The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 22, 1952 · Page 23
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 23

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 23
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KATHEUENE WILLINGHAItt ^Valedictorian JEVRMY KAY THORNTOX Salutntorian a jT I OIT O ass or 1952 Shirley Burgm Marguerite Clemmons Yvonna Cowan Frances Critrenden Arlene Dunham Betty Fayle Betty Joyce Fontenot Cecile M. Garcia Martha Gonzales Connie Sue Harper Joan Higglns Claudia J. Meiners GlejicJorrace Miller Bonnie Murdoclc Judy R. Owens Norma Robertson Judith. Runnels Joan Santi Teresa Ann Smith Dorothy Soiss Mary Jo Sullivan Claire Walter Katherine Wsllingham Joycelie Warren Delia Banks Shiley McLen Donald 8. Akerman Samuel R. Barnett Aubrey W. Boyd Charles E. Brown ,David Lee Brown Roderick D, Hartley Larry N. Childs Royce E Clark George E. Clary Richard C. Coenes William H. Crawford sLynn A. Dillon Lester F. Ferreli Edward D. Rncher Sammie A. Goyen Joseph N. Hambrick Ronald D. Hensley Chas, H. Hughes Wendell V. Kling James R. Mockman Hiram U Muecke John,Wm. Murphy Gerald M. Naqum Bobby L Norwine Willie ScFmell Eugene Sharp Abraham Sanchez Robert M. Sprague Bobby L Slewart Carl T. Terry JTmmy Ray Thornton - Ronald B. West Allen K. Wmton 1 Lee Roy York THE BAVTOWN SUN, THURSDAY; MAY 22, 1952-PAGE 23v fppj &Jf#! La Porte higty school has placed many fine athletic teams on the With only four-tenths of one per A special act of the state legislature in 1016 created the La Porte field in the colorful history of the school, but during the 1951-1952 cent separating their final all-year Independent School district, school term the Orange and White Bulldogs carved out-achievements averages, two La Porte eighth In early days of the district that never had been equalled in the past. grade boys won top honors in the The Bulldogs won the district 27AA football and basketball cham- junior high standings, Principal there were separate elementary units at Morgans Point and Lomax, but they were abandoned when school bus system was installed. 1952 Class I In History Dr. Arvih N, Donner, deen- < the graduate school ot the Unf versity of Houston, will be tb principal speaker at graduatio IS pionships, gained a place in the state track and field meet in Austin and gained the runner up spot in district track and baseball competition. It may be a long time before another football team gives La Porte fans as many thrills as they y ear - Thev make received in watching Coach Jimmy class ever fco enter vie Manton Ellis announced today. Charles Lace Terry had a 94.5, and James Terry Gray a 94.1 average for the year. They will make talks at graduation exercises. There are 151 students graduating from the eighth grade and who will enter high school next the largest* Porte high '_ echool. Graduating ceremonies will Honors in Music The school district embraces an exercises of a Porte high echoa* b^ area of 55 square miles, and the rifc es will be held In 'the higf There's been plenty of music 5n L,a. Forte s school growth is re- pate's eleven gain 10 straight fleeted in virtually every activity tories before losing a bi^district be neld at 8 p - m - Thursday, May the air in La Porte schools this of the district from the size of decision to French high of Beau- 29 - ' ycar - A! ! °* uthe , accomplishments the senior class to the budget un- mo " r " ""'"' "~~ der which the administration operates. And no one department attests to the growth any more than a contrast of the size of the faculty now and 30 years ago. In 1916-17 there were 202 white and 10 negro students in La Porte schools with a faculty of nine. Today there are 52 members of the faculty, and .with 95 additional Here is the record of the football team: ** Porte It was almost the same story in basketbajf. The Bulldogs won the district playoffs with Alvin and then lost a one-point decision to the same French high Buffs in the regional tournament in Victoria. Wendell Kling was the La Porte athlete placing in the state meet And then to make the year just abouc a grand slam as fares championships were concerned; the La Porte girls' basketball team' won students expected next year, there ^ ie district 23AA championship is a good chance there" will have last winter, to be some additions just before opening of the new school year next September. J. H. Baker is the superintendent with Manton Ellis, well known 33 Boling 0 before his La PorLe days as coach 32 Deer Park 25 at Barbers Hill, as principal. Other high school teachers, are Miss" Marie Smith, Miss.'