itnlish. l-'rench and Russian Ber- lold a li>. al aunt and li" KOV crning aiitluirity are vviih- w iioni siie is living out foundation or effect. Hie WeM- 14 liie paper. Bass em powers declared. 'Hie statement reaffirmed Ihe Western Allies' contention that all (our occupation iniwei's are UHIIH! by Iheir original agrccinenis OP Beivu until all agree lo a change. The Western Allies also deciiisl "irrcsfKinsible aciion al Ihe wall i t. i l.'Kiil sci\ ues lo Kniin.i .!• C.rui ma S.-lulini^.-r a feu ni Accident Injuries Fatal To Mrs, A/leuth Mill died Kicc|Kiit hn.s|>ili,l Thiirsdii.v even IIIK of injuries irceiveil in M dcak accident Sundiiv al her home. Itosiiry will he recii.xl for Mi>. Mary Meiiih. 70. al S into the ghi in Firvpoit was sl lloiiii' Chapel, nub luiii' ice.', in Kicc|ion,s si. Mai.v a Gi r'l'iilawii Ceiiicici v's Garden of 11 (iVlhscinaiic near Rnsenhei u. Mis. Meulh was intu.iil alMiil I pin. Suniliiv when she stepped K'tnige of her home and U'k bv the f.nnilv car „ Mi MMV- diiveii hy her hu.slwinil She Hou.tloir ,,.-,, • Sli "' ""Hciwenl surucrv Sunda.v nigiil of S.m Ant .ol Hi.' N'.i ( aiholic Church al for ampuialion of a lc K l.,»us,. Xiiiiineir \3:M u in. .sal,inlay, mul burial in She wa.s horn on April J.\ IS'.)' and nine K i i.idi w a ' the molhei, Mis. ,;s. and Mrs Nor of iM'eopoil and iuti'iesii'd persons arc hllcmpuit: 10 rai JSiXI n.'.iiiil hv Mrs. i ex[>i'ns,'.s c! in." apiM'.il. "She Kiss s.n.l be n^u'iil lo aid Mis. Gni4u.s wli'-n sli,' came to him ial.-d, alici signing nn instriuuent t\>n seining li. the adoption of Hu . child In Mr. ami Mrs. Roy Giit^ Kdvvard Paul Meulh, ihe pareulv ,<l her hushund, Boh VIMS. Kdwaiil A. Hiid l>> Jot* GIIKKS; He tMid Hit- child's Meulh. all ol Hi'ii/nria: IMICIIIS had sepaiiit.'d and di • a check wilh a local notaiv witnessed, the diK-ument le- tti its naluie. HSS said Mis :'.-s liien M-III a it'iii-r lo her lands patents, revoking the cm. two davs afier siynuii: consent, mevei. the same day ihe el >;iple filed iheir pe hv hiasl Ht'rlin guanl.s." tl'.e Icgalitv of the wall," and tr i c t's tax bond indebtedness-, Stevens staled. However, the transfer will elim- in«le a siiff tuition fee which the Bi'tt/osport Schools: tiow reiiuire o( siudcnls alli'iiding who live .Hilsidi- Ihe ilisliicl. Aliout -W-.'tO [h'l^uns were present at the meeting, held in tlii J'reeport Kuneral Home ambit. lance. He was slnu-k hy a Mosciuilo Control District pickup truck driven by Rill Sheffield, an em- plovce of that dt'parlnienl. Slale Highway Patrolman Calvin Barnard said Kenneth rode his bicycle direcily in fiont of the »asl (.ierinun au- >foi <ii uie iiirtMiiij;, ncKi in me ins bicycle direcily in fiont of the •Ihe < -' olmly t '"" lt '''""'" °' lhc ''"'"'I- pickup'and the driver wa.s unable, house in Aii^U-lun. but ihi'te was 1,1 !i\i,i,l ill.. a,,-i,) v,. ..i.nm np in AIIL;IC|IIII. bul there was in avoid liie iscord reported. Stevens prr- were filed. lit Sequin, and had live,! on Rom I, Bia/ona. rlor about IT .vears. Mis Meulh is- survived by her hiishan.l. anil ivv^o Paul F. lllii'ii fur adiipiion in the ,las|H>r brulahl.v of Ih I'oiiri. B.I-S said. ihoriiies prevcntin« the iiihahi- , , , .. • - - .. • B.CSS ,.,„! ,he nmihi, was no, lams of K;,s, Berlin from leaving ^ " llie »'•*»'««•"" ^"»» n-iMicd '.. (he adopnoi, heaiui, the aiva." St ' llu "' ' S " 1 "' ''' ' aul K ^ frf * m ' diii.-. but on date, R o \ I'.S. officials seem uiucilain as "'*• '' s . *"'* "'''"-V _ tame to Kieeuort asking 10 what prat lica! effect the coui- thai .she 40 in coin I wilh him. mandanl change vvill have. They "She icluvtl, saving .she saw no nulol ihe \Vesiern poweis still U' ,;.i 1.1 c.Hti!." Bass 10- have h.ii.soii uiissuins and ihe So- thai Ihe adoption vieis have a military hcailijuar- was gianieii that alienuxw. leis in h!ast Germany jus! outsiil The Courl ol Appeals iieannn Berlin, where coniacts iniflii b vvill|uiif> a lianscripl of ihe made in the finure. h.'nri.u in Ja.s[x-r, at $1(11.7(1, Sev'ivtaiy Uau.sci ipi of case papers at -saw Soviet accident. No charges The hi.'Vcli' Iwdly ilaiuaged but Hun 1 was no damage lo ihe pickup. B.irnai'ii said. Clute Garageman Breaks Arm, Leg Kieddie Brown ,u l.ak,- Jack- a broken arm. Clavage person Kieddie Brown -mi. owner of a Chile unilci w cut surgery 'nuns. injuries lect'ived when 11 Chile •il into a Unit K p in. .lack Price of voice IT. K.ilw,iiil Sch - Mated ni,!: M.siei. Mrs. Has-'U "f Houston; her In ildicii. lKic.-|i. punfixliilgs had been ini iiv ihe falhci. said Mrs. Gnggs bun isivioil s pai.'ius came lo il vvuh a "coiv-iMH to ft hiile he was liiivin^ of Slale iK'an Rusk Go-Karl track crash Ambassador .\naiuly parked panel tnick ;• iiioiuut S7H. a Jl'ii) ap| IHHII! K. Ifcihrvnui Thursdav. Dunns; a Wcdne.sdav. ami a S.H) filina lev. Bass said. Ki-iuinule discussion MippoMXl lo Brown was taken to He added ihal he was pavini; his he devoted lo disarmament. Rusk llnspiul bv a !• re,'[ own expenses in pienaring his use,! Ihe occasion to bring liie Home ambulance. Surgei.v bni'f ind iiavehns lo the hear- I'.S. views on Krilin once again perloiiM.-d on Ins loll lc.4 vvnich lo ib iv. '"S s - If Russia s atteniion. ,vvas broken, ar.d he also received,it'jwrtcd. bi'uiu-ii arm. G;iiage personnel said Knivvii viil j)i'ohati!v remain hnspllaii/ed tvvo or Ihree weeks. Brown and Dennis Ross had gone In the Hack on Wilson fioari off Highway L'SS lo prai lice lacing \\eiini'siiav. Brown CoMiniunily on the track when h's -. i >i i Ki:neial vvent iiU" Die pa\ enii-nl 'S^i> was ihe MUCK as IIP wa.s aii'^upnr',:: hack onto Ihe track, il is uid struck

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