The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 13, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1897
Page 1
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V *^A.^^ Jpl^^ ^^t-^^ufc * 13* Iftfrf. 4 • A new form of Thousand-Mile Ticket, . the result of carefUt ctmsidpration and ilistcuasSon bt»tffppn' ihe TaitriWda" ftnd their principal pfttrohs, will bo placed on salo Sept. 1st, at nil important Michigan Central licket officea. Thft tli'koG is mild for $.'10.01) with a rebate ' to the purchaser of §10.(X) when need f up in compliance with its txmdftionB and is accoptotl on all th« lines in the Central Passenger Association, forty- five in ouniber and covering a vast extent otconntry. No mileage book haq yet been devised s<x aceeptablo to all parties coiicetyrcd and so advantas<Q(iii8 tn tho holders. Every on<> who is lilu-'y to travel a thousand miles in it year should rttail ^ themseJvtfi of it, and should consult the nearest Michigan Ct-ntraV^ticket agent. r An elegant lino of belts/ latest an'd lowest prices, at Hiilett Jt Son's, ,A clever French '/no man has thirty-six scperoto and distinct in sleeves for th£ coming season. ftlttllft A«J. C, Deucl ,&Co*e. Cull on them bo fore' vou buy a locker, lltcv have all kinds, and prices to suit the time at the new Hatch block, Coiue in. State, Iti the title of a generously illustrated phlet of eix'een pagoa in .reference to South Dakota, tho reading. matter in .which was wrijtteu fay an i enthusiastic Smith Dakota lady—Mrs. Stella Iftmiuw Arnold—who has been a resident of the Suurthinc -State)''fur over 10years,. A copy will bo mailed lo M»«addret» of any ftrmer »ir; fanner'* wife, if Beat at once to Hurry Mf-reer, Michigan ,PauV railway, T' Fort rttrnet, VV"., Detroit Mwh, i ViuuUlon li«)!*. In the lake region* of Wisconsin, North- oru Michigan. Minnesota, Iowa and South pakata, alt>att*the lines of the Chicago, Mil w«ub«e & Sf. 1'aul Hmlwny, iiru hundreds .of charming ,loca(i'tu-ft prcciiunouTly fitted forsutniunr hou>o», uenrly -nil of which are Kw'Htfid un tir n«ur l»kf« which hayis udl been tinted out. Those roAorta rnoge iu variety from the "full d«»»n far dinner" V th«i ttaaual shirt coatume tur every meal Among the lint arc nafuet* tuiuihar to i»au>, of our readers a* tho perfection of northern Nearly «tl of the Wisoonsiu in*cr»i8t are wiltuw a short 4ip- aCbiettfc'txor'&JHtntukiw, ami none marie of civilization" that they catiuot b« l.Cew tu«r*of travel, by (r [tojrthwtwt— • Send a *«o cppt tAfwiptv* a copy of "Vacation J>-y» v g»»ing a aouorivtioD of pri^mpal report*, and ^ Iwiof ^nnner hbbal* ««d boardipg ho^a^, and .rate* fax ba»rd to A|f«»t, Cbicago, ,-„ ^ .^^ r »uj If ya» 4lEe going to bay a . new ^air o| 1-y-cHnK shdee it wilt pa&XiOU *f> l^olt; ever John Butter's stock, jraoee" of elk »lti» are &«ij«ething t>ntirply uew, on ih*j ff at WITCH HAZEL OIL .--.-.*» ' . - .Piles or Hemopphoida Fissures <& Fisfeate^ A Scalds. A Bruises, Hfcoils 4 Tunrjorm. Eczema & ,t . "5 -! t Hands. Blisters. Ros6lutions Adopted by the Convention of Coal Diggers at Columbus, Ohfo. • J&fetftck, ftrrnlftBvfch, Andrew of tfft^^ofld; Amtrew Klmertskl. J, J'ohn Biiskl, Shffit ij John ro Off TSH SAYS. «W ftnahto All o* the C»rnr*tltl»<> ttarrlef* ttfltl lio*- er» Want to jtyMre A t*<tm«rti*tnitton ^ their Dead ami the Mftfatiy Cftmm«nrt*r/ S»y» They sh»H >fot- l>i»ad u the Ke«utt brshei-tff Martin's Piulltwtc Will N«im- Ot-r Ncftfly TH.rty. /* Coiumbaa^ O. v ^^gejit 45,™-T^. grteat miners' strlkf Vhl^h waS (WlareU' on Jely 4 was brought to art ««S Baturdfay evening. s<y fnrfjSt"" J Rd:«; a* western Pennsylvania, 'OhtoT'lnataria and W^st Vlrglrla are ponwrnp4* by th(" action ot the intej-atate -convention of miners which had been tn -session here since Wednesday, Aft^r a day of votlhg and Wrangling, theyronventlon adopted a resolution act-ecnr-e the proposition of the Plttsburg operators. The vote was 495 for and 3^7 against the terms -of settlement; atfeveh votes were not cast. TJte delegate from Illinois, who had. 250 vote?