. Esther damson, Frank •Akin, Mrs. Velda McElroy, George "L. Olds, W. K. Jpbson, Henry Einfeldt, Mrs. Jennie Reid, T. L. Laurence, Mrs. Dorothy Edmundsin, Mrs. Gaynell Meynig, Mrs. Marie Bowers, J. H. Smith, Mrs. Eloise Dunnag, Coach James E. Pate, Jack C. Pemberton, Ralph B. Pierce, Mrs". Martha Hunt, Miss Dorothy Jackson and Mrs. James T. Gray.* Men/in C. Eurch is principal of the elementary school. First grade teachers are. Mrs. Mamie Agee, Mrs. : Mary Ellis, Mrs. Rebecca Pate and Mrs. Frances Smith. Others are: Miss Marjorie Marshall, Mrs. Lenore Humburg, Mrs. Dorris Darroh, Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold, Miss Ima Elliott, second grade. Mrs BlanrhP Dillon Mr* Ar - > ' ™??d third grade. Mrs. Carlos Davis and Rev. C. Reggie Crouch are'on the program. Students to apepar include Ronnie Ranck, Barbara Durable,: Gaylbrd Smith and Anna Beth Stone. A special marimba number by Virginia Walker and music by the eighth grade chorus are also on the program. Here are the graduates: Ronald Anderson, Raymond Bailey, Timothy Bartley, Gerald Bates, Arthur Brummett, Calvin .Bussy, David Cade, Richard Clingan, George Dial, Norman Donaleski. Also Bill Erwin, Regionald Eth- riage, Vernon Follis, E.J.Fon- tenot;- Charles Fox, James Gilliam, Roy Gonzales, James Terry Gray, Charles Gunnells, Carrol Hambrick. ^ Also Jackson Hawkins, Irvin Hoffman, Marvin Hutchins, Thomas. Jenkins,. Robert Jones, John Jordan, Paul Kebodeaux, Robert Wayne Lee, Thomas Maxwell, John McCauley. Also Reynolds Meza,' Allen Henry Miller, Wayne Oliphant, Donald Padgett, Carl Pecot, Elmer Pfeiffer, Kenneth Porter, Millard Eugene Porter, Richard Ralmuto, Ronnie Rauck, Leo Rizzuto, Donald Shipp, Roy Shippey, Edwin Smith. • Also John L. Stanford/Charles Lance Terry, Clifton Warren Ward, Charles P. Waters, Jerry Lee West, Jimmie Williams, Stephen Crouch, Wilbert Foreman, Samuel Rowe Hyde, Richard Jacobs, Milton Densman. Ethel M. Adams, Barbara Alban, Carolyn Anthony, Myrna Arnett, Mae Agnes Baker, LoSs Anne Baldwin, Barbara Ann Beck, Barbara Behymer, Judith E. Benton, Kath- dent; Mrs. Jennie Reid, secretary, leen Blount, Dorothy Bracewell. 19 Cedar Bayou 18 14 Aidine 0 34 Dickinson 6 7 Humble 0 20 Alvin 7 26 Milby B 0 26 La Marque 19 0 French 12 weren't in the classrooms and on the athletic field. Henry Einfeldt, who has the post of band director and director .of choral singing, has had aji active group of musicians under his wing all year. The fine 90-piece La Porte high school band has been the talk of Southeast Texas in its class. The group made a big hit, of course, at all the football games the Bulldogs played, and in addition it won plenty of recognition in its own right. At the last competition'staged at the University of Houston the band won a first division in sight reading and a second division in concert playing. In the last competition at Sam Houston State the group won a second division in marching. La Porte high now offers a special course in music for girls in now incorporated communities of school auditorium at 8 p.m. Wed La Porte, Shoreacres and Mor- nesday, May 28. gans Point are within the district Th e Sunday night before—at th In addition there are the unincor- Bam e ,time — Dr. Rupert Kanej porated areas (before La Porte's prominent Oklahoma City Baptii recent annexation program) which minister, will preach the baccalau reate sermon. Diplomas will be given to 60 higi school graduates and to 115 gra duates of the eighth grade. Principal Manton Ellis will eel includes Lomax, Bay Oaks, Bayside Terrace, Pine Bluff, Crescent View, Oakhurst, Crescent Shores and Sylvan Beach. •y - », . , *»• »*»»**»4»*** **>*t*.4*h>w*t j^ima TV**.