Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 6, 1935 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1935
Page 9
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TELL STORY g£ 8. B". Fishjlis. retiirtiiri^ fronii a highly instructive if IMroyg, rigntly says the Americans cannot judge eari nations by American yardsticks. Jy when history is understood and standards ojf liV- *fnjr compared for the last two decades can modern i' 'iiieMte abroad be judged. To say that Russia and;. .siftfls have made much progress, since the revolution, is 'accurate, but misleading. Even Russia's best, judging the country as a whole, is, .little better today than America's Worst, but before the' reVpllltioii Russians were so illiter- •ate, so much ajtjlised; their' .opportunities so restricted, that our slums would seem elegant to them. So moderfl 5 jtu^sia"); Mr. Fisher says, is satisfying to a majority of'tHei Jleo^leV.though not ori : e man in a hundred •knows milc'H'abb'lit tMe' 3oviet theory. Russiaiis, not allowed w o kiiow' much of other countries, boast of their i progress. Slit' if a Russian communist were taken on a World toilr", Me" would return to his native land disillusibh- ed and Jb&lbty cottviticed that capitalism, after all, is the J$si gjtete'm forus. THM' averagef ituisdtiri is remembered by the Pampa tratfyie¥ aV aii igtibrah't', dirty, but rather amiaible indi- idU&l 1 v^HH' sleeps in his day clothing aiid bathes very nfretiUe'ritly'. Ih oiie province, there is a religious cefe- jf.iit, which the pigs are washed once a year. But c'bnvilicie the people that they, too, should be washe'd havie failed. : Experiments iii other countries grow out of conditions which" are not understood .here. But for America to decide to discard a system which had attained for us unexampled 1 wealth and living standards would' be unthinkable, those who have seen all' leading countries recognize virtues in each, but Americans usually thank ! God that they are Americans, and come home with a greater reverence for our constitution. THE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON .•Y RODNIY DUTCH AUSTIN, .Sept. 6 OT —Dover nor, Alfred"jlstt't.,0if ortiy. promlnen Teje'an not atftay's YetogThlzed 1m- rh'edJa1»lyl . ., , • .... In tfie attorney gierierw's .office . receiving clerk Is siiptfosed to hdW .peoplei and why.. . ,, "I'm deorge B. Terrell," a man aid recently. ;., • -. "And where are you from?" the lerk asked. .; .. George B. is the T%rrjell who for many years Was cdrrimander of grlculture, and more recently con- ressniari-at-large. tite refused to efc re-election because he believed IB government had departed from true democratic course. A few days ago Governor Allred ras not recognized In Wichita alls. A waitress declined to take Is check for less than a dollar 'hen He found himself without money. A part of the East texas oil icture not frequently seen was isplayed at the hearing recently hen a group of large tract own- rs urged adoption of acreage as basis of proratlon in that field. The following telegram was re- ilved by the railroad commlson: "Our membership will appreciate our consideration of wells on mall acreage as we,oWn all our byalty under a small church lot n toridori that has two wells on "We have obligated ourselves for new church and parsonage, and an'not stand further reduction in Ibwable. (Sighed). "Fred Ferguson, trustee Norfolk aptlst church," NEA Service Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON.—When Congress reconvenes next /January, the Senate probably will turn to two of its 'most distinguished members and ask: : "Well, boys, what's next?" The gentlemen addressed will be Burton K. Wheeler of Montana and! Robert F. Wagner of New York, whose legislative achievements, when you count up the score, stand out above all others in this second Congress of ,the New Deal. Wheeler, a "radical" from the .far west, reached a 'position of power as chairman' of .the interstate;,com r ' merce committee and' used it for' all it was worth, pounding through more than half a dozen important measures Wagner, the former immigrant boy