/ were' unanimously against ^ sot- tlep<eht. Indiana and West Vlrgir/ia voted solidly to accept the operators' proposition, but there were scattering vfotes among the Ohio and PlttsbufR delegates against it. The resolutions adopted were exactly the same to alt practical Intents and purposes as' those that had been rejected'earlier In the day, and art as follows: Not tni Kentimn fur l"«-o I>uysy "Resolved. That we, the\rnUfers of Pennsylvania, West VirglhlaT^Viio, Indiana ar.<l"llllnols, Jn convention aKSPm- bled.dc^-hereljy ajjree to at'rept thp proposition recommended by our national executive committee, \vtz..:. 65 cents lii the Pittsbur« district; hll places In the above-named states where : a relative price can be .obtained to resume work art4 contribute lllk>rally to the miners whq do not receive the advance, where the fight must be continued to'the bitter " ' " I , That the natiunul offlce'rs, eftecutive board and district presidents act. aslan advisor/y b<^jird for the purpose ••urryhiK ort of tht> strike whe^(; necep- eury; provided, however, that no Xlletrtct resume work for ten days, for the- purpose of giving mmera In other districts time to confer with tfn-lr. operatora afid get the r-.rlce-If possible." llllnolx ,yie.n to j»n-i-c on the lt»th. " While ten days |s provided fcr- the miners, to resurnt- work It la proba-We that many of tHfr Ohio and Pittsburg mlnpa will bo rf-opi-nod today. Thr- <on- veritl«»«> adapted 'resolutions indorsing the ftctioj^ of the national executive board Ih recommenillng a nettle/me-nt on the terms proposed. The Illinois .'miner* will be called In convention at Sitrlngfteld, Sept, 19,- ta determine what shall be done in that statp. Some of.the Illinoiu delc- gat* x s are very bitter lit their denunciation of the action "of the convent ion, since, they claim, their 'Interests have npt, been given" dpe consideration.. A resolution was adopted d< riounelng the action of the deputies In llrlng into.the Of striking miners at Hazietou, Pftv O|MT»t»r«i Comptuin'orthci iMtlny. Pitt-«burg, Sept. 13.~The' coal tnln< operati>r»S(of the Ptttsburs dlsirltt think Iht-y have got the worst of it by the adoption at O<>lumb°U» of the ton-day proviso, J. C. !>ysaa, chfllinmn of the commJHee.'wlio iepre«Ktnt» the operator^, In apeaWn^ of the wuteHwnt said: "|f the 1 ntiners ot ^hl» df«tr)<-t kri«W what 8ttrt tjt ft gttine has been played on them 'and on Jfa6 Pitiaburg - operators by th^ Illir.ors. Ir.dlan'a and Ohip operators ami mlawfc th*y wfuild- wot staitd Wte a moment, but would returrrtrrwork immc dj^t^li'. ^fttr tl<,fe htirok' »tru»ii;l«. the PiitaUurg m^jiera have triad*, their w*-»-t- ern brethren, fo*efced by tb« ai»*ator«, $eek to steal their meea of p«ttagt;, Wt» have only sixty day* 14 mike the | take shipment. Tbl» has been m.-^~, "t& fifty, d«ya by the Columbus j'esofu ttop. What coal J|»ie I'tttsburg are the action Of t ' nattonal convention of &ta\ rnir^CM at CoJurnbud, O., wa re eelved he** with great aatj^fcictior.. ^ttlke "in t^iif J irt*W "vva«! "euterfed in raaponatt. to' 'f'-i call of the felt t&$t tfi«r« could be? no local Rent WB.IO a-b^sla (or «etftei»e sfet>u4i bo »?ioj»ted, by the mnjonai or saalwUoR, When t&e news qfui4« of tbi action of H*« conv^atlon the mlntrs w«r* jubilant. They beljeve that « tor llllnola on ^ •?