*, vc^j In addtion, there are a Jew tify the graduates to D. S. Baugl square miles of undeveloped farm and ranch land in the district. Ten of the square miles of territory are in San Jacinto arid Galves ton bays. On the south border of the dis- president of the board of trustee! and presentation of the diploma will follow by Supt James H. Bak er. The $200 Rotary club scholarship will be awarded by George Count) member of a Kotary committa trict is the Clear Creek Independ- working with school officials in SQ ent School district, on the west the Deer Park district and on the north'and east the Houston Ship Channel and the Goose Creek Independent School district form the boundaries. Last year total tax values of the district reached a new high of $10,650,514. They had tripled since the year before the start of World studen' will receive ?100 at the beginninj of the school term and anothe $100 at the beginning of the seconJ semester. Counts said the winner is chosej on the basis of scholarship, apti tude for college training, leader ship and psychological soundness. The annual P-TA award will b made by Mrs. Joe Phillips, presi dent of that organization, and ala announcement of scholarships "fo- il. ^ Since 1945 there has been a high * ne valedictorian and salutatoriai grades nine to 12 with a full credit school building replacement, eight ^ s ° ™m be made, offered each year. Einfeldt's choir classrooms and an assembly hall Katherine Willingham Is th' has been active throughout the aaded to the elementary building, valedictorian, winning that hond year. It was chosen from the 25 a nev> " sh °P and bus storage garage by less than a point from Jimmj girls who signed up for the course. and three additional classrooms Thornton. One of their recent appearances Pf° vid J^ J«r remodeling the cafe- Kather[l v ei daughter of Mr . an{ Mrs. J. W. Willingharn, had a four La Porte high alumni are fourth annual meeting for next fall. Jim Sullivan, the president, has called a meeting of the executive committee next month to plan the celebration. Other officers are George H. Sharp, Jr., vice Also Mattie Mae Brown, Maudie Brummerhop, Betty Joe Bru'mmett, Gloria C. Childs, Sarah Ann Clark, Mrs. Gladys Bunch, Miss Emily and Mrs. Zula Stanford, member- Sayles, Miss Cecile Grubbs, fourth ship chairman.. ,_ " _ ~ * Last fall's observance in the "~ ~- ~ ~, ~ , Mrs. Ellaoise Davis, Mrs. Anna form of a chicken barbecue at No- Martha Ann Clemmens, Beverly deary, Miss Inez jjluimger, filth bles hall'was the best attended of Claire Cliff e, Joy Connally, Betty grade, the three observances. At the first Mrs. Jessie Rice, Miss Judy meeting, Mrs. A. N. McKay and Shireman, Mrs. Ellis M. Hair- Miss Bess Shannon, both mem- grove, sixth grade. hers of La Porte, High school class Mrs. Mary Porter, Edwin Lippe, of 1903, were the guests of honor. Mrs. Jane Burt, Mrs. Eileen Davis, "We hope to make the event bigger each year, President Sullivan week we'lPadd 60 new members to the negro school the organization." seventh grade. IsDbell B. Johnnie came to La said, "and"we are conscious of the Porte as school nurse from Her- fact .that at commencement next mann hospital. Teachers for are Sweetie V. Evans and Efella C. Scott. There are 12 non-teaching school district employes. La Porte Schools Have Become Big Business La Porte's schools are one of the Jean Cook. Also Katherine Courtney, Dorothy Marie Cowan, Martha Ann Dixon, Barbara Dumble, Dorothy Edmundson, Dorothy Fowler, Anita Goodman, Jennie Ree Gray/ Audrey J. Griffin, Diane Ethel Herr- Student Guidance Makes Great Strides - / A La Porte high" school student guidance program, started in 1945, had its best year during the past school term. ^ Mrs. Jennie Reid, member of the area's biggest businesses, and an f a cuUyrnas"be~e"nln'charg~c of the ever-growing one. The school's budget for the 19391940 session was S49.465. The budget for last year was 5319,212. The schools' 64 employes make program, but she has been aided by otner members of the faculty. The guidance program and the "in-service" work of all members of the faculty arc seen as two of up one of the biggest payrolls in the standout accomplishments of Southeast Harris county. the 1951-1952 term. Also Linda J. Hershberger, Jane Hugo-, Laura Lee Jensen, Sherry Dayne Jones, Frances Jane Lewis, Mary Anne Lewis, Rachel Leota Long, Saundra Kay. Mayes, Lerlene B. McCollum, Louise M. Mc- Griffian. Also Jean C. Meiners, Aurelle Merchant Barbara J. Murray, Juanita Marie Norwine, Carolyn Lee Owens, Bettie Jean Peel, Linda Lee Post, Helen Jane Ramsey, Mcda Ernestine Russell, Barbara Jane Smith. Also