and Tammany 'judge, fathered the .economic security act, the labor disputes act, and'raili'oadfedi pensions. . . _ • Other leaders, including those practical politicians of ficially charged with carrying the White House hod, al most dwindle into insignificance beside them. In nearly every other session, Wheeler has collapsec physically. This year he was far too busy. Eight months ago some of his best friends were telling him he should not'fake the interstate chairmanship. He was too tern pe^Hiental and high-strung,'not very.rugged, and .prpb- , ablf incapable of standing, the ; pace.;, : - '.. . ITe didn't know how to work harcf and hadn't .he ;b ter, take, the chairmanship of Indian affairs instead? .WhVeler told them to go take a dive. ;' Wheeler got so much publicity from the Wheeler Rayburn public utilities holding company bill that hi; other' achievements are largely overlooked. His general ship'is acknowledged by administration leaders as the most important congressional factor in the victory on that) jb'Ut you must also give him major credit—as fruits ; of?niariy long days in his hot, stifling, smoky committee room-—for: 1. Investigation of the American Telephone & Tele grapTi Co., the world's largest corporation, by the Fed eral'vCoriimunications Commission at a cost of $750,000 2. Investigation of railroad financing alnd reorganiza tipriv Bankers and managements who Shepherded 51 rda'dV (of 43,000 miles) into current bankruptcies anc receiverships and now seek to profit from reorganiza tion at investor expense will feel the heat of this one. ': 3. Railroad reorganization legislation broadening court authority to insure fairness, pla'cing bondholder committees under I. C. S. inspection and providing in dependent trustees to protect investors from Wall Stree racketeers. 4. Forthcoming $150,000 investigation of fqod.dist*. butlon, to find out how much packers, canners, millers and 11 other middlemen have been profiting at expense of consumers and farmers. ; 5. Bus and truck regulation—providing the firslj regu lation of commercial intersta"e motor traffic, rates, fares attd' practices. In spare time, Wheeler has taken on such' odd job aff pushing-the Guffey coal bill through his committee an blpcking the money-sucking Bland-Copeland merchan nfarme subsidy bill. Wagrter shared honors with others on the economic security bill, though no man was more instrumental in gating it passed in satisfactory form. But the law ,cre aflng. a National Labor Relations Board with definil? po^rs to enforce collective .bargaining is his own baby, 1 Itf passage was due primarily to Wagner's cdnstan. lobbying in Congress for it and his persistent banging »t the White House door, Instead of complaining to the police abo^it th Htforing nudists, the New Jersey farmer might hay them to help him shock his grain. bV that it appears Uncle S&m may cease recognjz m, maybe the Russians were a bit hasty with the'i anti-beard campaign. JVom what we've heard of Ethiopia's weather, need ijever f e^r an attack. After $11, there has t Jajst report^, the vitiljty tQ their njjne, , Tjje ig jpmpaiijeg wev CAPITOL nisi By H(iwA^ti C. MAtl John P. Wallace, member of the oard of, control, awoke In the Iddle of the night recently to nd a thief going through his ousers. Wallace jumped out of bed and le -thief, fled down the .stars akirig the garjnenfc with him. the oard member'., gave chase in his ightshlrt,, however, and recover- d his trousers. On the prevous day, former Sentor Gus ftussek of Schuleriburg^ wakened by the barking of a dbg, ound three men attempting to teal gasoline from his automobile. ' r * j ly* * " v' ""* J "*»C -,»V' 4 ^^^^"V- V>? ir C*£*i ' ", ' •, . - Vft?^T. c -^ "O^^WI «,j_ .* -±--^,..£.. * i —V- *,*-. . „ i- «. , s ,, *J..i«x*fiasE f TSJ I Narfie toad$ famous By an American author 6 He specialized In •>—r- storles. IB Since. , , . 11 Striped fabric. 12 Toupee. 13 Father. IB Little devil. 17 Measure of area. IS Blemish. 19 Advertisement. 21 Postscript. 22 Rowing device 23 Spigot. 25 Daybreak. 27 Stone worker. 32 Bill of fare, 34Muasure of cloth. 35 Innate. 37 To marry. 