<«*• jprfjportw^tie ta that adopted foe Pituburg wtJi i;i>w be seewred. acd tbat there will be a re»uiwiitlo» of wo_rk. president Ratt-h- t«r4 v>W leave C4nj»ba» for lUttiols today to /^ju«8t the mlntrs In thta to traj;«dy ewuttcd OH the blKhway. new here SVlday, were tb« de*.tt of another of t*# wonjiitea, Jacoto. Touwtsi the W-yt*r-wl«l buy who %M>- »bot t>y 4H** 1 CoHiclt And aafstel fteekewi**, ot ' ' ' " ' i<uiucii^f> < y- . ^ , Injured ^-"Who/arc at path's CiJenteTna Potaclt, Casttar 'DUlasS,, Jbttn Attdrew 8Iftbontf'l Atta Jacob poBe the'pe'mep' fta,d In. lf march" recef\edl its traielr w.orkei-s at th^ littUImer "n»lnea r t> 'they w ere ftountt «ini an eflert Inflate them to J»il*t tft& atrlkew J anks, laid dowti'tSflr ptphs and swore dff no more work uit'il all the demands of (tie men at,ail the mines in the district h*«e been Conceded, Jtfext In. importance Was the Issu'atic* of 'warrants for *be-a*w*t- of yiuTlW Mur'tin and the 102 deputies. Then there were several meetings of mlner^ and cltlzena derioufiring the 9h)erlft fthd. hla dopu- ties. Then the Austrian diplomats at rtgton will be called tip.on to move In the matter, many of trie' killed and woUnded being aliens. Resolutions haVe been adopted by numerous laliof holies all over Ovfe country ilr-nounclng the Bhootlng arwl Oornpers and Debs are out In statement^ bitterly assailing 3 tho sheriff, l>ebs' effort being the bltterestr The situation- here Is graver than It has been at any time since ihe bloody affray. The;re tfi strong reason to fear i confllcj between the strikers and the military fo'day ,and there Is ah Indication that from.5,000 ta 7,000 .more miners •will join the malcontent?. Trouble Is In the air, anrl s If It Is to eOrn« the time will be. this morning. This is clear frorrt the w^rds^used last night by Ueneral C3obin, commander.of the Third brigade. The striking rninerg havo made elaborate preparation." for a demons! ration at trie funeral of ' the victims. The military authoritli 1 '** are diftei'mlned that nothing of,the kind shall be permitted, and that from- this tune on there shall be lib marching "f- any character whatsoever, whether during funerals or otherwise. HIs r resolution Is not orally known'and the mtrers are on with their arrangements. Gt-wral CiObin also made a revelation \\hl<;h put a stmtlttig aspect upon the situatlow. This vons thnt the :h<ttise~t>f the onglneer of No. 3 colliery had been broken into late.Saturday nlgh't by stx masked men ami the engineer, whV is a cripple, unmercifully beaten. There Is no clue .to the identity of the assailants. The only work the man has, been doing lately Is the jfumplng necessary to fro*.- the irt'.nc from water. The fetal, had: atao r«i:-elvtrt a formal report nf the Audenreid outrage of last Thurs- 'day night, when Ktrik^rs. broke Into the liouM 1 cf Corner Jons^i; suin-rintt of the Lnhlith and Wllkesbarr.e Coal company. . Jimea, whose unpopularity With th.e minpfi* \va« one of ttu- first cal»K«;« of the ntrike, wiis not there,-but tin- x»en ntfrully wricks 1 the Interior of thi\houa« and th«n attacked a mine power house' war by. uritl stole time- from a quantity of dynamite. To all Itttetit" and purpt>8e« Hrtzlbton l» under martini law, 'fij-neral. Oobin d«clartd last flight that In spite of the warrants issued no constables nor any civic authority'will be pt-rm'ltted to arrest the <U'i»ut!