Dorothy Joan Steele, Barbara Ann Stevens, Anna Beth Stone, Rosie Nell Thompson, Betty Ann Thorenton, Betty Jean Vacek, Virginia Marie Walker, Patricia Ann Wells, Mildred Wunch, Arlene Cu mm ings. was at a Rotary club luncheon in La Porte- Mrs. Carlos Davis teaches public school music in each of the elementary school grades from the first through the eighth ^grades. Over 771 Graduates Have Gotten Diplomas With exception" of the school year, 1917-1918, records show that there will have been 771 graduates receive diplomas from La Porte high school between the years 1917 and 1952. The 1952 class is the largest with 60 to get-the awards from Supt J. H. Baker on May 23. La Porte Has 43 1 /2 Accredited Courses A La Porte high student must complete 16 credits to be eligible for a diploma. There are 39Vi accredited courses available for the student and four non-academic credits. Of the 16 required credits, seven are elective and the other nine mandatory. I —I teria La Porte has bonds now availa- ye ar average of 93.17. Jimmy, so! ble for erection of new buildings O f Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Thornton 5T •* \ that are already needed, in the Eventually, La Porte will have a new high school building with the present high school building being utilized for junior high school purposes. Enrollment at this level in the schools continues to increase greatly each year. The last count of the scholastic census showed 1309 potential students, an increase of 95 over last year. At least two and possibly three teachers already have been provided. - - *. • stees Supt. Baker Taught Sixth Grade Back In 1935 You've read about the office boy After the two-year job in the ele- resigned as superintendent and becoming president of the com- mentary grades, Baker "graduat- Baker was given the top assign- pony Of course, it wasn't exactly that way in La Porte, but SupL J. H. Baker did start his career as a ed" to high school- For the next five years he taught social studies. Then the high school principal- ment He will begin his sixth year in that role with the opening of school next September. Baker received a bachelors de- from Southwest Texas State sixth grade teacher back in 1935. ship became vacant, and they Twelve years later he was the big handed -that assignment to Baker, at San Marcos in 1929. Eleven years boss. Then five years ago W. R, Gore •or She's Still Teaching First Grade later he received a master of art's degree from the same school. Since that time he has done some work toward a doctor's degree in study at the University of Texas. After leaving college In 1929 Baker worked in industry until he decided he wanted to be a teacner j£e has never been in any For manv years it was Mrs. schools have grown so fast there Mamie Agee's job at La Porte are now four first grade teachers 5chool syst em except et La'Porte. to get the youngsters off on the instead of only one 25 years ago right foot as she was the first when Mrs. Agee was first elected grade teacher. to teach in La Porte. She still has that assignment Mrs. Agee, wife of C. M. Agee, but in recent years La Porte owner of the La Porte Drug store. ,has now been teaching for 34- years. She had held teaching assignments for nine years in other schools before they moved to La Porte. Mrs. Agee, wife of C. M. Agee, owner of the La Porte Drug store, now has been teaching for 34 years. She had held teaching assignments for nine years in other, schools before they moved to La Mrs. Arvena Baker, wife of the superintendent is also a teacher. She has taught ar third grade section in La Porte schools for the past eight years. She also graduated from Southwest Texas State, The Bakers have no children of their own, except the superintendent says he feels that every school child in La Porte is "part his and Mrs. Baker's." Juniors And Seniors Dr. couldn't call teaching Mr^. Agee's hobby. It's more than that. It would probably be more correct Mrs. Agee ' > has taught in La Porte were all campus of the university of Hous- rounded- up into one big auditor- ton with 190 juniors, seniors, dates i iwrri, ^ere is one thing you could and guests on hand. annual Junior-Senior ban- thta w« «. heW on the Extends Hearty Congratulations to the Biggest Graduating class t in the History of La Porte High School. We