38 Musical note. 39Graln. 40 Pistol. 42 Grief. EJ Hosts G30Q . 13 HBB of/Tls i 4S To undermine 44 In so far as. 40 Diamond. 45 Bowstring notch. . BO Tree knots. C>2 Wee. 54 Antelope. 55 Ball for tea. 57 Tooth tissue. 58 Challenges. 60 Reality 02 He was a. writer C3 His real name was Sidney . VERTICAL 2 Scalp covering. 3 Ovum. 4 Nay. D 52 weeks. 7 Laughter .sound. 8 Kimono sash. 9 Sloping way. 12 Ho was a journalist. 13 Nominal value. 14 Obese. 16 He became - World famo'o* ufldef his -—• 18 Mfrte, 1 20 gtf earn obstruction, 22 Night bird. \ 24 Church bench. 2fi Beer. 27 Door ruf* 28 Preposition. 29 Outlying part of' tdwh. 30 Either. 31 To (Scbltt. 33 Refient. 35 To doze. 30 Jug handle. 39 Tree. 41 : T*ehhls fence. 43,Sllver coin. •t4 As It were. 45 Sound o£ sorrow, 47 Force. 49 Upon. 50 Meat. 51 To spill. 53 Chaos. 55 Three. 50 Card game, 59 Dye. 01 Transposed,.-. If f ss "IB •sa as« .£>=> •ao •se One of the thieves fired at rius- sek With a pistol and the former senator cracked down with both >arrels of a shotgun. He believed :ie wounded one man. SLOW BUT SURE COLUMBUS, Neb.— Harold Crowe and Armina, Drlnnin of Columbus bought their marriage license with 200 pennies saved over a period of several months. Naturally, where licenses cost $3 it takes longer, Read The NEWS Want Ada. [HMBKB OF 1HE ABSOW1AJ.BD FKB»S.-»-FUlI 1*1*160 Wife. , Th§ ASSOOiatei titled to. tHS u&fof pftibllcfttioh of All, news dUpotcHis ewaitetf to 6t Hot nemfmpW and aisd the total new* pa^isted herein. Ail rights for re-t patches herein also are reserved. • , • \ SSrtered. M SMofia-clttsft mattef Mart* li, 1827, t» the twstoffle* at Pampa. ttiaM, «nft« fib* Aft " 3, 187v. , ,' i .'*'!"', On* stmscmPTioN HATES op THE Carter DAILY Nistvs: jwj vwtricr in ramps • • • i fr \ < Six Months ......J3.00 one Month i,.| .« 'oris Week By Mail In Gray and Adjolhtrtf Counties , . , . • . < t«M ........|S.M Six Months JI75 Three Months $1.80 O06 Month i>t>^| . By MnJI OutMde CiMfAnd Adjoinltig Counties . ,,v One Tew ...... ..n.M six Months .....^.^S three Months ...... $2.10 One Month ,,....! .71 ••••••• • — L ' i - - i ^1^-—'"-r-- i.-"-'.-._ - - •-..--- : ' : - „. i "--. __j. - - - -- p- -^- t *--T*-*i''iiir.-.>-''r. E T f NOTICE}—it Is not the Intention of tftls tiewspap*)- td isLst reflection upon the chaftUBfer ef )£QNtiti knowingly and if through ettot it should, the tnanagemcnt will appreciate having atteatiotf bftBla ttt same, and will gladly and fully correct any erroneous statement made. WftlMMS 6poD M/6MT/ 1 TOLD you TO IMVITE VOUR, FBIEMDS TO A LITTLE BIRTHDAY AW WHAT CD YOU DO? WOWTS I'LL DO ALL wock./r DIDM'T HUCMS/I'LL* , HELP KI6HT TO "T^E HURT AUV OF THejSUf kID'S FEEL/W6S, 1 WlLLI WOULD IT? V0CJ DOKJ'T A-THIWG- TO c/oJ, AS FAR AS is ARE MADE— KJOt . •931CYN* 4 -"RVIC- INC 'M.'n£'o. : u.O.PAT, tny-'i BOOTS AND HER" BUDDIES . B^'.;MARTIN' BOV \ I ~ "SOV , OP ^ \\'Z> OOlSiG OOT ,/X- Ma Official ACCORDING TD THE PAPER, THERE WILL BE A . BIG CROWD AT PORT/ STOCKTON JO WATCH THE BOYS' COME IN .'/ . •§ YEAH, AW. I BET I'LL BE PUSHED AROUND AC3AH LIKE I WAS WHEN RUFE CAME IN ON THAT BOAT/ EVEN THE POLICEMEN MADE ME STAND BACK ROPES.'/ BZ BLOSSER IT'S BECAUSE "r&U'RE A SMALL BOYj TAG.' IT VvOULD BE A SHAME .FDR THEM NOT TO RECOGNIZE "jibUR IMPORTANCE TOMORf^DW, THO...YOU SHOULD BE IN "TWE LIME- ~~ LIGHT'.'.' WHAT IN THE WORLD APE YOU MAKING, TAG? ^ BADGE FOR MYSELF.' I'M GONNA PIN IT ON MY CHEST! 7WB Guy ON IS MV BROTHER TRoV£: iff! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) •^NO SIR.l DIDN'T GET A. NICKEL OOTA W.L TUCT IVCNEV*. Hot Tip pn Economy:* •y COWAN WITUTUIS SET-UR YOO' OOG^TA CLE/>W OR/ ., OTHER AGENTS DO, yOOCWT-DOiTON YEAH, BUT PEOPLE. WITH' DQ1X3H DONT BET ON TH£ PONIES. IT'S DANGEROUS StAART PEOPLE- TROUBLE AINT NvONEY- NERTS / MAKE A TOFA StAARTCSUV/ BE ASHAN\EDT'SQUAV/K ONTO THE DQU6K, sccrr<:H,BUT WIFE HOUD5THE COIN IT'S ECONOfAV. WQSS PICKED TO WIN DA THIRD TROUBLE IS ' KO A BOSIER CORNER.' OOP rGovvwi-iycVA 1 WHILE TW.'ARMVS G WE'LL GQ OUT: AW''N joi&c' IUMK THeVGIT TO JUMP OM/M(JS7A<3OA TOMORROW? PUR WECKS?/W/MP

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