(•.", Ho said that the sheriff in an pxrcutiv'*> officer whose duty Is to prt'Si-rve the'pertce, and thai he.:«fjoblfi>- ai»J the. troops art? really subordinate to the sheriff ok this tirrw, being engaged tn helping him to perform that duty, lender these clreum- «tant*» he will not permit Interference with the Bhi-rlff'H offlcials, ao long as the militia in here. HjizeUon, Pa., Sept. 1«. — Clement Plo|»lrflack. aged 33 ytar«, one of the ajnikem who was injured In Friday's "riot, died- fate l«itt nlghl, making the twenty-third death. ' -- .«, -'-g-^-'il.inf ,..- n~~~ ' Kliwr n**t» HeriMM on » Wluiel, L "Colunsbus, Ct., Sept- 13.— Th fae*l>et\/eeri Rube Kush'at running Alad and Bftsoom, driven to 'a ikelcton wagon, and K&ri Ktaer, the blcyclitrt. fctak iilace Batupday afterno<»iL r»n (toe track at the Coluwbua 'Driving park. Kieer was p»ced by * quintet. It» mite heat the hor«et» went %way with t iwid of four fen^tiiB, b«t Ki»ef canoe under th$ wire ftr»t in iifT%, winning by only two feet. The »*oon4 h*»t of half a mile- waa won by thfe Jwur»w - li » considering tbe of calling an extr»- seswlon of tb« lature to enact th« projjoae4/ rate re4jiction* as a. law. . IB this way it uj telitjved the ihjuiictloii) thtt, rrmjla i>y_ttoU,Ioitt:d'.a> B tft» against the eau be The b.«»d fuel hantmariatj! it; «e thoagb, -a » were flriug out of Uw «y*a? Hoo4BiO*wwiUcu*« of " Bur If tue Bttbj UC'uttlur Te*t|i ^w»eaadu»»tbftt«ldaa4weUtr4iwi wind *&PC$ aoatnfia ^"»*F"?» 'a.-J*»* »^di»tbe ... for dianrfaow, "Pweofcy-fiw oecUa a 4 Tajlc About utyle, taik about U! But adding «tf i morft die tlie -twenty -ei^ht. twtnty-two. auwJ if total death "JtoU wUH T-wu Matthew*, an actor, blew; *n> brtcins out fa front of his Wife's bed roonft, tit the St, James.Hotel, St. I/wols, William Burns had Ms right arm torn oft While feeding a clover huljtef on thb Jta^a or J,6ltn W6V*>, Heif ^fatiKllW." Intl. president Jtndrfals entire offloiai family fife e*pe«ted ttt Washington In cAbrijfct meeting He*t The tdi) ^ofks' of tone's coal south jof Oskftloosa/fa., glbuhfl yestercltty. Loss, lnaured>' ' • ^' ; ti«» exjjloslotl o< a boiler at A ery at , Hoenstaeflt, near Otouta, Austria, eteveft persons wsre kilted and any Injured. John Kelly plunged 125 feet fr,om a derrick into the Calumet rlvef at CM? x-tigo becausfe he could not obtain work. He was 20* y«ar» old. ' , I tt'ls all«>sr*>d° that a mlft&ke Was mad? in the fium-jf of,thi> l«)«ndary line be- , t ween,,, Tennessee and Georgia and that Chattanuirga is in the latter 'state.. An au^'mpt \vas made to wreck the Chicago "palttce exprefs" onr the Alton road by saturating a bridge just out- sido Alton and setting It on fire. Clark Graven, an old Holdier of' Mar- tlhavllle, Ind., has refused longer to accept a pension because the rheumatlmn for which he received It has disappeared. ' Art attempt to hold up a passenger train on the Missouri, -Kansas and Tex- aft road at Bind, I, 'i\. was follfd tiy tht« engineer, who refused to obey a signal to stop. % Frederick W. Whltehead. porter In a tea store at New Tork has fallen heir, according to rumor, to. a fortune In England amounting to 1117,009', le^t by a maiden aunt. Alfred« H. Mason haa been appointed vice and deputy United States consul at Cape Town, South Africa. Mason was born at_ Rbckford. Ilia,, and lived many yeara in Mlchlgam Ah ordlrialnce to regulate the use of bicycles has been^ prepared and W-IH be Introduced In the Chicago council as a substitute for the vehicle litw held by Judge T%iley to be Invalid. fidward^J. Hurt, a .mail djptilbutcr In the por ttfnce at Chicago, died of poison- Ing- in in j'. ! N nbtilance. He was at a -hotel ur.< .