hope success andTheBaytown will follow La Porte has two doctors, a "doc," and the widow of one of La Porte's most beloved doctors on the board of trustees of the school district Two other pioneer La Porte business men and an industrial plant accountant make up the seven-man board that is responsible for operation of the fast-growing school system. The newest member of the board is Dr. 3. G. Peck, an optometrist He was recently appointed to fill out the unexpired term of Edward J. Cade, who resigned to become city attorney. Dr. James W. Langston, a chemist at the.DuPont plant and F. L. (Doc) Copeland, also a Du Pont chemist, hold places on the board as does Mrs.':•£>. R. Aves, widow of Dr. Aves. Dr. S. Baugh, an accountant for Du Pont is president'of the board. L. E. Posey Sr., longtime Bayshore area resident, is secretary. H. B. Harrison, La Porte real estate man and builder, is "the seventh member. Dr. Langston holds the position of vice president of the board. James H. Baker, the superintendent, is the chief administrative officer. John S.Kiibler/La Porte . attorney, is tax assessor - and, collector; Ronald D. Hensley Senior President La Porte high school's class of 1952 had one of the most active organizations in recent years. Ronald Dean Hensley has served as class president Vice president was Donald Ackerman, and Shirley Burgm the secretary. Meredith Wilson of the senior had a four-year average of 93.13. class is t of La smallest graduates in the history of tht school district was four—in th] class of 1919. Last year a previon' high of 54. had been given thei diplomas. Supt. J. H. Baker reports that in dications now are that the numbe( will continue to rise since th( scholastic population is continuini upward. Mrs. Carlos Davis ^will play th\ processional and recessional Sunf day night After the invocation bj Dr. John'C. Eichom, pastor of th| Community church, there will b< scripiure by Rev. W. N. Parrish. A prayer by Rev. Carlos Davii will precede presentation of thf choral club. Rev. Cabot Stein wil give the benediction. At the Wednesday night mencement exercises, the ^school band will play the proces siona.1 and the recessional and als« play several times during the program. DR. BONNEK School Health Program Makes Quick Progress S. ,££--''" ' •» ffer- Supt J. H. Baker is proud ot many accomplishments of the La Porte Independ in recent years, but none higher in his mind than develop- "^^|*$ ment of the school nursing. an< ^^^5=--^ public health program. - fe^§|i^ Since Mrs. Lsabelie Johnnie be- g^^fl came school nurse, "the progran s^^?i School distrid •^EJffHS ±nc!L J^M^ne^j ™ »- «* ^ «**"**•* **** ^» vice president Faculty sponsors of the senior said, "especially in the i tion program where La Port* class were Miss Marie Smith and ranks with the top schools of tin ^-^^ Assistant Coach Frank W, Akin. county." be certain*-of: ~ They'd all brag on their teacher. She holds a degree from the Dinner was served in the green of Oberholtzer hall with Dr. Eichom, pastor of the Com- MRS. MAMtE AGEE for a graduate degree from the same "school. She is a recognized authority 't>n primary teaching methods. - After the program a dance was staged In the tsniversitys ball room. Sun you all the days of your life. enior Group Staged"'Our Miss Brooks' The annual La Porte senior class lingham, Joan Santi _ end Ronnlt playJ'Our Miss Brooks," vraspre- W f^ sketb ^ team rf D^ sented in the high school auoi- Brownt Royce dark, Jirnroj torium on the night of April 4. Thornton, Sammy Barnett and E« and the three-act comedy scored a gene Sharp~also^were.inTtiie^play tremendous hit with those who saw Miss Brooks is a^ high, schoc i^ , , English teacher Tsfao has beea ie? In the cast were Joan "'Higgins feired in radio plays Jor,&e.-p«f as Miss Brooks and Shirley Me- several years^Her escapades Jeep- Len, Wendell Kling; Bobby Stew-'the play movisgTat a^tast ; art, Betty Fayle, Judy Runnels, The action ^11 took place -g Shirley Burgin, Claire^ Walter, Au- school dassroom^ . ~^r x brey Boyd, Bobby I^orwrnet New- Mrs. Martha Httnl^wao ton' Harnbnck, Glendorrace Mfi-,speech, directed ^&e ^a ^ler, Arlene Dunham, Janet Mein- Jennie'Keid'also-assisted ers DeJJa Banks, Katherine Wit- ducing ihe play. ^^

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