• i "TJ jwsurned nnn warritntj httvlnp l^-j Iksued n-rafj n lilm i,n fi charge <f «" allW M<*. fit-is, 8100 Reward 8100. The reader* of this'papor will be pl->n»od to lenru thai there is' ab leant "tone dreaded disease that science haa been nb'e to cure in all Us stages and that is -catarrh. HnllV Catarrh aura IB the only positive euro now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a oonBtitutionil 'disease requires a conrtitutioj «l treatment. ; Hall's Catarrh ciif j* M< n infer-. ally, ncf-ipg direoUy ill <»( ili»- li'ond nud miiro IH on.-f:ic'><< of thp •>>t«iH, thereby drstroju g ilm f"i ndation of the disease, and givinir t o pitieut th by building op the eoustitution aomsting nature in doing its T?ork. The proprietorn hnve BO muc-h faith m it* curntitn powern that they oirc' one huudrrd d 'H«r« for any caiMj that it fails to cure. Sen 1 for list of t.ogtiuionin's. Address, V. 3 .. CHENEY & t O, t Tolodc, ()., Sold by d URgist*, 75c. f ,Hnll'rt Family Frils am the best, The Klondike (lold Fields Arc noy»f iittractJupf the attention of the whole world, and the results of placer and quarts mining are fully equal to the finds of nugget ta in the early California days and extraordinary inducements are being offered to prospectors, practical miners and investors. By next spring tbe gold fever will havo token poasttflfsion of thousands of people, and the western roada will have all they can do to transport the fortune hunters, Tht Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul raUtfay, and ite connecting' lines, offer the beat facilities for reaching the Alaska gold regiona. ' > Foe f unther information, addr bus Harry Michigan Bww- Agt, Detroit, boy came honie fromfchaolo&«i fa4nd badly lacerated and suffering great pain," a$va . J, Schall, witb Meyer Bros, Dr Co., St IxJttia, Mo, l 'I dressed t5e \YQund ^nd applied: Ch™ai»be|rlab t fi Pain mim freely. AJJ p^in. (iea«ed. and i» a abort time it healed, .without leaving scar, For wou»ds ) fl|>r«in8 J 8w«llJogs and f op medicine fc I conaidior it a neceaeity," The SS and 60 c#nt aizeafot BaleafcGreej|ie'80*ug Store. CASTOR IA For IaAnt« and * SOUTH DAKOTA. Wit** A JM* 0» Do milt tb» w« w iU jpajr fM farw IRMIIMM^^ jlTiie Evening News,| DAtttUFBCBMlAH?' '\ FOR MICHIGAN PEOPIE. 1 THE rJBf^OIT, fiVBNtNO -Nfivyil rm» ov*r 1000 *p»ciftt c<trr«»r>ottderrt« who art iy? ' f *-**,*» trieilert tor Hems «f now* wKteb might Interest State renders. If _ hive all IHe general new* of the toy, try H for a month. 2! § two wnfs a copy, . Tfin cents tweak I , AOCMTSIN $1.25 fdr 3 mouths a '(trr M*a). . 3 TOWN It* MICHIGAN. 3 The Evening News, Detroit. .. -^-^ ( X What if Not The great Four-C Remedy is doing work wherever introduced as nearly mif aculoui as it ever falls to the lot of any human, agency to do- ( I will cs ;em it a favor for any one interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) merits of this remedy. BENEFACTORS OF THB RACE. Office of "KiwafisBBR TiMEB, 1 '' I KingflshM, Okla., Deo. 12.-83. f OfHTLBKKK:—! bellBV* ft my dilty to write you i tine la rcijard to the benoBclal effector Phelpa' "Poet CRemedy," so fat a» I am personally con- wtned. A weok ago last Thuraday, I was taken »Hh a'gevsre attack of in grippe and In a short Ume bqoarae so hoarse I ooold Dot speak above » whisper. Tbe night previouB I had coughed aenrly the entire nipht;J|ast before ratlrlnsr I took t tea»poonful,»nd slept the entire night a* sweetly u ever I did in my life', not boagbiagonCK 1 was jntlrely relieved before tailing one bottle. Phelps' jouRh, Cold and Croup Cure should be In every loutehold In the laud. I send you this wholly irmollolted by anyone, tot you are benefactors of Ibe race tn giving it tbe antidote (ot »otn« of the wow »IDtotlon» to which It 1* heir. . - V«y Truly Yows, C.J. NWBITT, Editor. A MmACLE- 0 ~HB*M«« City, Kansas, Deo. 84, tH ' LMt Friday. Deo. 19, my attending physician itated unleis I was batter by morning heoould lo uotbtne for my relief, that nleht I com- nenced taking Phelp'» "FourG" remedy, otoppid ill other medtoluW. Th« first done stopped my sough; slept and- reitefl well; a few more doses •emovsd all gorenesB from my lungR; tbe necond lay I was up: tbe third day I, was out on the ;orch and Unlay wa« up town purchasing holiday lOOd*. ' Ml«B .JlNHK 1USSET, Washlngtoq Avo. and Summit St. CROUP CURED. Ota* dove of Pnelpd 1 Cough,,CoM and Croup Jure, gave my child instant relief when attacked »lth the croup. W. E. MOOBB, of Moon Bros,, Qroeen. Arkansas City, UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. > It. Ht'Lilio, M&tmgpr, i Omc Commercial Printing Co., V 19ft South Clark St. f ,_ v- - Chicago, Nov. 84, 'fll B. RvPnelps, Esq., City, DlMhSiBv— I wish .to bear testimony tntht great efficacy ot your "Pour r." remedy in thn>a« and lung ailments: As a.r.ul« I hftvn been <jk( jt tical of the merits of proprietary medicines', t>u> have to confeai that a test <rf your "Kour?C" it convincing that at least ono ready mode rprmHl) i« worthy of tiee. My children all takn it nith out the feast objection, from oldest tovoting' and ft Is particularly 'noticeablethat.nimotlt i» almost immediate. . A single doso will chock rnoitoougba in their beginning; It. given an un broken test at night. In ray family "Kour C". Is simply indispensable and I recommend it un fjualifledly, Yours, J * i ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Chicago, Sept. a. W Per years bank each winter t have nutTcrca with acute Laryngitis. Last winter wa» so bi><1 I oould not leave my room for two weeks or itpmi i; above a whlnper. I tried ev«ry known oout:;i/ preparation from oougb drop* up aud down nitar no relief, then In desperation I was induoedAo to try Phelp't "four C." The Brut dosi* ruli»viMl my cough, giving me the Drat, night's tvyi U.t week* Half th« bottle eurnrt tnu I havt/ucv«f been without thl* wonderful remcdy'Vlnee. H i« as different from other like remedies os/raolaesea from vinegar or-sugar from sand. / MKS. JOSKVH E/GiU'iiB. , Si)l3 ftUdUou Ave. IT 18 A MIRAClX Conductor Eckard', tbe Railroad Cnrronpon. dent of the NeoduBh* Kdnsaa'Refilstcr, hastlii-i to say ot "Pour C." "Pbelps Is haviDR-a vni\- derful sale, of his Cough ami Cold Remedy. Wo personally know It is. ju«t what .U l» rfi>re«ont- «d to oe. Top much can/^ be said in its i/raiso. It is a miracle. , JC. NOTICE TO DRUQOISTS ANDTHE COKTRACT^-Druggists.are authorized in Att CASES TO' EKUNl) THE CHASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedv (Phelps'Coagh^Cold and Croup Cure) to give satisfaction in Croup, Bronchitis,Asthma,La(3rippe .Coughs and Colds, no. matter how long standing, or deep seated, in facr I guarantee in all manner oi Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Curc-All.butto give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions. * I take ail chances. «• R, R» PHaPS, 1(8 53d StrwBHIGABO, ILL. Prop. For sale DRAKE. x Largo Reduction in Prices on All 1 / 4 6 \ * *Cooking Apparatus. , Gas Ranges $10.CX), $13.00,815.0O and $16.oo - Boiling Stoves $1. to $6. according to size '^ THE W1ILSBAOH •/;-^-"^ INCANDESCENT - (MS - UGH^T > Reducedjn^ripct From S2.26 to S2.OO each. i. cf r jj4 cbiioney. MW^<M3'®&Tplti^^ The ohe.pMt ArtJnoJ«l Ua»t V*tliiw«(.»«d. AbwIuWy 8t«w*y. Very • / ' ». >" ^Gpsta lest U»n fe^pPt > JK^I *~ ^(-* W ^™lHf ' *»( twice the light of a 6ft > y ope.n gw burwer with Mirny c£&e beat %hted afaffe» in Marah»U oae tke«e Ughl»» Welsbach Light? Always Qtvc Sakwfactien,. Uifff flB. '™^^W^^^!Wflp ^r^P^ ^Wr* ~pflp s^flP^d ^^»*sp ^fli^p ^ro^p- u

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